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Star Wars CLOSED 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order

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    Standing on a rooftop, the Unknown watched the barricade separating Vas Nihollia from the sudden refugees. That’s all they seemed to be and all they acted like in his opinion, but he well understood the caution being expressed. Anything could happen at any time, from anyone. Best to be safe whenever possible.

    Through his helmet’s enhanced vision, he watched quietly for a few moments, noting that Dice guy was there. Up to what? Who knew. The refugees were merely repeating their message every so often while the townsfolk continually debated on what to do. In his personal opinion, they’d have to make up their own minds. The Hangar Corporation would take too long, no matter what they themselves chose to do about it.

    Switching off the zoom function on his helmet after a time and turning to leave from his vantage point, he made his slow way to where the one person he had any interest here, was. Carefully watching her movements, he had made it a habit the last few days to always know where Dathisi was. Too many references to her and the possibility she may heal hi after this was resolved kept her location and safety too improtant to ignore.

    Maybe he should just talk to her now, before things got crazy? Something to consider. Which he did, fiddling absently with one of the two lightsaber hilts on his belt as he approached her casaully.

    He was cautious and his typical quiet self as he arrived due to the woman usually appearing pre-occupied with personal matters lately. Unknown would wait to see what and how she was doing before saying anything. If she was busy, he would simply nod his head in greeting and linger silently nearby until she was free. He wondered too if the renowned healer was going to be accepting of these recent arrivals.

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    Mara Jade kept a low profile as the refugees arrived. Mara didn't believe in coincidences, so the whole strange thing where she and K'ir Tor and others had been "transported" to some other when/where more than likely bore some connection. The fact that a message via the Force to some extent was broadcast from the refugees clinched it that something was about to happen.
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    IC: K’ir Tor
    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    ~ Aboard the Tenasas ~

    He had been in meditation for hours, delving in imparted wisdom, searching his own motives, visualizing countless scenarios, seeing ramifications. In the end, everything that was good depended on their actions now.

    K’ir Tor rose from lotus position and opened his eyes once he was standing.

    His expression was relaxed, yet contemplative as he moved towards the front of the ship.

    It was true that he’d known what it was not to have a home planet, to feel aimless and without direction, then finally find ‘Hope’. K’ir could not only hear, but also ‘feel’ what Jinos and his people were feeling. How could anyone be callous to the plight of those in need?

    Still, the situation was not so simple or easy to solve, not by a long shot. There were many other things to consider. Like the Syndicate and the Chiss.

    That’s why he had come to a decision.

    In a few moments, he’d gathered everyone. Myra, Mai’ hun, Mara, Lady Dathisi and Unknown.

    “I’ve come to a decision.” he announced, his voice calm, but firm.

    “I’m going to the Huzonian Camp. To ignore them is wrong. Since no one else is willing to meet with them, I shall do it.”

    K’ir Tor knew that Myra would speak an objection, so he interjected before she could.

    “My mind is made up.” he said, smiling softly and apologetically at her.

    "If anyone else wishes to come with me, you’re welcome to do so. Otherwise, keep an eye on things here…the locals are uneasy, understandably so.”

    Almost without realizing it, he looked over his shoulder, then back at the group.

    “There’s something else….” a slight pause.

    “The Tall Man is out there, by the barricades, and there’s someone else with him. A powerful Force user.”

    K’ir let out a small sigh and checked his lightsaber by reflex.

    “All I can tell so far, is that the other’s presence is complex and undefined.” That was all he could say about the enigmatic presence he felt. The fact that it was with the Tall Man was a concern, as what the timing. First the Huzonian Refugee Fleet, now this. None of it was a coincidence.

    K’ir Tor offered a reassuring smile as he began to turn.

    “Don’t worry, the Force is with us.”

    He didn't know about the others, but that was consolation enough for him.

    With that, K’ir Tor began to make his way towards the exit ramp. He had a refugee leader to meet.

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    IC: Alpo Leineri Cummbo II
    It was the best of times, it was the worst.

    The first order had been housing and hangers, followed by water and food. This, as he opened his eyes to press against the glass housing over his cot chamber, was supposed to hard but simple. Of course none of that had remained true. The first thing when all the droids and colonists had set about their tasks was a good news situation. They had been able to dig in and the rocks although mineral rich had given way to their tools without being too soft, so best world possible. They were ahead of schedule.

    Rubbing his eyes he saw his daughter floating there in the corner, watching him. "I thought I told you not to do that anymore. We have room now, you could join your brothers in the colony proper, or take a room. We have room now that most equipment and colonists have moved out."

    "But Daa-ad. It's just so-ugh! Unnatural! We should be with you always, and whoever taught you to even think about privacy should be tazzed! In fact I volunteer for the job." she replied with a defiant air as she lift up taller, her dangling limbs going straight.

    Great, she was feeling defiant. "Fine, fine." Alpo chuckled to himself. "Be obstinate." Who would of thought he would raise a traditionalist?!? His parents, fine his entire town had thought he was a radical off-shoot that would burn out or burn them out. Alpo had to swallow hard at that memory.

    "Dad? Are you okay? Your preservation pod is working right? Any issues?" great, now she was worried. And that meant, yup, her antennae were raising as she interfaced with his sleep pod or 'preservation chamber'.


    "I'm fine, hate having to use such a thing every week. What about you, not too much grit in the servos?" he asked giving her a once over as she switched which array of eyes was looking at him. Good, she was using one of the large ones, better mood than before. Why were those antennae still up then?

    "No, not the sand. Although thank you so much for starting a colony with two-thirds of the members being droids on a dessert world. Not to mention your own children being so afflicted." She stated as she crossed two of her dangling manipulators, most of his children were survey models, his daughter most aptly was a custom rebuilt Imperial Probe Droid for her housing. His rebuilding and re-coding that one that they had found in a busted capsule in the side of an asteroid was why she was his daughter - why daughter instead of son like the rest of his kids was all her own choosing.

    "I know, oil baths are the top priority alongside manufacture capabilities. Should be getting oil production done right after the food processing plants are working. That is unless we can make both of those a single process. Dad is looking forward to not eating ships rations." he stated with a chuckle, "So, what aren't you telling me little lady?"

    "You just woke up, you need your caloric intake and treated mineral water first." He simply tilted his head and glared at her after looking at the head of his bed to see she had set them out for him. "Alright! Alright! Such a dictator, I still don't know why that's effective and I'm the one it's working on!" She decried with a static filled sigh. "When you entered your treatment cycle we were going to be ahead of schedule, only. . ."

    "Only?" he said with a waving motion of his hands.

    "Well, you know how we didn't see any fauna? Well, we do now. Wookiee sized insects that keep tapping our ships and drinking our ships energy." she said in a rush.

    "And." he simply stated as her head spun away - or rather kept spinning. She was avoiding something.

    "Well, I thought we had it handled, they weren't attacking droids so it was just something about our ships energy systems, but well - ships launched to save what fuel we had and tried orbit shifts further afield and thought of building a tower landing zone as a temporary measure, but whenever we come back they come out of nowhere. And we have to go back despite the tower nor the enclosed hangers being done because the wells suddenly went dry. Well low anyway, we still have marginal drinking water. Apparently the weather droids are stating from the ship data that a drought is spreading right now from up stream down to us enveloping our area. . .so water is scarce and the plants are dying or going into hibernation or something. So we have to go gather food and bring it back for all the colonists that need it, and we have to gather water to suppliment. . .on a desert world. . .populated with wookiee bugs that eat ships energy systems."


    "No and. That's all." she stated with a bobbing lower so her manipulators tapped the floor, looking at him finally with a fixed triad of eyes studying his grey complexion.

    "Alright, I'm going to commune with the elders and see what the plans are other than building enclosed hangers and docking towers." At a buzzing and pointing motion he sighed as he waved his own submittal now to his daughter. Time to eat and drink, quickly, before he got back into the loop.

    Later once he did he discovered the protocol droids and a few of the surveyor models were in full on anthropology mode studying the creatures and no-one wanted to kill the things unless they were 100% they weren't sentient. Which meant that was likely a few years down the line unless a half dozen fell dead where they could find them - all of natural causes that didn't affect the neural tissue - so the egg-heads could study them. So finding and neutralizing the hives were not an option. Likely they might be going after ships energy due to their natural source being diminished or gone due to the drought - so once the rains or whatever came again they should be less insistent on their vessels. Already the fact that the hangers would have to be completely armored so make it so burrowing wouldn't negate doors meant that solution was a bit of a ways off for a fledgling colony.

    With building ahead of schedule they were trying various sonic and pheromone approaches to keep the bugs away. Luckily sonic monitoring beacons could easily be reworked into an attempt at a sonic fence and equipping then with a pheromone cocktail was - well that was someone else's area of expertise. They had worked so hard to keep coil worms and mynocks off their ships and now this, wookiee sized bugs that did the same thing. With the fence idea a long ring was made with each beacon doing a different tone so that they could see where the bugs would attack the next vessel from, and then abandon that frequency and rotate the nodes for the next vessel - each of them only landing one at a time. Unfortunately the pheromone trick was going to take longer and more observations. To kick start the armored hanger and tower landing ideas the hive basis for the colony was temporarily adopted, so that forges and smelters could be fast tracked with short heat vents further afield. Although most droids were already stating their preference for the latter colony model now with full modern buildings incorporated due to the difficulties traveling uneven narrow floors of twisting halls. Apparently falling in a rough narrow hall made it harder on some droids and was damaging a lot of plating.

    The last idea, sadly the less feasible given their early status, was how to plate or armor where the bugs were latching onto the ships, but that idea had the same problem as the armored hangers. They weren't ready to manufacture at that level yet, they were working on it with the smelter and the forge, but those ideas had to wait for them to be finished first.

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    IC: Wapoe


    Wapoe stared at the hand, and his blaze of memory and knowledge. It had been a very long time. Old, old, Old recollections seized upon him. This man, he was Dice. He knew the Outrider. He was special... and as ever, with special individuals, he was a bad, bad, bad man.


    Insofar as much of the potent darkness within him.

    It took an effort to drive off his tiredness, and the fatigue of... growing, but he did, and Wapoe held out a hand to the man; his mechanical one, taking the proffered grip and meeting it as evenly as he could. He hated handshakes, they were the epitome of bravado and physicality, and really proved nothing but that someone had developed hand-muscles and someone did not.

    It would make no difference when one's head was ran down by the tread of a tank.

    Indeed, not many philosophical disagreements made much of an impediment to such an event.

    Skulls simply popped.

    With that rather dark humour filling him, Wapoe smiled, exuding the emotion into the Force.

    "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise," he said drily. "I complete my first kill, and then bump into you!" With a slight shake of his head. "Coincidences abound, don't they?" He ignored the wetness on Dice's face, insofar as much as he expected Dice to ignore his... wood-y feel.

    Wapoe hadn't let go of his hand yet, continuing to lightly pump it.

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    Borek Tek

    Into the depths of darkness, On the Rupert's Run, Csilla

    Zeek beeped softly and very slowly backed away when he noted as Tek's hand had grabbed the covering and slowly began to squeeze it. There was a soft rumble in the room as the visions filtered in his minds eye.


    His Deya.


    That unnatural curse of a being had hurt his Deya. Tek's breathing dropped dangerously low, as his anger grew. His light. That which kept him from having the darkness consume him. Had been stolen. Chiss. Was this the Vanger Matriarch people? The tall being. Was that one of those beings he had heard of before? He didnt know the name. But he knew their reputation. What had they done to her? The other Chiss stated that they used bounty hunters. Were they cloning them, and then selling them off as bodyguards?


    They had hurt his Deya. Violated her. Damaged her mind. His light. They had made her feel pain. He felt anger at the Guild. How could they NOT have investigated that monster, he fought in the area? It was not like they could not have known. And Abbadon had put his hands on HIS Deya.

    Hurt her.

    Sold her.

    Made copies of her?

    And where in this abomination had the lightside come from? How had she been exposed to the light, during all of this?

    Dead. He wanted them all dead.

    Tek slowly withdrew from Deya's mind, being very careful not to do any damage. His teeth were clenched tightly when he gently laid her back down. "Zeek!"

    Zeek gave a soft acknowledgment beep from a distance.

    Tek didn't look at Zeek. "I want you to see if you can find any of that substance she coughed up earlier. Analyze it if you can. And you keep your eyes on her. Any change, you contact me."

    Tek stood up, and walked away, letting Deya rest. Tek moved out, into another room, as he allowed his anger to cool. He was not some mindless sith. He was not driven by anger. But revenge, yes revenge could work for him.

    Tek slowly moved towards a desk and pulled out his datapad. He began writing on it. He had just finished, when the knock he knew would come, came. It was time for him to tell them his choice.

    Tek's face was a statue as he strolled over, and went to the door looking at whatever had come to the door.


    Tek held up a datapad. "I will need these items. And I need to contact some people."

    Tek tossed the datapad, shutting the door not waiting on a reply. Then he headed down to his private room. He had some planning to do. As he passed by Sera if he was still sitting there, without looking at him, he spoke. "Feel free to leave."

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    Dathisi Niroon
    The Tenasas, Trande Settlement.

    Dathisi stood by the ramp of the Tenasas, her eyes were closed, and her breath was soft as she reached out into the force, allowing herself, after so many years, to open herself up to it fully and completely once more. Her secret was no longer secret, and after the trauma of being Manipulated by Dice and the Dark Side, she needed the reassurance of that power within her, now more than ever. It was a bit disorientating at first, like a wall of noise or static, but though the act of calming her mind, that noise started to become easier to sift through. There was so many different emotions and feelings rolling off the populace of Trande Settlement in response to the ancient ships. She could sense it all. The confusion, the intrigue, the awe, the uncertainty, the fear. The town leaders were at a loss of how to handle things. Members of the church had extended an Olive branch of sorts to the visitors, but there was still apprehension. Uncertainty of the unknown.

    Suddenly, a voice entered her mind through the force, as clear as if the speaker had been stood right beside her

    "I am...Jinos. My people...We have traveled a long journey. For centuries and millennia. We only seek a home. We require help, food, and resources as we have been bound to our starships for millenia. Please, we only bring peace and seek help. We only seek-"

    She opened her eyes, The voice ended abruptly, but it was clear that Both Mara and K'ir heard it too. A message broadcast out through the force. She regarded the ships with her feline eyes. She could not sense malice or ill intent from them. They felt lost...displaced. As if they were looking for some sort of respite from the harsh galaxy. Just like she had found solace on this world all those years ago, were these beings also trying to do the same?

    She was pulled from her thoughts as K'ir Summoned them, the young warrior no longer deep within his meditations. He had consulted the force for guidance, but what it had revealed to him, She did not know. Those aboard the Tenasas had been preparing in their own ways. The unknown gunslinger had been observing the situation from a nearby roof, and Mara was prepping in her own way. The group gathered in front of K'ir. The Cathar regarded Unknown for a few short moments as he arrived back on the Tenasas. The mismatched armor, the various insignia, and especially the lightsabers, coupled with his unique situation had piqued a curiosity within her since their first meeting. She could sense something within him too. A need for help, support, maybe? She made a mental note to talk to him once they had addressed the issue of the Ancient Fleet.

    “I’ve come to a decision.” he announced “I’m going to the Huzonian Camp. To ignore them is wrong. Since no one else is willing to meet with them, I shall do it.” Myra went to interject but K'ir intercepted her first. “My mind is made up.” he said, smiling softly and apologetically at her. "If anyone else wishes to come with me, you’re welcome to do so. Otherwise, keep an eye on things here…the locals are uneasy, understandably so.” Almost without realizing it, he looked over his shoulder, then back at the group. “There’s something else….” a slight pause. “The Tall Man is out there, by the barricades, and there’s someone else with him. A powerful Force user...All I tell so far, is that the other’s presence is complex and undefined.”

    Dathisi bristled at the mention of the Tall man. Dice. And her brow furrowed at the mention of Dice and another force sensitive newcomer. The force was bringing together force users together on this planet, but why? What was Dices end goal here? She let out a sigh of Frustration. The dark side could cloud and obscure, but all this did not feel like a coincidence. If all aboard the Tenasas had heard Jino's message, then there was no doubt Dice and others had heard it too. She stepped forward.

    "I will come with you. Their journey could have been long, dangerous. There may be sick or injured among them. I need to assess the situation, to see how I can help them, And if need be...defend them" She paused for a moment, her hand unconsciously brushing the tarnished hilt of her lightsaber "Dice, and this new "complex and undefined" development... it doesn't sit well with me" She confided. She turned to her other companions. Those who had already been so selfless in helping Trande and its people

    "Mara? Unknown? What will you do?"

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    Mara had heard the message from Jinos & admired the resolve and swift decisive choice of both K'ir and Dathisi. Not one to hesitate but one to face a challenge head-on, she nodded at Dathisi. "I will come also. You are right in thinking the refugees may be ill-equipped to handle a threat of any consequence especially from the Sith-spawned Dice."
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    The cathar woman, Lady Dathisi, had gazed at him for a few moments. There was some kind of consideration going on there, but Unknown was glad of it. But something else was garnering their focus for the time being. His royal guard helm turning to face where K’ir came from his ship that they were all gathering in front of. Even Mara had returned, given what was going on. Soon they were back onboard for a semblance of privacy, where K’ir began talking in idealistic fashion again.

    Still, he was making a decision and ready to fall through with it and that in itself, was admirable and worthy of respect. Unknown allowed himself to think about the Huzonian Camp and the uneasy situation the settlement found itself in. Further complication was being heaped onto it with the continued presence of the man known as Dice, whom he had confirmed at the barricades himself.

    If K’ir was to head there, they would not know what to do with their potential enemy, so it would likely be best if he remained behind to keep eyes on all potential movements. Dathisi’s opinion of joining him caused him to look at her quizzically. They were quick to assume they truly were just in trouble and in need of aid. His self interest of remaining close to her was now in conflict with his first opinion. What to do?

    Mara added in her choice of joining the other two and now he was forced to consider that being the lone person of their apparent quartet to remain behind might not be the wisest course of action. Should ‘the tall man’ do anything on his end, given what had transpired before, was there anything he could do against him?

    Not alone. That was certain. Granted there were the other two who were with K’ir, but something told him he was meant to stay closer to the others. He couldn’t place a finger on why, but the feeling was there all the same.

    “Fine,” was all he said, “but you two—“ his helmed head now took in Myra and Mai’hun, “— need to keep your eyes trained on the tall man and his new contact’s movements while we are away. No idea what they are going to do now, but preferably do so from the safety of this ship as long as possible.”

    Unknown folded his arms as he waited for them to now get moving, mentally remarking how he really didn’t like the sensation of being dragged along in the current of events here.

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    IC: Alpo Leineri Cummbo II
    It was the best of times, it was the worst. Again.

    They were finally making progress, the sonic fences were working and they had shored up over a weeks supply of food before he entered his 'treatment pod'. Oh the joys of having had terrible radiation exposure! Still, as he woke and stared at that frosted glass he took the time to simply breath. They were working the problems, the bugs were no longer a problem, they were solving the food issue, and weather droids were predicting that the draught should be over in a few weeks. Add a couple more for the vegetation to recover and then they might just be mounting an expedition to see what those wookiee sized mynock bugs naturally ate. Who knows, they could have a new organic power supply to energize their ships with instead of the normal backup generators or even replace the colony reactors.

    Pressing the lid open with a weary smile on his face he turned his head to see her floating there. Again. Looking up and down he saw the mineral water and protein ration pack he was supposed to eat after a session laid out for him. Again. "What is it this time?"

    "Can't a daughter just do something nice for her dad?" she asked in an offended tone.

    "That would be nice, but I doubt you started that habit since I entered the pod." he simply stated, "Good news is it wasn't bad enough to interrupt my treatment. So. . .what is it?" He asked. Pausing to note she was pointing with a clawed manipulator at the meal. Reaching down he picked up the items, taking a swig before tearing open and taking a bite of the ration bar. "Is this the new stuff? Tastes exactly like the old." he frowned as he chewed and took another swig of the drink.

    "None for you!" she stated in an all too loud and quick tone. "Sorry." she sheepishly stated at his wide eyes at her. "You are right, the food production and mineral water production as well as oil production have gotten underway. Now the Labs have become a priority as well as proper medical facilities - so the hangers have been cleared of ships and the perimeter fence expanded."

    "Sweetie, you know the expression burying the lead? Good, you're doing that now." he stated with a round wave of the ration bar to get her to get to the point. It was good to know measures were being taken as he was unavailable, but he didn't understand yet why. They were just nearly finished with the armored and secure hangers when he went down.

    "Well, they were the easiest to convert. . .into a hospital. And build a sterile mobile lab tent that would be secure in. An unknown disease is running through the population - rough estimate at 10% infection rate." He knew she wasn't going into the micro decimal range of accuracy for his sake. At least she could take sympathy on her old man that much. "And a strange man has been seen by the perimeter fences, but runs at the sight of any coming to question him."

    "Great, so we have some disease - doing what?" he said he became distracted, it felt like his left face was oozing off. Taking the last bite of the ration bar he reached up to rub up and around slightly - like trying to manually put it back where it should be and hook it back on. Was it just a feeling? He would ask his daughter but he honestly wasn't sure if he wanted the answer.

    "All affected enter a catatonic state. The droids and colonists both are working tirelessly to try to and find a cause as well as the affected points to make some kind of treatment. Until it is found all leaders, medical and lab workers, as well as ships crews are restricted to non-planetary rations. Unfortunately the Captain of the survey sphere was one of those afflicted before the new implementations. Full quarantine is also in affect." she stated in a flat delivery tone. Not good, that meant she was scared, some went hysterical like his second boy - not his daughter. Put her in a jam and she went cold and clinical. That always let him know to be afraid.

    "Understood. We'll leave a gift package where that stranger shows up at. Ship rations and purified water, and a spare tablet with the generic neighbor greeting. Start a remote viewing and see how he responds. As for us, I guess we need to go see if there are any wrecks in the area or battles we can scavenge some more supplies from. We'll just have to pray they have medical and technical salvage." he stated as he got up and walked the three steps to his ships console. "I'll hail the council and get approval before we leave."

    "Right, I'll go make sure the crew is ready." she stated with a hum as she moved to the back door to go tell BX-31 'Boxy', R3-G8 'Regret', and Timmy the B2 Rocket Battle Droid chasis what the plan was.

    "Abigail, be careful. Timmy was going to test out his new boosters." he said in idle concern as he put a hand on the console and closed his eyes. Awaiting the connection and savoring the last view out the viewport of the progressing colony.

    "Da-ad! I can watch after myself, and I'm more up to date on Timmy's mods then you are right now." she said in adolescent rebuttal.

    "I know dear. I know. It's a fathers right to worry." he stated with a small grin as the door shut on her leaving.

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    OOC: Break time is over. Let's push forward! Thank you all, AGAIN, for your patience!!

    The Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    There was a timely breeze that blew over Dice and Wapoe as they eyed one another. There was no facades or masks or lies between them, though they were complete strangers. Wapoe... was different. A man lost to time, to different timelines, a manipulator and a survivor of atrocities, time and time again. He was a mystery, origins unknown and intentions even less apparent. But Dice could sense it...The technology of the Outrider at work inside Wapoe. The Mystery Manipulator was bound to this world and the Outrider was dead. This would be bad news to the ears of the First Prince, so for now, Dice would not make mention of it to her. A frown cemented on his face as his eyes grew dark behind his shades.

    Without speaking, Wapoe knew what Dice was even more clearer. He was no extra-dimensional being lost to great sith lord. Dice was The Scourge: A plague to those that inhabited Wild Space. He had been for centuries. Corruption, disease, bouts of madness, and infection of ill intentions spread wherever he stepped his feet down. His level of Force prowess was unnatural. He was immensely powerful, durable...If one was want to compare his threat to the galaxy, it would be on the level of a galactic extermination event. Whereas beings like Darth Sidious and Marka Ragnos sought to dominate the galaxy, here was Dice, a being of comparable power, acting as the first mate to a criminal organization to a Queen with dreams of domination herself. One had to wonder what was his true intention. His true purpose.

    And Dice knew this. Understood this. And Wapoe, by the virtue of no lies existing between the two strangers as they stood at the barricade of Trande, would understand this as well.

    "It is...a coincidence believe it or not. I was sent here by the First Prince of the Syndicate Supreme, after a woman called Mara Jade. But I have...fallen in love now. I will make this place my home for now. You're in a bind here. There is some nasty technology at work inside of you. You're going to need to find a good healer..."


    Jinos felt her presence. So warm...She was guiding him. She had guided him here.

    Inside his small, ancient drabby tent, Jinos raised his hands to the sky, opening himself to the Force.

    "I do not know why you have guided me here. But I know this to the be the Will of the Force, that the ancient Jedi who fathered my people spoke of. Protect us and let us live here in peace."

    Beyond Jinos' reach, in the World between Worlds, Etu felt the lost man's words.

    "This threat, the Syndicate Supreme, they continued to expand. The First Prince moves through the Unknown Regions. She is unstoppable and without equal. If it was not the Sith, the Jedi would have had to escape the universe to avoid destruction by her."

    The translucent being that hovered near her seemed to agree, though possessed no face to nod to the affirmative.

    "It seems that in our past incarnations, we were misguided. We thought it necessary to continue the battle between the Sith and Jedi to ensure stability. We could not have been convinced otherwise."

    Etu does not respond and instead turns her view to the Protector, K'ir Tor, and his group. They will soon approach the Huzonian Campsite.
    Jinos stands at the "entrance" to the camp; He is the first thing that K'ir Tor, Mara Jade, Dathisi, and Unknown see as they come to a stop, having arrived.

    In the distance behind them, Muul on an old speeder bike approaches as well. Irritated that everything was happening so fast.

    Jinos bows low.

    "Thank you for coming to me without arms. We are the Huzonian people." Jinos then explained the extravagant tale of the Huzonian people in an abridged version: Descendants of an ancient Jedi expedition into what was now Grysk Territory of the Unknown Regions, the expedition's ships had become stuck in orbit around a "machine" world, called Crisis - The fault of a Trickster named Sera. For thousands of years, generations of Huzonians were born, lived, and died in the orbit. Jinos explained that though they were descendants of Jedi, they were not Jedi themselves, only having studied books and listened to tales passed down by the spoken word. It wasn't until Sera returned with a being called Wapoe - Who Jinos identified to the K'ir Tor, Mara Jade, and Dathisi as being the strange presence that they sensed as the barricade - that the gravitational hold on the fleet had been released.

    The Huzonians were a people out of place and a people out of time. Their resources low and Dathisi would know that since they were isolated for so long, their immune systems were grossly underdeveloped for the outside galaxy. It would be hazardous for the Trande Settlement and the Huzonians for their groups to meld; it would take great organization and careful planning.

    As Jinos finished telling his story, Constable Muul pulled up on his speeder bike. He stepped of and removed his "cowboy" hat, the brim wet with sweat. He placed his hands on his hips and wandered over to the group.

    "Don't you all know that the barricade is bloomdogs, curse the council for now. Dathisi, what..." Muul looked over to Mara Jade and Unknown and stopped mid-sentence. "Didn't you two sign up to fight off the raiders?" He stopped again and looked at K'ir Tor. "And...your ship still hasn't been authorized... Aw kriff..." The Trande Constable and temporary Council member was overwhelmed with the happenings over the past few days and could not get things together in his mind. He rubbed his temples in earnest confusion. "Dathisi, what....what do you make of all this?..." He did not like his next words, but Muul was out of his depths. "What...should we do? Should we let them stay?"

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    Aboard the Nemesis

    Sloane set with a cup of caf in her hand on the holographic display in front of Sabel. The Admiral's team had returned to the Nemesis without incident and they were not followed by the Dark Tower, though Sabel no doubt expected that eventually he would have a bridge to cross with them. There was no mention, anywhere in the entire record of the galaxy of an organization called the Dark Tower, yet Alpha's appearance was the second time that Sabel would have heard mention of them. In front of him, now, however, was the display of a ragged Grand Admiral Slone; her hair frazzled and out of place, her uniform still wet with perspiration and dirty from her hazardous ordeal. She was hunched over in the seat, exhausted, a sight she would never let any under her command see.

    The Syndicate was being more aggressive. They were destroying Imperial Remnant forces and turning the precious few planets that were under Imperial control into battlegrounds. This attempt on the Grand Admiral herself showed how close victory was in the hands of the First Prince. Sloane needed to know what Sabel's plans were. His position in her mind had changed...Not just in her mind, but in reality, the Sith Lord was the Imperial Remnant's last hope. But before they could speak, Sabel's comlink buzzed. It was Sten. She overrode his answering system and her voice buzzed, though Sloane could not hear the exchange as the transmission had not begun from Sabel's end.

    "Sir, we appear to have something on the Syndicate. Our search team, the authentic one, was destroyed. There was one survivor, however. Ordinarily, I would suspect this to be a trap laid out by the First Prince. Except, it seems to be an actual lead. The survivor tailed the chemtrails of the attacking squadron back to their capital ship, the Hell Hazard. We have a visual of a Grysk Space planet where the First Prince and Third Prince are meeting with representatives of the Grysk Hegemony. Only I, the pilot, and you know about this so far, sir. How would you like to proceed?"

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    Rupert's Run, Csilla


    Literally everything that Tek asked for was delivered in a matter of hours.


    Gentleman Sera, after hours of silence, had reappeared and stood at a towering height over Borek. Deya would remain behind as the journey to the Capital of Csilla would be hazardous for her health. Tek would likely want Zeek to remain behind to continue to monitor her status and Sera took this as an opportunity to speak up.

    "So...kidnapping a Chiss Royal family member and the Matriarch of the most advanced technological corporations in the Ascendancy... I like it. Mind if I tag along?"

    In truth, there was nothing that Tek could say to keep Sera from coming.

    Sera's Force presence grew massive and jolly. He was eager to begin.

    Data from Chord about the job was transmitted to Tek's datapad.


    The Vanger Corporation Capital Building was a small industrial city atop a spire. Policed by a private security force, It has its own mini-spaceport that only granted access to employee transports or the Vanger family ships. Chord supplied Tek with a Vanger family identification code for the Rupert's Run so that it could land, but any visual inspection of the ship would immediately make it stand out and questions would be ask. Tek could risk that way or use a made up identity, once again supplied by Chord, as a Vanger Corp employee and board a transport shuttle in the Csilla capital city, though this alternative would limit the weapons that Tek could carry with him and would require the bounty hunter to improvise a way off the spire if and when he captured the Vanger Matriarch.

    There was a board meeting which the Matriarch would be attending in-person. She typically is accompanied by six highly trained guards. According to her private schedule, She will land, go directly to the meeting, have a post-meeting brunch with her son, and then leave. Her ship lands directly on the roof of the building where the meeting will be held.

    With that intel, Tek was more than capable of planning his own assault.

    Sera hummed, a hollow, empty sound that still brimmed with whimsical life.

    "Love...I understand the concept. I suppose you could say I have loved before, but never to the point where I would put myself in danger for another...Settling down...Living in peace... These words have never entered into any of my plans throughout my whole existence. This..haha...this is why its worth it to spend some time in each galaxy. What do you need from me?"

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    IC: Wapoe

    "It is...a coincidence believe it or not. I was sent here by the First Prince of the Syndicate Supreme, after a woman called Mara Jade. But I have...fallen in love now. I will make this place my home for now. You're in a bind here. There is some nasty technology at work inside of you. You're going to need to find a good healer..."

    Wapoe paused.

    "I don't believe in coincidence, but you already know that... though I am rather overdue meeting this 'First Prince', I suspect..."

    His eyes narrowed at the name of Mara Jade, a ripple of ripples evident to him, but he actually coughed in surprise.

    "Love? You know what love is?"

    He put a palm to his face and laughed into the sky.

    "Alright, I'll humour you," his voice was dark, and he held out a gloved hand to him. "I'd love to meet her, Dice, sincerely, I would. Does she know? About you?" He was suddenly piqued. "About me, even?"

    He was being obtuse about the question of a healer. Any help from Dice usually came with a price.

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    IC: Alpo Leineri Cummbo II
    Crying over spilt milk.

    Alpo banged his fist on the console once more as they investigated a new sensor reading to find out it was nothing but another dry hole. No wreckage nor abandoned facility with any equipment or even rusted plates let alone medical equipment for the colony. It was then that the door opened and Boxy came in tittering a little ditty. "Sir, you need to calm down. Extreme agitation is not good for your systems!"

    "Boxy, you try remaining calm when your child is on the front lines of a pandemic! Not to mention I haven't found anything, I left to search for aid and I all I have done is wasted time away from everyone. We're headed back now." Alpo stated with a sigh of resignation as he punched back in the colonies co-ordinates. Calling off their search to go back and check, perhaps he was worrying for nothing?

    "Perhaps you worry for nothing." Boxy stated, echoing his thoughts. "This new condition merely seems to traps the mind in an immobile body based on initial tests. A terrifying fate for most of the galaxy, but for us these are not things to fear. Are they not?"

    "When you're right, you're right. I just don't like feeling helpless." It was then he finally got a secure signal relay back to the colony. "Wait. . .wait. . ." he muttered in frustration as the data signal finally came through.

    "Has the situation resolved? Are we no longer needed to pursue aid?" Boxy asked in a hopeful tone.

    With a shaky hand Alpo reached forward and pulled back the lever, slowing the ship down. His silence poignant as Boxy lumbered up by his side to blink his ancient photoreceptors at the data screen. A metal hand reaching up to pat his shoulder.

    The message was dire, the unknown disease had doubled the affected population. But some seemed to be recovering, yet without knowing what had caused the situation in the first place meant no one safe. The Food was safe, the Water was safe. Everything checked so far was fine, the only option left now that an elder had been affected as well was to perform a direct mental exposure scan. Open up the affected and insert a probe directly to the brain, the source of all thought, the source of all commands for the body. To search for anything anomalous there. Both in the recovered and the still affected.

    "That can't be good." Alpo whispered.

    "It can be, if it finds what is wrong. I would add they should look for external waves or radiation causes." Boxy stated as he reached forward with his free hand and started typing out a reply into the system.


    "All research is done in the most armored and secure locations in the colony. Same goes for all ship board crew members. If this is a local effect it could be merely affecting those in the exposure area. I am sure they are already correlating everyone's movements to make sure there is no common denominator for location or food, although in a new colony that might be harder than not. The fact that first affected are starting to wake with no realization that time has passed is concerning. It is like they were powered off droids with no internal chronometer being powered on randomly in a strange new location." Boxy stated in a long diagnosis voice, the same he used when describing why he had to shut down the ships systems for maintenance or his daughter for a proper workup and tuneup. In a way Boxy was odd, but all too common in their colony. Almost all doctors were both experts on the biological as well as the mechanical. It was just a needed facet with them. "Good news is food stores are growing faster than consumption."

    "Yeah, and the Stranger accepted the gift basket but killed the observer." Reaching up he rubbed his eyes. "I guess we will continue to leave gift baskets at the same place and see if he ever attempts to contact us. Although killing him is now on the table, aggression with limited provocation is a bad precedent." Sighing Alpo typed out his recommendations for the council. He was pretty sure along with Boxy's medical recommendations they would be taken under advisement and implemented. After all in a crisis everything had to be checked.

    "Speaking of Captain." Boxy stated and then stopped. Hopefully not a glitch in the chief medical officer and crew mechanic on his ship.

    "If you have something to say, say it." Alpo finally stated.

    "I would like to perform the same test on you, if you are willing. You are nearly due for another physical anyway, this would merely move it up a bit and be. . .a touch more in depth." Boxy stated as he took a step back playing with his fingers. "We can even combine it with your treatment cycle."

    Staring at Boxy with pure disdain he knew if had those vaunted Force powers Boxy would be a melted puddle for his suggestion. Instead he merely felt a wave of ichor like sensation rise at the back of his throat. Turning away to look back out at the stars he sighed. "If it weren't for my kids Boxy. If it weren't for my kids. Let me get Abigail up to speed so she can continue the survey."

    "Excellent sir, you shouldn't feel a thing!" the droid practically chirped in excitement. Whether at the prospect of getting that hated medical exams done or performing diagnostics that might help the colony Alpo wasn't sure, but at a time like this he wasn't sure he wanted to really know.

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    The RoamWorld, Grysk Hegemony Space


    "Halt, put your hands up and prepare to be searched." The Marquis' security knew who they had their guns pointed at. They had no fear of Abaddon. Like most of the Unknown Regions and Outer Rim, the rumors of a "human" indestructible gladiator had been told and told again. His resilience and durability was noted and his aggression within the confines of gladiatorial combat was a trait they were highly aware of. Their weapons remained trained on him; all 30 of the security team prepared to fire at him if he even moved an inch in a way they found threatening. As if he was the only individual that had descended from the Hell Hazard's transport craft, even though the First Prince stood at his side, monitoring her datapad without a worry as to the weapons trained on her fellow Prince.

    The reasoning of why they weapons were only aimed at Abaddon were simple: The Grysk recognized Colussia Hazard as one of their own. She was raised in their culture, adopted into their military and citizenry, and surpassed all that had come before her in the art of their warfare. She was the best specimen of Grysk military tactical leadership that the Grysk had ever produced and was well respected even after she disengaged from the Grysk Hegemony in pursuit of building the Syndicate Supreme's formidable and terrifying fleet. War with her, the Grysk said, was as advisable as attempting a skyjump with no parachute.

    Abaddon did not mind the attention. He grinned and checked the bands wrapped around his wrist, only raising an eyebrow of annoyance at the security team.

    "Yea, we ain't gonna do that boys. But y'all are more than welcome to give it your best shot." Clapping his hands, he begin to take steps forward before Colussia's voice stopped him in his tracks.

    "Grande Marquis Fir'a No'Ostu Fir'a is expecting us, brothers. You know this. The Third Prince will not be submitting to a search. I vouch for his life and behavior."

    "Vouch for-" Abaddon began to ask, confused, before stopping as all of the security team simultaneously lowered their weapons and turned to march towards the encampment's entryway.

    "Sure got a way with the Grysk boys, First."

    They walked in silence until they entered the encampment. The Roamworld looked to be a barren, barely inhabited desert planet with small encampments of primitive Grysk littered sparsely throughout. Colussia knew from her time here before, though, that it was all a complex illusion designed to catch enemies off guard. Soon, a large tent appeared in front of them and the security team lined the path, rifles at the low ready, waiting for the Princes to enter.

    "I do not think it prudent for you to speak again while we are here." Colussia stated as they entered the tent to begin the negotiations. She would offer the Grysk the one thing they had wanted for centuries: The Chiss Ascendancy. Fir'a No'Ostu Fir'a was the Commander of the Grysk Hegemony War Party. He was unforgiving, cruel, and brilliant, but no Grysk heart contained a greater hatred for the Chiss Ascendancy than his.

    Grande Marquis Fir'a No'Ostu Fir'a

    The Grande Marquis maintained his back to the Colussia and Abaddon as they entered. The beginnings of the conversation had been rehearsed in both he and Colussia's head long before the agreement to meet was certified. They would waste no time.

    "Not...Not..." The Grysk voice was raspy and scratchy beyond understanding. The cracks in his dialogue were not due to his hardships over the basic language; It was, as Colussia knew, his own unique way of speaking. "Nothing less---Less than---Than The Chiss."

    "I will give you the Ascendancy. They have long been the Grysk's natural enemy and main opposition to the Hegemony's expansion. In return, I want the entire Hegemonic War Party to join me against my own natural enemy."

    "Who---Who---Is your enemy?" The Marquis asked.

    Colussia did not pause in scrolling up her datapad as she answered.

    "The rest of the galaxy and all who inhabit it. I will conquer them all."

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    They approached the archaic ship and its people, not knowing what they would be faced with and the very first thing out of the main ambassador's mouth was to thank them for coming without arms.

    Unknown’s hand twitched. He had very much wanted to come with arms prepared, just out of caution, but he had decided to follow the others’ lead. And look where it got him.

    At the beginning of a lecture. Something about ancient Jedi, a place known as the Grysk Territory, some kind of crisis world, a woman named Sera (he presumed it was a woman) and a long, long period of meaninglessness if he was any judge. The interesting thing he learned though was that these Jedi did not consider themselves Jedi. Odd. And as for the second thing, the person known as Wapoe, he could only wonder. Gravity had stopped just because of him?

    That was a hard one to wrap one’s mind around. As he was attempting to do so, Muul arrived and looked just as confused as he felt. Unknown merely nodded once to him as a form of greeting.

    The man then went to protest their presence because of the barricade that had been erected, which was a futile gesture he should know realize, but then paused in his own words to look questioningly at him and Mara.

    “Things happen,” he stated simply while pointing at Jinos.

    From there the constable seemed to have further trouble keeping up with everything going on and then completely deferred to Dathisi’s opinion. That was curious. The cathar woman was far more influential in the community than he originally thought.

    He turned his helmeted head to watch her response carefully.

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    Trande Settlement Barricade, Vas Nihollia

    "Alright, I'll humour you," his voice was dark, and he held out a gloved hand to him. "I'd love to meet her, Dice, sincerely, I would. Does she know? About you?" He was suddenly piqued. "About me, even?"

    "She knows, sadly, too much about me. Dathisi, my Dathisi, she must think me some kind of evil. As for you, Wapoe...I'm sure your presence here has not gone unnoticed. After all, you are Wapoe. At least for now." Dice stuffed his hands in his pocket and stared out across the desert landscape at the Huzonian Camp, the sun reflecting brightly off his red tinted glasses. "The Outrider's technology comes from a different time. Far, far in the future. This is a secret between you and I. Be careful with that. Not even the Syndicate knows about his true origins. If he is to be believed, he is from a future where this galaxy loses the knowledge of the Force and the ability to wield it. What is at work in you is something like a contingency plan. It is not great empires nor great wars that tempt and manipulate fate; it is the mad men. Mad men like you. Mad men like the First Prince. Men that cannot simply find the wonders of life enough and must push the greatest limits of what is impossible for most to fathom."

    He pivoted on his heel away from the barricade and began walking in the direction of the constabulary. His associate was still being held there and Dice thought it rude to leave an underling to suffer, even if it was of her own making.

    "You should talk to Dathisi Niroon or the Head Priest at the Church. You'll need either extensive surgery or intensive divine intervention."

    Maybe Wapoe would even need both. If he focused he could feel himself becoming more and more, each second,, incorporated into Vas Nihollia itself. That would explain the vegetation that continued to grow through and out of his body.

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    (OOC: A combo post between @Kurisan @The Jedi in the Pumas and myself.)

    Thallass Falkirk, Tiona
    Fen'Jali Temple, Nobu Genesi

    Thallass shifted a little trying to find a comfortable way to carry Tiona, well, a less painful way. It wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best either. Step by step he followed the ageded droid, taking in the temple around him. It was old, older than he first suspected. Though there were things that were a little out of place, bits of walls that seemed new, shards of metal. Taking a moment he looked into these things careful not to trigger anything in case they were traps.

    Once they reached the central chamber a column of blue light that was quickly dispersed by the darkness. Thallass pulled out a glowrod shining it into the space trying to get a better view. But his weak light couldn't penetrate the black. Again his brow furrowed as the dorid laid out the job...Go into the crypts and get some items from out of them. Seemed simple enough though he could feel something was up.

    Then the droid started generating diamonds, rubys, gold, silver, in amounts that would make coming out here worth it for him if he just took them and ran. Though he was suspicious, you don't offer this right from the outset, unless what you're asking is dangerous, or you're desperate. The droid didn't seem desperate nor did he seem malicious but, Thallass couldn't help feeling like there was something more going on here. Something this valuable didn't come without risk, and this was feeling like a serious risk.

    But he couldn't deny that it was swayed by the wealth on offer…

    "What's your game here? You're not even haggling, and you're offering payment up front. You're not being deceitful but, there's something up here."

    Mirialan Minute’s smirk grew bigger and he turned to Tiona.

    “Very cautious, this hunter.”

    Minute ceased his creating and closed his palm, returning it to his side.

    “We do not need to haggle. You have come here as a treasure seeker. We have come here to retrieve something as well. Our interests align. The galaxy has made you wary... if it suits you better, I can withhold my offering until you have retrieved the contents of the crypt.”


    Tiona would sense that... this would be a mistake. The Force told her... there was something they’d need from Minute before they could continue on.

    Tiona riled against this taking of her soul from her body, of this helplessness caused by the separation of dimensions. She could see the Duros carrying her limp form, carrying it into danger - for them both.

    She turned to the Mirialan Minute.

    "You have such power - yet you wait here for eternity, for what? What do you want of us? What must I do for you to let me warn my friend of the peril?"

    Mirialan Minute waved his hand at Tiona, dismissing her questions.

    “If you trust this man with your body, then it is not I who is keeping you from communicating with him, it is yourself. And what danger are should referring to?”

    Only Tiona could feel the danger and death that awaited if Thallass approached the crypt without a Force sensitive body.
    The random pieces that seemed out of place to Thallass... upon closer inspection he had noticed that they were indeed from different time spans, yet were part of the temple. It was if the temple itself was under constant construction... from different spans of time! Of course, the Duros knew that that couldn’t be possible. A more reasonable explanation perhaps.

    But with a a Force sensitive droid that could create from nothing... reasonable explanations may be scarce.

    Lastly, the pieces of the temple he had quickly inspected could, with some struggle be removed.

    Tiona blinked at the man before her. She was not sure she trusted anyone with her body, but that choice had not been given.

    "Don't you see it? The red light? This place is cursed by the Dark Side. I am no Jedi... please help me... I don't know how I can speak to Thallass."

    Mirialan Minute turned to Tiona. She was seeing something that he could not. This was troubling.

    He turned to the droid Minute.

    The Droid Minute turned to Thallass.

    “Your friend is worried about you. She has a warning.”

    Mirialan Minute asked:

    “What is the Force telling you, young one? What is the danger to which we are not privy?”

    Thallass stood there narrowing his eyes. "It isn't about getting paid up front. It's about how much you're paying me without even being asked. Sure I'm here to turn a profit but as my grandfather told me. The more you're paid up front, the more danger you face later." His mind thought back to the bits of wall, the things that didn't seem to fit. It was possible that they were made by this being, more than a droid but not quiet a humanoid.

    He gave a look to Tiona still across his shoulders.

    "What does she have to say?"

    Tiona was not sure how much she could trust this man - droid - apparition before her. He had come to her as one of her own people. Their successes so far had come from trust; in the beings of the glade, in the Mother Forest.

    "The Force tells me anyone who enters the crypts without a Force-sensitive body, will be turned to stone."

    She wondered about that insight. Was that really what the Force was telling her? Was it to be a sacrifice? Was... her body the key to success here?

    Mirialan Minute raises a hand towards the crypt as one would to try to probe someone in the Force.

    “It appears you are right. That puts us at somewhat a disadvantage. That is unless we sacrifice your own body.”

    The Droid Minute cocks it’s head to the side:

    “It would appear that she believes we need a Force sensitive body to approach the crypt. That would mean using Tiona’s body. Is this okay with you?” The droid Minute said to Thallass.

    Thallass shook his head, his muscles staining.

    "There has to be another way." He wouldn't do it, not even if you gave him all the jewels of all the worlds. Tiona didn't deserve being taken by this crypt. "Some way to get around it..." A thought came to him. "Those walls you repaired, what's on the other side? Maybe this is a gate, a gate that can be circumvented." He shifted a little more.

    Tiona sighed with relief when she saw the Duros protesting against this use of her body. She had been chilled by the declaration of the Mirialan man. The well of trapped souls below the crypt horrified her.

    She turned to the man. "Is there no other way?"

    She knew from her feelings in the Force that there was not. She had a feeling Prince Luce had known this all along... that was why he needed others to retrieve the treasure for him. It was all one huge trap.

    An idea came to her.

    "The spirit that guards this place, is it a Sith or a Jedi?"

    As she asked the question, she looked at the Mirialan in a new way.

    "Are you a Jedi or a Sith?"

    Mirialan Minute now fully turned to Tiona, a look of intrigue written on his face.

    “I was a Jedi...” it was the first time in centuries that he had individually referred to himself. “I was a Jedi before I saw through the galactic facade. Now we are Minute. We merely serve to preserve the Jedi and keep them from being wiped out and forgotten. There must always be Jedi. Your help in this temple goes a great way to serving that end. Mutually beneficial, as you will receive the treasure that has long been held secret on this world.”

    Droid Minute grew silent. This Duros was quite insightful.

    “The gate... We did not believe it likely for an individual to decipher the true nation of this temple. The entire temple is a gate, the world is a proxy for the existence of this place. Long has it been protected from Force sensitives and adventurers because it requires a level of cooperation...of care... of trust that simply does not exist among humanoids. We are here to close this gate, which starts by sealing off those crypts. You can keep whatever you find inside them.”

    "Well that's great." Thallass said feeling the strain in his shoulders. "I'm really glad I could figure that out for you. But that isn't what I was asking about. I am curious if there is a way to get into the crypt without sacrificing Tiona. Some other vessel than her yours. Though you keep talking about cooperation and trust. But right now I'm just carrying her around and staring down the possibility of sacrificing her." He looked down the halls they came in, looked for other halls that might run alongside the crypt possibly break through there. Though it seemed that was an impossibility. "You know what will happen if I walk in there? With her, or am I supposed to figure that out myself."

    Tiona considered these words. He was a Jedi. She bowed her head in reverence.

    "I am sorry, Master; I am not a Jedi. But I am also devoted to serving the traditions of the Order. Will you restore me to my body so that I help my partner? Or let me speak directly?"

    Droid Minute's receptacles clasped closed. How had it not occurred to them before? The Duros was right. Droid Minute turned away from Thallass and raised both mech palms outward. The same process with which the jewels had been created earlier with a mastery of the Force that seemed like magic a Tiona doppelganger unraveled out of thin air from Droid Minute. A clone? Or rather a true artificial doppelganger. Except that Tiona would sense that doppelganger did not merely replicate her appearance, but was a sentient entity in and of itself.

    And it was clear from the Mirialan Minute's nod what their plans were for the second Tiona.

    The Droid Minute turned back to Thallass as the Second Tiona began to stir, like a newborn faun struggling to find its bearings.

    "We can use this one instead. You have no attachments to this being. We can find out how the crypts respond without harming either of you."

    Thallass felt sick, physically sick and repulsed by what he was seeing, watching a body created out of thin air, and with a consciousness. This was still a living breathing being she was stirring, waking. A thousand different curses came to his lips how did he end up here, was he really going to do what he thought. Sure it wasn't the woman he met the day before, that had traveled with him. But it was still a being with a mind wasn't it? Could he really so callously sacrifice this clone just because it wasn't the woman he'd come to know?

    Was this really a solution?

    How much did he really want to find this treasure? How far did his morals go? He was staring down the payday of a lifetime, and he was given a way not to harm his partner in this. He'd be silly not to take it, right.


    His stomach turned as he set the true Tiona on the ground leaning in close to her ear.

    "I hope you can forgive me..." Taking a breath he quickly threw the clone over his shoulder and marched toward the crypt...hoping that this worked, and that the clone wasn't truly alive. Though if it failed...he hoped his death would be swift, he wasn't sure he wanted this death on his conscious.

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    IC: Alpo Leineri Cummbo II & The Jedi In The Pumas as The Stranger
    Learning to say hello.

    A knock knock knock came at Alpo’s ship before the physical was completely finished.

    The Stranger was outside.

    The droid he’d destroyed floating nearby. The outside cameras picked up the man mumbling to himself... seemingly rehearsing his introduction.


    Hello... welcome to my planet.

    No. Not my planet. The planet. Oh, how imprecise.

    Surely the planet has a name. What was it?

    Well does it matter, Fuun-Jo. From the beginning.

    Hello... welcome to this planet. I am Fuun-Jo.

    I am sorry about your droid. It startled me.

    Yes. That Is what I’ll say!

    Laying there on the examination table, or torture rack depending on your point of view, there was not much to do but be left to your own thoughts. Boxy was having a good time, he hadn't heard the droid humm so much in a long time. Which was nice, but when someone is happily examining probe wands and needles and things that look very barbaric . . .well it gets disconcerting when you know they are deciding what to use on you.

    After picking up a ball tipped scanning wand and causing a spike to shoot out the end a couple times to make sure it was in working order, Boxy came over to Alpo and patted his shoulder, "Now, it is very important you hold perfectly still for this next step. I will be inserting this up your left nostril and have applied a thin lubricant to aid in insertion." the droid stated as he dipped the ball tip into the start of his nose.

    Perhaps it was the angle of perspective but that thing looked wholly too large to fit! Then a tone echoed through the ship, they had landed to perform the procedure to make sure no tremors or motions disturbed the operation. "Hold! I need to get that!" Alpo shouted with a hand lifting up slightly.

    Boxy paused, eyes blinking as it spoke in an annoyed voice. "The others can handle it, you need to hold - "

    "Dad! Strangers at the door!" came the sweet blessed tones of his Abigail's voice!

    Pulling the probe back Boxy sighed. "We will finish your exam after. No excuses." the droid punctuated with a waved wand.

    "Fine. Fine. Sure thing. . .and Boxy? More lubricant please. Be wasteful just this once." Alpo stated with pleading eyes before heading to the door where Timmy the B2 rocket droid chasis was waiting for him.

    "Captain, he has been talking whilst waiting. Transcript on console." Timmy stated before backing away from the door to wait at the corridor junction. Close enough to be able to come in blasting but far enough away he shouldn't be threatening.

    "Thanks Timmy." Alpo stated with serious squint as he read the text and wiped his nose. Interesting. Resting his hand on his blaster he reached out and palmed the door controls. The door slowly sliding with a bit of noise to the side, the thing really needed maintenance, but one stability crisis at a time before ship refurbishment could become a priority.

    Looking at the man standing on his proverbial doorstep he eyed the droid remains before refocusing on this odd fellow. "Hello." He warily stated.

    Hello!!” The towering figure of Fuun-Jo yelled in greeting. He had not meant to sound off so loudly, accompanied by a nervous tick which manifested in him raising his hands in a theatrical sense. Fuun-Jo was dressed in ceremonial Sith robes and stood at a height of approximately seven feet tall. His species was... hard to place. Human mixed with... something. His robes were ancient by design, but either through meticulous care or Fuun-Jo creating new robes, they looked fresh.

    Welcome to the planet. I am Fuun-Jo. I am sorry about your droid. It startled me. It has been a long time, I fear, sense I have had a visitor.

    Fuun-Jo glided across the rocky surface at an alarming speed and came to an abrupt halt directly in front of Alpo. The Man reached a long, bony hand with long nails out to shake Alpo’s hand.

    Alpo was taken aback at the sudden outburst, literally - he took a half step back. Noting in the reflective screen of the door panel that Timmy had practically dove for cover as if a rockblast was incoming. Timmy, the B2 Rocket battle droid. . .he felt safer already.

    "Fuun-Jo. A pleasure." he stated with a stiff smile, "I'm Alpo Leineri Cummbo the Second. I hope it is alright with you we were hoping to be neighbors instead of visitors?" He stated as he stuck out his hand after a moment of thought to shake the others. It was an odd gesture when you normally have engrained that such an action is normally met with hard droid limbs or pincers. Still he remembered the basics, match your grip strength to the others, grin or grimace a friendly demeanor.

    Neighbors?” Fuun-Jo was honestly surprised. Though not too surprised. Maybe it was the way Alpo had said the words. Words that Fuun-Jo had not heard in decades. His hand caressed Alpo’s hand with a gentleness that betrayed its ghoulish appearance. Fuun-Jo shook Alpo’s hand up and down a ludicrous number of times before he realized that the moment between the two had surpassed the appropriate level of awkwardness.

    He let go and smiled a smile that displayed his sharp, dagger-like teeth. He nodded his head and then his face turned confused.

    Oh... neighbors. Like... hmm... OH! You want to live here?! Permanently! Oh boy.” Fuun-Jo scratched the top of his head with his needle nails. “In that case, you should know that this season the Southern star’s radiation will cause you some trouble. Long sleeps... um... that’s what I call them. Like the star,” Fuun-Jo made a fist with his left hand and with his right pretended to cast rays out from it. “The southern star’s radiation over powers the northern star’s radiation... I think. Um... they mix.” He collapsed his hands together into a ball.

    From what I’ve seen, it makes me sleep for months! I mean, like WHOA! Where has the time gone?

    Once he thankfully had his hand back, Alpo rubbed it roughly on his pants. It had felt like his skin was trying to ooze again, yet another reason Boxy would want him back on the torture table sooner rather than later. Sometimes, sometimes he really didn't like that droid. But what Fuun-Jo did his little dance Alpo's eyes went open, wide open. Looking at the droid remains though he contained himself with a raised finger, "Just a second. That answer's a problem we have been having, upside we know the exact chemical composition and contaminants in the water and plants. Downside we were just beginning to think that way, I need to relay that."

    Reaching over to the panel he tapped it twice, the voice of Abigail came out of the panel quickly. "Way ahead of you dad, relaying the message and your incomplete physical now. Sabel and Citrine are going to love this!"

    "Thanks dear." Reaching forward he tapped the panel once, he should of known his daughter would be eavesdropping and know what to do with the information. "Fuun-Jo we should be able to do something about those long sleeps then. Once the radiation savvy members sink their digits into the issue. If you want after we finish figuring out a way to protect our home we could try and insulate yours as well. As a thank you for accepting us as neighbors and letting us establish our colony here."

    Fuun-Jo raised his hands and his voice, accidentally again, in surprise.

    Whoa! That’s fantastic! The sleeps aren’t all bad but they are inconvenient. Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a project and then everything is covered in cobwebs! I prefer the sleeps to the other season though! The Flood season is the worst! But if you can help fortify my home against the Southern Star’s radiation, I’d be most appreciative!

    Fuun-Jo nodded vigorously and the broken droid he’d brought to return to Alpo levitated in unison. The man was clearly happy to have someone to talk to. It appeared that it had been a while.

    Boxy, through preliminary scans of Fuun-Jo notices something odd. It must be an error so he makes no mention of it.

    Would you like to see my home? Your droid followed me home. It seems you’re interested And I could I use some help using this,l” Fuun-Jo pulled out the datapad that Alpo had sent to him. “And I haven’t had any company in... I’m not sure. It has been a while. And I make clothes! Do you need clothes? Maybe I could sell you clothes?

    Doing his best to grin and bear it, he nodding lightly he waited for this odd man to be done. "I'm sure as the colony grows we will definitely have a need for clothes. It's probably one of our less prepared aspects of our colony at the moment. First we need to see about figuring out how to fortify our home and yours, and I'm probably going to have to undergo a very thorough medical exam now that we have had contact. We are a small colony and without our medical or repair facilities fully built yet we cannot be too careful as we cannot afford to loose anyone yet. Once we have it figured out I will come by and bring a team to fortify your home, and then we can have a nice long visit and work on the tablet as well as talk about what the rest of the seasons on this world will be like. Being neighbors we will have a lot of time." he smiled waving Timmy to come forward. "If you don't mind we will take Articus' remains. Before we come we will hover near you place and send a signal that should make that pad beep and blink several times. If you're asleep we will do our best to work externally if able so as not to startle or disturb you. If that is alright?"

    Fuun-Jon exclaimed loudly: “That sounds like a GREAT plan! I will get right on making some clothes!” The tall figure turned and walked off, mumbling to himself and shouting, occasionally flailing his arms until he was out of sight.

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    OOC: Very intense combo with our devious GM, in three parts, Part 1

    IC Sabel, First Prince, Sloane, Third Prince, Alpha, Red Guards
    Aboard the Nemesis

    Sabel was sitting at the desk in the office that was set aside for him on the Nemesis. He’d caught up the crew when he’d arrived and had Octus take their new arrival to find some new gear and hot food. He still planned on having a short discussion with the Guard but, for now, Alpha had formed a bond with him and he wasn’t going to waste that.

    His current view was a Sloane that was not typical of the woman, at least in his mind. Which told him how swift and violent the disruption of her Remnant had been. He could tell, from her body language, that she saw him as the savior of what was left of Palpatine’s Empire. Which, to be fair, many of the things that he’d been taught or guided by the Emperor were still in place. But it had been ten years and he’d seen the failings of almost every other Remnant, not to mention the rot setting in to many other polities, which now included the Ascendency, care of Chord and his allies. Before he responded to Sloane a message from Sten came through. He listened, stone faced as it played out.

    He muted the holocall after a short, ”I will be one moment, something needs my attention.” to Sloane. Turning his chair so that she would not be able to read his lips he responded to Sten. ”An opportunity to disrupt the Princes and their dealings with the Grysk, one we cannot pass up. I will have Nemesis make best speed to the Megarea. Prepare that yacht I was gifted a few years back, stealth will be a good thing to have in this mission. I will be bringing Octus and Sevetus as well as our new guest with, perhaps Negetus and Decimus should prepare as well. Two of our hybrid ISDs can follow and drop into the closest clear system to that one.”

    Turning back to Sloane, as he waited for Sten’s confirmation, ”The work of one leading a territory is never complete.” was the only apology she would get for the disruption. ”So, tell me, how did your Remnant come to this state. I know you and your abilities so the swiftness of this is intriguing.”

    Sloane slowly peered up once the mic was unmuted and she heard the smooth, baritone voice of Sabel. Her eyes cast daggers at the Sith Lord.

    “As intriguing as the First Prince outmaneuvered you above the Artemis Cradle and destroyed some of your own forces: The First Prince is as capable as any commander I’ve come across. More so.”

    Her gaze lowered to focus on the dark caf steaming in her cup. A brief silence. Her cold commanding composure slowly returning.

    “Some of the worlds we have claimed are inhabited by backwards warrior species. Our ground forces have had to fight and claw for every inch of ground we have claimed. I thought it prudent to establish a foothold on more than a dozen of these planets. In retrospect, I stretched the Remnant forces too thin and as my personal convoy traveled from planet to planet to oversee these movements, the First Prince attacked. My convoy was destroyed before the main fleet could send backup. I suppose I have you to thank for my survival. I will need to be returning to my fleet at the earliest a transport can be arranged. It is clear that while you aid the Empire, you have no interest in providing tangible support.”

    Sabel’s cold smile met her gaze, held it, without words for several long moments. Even now, being pressed back and having been ambushed, she was the same cold, calculating force she had always been.

    ”The First Prince is a force to be reckoned with. Interesting that her attack upon my forces and the Cradle did not occur until those forces were in place.” They both could play the game and he was not going to yield an inch if she was not. ”And now we get to the crux of why I did not have my forces bring you into my territory. You contact my people, in an apparent panic and fleeing for your life yet you wish to immediately return to what is,” he consulted his briefings, ”the complete absorption of your Remnant into the Syndicate territory.”

    He sat back in the chair, elbows on the arms, hands folded before his face, ”Between you and Chord you ensured that I do not currently have force parity to be able to assist where it could be useful. Or so you’d believe. Do you think I allowed the spies that either of you have in my territory full knowledge of my capabilities or force levels?” he asked, calmly.

    ”You say I will not materially aid the Empire. I say what Empire? As I see, the Princes have systematically reduced all but the Remnants that limp along pathetically in Known Space, kowtowing to New Republic policy to survive. All that is save mine and mine is because we have adapted, have grown and evolved to become the precursor to the rebirth of the Empire while all others have stagnated and held only to the ideals of the past.” his fiery red eyes bored into hers, ”So I offer you a choice, join with us and survive, even until you can rebuild and carry on the ideals you hold dear, or perish.”

    The internal indignation that resided within Sloane could be felt over the com system. She clinched her glass tight for a moment before relaxing. Her eyes met his piercing red ones.

    “Unlike you, I have no other allegiance but to the survival of the Empire. I will join you Sabel; a simple request that I made of you only a few short weeks ago that you denied. I suppose we both have the First Prince to thank for our holy union. I only hope it is not too late.”

    Sabel nodded. ”A few weeks ago we were both in a position of strength. Before you and Chord maneuvered me to where I lost many that were mine. And the idea of Empire survives, I simply recognise that the form it took needs adaptation. However, I accept your offer. We will begin integration shortly.”

    He stood, moving out of the pickup, retrieving his armor’s helmet as well as his sabers. Returning, he sat back at the desk, ”Sten will speak with you and determine how best to integrate your forces into mine.”

    He transferred Sloane to Sten, informing Sten of the circumstances as well as telling her to ensure that Sloane’s forces, for now, were kept mostly separate from theirs, only integration being that they were included in the intelligence briefs for the territory that they would be patrolling. Sloane would have to accept that for now, as well as having several Red Guard circulating through her forces to ensure there were no Chiss, Grysk, or Syndicate spies in their ranks.

    Once Sloane was transferred to Sten, Sabel stood, taking his helmet in hand. He thought for a moment and reached out, to sense where Octus, Alpha, and Sevetus were currently located. Once he was sure and had sent a thought to Octus that he would arrive shortly he reached out again to summon Negetus and Decimus to meet them there. Nodding to himself he set out from the office to meet the others and discuss what was to come.

    Alpha’s leg stirred and roused the woman from her drowsy slumber. She blinked several times, trying to process her surroundings. The ship was strange and unique; she had never been on a ship constructed like this. She raised her right hand to rub her eyes deeply and then leaned back into the seat. The first person she recognized was Octus and the events of the past few hours came rushing back to her. Her body tensed up and there was a brief moment where she thought of making a move to grip her lightsaber, it’s hilt serving to reassure her of her protection. However, she resisted the moment as Sabel’s presence swept over her.

    As well as he could sense her, she could sense him. As Sevetus observed her awakening from afar, she met his gaze and gestured up to the ceiling with a pointed finger.

    “Your Admiral... he does not hesitate in reaching out to his people.”

    Sevetus, leaning back against the wall, snorted in a good natured way, as Octus checked on Alpha. “He’s strict but that is because he expects the best of his people and part of that is ensuring they do know what they need to in what is going on.” he remarked. A tiny twist to his lips was the only evidence of what he thought of the way Octus was fussing over her.

    Octus glanced over at his companion, a little color came to his cheeks but he was the one she had dealt with face to face and unless the Lord planned to change that he would continue. “His Guard are those closest to him, even if we’re not in the direct chain of command so we have more experience of his presence.” He tucked the scanner he’d borrowed from the medbay into a drawer, “You seem healthy, just some sleep needed, physically at least.”

    A corridor away, in a conference room of sorts, two other Red Guards sat. One was at the table, cards laid out before her, quietly playing a game. In the corner of the room another sat, a larger man, as big it seemed as two of Octus, in a lotus position, his body twenty centimeters off of the deck. His eyes were closed, long hair pulled back into a tail, as three small balls of crackling lightning buzzed around him. From time to time they would fire thin beams of lightning at him, only to be deflected by tiny shields of the Force at the last moment.

    He settled to the deck and opened his eyes, the balls of lightning dissipating, as he and the woman glanced at each other. “Time to work, Negetus.” he rumbled as his legs uncrossed and he stood, head only a few centimeters from the ceiling of the room. She smiled, the cards suddenly flying around the room from off the table, scattering to every nook and cranny. “Fifty two card pickup?” she asked in a melodious but deeply humored soprano tone. At the serious look on his face she chuckled and snapped her fingers, the cards flying back and stacking on the table.

    They retrieved their helmets from a rack by the door, his so big it could have swallowed hers, before he ducked through the hatch and she followed. “Decimus, we don’t need tanks, just send you and we stack behind.” she quipped as they walked down the corridors, crewmen flattening against the bulkheads so that he could pass. Negetus looked up, bowing her head as they reached the door to the room the others occupied, sensing Sabel coming around a bend in the corridor.

    Decimus tapped the door as gently as he could but it still boomed as though hit by a tree trunk. “Subtle, old friend.” Negetus said quietly. Inside Octus looked up as Sevetus snorted again, heading to the door controls, “Well, the mythosaur and the jester are obviously here.” he said as he opened the hatch. Seeing the Lord in the distance he waited by the open door as the other two ducked inside.

    When the large Decimus and Negetus entered, Alpha stood to her feet. She could feel it in the Force: Something was happening. The Admiral did not feel like the Dark Side of the Force, not outright, but she knew that neither he nor his guard were Jedi. She knew too much of the Jedi to make that mistake. So, who were they?

    "Octus, I appreciate your concern, but it seems that something is calling you and your comrades to action. I have a feeling...that you need to be careful. All of you."

    Alpha was gifted in foresight; Her most important skill when she was running from the Dark Tower. She was able to get just enough suggestion and warning from the Force to make the right turn instead of the left or to sit down rather than to stand. The Force was telling her now that whatever was about to occur, it was something that she feared some of the individuals in this room would not return from. A minute sliver of worry slipped from her mind to Octus', though Sabel would be attuned enough to pick up on it even with the distance.

    Sabel felt the emotion, the worry, the concern from their guest as he approached. He, likewise, sensed that all four of the Guard that he’d called were in the room with her. A small smile touched his face as he saw his Prime apprentice standing in the doorway, ’He looks like a mountain but he’s quite talented in the Force.’ he thought, wryly, as he approached.

    Reaching the door, he reached up to pat the large Decimus on his pauldron before slipping past. As soon as his foot passed the threshold a booming “Admiral on Deck!” sounded from the giant’s throat. That one and the other three slammed to attention, the red, tattooed lekku of Negetus swaying slightly. ”At ease, my guard, Rest even. This isn’t formal, but it is a planning meeting. And you,” he gestured at Alpha, ”are staying with us, coming with us so you may want to include yourself in the worry you feel, it seems from a vision you’ve had.” he told her.

    The door cycled shut as Decimus stepped fully into the room. Sabel moved to the head of the table that took up about half the room, gesturing that the other five take seats. When they had, he set his helmet on the surface. ”Our guest may not know why she has felt such worry but I can give you reason why. One of our Thrawn teams has been destroyed but before they were they passed along information. In Grysk space, on a world there, the RoamWorld, the First and Third Princes are meeting with someone of import in the Grysk Hegemony.”

    He let that news filter in to them, each thinking through their own calculations as to what it may mean, ”It is an opportunity and, of course, a potential trap. So now we need to finish planning before we take the fight to them. Eliminating even one of the two, preferably the First Prince, will change the balance of Power in this region, for good.”

    As Sabel spoke, he felt the Nemesis make the jump to follow the orders he’d given Sten. ”When we reach the Megarea, the yacht will leave the flagship and attach via an airlock to the Nemesis here. The five of us will transfer onboard.”

    He brought up a schematic of the Unknown Regions, showing where Base Prime was as well as where Grysk space was. ”The Grysk have experience with Imperial II’s but nothing like our hybrids. The First Prince has the wreckage of the prototype but the newer ones are even more advanced. So the two that will be travelling with us will take station in the nearest uninhabited system to RoamWorld. The Nemesis will jump to a outer shell station of the system and we will take the yacht in.”

    The Nemesis emerged from hyper as he spoke and in a few minutes, the slight clang of sound announced that the yacht had docked. And then the sensation of another jump washed over them. ”We’re going in cold, there is no real data about the system in our files, or those that Thrawn left behind. So we must be prepared for anything. The Grysk, especially being allied to the Syndicate, are going to do their all to deny us our prizes.”

    He paused, ”Let’s continue in the yacht.”

    The Guards, Alpha sticking close to Octus, followed him as he stalked through the ship, filing through the hatch and into the craft. Most of them had never been onboard and only saw it as a pleasure toy their Lord had on hand. Negetus spoke for them all it seemed, “Lord, why this? We’ll stand out like a Stormtrooper in the forests of Endor in this.”

    Sabel chuckled, ”The one who gave me the craft had had some modifications made. It’s armed like a corvette and has a very efficient stealth system equipped. As soon as the Nemesis drops us off we will go to stealth to approach the target.”

    Negetus blushed slightly, the others chuckling. Among them, not around their Lord, they’d all grown to know that she hoped she could catch his attention, not to be a Lord’s Consort but because she was madly in love with him. They even teased her about her little stories they’d found that she’d accidentally let slip on the Guard server. Coughing, she nodded, “Yes, my Lord, understood.”

    His head cocked to the side for a moment as he looked at Negetus, an eyebrow twitched but he didn’t say anything about it. Leading them into the main lounge area he brought the holo display up, showing the sparse information they had on RoamWorld, the basic information they had on the First Prince and the data they’d compiled from the fight he had had with the Third Prince. ”Study it, in the short time we have. And formulate how we will take one or the other or both.” Turning to Alpha, ”You just joined us and there are many questions we both have but your input is also appreciated.”

    He left the five of them to study the data and made his way to the bridge. Just as he set foot on it the blur of hyper faded and the yacht lurched slightly then began to sail in toward the planet, taking their time in the approach. The pilot saw him standing there, “Stealth already engaged, Lord. I believed it prudent to do so from the moment I docked with the Nemesis.”

    Sabel nodded.

    In the lounge , “Negetus, seriously, you almost told him how you felt with that.” Decimus rumbled. They were partners in most missions and he didn’t want her hurt, “If he’s going to do something then let him, but otherwise we need to focus.”^

    Sevetus nodded, “The Mythosaur is right, These two, let alone the Grysk, will kill us if we do not focus.”

    They turned to the display once more and the planning between them began, with the secondary focus of ensuring that Sabel himself was not injured, captured, or killed being included.

    When the Imperial Yacht touched down on the RoamWorld’s surface, Sabel would sense the presence of Abaddon. The Grysk he could also feel. They were distinct and shared the common trait of primitive brutality that Abaddon radiated in the Force. But the First Prince stood out in being the only “regular” human presence on the planet. The Admiral would know their exact location and the many numbers of the Grysk guarding the encampment.

    No one on the planet was alerted to their presence yet, the stealth Of the advanced yacht masked their entire arrival. The Dark Side tempted Sabel and assured him that this was true: A surprise attack would decimate the enemy forces and catch them off guard. His purpose and goal on this day was being favored by the Force.

    Alpha could feel the Force directing her as well. When the presence of Abaddon washed over her, her worry increased. With certainty, she knew something and, because the Admiral gave her permission to give her thoughts, voiced it aloud.

    “That one.” She indicated by pointing on the hologram where footage of Abaddon’s fight with Sabel aboard the Artemis Cradle was replaying on a loop. “He won’t be killed. He feels as certain to live as a fire is to burn. Whatever plan you come up with, killing him will not succeed.”

    Sabel nodded, he recalled his fight with Abaddon and knew that that mountain of flesh would be a hard battle, even if there was a chance to kill him. ”This is why it is important to allow one’s lieutenants or subordinates to speak when they have thoughts or feelings. We will be sure to keep our focus away from him as much as possible.” He favored her with a small smile at the advice.

    He turned to Octus, ”Check the armory on board, there is usually at least a spare or two of Guard armor on board. I believe Vierteendus’s armor is one and she’s about the same size as our new friend. Get her fitted while I study this data quickly.” He looked over at Alpha again, ”I do not know your feelings about armor but I’d rather, and I believe Octus would too, you wear it and have the extra layer of protection.”

    Octus and Alpha disappeared into the corridors and the armory as Sabel sketched out a quick plan. Desiring to keep the yacht hidden as long as possible, the actual attack would take place from a different quadrant of the map. What Intrigued him was that the First Prince was ‘normal’ human. However, she seemed to have a taste similar to the Grysk, especially the quite strong presence that was currently with her. Those two would be their focus, as would luring Abaddon away from the battle and the other two.

    Studying the terrain, he realized that much of the society had to be underground which gave him an idea of how to deal with Abaddon, at least for a time. As that thought was passing, he saw that Octus and Alpha had returned. Vierteendus’s armor was the same as the remainder but designed for someone with extremely high agility, speed, and flexibility. Which he suspected was the case for Alpha. ”Will that armor work for you?” he asked, receiving a hesitant nod after she looked at Octus.

    ”Good. Ok, quick plan. The yacht is here, to the southwest of the encampment. So the assault will take place along an arc to the southeast.” He gazed at Alpha again, ”The other reason I wanted you in the armor was that they have stealth field generators, not perfect or long lasting but handy. In the last few years we’ve managed to increase the duration from ten minutes to almost a half hour, which will give us time to get into position. Still, stick to shadows and areas that keep you as hidden as possible and move at a steady but not fast pace, as the field still allows a slight shimmering outline to be seen and too quick a pace will overload it’s circuits.”

    Turning back to the holo, ”Abaddon is ensuring the security of the First Prince and who she is meeting. Those two are not in the direct heart of the camp but in a tent that, to direct observation, is standing alone in the camp. All of that is illusion, the Grysk have an advanced base here, as advanced as they can build. So, the order of battle.”

    He looked up at Decimus, ”You have the furthest to travel, I want you at the end of the arc of battle and be the one to draw Abaddon away if possible.” He sent a schematic of a tunnel system and a junction of six tunnels nearby with a note to attempt to trap Abaddon there.

    Turning to Negetus, a curl formed to his lips as she blushed when her orders were given, ”You are to be between Decimus and I in the line, supporting us both as needed but using your skills as well, to decimate the Grysk troops.” He glanced at Alpha, ”You and I have the hardest part. You’re to stay by my side and we are going to make seemingly random leaps around the camp, drawing closer each time to the tent. Any visions you tell me immediately.”

    He turned to Octus, ”You are next in line, I know you will want to be able to keep track of Alpha here, but focus, my Guard, your job is much as Negetus’s, to destroy the troops.” Finally he faced Sevetus, [color]”You anchor the line, closest to where the yacht is. You’re the best pilot of the four Guards here, as Decimus is the strongest Force user of you four, which is why you both have the positions you have. Keep the Grysk from surrounding us and be prepared for immediate extraction.”[/color]

    Orders given, he turned, once again noticing that Negetus’s gaze lingered, something was there and he’d have to find out, when he had time, which seemed in short supply these days. Nodding to each in turn, ”Armor up, go stealth, and listen to the Force and your own intuition. The moment I give the signal, drop stealth and begin the battle.”

    He placed the helmet upon his head and the systems came online. Once the suit had fully integrated he touched the stud on the equipment belt and faded from view. Each of the others did so as well, little carats showing up on his heads up display so he knew where they were even though he could barely see their outlines. Each of them had the same display so they were able to keep track until the moment they burst forth from stealth and began their attack.

    TAGS: @The Jedi in the Pumas, Anyone who wants to enjoy intrigue and lots of carnage and battle
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    OOC: Combo with our devious GM Part 2 of 3

    Sabel felt a presence in his mind as he slipped from the yacht, keeping an eye on Alpha’s carat as they moved into position. The ancient spirit that he’d made a deal with on Jakku years before was offering it’s aid. He considered the offer, but decided that until it was absolutely necessary such use, similar to the use of the fully integrated Eternal tech at his disposal, would wait until it was absolutely necessary to reveal.

    Minutes passed, he felt Alpha’s presence by his side, and then the carat’s flashed, indicating the Guard were all in position as well. He smiled, reaching up, finding a small satellite in orbit. With a suppressed grunt of energy he redirected it, pulling it downward. It wasn’t large, but it didn’t need to be, a kinetic ‘bullet’ is what it was becoming and at the speed it would hit it would be devastating.

    Following it’s track with his mind he nudged it this way and that as it fell, guiding it toward a large concentration of Grysk troops, coincidentally on the far side. When it impacted Sabel smiled inside his helmet, if that wasn’t a signal to begin the assault he didn’t know what would work. Rock, dirt, and parts of Grysk troops blasted through the air as a crater formed on the surface, dust clouds followed the shockwave as it flashed outward.

    He dropped the stealth and, as Alpha drew her saber, he darted forward. One hand held a saber and the other shifted this way and that, reaching out to stop hearts or crush larynxes. To his side, Alpha darted back and forth, watching his back, her saber weaving as she danced, Grysk screaming as they fell.

    Octus spared a glance as that duo ‘danced’ forward, before focusing on his section of the battle. Loose rock rose around him then flew on unerring courses toward the troops even now reacting to the assault. They impacted arms, torsos, heads, flinging bodies around. He followed the barrage of rock, saber now lit, cutting down any that his flying rocks hadn’t already crushed or killed.

    Sevetus hunkered down behind a rock, his blaster rifle twitching. Shot after shot rang out, his preternatural senses assisting his aiming. Heads exploded, limbs were blown off, Grysk dropped as holes were blasted in their torsos. Shots came back at him and he shifted position, moving forward. The underslung mini missile launcher coughed and a gaggle of Grysk that were gathered too closely together went up in a flash, to a dark smile from the Guard.

    Decimus and Negetus worked together, to a degree. He saved his Force energy, relying on his size and strength to begin. Grabbing a Grysk by their arm he began spinning the body around, using it as a club against the oncoming troops. Negetus darted around the milling troops that were converging on Decimus, slashing a throat here, slicing open a femoral artery there. Between the two of them their quadrants of the battle were slowly becoming empty, rivers of blood and body parts littering the ground.

    The five of them slowly converged, closing on the main ‘tent’ that Sabel sensed the Princes and the Grysk commander occupied. When they were close enough, he had the Guard fan out as they were already, then directed Decimus to call out Abaddon.

    The large Guard paused, amplified his voice in the Force, “Third Prince, I know you are in there. Are you going to hide in the tent and wait like a good dog on the leash of the First Prince, or are you going to face me and fight?” At the taunt, Dun Moch adding more twists and harmonics designed to make the recipient know how much the speaker despised and looked down on them, he raised his power in the Force, letting Abaddon sense him. He set himself, preparing to draw Abaddon into the trap that his Lord had suggested for the giant foe.

    Sabel and the others waited to see if the almost indestructible enemy responded to the taunt before they focused on the First Prince and the Grysk leader. Each disposed of the remaining Grysk troops around them while they waited, husbanding their energy for the fight to come.

    The First Prince, Colussia Hazard, knelt under her protector, Abaddon, her cold, piercing angry gaze looking at the main entrance of the tent. Staring unblinkingly in irritation. Abaddon’s first instinct had been to get her down and cover her with his body, which saved her as the ambush had left some of the guards in the tent dead.

    The Grande Marquis had not sought any cover. His position remained the same throughout the entire assault and he was undamaged.

    Colussia’s mind exploded with hundreds of possible ways of escape, while simultaneously analyzing how she could have been caught so off guard by an attack and who would be capable of it. A second later, she correctly deduced that it was the Chiss Admiral. The second after that, she was correctly identifying approximately where the yacht vessel would be located given the trajectory of the attack. It was Abaddon’s chuckle that brought Colussia back to the present. There could be hundreds of ways to escape, but the most assured one was to let the Third Prince do what he did best.

    “It’s the Chiss Admiral and 5 Force Users, they-“ she started before he stood, dusted himself off, and made his way towards the exit.

    None of them. Not the Grysk soldiers, Colussia, Alpha, Sabel or his guard could sense or stop what happened next before Sevetus’ chest armor exploded and he leaned backwards with an audible grunt.

    A Grysk pike, taken from one of the dead Grysk inside the tent had pierced the tent’s walls faster than a blaster bolt and annihilated Sevetus. The pike was still stuck in the man as it found home in the ground, resulting in the macabre scene of Sevetus being left standing, weakly scratching at his chest and coughing blood onto the sand.

    Then he emerged. Confident. Emboldened. Unstoppable.

    Fear. Not of the typical variety, but the one born of the horror that sentient beings faced when their own mortality was placed directly in front of them spread through Alpha and Sabel’s guard. Primal fear. The type that no amount of training could keep at bay.

    It was the true weapon of Abaddon, the Third Prince. He had no ability to feel such fear. The only creature in the galaxy that was certain that, no matter what he faced, he would be the last survivor.

    He stopped several meters away from Decimus and unsheathed his massive hunting knife. While Decimus was large and roughly the same height, Abaddon’s presence felt heavier.

    “You’re big. I like that.” Abaddon grinned. “How long can you last though?” A crater of earth depressed around Abaddon’s feet as he launched himself towards Decimus and the rest of the guard.

    Alpha, horrified, was still of mind to reach out to Sabel. “She’s gone.” It was true. Colussia Hazard’s presence was gone, or would appear so to Alpha. Sabel could tell what was actually at work. The Grysk. The massive Grysk that inside the tent. The one who had not moved an inch during the assault had now assumed protection of the First Prince. Ancient, primitive barrier technology was blocking any Force user lower than the Admiral’s level from sensing that the Grande Marquis’ barrier was now extending to Colussia. That was why despite the attack, the Grysk Leader had not been want to move. As Abaddon met his guard, Alpha pointed to the tent.

    “We have to go. Our window is closing.”

    Octus shifted position, reaching Sevetus. “Sleep well old friend, meet you again in the Force.” he said quietly, before turning to Sabel, nodding, after he took a small strip from the other man’s armor. The strip flew through the air, landing in Sabel’s palm. He turned to Alpha, attaching the strip onto the same spot on her armor, ”You are now, temporarily at least, Sevetus. Live up to the name, little one.” he said solemnly.

    Decimus had only a fraction of a second to sense Abaddon’s plan as the giant leaped. He dodged to the side, faster than his size would have suggested, turning as he did, and the other giant flew past. Dodging backward, in the general direction of the area of the trap, he drew Abaddon after him and away from the others. His saber flashed back and forth, only defending and blocking the Third Prince’s attacks. He took slices and dents on his armor as he moved but he continued his slow, steady withdrawal.

    Sabel touched a stud on his armor and the AI on the yacht made it take flight, darting out of the atmosphere, still under stealth but flying on a random series of maneuvers to keep the analytical mind of the First Prince from sensing where it was. He nodded at Alpha/Sevetus. Opening the encrypted comm channel, ”Octus, Negetus, focus on the Grysk. I and our new Sevetus will face the First Prince since I can still feel where she is. Move.” he commanded.

    Setting deed to words he led Alpha into the tent, his passive defenses keeping aware of where the tall Grysk was but focused on the foe that needed his full attention. A grim smile crossed his face as he came face to face with her, ”I would have considered leaving you and yours alone but you chose to send your little dog after me and then killed my people. Pity, we could have worked well together.” he said calmly, flatly, at odds to the blazing fury of his red eyes.

    Octus moved quickly, interposing himself between the Grysk and his Lord, the bloody pike he’d ripped from Sevetus’s body in one hand and his saber in the other. To keep the other’s attention focused on him he spoke, “It was a mistake, siding with the Syndicate. But, then again, no one ever accused the Grysk of not being bold.”

    As he spoke a shadow drifted into the tent, following the shadows of the room, until it was behind the Grysk. At which point Negetus exploded from her concealment, diving and slashing her saber across the tendons of the backs of their foe’s legs before rolling and disappearing into the shadows once more.

    Negetus was sure she had returned to the shadows, undetected, until the sharp hooked edge of the Grande Marquis’ blade ripped deep into the back of her thigh. The slashes to the tendons did not penetrate Fir’a’s armor and as he dragged her back to his barrier, he pulled his sword out and placed his foot upon her back, keeping her pinned to the ground underneath.

    All without casting a single gaze at Negetus.

    He looked unperturbed by the disruption and only interested in the Admiral. A Chiss bold enough to enter Grysk space and launch an ambush. He only knew of one capable, yet this was clearly another. His mask moved as if it was crawling over his face (telltale sign that a Grysk was intrigued) before he turned to Octus.

    “Ready....Ready your blade... This...This will be over soon.”

    Colussia stood protected by the barrier and stared down Sabel and Alpha. Surprising to Alpha, the woman did not seem scared. Only defiant in the face of Sabel.

    “It is not a pity, for this confrontation was always destined to happen. Better to get it out of the way now than have you trouble me later.” Her battlesuit energized and a black blade extended from her gauntlet. She exited the barrier, no longer protected but she was no longer needing protection. Alpha felt something in the Force and reflexively moved in front of Sabel, just in time to deflect a sword slash from Colussia’s blade. The blade cut through her lightsaber’s blade and wounded her arm, causing the woman to stumble backwards, defensively. Colussia didn’t press the attack but in a measured manner circled Sabel with her blade low.

    A duelist.

    As things inside the tent were beginning to escalate, outside the tent Decimus was realizing that he would not make it to his established destination. Abaddon was faster than he was, stronger, and knew that he would win. As Decimus went to defend a swipe from Abaddon’s dagger, he misjudged the speed at which Abaddon could accelerate. The dagger plunged into Decimus’ lower abdomen and Abaddon threw him to the ground.

    “What did you think-“ Abaddon grabbed Decimus by his skull and lifted the large man up. “You were going to do against me?”

    Decimus let the pain focus his attention and power. His eyes bored into Abaddon’s through the visor of his helmet. He touched Negetus through the bond that connected them all as well as to their Lord. ’Together, battlesister…’ he thought.

    With a touch of humor to his voice, “I was never supposed to beat you, fool. I was only supposed to keep you busy. And you fell for it like the animal you are.” he stated. Given his size, his feet were still on the ground as Abaddon held him. Which made the next step that much easier.One hand grasped the hand holding the knife in his guts and the other the wrist of the hand on his head.

    His power rose, not to use against Abaddon, but against the ground upon which they stood. He Phased with it, letting he and the other giant sink into the rock. As the rock closed over them, Decimus felt the energy of the planet infusing with him, his hand closing tighter on the one gripping his head. Lightning flowed through his hand and into the wrist and he grinned.

    At the same moment Negetus sank into the stone below the Grysk, smiling as the foot that had been holding her in place slammed onto the rocky surface. She borrowed from the energy of the planet to close the slash he’d put in her thigh. ‘Swimming’ through rock, she came back out of it behind the Grysk again. This one would be interesting to fight and between her and Octus they would deal with him.

    Octus had witnessed as the Grysk had dealt with Negetus, knew that the creature had their own way of dealing with those who were Force users. So he went to war his own way. He let his power creep up the shaft and the blood faded as it was absorbed into the blade. The blade now shone with a wicked edge, the metal denser, harder, sharper. The shaft too was now a sturdier piece, as he swung it around his head. At a nod from Negetus he slammed the butt end on the ground as she placed her palm on the rock and a gaping fissure began to open between them, racing toward the Warmaster.

    Sabel cocked his head to the side as he took in the First Princes movements. He touched Alpha’s shoulder, then the stud at her pharmacopia to allow a stim to inject, counteracting the pain of the wound.

    "Confidence borne of arrogance, belief in your own superiority of mind. Seen that, worked with it before, but anyone can be defeated.” He told Colussia as he shifted in small movements, keeping her before him, not letting her get behind him. Sheathing his sabers, he reached behind, where a pair of hilts jutted from his armor above his shoulders. As he pulled a pair of blades followed the hilts as they came free of their armored sheathes. The sheen to them told of the metal they were forged from, ”A gift from a clan I aided in settling on a new world to rebuild their people.”

    He fell into a duelist’s stance, one blade low, tip up and pointed at where the heart was on a human, the second high, tip pointed at her eyes. ”If Chord is working with you, he’ll betray you soon enough, he does with everyone that isn’t in his exact worldview. If not, why you’re here making deals when he’s busy taking control of half of the Unknown Regions is beyond me, not very tactical.” His voice betrayed no fear, only annoyance that he continuously had to face her when they both had foes that needed destruction before their final battle.

    The First Prince held the red gaze of Sabel as she continued to circle him. It was coming... she could see it clearly now.

    “Chord... the Chiss Intelligence Leader. Curious... Your words confirm a suspicion I had. You’re positioning me to battle the Ascendancy while you do what? I will grant you a professional courtesy: leave the Unknown Regions and I will spare you and your fleet.”

    Her battle suit distorted the temperature around her, raising it to boiling degrees. The entire tent would feel it. It was time. Colussia took a few steps forward toward Sabel, waves of rising heat overtaking him, before meeting his blades in a beautiful and dangerous series of precision strikes. She danced around him, every step calculated and the force of each swing efficient with its use of power. There would be no opportunities to catch her off guard. No opportunities to knock her off balance. It was as if he was fighting someone who had already fought this fight 1000 times. Perfectly rehearsed and choreographed. The heat from her battle suit, at this range, made combat unbearable for Alpha, so she stood with her lightsaber raised out of range, waiting for orders or an opportunity to help.

    The Grande Marquis dropped into the cavern, deep down until he disappeared. A moment of uncertain victory was erased when a white object flew up from the darkness and attached itself to Negetus’ face. It was the mask of the Grande Marquis and as its tendrils and legs drilled into Negetus’ face, her body shook uncontrollably as she screamed behind the mask. She then begin to attack Octus. She was not being mind controlled, no, he could sense her in pain behind the mask, still aware of her actions but unable to stop them. But she would be trying to kill him, pushing him out of the tent with each assault.

    Abaddon felt the earth overtake him and Decimus. He was stunned for a moment before a smile took his face as he felt static creep up Decimus’ arm.

    He couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Though in the instant of elation in combat he realized, the First Prince was not here for this. As entertaining as this distraction was, that’s what it was and he had let that Admiral get away before. Hell no, not this time. The Third Prince had no Force sensitivity and therefore no ability to manipulate it, but the grasp of Decimus’ head started to solidify through his sheer will. Their descent stopped and Abaddon ripped through the earth with the other, pulling them back to the surface.

    “I’m going to keep you around, but we’re going back. Your boss ran scared last time I almost crushed his face. I’m not letting the blue bastard get away twice.”

    Sabel chuckled as the heat rose in the tent. ”I know your ambition and even if such were possible we would still fight as I know you want all of space, not the Unknown Regions or Known Space, all of it.” As she turned the tent into a sauna his smile stayed in place, ”I have devoured the soul of a planet, at its request, what is a little heat?” humor coloring his tone. Turning his head toward Alpha, ”Do what you can to assist, myself or Octus.” he told her as his wrist turned and blocked another attack from the First Prince.

    He was letting her use all her energy, use it, expend it. His stamina let him draw it out, as he was sure she was attempting too but he wasn’t using more than half of his energy, not yet.

    Octus laughed, strained but a laugh, as Negetus was forced to attack him. They’d dueled on many occasions, training but at full speed and while she was proficient with a blade he was the better and stronger of the two of them in their fights. And that was when she could focus completely. The mask compelled her to attack while it chewed on her, bringing deep pain that he could feel.

    He let her more wild attacks drive him around the tent, but his retreat and how he did so foiled the masks attempts to have her drive him from the tent. He could feel its frustration at that and knew that as she fought the mask, Negetus could use that frustration to attack the mask from her mind. His responding attacks cut at the tendrils that cut into her head, slicing at them, trying to remove them so she could remove it more easily.

    In the rock Decimus chuckled, the sound muffled by the rock itself. “Distraction upon distraction upon distraction.” he taunted. “Even the attack on your wrists was a distraction.” he finished as he changed how he Phased, this time phasing himself, becoming insubstantial, dropping from the giants grasp and disappearing into the rock. His voice trailed behind him, “Find me before I turn the planet against you, animal.”

    He let that last taunt trail off as though he was racing away from Abaddon but he’d only moved a couple arms lengths away. Reaching out in the Force he manipulated the rock itself, crushing it in around the giant. His voice came out attenuated and distorted, as though from everywhere at once, “You think you will face my Lord again? I have seen your battle and you lost as much as won, so why would he bother with one such as you?”

    The pressure of the rock and earth collapsed around Abaddon. He could feel it pressing against his hardy skin. But it did nothing. He tore through the earth, ripping it from his path until he emerged from the ground like a corpse brought back to life. He was no longer smiling. Something about the way Decimus taunted him had taken the joy of combat away, or possibly the fact that Decimus was not interested in actually fighting him. Abaddon dusted the last of the earth from his shoulders and began running back to the tent. Everything... everyone that stood in his way from now on would be eliminated.

    Octus’ swipes at the mask loosened the tendrils, but until it was completely off, Negetus would continue to attempt to drive him out of the tent. She would go for a lunging swinging downward slash that Octus would masterfully sidestep. She would stumble...

    At the same time, Alpha, feeling the future, summoned all of her power into an explosive Force push that blew Colussia and Sabel out of the back of the tent. Alpha collapsed from the exertion and blood loss from her wound. She considered before her head hit the ground unconscious that Sabel would think that she had betrayed him, but in truth she had to push him away because...

    As Negetus stumbled towards the entryway of the tent that the mask had driven her towards, she turned around to face Octus again, leaving her back to the hulking figure of Abaddon, who, despite whatever attempts Decimus would make, could not have been deterred or held off any longer from entering the tent. He grabbed Negetus' small frame and lifted her up by her neck.

    “Funny mask. Where’s the blue sith?” He asked. Negetus of course could not answer and Abaddon didn’t wait to figure out why, he ripped the mask that was still attached to her face off, ripping the skin from Negetus’ face and instantly rendering her in an otherworldly state of despair, shock, and pain. He tossed her ragdoll body aside and eyed Octus.

    “You better have a better answer than your friend.” And he marched towards Octus, prepared to destroy the man.

    Octus and Decimus were now the only things standing in the way of their Lord being overwhelmed.

    Colussia Hazard slid to her feet. The Force push hadn’t been expected but she regained her balance quickly enough. It was just her and Sabel now, far away from the tent. The two masters of tactical prowess and disciples of dark fate. She readied her comlink.

    “Ready theHell Hazard. Finish the disposal of the Imperial Fleet we discovered.” Yes, One of Sabel’s hidden fleets had been discovered but unlike before where the First Prince’s pirate fleet had dominated, this was more of a standoff. But that did prevent the fleet from coming to aid the Admiral at this moment.

    “If you are choosing not to leave, and enjoy what little time the galaxy has before it is under my dominion, then you are choosing to die. No more games. This is the end of the road.”

    Octus faced the beast sure that he, and whoever was left, needed to keep the Prince occupied so that their Lord could deal with the First Prince. He sighed, that was their duty and they were supremely loyal to Sabel but no being wanted to throw their life away. Hefting the pike he shifted his stance, readying an attack. And that was when the rock shook, the ground trembling as though a localized earthquake was happening.

    A meter thick wall of rock rose three meters high between he and the Prince, circling the giant, cutting Abaddon off from the, luckily, still breathing but broken body of Negetus as well. A form rose from the rock to stand next to him, the power radiating from the form told him, if the size had not, that Decimus still survived. “You’re not worth Lord Sabel’s efforts, barely worth ours. Why do you think he left you to us?” Octus called over the wall. He knew it wouldn’t keep them separated for long so he prepared to dodge and thrust when the monster burst through the defense.

    Sabel glanced back at the tent for a moment, an eyebrow raised at the action Alpha had taken, until he saw the giant form. He nodded in understanding before turning to face Colussia once more. A dark smile touched his lips as she made her comm call. ”Ahhhh, just what I was waiting for. Thank you.” He reached to his belt, pulling a round, metallic disc from one of the pouches. Flicking it with his thumb he caught it with the back of his other hand, looking down at the design etched in the face.

    ”Ok, that works.” He looked back up at her, knowing she would probably be confused at the turn of events, why he was not making his decision based on her actions. He graced her with another smile through the visor of his armor as he touched his comm stud, ”Sten, execute Case Zulu. Yes, I know I hadn’t planned on such so soon but the First Prince just gifted us the destruction of one of her fleets.”

    The hidden fleet had been bait, just enough exposed to draw the Prince’s fleet’s and her attention. And now her fleet was prepared to attack, without her immediately there to direct its actions. Just as a second, larger fleet of Sabel’s replete with a second hybrid element jumped in, creating a scissors to the enemy fleet streaming toward them. Blocks of four of the second fleet were forming up together and brilliant points of light connected the prows of those ships before massive ship killing beams of energy burst forth from each mini squadron.

    Sabel smiled, ”You and I are very much alike, possibly too alike to survive in the galaxy together. Such a shame as a pairing between us could bring the entire galaxy to its knees. Ah well, I do agree, it is time to end this once and for all.” With the final words his power rose, augmented by his ‘guest’ and the energy he still husbanded from devouring the Force energy of Jakku three years ago. Raising his blades, the beskar shining as they reflected his eyes, he saluted her.

    He stepped forward slowly as his blades came back to a guard position and the first clashes of their blades began, the dance of death that would solve this, soon.

    Every flash of contact between Sabel’s and Colussia’s blades ignited the desert landscape from afar. Colussia’s battlesuit made the close encounter quickly exhausting for Sabel. Devourer of a planet he may be, his body responded to the way any body would respond to prolonged heat exposure. Aided by the Force, he met every blade swipe and a slash to Colussia’s leg armor sent her into a forward roll. On the ground, her off hand pressed against the ground and Sabel could feel a pulse underneath his feet, but she continued with the attack.

    The Hell Hazard appeared out of hyperspace above the RoamWorld, separate from the fleet that was currently battling for their lives against Sten’s direction. The massive drudgelord ship hung in loud animation in its position, clearly waiting for orders.

    Abaddon broke through the wall and walked past both Octus and Decimus towards the hole Alpha had made with her Force push.

    “Enough talk. The Blue guy is running from me because he knows what you and I both know: No one can stop me.” The brute sent a transmission to the Hell Hazard, completely ignoring Decimus and Octus. He stopped over Alpha’s unconscious body and raised his boot to crush her skull.

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    OOC: Combo with our devious GM Part 3 of 3

    A thought shot from Sabel to Octus and the Guard hit a stud on his armor. The recall sent the pair of hybrid SDs that had hidden a system away, skeleton crews onboard insystem. The moment they materialized their fighter squadrons, remotely flown by AIs on both ships took flight, their spinal cannons began to power up, and their turbolaser batteries began to fire upon the Hell Hazard.

    At the same time a dropship raced from the nearest to the atmosphere, screaming toward the ground. As it came into range it flared and the belly opened up. A battalion of Skytroopers, activated from the stores of the Eternal tech dropped to earth, surrounding the battlefield. A third of the Skytroopers turned outward, keeping any Grysk reinforcements from coming close as two more figures dropped, crimson armor belying what they were, Red Guards, Elevtus and Twalvtus. They hit the ground, making it shake with their landing and both reached out, the bodies of Alpha and Negetus grasped in the Force and pulled free of the battle. Elevtus stood between the battle between Decimus, Octus, and Abaddon as Twalvtus knelt and laid his hands one on the chest of each woman. Pressing the studs first, to release the pain reducers and stims into their systems and then he closed his eyes, reaching into the Force and working to reduce the worst of their injuries.

    Decimus smiled darkly at the giant Abaddon, “You know nothing of our Lord if that is what you believe. And hurting Negetus, threatening Alpha, that was a mistake.” he said coldly. Turning his head fractionally toward Octus, “Fastball express?” he asked. Octus nodded fractionally. Taking a couple steps backward, he boosted his speed and raced toward Abaddon. The pike’s head didn’t shift from where it pointed directly at the giant’s chest.

    The moment he came level with Decimus he jumped. Decimus focused and Octus suddenly blurred forward, propelled by the power the larger man was drawing from the planet. Octus screamed a deep war cry as he thrust forward with the pike, burying in the giant’s chest, his other hand touching the shaft, a deep purple lightning shooting down the shaft and into Abaddon.

    Octus released the pike and his flight continued, bouncing off the man and slamming up against one of the outer supports as he came to his feet. He rushed forward again as Decimus did the same, short swords in hands as they reached the target at the same time, both going low, one aiming at the thighs of the giant and one at the Achilles tendons. They both augmented the power of their slashes with the Force, aiming so that they wouldn’t pass over each other so they wouldn’t give the giant a chance to catch them both in one stroke.

    Sabel broke the most recent clench of blades, stepping back. Both their energies were being blown through at a rapid pace but both hadn’t reached the peaks they had by being the one whose stamina gave out first. He breathed for a moment, feeling the small scratches and long cuts she had scored and could see similar on her. They were very well matched.

    With the breath he touched the well of energy he sipped from drinking deeply now. As he rejuvenated he smiled coldly at Colussia. And then a frigid mist rose around him. She was channeling the heat of a hellworld so he chose to channel the deep cold of a world such as Hoth. As his energy met hers the air rippled, sheets of water beginning to fall and a cloud gathering over them.

    He knew she could follow him by keeping toward the center of the mist but she also had to contend with the extreme heat and the frigid cold meeting. The air groaned with the temperature difference. Darting in at a speed that came close to the vampire he knew of old, he spun, slashing across one of her hips before disappearing into a mist again on the other side. A metal sphere flew out of the mist as he regrouped once more, bouncing across the rocks until it touched the foot of her armor. And there it lay, as though it was a dud.

    He slipped from the mist once more, one sword aiming to cut the last foot from her blade as the second thrust forward, aiming for one of the slashes he’d put in her armor before, over one kidney. The first blade hit hers, a screech of metal against metal and then he recovered it, to a guard position.

    The second sword found home in the nick that Sabel had made earlier, but before he could do lethal damage, Colussia pivoted her hip and leg inward, pulling on the blade. Her off-hand fired a pulse from its gauntlet that sent vibrations up Sabel’s right arm. The exact cracks that had been formed from his previous fight with Abaddon that had left his forearms crushed opened up, shattering bone and rendering his arm useless and the bone more damaged than it had been before.

    She could’ve reviewed the footage from the fight.

    Or blind luck.

    But Sabel would know that would be too convenient. She could see his weaknesses. She could see the openings in his defenses. That did not just end with combat... She could pinpoint the exact times when the weakest domino needed to fall to ensure her victory.

    As they separated, she locked eyes with him. There was a pause in the chaos. A stillness...

    The Hell Hazard did not fire back. It did not need to. That was not why it was here. At the direction of the Third Prince, a section of the Hell Hazard’s rear dislodged from the rest of the ship and drifted to the atmosphere. A large shadow would be cast over the area of battle below as the doors of the section opened up...

    The pike that was driven into Abaddon’s chest actually pierced his skin. It had been a while since this had happened so the shock stunned him more than the actual damage, which was minimal; Abaddon’s actual muscle tissue was even tougher than his nigh-impenetrable skin. But the shock was long enough for him to stumble back and be wide open for the follow up attack by the two guards.

    Octus’ short sword with the Force augmentation to his power would again pierce the skin of the Abaddon’s leg, but would become lodged. The momentum coming to an abrupt end would save his life as it caused the guard to spin out sideways out of Abaddon’s grasp.

    Decimus was not as fortunate.

    Decimus’ larger size caused him to slow down and not spin out once his blade became lodged in Abaddon’s skin and that slowed him enough for the Giant to grab his armor with one arm and lift the man to his face. Abaddon broke the pike, though the Grysk spear tip remained lodged in his chest. He growled at Decimus, face to face, before he stabbed the broken pike into the guard’s chest, the weapon emerging in splinters out of Decimus’ back.

    “Big talk for a big guy who couldn’t back it up. Disappointed.” Forming a knifehand, Abaddon stabbed his hand into Decimus stomach, grabbed the spine of the large man, and rapidly twisted it, breaking the bones all the way up the neck, and launched the brute to the feet of Octus. Decimus was paralyzed, bleeding profusely, yet... refused to die.

    Blood dripped down from Abaddon’s chest onto his boots. The pain... it was new to him. Foreign, like a childhood friend that moved away. It was hard for him to get used to it. He was surrounded by the troopers, but they would not be able to do anything. None of them. Nothing could kill him. He looked up... yep, right on schedule.

    The drifting section of the Hell Hazard opened revealing it to be a hangar and various unmanned ships spilled out. They were just falling... starfighter after starfighter, transport after transport, freighter after freighter, just falling to the surface. The crashes would annihilate the entire campsite and the area for miles around. Killing everything. Sabel, Alpha, Octus, and likely the First Prince as well. But Abaddon would be okay, he’d survive. He just hoped he would get to the First Prince in time.

    “First, we gotta go!!”

    ... Abaddon’s voice interrupted the silence that hung between Sabel and Colussia.

    “You idiot.”
    She was not talking to Sabel. The Third Prince’s tactic was idiotic on the surface but its danger was amplified because he didn’t understand what the RoamWorld was.

    She retracted her blade, but heightened the protection of her armor. Falling to her knees, she raised her hands in surrender and began speaking in Grysk tongue. Her armor crystallized with her inside, making her unable to move or think for a period of time but protecting her from all external threats and harm. A protective cocoon that left her incredibly vulnerable in other ways.

    What was worth this risk?

    The rumbling from underneath The entire campsite would give Sabel a moment to reach out in the Force to see what was coming with only minutes to act.


    They would emerge. Large pits of surface would give way. The RoamWorld was fighting back all of the invaders!

    Sabel shook his head, trust the unthinking beast to create even more chaos and cause the world to react to everyone’s presence. But, Abaddon had created an opportunity as well. He checked the cocoon that the First Prince’s armor had become, a dark smile coming to his face. Concentrating, he raised his energy, using it now not to fight what he could tell would completely resist attacks but to surround it with a void, a bubble of negative energy that would keep the defensive systems believing that it needed to protect her. Once they were aboard one of the larger ships he could turn that over to mechanical means but this worked until they got free.

    He keyed the comm, with all the Guards tied in. ”Dropship, retrieve all Red Guard and myself with cargo. Octus secure Negetus to board, Elevtus secure Decimus, and Twalvtus secure Alpha. Skytroopers, secure Sevetus’s body then board last, use repulsor systems to join in orbit.” The Skytroopers he could afford to lose to the stray falling ship, they were droids, advanced ones but droids nonetheless.

    Entire areas of sand became sinking pits. Some of the sky troopers began receiving danger alerts but did not know what was coming. None but Sabel knew. The Worms of the RoamWorld erupted from the ground, by the dozens, each of them larger than skyscrapers and shattering the sky with intensely loud *click click* sounds.

    Some of the skytroopers were immediately devoured and several of the falling aircraft were intercepted and devoured by the worms. Abaddon looked around him and tried to gain his balance. He was confused and the only thing that brought his focus back was seeing Sabel surround the First Prince with dark energy. The behemoth roared past Octus and the broken Decimus and before Elevtus could summon a defensive stance, Abaddon’s arm decapitated the guard like a blade cutting through butter. The drop ship hovered swooped in to pick up Sabel and the First Prince first and before Abaddon could make it to stop them he was thrown skyward by an emerging Worm.

    The worms did not target Sabel or the First Prince for unknown reasons, but the Guard of Sabel had to maneuver between falling starships and the RoamWorld worms.

    A pair of Skytroopers darted into the tent, one grabbing Elevtus and his head, the other taking Decimus in hand. As he was lifted, Decimus coughed weakly then laughed, ”Told you it was all to distract you and you fell for it, fool…” he got out before he passed out and the Skytroopers lifted, seeking an angle to land in the dropship as it lifted.

    He lifted the void surrounded cocoon and stepped aboard the dropship as it hovered, ramp before him, settling near the front, Colussia’s cocoon at his feet. The still standing Guards joined him, the injured ones currently unconscious so they were in less pain. Twalvtus, the ‘medic’ of the Guard checked and stabilized his arm before returning to the casualties. They rocketed through the atmosphere, headed to the hangar of one of the hybrids. The dark smile stayed on Sabel’s face as he sensed the anger and frustration of Abaddon, that he’d taken the First Prince from right under his nose.

    When they landed, the yacht landing nearby, he ensured that the cocoon was set in a mechanical version of what he’d done with the Force as Twalvtus took the injured to the medbay. ”Take out the engines of that ship.” he ordered the SDs as they prepared to jump, but not back to his territory. He planned on leading Abaddon on a merry little chase. One deep into territory that would, could possibly, drive the Third Prince into further madness. Both had charged their spinal weapons and the massive blasts echoed out toward the Hell Hazard as the ships powered up to jump.

    Sabel turned as the remaining Skytroopers landed in the hangar. The bodies of Sevetus and now Elevtus were laid out on airsleds to be brought to where they could be prepared. He stopped by them both as the ship jumped to hyper. He mourned their passing in silence, the remaining Guards surrounding him, keeping all passersby at a distance until he was ready. After a couple moments his head lifted, an almost halo of dark energy surrounding his head, anger at the Syndicate and their efforts to destroy his people burning in his mind. Turning to the Guard as they knelt, ”The Unknown Regions, all of space, will not be safe until we end this threat. That is our cause now.”

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    IC: Wapoe
    Settlement edge

    He was touched for a moment; it felt as if Dice was telling the truth...

    "She knows, sadly, too much about me. Dathisi, my Dathisi, she must think me some kind of evil. As for you, Wapoe...I'm sure your presence here has not gone unnoticed. After all, you are Wapoe. At least for now."

    "Nice," he barbed back. I'll give you 'for now' with my boot up your -

    "The Outrider's technology comes from a different time. Far, far in the future. This is a secret between you and I. Be careful with that. Not even the Syndicate knows about his true origins. If he is to be believed, he is from a future where this galaxy loses the knowledge of the Force and the ability to wield it. What is at work in you is something like a contingency plan. It is not great empires nor great wars that tempt and manipulate fate; it is the mad men. Mad men like you. Mad men like the First Prince. Men that cannot simply find the wonders of life enough and must push the greatest limits of what is impossible for most to fathom."

    "Far off future?" Wapoe paused. It was this what he was interested in. An End of Time, if he could pull it off. "The First Prince sounds like a bad guy," Wapoe said with a spread of his arms. "I'm not that, not at all."

    He pivoted to go, and Wapoe debated following him.

    "You should talk to Dathisi Niroon or the Head Priest at the Church. You'll need either extensive surgery or intensive divine intervention."

    Wapoe winced at the thought of either. He flexed his metal arm, regarding it for a moment, and rolling his shoulders to try and ease around the pain. It was getting worse. After a hesitation, he called out. "Thank you, Dice. I appreciate what you're saying, and I shall do my bit." Another pause. "If you need anything, let me know."

    He turned to peer at the settlement and find a building vaguely pointy and regal, probably mathematically central.

    Pious types loved numeric grace.

    And pointing up to the heavens, as if space travel was still not a thing.

    God isn't in the clouds, kiddies. He's probably hiding from you. Or her competitors. Or playing a game where everyone dies at some point but it's fun so who cares. I really doubt they're just watching. Because nobody does that, even if you leave very explicit instructions that they not interfere for fear of temporal anomalies.

    He winced at the thought of Zas'tel doing what he did.

    Wapoe was more interested in having a conversation with whatever passed for Gods since the Mortis trio had killed each other.

    He may have to engineer the deaths of them, too, after all.

    Whistling as he walked, he put his hands in his coat pocket and stepped forward.

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    IC: K’ir Tor
    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    There was one thing and one thing alone he knew for certain. K’ir Tor trusted in the Force. He trusted in the Light and the balance it brought, the freedom from darkness and oppression.

    Without a shadow of a doubt, he trusted his companions.

    Lady Dathisi: She was a source of good will. He knew it and could feel it, as well as he knew himself, even better. K’ir Tor understood his role. He was living on borrowed time. His light would recede at the appointed hour, and Lady Dathisi’s would increase. She was the beacon of hope he could never be, but knew the galaxy needed. Until that time, he would support her every effort for as long as he was able.

    Mara: She was the perfect partner. She brought exactly what was needed to succeed. There was no extraneous baggage with her, as she remained focused and on mission. She was a Master in her own right and knew how to double the chances with anyone she paired herself with. She was never second, because she was a perfect ‘equal’.

    Unkown: A man who was a mystery. K’ir Tor had a sense of a neutrality beyond anything he had known previously. He sensed no darkness from him, no deception or ill-intention. He knew not why he followed Lady Dathisi, but that was less important than the fact that he followed someone who was good. That was enough for him. That and the fact Unknown did not care for Dice: The Tall Man. That made sense for one who was a follower of Lady Dathisi. K’ir Tor would count him as an ally.

    Mai’hun: Without a doubt, one of the most gifted pilots he had ever and likely will ever know. The chiss woman was a loyal ally, who risked herself for the greater good. K’ir Tor was grateful to her for more than he could ever express and secretly vowed to avenge the trauma the Syndicate had visited upon her.

    Mai’hun was like a sister to a man who had never known the preciousness of having a family and never thought he would, until now.

    Myra: How does one describe the reason for breathing, for hoping, for existing. Myra was the secret joy of K’ir Tor’s life. A stabilizing Force, a gift. The one thing he could not live without, and yet, he knew in time he would. He would never reveal how transient his new existence had become, but instead would fill every waking moment with joy and wonder. In truth, sometimes he lost himself to the mission, but she was always there when he returned.

    She was the part of himself that really mattered. Making her smile and seeing her happy was the greatest treasure anyone could ever have. He was thankful to the Lightside of the Force for this, unmerited boon.


    And so, with these thoughts in mind, K’ir Tor approached the encampment, relegating himself to a support role. As such, he could be far more vigilant than before.

    It was no secret that he did not trust Dice at all. He was the worst kind of darksider there ever was. A deceiver of deceivers, passing himself as ‘good’, perverting truth for the sake of his wicked ends. K’ir Tor would keep an eye on this one, for he clearly was here to despoil Lady Dathisi, and that he would not allow, not as long as he drew breath.

    The other cloaked stranger, was another mystery. But unlike Unknown, this one seemed amiable to Dice, which was not a good sign. His signature in the force seemed undetermined for the moment, but his actions - or lack of certain ones, already revealed his leanings.

    This one too would need to be watched.

    On the other hand, Jinos would need to negotiate his petition with the governing bodies of Trande Settlement. K’ir Tor had no doubt that Lady Dathisi would work towards the best possible result. As for himself, K’ir was here to even the playing field against the powers of darkness. He could not know what, but certainly felt that something sinister was afoot.

    Why else would Dice still be on planet. As long as he was present, it meant that the Syndicate was also present. The Syndicate who represented everything that was wrong and evil in the galaxy.

    This is why he was here.

    To put an end to their darkness.

    ….or them to snuff out his light.

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    IC: Dathisi Niroon
    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    Dathisi approached the campsite with her companions, Her feline eyes falling onto ancient tents, and a hooded man standing at the entrance to the hastily assembled camp. The man's eyes were hidden, But Dathisi could sense that the cloth was not a barrier to his sight. The man bowed low as they approached and came to a stop before him. Dathisi returned the gesture with a small respectful bow of her head.

    "Thank you for coming to me without arms. We are the Huzonian people."

    Dathisi listened in fascination at the Story that Jinos started to tell. They were descendants of Jedi! They had been Trapped in the orbit of a "Machine" world for thousands of years by a "Trickster" called Sera. Generation after Generation of the Huzonian people confined to those ancient ships...They were born, lived and Died on these ships. Dathisi couldn't imagine what it would have been like. To miss out on all the experiences and sensations that others take for granted every day. The sights, the smells, the sounds and everything in between.

    Jinos explained that though they were descendants of Jedi, they were not Jedi themselves, only having studied books and listened to tales passed down by the spoken word. It wasn't until Sera returned with a being called Wapoe - Who Jinos identified to the K'ir Tor, Mara Jade, and Dathisi as being the strange presence that they sensed as the barricade - that the gravitational hold on the fleet had been released.

    Dathisi was grateful for the intel on the force-sensitive newcomer, but the revelation about this being "Wapoe" was concerning. Wapoe's interaction with the Huzonians had freed the fleet from Crisis...but what was his purpose here on Vas Nihollia, and what was his relationship with Dice? How much of a threat was he? Again, more questions....

    As Jinos finished telling his story, The sound of an approaching speeder bike caused Dathisi's ears to twitch, and she turned around. Constable Muul pulled up on his speeder bike. He stepped of and removed his "cowboy" hat, the brim wet with sweat. He placed his hands on his hips and wandered over to the group.

    "Don't you all know that the barricade is bloomdogs, curse the council for now. Dathisi, what..." Muul looked over to Mara Jade and Unknown and stopped mid-sentence. "Didn't you two sign up to fight off the raiders?" He stopped again and looked at K'ir Tor. "And...your ship still hasn't been authorized... Aw kriff..." The Trande Constable and temporary Council member was overwhelmed with the happenings over the past few days and could not get things together in his mind. He rubbed his temples in earnest confusion. "Dathisi, what....what do you make of all this?..." He did not like his next words, but Muul was out of his depths. "What...should we do? Should we let them stay?"

    Dathisi looked at the confused Constable, her expression softening a bit. The dedicated constable was trying to deal with a situation so much higher than his pay-grade, it was no surprise he would be feeling overwhelmed, as well as questioning of their unconventional group. She walked closer to him.

    "It's not a question of should we let them stay...i have this feeling, as if they were meant to get here. Something in the force is saying they are here for a reason" She crossed her arms across her front, glancing at Jinos's tattered Tent before looking the constable-come-Councillor in the face once more. She didn't expect Muul to understand, but with everything that had transpired here recently.... Another teaching from her past ghosted across the forefront. of her mind

    "Nothing happens by accident..."

    "Still..." She continued "...Logistically this is going to be even harder then the refugee integration from the mines "A frown crossed her brown unbidden for the slightest of moments. Those that were present in the camp, most did look in ill health "...We need to assess any risks to health, both to the Huzonians and the settlement. All that time in Space, confined to their ships.. They are most likely immunocompromised, so we can't risk them mixing with the townspeople straight out of the gate. Conversely, we can't expose the townspeople to any potential illnesses potentially brought with with them." She glanced at the fleet of ancient ships, then back at Muul. She had to fight the urge to shrug her shoulders as she tried to come up with an anyway workable solution.

    "The only thing I can suggest is they land the ships somewhere ways-a-way from Trande, Establish a "Colony" using the ships if you will. They may have to stay aboard the ships for now, but I don't see another way, until we know exactly what we are dealing with...We can provide what supplies we can, and I'll liaise with Jinos regarding health assessments" She paused for a few beats, as she looked at the landscape around her. They would need a hell of a lot of space to accommodate the ancient ships. "Hows your knowledge of Vas Nihollia Geography?"

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    Mara favored the flustered constable with a subtly amused look as his nonstop questions poured forth. She had frankly forgotten about the raiders until he mentioned them. She focused on Dathisi's reply. Sensible strategy, isolate the new arrivals until the safety of all could be assured. Finding a place that could accommodate so many would be problematic. Thankfully it wasn't up to her to arrange such things. She didn't believe in coincidences and this Wapoe character was a mystery. She just hoped he wasn't going to prove to be trouble...