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Star Wars CLOSED 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order

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    Surviving Jedi...Imperial Remnants...the Believers...Sith...Criminals and Monsters.

    He who is only known as the Outrider had seen them all enter the Unknown Regions in the Aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Empire. They all were seeking to get away from their problems and from the eyes of the galaxy. The Unknown Regions held the final secrets of the galaxy and that was likely, in part, why these Fringe Elements thought that it was safe here. Where else should those who had nothing left go than the place where no one could see their shame? Imperials had come after their Empire was defeated at Jakku. Before them, Jedi had come to hide from the Empire. Pirates. Thieves. They all had come and the Outrider had killed many a number of each kind, either by his orders or by his own hand.

    The Unknown Regions were not a safe place. Good and Evil were just words here. Meaningless ones. What words were important then? There were a few of significance.

    Chiss... Yes... That was a very important one. The "governing" body of the Unknown Regions. Though no such thing could really exist. They held tremendous resources and power. They mainly kept to themselves but recent activities were making them realize how serious these intruders needed to be taken.

    Bounty Hunter's Guild... Where there were those seeking to escape, there would be those sent to find them. An increasing number of daring bounty hunters had started to infiltrate the Unknown Regions as the Imperial Remnants appeared. This made sense... Because of the prizes that had fled here. It was not just individual bounty hunters that had made this choice, the top of the Guild had started to realize the riches that the Unknown Regions held if they could establish a foothold. Hence, why they were enthusiastically sending their finest.

    And lastly, the Syndicate Supreme, or SS. A rebirth of the Syndicate that had plagued the Galactic Republic's space. But this incarnation was far more deadly. This was, in the Outrider's belief, because they were small, organized, and the members were of the highest class of criminal the galaxy had to offer. These were beings that that had survived the rise and fall of republic and empires, genocides and purges, and battles with the best warriors in the galaxy. At the top of the SS, sat the Outrider, the worst of their kind.


    The screams of the Imperials only sounded like background noise. Nothing distinguishable or particularly noteworthy to the ears of the Outrider. Their ship... was now his ship and their deaths would be used to send a warning.

    "You." The Outrider gestured to a stern Imperial who, despite missing a limb, maintained his military bearing. "Come." The Imperial stepped forward onto the platform with the Outrider. "Broadcast." The Outrider commanded. His 3rd Prince tapped on the control panel and the transmission to the other Imperial ships began.

    "I will not waste your time." The Outrider began.

    He then proceeded over the next minute to beat the Imperial to death for the viewing of whomever had the stomach to withstand what they were witnessing. The Outrider finished the transmission with his warning:

    "It is not safe here for Imperials and it never will be."


    The Players

    I, humbly, welcome the inhabitants of the RPF to the Episodic Series 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order. This is an RPG designed to play like an anthology series where each character has their own story arc. This is a game set in the Disney canon after the fall of the Galactic Empire. The wider Galaxy is in a state of transition as the New Republic strengthens its foothold as the dominant government in the galaxy. The Imperial Remnants, soon to be known as the First Order, have fled to the Unknown Regions to rebuild. However, the Unknown Regions is currently also experiencing a period of transition. The Syndicate Supreme, a bloodthirsty criminal organization, has become the prime aggressor to all in the Unknown Regions, regardless of affiliation, while the Bounty Hunter's Guild seeks a planet to establish a base of operations.

    You, the players, will exist in an environment that presents a unique challenge and experience: If you are part of the First Order, you will begin the game with a bounty fob on you. If you are an initiate of the Syndicate Supreme, you will have a kill order on you from the Chiss Ascendancy, the Imperial Remnants, and a bounty fob from the Bounty Hunter's Guild. If you are a daring bounty hunter, you will begin the game with a target to capture or kill to prove your worth.

    Of course, there is always the option to play as an independent. This experience will be challenging as any member of any faction will seek to rob you of your slim resources and possibly of your life, though the adventurers that choose this path will have the most to gain as they will not have to split their rewards.

    This game is ultimately a game of exploration, survival, and outmaneuvering/outlasting your enemies in order to establish a platform for you and your ilk to prosper in the Unknown Regions. Good luck!

    Character Sheet Template
    Age and Appearance:
    Bounty (If not a member of the Guild):
    Personal Effects:

    1. All Character Sheets must be sent to the GM for Approval
    2. Always respect the TOS
    3. No God-Modding
    4. This game will be realistic and kind with schedules and updates, but I will try to establish a pace that allows for each adventurer to explore the world and experience their story. The goal is to have everyone able to play through one entire story arc for their character, so characters and arcs will come and go.
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    GM Approved


    Character Sheet

    Name: Stark (Subject 1313 )


    Age and Appearance: 11 *( 29 )

    Personality: Brooding, perhaps somewhat mad

    Allegiance: Independent

    Bounty: Yes

    Amount: Unknown

    Personal Effects: Robes, Mask, Dual Crimson Lightsabers (interlocking ), The Force

    Ship: None

    Bio: Subject 1313 barely managed to escape a climactic battle in his ‘birth’ home of Kamino. His vast array of skills and ability to survive would come to him via awoken memories. In addition, the knowledge he possesses helps him to escape into the Unknown Regions, as well as establish himself as an enigma - a very dangerous one. During one of his ‘episodes’ he is accused of being ‘Stark Raving Mad’, and thus, the moniker stuck. Stark simply wishes to live out the rest of his life in relative peace. However, the Unknown Regions may not be so ready to comply.
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    episode 1: WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS

    Aboard the Imperial Freighter,
    Hos Naddon , en route(approx. 1 hour) to command station Devastation which orbits Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 2/3 engines operational, food supplies have run out, and 10 Imperials maintain a fragile control over the vessel's 20 total occupants.

    ic: Stormtrooper
    Myra Ukwai

    She was nervous. Any trooper in her particular situation would be. The Captain had shown his diplomatic skills in convincing the smuggling vessel's occupants to come aboard the Hos Naddon and not continue to the battle that surely would have led to both the Imperials and the refugees' mutual destruction. The Hos Naddon had barely made it to the Unknown Regions as it was. Even years after the Imperial Remnants had made their move to the Unknown Regions, there were still stragglers coming to aide in rebuilding the Empire.

    Myra and her fellow imperials had trusted the Captain when he allowed the refugees to board. His idea was that since they were close to the Devastation, once there, the refugees could either be enlisted into Imperial service, arrested, or executed. But the compromise had to be made in order to ensure the Hos Naddon's survival. Myra and 4 other troopers were on guard over the refugees, but it was a very tenuous position. They had blasters, but so did the refugees. They all looked dangerous to her. There was a human family of 4 (An armed mother and 3 able bodied teenage boys), 4 twi'leks that were clearly either thieves or pirates, a masked man who had said nothing the entire day they had been aboard, and a masked nautolan that was armed with multiple blasters, a blaster rifle, and bombs. He would likely be the first to say no to the enlistment into the Empire, but he would probably also be the first to try to shoot his way off the Hos Naddon no matter how surrounded he was.

    Myra and her team were clearly outgunned, but so far there had been no real trouble with the refugees and they were only an hour out from the Devastation. No one on the Hos Naddon had eaten in days, sleep was a memory, but Myra knew that soon it would be over and that a new beginning awaited them here in the Unknown Regions. She had read the Imperial reports and watched the holo broadcasts and they had described how successful the operations in the Unknown Regions had been so far. They were so close. She smiled under her helmet.

    ic: Gamian Hoppe and the Hoppe Family

    Gamian coughed. His mouth was so dry and his stomach had eaten itself days ago. But it was nothing compared to his mother. He knew she had gone even longer without food. But she had never wavered or shown weakness. As the oldest, he had tried to match her composure but he had no idea how his mother was able to do it. Their situation was dire and Gamian and his brothers had already decided, whether their mom agreed or not, that once the damned Imperials took them to this space station that they would be joining the Empire. For her sake. They agreed that their mother could no longer support all of them in this scavenger lifestyle and it was time for them to do their part. If this damned hunk of junk could make it. He had been on enough ships to know when the ship was on its last legs.

    Gamian raised his hand. One of the stormtroopers nodded at him. "You mind if I turn this display on? Its dark as hell in here; it'd be nice to have some good ole Imperial news on the eyes." His brothers chuckled and if the stormtrooper mask could roll its eyes, he was sure it had, but he was given the nod again.

    It took a couple tries and some banging on the display but eventually something came up. But it didn't look like any normal Imperial broadcast.

    "Captain, we have a transmission coming in from the Devastation."

    "Fantastic, go ahead." The Captain smiled. This was the call he had been waiting for. A welcoming message from the Devastation would raise the spirits of his troops.
    "It is not safe for Imperials here and it never will be."

    Gamian's eyes went wide and was matched with a "Holy crap." from his brother. One of the stormtroopers lowered their weapon and stepped forward. She took off her helmet and revealed a shocked expression.

    "Where is this coming from?" She quickly snapped to one of the other troopers. He held up his comdisplay on his arm.

    "Looks like...I think its the Devastation."

    Gamian looked around the room and the air had totally changed. The twi'leks smiled and their eyes swept towards the stormtroopers. He instantly was confused. But before he could say anything and gravelly voice crept out of the corner from the Nautolan.

    "It looks like plans will have to be altered." The Nautolan stood and placed his hands on his blaster.

    "Wait, What the hell is going on?" Gamian yelled.

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    IC: Stark
    Aboard the Hos Naddon, Unknown Regions

    He had to admit, he was somewhat impressed with the Captain’s negotiation skills on getting the refugees to board his ship. Which at the time, meant no one had to readily die, and he didn’t have to kill everyone who was left and pilot the Hos Naddon by himself- well, not by himself, June would be there helping him as she always was.

    The tension among the Imperial crew and the refugees didn’t bother him much, as long as it was kept to a certain level. Besides, starving officers and refugees made terrible combatants. They did not hav the Force to sustain them for prolonged periods of time. That being the case, Stark decided to take a nap and knew that his blonde companion would take first watch as she always did.

    No one could see her, so he knew she would be safe among the tense officers and uneasy refugees. Still, he felt slightly surprised when she woke him sooner than expected.

    Stark, Wake up. You might one to see this.” June’s familiar voice resonated in his mind.

    “What is it?” He said groggily, shaking-off sleep as he stirred in the corner he’d found for himself. Most of the others left him alone, as he seemed most strange to them, wrapped in a dark tattered cloak and wearing strange mask.

    Stark slowly stood up and looked to the screen that June had indicated. A most disturbing scene was being played-out before the eyes of the Imperial crew and the refugees.

    "Where is this coming from?" a female trooper inquired, shock clearly displayed upon her face.

    "Looks like...I think its the Devastation." a fellow trooper replied.

    “Just remember, I made the rank of Captain.” June reminded pointedly after noticing Stark’s lingering gaze.

    “Wait…what? uh….no…ugh.” He said, shaking his head, glad to be wearing a mask.

    ["It is not safe here for Imperials and it never will be."]

    “That’s not very welcoming.” June managed to quip.

    The murdering armored figure in the view screen made his declaration, his intentions clear. Not only that, his words caused a cascade of emotional reactions from both the refugees and the ship’s crew. Stark could feel their emotions, even sense them as clear as spoken words or even physical acts in some cases. Though there was a moment of silence that fell over the entire gathering, the air was becoming palpably charged. Dangerously so.

    He could clearly sense the twi’leks intentions, and didn’t have to look to where a voice spoke next.

    "It looks like plans will have to be altered." A Nautolan stood and placed his hands on his blaster.

    "Wait, What the hell is going on?" A human boy yelled.

    “Look, June. Looks like I found the fool that fights inside a burning building.” Stark rasped through his Mask as he turned to the Nautolan and began to move towards him.

    “Ship’s falling apart. We’re all hungry. No place for a firefight. No one will be left but me and I don’t care to pilot this piece of junk myself. No offense June. So let’s all keep our cool and at least dock. We can renegotiate terms then, don’t you think?”

    Part of what Stark said was for the benefit of those listening, specifically the Twi’leks.

    June shook her head and folded her arms over her chest, already aware of what was going on. Stark was going to skip past the 'mind trick' bit. June stole a quick glance at the female trooper noticing the condition of her armor, then took quick stock of 'herself'. Her black Imperial officer's uniform remained as clean and crisp as always.

    “Friend, you’re not looking so well. Are you alright?” The concern in Stark’s raspy voice seemed genuine. He stopped in his tracks and merely regarded the Nautolan, who by now would be experiencing some trouble breathing -such trouble that would in short order, render him unconscious.

    After all, certain types only understood very specific language.

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    Aboard the Imperial Freighter, Hos Naddon , en route(approx. 43 minutes) to command station Devastation which orbits Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 2/3 engines operational, food supplies have run out, and 10 Imperials maintain a fragile control over the vessel's 20 total occupants.

    ic:The Captain

    "CUT THE TRANSMISSION." His voice cracked as he snapped the command. His mind began to work. He could not lose his composure, but the crew and, possibly, the refugees had seen the transmission. It would only take them a few seconds to put together that where they were headed was the place that had just experienced the public execution of an Imperial Officer. By what looked to be a man the size of a Wampa ice monster. They had nowhere else to go. The ship would not make it to anywhere else. Not on their fuel supply and with 1 engine out of service

    As he was thinking it, one of the pilots asked: "Sir... what should we do?"

    The Captain cleared his throat. "Continue on to the Devastation. We will try to salvage what soldiers and parts we can. These terrorists will not have taken full control of the Devastation yet. Increase the engines to maximum power."

    ic: S-class Guild Bounty Hunter Prompa Sompa

    Prompa had removed his blaster from his holster when he noticed the other masked man had risen to his feet and was making a straight line towards him. The man's words stopped the twi'leks in their tracks. They were definitely about to use the moment of silence as an opportunity to attack the stormtroopers. Once they heard the masked man's voice, they instantly realized that they were in no position to be making any moves.

    The stormtrooper female had noticed the same and had steadied herself. "Wait, stop. Don't get any ideas." She shouted at the twi'leks, before turning her attention, and blaster rifle, towards the masked man and Prompa. The other troopers followed suit.

    Prompa was not worried about them, however.

    His throat began tighten and his breathing immediately became harder. Prompa coughed behind the mask.

    "It's always the throat with your kind, isn't it?"

    Prompa swiftly raised a pointed finger to his neck. There was a spark and his breathing was relieved. His blaster rapid fired 3 stun shots before any of the occupants' eyes could blink. 3 of the stormtroopers slumped to the ground, the remaining 2 catching their bodies. The teenage boys all shouted colloquial vulgarisms in shock and the twi'leks merely watched. Prompa squared his body towards Stark.

    "Plans will have to be altered. These people will not survive boarding that space station with the current command in place. I will be assuming control. If you stand in the way, I will have to incapacitate you."

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    IC: Stark
    Initiating negotiations

    “Oh, this ought to be good.” June intoned as she sifted her weight and calmly regarded the unfolding scene.

    Stark actually smirked under his mask. He understood a great many things about the type of life he was living, too many things in fact. That’s why he wished to retire from it, but he also knew that earning that retirement was going to cost him a very high price.

    The Nautolan was smart, he had to give him that. He took out three of the stormtroopers with a display of impressive marksmanship, and cleverly negated the effects of his Force Choke, instantly revealing that he had some experience with Force Users. Creatures of War and Violence carried their trade wherever they went. Though there were now three less mouths to feed, there was still no food aboard the ship, except three less Imperials for the more volatile refugees to deal with.

    Clever indeed.

    At least the female trooper was still among the living- and in that moment, Stark decided she would be the only reason why anyone should remain alive. That went double for the Twi'leks.

    As for the rest, he didn’t care for the other troopers or their weapons, so he ignored them for now.

    Stark didn’t even bother to gesture as he placed the trigger happy Nautolan under Force Stasis, rendering him completely immobile.

    “Could have been your brain, cracking open like an overripe fruit, bursting out in bits, or your heart, for that matter.”

    Stark’s cloaked form walked closer to the shooter, the force already thrumming inside of him.

    “But I did notice that you could have fired on me, but did not. So, you get to keep your innards inside of you - for now. I’d much rather talk this out, hear your side of the story, hmm? but….”

    Stark came to a stop at point blank range of the creature’s blaster, the force thrumming with greater intensity within him. Perhaps this one had some surprises. That would be nice to see.

    “…you are more than welcomed to try to incapacitate me. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to play like this.”

    There was a hint of madness now stirring in Stark’s raspy voice, his smile growing wider under the mask.

    “We can all have a nice chat, or suddenly find ourselves floating in space. It’s all the same to me. Your choice.”

    The moment hung between them, extending itself with each tick of the chrono. The teenagers expletives, the raised blasters from the troopers and any other exclamations were lost to Subject 1313. He had seen much death and many terrors, that as well as many wonders during his own lifetime, including the life experience of
    another. Precious little surprised him now, and the lure of something new was simply…dangerous.

    Stark craved
    danger, far more than a glitterstim junky craved his next hit. That’s why he needed to get out of the trade- before he couldn’t.

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    Aboard the Imperial Freighter, Hos Naddon , en route(approx. 32 minutes) to command station Devastation which orbits Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 2/3 engines operational, food supplies have run out, and 7 Imperials quickly losing control over the vessel's 20 total occupants.


    ic: Stormtrooper
    Myra Ukwai

    She had seconds to work. Myra equipped her breather and bolted across the room towards the family. With hand signals, she communicated to the other trooper to leave the room and begin sealing the door. Everything seem to slow down for Myra. As she pushed the family across the room, out of the corner of her eye she saw the Nautolan's body spark again. Just as she reached the door and ushered the family through the door, her body went limp and the door closed in her face. She was now stuck in the room with the two masked figures and the twi'leks who had not reacted fast enough to escape the gas that had been released from the Nautolan's suit.

    She was completely at their mercy now; she fought to make her body move, but it would not. Not an inch. And she realized the danger she was in. And the fate that surely awaited her.

    ic: S-class Guild Bounty Hunter Prompa Sompa

    Prompa couldn't describe it to someone who had never felt it. The grip of the Force when it is being used against you. Specifically, when a master is using it against you. It felt like the universe was no longer just a space you moved through, but something now working actively against you. It was, in one word, horrifying. But it was a feeling that in his line of work, Prompa had adapted to. He did not know if there was a name for that technique, but it had happened to him before. And he had modified his suit to negate it, at a great strain to his body.

    The nerve gas that Prompa's suit had released when he had first become immobile was non lethal and he was sure that while it had worked on the twi'leks and the female stormtrooper, it would not work on the masked man. Prompa's suit ceased sending the surges of current through his body and Prompa stumbled back to his seat, raising a hand to pause the masked man.

    "I assure you. We can... play as long as you want, but I advise you to save your strength. You will need it." Prompa slipped a pill into his mouth. "The Space Station that we are going to... The man you saw on the transmission. He is to be avoided if you have any interest in living."

    Prompa began walking over to the Stormtrooper, his guard still up for the masked man. "I am no hero. I have no business with you or these Imperials. I am only interested in surviving long enough to get to my target. An encounter with the Outrider significantly lessens our chances of survival. You are correct." He knelt beside the stormtrooper and slipped something in her mouth. Her fingers began to make small movements of recovery. "If we continue this game of ours, we will destroy this ship. But you need to make a choice: help me take control of this ship and we can steer it to the nearest planet and go our separate ways. Or condemn us to a meeting with the Outrider."

    Myra used all of her strength. She rolled over and fired a blaster bolt into the side of the Nautolan's helmet. He roared and slumped against the door, unconscious. She was shaking all over and couldn't move anything but her arm, yet still attempted to aim her blaster at Stark.

    "D-D-Don't m-move.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Aboard the Hot Naddon

    Behind the mask, Stark squinted his eyes and raised an eyebrow. This Nautolan was an intriguing one. Whatever he had done to negate the Force Stasis was impressive in and of itself. A feat that required knowledge and ingenuity. He admired such keenness of mind. Of course, he could simply apply the Force Stasis again, but Stark decided against it for the moment, and kept his end of the bargain. He would listen to what the Nautolan had to say, as promised.

    There was no way anyone here could know that he was indirectly trained by one of, if not, ‘The’ most powerful Sith Lord that ever lived. Well, at least in his estimation. The Force continued to thrum all through Subject 1313. His Mask was equipped with filters, as he was sure the Nautolan’s was as well. But was he knowledgeable in the more advanced form of the Art of The Small? Was he able to Detoxyfy himself?

    No. Apparently not. He needed a ‘pill’.

    He had to admit it. This Nautolan was impressing him. Not so much with his words, but with is actions. Clearly, they were both Survivors.

    Stark ignored the others when they were ushered out of the room, or succumbed to the gas. He would have surely slain the Nautolan had the female trooper perished, but he slipped one of his pills into her mouth; saving her.

    Hmmm. Why did he do that? Stark wondered absently.

    In addition, it became clear that despite the Nautolan’s cleverness, he feared this ‘Outrider’ more than he did him. How very, very curious.

    The trooper woman shot the Nautolan suddenly, ending the conversation. But Stark could sense that the Nautolan was not dead, but merely unconscious. That was no way to thank him for saving her, though he was the source of her peril in the first place. Hmm. Imperial to the core. That was not necessarily a bad thing.

    Now, the doors were closed and the Twi’leks were 'neutralized'. It was only the three of them now.

    "Four of us.” June corrected, as she leaned against a wall.

    “Yes. Four.” He calmly rasped in answer.

    With a small gesture, Stark used the force to wrench the weapon from the female stormtrooper’s shaking hand and sent it sailing against the far wall. He could have destroyed it if he wished, but it wasn’t time for that yet.

    “Is it true what he said? Can this ship make it to the planet’s surface?” He asked pointedly as he now loomed over her.

    The Nautolan was right. It was time to make a choice.

    Besides, he also needed to find out how many others knew of his clever tricks.

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Aboard the Imperial Freighter, Hos Naddon , en route(approx. 19 minutes) to command station Devastation which orbits Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 2/3 engines operational, food supplies have run out, and 7 Imperials quickly losing control over the vessel's 20 total occupants.

    ic: Stormtrooper
    Myra Ukwai


    But he didn't seem like a Jedi. Myra was confused. She had never seen one. This man was definitely moving things with his mind and she...

    Well she was in a peculiar position. She didn't have any cards to play.

    She crawled her way to one of the chairs and used it to push herself to her feet. She felt sick and her body was still sluggish.

    "If you're asking whether we can make it to Alpha-B21..." That name meant nothing to the Jedi. "The planet that the Devastation is orbitting... The answer is yes, but there is no way we will be able to land. Not on 2 engines and not with the fuel we have. We would..." Myra thought to herself for a moment as she eyed the masked man. She didn't trust him. "We would have to cut engines and guide our descent through the atmosphere."

    "You're going to try to take control of the Hos Naddon, aren't you Jedi?"

    ic: The Captain

    He was fuming.

    "What do you mean you're having an issue with the refugees?" He piped.

    The radio buzzed. "Sir, two of the refugees had an altercation and some type of gas was released. Sergeant Ukwai is locked in the room with them."

    He had no men to spare. But they were only a few minutes from the space station. He couldn't afford to sacrifice men to a minor scuffle when he would need their firepower once they reached the Devastation.

    "Keep tabs on it, Trooper. Move the remaining refugees to the holding cells. Eliminate them if they resist."

    "Yes, sir."

    He was starting to have the rising sense of fear and worry. Anxiety. It would only grow as his navigator rose from his seat. "Captain, I'm picking up the Devastation on the forward scanners. You need to see this."

    On the scanners, once zoomed in, the Devastation would appear to have a number of large white creatures crawling on its outsides, removing its fuel tanks.

    ic: Gamian Hoppe

    3 on 1. Imperial stormtrooper or not. He was going down. Gamian had gotten the sense they were about to be taken to the holding cells he had seen when they were first brought aboard and he and his brothers quickly subdued the stormtrooper and tied him up. There's no way they were going to allow their mother to be locked up. Gamian picked up the blaster rifle.

    "I don't know what's going on, but we're taking control of this ship and we're getting some answers." He told his brothers as they nodded in agreement.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Stark
    Aboard the Hos Naddon

    Stark chuckled at the attempted insult.

    Nonetheless, his decision had been made.

    While he’d been listening to the female trooper, his Force senses informed him of situations all around him. Above, Below, Beside, Beyond.

    And so the decision was made.

    “Are you going to let her call you a ‘Jedi’ June inquired, not hiding her surprise.

    “It’s not my reputation to protect.” Stark countered easily. “Beside, it’s always a bad idea to assume.”

    Stark rolled his shoulders, then opened his right hand, splaying his fingers open. Through the force, he found his target aboard the ship, focused on their neck, and with surge of anger, closed his fist in a crushing motion, instantly killing that individual.

    You are the new Captain of this ship.” He rasped at the woman now seated on a chair.

    “I like you.”

    A confession? Maybe.

    "Did you just...."

    “You strike me as a survivor.” He declared.

    Slowly, he pointed in the direction of the Devastation.

    “Imperials are being killed over there. None are being spared. Only certain DEATH awaits you if you dock. You have a better chance at living if you attempt landing the ship.”

    “Your former Captain thought might gave him the right to dictate who lives and who dies. Same as the ‘Outrider’. Out here in the Unknown Regions, they are not completely wrong.”

    The blaster the female stormtrooper had once held came skittering back across the floor and stopped right at her feet.

    “Stark…? What are you doing?” June pushed herself off from the wall and took several steps closer.

    “Your crew and passengers need you now ‘Captain’. There’s a creature on the hull that needs to be burned-off upon re-entry.”

    Subject 1313 slowly turned now and faced one of the locked doors and casually gestured towards it. Immediately, the door was forced open.

    “Claim your freedom from your former Masters and start a New Life.”

    These words were not only for the 'new captain'.

    The two boys had impressed the masked man that was Stark. They rose to the challenge and decided to do something about their situation. They too were survivors. Just like the Nautolan.

    “Live and Survive, Captain.”

    Stark looked over his shoulder and back at the trooper for a moment.

    “Let him be for now. I like him too." He said, indicating the unconscious Nautolan. The clever one had earned a measure of his respect.

    "Come along now. The fewer barriers we have between us, the better for us all. Come along. We will need a new name.”

    With that, Stark proceeded to leave the room and make his way towards the ship’s bridge.

    "Picking up strays now, are we?"

    No answer.

    June simply shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and began to follow.

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Aboard the Imperial Freighter, Hos Naddon , en route(approx. 9 minutes) to command station Devastation which orbits Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 2/3 engines operational, food supplies have run out, and 7 Imperials quickly losing control over the vessel's 20 total occupants.

    ic: Stormtrooper
    Myra Ukwai

    On the walk to the cockpit of the Hos Naddon, Myra attempted to put in order what had happened and what was about to happen. They had come to the Unknown Regions looking for Imperial arms to fly into. To the new safe haven of the Empire. The Unknown Regions had changed all of that almost immediately. She had been told to be prepared for plans to change, but these changes had been rapid and unyielding. The Jedi (though she suspected that he was not that at all) had killed the captain. She was sure of it because of her impromptu promotion. He was the most powerful thing on the ship, regardless of her rank or the imperial numbers.

    They entered the cockpit. Two imperials were moving the captain's body to the side. She raised her hand when she saw their surprised faces of seeing her with the masked man and the 3 teenage boys. "There has been a change of plans. If we are to survive, we will need to reroute to Alpha-B21. The Devastation is-"

    "We know Myra." The pilot spoke without looking at her. He was already entering scouting the planet's surface for an isolated landing spot. "The Devastation is being destroyed as we speak." There was a calm, cold understanding of his situation in his voice. "I've never seen creatures survive in the vacuum of space and with enough force to disassemble fuel tanks and panels. If we had tried to board, there's a chance we would have been boarding it sans atmosphere."

    Myra nodded as the ship made a hard turn to starboard towards Planet Alpha-B21. One crisis averted, Myra thought, but she knew that this was just the beginning of her troubles.

    Aboard the now disabled Imperial Space Station Devastation, in failing orbit of Imperial designated Planet Alpha-B21

    ic: Second Prince of the Supreme Syndicate Ronin


    The bloodied Ronin sat with his legs crossed and eyes almost closed. Peering through small slits of eyes out the viewport windows at the planet below. The ship had gone quiet since the fighting had stopped. The door opened and the Outrider stepped onto the bridge. Ronin could hear him chuckle as he strolled towards him.

    "Quite a macabre scene, Ronin." The Outrider watched as more than a dozen stormtrooper bodies floated in circles around the seated Ronin. The Outrider saw the blaster wounds and blood running from Ronin's mouth. "If I didn't know better I would say that they gave you a run for your money."

    "Yes. If you didn't know better." Ronin replied.

    "It's time to jet, but I'm sending you to planetside. I'm sure you sensed it."

    "Yes. The surge of anger through the Force."

    The Outrider sighed. He hated talk of the Force. "Yea, sure. I want you to go down there and get me a scouting report. About the freighter. And about the Imperials on the planet."

    Ronin stood and dropped the bodies. He picked up his robe and started to make his way to the escape pods. "And if I run into the Chiss?"

    The Outrider smiled. "Well... I'd recommend you not run into them."


    Aboard the Imperial Freighter, Hos Naddon, The Lake Zones of Imperial Designated Planet Alpha-B21
    Status of the Hos Naddon: 1/3 engines operational, critically low on fuel, and under timid Command of Stormtrooper Myra Ukwai

    ic: S-Class Guild Bounty Hunter
    Prompa Sompa

    The landing has shaken him awake. He stumbled to the window.



    Nothing but water and small patches of land. The imperials and refugees were outside, surely attempting to formulate a new plan for their new situation. The twi'leks were huddled up in their own circle.

    It had worked. He lifted his wristguard to his mouth.

    "This is Prompa Sompa. I have made it to the surface. Will make preparations and begin tracking of target."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    A fun combo with @The Jedi in the Pumas


    IC: Myra Ukwai

    The hardest part of any task was initiating the task.

    They quickly began work on scouting the wildlife and terrain. The twi’leks left the group first and came back with satchels of what was believed to be fruits and berries and a few animal carcasses. The wildlife: unknown on the imperial computers.

    None of the imperials were engineers but the pilots were attempting to diagnose if the engines could be repaired. And the Hoppe Family was tasked with bringing in the water from the massive lakes for purification.

    The bounty hunter, who finally introduced himself as Prompa Sompa, and the masked man, had been asked by Myra to come to the empty cockpit of the Hos Naddon. It was time to put some cards on the table.


    Myra smoked while she waited. Imperial code was strongly against smoking inside a ship... but this was a stressful occasion. Her training was that of a soldier, not a commander. The pilots had agreed that even though they outranked her, they would not be complicating matters by getting into a pissing match.

    Stark called it the 'Survivor Camp'. He was pleased to see how the focus had shifted from infighting about 'sides', to something more useful, but wondered if that was only temporary. Perhaps it was.

    Still, he did his part.

    He endeavored to investigate the aquatic life, 'the fish' as it were, to see if any were edible. Perhaps some sea creatures could also provide other things, like fur, or materials they would need. The twi'leks were making themselves useful as were the Imperial soldiers. The new captain still did not trust him, but that was not important at the moment, it was better if she did not all the same.

    The teenage boys and their mother, their bond was enviable. It seemed so strange and unreal, but at the same time heartening.

    Now a meeting was called. Stark was dutifully invited and he was sure to attend. This, he would not miss.

    "You can call me, Stark." He said as he entered the cockpit, and gave Prompa Sompa an acknowledging nod.

    Myra nodded as Stark introduced himself and stood up. Out of the windows of the cockpit she could see nightfall coming. She put her hands on her hips and drew on the cig.

    “Those things are bad for you.” Prompa noted.

    “Yea...” she exhaled. “I’m apparently attracting all the bad things right now.”

    She turned to face the two men. “Mr. Sompa. Mr. Stark. I will be as transparent with you both as I can be.”

    “My name is Sergeant Myra Ukwai. This planet we are on is one of several planets the Empire has been looking to establish a base on. We thought that things were flourishing out here in the Unknown Regions. Clearly they aren’t.”

    Myra was watching her words. She needed to give these men enough information to formulate a plan with them, but not enough that would leave the Empire vulnerable.

    “The captain. He informed us that Alpha B-21 had a ground force that was sent to gather information. I would like to try to make contact with them.”

    "You are the one leading the Survivor's Camp, Sergeant, not the Empire, remember that."

    Stark began to pace, but not in a threatening manner.

    "I'll remain with you for now, until you establish contact with your fellow...Imperials. In the mean time, what do you need from me?"

    Of course it would be easy for a rogue to say that, Myra thought. She had a duty to fulfill and she was not the type to be fickle with responsibility.

    But it was good to hear Stark say that.

    “Mr. Stark and Mr. Sompa, I would like for you guys to be the ones to go make contact with the Imperial forces. We don’t know this world and we only have two speeder bikes.”

    Prompa didn’t display any outward reaction, but this was exactly what he needed.

    “I will do it.”

    Stark had a poor personal opinion of the Empire, to say the least. He knew they could not be trusted under any circumstances. However, this was not something he did for himself, well, not all of it at least.

    "I have my reservations, but I will do it for those in the camp."

    So they did not become pawns and slaves to the great Imperial machine, or fodder for the Unknown Regions. Besides, he still needed to have a conversation with the clever Bounty Hunter.

    Myra was pleased that they would do this and even showed a small smile. “I thank you both. We will build fortifications while you are gone. We’re the easiest type of prey right now. Visible and vulnerable.”

    Prompa stood and touched the spot of his helmet that she had shot. It was still scorched from the close call. “Amazing.” He joked. “How the person you shoot one day could be the same person you ask to lend a hand next.”

    “We should leave as soon as night comes. Agree Stark?”

    Subject 1313 nodded. “I need to speak to a few survivors first, then we can leave."

    With that, Stark left them and went to the Twi'leks first and instructed then how they should meditate on him should anything happen and he would return. Similarly, he went to the Hoppe family, the boys and the mother, and instructed them to do the same. If there was trouble that they could not handle, to 'call' on him.

    The galaxy had too many graveyards due to 'good intentions' that were never fulfilled. He did not speak his disappointment, that Sergeant Myra still held fast to her Imperial beliefs. He silently hoped that her decision to do so, did not cause the lives of others.

    After that, Stark went out to meet with the Bounty Hunter.

    Prompa Sompa looked at the two speeder bike that the imperials has unloaded. They were old, but didn’t seem to have experienced heavy usage. They’d do fine.

    As Stark approached, Prompa mounted his speeder and powered it on. They were mostly alone as the others continued their work. Prompa’s masked visage faced forward into the distance as he spoke.

    “You know the chances of these people surviving this world are slim... very slim.”

    He paused. Placed his feet on the pedals and grabbed the handle bars.

    “Are you of the thinking that you’re going to be able to tip the scales in their favor?”

    Stark watched the Bounty Hunter mount the old speeder bike and listened to his words. The Nautolan was practically bidding 'good-bye' to the Survivor Camp. Would he keep his end of the bargain and contact the Imperials as agreed, or simply take the speeder as his own and go about his business?

    Who could know?

    The Nautolan would do whatever he thought suited him. Stark could not control it. Perhaps he could influence it, but in the end, would he even care to?

    "A slim chance doesn't necessarily mean a guaranteed death sentence. I'm a living example of that." Stark rasped as he mounted the second speeder bike and made ready. In that moment, the masked Force user understood that the Nautolan was completely unfamiliar with the more sublime wonders of the Force.

    "Lead the way."

    Without another word, both speeder bikes ignited their engines and streaked into the Unknown.

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    episode 1: WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS


    The two speeder bikes cast waves of water to the side as they speed away from the Hos Naddon's encampment. As the closest star in the system dipped beneath the Horizon, the sky off in the far distance, so far it would go unnoticed to the untrained eye, began to brighten sporadically with wild red and orange lights. The lights rose and danced, and settled down. Only to be reborn seconds later.

    Unbeknownst to Stark and Prompa Sompa, those lights were the result of clashes that had started to be called the Frostnight Affrays. Bloody clashes between the ground force Imperials and the technologically advanced native inhabitants. The great lakes of Alpha B-21 would begin to freeze and a harsh temperature drop would be the cause. It was almost as if the sun had never been there at all. The Imperials and the Inhabitants of the planet would be used to this by now, but Stark and Prompa Sompa would have to adjust to the unforgiving environment that the nighttime brought.

    An escape pod would land several miles ahead of the two travelers' speeder bikes. Out of the sight range of the men.

    And a man would emerge from the escape pod.

    Shirtless, but quickly adapting his body to his new setting.

    The Second Prince turned to admire the Frostnight Affray lights in the distance.

    He then turned to stare at nothingness in the opposite direction.

    Either way he chose, he would bring with him the certainty of trouble.
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    GM Approved in time for Episode 2

    Name: IG-66
    Age: Created 23 BBY
    Personality: A silent and menacing assassin droid, IG-66 is an unwavering bounty hunter of the galaxy, and rarely shows any sign of emotion.
    Allegiance: Bounty Hunters Guild
    Bounty (If not a member of the Guild): No
    Personal Effects: Outfitted with hardy steel plating and acid-resistant hardware, IG-66 carries a pulse cannon rifle, along with two blaster pistols, vibroblades, thermal detonators, and a needle dart gun which fires a deadly poison. IG-66 also has deadly weapons hidden under his frame, which includes a flame thrower, a sonic device, whipcords, and toxic gas emitters. IG-66 is incredibly dangerous.
    Ship: A YV-666 Light Freighter
    Bio: A custom creation by a technical genius, IG-66 was built on Coruscant, in the lower city. The formidable droid went rogue and destroyed its creator, before escaping Coruscant. Later, he stole his YV-666 from a group of Trandoshan slavers, whom he made short work of. He then proceeded to join the Bounty Hunters Guild after several years of freelance work.
  15. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    episode 2: THIS ISN'T MY FIRST RODEO

    Aboard a YV-666 Light Freighter, entering idle orbit of Unknown Regions planet Nigol. A small ensemble of bounty hunters in search of the Imperial Oberon Heath.

    ic: A-Class Bounty Hunter Mandrelo

    Mandrelo was the only other being in the cockpit with IG-66 as they approached the planet Nigol. This ship was definitely a droid's ship.

    That seemed weird to even think but Mandrelo had seen it once before. A droid in charge of their own ship.

    His right hand tugged on one of his dreads as his left hand read along the datapad. He had read it multiple times at this point but he liked to be very thorough in reading his bounty reports. There was always information that could help about the target and while the younger hunters in the back that had been tasked with them probably thought this was a simple kill target and move on, this wasn't going to be that. Mandrelo already knew.

    Name: Oberon D. Heath
    Age: 39
    Bounty: 535,000 credits
    Requisite Status for collection: Dead
    Profile: Accomplice to the crimes against Geonosis and Alderaan. Former Associate Director of the Empire's Advanced Weapons Research. Highly dangerous.

    If one read between the lines, one could surmise that this guy was pretty high up on the totem pole when the Empire was at its height. 500k? Oberon cocked his head to the side. Seemed kind of low, but then again most of the galaxy didn't exactly want to go Imperial hunting.

    Mandrelo had not spoken to IG-66 for most of the weeklong voyage. However, as a quiet alarm beeped into life on IG-66's panel, Mandrelo noticed a twinkle on the planet's horizon. He shouldn't have noticed it. It was infinitesimal to the human eye. Yet he did.

    "IG... We have an issue."

    It was an understatement to say the least, as IG-66's scanners picked up an incoming beam strike.

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var (Welcome to the game!)
    Following at a distance, unnoticed...

    ic: D-class Bounter Hunter Oni Bajcarzel

    Oni swigged more Corellian Ale. This had been one long, uncomfortable week for the aging bounty hunter. He had been following the IG-66's group in his fighter, hidden completely from their view and scanners. His fighter was essentially undetectable unless it was visible to the eye. He had not been chosen as part of the band of bounty hunters to pursue Oberon D. Heath. The bastard. Whenever the Guild lost more than 10 members in pursuit of a target, it mandated a team. His ranking, however, kept him from making the cut.

    The trip had been quiet until this giant blue beam of destruction spit from the planet towards the IG-66's ship. He had never, in all his years across the galaxy, seen an attack like this.

    "Aldsmokes." He cursed. Well guess he knew now why the guild had lost so many members looking for this guy.

    The Lake Zones of Imperial Designated Planet Alpha-B21

    ic: S-class Bounty Hunter Prompa Sompa

    Stark and Prompa Sompa's journey to the Imperial ground force was on its third day. It was not going poorly, but it was not going well.

    Prompa's suit was being damaged by, his best guess, the atmosphere. Visual displays were going in and out for both men. The nighttime cold had not affected them through their suits the first night, but something had happened as they rode. Prompa noticed that, after the first night, his suit's internal temperature was no longer stabilized to withstand the night's drop in temperature. The past two days he had ran his suit as minimal power in order to overcompensate at night for the heat loss. Possibly a byproduct, but Prompa had lost feeling in his right hand and his boots were coming apart.

    Stark was experiencing different effects: his mask's filtration system had failed and his suit was eroding an alarming rate. His boots were on their soles and he was experiencing the wetness of the Lake Zones as they rode the speeder bikes. His right eye was experiencing varying degrees of light sensitivity and blindness during the day.

    Yet, neither Prompa nor Stark had mentioned turning back or giving up.

    Prompa leaned against the speeder bike. He had requested a stop because approximately 4 miles in the distance, settled and relatively hidden between two cliff faces, was a small campsite. Multiple imperial drop ships formed a defense from a rear assault and barricades of steel were constructed to defend the front. From this distance, Prompa surmised that while they could see the campsite at this distance, the Imperials could not see them. Strategic, Prompa thought, because had they not stopped exactly here, they would likely have missed the campsite altogether.

    Prompa took another pill through his mask and folded his arms.

    "It is either a decoy campsite. That valley would be a killzone for assailants. The barriers are merely for show."

    He looked around the general area, at nothing particular.

    "There is also the chance that we are in what the Imperials are assuming to be a safezone. There are no signs of battle here."

    "Thoughts, Stark?"

    It would feel to Stark, in the Force, that they being observed. The observers felt no fear, anger, or uncertainty.

    Only curiosity.

    And dutiful resolve.

    But to the east

    away from the valley that lied to the north

    there was great panic and fear.

    Focused on a being that felt like a walking disturbance in the Force.

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    Aboard the YV-666

    IG-66, a menacing and intelligent assassin created just before the clone wars, was no idle fool. IG had been created with a high level of intelligence programmed into him, and had learned only more throughout the brutal years of his existence. The instant the droid's audio receptors received the alarm quietly beeping on the control panel of the ship, IG quickly analyzed the situation and began to make evasive plans. A typical lifeform may have begun to panic. That is where IG saw the weakness in such arrogant lifeforms that placed themselves above droids. They acted so superior, but where so easy to terrify.

    "Brace yourself. Landing may encounter some resistance." IG's hollow, metallic voice would say as he quickly began to maneuver his way into relative safety. Preparing himself for further resistance. He would analyze why such a hostile move was used against him later, now he needed to make sure that he could get his ship to safety in one piece.

    @The Jedi in the Pumas
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    Jun 23, 2018
    Aboard a YV-666 Light Freighter, entering evasive maneuvers above the planet Nigol. A small ensemble of bounty hunters in search of the Imperial Oberon Heath.

    ic: A-Class Bounty Hunter Mandrelo

    The ship made a strong, aggressive veer to the starboard side to avoid the attack. Mandrelo appreciated the droid's response time, but his ribs were screaming in agony.

    "Holy mama!!" Mandrelo could tell now that it would be a hell of a ride to the surface. "Some resistance? More like all of the resistance."

    In the distance, three more twinkles originating from the same general area as the first one lit up the planet's surface. IG-66 would quickly analyze that dodging all three would be impossible and he would have to strategically pick what part of his ship to sacrifice.

    Mandrelo would echo a similar sentiment. "Droid, we gotta land now or we're done for."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Stark
    Lake Zones, Alpha-B21

    Stark looked thoughtful, still considering Prompa Sompa’s words while ignoring June’s long and silent stare. Clearly she wanted to talk about how he was being affected by things that should not be able to affect him at all, considering his level of attunement in the Force. June didn’t understand why Stark always waited to act after his situation became critical. It was an annoying character flaw, in her honest opinion.

    “Is that it? Are you just going to keep ignoring me?” the blonde pilot demanded, her voice edged with exasperation.

    “I think we should check it out.” Stark said, answering Prompa, his gaze fixed on the campsite. “Maybe it’s abandoned and we might find shelter, some supplies, might be able to make some repairs.”

    Stark absently regarded the sad state of their gear, shaking his head slightly. “Or…perhaps the ones we are looking for may be underground. Just a thought.”

    Stark offered a light shrug, then casually looked East. There was nothing in that direction that he could detect by sight, but there was plenty he could sense through the Force. Fear, Panic, and curiosity. Something or someone was on the move.

    June, who had turned away in frustration, arms folded, also looked to the East for a moment, before turning her blue eyed gaze on Stark, her expression communicating an unspoken question.

    “I’m feeling kinda hungry. Let’s not tarry here.” Stark declared plainly, casually looking back to Prompa.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Name: Wapoe

    Age and Appearance: I like cloaks, and ideally one which covers my face; because I never ever show it. I'm too much of a fraidy-cat to take off my garments and let the dark side find me.

    Personality: You'll get to know me soon enough

    Allegiance: I mean, Palpatine gave me some pretty hefty Imperial credentials a few years back. But the Empire fell, right?

    Bounty (If not a member of the Guild): That head honcho running the Unknown Regions; I'm looking for him.

    Personal Effects: This cool looking sceptre, with a statue of Sistros atop it. I took it from the Grand Vizier after Jakku - after he surrendered. It has a pointy end.

    Ship: I mean, it's in the shape of a dipyramid; two four-sided pyramids connected at their bases, which is probably an oversized starfighter, but it listens to my mental directions? You tell me what to call that. It has shields, hyperdrive, and any surface could be a weapon. Not all of them are, but the weapon is indistinguishable - the iris could reveal a cockpit, or a gun. Neat, right?

    Bio: I'm looking for a ripple in the story. This place; the Unknown Regions, I want to know more about it. In this era, its full of Grysk, Vagaari, Ssi-Ruuvi, Chiss, bounty hunters, and of course, Imperials. Soon, it'll be more than that, and less than that. This far out, the New Republic won't make it for another two decades, if we're lucky. But my wandering eye saw something of the future, so I'm here, smoothing out the fabric.

    Maybe I'll kill someone.

    Who knows?
  20. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    The Lake Zones of Imperial Designated Planet Alpha-B21

    ic: S-class Bounty Hunter Prompa Sompa

    Prompa nodded and looked at his own gear. "That'd make sense. Whatever is going on here...clearly being outside is disadvantageous."

    The ride to the camp took a short time and when they arrived close to the campsite, Prompa readied himself for an engagement with a smooth confidence of a veteran of the sport. The campsite looked... not deserted, but clearly it wasn't lived in. Prompa spoke what he was sure that Stark had ascertained as well. "They leave their food and supplies here...But they don't live here." He knelt down beside some rations and, without hesitation, opened a bar up and slid it under his mask. He surveyed the surroundings, while he continued to snack.

    A few minutes of silence passed. Allowing Prompa and Stark to move through the campsite. There was no indication of active security. There were footsteps near the rations and some weapons and comms cases, but the vehicles on the outer section of the campsite were untouched. No alarm systems, no signs of struggles. It was an uncanny feeling to feel in a so-called campsite. Through the Force, Stark would sense no threat.

    Not even when a small squad of military clothed, blue skinned beings calmly strolled into the campsite. All of them gave off the air of military certainty. Their leader, a young male with long straight black hair, spoke first. But not to Stark or Prompa, but to a communication device in his ear. It was conversational. The language would be foreign to Stark, but maybe not to Juno. Prompa stood up and his suit hummed to life.

    The blue skinned male then begin to speak a multitude of languages to the pair. One would eventually be correct.

    "Hmm...This is interesting." Prompa said.

    Tag: @greyjedi125

    ic: Fourth Prince of Syndicate Supreme Mirth Leech
    -The No Fly Zone, Unknown Regions

    The ship looked like two pyramid shapes attached at their bases. Weird, but not very.

    The ship was in the No Fly Zone. Weird, but not very.

    However, it informed anyone who was watching

    And Mirth Leech was watching

    That the individual was no native to the Unknown Regions. And, if it was up to Mirth

    And it wasn't up to Mirth

    This would be warranted a warning and a chance to turn around. But, alas

    It wasn't up to Mirth.

    However, there were limitations on what he could do at this point in time.

    The response was quick. He watched as A squadron of starfighters, some of them visibly on fire, began making their way towards the ship. Some were firing. Others seemed intent on crashing into the ship.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Wapoe
    Surprised, but not especially


    With a flourish, he held his hands out broadly, welcoming. The Unknown Regions were boring. A hundred thousand Terrors may very well convene within its tangled stars, but they were tangled. Hours upon hours of traversing crooked hyperlanes, avoiding globular nebulas, and black holes... even navigating with the Force there were very few ways into or out of the Unknown Regions. Even jumping off from Jakku, or Jedha, or even via the secret routes from Metellos or Rago, they just took too long. I mean, it would have been even worse if he'd tried to find a way forward from say the Shiritoku Spur or the end of the Braxant Run - the extreme south and north of the Unknown Regions respectively.

    So to actually be discovered after three months and twelve days was so pleasing.

    He barely remembered to commune with his ship.

    Styled similarly to the ancient Sith meditation spheres - though in-fact this ship predated them by several millennia, 'Wapoe' gave a series of instructions. Ship sighed, ignored them, and began firing at the flaming vessels that appeared on ramming vectors, and weaving around the laser fire.

    "Can you at least open a channel for me?"

    The ship consented begrudgingly, and he started speaking.

    "Hellooooo, anyone care to explain why you're trying to kill me? Not that I mind, but I would like to at least know."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Stark
    Alpha-B21, Mysterious Campsite

    Stark noticed that Prompa had not died after slipping a ration bar under his mask, which actually caused him to chuckle.

    Well, if it doesn’t kill him…. He rationalized as he began to pocket a few ration packs under his fraying cloak.

    “What if it kills you instead?” June protested.

    “You worry too much.” Stark answered plainly.

    Stark joined Prompa as the two masked men moved through the seemingly abandoned campsite. Something wasn’t adding up. There was no security that they could detect, yet food and weapon caches were within reach and none of the vehicles were in use. Additionally, there were visible footsteps in the area. Then there was the unusual feeling in the Force, one that Stark seldom found in these parts: There was no sense of ‘threat’.

    Most odd indeed.

    Then something else happened. A small military squad entered the campsite, yet still Stark felt no threat. For a moment he regarded their blue skinne and black hair, then tried to place their race.

    “What gives?” He wondered aloud, but was speaking to the June. Stark was surprised he could not understand their language at all, given his particular background. He kept his eye on the squad leader, just to be sure.

    “Give me a moment.” June replied as she squinted her eyes and made a thinking sound.

    Stark nodded at Prompa after hearing his words.

    “Yeah, very interesting.” he echoed, even as he took several steps and began walking casually towards the long haired leader.

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    *OOC: Can Juno identify their race and language?
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    ic: Fourth Prince of Syndicate Supreme Mirth Leech
    -The No Fly Zone, Unknown Regions

    Mirth nodded.

    Diplomacy was one way to handle things.

    But this was not a group that really did negotiations.

    Mirth heard a voice respond to the ship. "We don't really negotiate, pal."

    Yep, that was about right.

    Mirth analyzed the ship closely. It was of ancient construction; it reminded him of the old Sith ships. Most of them were gone now.

    And this wasn't that.

    But this would be something the Syndicate Supreme would find a hefty profit for.

    The voice responded over the channel again. "You can shut down your ship and prepare to be boarded. That's the only real choice here, pal."

    Mirth had to picture the situation in his mind again. The No-Fly Zone looked like a graveyard of ships of all different sizes. and the No-Fly Zone was large. A large expansive space that one could get lost in without even taking hyperspace lanes into account. Planets were scarce and even the Syndicate had not found a way to tame half of them.

    The ship was speeding through space, dodging the suicidal fighters and narrowly escaping the starfighters that were firing upon it. Narrowly, being the emphasized point. The thing with ancient contructs is that while they were different and mysterious, they were still ancient. Newer technology would eventually surpass it at a certain point. The older the tech, the closer that point was. The inhabitant of this ship probably felt like that point coming up faster than they had anticipated.

    It could be worse for Wapoe though, there was always the Chiss he could've ran into. Mirth smiled to himself...

    At least it was the Syndicate Supreme and not the Chiss. There's your brightside.

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    Second Prince of the Syndicate Supreme Ronin: The Jedi Priest
    Second Prince of the Syndicate Supreme, Ronin is a former Jedi Knight from before the age of the Clone Wars. A child from a warrior nomad society, Ronin was strong in the Force when the Jedi came for him. Despite excelling in his use of the Force, Ronin could never shake the savage foundation from which he was born. His people were of warrior blood who embraced warfare as a way to show their might and to show honor of their gods and bloodlines. He tried to align his beliefs with that of the Jedi and successfully lied to himself just long enough for him to pass the trials and enter the rank of Jedi Knight. It was then that Ronin's warrior beliefs began to creep back into the light. Ronin words were those of someone who worshiped the Force as a deity and while his beliefs struck the Masters of the Order as radical, it took them years before they asked that he leave the Order.

    In the years leading up to his resignation, Ronin completed peacekeeping missions while spreading his own brand of Jedi gospel. In one instance, on the mining planet Kerev Doi, Ronin helped negotiate a labor treaty, but then influenced the workers to ignore the treaty once he was gone and hold the planet's leaders hostage until a massacre broke out years later. His philosophy was simple: the Force was given to individuals to struggle between peace and war. Both sides were needed and neither was bad. So in peacetimes, he sought to invoke war, and vice versa. The deaths of Force Sensitives, to Ronin, was what fed the Force and the most honorable gift a user could give back to the Force God was his/her life.

    The extremism led to his exit, but did not prevent him from travelling the Outer Rim spreading his religion. Ironically, it was his leaving the Jedi Order that made him miss the Rise of Anakin Skywalker, the Clone Wars, and the rise and fall of the Empire. During the Clone Wars, when he was about to involve himself in the Galactic conflict, he encountered a man who would soon be called the Outrider. The Outrider was there to recruit him. The young man had a vision of conquering the Unknown and claimed to have advanced technology that would make it possible. Ronin had his doubts, so they fought and Ronin lost. The rest is rather obvious.

    Since then, he has served the Syndicate Supreme. The invasion of the Unknown Regions by the Imperial Remnants has presented Ronin with the opportunity to avenge his former order and he has taken every opportunity to inflict massive casualties on the Remnant forces. His crimes include being an indiscriminate slaver, kidnapper, and murderer. He maintains a slave warship in the Unknown Regions that doubles as the temple of his heretical gospel. His role in the Syndicate is as the main enforcer for the Outrider's will. The Chiss Ascendancy and the Imperial Remnant has placed capturing/killing Ronin as one of their highest priorities.
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    Combo with @The Jedi in the Pumas


    The Lake Zones of Imperial Designated Planet Alpha-B21

    ic: S-class Bounty Hunter Prompa Sompa and CDF Officer Sarc'hord'iven

    The leader closed his red eyes for a second before slowly opening them. He mouthed the word IN-ter-rest-ING to one of his subordinates. The subordinate nodded and quickly scribbled something down on a pad. He took 2 measured steps forward to meet Stark and raised his a palm, indicating to Stark that he was close enough.

    "My name is Chord." He paused. The language was rarely used in the Unknown Regions, but not unheard of. "I must inform you: You're trespassing and I would recommend you leave this planet before darkside." The voice of the male was low, confident and steady. It didn't fit him. One did not need to be an expert on the species to understand that though this man was young, he was speaking with the knowledge and gravity of someone who was beyond their years.

    "Chiss." Prompa Sompa noted to Stark from behind. Then he asked a seemingly random question. "What is darkside?"

    Chord nodded. "It would mean, for you, a very painful transition into becoming a proper inhabitant of this planet. In addition to that, the fighting between this planet's inhabitants and the invaders will be moving closer on this particular darkside." Chord looked at the pair's deteriorating attire. "The process of bioforming has already begun. You should take my advice and leave this planet."

    As if on cue, miles away in the direction that Stark had sensed the presence earlier, distant explosions and blasts could be heard.

    Holding his position, the cloaked figure stood his ground and listened. He also ignored the distant explosions he heard, at least for the moment. Conflict and survival were a common part of any given day, plus the Chiss contingent didn't seem too concerned about it.

    "My name is Stark. This is Prompa."

    Stark's gloved hand gestured as he made introductions.

    "Well, if you have a spare and functioning ship for two families, then sure, I guess we could oblige." Stark retorted in casual sarcasm regarding Chord's admonition.

    "Stark. He's serious." June interjected, to little effect.

    "Pain, transformation, bioforming. Been there. Done that. No idea what the inhabitants look like, but it can't be all that bad." Subject 1313 spared a glance to his masked companion, before addressing Chord once again.

    "So why haven't you transitioned, hmm? Hiding in your bunker, maybe?"

    Stark found it interesting that the Chiss arrived before they'd entered the campsite proper. There had to be a surveillance they somehow missed.

    "Friends of yours?" He asked after another explosion went off in the distance, even as he pointed with a thumb in that general direction.

    Chord didn't move while Stark spoke. It had been a while since Chord had dealt with individuals not of the Chiss Ascendancy and not knowledgeable of the current state of the Unknown Regions. He had never actually dealt with a human at all, in his life. But he was now being given an explanation as to why the Ascendancy had a negative view of them.

    "I see. I'm beginning to understand." He would extend with the gesture of information. "The bioforming of this planet comes from the bodies of water. They are filled with microorganisms colloquially called Shispers. Through repeated exposure, the Shispers alter your body, first, and then your mind. Eventually, you will look like the scaly, serpent like natives of this planet and ultimately place the protection of the planet as your primary concern."

    He paused. Basic was starting to flow back to him.

    "You ask why we have not transitioned." Chord continued. "We knew about this before we landed, limited our exposure during the darksides, and have our own water sources. The transition was never able to start. Once it starts, however, the only way to stop it is to leave the planet."

    Lastly, Chord looked in the direction of the fighting. "You misunderstand. We are here only as observers. You're standing in an invader campsite...I guess you would call them Imperials. We are only here to monitor the situation. The reason I revealed myself is because it was obvious, from your attire, that you're not a member of the Imperials and clearly not a native. We ask that you leave before you alter the situation."

    One of his subordinates leaned close to Chord and spoke in a foreign tongue. They exchanged words.

    Prompa looked at Stark. "I've had dealings with the Chiss before. They aren't violent, but they are very big on isolationism. I'm of the thought that they would help our band of Imperials off the planet. The problem being that Myra and those stormtroopers would likely want to join the Imperial fighting here on the planet."

    "They said they're observers, which implies they wouldn't help anyone, but I could be wrong." Stark responded openly to Prompa, having nothing to hide.

    "It would be fair to appraise Myra and her band of merry followers of the situation. They can make a more informed decision about their cause at that point."

    A thought crossed his mind then, even as he silently suppressed his hunger.

    "I'm wondering if I could purge myself of these bioforming effects by using the Art of the Small, hmmm?"

    Though spoken aloud, Stark mused to himself, before refocusing.

    "What will you do Prompa? We should probably search the campsite for a ship....while we still can?"

    Prompa was about to respond, but Chord quickly interjected.

    “If a ship is what you seek, my people can provide a transport off world.” Chord’s subordinate showed him something on her data pad and pointed at Stark and Prompa.

    “It took you several days to get here and-“

    It was Prompa who interjected this time.

    “I suspect you are saying that we wouldn’t survive the time required for us to figure out another way off the planet.”

    Chord’s eyes glowed intensely bright in the silence that followed.

    “No, you likely wouldn’t without being permanently altered.”

    “It seems Stark.” Prompa began. “That the choice is yours. I’ve heard what I’ve needed to hear. We came in search of supplies and we have found them. We have also found a way off world. I think we should take it.”

    A brief pause.

    "Alright, but not without first telling Myra and the other survivors."

    Stark insisted.

    "We'll take whatever supplies we need from here. Come to think about it, we could probably bring the ship with us back to camp as well." Subject 1313 reasoned. "I have no desire to become a permanent resident here, either way."

    Could the Chiss be hiding something? It was possible, or rather, very probable. A series of thoughts began to course through Stark's mind, though nothing would be given away by his voice or manner.

    "Let's see this ship." He finally concluded with a nod.

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