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Saga A Galaxy Divided (OT AU, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, Luke, Leia, and more)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Sly_Solo, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Sly_Solo

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Episode IV
    A Galaxy Divided

    The Galaxy is under the ruthless control of the Empire. The reign is stable and merciless for now. But in the shadows the Rebel Alliance is growing. But will their strength be enough to put an end to the secret weapon the Empire has waiting? Also in two different walks of life, journeys begin for separated siblings. Their paths cross and adventure waits.

    *** This is my AU re-envisioning of the Original Trilogy***
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  2. Sly_Solo

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Update: Hey everyone I have been working on this fan ficton for about a month now. I have quite a bit type, I was just searching for a good site to post it on. When I stumbled upon this site, I knew this was the place to be. There are alot of great writers on this site, and I hope I will contribute to the greatness. Stay toon for frequent updates of this fan fiction! :D
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    Mar 21, 2007
    Welcome to the Site Sly_Solo I look forward to the story you have to tell.

    Just as a warning you will find that we can be immature at times. Just read my signature.
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    Nov 26, 2012
    @Lady_Misty thank you for the warm welcome. And her is the first Chapter :D
    Chapter I
    Different Lives

    Admist the vast outer-rim territories rested a dessert planet, with a deep history. A planet where smugglers, scoundrels, and traders thrived. A planet where organized crime was the government. A planet that at times could be exciting, dangerous, or down right boring. And for one girl this planet was boring.

    The planet was Tatooine…

    And the girl who happened to not enjoy the dessert rock was youthful and striking. She was averaged height for a female, but her beauty was far from mediocre. She had lengthy, dark brown hair. Her eyes of the same color, but her stare could cause a man a heart attack. Her smooth, light colored skin was free of all blemishes, flawless.

    However her attire hardly showcased her beauty…

    The girl wore a tattered white tunic that was mostly covered by sand. And her light brown trousers were just as used, also slightly too big for her, held up by a belt. Not the clothes that should be worn by someone of her style. But they were fitting to her occupation.

    A farm hand…

    She worked on her uncle’s Moisture Farm, Owen Lars was his name. Although as much as her aunt Beru struggled to keep her inside to help cook and clean, Owen just wouldn’t allow it. He didn’t have enough money to hire paid workers, and it wasn’t like the Jawas ever pawned off a decent functional droid. So Leia was his only true hard working help

    And help she did…

    Wherever it was needed, Leia offered assistance. From running errands for equipment to unjamming clogged vaporators. Leia was a diligent worker, Owen appreciated it. Leia hardly every asked for much in return, considering Owen and Beru raised her from shortly after her birth. Leia never knew her father or mother.

    All she knew about her parents was that her mother ran off when she was born. And soon after she was born, her father’s passenger freighter had an engine malfunction in which the ship exploded, he died. So Owen and Beru were essentially her parents, not truly. But they did what they could, even if that wasn’t a lot. But Leia was grateful, really grateful.

    But she was seventeen now…

    And with her age came ambition. Ambition, dreams, and wishes. Wishes to leave Tatooine and discover a new life. She wanted to fight oppression. Help those who were in need of assistance, because of what the Empire had taken from them. Prevent poverty from spreading further then already had since the fall of the Republic years ago.

    Farm life just wasn’t cutting it…

    “Uncle Owen, can I leave this blasted rock?” Leia would ask.

    The scruffy man would let out an un-amused grunt. “And what the hell would you do out there? The galaxy is a dangerous place, we have it bad enough here on Tatooine. Imagine how it is everywhere else!”

    “But I want to help people!”

    “Why would you help people when we have our own problems?” Her uncle would growl.

    And that would be the end of the conversation. It would come in different variation each time. But the basis behind the argument was the same. Leia wanted out but Owen and Beru were to worried about her. She knew it was all out of love or having the best interest in mind for her. But farm life just wasn’t enough and Leia was never going to let that go. But one day she would get out.

    She could feel it…

    Naboo one of the most breath taking planets in the whole galaxy. Wide open meadows, lush forest, and wonderful architecture. It was home to some of the noblest beings in the galaxy. And despite the relentless Empire, Naboo managed to remain neutral, they sided with no power.

    The Nabooians were proud people…

    The Queen especially, Queen Padme Amidala, a wonderful woman. So pretty, so graceful. Her eloquence was unmatched. No one could lead like her. All the citizens of Naboo adored Queen Amidala, like her mother before her.

    And then there was Prince Luke…

    Luke Skywalker, spitting image of his father that he never knew. Above average height, long blonde hair trimmed neatly. And deep blue eyes that a girl could get lost in for hours. He was built well to. His ability to negotiate was second to none. A quality his mother told him he gained from his father.

    Luke always wondered about his father…

    Padme told him that his father was killed toward the end of the Clone Wars. He was a Republic Soldier, and a decorated one. He fought valiantly until he met his doom.

    However Luke was headstrong like his father…

    A trait that Padme never quite enjoyed about Luke’s father. He was always looking to do stuff on his own. Always wanted to dive into situations too soon, never planning beforehand. Luke assumed that is what got him killed, but his mother only spoke vaguely about the ordeal, and never once did he want to push her buttons.

    Luke also thought about the world outside Naboo…

    But those thoughts would never last for an extended period of time. Because Luke was content with where he was, Naboo was the perfect place. Royal life treated him well. The spotlight, the riches, the girls that poured their hearts out to him daily. Fame was something Luke enjoyed, he basked in it.

    “Don’t let it go to your head!” His mother would say. “Never change who you truly are over something as foolish as attention!”

    “I know mom!” He would groan. “How many times do we go over this? My answer is always the same, I know!”

    His mother was concerned that he would turn into a greedy miser and as the heir of the throne. Padme could not have a reckless leader in the making as her son. It wouldn’t be good for her name, and it wouldn’t be good for her people, the great people of Naboo. The great people that were blessed to be under the rule of Queen Amidala.

    The great people that were blessed to have Luke Skywalker as their Prince…

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Nice, there are so few fics with Leia on Tatooine so I look forward to any i find.

    Luke liking his life as a prince is interesting but than this is an AU so things are going ot be different.
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    Nov 26, 2012
    @Lady_Misty, glad you enjoy Leia being on Tatooine! Hope you enjoy this next chapter! Thanks for the kind comment :D
    Chapter 2
    Tatooine Days
    The days on Tatooine were long and hot. The twin suns emitted enough heat to garner gallons of sweat from a single person in a few hours. It was typical and the inhabitants of the planet were raised in the sun, they were used to it. It was something that you just dealt with, no complaints. The hot sun was life. But even if she kept her remarks on the scorching sun to herself, it still bothered Leia.

    She didn’t like the heat, and never had.

    And she found it slightly ridiculous that by just sitting in her room in her families living pit, she produced an immense amount of sweat. That was another reason she wanted to get off the dessert world. But she dealt with it, like everyone else. Just like she dealt with her uncle who was especially grouchy today.

    She didn’t know what it was all about. But some days he was cheery and others he was grumpy. Leia preferred the latter, and wished it wasn’t one of his pouty days. Once again though she sucked it up and went on with life.


    Leia could hear her uncle’s distant call from outside of the pit.

    “Yes?” She shouted back.

    “Come out here… now!”

    Leia groaned, he didn’t even say please. She sat up from her bed then climbed down. As she made her way toward her door she kicked a small metallic can out of her. She didn’t know the purpose of it, but she didn’t care. It was most likely insignificant and Leia needed away to release her annoyance. But it wasn’t fully expressed yet.

    “Leia!” Her uncle called out again.

    “Coming!” She shouted as she passed through the kitchen.
    Her aunt was seated at the table and rolled her eyes at her niece, a sign of her saying, “one of those days.” Leia smirked as a response before stepping outside into the opening of the pit. Leia peered up the wall of the pit; it was roughly seven meters deep. The bright suns blinded her from seeing her uncle. So she placed her hand above her line of vision, shading her sight.

    “Took you long enough!” Owen grunted.

    “I’m sorry uncle. But is your voice okay from screaming so blasted loud.” Leia’s remark was full of sarcasm.

    He was shouting really loud. And it wasn’t necessary. Voices carried if you spoke a decent tone into the living pit. It echoed off the walls, and dispersed through the different carved out rooms. However Owen had felt the need to yell at the top of his lungs, Leia decided that was his prerogative.

    “Watch it!” Owen scolded his niece.

    “What’s on the agenda today?” Leia asked, this time in a much more respectable tone.

    “We have to make the daily rounds! You got five minutes to get ready!”

    Leia nodded as her uncle turned and walked off. “Uncle Owen.” Leia said, not knowing if her uncle had heard her request or not.

    “Yes?” The man said as he stepped back to the edge of the pit.


    “Four minutes.” He chuckled.

    Leia smirked and jogged back toward her room to prepare for the work day.
    The daily rounds consisted of Owen and Leia traveling around in their beat up land speeder to the three different moisture fields Owen owned. The two would inspect the vaporators, clearing any jams, tighten bolts if needed. They would also check on the few remaining working droids they had left. Make sure they hadn’t blown their circuits like so many before them.

    “Damn Jawas!” Owen would curse. “Selling us these heaps of junk!”

    You keep buying.” Leia would say solemnly.

    And she was right of course but her uncle would never admit it. The Jawas were looking to make quick cash, or a good trade. And the way they suckered Owen into buying, the little creatures could probably sell Leia’s uncle a pile of bantha poodo, with Owen walking away with a smile on his face.

    That was something funny the two relatives shared between each other. Leia would joke about how gullible Owen was. But he was persistent in denying the fact, and simply saying. “They lied!”

    It was special to Leia; she enjoyed the little things…

    In all reality that’s all she had. Was her aunt and uncle’s little quirks, the jokes they shared, the laughs they had. Leia never knew what she would do without them. Even with her dreams of leaving Tatooine, Leia knew it would be tough to live on her own. Owen and Beru provided for the girl, they loved her dearly. That was truly special, considering she wasn’t easy to love.

    The daily rounds had gone as usual and Leia and Owen made it back to the living pit just in time for the mid-day meal. The two walked into the kitchen with dirty hands, Beru gave them a worried look.

    “Away from the food with your filth!” She cried as she covered up a pot of stew. “Now wash up!”

    Owen and Leia shared a smile before obeying Beru’s command. They went to the sink and cleaned up all the mess. During that time Beru set the table and dished out the stew, also pouring glasses of blue milk. The family sat down at the table and dug into their meal.

    “Well how are things in the fields?” Beru questioned.

    “Fine.” Owen said. “It’s going to be a dry season though; I’m really going to Leia’s help!”

    Leia set her spoon down, allowing a drip of blue milk drip from her lips and splash on the table. She gave her uncle an awkward look.

    “Something wrong dear?” Owen curiously tilted his head.

    Um…” Leia began. “I know we’ve gone over this before, and I know what the answer usually is but. I was hoping I could leave this season.”

    A silence fell over the table. Owen shook his head and Beru braced herself for the argument that was to ensue.

    “No… that’s outrageous! I’m going to need all the help I can get!” He spoke shocked.

    “But!” Leia pleaded.

    “No buts!” Owen pointed his finger. “Now dammit you would get yourself killed out their! I won’t let you leave!”

    “Who said I was asking for permission!” Leia stood up from the table, with a tear rolling down her face she stormed out of the kitchen.

    Owen slammed his fist against the table in anger.

    “One of these days we will have to let her go… You know he’s going to come around eventually it’s only a matter of time.” Beru placed her hand over her husband’s.

    “I know, and that’s what I’m afraid of…” Owen leaned back in his chair.

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    Mar 21, 2007
    The mystery deepens as to why Anakin isn't there.

    Leia seems to be a mixture of her father and Luke which is a good thing.

    You're doing a great job. :)
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    Hi! And Welcome! I like Leia on Tatooine fics; you capture her restlessness excellently. =D= Luke as a prince, = cool, on Naboo too ... :D

    Please tag me when you update. [face_batting]

    Lady_Misty - I love your signature. LOL You have excellent taste in ... Captains ;) [face_dancing]
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    Nov 26, 2012
    @Lady_Misty, the Anakin mystery will soon be revealed :D
    @Jade_eyes, thanks for the comment! And you will also be on the tag list! Glad you enjoy this fic so far. You will find that Luke can be a brat :D
    Tatooine Days
    Part 2
    “One of these days we will have to let her go… You know he’s going to come around eventually it’s only a matter of time,”said Beru.

    “I know, and that’s what I’m afraid of…” Owen sighed.

    Leia had heard the conversation clearly. Her aunt and uncle thought she had run off to the garage, but she was standing right outside the kitchen. But what was said confused her. Who were Owen and Beru talking about? Who would come around eventually?

    Leia had so many questions that she couldn’t ask openly. If her aunt and uncle found had she had been eavesdropping she would get punished. Not to mention they would evade anything she asked them. That’s how they acted when it came to touchy situations. It had never truly bothered Leia before, but she was more mature now. She at least deserved to know the secrets that were long withheld from her.

    As she whipped the tears that had been shed during the heated argument with Owen, Leia decided she would go relax in the garage and possible clean up the two droids that her uncle had purchased from the Jawas a day earlier.

    The garage was one of the biggest rooms in the whole Lars living pit. Its steel walls were stained with oil, and it was very cluttered. Different tools and parts were scattered around the garage. Leia walked over toward the center of the room where the two recently purchased droids were.

    One of the droids was a protocol droid, slightly taller than Leia. Its shiny gold color was covered in a thin layer of dust. She reached behind the droids neck and flick a switch, the eyes of it flashed on and off quickly before he was fully awake.

    “Oh my!” The droid turned his head back and forth before staring at Leia. “Um hello my name is C-3PO human cycle relations!” The droids high pitched voice was slightly irritating. Leia knew it would only get worse.

    “What’s going on pal!” She smiled.

    “Pal, do you mean friend?” The droid seemed confused.

    “Sure.” Leia shook her head and then turned her attention to the other droid.

    The second droid was an astromech droid, and R2 model. His dome was a silver and blue color. The rest of his frame was either blue or white. The droid had a few nicks and dings but Leia could tell he was kept in pretty good shape. She activated the droid by a panel on its back end. The main eye on its dome flashed a flurry of colors and the whole droid rocked back and forth.

    “Oh my you started up that little twerp R2-D2! Here we go again!” C-3PO remarked.

    “Pipe down over their loud mouth!”

    “Well.” C-3PO pouted.

    The astromech droid let out a series of loud beeps.

    “So your names R2-D2?” Leia tapped the droid on the head; it answered with more beeps these not as loud as the previous ones.

    “Whatever you do don’t let him play that damn message of his.” The protocol droid shook his head.

    “What message?” Leia asked C-3PO.

    “Don’t look at me; R2 is the one with it stored in his memory!”

    Leia turned back to the R2 unit. “You got a message in their?” The droid beeped. “Well let’s see it!”

    Leia stood up and took a few steps back from the droid. Seconds later a blue holographic image was projected from a slot on the droid’s dome. The image was of a boy he looked the same age as Leia. He had blonde hair and was dressed in noble dress.

    “Who is that?” Leia looked curiously at the image of the boy.

    The blonde boy then began to speak.

    “Greetings Obi-Wan Kenobi, I hope my two droids have reached you on Dantooine in one peace.” The boy paused. “My name is Luke Skywalker, my mother said you knew my father Anakin, he was a soldier in the Republic Army during the Clone Wars. I’m sending you this message with a request.”

    Leia’s eyes widen, this message had brought up even more confusion.

    “As you know Naboo has managed to stay neutral, however my mother has realized that staying a pacifist planet is seemingly impossible, and we have taken a side, with the Rebel Alliance. Our allegiance isn’t public, and we don’t plan on announcing it openly for a while. It is amazing that the Rebellion hasn’t already been crushed by the Empire; however that is a different story. My request for you Obi-Wan is one for help. I know you are trained in the ancient Jedi arts. Your support of the Rebellion would be a grand contribution, and the edge we need against the Emperor. So please Obi-Wan Kenobi join the Rebellion, meet with my mother on Naboo, and discuss negotiations. Sides must be taken Obi-Wan; we live in a divided galaxy.”

    The image disappeared, Leia dropped to the floor. What was the boy talking about? His name was Luke, Luke Skywalker. He had to of been related? But Leia was an only child, without any cousins. At least that’s what she thought. And her father was never a soldier; he was a pilot on a passenger freighter. Leia’s eyes welled up in tears. She couldn’t believe what was going on, she wondered if Owen and Beru had lied to her all her life.

    Owen and Beru…

    The thought of her aunt and uncle lying to her seriously disturbed Leia. However she had no idea how to approach the situation. If this boy, Luke, was indeed her brother would he be able to meet her. And was her mother still alive? Was her father still alive?

    Owen and Beru were going to have some explaining to do…

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    Woot! cool twist on the call for help =D= =D= Very concise message too, and guaranteed as well to get Leia's thirst for adventure stirred up [face_thinking] Yup, Owen and Beru have waited too long apparently to give explanations :( I'm also glad she got to hear the entire message. :) She still has to "get" Artoo and the message to Obi-Wan. :D
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    A twist indeed.

    Nice reversal of roles between brother and sister.
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    Chapter 3
    Naboo Nights

    Luke Skywalker spun around at the sound of his name being called. He watched as a pretty girl about his age ran toward him down the dimly lit street in front of the Royal Palace in Theed. The girl reached Luke and they embraced. Luke ran his hand over her head, touching her short white hair. The two took a few steps back and stared into each other’s eyes. Luke’s blue, hers green. They shared a smile.

    “Sarea, you look gorgeous in that dress.” Luke looked the girl up and down.

    She was in a short white strapless dress that had blue polka-dots all over. Her slim, curvy figure was outlined flawlessly. She was perfect, everything Luke ever wanted.

    “Oh stop it you’re just flattering me.” Sarea shrugged and started to slowly walk away from the Prince, a smile gracing her lips.

    “No, no, no.” Luke urged as he approached the girl.

    He touched the Sarea’s shoulder softly and turned her around. Once again they stared deep into one another’s eyes. Luke could feel his heart beating; he hoped she felt the same way.

    “I mean it, you’re beautiful.”

    “Whatever you say Prince Skywalker.”

    The two began to continue down the street. Looking at the different buildings that lined the street they were on, and the garden strip that stretched the length of the street.

    “So how are things at the palace?” Sarea asked.

    “Well things are good.” Luke’s voice trailed off.

    In all reality things were not going good. Luke and his mother were becoming restless with the current situation on their hands. They had sent the droids for Obi-Wan Kenobi to Dantooine two weeks prior. They had heard nothing back from the pilots or crew members of the ship. He was afraid something bad had happened.

    “What’s wrong?” Sarea knew something wasn’t right.

    “Nothing…” Luke shook his head.

    Sarea stopped and grabbed Luke’s arm as the boy tried to move on.

    “Don’t tell me anything Luke; I know when you’re lying! And if you don’t tell me I will just ask my father he does have close ties with your mother you know!”

    Sarea was right, if he didn’t tell her, her father surely would. Tomer Vaas, Sarea’s father, was a member of the Royal Council. The committee of twelve members that advised Queen Amidala on issues on Naboo, helping her make decisions. And Tomer never wanted to displease his little girl. Luke had been defeated in his attempts of avoiding the subject.

    Listen there is a Rebellion starting.” Luke spoke in a hushed tone as he walked Sarea over to a bench near the garden strip.

    “Rebellion?” She looked confused.

    “Yes a Rebellion. Some of the most high profile people in the galaxy have met multiple times discussing plans. Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, my mother and others. The army is forming; we plan to overthrow the Empire.”

    “Does the council know about this?”

    “Yes, in fact your father is all for it.”

    Sarea stood up looking betrayed. “How could he not have told me about this earlier?”

    Luke stood up and wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist, pulling her closely into him. “Please don’t worry; everything is going to go great. We have the potential to take back the galaxy.”

    “I sure hope so.” The girl sighed and broke away from the girl.

    “Listen Sarea, I must be going now. Mother well get worried if I’m gone to long, she will send her guards out to find me.”

    “Okay, good night.” Sarea said quietly.

    “Good night Sarea.” Luke said as he began to walk off toward the palace.
    Sarea stared at the ground, and then suddenly began to jog to Luke. “Luke wait!”

    Luke turned around to face the girl. “Yes?”

    She stepped on tippy toes and kissed Luke. Their lips pressed together for more than a minute. Both of their eyes closed, the intensity of the kiss nearly made Luke pass out, he had waited for that moment for a long, long time. Sarea softly pulled away and stepped back.

    “I love you…” She smiled.

    “I love you to… always have.” Luke smiled back before turning away and walking off.

    Luke walked into his room and closed the door behind him. He couldn’t get the kiss he shared with Sarea out of his mind. The two had grown up together; he loved her ever since they were little. That was the first time they had ever said it though. That was the first time they had ever kissed. Luke hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

    He looked around his room. His bed was quite large next to it was a computer system. There were some paintings on the wall, and on one wall was a wide viewport that was covered by a shade. Then on another wall was a door that led into a closet.

    Luke walked over to the computer system and sat down in the chair in front of it. He pressed the on button that was on the back of it and the screen lit up, the House of Amidala symbol appearing. After a few seconds an icon came up that read, “new caller.” Just what Luke expected and wanted to see. The Prince touched the screen, pressing the icon. Almost immediately the image of a man came up. All that was shown was his face; he was an older man with dark skin, grey hair and a trimmed beard. His eyes showed concern.

    “Greetings Prince Skywalker.” The man said.

    “Captain Panaka it is a pleasure.” Luke replied, he could see the man’s worry. “Captain, if you are to be the bearer of bad news. I would prefer it sooner than later.”

    “As you wish.” The man began. “I have a report on Operation Recruitment.”

    Operation Recruitment was the mission the droids were on. Luke and Padme dispatched a transport with Naboo Security and the droids on it to Dantooine, to find Obi-Wan Kenobi. Once the droids found Kenobi they would deliver the message of Luke asking for the Jedi’s help.

    “Sir the ship… The ship was shot down, exploded in fact.” Panaka muttered.

    “Shot down! By who!” Luke had a sinking feeling on what Panaka was going to say back.

    “The Empire! An Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Unfortunately upon leaving Naboo, the transport started to get tracked by Imperial fighters. After a small skirmish the ship was force to escape to the Tatoo system. But there they ran into more trouble, the destroyer was in Tatooine orbit and shot down the transport.”

    “And the droids?” Luke questioned.

    “There is a possibility that they survived, because an escape pod was dropped to Tatooine. Who was inside, we don’t know.” Panaka answered. “However despite the bad news I may have some that is reassuring.”

    “Yes?” Luke nodded.

    “Our sources believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi is headed to Tatooine. They don’t know what his purpose is, however that is their best judgment of where he will be within the next few days.”

    Panaka was right that news was reassuring. If the droids had ended up on Tatooine not only could Luke rescue them, but hopefully he could find Kenobi.

    “Very well, I will forward this report to my mother. Thank you Captain.” Luke concluded.

    “Your very welcome.” Panaka replied as Luke went to exit the call, but the Captain spoke up again, “Luke.”

    “Yes Captain.”

    “Be safe.” The Captain smiled.

    “You to.” Luke closed out of the call.

    The Prince stood up and left the room, headed to speak to his mother.

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    =D= :) Glad she has green eyes ;) and her name is pretty too.
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    Nov 26, 2012
    Jade_eyes glad you like Sarea :D And expect to see at least two more chapters posted tonight! Maybe we will finally see some of the elusive Obi-Wan Kenobi :D

    And just as an FYI to all readers of this story. If the chapters appear to be short, there not really, I'm averaging four pages of Word Document each chapter.
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    Sarea I don't fully trust her at this point because she could be a traitor. I know that it's a pessimistic view but you never know.

    So Obi-Wan might be heading for Tatooine.
  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Misty; That thought crossed my mind fleetingly but yikes! Luke deserves genuine happiness not false starts in the romance department. :p
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    @Lady_Misty and Jade_eyes interesting predictions on Sarea, I guess you will have to wait and see until furthur chapters :D
    Tag List: Lady_Misty, Jade_eyes
    Author's Notes: Upon writing this chapter I considered making it longer. However after editing it and re-reading it, I realized it was perfect. It may only be two and a half pages long in Word, but it gets the point across that I wanted to.
    Chapter 4
    Leaving Home

    Dantooine was a good home for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Vast grasslands, high mountain ranges, breath taking oceans. It was truly a sight to see, flying above you would witness the full capacity of the planet’s beauty, even catch sight of the vintage farm houses and prairies.

    Obi-Wan truly loved home…

    On the outskirts of the capitol Garang, was the place. A tube like structure made of stone. With enough space for two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a small living space. Obi’s cooking supplies weren’t top dollar, and his furniture was far from luxurious. But that didn’t bother him. It was a roof over his head.A place for him and his family to stay safe from the evil clutches of the Empire. He loved his family dearly.

    His wife and son…

    Obi-Wan’s wife, Satine Kryze Kenobi, a wonderful woman. The former Duchess of Mandalore. They had first met during the Clone Wars, they were definitely attracted to each other, but Obi-Wan knew the code of the Jedi Order. Marriage was forbidden for Jedi, and the two were forced to refrain from their impulses. However with the fall of the Order, came the fall of the code. And Obi finally was able to start his life with Satine.

    The beautiful strong willed woman that he loved so much…

    Then there was his son Ben Kenobi, the five year old, and so full of life, so care free. He was nearly a mirror of Obi-Wan, only at a much younger age. The boy had the force surrounding him, and Obi hoped one day he would be able to train his son as a Jedi. He hoped one day the Empire would fall, and he and his son could live openly as force users.

    But as much as Obi loved and cared for his family, now was not the time to engulf himself in attachment. Obi-Wan was going away on what shouldn’t be a dangerous travel. However the galaxy was an unpredictable place with the Emperor in charge. He was off to visit an old friend, Anakin Skywalker.

    Anakin his former apprentice, Anakin the man Obi loved like a brother, Anakin the man with the dark past. He had been such a powerful Jedi, with so much potential. The power to restore balance to the force… but it did not work out that way.

    Obi knew the confrontation would be an odd one. He wasn’t warning Skywalker of the visit, it would be completely unexpected. Knowing what the man had done would truly make for an interesting meeting. But hopefully Anakin had moved on.

    He did have a daughter to secretly watch over…

    Leia, so powerful in the force, but so oblivious to her strength. Her and her brother could be the only hope for the galaxy, the descendants of the great one, the bearers of the young Skywalker lineage. If they mastered the force they could destroy evil. They could restore peace, restore balance…

    All of that would come in due time however. Obi had to bid his family farewell…

    “Must you go?” Satine pleaded, Ben Kenobi cuddle up against her waist.

    “I’m afraid so. Me and Anakin have much to discuss, I promise I will return.” Obi spoke softly.

    “I just… I get worried when you leave…” Satine stared at the ground.

    “I know…”

    Obi looked down at his son. Without even a word Ben attached himself to his father, gripping his legs tightly in a hug.

    “Don’t go daddy please!” The little boy squeezed harder.

    Obi-Wan picked up his son and held him tight. “You listen to your mother while I’m gone okay?”

    After a few seconds of giving his father a pouty face the boy responded. “Okay daddy…”

    Obi-Wan set his son back on the ground, kissed his wife, and then headed for his ship. The blue Jedi Starfighter that was five meters away from his house. Obi, climbed up to the cock-pit and opened up the cover, climbing in he glanced back at his family one last time. Before closing the cover, starting the engines, and zooming off from Dantooine’s surface.

    Anakin… here I come…

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    If Anakin is watching after Leia then who is looking after Luke?

    Yay! Obi-Wan and Satine are together! [face_dancing] But then I ship with them. And they have a son! [face_dancing]
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    Cool Obi pairing, with Satine. =D= I hope he can return safely to his family, or join up with them eventually once he's seen to helping the Rebellion in whatever fashion circumstances bring about. Depends on how close to canon OT this comes. ;) [face_thinking]
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    @Lady_Misty I'm going to be completely straight forward on the subject of who is guarding Luke and say no one. And the reason being is that there is alot of tension between Anakin/Padme, and he's pretty secure considering Naboo is a "neutral" (secretly forming the Rebel Alliance), and the Naboo Royal Security is pretty intense!
    @Jade_eyes I'm glad you like the pairing of Obi and Satine. When trying to figure out who to pair him with I had a long list, including some OC's however I decided with Satine. And you will just have to waitto see how close this stays to OT cannon.
    Tag List: @Lady_Misty, @Jade_eyes
    Author's Notes: This chapter was quick to write. About a month ago when I first began on chapter five I knew what needed to be done and I did it. I think I wrote Leia's first taste of the force being with the dark side pretty well, and hoped you all liked it.
    Chapter Five
    New Adventures

    “How could you hide this from me?” Leia shouted at her aunt and uncle who sat quietly at the kitchen table. “I just don’t believe you two would be this… this low. To keep my family’s past a secret from me! What’s the story huh, what truly happened with my family?” Leia glared at her relatives, what angered her so greatly was that Owen was expressionless, what a jackass.

    “Leia…” Beru began.

    “Before you even start you better tell me the damn truth!” Leia ordered, and she could care less that she was speaking so rudely.

    “Leia… you have to realize something. The reason we didn’t tell you the truth was to keep you safe. The Empire… they would have taken you…” Beru let tears fill her eyes.

    Leia felt no sympathy for the woman. “Well I’m here now, your lies have been exposed, and I want the truth!”

    “It’s not our place to…” Owen’s voice trailed off.

    “What?” Leia questioned loudly.

    “It’s not our place to tell you everything that happened!” He raised his voice toward his niece.

    “That’s it, I can’t stay here!” Leia began to leave the kitchen.

    “Leia!” Beru called.

    “No!” She raised a finger. “Just no!”

    With a back full of a change of clothes, a blaster, and a pocket full of credits Leia turned back and glanced at her home, with no regret she looked away. She could not believe Owen and Beru, she thought of them with their names, no longer were they aunt and uncle, they were dead to her. Still she wondered who they were talking about when Beru said, “You know he will come around eventually.” Who will come around eventually?

    Her father… Anakin…

    Leia had no idea who she even was anymore, but now she had the chance to start a new life. She was going to climb onto her swoop bike, travel to Mos Eisley, pay for a transport and get the hell off of Tatooine. Life as she knew it was over.

    But new life had just begun…

    She felt born again as she sped off from her house, pressing the throttle of her swoop down as hard as she could. Gripping the lever to relieve her of the immense amount of frustration she was feeling. The anger and hate she possessed. It felt good to feel the anger. She let it course through her veins.

    Anger made her feel powerful…

    It was a completely foreign experience. She had never felt that way before. Leia had no idea what was influencing her to gain the strength, but it felt good. It was something magical.

    Something pleasing…

    Luke stood patiently at his mother’s bedroom door preparing to knock. He braced himself for the way his mother was going to react to the news he had, then with gentle touch he knocked.

    “Come in!” Padme’s voice answered on the opposite side of the door.

    Luke opened the door and entered. He glanced around the room for his mother. She wasn’t on her bed, she wasn’t on the balcony, and she wasn’t in the refresher. No, she was sitting at her vanity, brushing her long brown hair that had the slightest hint of grey. She truly was a pretty woman.

    “Mother.” Luke said his mind in a million places at once.

    “I can tell by your tone that what you’ve come to tell me is… bad.”

    “I’m afraid so.” Luke paused. “Mom Operation Recruitment has met an obstacle; the ship was exploded by Imperials.”

    Padme’s mouth dropped as she rose from her chair and straightened her yellow night gown. “Oh my!” She gasped. “Those poor guards… and C-3PO and R2-D2!”

    “I know that’s how I felt. Soon after leaving Naboo orbit they began to be tracked by Imperial fighters, they were forced to retreat to the Tatoo system, where they met there doom against a star destroyer. However Captain Panaka believes the droids survived; supposedly an escape pod was released from the transport, it fell to Tatooine.”

    “I have to go and find the droids!” Padme ran her hands through her hair impatiently.

    “No mother, don’t worry about it I will go. Because the Captain said that Naboo Intelligence predicts Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to Tatooine, they don’t know why though.”

    Padme sat down on her bed, Luke followed. The Queen got a look on her face, like she knew exactly why the old Jedi was headed to the dessert planet.

    “No I can’t let you! I won’t let you!” Padme shook her head.

    “Mother stop it. You’re going to worry yourself sick over this whole ordeal.” Luke hugged his mother. “I will go to Tatooine, I will find the droids, I will find Kenobi.”

    “Okay…” Padme looked away.

    “Now get some rest.” Luke rose from the bed and headed for the door.

    Before he left his mother stopped him from leaving. “Luke dear!”
    Luke turned around. “Yes mother?”

    The Queen swallowed hard. “Whatever happens, whatever you discover on Tatooine, just know that I love you.”

    Luke nodded. “I know.”

    Luke exited the room, closing the door softly behind him.

    What was she so worried about?

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    She's worried about him discovering the truth about his father.

    Uh-oh about Leia. Anger giving her strength . . . . [face_nail_biting]

    Please let Anakin find her before things get too bad. [face_praying]
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    Luke with Padme -- I'm glad they had that final exchange and I sincerely hope he remembers her words, really remembers them. [face_thinking] :oops: :eek: about Leia - but plausible and very well written =D=
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    Hello, and welcome to the JC Forums, Sly_Solo. You're doing a fantastic job with this story; reversing Luke and leia's roles. You are indeed very talented. Keep going. More! More!

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    @Lady_Misty Padme knows what he will find and is concerned. And we will have to wait and see what happens to Leia :D
    @Jade_eyes Lei's troubles continue... We will have to wait for the next installment, oh wait it's here :D
    @Rainbow Knight Star thanks for the welcome and the kind comments on my writing :D would you like added to the tag list?
    Tag List: @Lady_Misty, Jade_eyes
    Author's Notes: This chapter was fun to write because we get to see that Luke and Panaka are friends, and that Panaka truly cares for the young Prince. And we also know that Luke is on his way to Tatooine. We also get to see things heat up for Leia, now she's involved with the sneaky Rodian, Greedo.
    Chapter Six
    Tension Rises
    An elevator lift lowered into the large hangar bay below the Royal Palace. The doors of the lift slid open and out stepped Luke Skywalker and two Royal Security Guards. They started across the huge hangar passing by rows of equipment crates, toward the Tantive IV. The CR90 Corvette property of Queen Amidala.

    From the lowered loading ramp of the Tantive came Captain Panaka of the Royal Security. He stroked his perfectly trimmed grey beard. Luke and the two guards met Captain Panaka a few meters from the ship.

    “Prince Skywalker the ship is prepped and ready for takeoff.” Panaka stood straight, his hands folded behind his back.

    Luke nodded at the man. “Very good Captain.”

    Luke and the Captain always spoke in a professional manner, but they were most definitely friends. Ever since Luke was a young boy Panaka was there as the director of Royal Security. He was someone for Luke to look up to, a figure of leadership that offered the boy reassurance of safety.

    “We’ll let us board.” Luke started off toward the Tantive. Realizing Panaka was not following Luke stopped. “Captain, are you coming?”

    Panaka shook his head. “Your mother has requested I stay on world.”

    Luke got a confused look across his face. Why would his mother keep the Captain on Naboo, there really was no reason. Without even being asked Panaka answered the question on Luke’s mind.

    “The planet will bring back… memories.” Panaka said awkwardly.

    “As you wish Captain…” Luke stepped onto the ramp.

    “Luke!” Panaka exclaimed, the Prince stopped, “be safe out there kid!”

    Luke smirked. “I’ll try!”

    Mos Eisley a strange place indeed, a sight Leia had never seen. The enormous city that was completely new to the girl. She had never witnessed the place, due to Owen and Beru. They kept her from the city, something about it being dangerous, just a product of their typical over-protecting antics. But so far the city seemed alright to Leia.

    It was her path off the dessert rock…

    Leia had always heard stories of the notorious Mos Eisley Cantina. And that’s where she stood before now. But it looked like a waste of time to her. However the tales of some of the best pilots stepping foot in the cantina reminded Leia of her goal. She needed to find a transport off the world, and she wasn’t going to fail.

    After taking a deep breath Leia stepped into the run down building. The inside was just as bad as the outside. The walls were beat up, and the smoke filled air smelt of alcohol and sweat. Leia crinkled her nose and heaved for fresh air.
    She peered around searching the faces of the busy cantina as the band played loudly. She decided to make her way to the counter where a heavy set barkeeper was rubbing his greasy stomach.

    “Hello there.” Leia said quietly.

    “You’re going to have to speak up girly!” The barkeep shouted.

    “Oh my apologies, I said hello!” Leia now spoke much louder.

    “Umm hi… If you don’t mind me asking what is a girl like you doing… well here?” He asked.

    Leia couldn’t help but to stare at the man’s one eye, she had no idea what species he was. But the single eye in the middle of his forehead was distracting.

    “My name is Leia; I’m looking for a transport off Tatooine.” Leia was now leaned in closely to the man.

    “A transport, so you need a pilot ey…” The man looked around. “They’re everywhere just ask ‘round!” The barkeep turned away to start a conversation with another creature.

    What help you are fat boy!

    Suddenly a Rodian appeared in front of Leia. He had a sly smile across his face, and the two antennas on the top of his head were twitching.

    “I heard you need a pilot!” The Rodian smiled.

    “Yes…” Leia’s voice trailed off.

    “I think I can help, I happen to be one. My names Greedo!” The Rodian, Greedo, chuckled.

    Leia nodded; finally she wasn’t leaving the cursed world. Or so she thought…

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