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Saga a memory

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A memory
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Saga AOTC
    Characters: Beru
    Genre: Minor challenge
    Summary: Beru remembers a visit.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the mouse.

    A memory

    Beru Whitesun Lars had seen them leaving in a hurry after the astromech came with a message from an Obi-Wan Kenobi. She had returned to her home and was sitting in the garage with the speeder, eyes still sad after the burial ceremony for the step-mother of her husband Owen. And meeting Anakin Skywalker had her remembering a trip to Mos Espa with her family.

    You were there Anakin Skywalker standing near Jira’s stand. Your eating of a pallie had us going to Jira.
    There was a handsome darkhaired man with smiling brown eyes telling a pilot tale. He bought juice for all of us.
    You left with a large bag with fruits and juices. That pilot had given enough peggats to make that possible.
    I saw his eyes turning sad for a moment when he heard that you were a slave. He didn’t have enough credits to buy you free and left before I could hear his name.
    You loved those pilot tales Anakin and look what it brought you. You are now a Jedi. Your reckless flying during the Boonta eve bought you your freedom.
    And your mother going to Jira for more pallies brought her in contact with Cliegg.
    Keep safe Anakin and come back.
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  2. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    That makes me rather emotinal reading that. Well done, dear bird! @};-
  3. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Aw, that was sweet. @};-
  4. obimom

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Very nice, earlybird.
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    Oct 4, 2004
    That was sweet!