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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Hangar 9, Shuttle

    Tenk's booted feet thudded against the hangar floor and he couldn't help but take note of some missing weight that would usually be hanging at his belt. He had given Selpha Nephrite's lightsaber to Tahnan who the Jedi assumed would soon deliver the Mando girl's belonging back to Mandalore. With it was Tenk's resignation.

    Talia's life had been saved. As soon as the one who claimed to be the Vulture had given his testimony, Tenk had known that his wife would live. Even if he hadn't sensed it in the Force, of how the revelations had hit the judges, it was obvious to what the decision would turn to. Knowing of the near-mythical tales of the Vulture and how much the criminal had already helped the Resistance, making an enemy of the Vulture was much more trouble then it would be worth. So Talia's execution was halted.

    Did that make Tenk think he owed the Vulture? No. As much good as the Vulture had done for the Resistance and their fight, he had done much harm to not only Talia but no doubt hundreds - perhaps hundreds of thousands or even more - of others. Tenk's opinion about the Vulture hadn't changed at all: he was a criminal first and foremost. Always has and always will. Only doing business when it suited his needs and ending it - fatally so at times, Tenk had no doubts about that - when it no longer suited said needs. Did Tenk hate him? No.

    As to why the Vulture even bothered to save Talia the Jedi didn't really know. As much as Tenk would like to think that the thought of an angry, Jedi husband that had been through hell and back would be bad for business, the Vulture - if Tenk knew him as well as he thought - was considering this as just another payment to Talia. His wife having killed Kira as she had been ordered, Hoole and Xenly dying as well, no doubt the Vulture thought she did a good job.

    As Tenk marched up the landing ramp, his thoughts drifting back to Talia and how she had suffered, he focused on the Resistance itself. Was he angry at the Resistance? Did he blame and curse them, seeing them as betraying not only his wife but himself? No. Did he hate Tahnan who seems to have had his own hand in all this? No. And he had said just as much when he paid the Falleen one last visit. Along with a promise that he was not abandoning the Resistance nor the fight against the Sith.

    Hate and anger. Tenk was long past those destructive emotions. After all, he was a Jedi again. A Jedi that still had duties that needed to be done.

    And not just the one that he sensed as he entered the shuttle.

    Talia's life may have been saved, but she herself was not. Just like what he had sensed in the cell, there was a darkness that surrounded his wife. A taint of the dark side that stained her very soul. A taint that had once been his. A taint that he was to blame for passing on to her.

    But it was a taint that he would not allow to take control of her as it had once done to him. He would help her, he would heal her, he would save her. He had sworn it.

    "We should go, before he changes his mind."

    Tenk knew who she spoke of and what she meant. So this payment of the Vulture's was to be the final one. He was relieved.

    Taking a seat next to Talia, Tenk reached out and grasped one of her hands that held the datapad. He gave it a gentle squeeze as he leaned over and kissed his wife on her cheek. Despite what had happened - all the trials that they had been forced to pass and fail, all the pain they had to endure - he felt complete now. Whether it was the Force that now spoke to him or just a simple feeling, he felt as if everything was going to be alright.

    "Let's go," he finally spoke though his hand didn't let go of hers just yet. As if afraid he was going to lose her again if he did. But he wasn't. They were back together and he wasn't going to allow anything to separate them ever again.

    He thought of K'kruhk. He needed to contact him again.

    "I may know somewhere where we can go," Tenk continued and
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM-Note: 24-36 hours and I´ll wrap things up. After that you can all respond but probably won´t get any further updates.

    I have TheGoodImperial´s final update and if he doesn´t make it to a computer to post it, I´ll do it. I approved without changes anyway, TGI.

    The final posts playing the far future from 133 ABY will be posted then. 142 ABY for Tenk Qatar and Kira Kara Romar and 186 ABY (the rumors were TRUE) for Laaxtin Kiar.

    Then we´ll wrap it up, get our end credits and our game summary up and that will be it, then.


  3. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    The Vulture
    Leaving the Resistance Headquarters

    Folding his arms, he changed again. One of his most familiar shapes, one he could snap into in an instance. The face of his ever loyal servant, Vexedo. One of them, to say at least.

    And he watched the shipyards, mobile defense platforms and fleet of ships grow smaller and smaller as his droids prepared for the complicated sequence of jumps making it impossible to find him. He would change ships, pass routes hardly known to anyone but him anymore and reach his home, his own base of operation through a complicated system of safeguards and protections. Even that had all become routine. Predictable, everlasting, unchanging routine.

    He doubted it made much sense. Neither the Sith nor the Empire were truly aware of his existence. The Resistance, Rebellion or whatever it called himself, was no threat to him. The Jedi were hiding somewhere but busy surviving. Who would come after him? Now that the one who would have was dead? The Vulture was left. A remnant of a war. A relic of other times. Had he influence? Amazing influence, actually. But even that influence had become an institution. A part of the galaxies system of checks and balances. Moffs, Generals and Governors on various sides of the wars. Proxy Criminals, smuggler kings and pirate queens. He had more than one merc on his payroll, a few bounty hunters. A Sith. And now a Jedi. Indirect. But within´ his reach. Talia had shown herself to be a useful investment. Tenk Qatar could run, hide and heal as much as he wanted to. He would never be out of the Vulture´s reach. For again, the ancient Sho´ido Lord of Crime had used the Jedi´s greatest weakness against one of them. Their hope, trust and faith in others.

    In the end, Talia, just like everybody else, had had her price. Freedom. Security. And the feeling of power. She would not admit it, but power was something you needed to love someone more powerful. You could not feel helpless. Or incompetent. And the Vulture had given her that feeling of power. He had made her do incredible crimes so she could feel it. And indeed she had. And something in her would always be missing, now that she was the loving wife at the blind Jedi´s side again. The Vulture grinned. He would have been a good Sith. A shame, they did turn and sat down on his desk. Information from a hundred systems jumped alive before his eyes and he studied them patiently. Patience, was something he had learned.

    His ship vanished into hyperspace and he leaned back.

    How many had dared to challenge him and lived to tell of it? Not too many. but indeed he had never found Kira Romar, again. Their exchange, their battle and his defeat on Karideph became a rumor, a legend told among the criminals of the galaxy. And in time it became irrelevant. When he had the impression Talia Qatar might have found her, he did not bother to ask, anymore. Just like all other things, it did not really matter. Hoole was gone now, the Xenly with him. The Sith - soon after the events at Mestra began picking apart each other and the Jedi raised once more to defend . . . whatever. It happened for the third time in his lifetime. It wasn´t getting anymore interesting, actually.

    Slowly the Vulture lost interest. Delegating more and more of his projects to lesser servants. Of proxies became placeholders, became stewards of his Empire of Crime, became factions, became organisations. He held control over them. He had learned so well to control others, he actually did not have to do anything. It was his nature to take the right measures. But he rarely executed that control. He watched. And even that less and less.

    Until even watching was demanding and he turned his back on these things.

    The generation that had known the Vulture passed away, finally. And was replaced by one not knowing him, except from the whispers among their fathers. And finally a man who had kept his existence in secrecy was too easy to forget and the Vulture did not resist being forgotten. Instead he waited i>
  4. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Kara Romar
    Yelsain, Roberzon Tower, Childcare

    [link=]Music by Fin - Among friends[/link]

    Kira Romar smiled, as she saw Levi running towards her. Going to her knees still hurt, but it was worth it, as the small girl embraced her with the untamed love of a child. "Hey, told you I would come back, didn´t I?" She laughed. And Levi laughed out happy.

    Lobila, the greenish Twi´lek girl looking after the children came around the corner and smiled. "You´re back, Jedi Kira." She smiled and embraced her, too. Kira smiled to her, too. A sad smile, perhaps. But with a glimmer of hope in it. "Only Kira. And I am here, yes. It is . . . over." She smiled. Lobila smiled back and the took Levi into their midst. "The bugs who came and died. That was you, was it?" Lobila asked. Kira only nodded. Yes, it was me. And it seems as if that was another me, was it?

    "It´s over. They will never be back." Kira said and the other children sheered, as she entered the kindergarten.

    Lobila allowed her to stay for a few weeks. Somehow Kira guessed it could be month. Maybe she would give birth to her son here, on peaceful Yelsain. A thought she liked a lot. Closing her eyes, the absence of the force gave way to something else inside of her. Peace. And a smile crept onto her face, that showed no bitterness or sadness at all. The last rays of the sun touched her skin and the birds from the seemingly endless jungles below flew up into the sky. Kira felt at peace. At peace.

    "Thank you." Her lips formed that words. Then the left hand touched her belly and she felt her son beneath her skin. She would be a mother. Never had she dreamt that would be her way. But now she could not imagine her life any other way. Kira Romar would be a mother soon.

    [i]Thank you. [/i]

    [b]Tag: Fin[/b]>
  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=silver]The Resistance Headquarters[/hl]

    [link=]The End of Many Things . . . [/link]

    Vejoun Tahnan smiled, as he saw the giant vessel released from the mobile shipyards. Somehow their technicians had made it and had gotten the thing flight-worthy in time. And under the command of Captain Vayland and Colonel U´tek the ship made it´s way back to the Minos Cluster. To secure it from Sith and Empire and create another hole in the web of the ever hunting Sith. They had chances to win that battle, actually. Then again, who could say you could not do the impossible?

    He felt little regret. Less than many other men would in his position, possibly. Many had died, many had been saved. Kira Romar had in the end saved them all. Just as he had foreseen it. And the Vulture had not allowed Talia Qatar to pay for Tahnan´s sins. The Mandalorian had sacrificed herself to buy him these few days. She had never learned a Jedi had saved her home. Rumors had it Tenk Qatar had returned to his order, to train the youth.

    Jacen Cole, Lorj Danathin, Selpha Nephrite. Many had been friends and allies and had not survived the Minos Cluster. He felt the heaviness in his heart vanish, as he realized he would soon be one with them.

    The letter of resignation he had handed in under the condition to accept his full responsibility for what had happened within´ the Minos Cluster. Admiral Stazi had accepted with a salute. The Admiral understood decisions weren´t always easy to make. Colonel U´tek would have to learn that, too. On this ship that had brought them so much good and bad things. And had been the end of so many things . . .

    Commander Keean had taken the place as U´tek´s second-in-command, Glave was on board to advise. The Resistance greatest asset in imperial strategy. And new recruits. Fighter pilots, technicians, soldiers. Tahnan smiled. He would miss these things. The comrades. The battles.
    He sometimes wondered if he should have told Kira Romar the truth. But it would have been no good. She would only have stayed to watch him die. Something he was very well able to do on his own. The Corellian Ale he was tasting was a good year. 128 ABY. Who would have thought anything good would come from that year?

    Then again, had it not made them all who they were these days?

    Smiling, General Vejoun Tahnan looked up and saw the flash of light, as the Ascendancy entered hyperspace. He remembered. So many things. And as his eyes closed again and the ale slowly moved down his throat, he died with a taste like gold on his tongue.

    Nobody had realized it was new years day. The year 133 after the Battle of Yavin had come to an end . . .

    Tag: Nobody

    [hl=black][color=silver][b]GM-Note:[/b][/color][/hl] Now you visionaries of your characters futures can send in your posts and I´ll sort them in chronological order. The official 133 ABY is over, as we leave the year. Consider what comes now to be a second epilogue. Or a farewell to old friends. Take your time. We´re in no more hurry here.
    I´ll do the last, final post from the years 186 ABY which I will write with Mitth-Fisto´s assistance and then I´ll post a Game Summary.

  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kaya Kau'Yun Kiar
    Worldship Baanu Dul, His Chambers

    It had been many years since he had stood so close to the brink, that unfolding abyss, which promised either a death enlightened or a life prolonged. Three years? Yes, it had been about that long since he had fought Yarong of Xenly, killing that god in it?s own crèche. Flexing his Verpine arm at the memory, the clicking of it?s chitin, and the dark shine that it added to his form giving life to the memories of that adventure of survived suicidal heroism.

    Nearly it was enough to make one shed a tear for the lucky that passed on ahead, those that knew what this path would create. The worldship only had the ability to survive one more long battle with hyperspace, when did he come to call dark space by the infi?the galactic standards language? No matter, they, those gathered now here upon this dying ship had gathered to be the faithful few that would carry out an evolution pre-ordained by the gods for their survival or their doom. For from this day forward they would proceed with body unfettered by the choral implants of blind faith and proceed once more with their eyes wide, their options open, and the god?s advising as they might have been if their first contact had not been a war to the death with machines.

    His hand gripped the small device where Du?Kat?s hand had once done so to punctuate his fateful last grand speech to him, opening the portal to look out upon space. This galaxy was no longer a place where they could be what they had been created to be, at least not here. They would have to travel beyond, these few to where knowledge by all major races, ?Empirically Torn? and even ?Chiss? did not know, only there might they find the solace of a new beginning, a new rebirth.

    Either that or die in sacrifice along with the worldship in failure, even as advisors the end would always be within their grasp, but if ever they were to grow they would have to stick to the new path that is as old as remembrance. Everything would be new as so it was old to begin, for they were now and forever more the Yun'tchilat Vong, or ?god?s chosen children?, for now they were not just Yun-Yuuzhan?s children as the old name spoke, but where the chosen of all. Whatever happened though, he at least had an heir that would survive, one that stayed behind with someone he felt he could trust in this galactic half filled with sith treachery. Qatar had better do right, that was his only wish, but leave it to a Jedi to teach a Kaya Kau?Yun?s son how to use the force. Vicariously maybe other young ones here would also learn, but there would still be a Kiar left in the galaxy, and that?

    A savior of the galaxy was going to leave it to it?s own devices now, leave on a belief, with those willing to accept the same belief. As the stars streaked around before him before reshaping in the effervescent cascade of color that is hyperspace, that thought somehow made everything better to him as he left it behind.

    TAG: Next in Time
  7. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    bridge, Ascendancy

    U'tek stood on the bridge with both Keean and Glave by him, watching Vayland going through the disembarking procedures. He was not wearing the fatigues that he usually wore. Now that he was in command, he donned the more traditional working dress uniform, his rank clearly displayed. He stood by near one of the viewports, looking down on the bustling activity from the crew. While it was a distraction, his mind kept returning to the events that happened during Talia Qatar's tribunal. The nerve of the Vulture to show up, and to accuse him of murder. The cathar was glad that he had enough professionalism and self-control to not react at all at the tribunal, despite the strong urge to start shooting at the liar. But the force field would have made it look like an infantile effort. Never mind. The Vulture was gone, for now. They had his "word" that nothing would be compromised. For now.

    He had more important things to worry about now. Here he was, in command of the Ascendancy battle group - although it wasn't much of a group, being just the Ascendancy. But with the amount of new personnel on board, which was close enough for a full ship's complement, and large collection of fighters, transports, probes, and other ships on board the Ascendancy, it would be a force to be reckoned with. He would leave all of the minutia of commanding the actual ship and starfaring matters to Vayland, of course. But even he had to be kept appraised of those matters as he was in charge of everything. The thought of that was somewhat daunting, yet very satisfying and entirely appropriate for a cathar warrior. There would be much discussions of missions for the fighter squadrons. The soldier complement would have to be made sure to be in top shape. And briefings from intel would be non-stop. He was granted a SpecOps operative from the higher ups, and U'tek was going to be sure to use them.

    There were plenty of worlds in the Minos Cluster that were in various stages of control under the Sith and Imperials, and now was the best time to be there after the devastation of the past several weeks. An Alliance presence of this magnitude would surely work in their favor.

    U'tek watched the stars shoot by as they entered hyperspace and finally spoke.

    "You know, Glave," he said quietly, "the other reason we have you hear is because it's easier to keep a close eye on you here. We don't trust former Imps too quick."

    Glave smirked back at U'tek. "Even if I didn't switch over, if I thought you were stupid enough to not do that, you would've had a couple of destroyers knocking on HQ's door a couple of days ago."

    U'tek smiled back hearing Glave's challenge. "Don't give me a reason to lock you in the brig."

    "Same back to you."

    "So, Colonel," Keean interrupted. "Time for your little speech?"

    "Unfortunately," U'tek unenthusiastically responded. He and the other two then walked over to the captain's station where Vaylad was sitting. Vayland motioned to the comm system. U'tek reluctantly picked up the receiver. He wasn't one for long speeches, and he barely knew what to say to the crew. But he was the commanding officer; he had to say something. U'tek keyed the receiver, and throughout the ship's intercom system a set of whistled tones went out, hearkening back to the days of when ships only traveled a world's oceans.

    "This is Colonel Tereo U'tek," the cathar said in his steady voice. "As you all know we are beginning our mission in the Minos Cluster, where some of you had been only weeks before on this same vessel. Your experience level is of no matter to me, however. I expect the same from everyone - to put in their best effort into their work. Watch out for the being beside you, and they'll do the same for you. This cruise will not be easy, but you wouldn't be here if it was. The battle to reinstate the Alliance has not and will not continue to be easy, but we will persevere if you only follow what I simply request of you. Our mission in the Minos Cluster will be successful. A
  8. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Strange things happening. I am not able to PM, so I do it here. All you send me is approved Fin. And sorry for those who wait for me. I am on the move and rather busy right now. So please forgive me. I wanna do this with some justice to the characters, so I won´t rush it.
  9. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005
    OOC: Wow, kind of makes me want to cry, honestly. Not following through with Tahnan will be something I regret for quite a while to be sure. I'd like to apologize to Fin, Kira, and all the others I ditched a few months ago. Life got a little confusing and chaotic as hell...I couldn't keep up. It annoys me to admit that, but it's the truth. So, again. Sorry, mates. I'll never forget how I let you guys down.
  10. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    No worries, Krayt. The game turned out great, the story worked just fine with the cast I had and Major Tahnan grew into a General of questionable reputation and was a very important part of the story . . . so all is fine. It´s only a shame you weren´t here for the ride. Might have liked it . . .
  11. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: This is obviously Sarge221´s and my final post for this game. It is also my final chronological post for Kira Kara Romar. With the exception of a brief cameo in 129 ABY early next year, I lay her to rest now and will never touch or play her again. What you read here is the end to her story. The same goes for Sarge´s Tenk Qatar, I understood. So, this our goodbye, to this incredible game and these beloved characters.


    [color=blue][b]Kamparas, 146 ABY[/b]
    [i]The Village Voncmar, Marketplace[/i][/color]

    "Sim, Sim, get over here!" [b]Kira[/b] shouted after her boy, who was running off to see a Ronto march through the streets. He had never seen a creature like that. But that did not excuse having his mother carry all the things they had bought alone. Especially with her one hand. Kira smiled at the Adarian merchant. The market was filled with many people at this time of day. One of the rare occassions when Kira enjoyed company. Her son was very different from her in that regard. Open and talkative, he befriended the other children quickly and he and a Jenet named [b]Moar[/b] had become best friends recently. The family of Moar owned a farm very near to Kira´s little shop. They were friendly people.

    "I can help you with the bags, I´ll just tell my son to take over for a few minutes and I´ll bring them to your speeder, Kira-pau," the Adarian offered. His name was [b]Keylip Bra [/b] and he had sold Kira her vegetables for as long as she had been on Kamparas. Since [b]Simeon[/b]´s birth, actually.

    "No, thank you. It´s too nice of you, but if Sim doesn´t learn it, I´ll have to argue with him until he is a grown up. And I think I do not have the patience for that." Kira smiled.

    The Adarian laughed a bit. "So there is something you do not have patience for, after all?" He laughed and Kira smiled back. Serenity was a trademark of her. She knew people had rumored her to be a veteran of the war. Some had even hinted she might have been a Jedi. But that rumor was mostly filed under "overimagitive". Which was the way Kira wanted it to stay.

    Simeon turned around and came back after all. "A Ronto, like the one you read me about when I was a child!" He laughed and pointed at the giant animal.

    "I know, young man, I've seen one before. Now get my second bag. Or shall I have myself grow a second hand, hm?"

    Sim sighed and took the back. "Why don´t you have a replacement? Muar´s cousin got one and it works just fine. They can even grow one, these days" the boy said as Kira nodded to Keylip and made their way to the Speeder.

    "I am reminding myself of something, by having one hand. One day, I´ll tell you the whole story. And you, you won´t believe your poor old mother." She smiled at the thought and made her way to the aged speeder model.

    [i][b]Voncmar[/b][/i] had become their home. Not the kind of spectacular home, people wrote letters and poems about, but simply the place where she lived. His small shop, selling all kinds of goods (but especially Arkanian imports for a certain Hutt near Neol) traded with her for Kamparas's own traditional goods. It had been a good and honest business. It was boring. It was normal. It was everything she had always dreamed about. And it had been her life for over a decade now.

    "Is Moar coming over tonight?" She asked her annoyed son, who would have preferred to stay and watch the ronto.

    "Yeah, he wanted to. Can he eat with us?"

    Kira nodded, smiling. "Of course he can. Always." And a shudder ran down her spine, as an old Weequay passed her on the street. Greeting her. The man probably would never understand, why Kira wouldn´t say a word to him, ever.

    Within the crowd, a certain blind man was looking for his own family. A difficult task perhaps when one has lost his eyesight. But you know what they say; when you lose one sense, the rest tend to be heightened in an attempt to make up for that lost one. And when it was the mystical sense that is the Force that is bene>
  12. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]GM-Note:[/hl] Just to let you know, this is still worked on, my final post. It is just, that I may collide with something another GM has in preparations and therefore some adjustments are needed. I might actually post my summary and credits first and have that one as a post-credits scene, then. Leaving it´s canonicity in ABYverse to every single one of you to decide . . .
  13. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Actually that you cut the scene you send me for approval needs to be cut because it gives too much away . . . is a major spoiler which makes me wonder what you guys are brewing there :D Go ahead and post the summary, Fin. Can never capture the game, anyway. ;)
  14. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=coral]133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey[/hl]

    So, my final post got cancelled to make sure no promising game the future might bring get´s corrupted by my foreshadowing story. And therefore only one thing remains to do. Piece together a final post and say good bye to the game, which by now has ended quite a few weeks ago.

    I was asked to provide a short story of how this game - that never was entirely mine - has come to pass. But I think the ABYverse thread or PMs might be better suited for that. What I want to do here is a Game Summary, a Player/Role summary and then lay it all to rest, with a week for you to rant about my miserable GMing, before giving all of you the credits and lock it.

    Game Summary

    Chapter One - The Broken Wings must fly

    My personal love letter to the In Media Res beginning of Episode IV my beginning send us right into the desperate extraction move of Major Tahnan and his Resistance cell to free one single Jedi in the Gesaril Asteroid Complex. Things turned ugly in the corridors and I must say that our beginning saw many of my most beloved action scene I ever played. All the main cast of the Resistance-Storyline was introduced as were our only two Jedi and the young and adorable Si Kya.
    Outside raged our only huge space battle we would ever have. With fighters, imperials and desperate measures included. Finally the Resistance saved the day.
    Also introduced were the Sith, who would soon end up as secondary villains in my game. And even though they believed they had allowed the Resistance to leave, they were just players in a game nobody controlled anymore. Nevertheless, we saw a reunion of the Jedi and the remnant of the GA. And with them, something else got on board, which would dominate the thrilling Chapter Two . . .

    Chapter Two - Impostor

    Chapter two began with two additions to our Roster. NickLitYouaFlame joined for a short role as Ishtarr, the Resistance Wookiee Doc and LordT played the name-giving Impostor in form of Darth Imperi, a Clawdite Shapechanger who had infiltrated the Sunlight Ranger on a mission of destruction. My favourite Chapter of th whole game woulkd turn into a duel of a whole ship, against the vile and evil spirit of
    LordT who send me crueler and crueler PMs with plans to sabotage the ship and destroy characters ended up killing not one, but two characters in my second chapter. Jacen Cole and Maxim Vektir were killed by his plans and his own character almost took out Tenk Qatar in a duel (stunsabers against a Sith, stupid!) before slain by Kira Romar, who found back to her more murderous self here . . .
    The poor Resistance fighters lost their ship, though and that and an informant send by the Vulture (who reappeared for the first time after 5 years of absence from our plots) lead directly to Chapter Three of our little Odyssey . . .

    Chapter Three - The Many Shades of Dark

    This chapter actually had sort of a self-reflecting name, because I realized I had lots of villains. Most spawned from the idea of what I had not yet done in game . . . and so this Chapter saw not only the final split between the players (that would not end until the very last Chapter of the game) but also the introduction of almost all my villains. Hoole finally made his appearance, after lurking in the shadows since Post One and LordT took over his character. We also met Xenly aboard the ghost ship that the PSD Ascendancy had become. Vexedo was introduced. The Black Lance made their first Cut-Scene appearance. And of course Eloa Lan, the Prophetess of the Yuuzhan Vong and her rival Laaxtin Kiar. RachelTyrell and Mitth-Fisto became the final introductions to the game . . .

    And with TwoStepsFromHell stepping into my life the whole campaign suddenly found it´s musical voice . . . despite the good old Diablo Theme, obviously. Who I hadn´t heard for such a long time, until a certain black insect finally returned to a galaxy far, far away . . .

    Chapter Four - Blinded by the Light

    The forth Chapoter saw LordT beginning his 1
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