Before the Saga A Light in the Dark (A Vernestra Rwoh Pentathlon for the 2021 Fanfic Summer Olympics)

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    Title: A Light in the Dark

    Author: devilinthedetails

    Timeframe: Before the Saga. High Republic Era.

    Genre: A variety of genres.

    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios; Avon Starros; Rana Kant; Imri Cantaros.

    Summary: An anthology of stories written for my Star Wars Pentathlon centering around Vernestra Rwoh.

    Index of Entries:

    Polar Lights. 200 Freestyle. Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios. Post #2.

    Lightwhip Vision. 110 Word Hurdle. Vernestra Rwoh. Post #6.

    Invent Anything. 100 Word Sprint. Vernestra Rwoh; Avon Starros. Post #8.

    Reunion and Loss. 400 Word Cross Country. Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios; Rana Kant; Imri Cantaros. Post #11.

    Wayfinding. Water Polo Poetry. Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios. Post #16.

    Pentathlon complete on 8/28/2021. Thread always open for reading and comments, of course!
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    Title: Polar Lights

    Genre: Fluff; General

    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios

    Event: 200 Freestyle

    Summary: Vernestra Rwoh admires the beauty of the polar lights of Hynestia dancing in the air.

    Polar Lights (200 Freestyle)

    This was the first time Vernestra had been this far north on Hynestia. North enough to be at what compasses considered the planet’s magnetic north pole. North enough to see the polar lights dance jade, cerulean, sapphire, and amethyst in the night sky.

    She would never have ventured to the north pole on a planet whose equatorial regions were best described as frigid tundra except that her Master, Stellan Gios, had volunteered himself and her to guard an expedition of prospectors searching for coaxim to harvest deep beneath the frozen, jagged landscape of Hynestia’s north pole.

    Even though she was bundled in a thermal parka, hat, scarf, and gloves over her Jedi robes and believed herself to be about as acclimated as a Mirialan could be to Hynestia’s harsh temperatures, she had been cold to her blood and bones since she arrived at the north pole. Still, as she stood outside the dome of ice and snow that was supposed to keep her and her Master warm to gaze up at the astronomical phenomenon Master Stellan had called her out to admire, she whispered reverently, “I’ve never seen such beauty.”

    It was a Jedi’s duty to acknowledge beauty where encountered.
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    Excellent start, devilinthedetails! I enjoyed the frozen setting of one of your last Vernestra stories and this was no different. As much of a prodigy as she is, I like how you keep her grounded.
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    Great beginning with Vernestra and Stellan Gios
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    Aw! I haven't read any of the source material for the High Republic yet, but I've really enjoyed the little glimpses I've gleaned from fic on the boards! Your collection here, so far, is no exception. [face_love]

    Gorgeous descriptions. Here and throughout!

    This was so soft and gorgeous! I appreciate how very 'slice of life' this was, for a Jedi apprentice on a routine mission, stopping to enjoy the beauty of the physical universe as well as the living Force. This was really just a wonderful moment to have captured all around.

    I look forward to reading more about Vernestra through your pentathlon! =D=
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    @brodiew As always, thank you so much for reading and commenting on my High Republic fics!:)I'm so glad that you enjoyed revisiting the frozen setting of Hynestia from one of my previous Vernestra fics. That does remind me that I should get back to working on that Vernestra fic because I do want to finish it. Maybe once the Summer Olympics is done if the muse feels like cooperating. Vernestra is an interesting character to write, because for all that she is a prodigy, I like to keep her grounded like you say and just have a humble rather than conceited feeling to her.

    @earlybird-obi-wan Thank you so much for commenting!:)So happy to hear that you enjoyed this beginning with Stellan and Vernestra. I hope that you will enjoy the next entries just as much!

    @Mira_Jade Thank you so much for reading and commenting!:)It is such a treat and honor to be a sort of ambassador for the High Republic era in terms of writing fanfic and hopefully giving it exposure to a wider audience. I really enjoy writing in that era and exploring all of its characters and settings. And I hope that you will continue to enjoy these little glimpses into the High Republic era through this Vernestra Pentathlon.

    I really wanted to celebrate the natural beauty of Hynestia in this little ficlet so I am so happy to hear you found the descriptions of the polar lights gorgeous.

    And the ending did warm my heart as I was writing it so I am glad that it was a highlight for you. I really enjoyed being able to write this slice of life fic about a Padawan taking a moment on a routine mission to savor the natural beauty all around her. Sometimes these slice of life fics can contain that sort of simple, resonating truth to them, which is why I do have a soft spot for slice of life stories and snippets.

    I hope you will enjoy this next glimpse into Vernestra's life!

    Title: Lightwhip Vision

    Genre: General

    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh

    Event: 110 Word Hurdle

    Summary: After a Force vision, Vernestra makes special modifications to her lightsaber.

    Lightwhip Vision (110 Word Hurdle)

    The Force-given vision came to her in her sleep. A dream but more than a dream of her purple lightsaber being a lightsaber and more than a lightsaber. A lightsaber that could transform into a lightwhip.

    In a meditative trance between sleep and wakefulness, she made the modifications to her lightsaber necessary to transfigure her dream from vision to reality, the Force guiding her every movement.

    Lightwhips were associated with the Dark Side and the Nightsisters, but when she researched their history on her datapad--almost ashamed of what the Force had driven her to create--she learned ancient Jedi had also used them to combat the Forbidden Forms of the Sith.
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    different times and different weapons
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    @earlybird-obi-wan Once again, thank you so much for reading and commenting!:)Different times and different weapons is a great way to describe it. I remember being really intrigued by the history Vernestra gave in Test of Courage about the Jedi once using lightwhips to counter the Sith so I couldn't resist delving into that a bit more in this Pentathlon!

    Title: Invent Anything

    Genre: Fluff; General; Friendship.

    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh; Avon Starros.

    Event: 100 Word Sprint

    Summary: Avon asks Vernestra what she would invent if she could invent anything.

    Invent Anything (100 Word Sprint)

    “What’d you invent if you could invent anything?” Vernestra’s precocious, stubborn charge, Avon Starros, daughter of Senator Ghirra Starros, asked her on a Port Haileap morning so humid Vernestra found it difficult to discern where the damp air clinging to her tunic ended and her sweat began.

    Something to silence the incessant questions of a certain Senator’s daughter sprang to mind, but Vernestra answered seriously and smoothly, “Something to eliminate all suffering and injustice in the universe.”

    “Isn’t that what Jedi do?” Avon arched an eyebrow.

    “It’s what Jedi try to do,” Vernestra corrected. Trying wasn’t the same as doing.
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    Trying? Master Yoda should hear that
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    I'm loving this character of Vernestra. I have read nothing related tp High Republic, so I am enjoying this very much.

    It's a good thing she knows the difference. I expect that will serve her well.
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    @earlybird-obi-wan As always, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I think Vernestra is grateful that Master Yoda wasn't around to hear her say "trying", haha;)

    @JediMaster_Jen Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this Vernestra Rwoh Penathlon!:)I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying this and loving the character of Vernestra even though you haven't read anything related to the High Republic. It is wonderful to know that people are connecting with Vernestra and this story despite not being familiar with the High Republic era. What a compliment! And I agree that it's a good thing Vernestra knows the difference between trying and doing, and I think knowing that distinction will serve her well in her future as a Jedi as you say!

    Title: Reunion and Loss

    Genre: General; Drama; Friendship

    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios; Rana Kant; Imri Cantaros.

    Event: 400 Word Cross Country

    Summary: Vernestra and Stellan Gios reunite on Starlight Beacon.

    Reunion and Loss (400 Word Cross Country)

    “Master Stellan.” Vernestra bowed to the proper degree for a Jedi Knight greeting a Council Member when they were reunited in a galaxy changed by the Hetzal disaster and the Nihil threat after too long apart. “Congratulations on your new rank.”

    “Thank you.” There was a shadow in her former Master’s eyes that she wasn’t used to seeing. The weight of his responsibility to guide the Order as a Council member, and something more. Something sadder. Grief at the lost Council Member he was replacing. His own former Master, Rana Kant. Master Stellan was still on a journey toward accepting Rana Kant’s becoming one with the Force. “It’s an honor I work to prove worthy of every day.”

    Then the shadow dropped away from Master Stellan’s gaze as he opened his arms to her. “No hug for your former Master?”

    “Since you asked so nicely, I guess I can give you one.” Vernestra wrapped herself around him. Reassuring herself of his solidity and strength by the embrace. Confirming by the warmth of his body that he was still alive. Unlike Rana Kant and Douglas Sunvale. So many Masters faded into the Force and memory now. So many grieving Padawans left behind.

    “I’m glad that you’re alive.” Master Stellan kissed her forehead, and Vernestra was relieved that she wasn’t the only one thinking of death and loss on this beacon devoted to light and life. “That you’re all right.”

    “I was sorry to hear of Master Rana Kant’s death.” Vernestra struggled to shape words that might be some solace to her mourning Master. “I’ll always remember her. How she’d regale me with tales of your wild exploits with Master Kriss and Master Elzar.”

    “Tales of me trying hopelessly to curtail the wild exploits of Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann that got warped beyond recognition in the telling.” Master Stellan chuckled as he gave an affectionate tug on Vernestra’s ponytail. “Embarrassing me and polluting the mind of my Padawan with nonsense about my past misbehavior.”

    Silence fell between them for a moment before Master Stellan remarked, “I hear you have a Padawan of your own now.”

    “Imri Cantaros.” Vernestra nodded.

    “When do I meet him?” Master Stellan arched an eyebrow.

    “Soon as you promise not to share with him any of my misbehavior as a Padawan.” Vernestra grinned.

    “What misbehavior?” Master Stellan returned her grin. “I remember you as the perfect Padawan.”
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    And Stellan was a perfect master with friends like Avar and Elzar
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    Love the gentle teasing and affection between Vernestra and Stellan. Brilliant!=D=
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    These are all wonderful, as always! I still know nothing about the High Republic era, except for the little bits of fanfic I've read, but even without being familiar with the source material, these are lovely ficlets.

    Polar Lights: I think this is my favorite out of this collection. You do such a wonderful job of setting the scene, I can practically feel the frigid air.

    This is just beautiful! Our own earthly Northern Lights have fascinated me since I was a kid, and travelling to the Arctic to see them is on my bucket list. So to see Vernestra experience their beauty here makes me so happy. [face_love] Gorgeous, gorgeous fic.

    Lightwhip Vision: Great glimpse of a very unique lightsaber!

    I love this line, it's so poetic.

    Invent Anything: I love the detail of the humidity on this planet - such a contrast to "Polar Lights"!


    And the last line, about trying and doing, is so true!

    Reunion and Loss: Such a lovely glimpse of a friendship.

    Awww. Even without knowing details these few lines say so much. And it feels very real - although the grief and loss are weighing on them, they're still able to find joy and comfort in their friendship and being together, and life goes on. I also really love all the banter. :D

    Again, wonderful work on all of these and I look forward to reading the last entry for this pentathlon! =D=
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    Polar Lights: gorgeous details. I felt I was seeing them myself. :)

    Lightwhip -- I can understand Vernestra's initial misgivings until she did further research.

    Invent Anything ;) that is exactly the type of conversation these two would have and trying and doing, a world of difference between those.

    Reunion and Loss: oh the bittersweetness of this conversation, with affectionate teasing and sorrow blended exquisitely.
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    @earlybird-obi-wan Thank you so much for commenting! :)I definitely like to think that Stellan was the perfect Master for Vernestra, and his friendship with Avar and Elzar is just chef's kiss perfection in my opinion, so I enjoy exploring that whenever I can!

    @JediMaster_Jen Thank you so much for reading and commenting!:)I love when relationships between Masters and Padawans can have that affection and gentle teasing so I really wanted to show Stellan and Vernestra having that sort of relationship even after Vernestra is a nice, and it makes me so happy that aspect shone through for you in this last installment.

    @amidalachick Thank you so much for reading and commenting even though you aren't familiar with the High Republic source material[:D]I'm super flattered that you found these so wonderful, and I hope you will enjoy the final entry as well.

    I really enjoyed writing Polar Lights because like you I find the Northern Lights in our own world so beautiful that I was truly inspired by them and trying to capture some of that beauty into words. It makes me so happy to hear that I was able to capture the scene so vividly for you that you could almost feel the cold air. I was hoping readers might have just such a sensory experience! And like you I would love to see the Northern Lights in person one day so writing about them like this is kind of the next best thing for me.

    So glad that you enjoyed the glimpse of Vernestra's unique lightsaber. Different types of lightsabers can be so interesting to explore especially with the logic different Jedi have for designing their lightsabers in various ways. And you highlighted one of my favorite lines from the piece that I was really hoping would sound poetic, so it makes me so happy that it did sound that way to you.:D

    I was definitely able to draw on my own experiences with the unpleasantness of humidity to write the setting of Invent Anything, and I did get a chuckle out of Vernestra's thoughts about silencing the endless questions from a certain Senator's daughter, so it is good to hear you found those thoughts amusing as well. I do find Vernestra's distinction between doing and trying insightful, so it makes me happy that you felt the same way.

    I am so glad that you felt I was able to convey so much of the power of the friendship between Vernestra and Stellan in their reunion. I think in many ways a hug can say so much more than words, so that was why I couldn't resist having Vernestra and Stellan hug after they are reunited and have seen loss and grief around them. To really take a moment and savor the fact that they still have each other. They have experienced grief and loss, but they can still find joy and comfort in one another, and that gives a sense of hope and meaning to their lives. It also gives them some fun banter;)

    Thank you again for reading and commenting, and I hope you will enjoy this final installment!

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha As always, thank you so much for reading and for your sweet comments![:D]I'm so glad that you found the details of the Polar Lights gorgeous because I was trying to convey their beauty through words and I can imagine no greater compliment than giving you the feeling that you were there, seeing them in person!

    I definitely think Vernestra's misgivings were understandable until she could do further research and learn about how Jedi had made use of lightships in the past, which means they aren't only a Dark Side thing. So it was nice that she could feel less guilty and worried after that discovery. Research can be a great way of answering questions and alleviating concerns!

    Invent Anything was a fun and interesting conversation to write, and I'm so glad you thought it was exactly like a conversation those two would have! And there definitely can be a world of difference between trying and doing as you say. I think it is good that Vernestra is aware of that fact and sensitive to it.

    I think bittersweetness is a great way to describe the tone I was going for in Reunion and Loss. There is the sorrow of loss that cannot be ignored, but at the same time there is a way forward through the grief because of the affection the characters share and the banter that can brighten their days and time together.

    Title: Wayfinding


    Characters: Vernestra Rwoh; Stellan Gios

    Event: Water Polo Poetry

    Summary: Vernestra and her hyperspace visions.

    Author's Note: This marks the official end of my Vernestra Rwoh Pentathlon. I thank all my readers and reviewers for their generous support throughout the process of writing and completing this Pentathlon. I do have more plans and ideas for more stories featuring Vernestra so if you keep an eye out for them, you may see them posted in the future if my muse cooperates, which is never a given...


    Strange stars whirl
    in Vernestra’s eyes,
    echoed like a broken mirror
    in her mind when the ship
    jumps to hyperspace.

    Murky visions of a future
    that will never be
    and a past that never was
    swamp her in a drowning
    mire of confusion.

    Planets she has never been to,
    firm ground on which
    she may never set foot
    swim beneath the troubled surface
    of her eyelids, closed to better

    Connect with the mysteries
    of the universe and Force
    that binds it together
    like frayed string
    or a single strained nerve.

    She is ashamed of her visions,
    tries to hide them from Stellan,
    but he sees them and her distress.
    Assures her that they are a gift
    to her from the Force.

    One that she cannot refuse.
    One inherited from ancient Jedi,
    Figures of myth who could map
    paths through strange stars
    to distant planets glimpsed
    only through shadowed visions.

    Who called this power,
    this carving a narrow way
    through the wide universe,
    wayfinding, which puts a name
    but no clarity, on the mystery
    of Vernestra’s murky visions.
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    Stunning poem! =D= It describes very eloquently what Vernestra is experiencing. @};-
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    great poem. It shows Vernestra!
  19. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Wonderful poem. =D= Brings to a beautiful end these amazing stories you've crafted.
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha As always, thank you so much for reading and commenting!:)I'm so happy to hear that you found this poem stunning with eloquent descriptions of what Vernestra is experiencing since I find Vernestra's hyperspace visions really fascinating, and I wanted to do them justice here.

    @earlybird-obi-wan Thank you so much for reading and commenting throughout my Vernestra pentathlon!:)I'm so glad that you thought this was a great poem that really showed who Vernestra is!

    @JediMaster_Jen Thank you so much for reading and commenting!:)I'm so flattered that you thought this was a wonderful poem because I really wanted to capture that wonder and beauty poetry can have, and I'm so happy to hear that you felt this was a beautiful end to these amazing stories. I really hoped that people would enjoy reading about Vernestra here!