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Saga - Legends “A life of darkness and light”, a Cassie one-shot, 3 ABY

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Actually, I already meant to post this for May the 4th, but then RL was once more by far too busy for being online. Work keeps being very demanding and I try to get my health in shape after my SarsCorv-2 infection in the middle of January. Which means going to the fitness centre more often.

    Since my online game afternoon with a dear childhood friend via Skype failed due to to her extremely bad internet connection today, I took some time to squeeze the text into this fanfic thread here.

    Thanks to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha & @Kahara reading it via mail already. These days I am not sure about the quality of my fan fics any more.

    Okay, here we go:

    “A life of darkness and light”

    Author: AzureAngel2

    Co-editor and muse: @DarthUncle

    Main beta editor: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Length: A one-shot

    Summary: A day on board of an Imperial starship can be exhausting for it's crew members, especially the privileged ones. It's not as easy as it seems. But then again human emotions and relationships never are.

    Time frame: 3 ABY

    Place of choice: The Executor

    Reader warning: Please excuse my weird English! I am German. English is only my Second language!

    Disclaimer: SW is owned by George Lucas, Lucas Ltd. and now The Walt Disney Company

    There's a feeling, there's a fire
    There's a whisper preaching to the choir
    Take the leaders and the liars
    Throw your fears on the funeral pyre
    Keep on breathing, don't go under
    Keep your ear to the ground, hear the thunder
    When the earth quakes and the ground shakes
    Throw your passion to the wind when the storm breaks

    Mother, sister, father, brother
    Step into the light and

    Start a tiny riot
    Stop being so goddamn quiet
    Got a spark in your heart so strike it
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to a tidal wave
    And fight it
    Got something inside, don't hide it
    Like dynamite ignitin'
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to the wave
    Of a tiny riot

    Take the music, learn to use it
    Turn it up 'til your speakers blow fuses
    Learn the rhythm, but never lose it
    Keep on moving 'til you know what the truth is

    If butterflies can use their wings to turn the wind to hurricanes
    You and I can break the chains, it takes a day to

    Start a tiny riot
    Stop being so goddamn quiet
    Got a spark in your heart so strike it
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to a tidal wave
    And fight it
    Got something inside, don't hide it
    Like dynamite igniting
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to the wave
    Of a tiny riot

    In the darkness there's a light
    You can find it if you try
    If you open up your eyes
    If you're drifting out to sea
    You can just hold on to me
    We'll make it to the other side

    And start a tiny riot
    Stop being so goddamn quiet
    Got a spark in your heart so strike it
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to a tidal wave
    And fight it
    Got something inside, don't hide it
    Like dynamite ignitin'
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to the wave
    Of a tiny riot

    Oh yeah, good God I'm-
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to a tidal wave
    And fight it
    Got something inside, don't hide it
    Like dynamite ignitin'
    Crush your way up here
    Turn the pouring rain to the wave
    Of a tiny riot

    Trying not to shuffle around with his feet, Captain Firmus Piett concentrated on the steel walk way instead. The silence, which was accentuated by the mechanical breath of his superior, made him nervous. “Shall I try to contact her again?” he suggested, just to feel better.

    The tall shadow figure next to him replied with calm conviction, “She will join us.”

    “Of course, milord. But…”

    “Yes, captain?”

    “Never mind.”

    The Imperial officer bit the insides of his cheeks, before any harsh comment about Morrígain Kinnear could leave his mouth. Lord Vader's new Liaison Officer was a young woman of class and style. But it was inexcusable to be spectacular late on her first day.

    Out of a sudden, there was an uproar on the other side of the bridge.

    “Let me through, you jerks!” someone shouted.

    Several heads poked out of the two elongated pits on either side of the walk way. Their efforts were rewarded by a rather beautiful sight.

    Of course there were other women on-board the Executor, too, but none had the grace or the alacrity of Ensign Kinnear. Or her big mouth.

    In his head Piett did the necessary maths. Running a sub two hours maintaining an average pace of 9:09 minutes per mile could indeed be considered a respectable half-marathon time among runners.

    The Dark Lord was not in the mood for clapping applause. “What time you'd call that?” he inquired.

    The young woman came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the walk way. She was totally out of breath, holding her sides with both hands.

    Lord Vader started to move towards her, a huge predator with all the time in the world before taking a snack.

    She held up a hand, her face puffed. “Bear with!” she yelped, adjusting her glasses.

    “My patience is used up,” the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet let her know. “I scheduled this meeting at oh seven hundred.”

    “Oh, fancy that!” She smoothed her military skirt. “Did it ever occur to you that this bloody excuse of a ship is nineteen kilometres long? Who the freck built something like that? Someone who has other shortcomings in life?”

    There was a strange hissing sound coming from the Dark Lord's voice modulator. Then he bellowed, “This is my personal battle cruiser…and I did not name it the Executor for nothing!”

    Theatrically, Ensign Kinnear threw up her hands. “Besides, how is anyone on your crew ever on time?”

    “280.733 crew members manage perfectly well.” Lord Vader crossed his arms. “So the blame must be on you.”

    The blonde rolled her eyes at her superior. “Oh, the only person to blame is the jerk who has given me quarters at the rear end of the ship. What's he called? The billeting officer?”

    Piett was too shocked to utter anything in his defence. But considering the bad temper of Lord Vader it was better to stay out of this argument. He was just about to take a step back, when a gloved hand held him back. The fingers just rested leisurely on his right shoulder blade, using no pressure whatsoever.

    “I insist you to be my witness,” his commanding officer spoke ever so calmly.

    “Within the Imperial navy a quartermaster is the one responsible for imposing punishments and discipline on crew members who cross the line. The punishment is also applicable to the captain of a star destroyer.”

    “Oh, you wouldn't!” the young woman protested.

    “Captain Piett, she is all yours.”

    He got pushed right in front of the ensign.

    He is my punishment?” she scoffed at both men. “And what is he about to do with me? Make me scrub this freckin' deck with the tinniest tooth brush he can find? Flog me in the officers' mess?”

    Someone in the pit had the nerves to cheer. A muffled cheer, but nevertheless a cheer.

    After a moment of visible irritation, Ensign Kinnear moved on with her heated speech. “Or throw me out of the air lock? I've heard pirates do that a lot. But you ain't a pirate. Oh no! You, milord, are more a slaver. Like a dirty Hutt.”

    “Don't beg too hard for you own annihilation, ensign, for I might give in,” Lord Vader suggested. “And hold your breath for a while! The captain requires some time and tranquillity to decide what to do with you.”

    Her eyes grew wide behind her glasses and she began wheezing for air.

    It was a sight too familiar for Piett. Too many good officers had died this way throughout his service on-board the Executor.

    The blonde came down hard on her knees, the glasses falling onto the ground. In despair, her hands clutched her throat.

    “If you could release her, milord, than I can walk her to the brig.”

    Lord Vader seemed to consider this offer. “If that teaches her some manners…”

    She fell face-down to the floor, making wheezing sounds. At least she was not dead.

    There was a crunching noise. Luckily, her spine was fine! Lord Vader had stepped on the glasses instead.

    “Keep me updated, Admiral! And show this one that the Imperial Navy does not show pity with Clone War orphans!”


    On their way to the brig Ensign Kinnear got some colour back into her face. Especially the nasty bump above brow began to show.

    Captain Piett wanted to say something comforting, now that their superior was not around, but he considered that it was better to keep his mouth shut. Whatever was going on between the Liaison Officer and her boss, he did not wish to be in their way. They had to sort out their differences all by themselves.

    In perfect silence they walked side by side. He hardly noticed that she was there. Perhaps Ensign Kinnear was compliant after all. And teachable. Even Lord Vader seemed to think so. Otherwise she would be in a body bag already.

    From the Command Tower it was a long way to the lower parts of the ship.

    When they finally came in sight of their destination, the ensign whispered, “Put me together with our latest guest of honour.”

    He thought she was joking, but then she continued speaking in an even lower voice, barely audible.

    “Make it so! His orders.”

    Once more he was lacking words. She took them right out of his mouth.

    “Be rough, smartie!” she hissed and much, much louder she shouted, “Don't get me started! Otherwise I will report you to the Equal Rights Division. I will never admit that I was wrong. And there are witnesses.”

    Sometimes Captain Piett wondered why Lord Vader never operated in a sane, straight and, most of all, safe way. He should have simply ordered to see the prisoner without General Veers being present. Leave alone, Admiral Ozzel.


    In less than a day his universe had dwindled into nothing more than a space of six by eight feet. It was but a bare room with a metal cot built directly into the wall. This place appeared to be a so-called 'dry cell', without running water or toilet facilities.

    In the past Korin Aphra had excavated ancient tombs that had been less bleaker affairs. He had to admit that the Evil Empire fought with hard psychological bandages. His mind already twisted around subjects like mummification and being entombed alive. Fear nagged at him like a parasite.

    With no warning his cell door opened. A slender human was pushed inside, falling on the metal floor. “Lord Vader destroyed my glasses!” a woman's voice complained.

    “No more word from you, missy!” an enraged man shouted.

    The scholar brightened up, scanning the newcomer's features as if she was a priceless burial object.

    Her height was about five foot two with thick blond hair, plentiful freckles, and big, expressive eyes. She was at least five years junior to his Chelli. Strange, that he would think about his estranged daughter now.

    “Hey!” she called out in utter panic, when she noticed him. “This cell is already taken! You can't leave me here.”

    But the door hissed shut again without any reply from the man outside.

    Korin Aphra decided to rise from his bunk bed. “Calm down, girl! I am not a criminal. I will not harm you.”

    Vehemently, she spit out, “Why should I believe rebel scum like you?”

    Only now he noticed that his unexpected visitor wore an Imperial uniform. But, being a skilled archaeologist, he also could not help to see the substantial damage that someone had done to her face and the area around her throat. He abhorred violence against females as much as the mindless destruction of historical treasures.

    “I would offer you something to drink, if I had anything.” Embarrassed, Korin Aphra screeched his bald head that once had housed wonderful black hair.

    She scoffed at him. “I am so not into alcohol.” But then she produced a feint smile. “But thank you anyway.”

    For several minutes she starred at her military boots.

    “Why would an Imperial like you end up in custody?” Korin Aphra wondered.

    She produced a bitter smile. “My superiors and I do not share the same values, I fear. Pilgrims should not serve as target practice. What happened on Ash Moon I to those civvies was a total disgrace. The Jedha incident a couple of years ago was already bad for our society.”

    Who ever that young woman was, she had courage.

    Sighing, she leaned back, one of her arms crossed behind her neck. Her free hand started stroking over her belly though. “I still believe in our wise and kind leader. The Emperor restored stability and order after the Clone Wars. That's what my father always claimed. I wish he would still be around to see his grandson grow up.”

    Only then Korin Aphra saw the small outlines of a small baby bump.

    She continued, “The Force is essential for me. It's around me and inside my blood stream at the same time. Without it, I would not be me.”

    He nodded to that, thrilled. “The Emperor's advisers seem to have poisoned him over the years. What some mislead Jedi did to him does not mean that all religions should be forbidden.”

    “I agree,” she beamed. “Religion is not the sigh of the oppressed creature or the heart of a heartless world.”

    Korin Aphra pressed a hand against his chest, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

    With that the stranger nestled out a little amulet. It showed the winged symbol of the Jedi Order, which the Rebel Alliance had the nerves to use for their goals.

    “I am One with the Force and the Force is with me,” the young woman said full of conviction and looked him deep in the eyes.

    This was the opening of a wonderful exchange of knowledge and ideas. Especially about the Ordu Aspectu. That particular splinter group of the Jedi Order had once been extinct by their more orthodox brethren. It had been his pet issue for decades.

    The lost Citadel of Garn.

    The Farkiller weapon of Oo'ob the Apostate.

    Soon, the scholar had the time of his life.


    Cassandra handled covert affairs extremely well. The only lie that she had told the middle-aged Korin Aphra was not even a true lie. In some way she was indeed family of Lor San Tekka. To use that particular sabacc card had opened even more doors for her. Of course, archaeologists of this galaxy knew one another, especially when they shared the same field.

    “Wonderfully played!”

    Satisfied, Lord Vader leaned back in his meditation chamber, listening to every word that got exchanged between Korin Aphra and his perfect spy.

    Not only was his cousin an able telepath, who could help him to see and hear the universe through her eyes occasionally, she was overall a spirited and unconventional being.

    The entire set up had been her plan, including their public quarrel on the bridge. He had been careful not to hurt the unborn child in her womb when messing her up in front of the necessary audience.

    He had misgivings though. They were linked with a past he dreaded to look into. But the appearance of Luke Skywalker made it hard to overlook some facts.

    Besides, the bad learner, whom the Dark Lord once had been, had overcome several obstacles. Including his reading and spelling disability. Also in this matter he owed Cassandra a thousand times.

    Fascinated, Lord Vader learnt about Eternal Rur, who had wished to copy his intellect, but instead transferred his conscience to a Kyber crystal.

    Darth Momin, the architect, had done something similar with his own consciousness and a war mask.

    He closed his eyes, looking inside his own withered human heart.

    Both stories were an echo of what had happened to Nagina Samye. A Sith brooch had stopped her soul leaving her dying body. An act that had enabled his master to clone a new body for his niece. The outcome had been Cassandra, stolen and raised by no-other than Director Orson Krennic until the Battle of Scarif.

    “Could you stop thinking so loud about me? I am working here on your behalf, oaf.”

    Just like that she cut off the connection.

    Lord Vader put his fists down on his control pad. “Argh!” he screamed for no one else to hear. It actually hurt a lot in his already sore throat.

    With her advancing pregnancy Cassandra got more touchy and capricious every day. At times he really felt like wringing her neck, but that would not solve everything.

    Perhaps it was better to get her somewhere safe. Far away from the mess that his master had caused since making himself Emperor.

    He considered his options.

    Luke could not be saved.

    But Cassandra still could. And the child that she carried by the courtesy of Zevulon Veers. He needed allies. People to trust with his cousins well-being.


    When the electrical cell door opened once more, her hand flew to her mouth and she needed all her strength not to shriek. This meeting had been inevitable. She just had pushed it at the edge of her mind.

    “Ensign Kinnear!” boomed the Imperial officer that stood before them.

    Cassandra was on her feet less fluid than planned. “Yes, sir! At your command.”

    Reproach and worry were written all over the face of Zev's old man, no other than the famous General Maximilian Veers. “Your complaint to the Equal Rights Division never made it.”

    “But you made it,” she said shyly and added, “Sir!”

    “Watch your smart mouth, Ensign Kinnear!” There was no breach in his mental armour. He was always one-hundred percent himself in what he believed in and did. “You will follow me to the infirmary now!”

    His gaze left no option for protest or denial.

    “It was so nice talking to you, Master Korin,” she sighed, already exhausted from the upcoming discussion with Max.

    Sure, her plan to get to the archaeologist before the official interview had been flawed from the beginning, but her cousin had eagerly agreed to it.

    Of late, the Emperor wanted to have records of all the personal exchanges his favourite pet dog had. As if he could not be trusted with torturing others any more. Not after Princess Leia Organa, who had lied to him about the secret location of the rebel base. The outcome was written down in the history books.

    Cassandra never had been a big fan of torture. Nor of the unnecessary destruction of Sith temples, before she had had a chance to visit them. In order to understand one's enemy, one had to learn about him.

    But that was something the grandfather of her child would never agree on. Especially not in his current frame of mine. She realized exhaustion when she saw it.

    The loss of Cornelia was a never-healing wound.

    The betrayal of Uncle Alex had been bitter. To join the infamous Ghost Crew of Hera Syndulla!

    Her father's death through the laser of the Death Star had been devastating.

    And Zevulon's deflection to the Rebel Alliance was still an uneasy subject to both of them.

    “Where are we going?” she dared to ask after a while, her hands wet from nervousness.

    He gave her a long look instead of a real answer. With measured goose-steps he walked her through the never-ending hallways of the Executor. This star ship was a nightmare! Too pompous for it's own good.


    The heart beat was accelerated, the pulse too fast to be healthy. The bruises would go away in a couple of days. There was no internal bleeding. The most important fact was, that the baby boy still happily floated in her amniotic sac.

    Being Force-sensitive, Doctor Pershing had stopped to wonder about all that went on in his service for Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Him being here gave his son a future in science. Being confronted with the injuries of his most favourite patient distressed him a lot though.

    “No great deal,” Cassandra assured him and General Veers, who towered next to the surgery couch.

    “Pardon me? His hand prints at your throat?” the Imperial officer exploded. “Witnesses say you flew two meters through the air.”

    Cassandra shook her head in dismay. “That is only heresy.”

    “Don't play it down, young lady!” General Veers raged, his usual calm gone.

    The going-to-be mother waved him nearer to her. “Do you want to hear his heart tones, Max?”

    He nodded.

    “Please, Doctor Pershing?” she begged.

    Soon, the constant beating of the baby's heart filled the surgery.

    “Why did you not inform me of your pregnancy before?” he managed to get out through the tears in his eyes.

    “Zev was already…”

    He cut her off. “Do not mind the traitor now! This is about you and me.”

    She grinned. “I am too young to marry you.”

    General Veers rolled his eyes at her. “Stop this non-sense!”

    “I was afraid to add to your already existing hurt.”

    Ever so gently, he wrapped her in an embrace. “A pregnant woman should have family around her. It's their duty to protect her from any kind of harm. Especially in times of war. With the father of the child being out of the picture.”

    “He-he-he does not know.”

    “He does not?” that took him aback.

    She shook her head. “D-D-Darth already gave out to me about it.” New tears came unbidden. “B-B-But if Z-z-z-ev stayed… he-he-he…”

    This was the point where Doctor Pershing found it necessary to cut in. “Tranquilliser or atonement?” He waved with the largest syringe that he had, just to impress them.

    They both looked shocked.

    “I will not have you two carry this drama on. Not here, not now. If you hold hands, fine. Kisses, embraces and encouragement, is also allowed. But everything else is strictly forbidden. Doctor's orders.”

    The song “Tiny riot” from Sam Ryder (2021)
    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Hidden quotes from SW movies and the SW universe
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    [face_dancing] Always great to read something from you.... It feels like a 'regular' sunday again. [face_batting] Cassie definitely is in an intriguing situation and the Doctor is sympathetic and wants to do what's best for everyone. @};-
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    This! :D Wonderful to see this posted; it was a very enjoyable reread. The con that Vader and Cassie are running on the crew had me fooled too the first time around and I was worried that they had somehow reached the point of actual murder attempts rather than their usual nonsense. :eek: But no, it's both of them being extremely reckless in the pursuit of their aims. Honestly, I think the Skywalker Bad Idea Field has transferred over to Cassie from too much exposure to Cousin V. :p I'm glad that she has support from Veers Senior, even if his concern is partly based on the charade (but still, Cassie! Vader! Neither of you are doctors! o_O I'm not sure a light Force choke means what you think it means! Augh!)
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    Love to see a new read from you. Cassie and Vader always in for some trouble. I like the doctor
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Sorry that I cannot offer regular Sunday updates these days. I am mostly online with my mobile which has a tiny screen.

    And ideas don't come as easy as they used to. Fanfic writing has stopped to be an outlet & a great hobby for me. Actually these days I read more books offline then I produce anything online.

    When I sit down to write it's more daily stuff (such as pedagogical reports, shopping lists and such) plus letters & postcards for friends. Now with dire times in Germany, because things cost a lot, I might give up the latter. Besides everybody is too busy with their own lives to write back. Sometimes not even What's Apps get answered.

    Therefore it's always great when you, @Kahara and @earlybird-obi-wan find the time to leave a comment for my fanfics. No matter their length or subject.

    Of course I have fun writing about my OC Cassie and Vader (plus so many others). It's much, much nicer when there is a reaction from somebody else who is not my husband. For DarthUncle gets even a kick out of having the shopping list read aloud to him.

    As for your comment about cousin V, dear Kahara. Since I used to be a great fan of the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, a great smile spread all over my face. "V" used to be the abbreviation for vampire blood. And since I started watching the series "The boys" there is a drug called "Compound V". Both Vader & Cassie act like crazy addicts at times. As if the dark side messed up their brains...

    As for the doctor, dear bird, he is the father of the scientist that we see in "The Mandalorian" series. Which I have not been able to watch. Because I do not and want not to afford a second streaming service. One is enough and there is a life outside our flat. Plus, grocery shopping as gotten so awfully expensive as have a lot of things since Corona and the Ukraine war.

    Anyway, girls, thumbs up for the support and effort giving me a kind feedback.
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    Fanfic writing can need a rest just like any other creative outlet -- and I'm glad to hear that my comment made you smile nonetheless. Not familiar with those media in detail, but I do enjoy a good supernatural soap opera from time to time and it sounds like they're much in that vein (pun intended)! :)
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