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Beyond - Legends 200 Proposals [L/M] - Complete!

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    May 25, 2005
    Title: 200 Proposals
    Author: ginchy
    Timeline: AU post TTT, ‘Echoes’ verse
    Disclaimer: I don’t own this galaxy. That belongs to George and Disney. But I certainly love it and them!
    Summary: Luke and Mara’s long walk down the aisle.
    Notes: As AU!Mara mentioned in ‘Echoes of Always’ Luke proposed to her 200 times before they were married. This is that story. You do not have to read EoA to ‘get’ this (though I’d love it if you would). Enjoy! [face_love]

    The First
    Day 1

    Today a single-cell organism forms from the union of your ovum, or egg, and your partner’s sperm. Over the coming months, your daughter or son will develop from this barely visible single cell called a zygote. This beginning is called conception or fertilization.*

    Mara worked hard to catch her breath. She gasped in huge lungfuls, panting in the cool air of her bedroom. She clutched Luke’s sweaty shoulder and brushed her lips somewhat carelessly against his neck, feeling his pulse-point as it jumped erratically.

    “I love you.” His voice was soft and rich in the darkened room and she shivered from the intimacy of his words. He must have mistaken her shiver for her being cold, however, because he felt around blindly for a moment, reaching for the blanket.

    “I think it fell on the floor earlier,” she murmured, now sleepily content in his arms. The words had barely left her lips when the soft blanket floated down around her, and she let a smile turn her lips upward. It was quiet in the room as their breath began to even out, but even as she found an amazingly comfortable position against Luke, she could still feel the harsh beating of his heart. Her brow furrowed in confusion, but she dismissed it, curling in closer and patting his chest. “I love you, too,” she whispered haltingly, those new words still so foreign to her tongue. But maybe he couldn’t relax, and that’s why his heart still tapped out such a rhythm.

    Luke hugged her to him with his arm, the fingers of his hand playing gently through her hair. Even with his rapid heart rate against her cheek she began to doze, the comfort of his hold lulling and soothing her into sleep. The blackness behind her eyes was just darkening into the abyss of sleep when she was tugged out by her name. “Hm?”

    “…Nothing, go back to sleep.” Luke seemed to realize he had awakened her, and even without seeing his face she could picture his sheepish expression and it now dominated the backs of her eyelids.

    “ ‘S’okay.” Mara nuzzled her head into his chest. “I was just--” She cut herself off before she could admit the contentment she found in his arms, but she knew that he knew it anyway. Could read it in the Force, or even just in her body language. It was an open secret, at least to him.

    “I just wanted to say that… I mean...I didn’t mean to scare you earlier.”

    Mara shook her head against his chest. Scare her? “The only thing I remember you doing earlier was making me very, very happy,” she murmured, her voice thickening as flashes of the earlier encounter replaced his sheepish expression in her mind. Her body tingled in response to the memories.

    “So you don’t… uh… so you don’t remember me whispering in your ear? Asking you something?” His fingers twisted into her hair, not hard but with definite nervous pressure.

    Mara tried to make her sleepy mind concentrate. She did remember him whispering in her ear. He’d said a lot of…things. Things that made her cheeks hot and her body thrum. Words that he would never utter in the light of day, or anywhere other than the bedroom. Words that were for her ears only. But after awhile, as her body had hurtled toward that perfect moment of completion, she had tuned him out, interested only in the unbelievable pressure and promise of ecstasy that he could bring her as she caressed his naked back.

    “It’s okay,” she said, more awake this time. “We all say strange things during the moment.”

    Luke let out an amused puff of laughter, the seriousness of the moment breaking a little with her words. “We do?”

    “Oh, all the time.” She stretched her legs out and pointed her toes, brushing them over the prominent bones of his foot. “I think I might have referred to you as my ‘love machine’ at one point,” she lied, trying to make him laugh.

    It worked. He did laugh, and his heart rate seemed to slow back to normal. “That’s good because…I didn’t want to scare you.”

    “It would take more than that to scare me, Skywalker.” She started to settle against him to go back to sleep. “Wait,” she said, eyes opening again. “What did you say that you thought was so scary?”

    He was silent again and she was not amused. Using her elbow to rise, she poked it hard into his chest, ignoring his fake cry of pain. She loomed over him and glared. “What?”

    She was unprepared for the intimate smile that spread across his face, and the soft hand that reached up to push her hair from her face. There was a look in his darkened eyes that called to her, but also…scared her. “Luke?”

    He licked his lips, and seemed nervous. “I told you….I asked you….To marry me.”


    Mara Jade didn’t do speechless. It wasn’t in her makeup. She knew how–and when–to keep quiet. You didn’t grow up in the Imperial Palace without learning that. But speechless? That was a new and wholly unpleasant thing. But there she was, still hovering over Luke in her darkened bedroom, the amazing sex they had just had virtually wiped from her mind with those words.

    Marry him.

    Marry Luke.

    It…part of her wanted to say yes. She did love him. Loved him with all her heart, in a way she had never known she could love another person. Loving him was a new and unique emotion in her life. It was unexpected and fragile and something she cherished.

    But marriage.

    Marriage was…big. Marriage was binding and legal and…babies. Married people had babies. Like Han and Leia. Two babies at a time.

    Mara’s eyes were huge.

    And Luke didn’t look sheepish. He looked panicked. Extremely panicked. “See? I scared you!” He grasped her face in his hands and rubbed his thumbs over her cheekbones. “It’s okay,” he soothed, sending out loving vibes through their fledgling bond in the Force. “I would never ask you something that you weren’t ready for.”

    “I…” Mara stopped as her voice croaked. Ready? She was almost positive she would never be ready for marriage.


    “I,” she tried again, “I’m just not…Luke. Things are...wonderful.”

    “They are,” he whispered, but she put her finger to his lips to gently shush him.

    “But I’m not…I’m not ready to…” She closed her eyes and tried to lower herself to roll away from him, stiffening in his arms. But he wouldn’t let her. Had, in fact, anticipated the reaction and tightened his grip. She sighed. “I’m just not ready for that.” She didn’t have to go into details. He knew.

    “I know.” He stroked her back until she loosened in his arms again. He continued the slow rubbing of his hand until her body, at least, started to feel somewhat more of the drowsy contentment she had felt earlier.

    Her mind wouldn’t rest, though. It was now firing on full alert, half-formed thoughts worrying her. She was trying not to dwell on them, but…

    “One day you’ll be ready,” Luke said softly, cutting into her thoughts. “I have faith in that.”

    She swallowed hard. He had more faith in her than the galaxy had stars. And it humbled her.

    “And I’ll wait until you’re ready,” he promised. “I’ll wait forever.”

    She didn’t speak, knowing that he didn’t need any words. That just her staying in his arms and not running from the bed was enough for him. And eventually his arm stopped moving and grew heavy as he fell asleep.

    But Mara stayed awake, his final words scaring her. Intriguing her. And scaring her some more.

    A proposal. Mara Jade shook her head. But, in that moment, she knew that her life had just changed in some very important way.**



    *All pregnancy day by day quotes came from The Pregnancy Diary. The exception is the quote on proposal #200 which came from

    ** Baby Betrys is like [face_mischief] “Oh, hai, Mom and Dad!”
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    *pounces* It's up! It's up! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] I love this, the emotions, the tenderness! The way you described the joy and the completeness that they had shared. =D= =D= Adore Luke's spontaneous proposal. ;)

    I did actually squee as I clicked on the link, even before I read a word LOL [face_love] [:D]
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    Nov 9, 2010
    I can never get over how well you write, ginchy. =D= Really!
    The felling of it all is just so ... true and real.

    Excellent beginning and please tag me on updates. [:D]
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    I love it! I look forward to 200 proposals and the situations leading up to those words of love. Excellent! =D=[:D]
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    Oh! It's up! I love it - the passion, the love and hot sweaty Luke!

    I lol'ed at the end note! Please tag me when you update!
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    [face_love] Well you already know that I love it. So glad to see it being posted. :)
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    [face_love] Loved it! Please tag me when you update.
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    Yay!, another story by Ginchy. I love all your stories. I am so looking forward to the rest of this. Please tag me on updates.
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    Can't believe we readers are going to have the privilege of reading 200 proposals (even if the first 199 of them don't succeed)! This first one was awesome, and hopefully the others will have the same optimistic tone as this one even if Luke is going to have a lot of work before him. :p

    would you please tag me when you update? Thanks! :)
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    [face_love] What a romantic and lovely start to this. Could I have a batcall when you update, please? Thanks.
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    He had more faith in her than the galaxy had stars.

    This line still makes me swoon. :D

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    It is stunning, and lovable of him and part of what makes them so indisputably perfect for one another. [face_dancing]
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    Apr 9, 2010
    I already love this story! It's so...them)) They are happy together, but each of them has their own fears about their relationship. Mara is frightened just thinking about family and babies. Well, Mara, such fears have a tendency to become reality.:p
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    Jade_eyes: Thanks for the squeeeees and for pouncing! I’m so glad you were excited. I love to write a happy and in-love L/M. I know that is a shock! ;)

    Hazel: Thank you so much, gal!! That really made my day. And I will definitely tag you for updates!

    Jedi_Lover: Thanks, gal!! It’s a bumpy road ahead. ;)

    Briannakin: You know I love me some hot, sweaty Luke. [face_mischief] He will be making a return appearance later on in the fic. ;) And I will tag you for sure! Thanks!!

    taramidala: Thank you for being a sounding board for so long!! I am so pleased you like it because I love your romance writing, too.

    lukemaraben: Thanks!! Will do!

    Bkwrm752003: Hey, you!! Thanks so much!! And will do!

    Valiowk: Will do!! And thank you so much for peeking in! Poor Luke does have his work cut out for him. ;) I didn’t actually write all 200… I hope that’s not going to lessen the excitement for the story. But, trust me, there is a lotta, lotta proposin’ going on in this story. (And optimism is my middle name! :D )

    Luna_Nightshade: Thank you so much. I am a sucker for romance. I will definitely light the Bat Signal for you!!

    JediMara77: Thanks, gal. Meeeeeee too. [face_love]

    Demendora: Thank you!! I am glad they still read as themselves, even as an “L/M” unit. And yes, those fears do have a pesky way of becoming reality…
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Aww... love it!
    While I'm glad, of course that in cannon Luke and Mara got married and it took way too long for them to get there, I feel that it probably would have taken more on Luke's part to get there!

    I especially loved this part:
    Marriage was…big. Marriage was binding and legal and…babies. Married people had babies. Like Han and Leia. Two babies at a time.
    Mara’s eyes were huge.
    [face_laugh] I could totally see this thought from her!

    Great job, I look forward to more! Would you mind tagging me when you update?
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    My heart almost stopped there for a moment when Luke panicked after the words were out. Panicked Luke is not something we see every day. ;)

    I love this! I adore how you write these two, the romance, their feelings toward each other but also their fears and insecurities. I wish Zahn had written more like this because there is soooo much potential there.

    Could you tag me, please? My life is a little hectic right now and I don't want to miss the continuation of this wonderful story.

    Can't wait to see how their relationship grows.
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    Mavjade: Thanks, lady!! I, too, love VOTF and was thrilled when L/M became engaged. But I wouldn’t have minded a bit of dating in there!! At least we got the proposal. LOL I will definitely tag you!!

    immertreu: Hey, there!! I will definitely tag you. I hope all is well!! And thank you so much. I agree that there is so much potential for L/M’s feelings and insecurities. I think that’s why Zahn went with the Force bond, so that they could completely trust one another and let the baggage go.

    A/N: I just wanted to thank everyone for reading, and to also say that there are not 200 actual chapters to this fic--but there are a lot of proposals to be read. I hope everyone will enjoy and thanks for peeking in!! [face_love]


    @immertreu, @Hazel (I hope you two didn't just get 97 tags. I can't figure out what went wrong! So sorry!!)
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    Briannakin, lukemaraben, bkwrm752003, Valiowk, Luna_Nightshade, mavjade

    Chapter 2

    The Second
    Day 17

    Your baby is now .04 mm long. Two or three babies the size of yours could fit into the space occupied by this printed period: . You may notice that you feel more tired now than you normally do…

    Mara’s head lolled back on her couch and she let her heavy eyes close with a sigh. It felt so good to rest. Luke would be home in just a few minutes, she knew, but she wouldn’t fall asleep. She was just waiting for him…

    After what felt like just a second, but must have been many long minutes due to the sleep taste in her mouth, Mara felt hands cooled from the outside air brush against her forehead. “Hey,” Luke murmured, sitting beside her. “You were out like a light.”

    “You should have let me sleep.” He voice was thick but contained no rebuke as she shifted to curl against him, tucking her feet up under her bottom. She absently scratched her cheek against his tunic. “It’s the middle of the night.” Her eyes closed again.

    Luke pulled her close and caressed her arm. He chuckled low in his throat. “Not even close. It’s only 1900.”

    Mara’s eyes snapped open. “Only 1900? I could have sworn it was already past 2400…” She yawned widely, not bothering to cover her mouth. “How can I be so tired?”

    “That’s what I was wondering.” Luke kissed her temple. “What were you doing today? Hand to hand combat with every member of the Smugglers’ Alliance?”

    “Cute. I don’t know. Maybe I just didn’t sleep well last night.” Mara tried to clear her fuzzy brain. Her stomach growled as she caught a whiff of the food in the takeout containers Luke had placed on the table. His cloak was thrown over the chair and he had already hung his belt and saber on the hooks he had installed near the door. Plates and cups were also on the table. “How long have you been here?”

    “Just long enough to grab the plates.” He nudged her lightly with his shoulder.

    She groaned and burrowed closer. “Can’t you just…” She lifted her arm and waved it mockingly, pantomiming using the Force. “You know.”

    Luke laughed. “You really must be tired. How about I just fix you a plate?” He moved to get up, but Mara grabbed his hand.

    “No, I’m not that tired,” she protested. Luke gave her a dubious look but pulled her up with him. He led her to the table and started opening containers. It was too bright and she used the dial on the wall to lower the lights just slightly before taking her seat. She started to reach for her plate but Luke took her empty one and sat a full plate down in front of her. It was the kind of thing that generally made her protest, but the smell of the food as it passed her nostrils was amazing and suddenly she felt more awake and very hungry. “Thanks.”

    He grinned. “No problem.”

    They ate silently for a few minutes, and though Luke had filled the plate for someone with his appetite, she had cleared most of it in a matter of minutes. Her head felt less fuzzy now, and she was finally awake, for the first time all day, really. She had lingered in bed that morning and that was not like her. She had never been one to sleep in, and in fact couldn’t think of a time that she had done so while not seriously injured. Luke hadn’t stayed over the night before, having left Han and Leia’s late in the evening after babysitting the children. The thought perked at her mind to ask him about his family. “How were the kids last night?”

    Luke grimaced slightly. “Very loud.” He grinned, though, softening the admission. There was a look of pride on his face when he thought of his young niece and nephews that Mara liked to see, even if it made her stomach churn just slightly. “The twins didn’t want to go to bed. They don’t like their new toddler beds very much. Baby Anakin was a dream, though. Leia said he’s at an easy age, but that those don’t last very long.”

    “They have their hands full, that’s for sure.” Mara finished her plate, and reached out for a box of fried vishi. It was empty. “Is there any left?”

    “Here you go.” He passed her another container. “I wish you could have come with me. The kids are something else. They’re really growing into their personalities now.”

    Mara pictured the twins as they had looked as infants. Even though Luke had shown her newer holos of them it still seemed like they should be those small babies she had briefly known. As she focused back on Luke she could feel a brief sense of longing from him in the Force. A longing to allow their relationship to be out in the open, to share it with his family and other friends. The familiar knot of worry formed in her stomach and she changed the subject just slightly, hoping to distract him from those thoughts. “And how are Han and Leia? In need of that night out, I suspect.”

    This time Luke laughed. “Yes. Han was already out the door to the landing pad when I got there. And Leia is great. She looked like her old self last night. I realized that I had gotten used to seeing her pregnant and still expected it. Is that strange? But when I mentioned the possibility of more children to her she laughed and said she was done. No more babies. She preferred being tired or hungry all the time due to running after toddlers rather than pregnancy.”

    “Neither sounds like a very appealing option.” She took the last bite of her dinner, and then looked longingly at the noodles on his plate.

    Luke’s eyes followed hers and he shook his head. “Speaking of tired and hungry…”

    Mara laughed.

    The rest of the evening passed quickly, but by the time they crawled into Mara’s bed she felt like she had muddled through another day in the interim. Changing into her nightgown and brushing her teeth had felt like a monumental task. Her bed had never looked more inviting, the sheets cool against her skin as she slid in. Her eyes were heavy again and they closed in contentment only to be jarred open moments later by Luke scooting close and wrapping an arm around her waist. He kissed her neck and pleasant tingles shot through her body. “Night,” she whispered.

    But he didn’t seem to get the hint. His lips traveled up her neck to her ear and he nibbled lightly at the lobe.

    She stiffened in his arms. She almost felt like crying. All she wanted was to sleep. She had never turned him down before, however, and it was a bit disconcerting. Turning in his arms she caught his hand and held it to her mouth for a quick, conciliatory kiss. “Night,” she said again, with a finality to the word that she knew he would understand.

    Things were quiet for a moment as she settled against his chest, finding the warmth of his body heat almost luxurious. He slid his arm down her back. Then patted her bottom.

    “You sure?”

    So much for understanding, but maybe he was disconcerted, too. Still, Mara growled. “Don’t make me send you home, Skywalker.”

    “Okay, okay,” he said, his voice sounding so young that it almost brought a smile to her face. Almost.

    He patted her bottom again and fell quiet. She listened to his breath and fell fast into a blissful sleep.

    “The baby’s crying.” What baby? But the words made sense when Luke said them. The baby. It was crying. There was a baby and it was crying. Mara could hear the cries now that Luke had mentioned them. The baby sounded young. And the cry tugged at her heart like nothing had ever done before…

    Mara sat up in the bed, gasping in air. The apartment was silent, apart from Luke’s even breathing. He had turned on his side and his face was smushed against the pillow. She was surprised he hadn’t woken when she did, but figured that he must be tired, too. Lying back down, she tried to calm her breath. And wondered why she would be dreaming of babies. She didn’t even know any babies, not really. Her eyes closed again. Of course, Luke had told her about his niece and nephews and Leia having been tired. That must be it. She relaxed again.

    Luke had said that Leia had been tired when she was pregnant.

    Mara’s eyes snapped open again. Pregnant? Just then Luke snorted and moved in the bed, turning his head from the pillow to lay on his back. Mara eyed him and absently counted back to her last cycle. Luke had just left to scout out new locations for his Academy should he be unable to regain the Jedi Temple and that had been…

    Too many days ago.

    Suddenly she felt very awake.

    There was no sleep after that. She had counted and recounted the days, finally getting up and finding a calendar on her datapad to make sure. Because surely she had forgotten and it had only been 21 days ago or 26 days ago. Hell, at this moment she would take 30 days because 31 days was just…four days too many.

    And after that, calendars were no longer enough. She left Luke sleeping in the bed and went in search of an all night pharmacy. She bought a couple of tests. Never having taken one before she wasn’t sure what she should be looking for, but she’d be damned if she would ask any of the droids in the shop.

    Now she was looking at the test. It seemed so innocent. Immediate & Accurate Results! the package promised. And as soon as six days before your missed period. Well, she was four days late, apparently, so it should work. But she didn’t want to take it. Because she didn’t know what she would do if it were positive. She had plenty of thoughts about what to do if—when—it was negative. She would feel a wave of happiness rush over her body and then she would go back to bed and nothing would change. Luke would never know, because she wouldn’t want to get his hopes up. She would settle into his arms and sleep peacefully, pregnancy tests and babies a happily dodged blaster-bolt.

    “Okay,” she muttered to herself. “No more stalling. Come on ‘Not Pregnant’.” But she was shaking as she said it and shaking as she took the test. Her breath sounded loud in the ‘fresher, and she feared she would wake Luke up with how jumbled and chaotic her thoughts were. After finishing with the test she set it down, forcing herself not to look at the results window until she had washed her hands and thoroughly dried them, shaking all the while.

    Only after she was done did she allow herself to pick the stick up. It read as she suspected. As she feared.



    The fresher door slid open and she walked forward into the still darkened bedroom. Luke was as she had left him, oblivious and deeply asleep. She fisted her hands together and pushed out in front of her, punching the air. Her body was in full adrenaline mode, her nerve endings tingling with the same feeling she had felt before a mission. The only release would come upon completion of her duty, and…Mara recoiled from her thoughts. This was a baby, not a mission…a baby.

    A baby.

    Hot tears streaked down her face, but they were angry tears. She wasn’t ready for this. Never this. And Luke was asleep and didn’t know—

    He didn’t know.

    Mara sat on the bed and pulled her knees to her chest. She regarded Luke in the half-light from the landing bay. His face was smooth and free of worry and she could imagine in her mind’s eye how his face would contort with happiness over her news. But if she never told him, she could never take it away. She could have a procedure. Time it just right so that Luke would be off on another Jedi trip, and...damn it, she didn’t want to have to have these thoughts. She didn’t want to think of having a procedure. She didn’t want to think of having a baby.

    And as much as she could pretend that she could keep this from Luke, she couldn’t. It was his baby, too. And she loved him, and he would love their baby…

    The baby that was growing more and more with each passing moment. She closed her eyes and pictured tiny cells dividing, a piece of her and Luke and realized that she could never harm that. But her fist curled up again because she was angry. Angry at herself. Angry at Luke. Angry at the makers of incompetent repress medications and bottles of Ruge that had led to her finding herself in this position in the first place.

    And before she knew it, her fist had arched out and hit Luke right in the bicep.


    He woke with a snort and a start. “Mara?” He blinked those big blue eyes at her in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

    She could feel him probing her with the Force as he sat up. Apparently the combination of a steely gaze and the chaotic thoughts rolling off her in the Force were enough to freak him out. “Mara?” He reached out a hand to brush her hair from her face. “What’s wrong?”

    She opened her mouth to speak, and that’s when the dam broke. She flew across the bed at him, punching at his chest and shoulders, great, giant sobs breaking from her lips as she continued to strike, never really connecting in her despair.

    “Woah!” Luke tried to grab her hands but only succeeded in stopping one. “Mara, what’s wrong?” His voice was soft and gentle and it took the fight out of her. He hadn’t retaliated. Hadn’t used his immeasurable ability with the Force against her, and she just collapsed against his chest.

    Her face was buried in his neck as she muttered the words that would now also change his life forever. “I’m pregnant.”

    She couldn’t see his face, but didn’t need to, because the backlash of emotion in the Force was almost enough to pry her from his arms. Shock, confusion, and love but overwhelmingly: happiness. “A baby,” he whispered. “Mara, really?”

    She pulled back from his embrace to look at him. “No, I just woke you up for a Fool’s Day Prank. Luke…”

    His eyes met hers and she nodded.

    She was back in his arms before her mind could even discern the movement. He kept murmuring her name and I love yous. He pushed her back just slightly and tugged up her shirt, placing a warm hand on her belly.

    Mara startled back as if shocked. “I…Luke, I…we can’t have a baby!”

    The words snapped him out of his own joy. His face dipped just slightly and grew concerned. “Mara, I know you’re scared…I am, too.”

    “You’re not!” Mara pulled herself from his arms and jumped out of the bed. “You’re giddy. You’re practically glowing in the Force, Farmboy!”

    He didn’t deny it. “I’m happy, yes, but scared, too. I don’t know much about babies, not really. But we’ll learn. Together.”

    “Learn together?” Mara realized she was becoming unhinged but couldn’t stop herself. “Luke, no one knows we’re together. You don’t even live here. I wanted to kill you less than three years ago. We can’t have a baby! We’re…I’m not ready for this!”

    Luke got off the bed and tried to draw her into his arms, but she moved back. He reached out for her hand instead. “We’ll get ready for our baby together. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. And after we get married--”

    “Married?” Mara screeched.

    Luke got down on his knee in front of her and her eyes widened. “No! Oh no! You said … Skywalker you said you wouldn’t do that until I was ready!”

    Earnest eyes met hers. “I did say that, but Mara… we’re having a baby. Will you--”

    “You knocked me up; you haven’t changed my mind!”

    Apparently nothing could take the enormous grin off Luke’s face, not even a botched proposal. He didn’t even react to the comment, except to move across the floor on his knees to wrap his arms around her waist. He lifted her shirt again and rubbed his stubble roughened cheek against her stomach before kissing it lightly. Leaning his head back, he grinned up at her. “We’re having a baby.” He said it as if it were at once a precious secret and also the best, most exciting news in the galaxy.

    And looking down into his face, Mara felt a fission of something else pass through her body. A different kind of tingle, similar to fear but perhaps even more frightening.

    A baby.

    They were having a baby. A child. A piece of both of them that would one day be its own person. And it was scary, but from Luke she could feel something wonderful…

    She lifted her hands and ran her fingers through his hair and wondered where the hell they would go from here.
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