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Discussion A DROID STORY

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Future Films - Spoilers Allowed' started by Jedi Knight Fett, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Tython Awakening

    Tython Awakening Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 12, 2017
    Personally, here are some thoughts on C-3PO in this standalone feature for Disney+:
    • We could be introduced to a family of protocol droids who have a similar build, model, and make to C-3PO.
    • We could get protocol droids with a wider build, who aren't so delicate, and who have a deeper voice.
    • We need other protocol droids brought to the foreground who can talk in different voices.
    • These other protocol droids should have a build variation similar but different to C-3PO.
    • The other protocol droids that have been introduced have been too similar in dimensions to C-3PO. They have too often merely changed the color or created an evil variant of C-3PO
    • We should see rooms with protocol droids interacting who have similar build, model, and make to C-3PO, but not identical ;)
    • We need more contrasts for protocol droids on the following: voice, width of build, dimensions.
    • Creating an "Evil C-3PO" is old and cliche.
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  2. Kez-Iban

    Kez-Iban Jedi Master star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    I wonder when there will be some real news on A Droid Story? This is supposed to come out this year isn’t it? Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think there have even been any casting rumors.
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  3. Jar Jar Skywalker

    Jar Jar Skywalker Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 18, 2017
    what is it supposed to be about
  4. PymParticles

    PymParticles Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 1, 2014
    I don't believe a release window was ever given for this. As of right now, the only media we're supposed to get this year is The Bad Match in May, The Book of Boba Fett in December, and Visions at some unspecified point.
  5. Fredrik Vallestrand

    Fredrik Vallestrand Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 15, 2018
    I think we might be getting visions some time at end august or september. Droids i can see being next year or 2023. Also this will be the first canon animated movie?
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    DARTH_BELO Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 25, 2003
    I must say I'm surprised we haven't heard more about the production of Book of Boba Fett. I'd imagine they're solid into production by now...
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  7. Jedi Knight Fett

    Jedi Knight Fett PT Interview & Teh Mole Host star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Feb 18, 2014
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