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Before - Legends 16BBY

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by UpperEchelon, May 29, 2014.

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    Concept art from our animated Project. [​IMG]

    Star Wars: 16 BBY

    Exterior: Deep Space

    Several imperial cruisers fill the void firing lasers at Rebellion ships as they pass. The beautiful green planet Rodia can be seen in the distance.

    There is no sound.

    We close in on the surface of a Super Star Destroyer which is in the middle of an offensive wedge formation. A humanoid figure darts across its surface almost too fast for the eye to follow. From the top of his nose to the bottom of his chin is completely masked by an assisted breathing device. As he moves along the ships exterior a Rodian ship destroys a Tie Fighter as they pass overhead. The silent explosion sends debris flying towards the hooded figure. He easily dodges several pieces in the zero gravity environment, one gets within inches of him.

    He runs up the wall and does a no handed cartwheel expertly avoiding several chunks of metal. Another piece explodes close to him it knocks him from the wall and sends him hurtling towards a huge set of closed pressurized doors. Spinning Out of control but still calm he looks over his shoulder, a subtle wave of his hand and the Doors Snap open with a loud audible hiss. (Our First Sound) They are only open for a fraction of a second closing loudly the second he passes through them.

    (Our sense of motion is forcefully shifted from west to east, to north to south.)

    Interior: Super Star Destroyer

    Tumbling out of control and gaining speed with every second our hooded figure falls. After an amazing display of aerial acrobatics the hooded figure rights his self and begins a much more controlled descent. Plummeting down the long sterile white corridor the wind from the fall snatches the hood from his head giving us our first good look at him. A caramel Skinned man with Sith Tattoos running up both sides of his neck and down into his White Hooded Robe. His facial features are well defined and rugged he has a scar running through his left eye. His hair is snow white and his eyes are purple. Even after falling several hundred yards he lands with little to no sound and an unmatched grace.

    As he rises to his feet we get a closer look at his attire. From the Neck down his entire body is covered with a bone white exoskeleton that follows the wearers major muscle anatomy. It is Grey and black where his tendons and smaller muscle groups would be. On top of all of this he wears a long white hooded Jedi assault robe. He removes his assisted breathing device and places it in a compartment on his belt after this he reaches back pulls his hood over his head concealing his face and begins walking. Rotating red panic lights bounce off of the walls and highly polished floors.

    Several Alarms Sound Loudly.

    He walks through several areas unimpeded it would almost appear that the Super Star Destroyer was abandoned. A set of blast doors sits at the end of a long hall ahead of him. He stops abruptly as the Blast doors Hiss and Snap open. A Squad of Storm Troopers rushes through them Blasters raised and pointed at the hooded figure. He stands motionless staring at the ground beneath his feet, waiting. As the last group of Storm Troopers rushes through the doors a familiar form fills the doorway an imposing figure Darth Vader strolls into the room cape bellowing out behind him he stops and Looks over the hooded figure standing before him.

    Darth Vader’s Labored breathing fills the silent room.


    Set blasters to stun, I want this one alive.

    The Storm Troopers begin to circle the cloaked figure he finally looks up and stares directly at Lord Vader. A sudden surge of energy washes over the room, all twelve storm troopers are snatched from their feet and suspended midair. The sounds of blasters hitting the floor echo throughout the room as the storm troopers grasp their throats desperately trying to breathe. It is over in an instant, their lifeless bodies fall to the floor as Darth Vader steps towards his white robed assailant.

    Interior: Emperor Palpatine’s office on Coruscant.

    The Emperor walks past his desk which is littered with maps and the schematics for his current projects he walks over to a window and stares out across the cityscape. Coruscant is a beautiful city at night, millions of lights illuminate the busy night sky. The Emperor wears an ornate purple robe, his hood pulled up concealing his disfigured face. He seems lost in thought when he suddenly stumbles backwards, a disturbance in the force. More specifically a disturbance in the dark side of the force which is unlike anything he has ever felt before. The Emperor collects himself and pulls a small metallic communicator from his robe.


    Prepare my ship and plot a course for the Outer Rim Territories, Inform the fleet of my imminent arrival.


    Yes, Emperor.

    Emperor Palpatine heads out of his office with his personal guard following close behind.

    Interior: Super Star Destroyer

    Sparks fly from Vader’s left leg as he advances towards his adversary he lunges forward only to have his red lightsaber clash with his enemies yellow. The Shrieks of lightsabers fill the room as yellow and red light dances eerily around bouncing from surface to surface. Vader uses his usual form II as he expertly deflects his opponent’s very basic Shii-Cho. The injury to Vader’s leg came as a result of his own hubris, a mistake he will not revisit. Vader uses his considerable strength to start backing his opponent up, a very intricate defensive maneuver from his opponent nicks his right wrist sending sparks flying. Darth Vader notices his assailant has become much more aggressive.

    The younger man’s hood falls behind him as he does a 720 spin in the air his yellow lightsaber striking several times during the maneuver. Darth Vader blocks several of the strikes but the final one rips into the right side of his helmet revealing a very human head underneath. Scars from previous battles are now visible through the tear in his helmet.


    Ataru, very Impressive.

    He speaks slowly and sternly a hint of annoyance in his deep voice.

    Storm Troopers spill into the hall during the conflict but none of them dare to interrupt, a small handful at first then what seem to be hundred’s fill the corridor.

    Vader switches to form V Djem-So a much more aggressive style and presses the attack, his opponent’s defense finally falters as a blow connects with the white haired man’s armor above his right shoulder. His face appears to shimmer and there is a hint of yellow where once there were purple eyes. The man smiles at Vader and switches to a reverse grip form V Shien, holding his lightsaber in his left hand blade behind him he puts his right hand out palm facing the ground. Another lightsaber snaps quickly out of his cloak spinning as it flies towards his outstretched hand. As he grabs it a violet blade screams into position.

    The Jedi flips over his head landing behind him he attacks several times before he even turns to face Vader hoping to take him by surprise. A beautiful dance of light fills the room as Vader expertly blocks a series of attacks before another gets through his defense, this time striking his left arm near his shoulder. There are no sparks this time as this is one of the few places where there is still flesh. Vader yells out in pain and extends his left hand forward using the force to push his opponent back. Vader’s force push is so powerful that it throws the assailant high into the air, he backflips and lands on one knee. As the Jedi Lands there is an explosion of force energy so powerful that the floor beneath him cracks and the walls buckle. Again the air around the Jedi’s face seems to distort displaying features that were not there seconds ago, this time there are hints of red.


    It would appear that I am not the only one who wears a mask.

    The Jedi throws his yellow lightsaber directly at Darth Vader it flies horizontally and spins so fast that it simply looks like a yellow discus. It rips through Vader’s midsection sending sparks, smoke and oil flying in every direction it then falls to the ground and the yellow blade snaps shut. Vader does not even attempt to block it. He is more concerned with the Jedi using the force to enhance his already considerable movement speed that is on him the instant the yellow lightsaber connects. Vader blocks a frenzied series of attacks aimed at his head, one gets through and slices into the left cheek of his helmet revealing more of the man beneath the mask.
    Their fight carry’s them into the adjacent hangar room, Tie Fighters and bombers hang from the ceiling waiting to be deployed. The crowd grows larger still as imperial officers and mechanics join to watch the spectacle. Violet and red lightsabers shriek and send sparks off of everything they hit in the environment.

    Interior: Emperor Palpatine’s personal ship.

    Emperor Palpatine stands motionless looking out the window, blue and white light circles his ship as they travel through hyperspace. A sudden flash and everything stops, outside the window is Lord Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. Several Tie fighters are engaged in combat with Rebellion ships in the distance, some a bit too close for comfort. The Emperor’s pilot weaves through the debris field as he begins his landing pattern. As they approach the hangar Palpatine still stands motionless looking out of the front window. Red and violet flashes reflect off of metallic surfaces and sparks are sent off in all directions. Reaching out with the force the Emperor can feel his apprentice’s anger boiling over there are also signs of frustration and embarrassment pouring out of Darth Vader. Focusing on the intruder the Emperor feels something very familiar to him but there is also what appears to be a vergence in the dark side of the force surrounding this mysterious assailant. A boundless, limitless ever swelling hate and seething anger all directed at his apprentice. The emperor heads to the back of his ship and waits as the ramp slowly lowers. As the ramp opens the Emperors view is obstructed by the mob of storm troopers and Imperial officers who are all watching the battle. Two of his royal guard at his front and two trailing behind him they make their way through the crowd.

    Interior: Super Star Destroyer Tie Fighter Hangar.

    As their fight continues Vader sees his master’s ship enter the hangar bay and land. The Jedi seems to be oblivious to his situation, fighting Darth Vader, surrounded by storm troopers, droids and imperial officers with the dark lord of the Sith quickly approaching. He still savagely presses his attack not letting up for even a second. The royal guards emerge at the front of the crowd behind the white robed assailant, they do not attack they just stand there as Emperor Palpatine emerges from the crowd and stands between them. Two guards on each side of the Emperor he folds his hands in front of him and stands motionless, watching. Emperor Palpatine again probes the robed figure using the force to see if he can discern the intruder’s true identity as their presence in the force is disturbingly familiar to him.
    Seeing his master emerge from the crowd fills Vader with rage as he is completely embarrassed at the amount of damage he has sustained at the hands of his enemy. Several of the hanging Tie fighters begin to swing from left to right as Vader grabs ahold of the force. Vader blocks a leaping attack and shoves the assailant back using his own mechanical strength backed by the force which sends his attacker back about three yards. The Jedi leans forward into the force and extends his left hand to meet Vader’s force push with one of his own. The resulting collision buckles the hull of the ship and knocks several of the spectators from their feet, the Emperor does not move. The closest Tie fighter’s window explodes from the force of the collision sending glass in every direction. Holding his violet lightsaber in his right hand still using reverse grip the unknown Jedi looks directly at Darth Sidious and smiles wryly.

    The Emperor reaches out much more purposefully with the force this time and tries to identify the intruder. As he does the man’s face shimmers like waves in a pond and Palpatine sees a glimpse of the assailant’s true face. Yellow eyes that burn as hot as any star and red and black Sith tattoos are all that can be made out in the split second that the hologram fails.
    After another acrobatic series of attacks which are all blocked the Jedi backflips putting a fair bit of distance between himself and Vader. Darth Vader uses this opportunity to completely remove the top half of his helmet revealing a burned and scarred head. Servos and hydraulics whirl and hiss violently as Vader uses the force to push his robotic body well past what its limits allow. He reaches out again using the force and pulls his opponents fallen lightsaber to his left hand. As he catches it the yellow blade springs to life, sparks shower from his leg as he stalks forward. Finally on the offensive Vader uses a modified dual saber version of form V that he preferred when he was still known as Anakin Skywalker. The speed and grace with which he moves belies his size as yellow and red lightsabers clash against the Jedi’s violet saber. Spinning and turning Vader continues to press his adversary, using a low sweeping motion the yellow lightsaber cuts through the floor leaving a path of molten metal in its wake as Vader attempts to behead his attacker with his red lightsaber as the yellow one is blocked at waist height. The Jedi expertly ducks underneath the path of the red blade and blocks it on its return as Vader attempts to pull it back at a lower angle still aiming for his neck. Sparks and smoke now fly from Vader’s waist and wrist as he continues to use the force to push his body past safe limits. Another flurry from Vader this time using the force to enhance his speed and strength at least ten attacks in the span of three seconds all blocked but it still sends the Jedi backpedaling. Trying to create some distance between Vader and himself the mysterious figure sends out an explosion of force energy in every direction, Vader is knocked back several yards but he continues his determined plod through the force wave.

    Several loud alarms go off and the super star destroyer is rocked by a barrage of heavy blaster fire from a Mandalorian warship. Several storm troopers leave the fight and head to their battle stations, a sea of moving white confusion and chaos. Tie fighter pilots board their ships and fly out to meet the rebellion fleet, their familiar roar fills the hangar bay.
    Vader does not falter resolute in his advance he lets both lightsaber blades point towards the ground as he stalks his prey. His human eyes fixed on his target he moves with an unmatched determination. Vader looks over to his master who still stands motionless amongst the chaos watching vigilantly.
    Turning his gaze back to the white robed Jedi, Vader lets the force flow through his very being and raises his lightsabers to begin his attack anew. The hull of the Super Star Destroyer buckles violently and several panels are ripped from the wall as the Jedi moves his left arm across his body and opens his hand in the direction of Emperor Palpatine. His right arm held across his face violet blade still held in reverse grip. Vader is about to begin his attack when something flies past his head at an alarming speed the object snaps into his opponents hand and a crimson red blade screams forth. The assailant uses the force to snatch one of Darth Sidious’s lightsabers from underneath his robe. Sidious still does not move seemingly un-phased by the events unfolding before him.


    You possess great power, but your power is nothing compared to the true power of the dark side.

    This statement absolutely infuriates the white robed assailant who covers the distance between himself and the Sith lord in less than a second dashing in headfirst. Sabers brandished Vader leaps high into the air doing a full spinning flip and landing behind his would be attacker. Vader launches a series of force assisted attacks that his opponent seems to have difficulty blocking.


    Whoever your master is or was would be pleased to know you have done them proud and now have the privilege to die at my hands. Jedi!

    He taunts while their sabers are locked, Vader has the advantage in strength and he presses his opponent down on one knee. The white robed assailant parries Vader’s forward momentum and sends his yellow lightsaber into the closest wall. Taking advantage of this opening he slashes deeply into Vader’s right thigh. Yelling out in pain Darth Vader spins around quickly removing the yellow lightsaber from the wall and savagely attacks his assailant. His red and yellow lightsabers slam and screech against the red and violet of his opponent’s neither gives an inch. Another attack connects with Vader’s left knee sending sparks and a plume of smoke into the air. Darth Vader refuses to fall and continues his forward advance reaching out with the force he throws a heavy maintenance droid at the Jedi assassin. The droid is easily cut in four by the red and violet lightsabers but it has served its purpose. Vader unleashes a relentless assault that almost catches the Jedi off guard. Vader again attempts to decapitate his enemy with a wide arcing swing of his red lightsaber the Jedi deftly flips over the blade and slashes Vader across his chest. A red emergency light begins blinking on its panel stopping Vader dead in his tracks, his breathing has become exacerbated wheezing can be heard every so often. He squints as the light and sweat from his brow irritates his horribly damaged eyes. Vader takes a single step forward and the white robed Jedi points directly at him with the violet lightsaber.


    No. You are done. You will not die by my hand Jedi.

    He speaks calmly and decisively.

    Infuriated Darth Vader uses the force to enhance his speed and runs across the room to attack the arrogant Jedi. The servos and hydraulics in Vader’s legs now complain audibly as he stresses them, several pieces appear to simply float in place held together by the force and Vader’s indomitable will. Vader unleashes a devastating overhead spinning attack with one lightsaber crashing down after the other each attack is blocked but it pushes the Jedi assassin back. Vader follows up with a complex series of attacks which ends with him creating an X with the two lightsaber blades pointing at the ground and bringing them both up simultaneously slashing out across his body. The Jedi ducks this attack and rakes the red lighsaber across Vader’s chest while blocking his follow up attack with the violet lightsaber. A shower of sparks erupts from Darth Vader’s chest and the emergency light stops blinking abruptly. The Jedi shuts off the red lightsaber in his left hand and places it on his belt. The air around his left hand crackles with purpose as a blue energy fires from the tips of his finger, Vader blocks the force lightning with his lightsabers. After the lightning subsides he turns his back to Darth Vader and looks at him over his left shoulder, violet lightsaber held reverse grip in his right hand.


    Live with this day.

    As he speaks the air around his entire body starts to crack like glass, distorting his appearance and quickly folding in on its self.


    Do not let him escape, fire!

    The remaining storm troopers train their blasters on the white robed figure as they open fire their lasers pass through his body as if he were a ghost. The air collapses into a single point and he is gone.Darth Vader walks to the spot where the Jedi vanished and looks back at his master who is making his way over to him.

    Both lightsabers snap shut.

    As Vader begins to kneel something in his knee grinds and crunches loudly Darth Sidious stops him.


    Do not attempt to kneel I would not have you embarrass us any further this day.

    Vader stands slowly looking down at the Emperor.


    Yes my master.

    The Emperor turns and makes his way back to his ship Vader walks beside him limping noticeably. As they approach the ramp the four royal guard’s men rejoin them and fall in behind the two Sith lords.


    Were you familiar with this Jedi lord Vader?


    No my master, but …

    The Emperor turns to face his apprentice who removes the Yellow light saber from his belt and hands it over to the Emperor.

    DARTH VADER Continuous

    This lightsaber belonged to Jedi Master Plo Koon.

    Darth Sidious looks over the lightsaber and hands it back to his apprentice who reattaches it to his belt.


    It would seem there were more survivors than we first thought. If this rebellion has added a member of the Jedi council to their ranks it could be our undoing.

    Darth Vader stands at the bottom of the ramp as his master boards his ship.


    I am not certain that he was a Jedi, my master.

    Darth Sidious pauses a moment as if contemplating what his apprentice is suggesting.


    Then who lord Vader?

    Darth Vader looks away from his master at the confusion behind him, storm troopers stand around discussing what they just witnessed as maintenance droids clean up the area.


    I do not know but it is of the upmost importance that we discover this would be assassin’s true identity.

    Darth Sidious motions for his royal guard to move along and turns back to face his apprentice as they head into the ship.


    Go and see to your repairs, deal with what remains of the rebel fleet and after that we will track down and destroy this Jedi imposter.

    Darth Sidious looks around the hangar bay coldly a scowl across his disfigured face.


    When my ship leaves these doors will close behind me, no one leaves this hangar alive. Do not embarrass me again lord Vader.


    Yes, my master.

    The Emperor heads into his ship and the ramp slowly closes behind him. Vader stands and watches as the Emperor’s ship lifts off and exits the hangar bay. Looking out into the void of space he sees his master’s ship activate its hyperspace drives and disappear into the emptiness.

    Exterior: Deep Space.

    Outside of the Super Star Destroyer we watch as the blast doors begin to move. Darth Vader’s imposing figure stands at the center where the doors will eventually meet. We see Darth Vader turn his back to us and activate his red lightsaber as he heads towards a group of storm troopers and officers. The doors close.

    Interior: The Imperial capitol building on Coruscant.

    Tall elegant golden doors close behind him as he makes his way into the Imperial capitol building. The Emperor closes his eyes as he slowly walks through the halls, reaching out with the force he can see flashes of Lord Vader ruthlessly dispatching the storm troopers and Imperial officers. They fight back but even in his current battered state they have no chance of survival. A malevolent smile across his face he enters his personal airlift that leads to his office and other less public locations. The airlift doors close and it quickly ascends taking him to the comfort of his office.

    Interior: Emperor Palpatine’s office.

    Exiting the airlift the Emperor makes his way over to the window he was looking out of earlier. Several hours have passed since he left for the Outer Rim Territories and the city is now brightly lit, the light from the orbital mirrors reflecting off of spinners as they rush people to and fro. The Emperor walks across the room and stops suddenly as he looks at his desk. He pulls the communicator back out of his robe and presses a button.


    Security desk how may I assist you.


    Who has had access to my office since my departure?

    There is a short pause before the voice responds.


    No one Emperor we have been monitoring the feed all day, is there anything else?

    Emperor Palpatine stares at the desk his missing lightsaber rests at its center like an ominous warning.


    Send Sate Pestage to my office at once that will be all.


    Yes Emperor.

    Emperor Palpatine gestures subtly in the direction of his lightsaber, it flies from his desk and into his hand. He looks down at the elegantly crafted weapon and grips it firmly.

    Fade to Black.
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    Super fic debut. =D= Excellent details and action. Has a very movie-ish feel. @};-
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    Thank you for the compliment it is a part of an animated short I am currently working on. Posted up the rest of the first act hope you like it.