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Saga A New Destiny (AU, ff reboot, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and more)

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  1. bentheswguy

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Hey everyone I'm "rebooting" my fan fiction A New Destiny so to speak. I just felt like the plot I had going for the fan fiction was going to end up being a mess in the long run. So I have formulated a brand new plot that is much more planned out. Anyway...

    Tag List: @Lady_Misty Jade_eyes JABrown

    Title: A New Destiny
    Genre: AU, Action/Adventure
    Timeline: 30 Years before A New Hope
    Characters: PT Characters

    Star Wars
    Episode 1
    A New Destiny

    The Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Building erupted in to an uncontrollable outbreak of disapproval. The conflicting opinions of a thousand senators and representatives, was all expressed by roars. Pods soared to different parts of the vast chamber, insults were shared. There was absolutely no holding back when a session of senate was held as of late…

    “Order!” Supreme Chancellor Valorum began. “We will have order!” His voice booming through every inch of the chamber.
    Silence fell…

    Valorum swallowed hard, knowing he was going to have to really speak his mind in order to truly stop the madness that was taking place in the session. “Now years ago when the Trade Federation began they served a purpose. They worked side by side with the Republic; the Federation was a perfect connection for dealings to the outer rim. But what they have transformed into is diabolic conspirators.”

    “You’re just now realizing that? They have been corrupt for ten years, ever since the Neimoidians gained absolute control!” A senator from Nar Shaddaa had lowered his pod toward Valorum’s.

    “I’m afraid we have requested conferences with Nute Gunray, but he continuously denies. He is at loss not us.” Valorum replied, the Nar Shaddaa senator kept his comments to a mumble, and navigated his pod back to proper position.

    “What about Tatooine? Is it true The Trade Federation invaded Tatooine, and is now dictating them?” A voice called out, Valorum searched the faces of multiple pods, but couldn’t find the source of the question.

    “Forget Tatooine, we should be more concerned for the moon of Endor!” The Corellian Senator, Petrek Doone shifted his pod toward the center of the chamber near the Chancellor’s. “The Ewok’s are peaceful creatures, now we hear rumors that the Federation has colonized them. Establishing a base, building a Clone Army!”
    Petrek’s remark sparked outrage within the session. Valorum tried to conceal his anger…

    Your father would roll over in his grave, knowing how you are handling this situation Chancellor!” Petrek shouted.

    “And I assume you’re father would not be pleased to hear that his son was fined for verbal assault against the Chancellor.” Valorum spoke at a normal tone, but Petrek could sense the firmness in his voice.

    Petrek shook his head and floated off. The Corellians were very outspoken about succeeding from the Republic; Valorum wished they would just commit to it. The whole planet was full of hot shot pilots with short tempers, not to mention the endless count of smugglers that were born and raised on the world.

    “Now despite his improper way of approaching it, Senator Doone did make a valid point. From intel we have obtained by sources, it is confirmed that the Federation has taken over the moon of Endor and has begun to build a Clone Army. At this point however, we cannot blindly go into war, not knowing the extent of how powerful this army actually is.” Valorum paused, and almost began to speak again, but was interrupted by Senator Palpatine of Naboo.

    “Chancellor Valorum if I may have the floor.” Palpatine pleasantly spoke as his Twi’Lek advisor lowered his pod.

    “It is all yours Senator.” Valorum sent the Naboo native a nod of permission.

    Senator Palpatine was a close friend of Valorum’s. Although the Chancellor’s homeworld was Coruscant, he received his higher education in politics at Theed University. There he met the future Senator of Naboo, Palpatine. They immediately became close friends, but after years of Palpatine going into unexplained exile, they now served on the Republic in government.

    “Thank you Chancellor.” Palpatine shot his friend a smile, but then turned to address the majority of the chamber inhabitants. “Friends, please let’s not persecute Chancellor Valorum during this time of worry. That is the last thing that he deserves. Ridicule does not solve problems; the Federation needs to be handled in a mature and logical way.” Palpatine paused and glanced back at Valorum. “And Chancellor I believe the proper way to approach this situation is to set up Republic bases on the other planets in the Endor system. They are currently uninhabited and barren; it would prevent the Federation of establishing their own bases on them.”

    Palpatine had just proposed a great idea, which was received warmly by the members of the Senate. Valorum was impressed by his old friend’s idea. Palpatine was never one to support a strong military presence, but times have changed.

    “That is a grand idea Senator. I feel that we should take a vote upon this matter. All in favor of sending Republic forces to the barren planets in the Endor System to prevent Federation growth. Please signify by saying I.”

    “I,” echoed through the chamber. There was only a view who opposed the idea. Knowing the motion had passed, Valorum did not ask for any further opinions. “Very well, motion passes. I now declare this Session of Senate dismissed.”

    Whispers flooded the acoustics of the chamber as the members of Senate began to leave. Chancellor Valorum pressed a button on a control panel, and his pod began to descend downward to the bottom of the chamber. Valorum glanced up at Palpatine before his pod was closed away. The Chancellor’s friend had a grin on his face, but not the usual one that graced man’s face, this one was different, this one was sinister…
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Awesome start =D= I love reboots ;)
  3. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    a good reboot.

    Palpatine is plying the Senate it seems.
  4. Darth_Kiryan

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    Mar 13, 2009
    Oooh! Reboot. Fresh blood! New Story. Looks good.

    Palpatine seems to be playing a similar but different tune. Actually, seeing him politik more as a senator would be really good, if it can be played right.
  5. bentheswguy

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    Nov 8, 2012
    @Lady_Misty JABrown Jade_eyes Darth_Kiryan

    Chapter 1...

    Theed, the great capitol city of Naboo. Positioned on the edge of a vast rushing waterfall, from a far it appeared as artwork, but it was oh so real. The breathtaking architecture was majestic. Comprised of sharply curved edges of stone, and large cylinder pillars, topped with green roofs. Theed was a peaceful place, a high class royal city. Home of Theed University, Parnelli Museum of Art, the Royal Library, and of course the gigantic Royal Palace.

    From the beautiful cloud covered sky emerged a CR90 Corvette. It color’s white and blue, those of the Republic. Following in closed formation were three Liberator-Class Starfighters. The Corvette and its escorts flew over the captivating prairies and meadows, the majority of Naboo’s surface. They soon descended as they quickly approached Theed. Piloting toward the base of the massive cliff, which the city was built upon, and where the Theed Spaceport was built into. The Corvette and Liberators entered into one the multiple docking piers of the spaceport.

    Steel walls covered the perimeter of the docking bay’s interior, incasing the carved out stone below it. This particular bay was vacant of any other ships, leaving plenty of space for the Corvette and its escorts to land comfortably. The Corvettes docking claws lowered and made a hissing noise, making contact with the floor. The engines were then cut, and seconds later the ramp released a cloud of mist and dropped.

    Down the ramp exited three men at first. Senator Palpatine, clad in a light grey tunic that stretched from his neck to his ankles, draped over his shoulders was short blue speckled cape. Accompying him were two Republic Senate Guards, both wielding a force pike, headdresses concealing most of their face, long blue robes flowing slightly from the breeze that swept through the hangar.

    They stopped at the bottom of the ramp awaiting others. Out came two Jedi, Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Knight Ob-Wan Kenobi. The two Jedi began to follow closely behind the Senator as they made their way across the hangar.

    Obi-Wan glanced around. Seeing all the different doors and turbolifts which lead to administration buildings, spaceport offices, and even the power generator. One of the doors slid open revealing people behind it. A unit of Royal Naboo Security was led out by a two striking women. Both dressed the same in red and sparkling gold robes.
    The women and the security met the Senator and his companions in the center of the bay, stopping to greet each other.

    “Senator Palpatine, it is a pleasure to see you. Welcome home.” Queen Jobal Amidala, the elder of the two women greeted the grey man.

    “Your highness the pleasure is all mine.” Palpatine’s smile stretched from cheek to cheek. “Princess Padme.” Palpatine nodded at the young princess who was probably only 16.

    “Senator.” She nodded back.

    “I see you brought friends.” Jobal motioned to the two Jedi.

    “Indeed.” Palpatine turned to the Jedi and they stepped up. “This is Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and a recently Knighted Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

    “Madam.” Qui-Gon bowed, Obi shortly after.

    “Well if you will, let’s get to the Palace and make ourselves comfortable.” The Queen turned to lead the way, the now increasingly large crowd.


    Palpatine, Jobal, and Padme sat in a ring of cushioned chairs in the center of the lounge suite, while Qui-Gon and Obi stood toward the back of the room. The entrance door was guarded by two Royal Naboo Security Agents, inside and out. Their faces emotionless, not making a single movement.

    Behind the two Jedi was a wall to wall viewport, across the room on the opposite side was a parallel viewport, also stretching from end of the wall to the other. The other two walls were mostly covered in high class, expensive art work. Paintings from some of the most famous artist of Naboo, scenes of lush meadows or unique structures.

    “I know you have come to discuss situations taking place in the Republic, so please elaborate Senator.” Jobal was giving the Senator to speak away.

    “More like situation. Your highness I fear war with the Trade Federation is on the horizon, and quickly approaching.”

    “What do you mean?” Jobal tilted her head.

    “Well the Federation has taken control of two planets, Tatooine and Endor. Unfortunately Endor is of highest concern.” Palpatine sighed.

    “What have they done to Endor?” Padme jumped in with a question.

    “I’m afraid the Federation has set up operations on the planet, and are currently building a Clone Army.”

    “A Clone Army!” Jobal exclaimed. “What more is known?”

    “Republic intelligence has gathered no further information. However we have moved forces to the remaining planets of the Endor system, to prevent any other colonization.”

    “That won’t stop them!” Padme urged, her mother shooting her a look that said, “tone it down.”

    “It can hold them off for the time being.” The Senator began but was interrupted by the Queen.

    “But eventually they will go over the top; the Federation will start a war.”

    “Yes but Naboo is known for staying neutral in wars, we like to keep our planet safe.” This time Padme spoke more respectfully.

    “That is my true reason of being here. The Republic has requested Naboo’s support and funding for when war erupts.” Palpatine’s comment added to the tension of the conversation.

    “No, Naboo does not involve in.” Padme was pointing her finger, but her voice trailed off as her mother glared at her.

    “Padme, times have changed. I fear that our planet could be a prime target for the Federation, as we had dealt with them in the past but once Nute Gunray took over we pulled out. And if keeping Naboo safe means funding the Republic for the war…” Jobal paused for a moment. “Then funding we will provide.”

    Palpatine opened his mouth but the door to the suite slid open and a middle aged hand maiden of the Queen’s stepped in.

    “My lady I don’t mean to interrupt, but you have a visitor.” The maiden spoke solemnly.

    “Whom?” The Queen asked.

    “A young boy, from Tatooine. He said his adoptive mother and father sent him here.” The maiden seemed just as confused as everyone else in the room.

    “Um.” Jobal hesitated. “Send him in.”

    The maiden turned toward the open door and motioned the boy in. He was a young teen, likely 14. Shaggy blonde hair scattered his head, and he had deep blue eyes. His clothes were

    tattered and worn.

    “What is your name boy?” The Queen questioned.

    “Anakin.” He quietly spoke. “Anakin Skywalker.”


    Obi-Wan looked at the boy up and down. He wasn’t short, but wasn’t overly tall either, he was young, in his early teens. The room fell silent after he introduced himself. But the look on the Queen’s face gave away that she knew exactly who the boy was.

    “Skywalker.” Jobal’s mouth dropped. “Who is your mother?”

    “Well I… I have adoptive parents on Tatooine Huff and Viista Darklighter. But my birth mother was Shmi.” Anakin stepped closer to the ring of chairs.

    Obi-Wan watched the Senator’s eyes. He looked very suspicious. Not as if he didn’t know the boy, but as if he knew everything about the boy.

    “Shmi Skywalker. I…” Jobal stuttered. “I grew up with your mother. We went to the University together. How is she now?”

    “She passed away a few years ago… It was unexplainable, just one day she didn’t wake up.”
    Anakin stared at his feet; Obi could tell it was tough for the boy to talk about the situation.

    “My I’m so sorry. The last time I saw Shmi was a few months before we had graduated. She ran away from her home. She offend said she had issues with her adoptive parents… but they were just as surprised as anyone. Nobody knew the reason behind her leaving.” Jobal sighed.

    “I believe you’re looking at the reason.” Anakin smirked slightly. “My mother always told me I was the reason she stopped schooling, she didn’t mean it offensively. She said that I was the best thing to ever happen to her.”

    “Oh my, this is so much to handle. Um, I’ll tell you what Anakin. Let us get you cleaned up. We can discuss this more after that come, come.” Jobal rose from her seat, motioning for Padme and Palpatine to follow. She glanced back at the Jedi, motioning them to sit down.

    Soon only Qui-Gon and Obi were left in the room, seated.

    “Master.” Obi began.

    “I know what you are going to say.” Qui-Gon cut his former apprentice short.

    “That boy, did you sense the power of the force in him?” Obi questioned, they were speaking in hushed tones.

    “I did, it was very strong. That is least of our concerns right now, that boy needs to feel welcome. And I need to contact Master Yoda.” Qui-Gon replied.

    Obi-Wan set back in his chair, the sight of the boy reminded Obi of when he was that age, which of course was only five years ago. Back then Kenobi was still training as an apprentice, under the tutelage of Master Qui-Gon… But Obi quickly shook the thoughts of the past away.

    Now was the time to focus on the present times… Now was the time to focus on this boy… And his extreme connection to the force…
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    =D= Yes, this is quite quite the thing! ;) [:D]
  7. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007

    One twist after another which is good.; keeps you guessing. ;)

    *happy sigh*
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    @Lady_Misty JABrown Jade_eyes Darth_Kiryan

    Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like the story so far this go round. And I know these chapters may be shorther then what I usually posted in the former fan fiction, but I have reasoning behind that. I want the story to be able to develop over a slow time, I dont want anything to seem rushed, and I dont want to write to much in one day, and have my writing struggling. Becuase I feel as if when I write alot at one time, my strength in writing fails... So without furthur adu, here is chaper 2!!!!

    Chapter 2…

    Obi-Wan made his way down a corridor of the royal palace. The walls were lined in large pillars that reached to the highest point of the ceiling. At the end of the corridor Obi saw a door that was his destination. His boots clunked on the marble floor, and the noise of it echoed loudly. Obi could not get his mind off the young blonde boy, Anakin. The presence of the force was strong in him, very strong. Obi reached the door and it slid open. The room the Jedi stepped into was much like the one that he was in earlier, only smaller. On a sofa sat Anakin, next to him Princess Amidala.

    Make him feel welcome, introduce myself…

    Anakin’s eyes lit up at first sight of Obi-Wan. Kenobi made his way in and sat down in a chair that was placed across from the sofa.

    “Princess.” Kenobi nodded with a smile, she returned the favor.
    Kenobi could not shake Anakin’s stare, the boy was staring holes through him. “Are you a Jedi?” He curiously asked.

    “Well you waste no time with questions!” Obi chuckled. “How could you tell?”

    “You’re lightsaber; everyone knows that is a Jedi weapon!” The boy was very energetic.

    “You got it. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight.” Obi stuck his hand out to the boy, who immediately shook back.

    Obi could not shake the fact that he knew this boy would be a Jedi. If Qui-Gon and Obi were able to convince the boy to come to Coruscant, he could appear before the council. Master Yoda would undoubtedly realize the power Anakin possessed and would assign him a master, most likely Qui-Gon.

    “So Anakin, tell me about yourself.” Padme smiled at the boy. Anakin looked up at the girl and blushed.

    “Well I was born and raised on Tatooine. I never knew my father, my mother said he ran off before I was born, said he was a smuggler. But when I was eleven she… passed away. So the Huff and Viista Darklighter adopted me. They knew my mother very well, so for the past years of my life I’ve been working on their moisture farm. They are very kind people, I own them a lot.”

    Calling upon the force Obi-Wan tried to get a read on what Anakin had just said. For the most part it was truthful. The Jedi only sensed one minor hiccup. The part about his father being a smuggler seemed shady. After seconds of reflecting on it, Kenobi shoved it away, thinking nothing more of it.

    “What brought you here to Naboo?” Padme asked.

    “Tatooine was just invaded by the Trade Federation… And the Darklighters told me I had a lot of potential and greatness. But I wasn’t going to reach it under Federation presence, or let alone a dessert planet. So they sent me here to Theed. My mother always told them that if I ever needed to be safe, that your mother could provide shelter.” Anakin kind of look away, it was obviously a difficult time.

    “Anakin, we are very happy to have you here. And I promise we will keep you safe, and who knows maybe we can discover that greatness you possess.” Padme playfully nudge the boy, who visibly looked away shyly.

    That could be a problem…


    Qui-Gon paced back and forth on the balcony of a study, comm link in hand. He was impatiently waiting for the Jedi Council to answer his comm transmission. The light breeze that whipped through the atmosphere fluttered Jinn’s long hair. Qui-Gon stroked his beard, still awaiting an answer.

    “Master Qui-Gon Jinn.” The voice of Grand Master Yoda sounded from the comm link.

    “Hello Master, I have some very significant news…”

    “Urgent it is?” Yoda asked his typical open ended questions.

    Qui-Gon prepared for what he was about to say. Hoping Yoda would full heartedly agree with him. “Master… Me and Obi have been carrying out our duties on this assignment, keeping an eye on the Senator, making sure he is safe. However something has come up.”

    “Palpatine, ok he is?”

    “The Senator is perfectly well. However we have met this boy… a boy from Tatooine. Master I sensed the force in him, it was… very strong. Stronger then I have ever felt, almost unexplainable.” Qui-Gon’s heart was beckoning to beat out of his chest, by merely just speaking about the boy.

    “Bring him to Coruscant you must, stand before the Council, he shall…” Yoda’s voice trailed off.

    “I can see what I can do. I need to discuss with this boy, let him know of his possible future. Then once the Senator is done with negotiations, hopefully me and Obi-Wan can return with the boy.”

    “Very well, may the force be with you.”

    “And with you Master.” Qui-Gon concluded the conversation and stuffed the comm link back into the pocket of his trousers, and then he stepped back into the study.


    Anakin sat quietly on the sofa, the Jedi had left. And Padme was currently in the next room over speaking to one of her hand maidens. The lounge he was in was calming and comfortable; he could tell everything was fancy and expensive, From the art work, to the furniture. And everything in the refresher that spawned from the lounge. However none of that kept Anakin’s stare for extended periods of time. His eyes were occupied on one thing… Princess Padme…

    Anakin could see her through a small viewport that peeked into the next room over. She was so beautiful. Long brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes, she had whipped away her bright make up, but her skin was still pale and smooth. Anakin found himself at moments swallowing hard, at loss of breath… It was overwhelming for him… He had never felt anything like it before.

    Suddenly Padme came back into the lounge, and Anakin’s nervousness increased tenfold. She made her way up to Anakin, her curvy body right before him.

    “Anakin, I’m off duty right now… So I was thinking maybe I could show you around the Palace?” Padme smiled wide.

    “Sounds…” Anakin stuttered. “Sounds great!”

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    Obi-Wan with Anakin -- :D I like this Anakin. :) He doesn't have the rough edges of being enslaved. [face_thinking] A&P: ;) he's totally discombobulated LOL But what really makes me happy is there is no tension between Obi/Qui over Anakin since Obi-Wan is knighted already. Thank you for that! @};- [:D]
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    Did you say in the last chapter that Padme was ten?

    Once again something about Anakin's story doesn't feel right.
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    @Lady_Misty Jade_eyes JABrown Darth_Kiryan

    Chapter 3…

    Palpatine sat directly across from Queen Jobal, a large neatly organized desk separating them. And two computer systems line one wall, and a book shelve was stationed on the other one. Jobal was turned away from the Senator in her chair, but as he spoke she spun back around.

    “My lady I have to believe you understand the pressure the Republic is under right now.”

    Palpatine was using his talent as a speaker to try to close the deal. He was a smooth talker and a very good one. The Senator had a way with words, he could convince almost anyone to do something. As if he had a power over you, controlling your mind, making decisions for you…

    “Senator, we have gone over this multiple times… And as we speak I’m strongly considering it…”

    Palpatine was going to reply, but decided not to pressure the Queen of Naboo. He wanted to let the thoughts sink in. If the Republic were to gain Naboo in their coalition, it would be glorious. A strong, sound planet like Naboo, the money they held in accounts, amounted to unthinkable numbers. They could be a great contribution.

    “Ok…” Jobal decided.

    “Ok? That means.” Palpatine began but was cut off by the queen.

    “That means Naboo will join the Republic. I must run this by my advisory council, but I’m almost certain that they will agree.”

    Palpatine knew the council would agree. The advisory council consisted of seven individuals handpicked by the Queen herself. Usually wealthy elders of Naboo, descendants of famous families. Some with experience in politics, such as the Senate, or the Supreme Court. Every single one though had a desire to please the Queen, even if that meant getting involved in war.

    “Very well.” Palpatine nodded.

    “I shall give an official address tomorrow, before the people of Theed. Informing them of the terms we have decided on.” Jobal rose from her chair, Palpatine shortly after. “I wish for you to be by my side.”

    “Of course my lady.” Palpatine pushed his chair back. “Have a wonderful day.” He bowed and then walked out.

    The Queen sat back down gently, and began to think about what she had just done. It wasn’t a bad deal… but she just had an odd feeling about the whole situation, something wasn’t right…


    Anakin trailed slightly behind Princess Padme Amidala as they moved up a flight of stairs. Anakin was mesmerized by the girl. Hoping, just hoping, he could have a chance.

    She’s 16, I’m 14! It’s not like there is an age difference…

    They reached the top of the stairs and then began to walk down a corridor. Padme stepped so gracefully, her posture straight, hips moving ever so sweetly to the left and right. Anakin found it hard to keep his eyes from his eyes following the back of her neck and downward.

    There certainly is a class difference though…

    The two turned a corner, and were faced with another set of stairs; these ones much more narrow then the last. Without hesitation Padme led the way straight up. And when they reached the top, they exited through a door that led onto a balcony, nearing the top of the palace. Anakin and Padme walked to the guard railing, overlooking Theed to the right. The people and speeders below looked like specks of dirt. And to the left was the edge of the cliff the city was built on. Beyond in the distance the awe inspiring meadows and prairies. The grass and trees swaying softly in the wind.

    “Beautiful isn’t it?” Padme’s eye’s intently focused on Anakin.

    “Yes…” He swallowed and looked at the Princess. “Very beautiful.”

    His response made her giggle and smile…

    “Anakin, now that you’re here on Naboo. Basically having the freedom to do what you please. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do with your life?”

    “I don’t know…” Anakin thought deeply. “I’ve always thought being a pilot would be cool.”

    “A pilot?” Padme asked.

    “Yea, venturing across the stars. Seeing new worlds, new species, educating myself.” Anakin was now leaning, back bent against the railing.

    “Sounds fun, unfortunately I’m tied down here on Naboo… Waiting for my day to truly serve.” Padme sighed.

    “Why stay? Why not run off, do what you please?” Anakin questioned.

    “Run off? Are you kidding me?” Padme shook her head and turned away to stare at the city. “I could never do that. Not being the heir to the throne. If something were to happen to my mother, I would be crowned Queen. My people would need me.”

    Anakin could tell she was very strong willed on her duties that only worsened his chances of ever being with her. “I suppose you’re right.” Anakin also turned away, facing the opposite direction of Padme.

    “But!” She spun around.

    “What?” Anakin also turned back around quickly.

    Padme stepped closer to Anakin. “It would be…” Anakin moved forward. “Quite interesting…” The two were now merely inches from each other, their noses nearly touching. “To see the galaxy…”

    The two began to lean in for a kiss, Anakin’s heart raced faster than he had ever felt. Their lips came so close to connecting that Anakin could almost taste them, but the Princess pulled away.

    “I’m sorry!” Anakin shockingly jumped back.

    “No! No! Your fine Anakin… Umm how about we talk more later...” Padme looked at the ground.


    “Yes, tonight after sun down in the Palace Garden.” She smiled.

    “Perfect!” The boy was shining.

    “Well, I must be going now. Will you make it to your quarters fine from here?” The Princess asked.

    “Of course…”

    “Very well.” Padme turned and walked off.

    Anakin watched her until she disappeared below the stairs. He grasped his chest, feeling the beat like it was a drum. The breaths he took had increased in speed; he began to feel light headed. So he slouched down against the railing, trying to calm himself down. Preparing for his gathering with Princess later…

    Anakin slowly passed by a lengthy hedge into the center of the Palace Garden. The area was divine. So many types of plants placed in rows, wrapped around short fences, different pathways leading to different areas of the vast garden. A multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes. But none of it was as pretty as what Anakin placed his eyes on lastly. Sitting at the edge of a running fountain that was surrounded by a short circular stone wall, was the Princess. Softly touching her fingers in the cool water…

    Post lamps that were placed a few feet away illuminated the darkness, revealing what Padme was wearing. A dark blue common gown, with a small black coat draped over her shoulders. Anakin approached her, and sat down next to her on the stone wall. Her eyes widen when she saw him. He shyly looked away, cheeks turning a bright red.

    “Anakin…” She said softly.

    “Princess.” Anakin paused. “I’m so glad you invited me here tonight. This garden is quite surreal.”

    “I’m more then glad that you could come.” Padme chuckled.

    Silence fell over the two as they gazed upward upon the stars. Thousands and thousands of bright speckles were painted across the entire spectrum of the sky.

    “It’s quite amazing…” Anakin gasped.

    “The stars?” Padme asked curiously.

    Anakin glanced at the girl. “Well that to.”

    Padme giggled, knowing Anakin was speaking of her. “Anakin, you are so sweet.”
    Once again silence sulked over them, but the look they gave each other was screaming, deeply locked in a stare, neither one blinking, or moving a millimeter. Padme then tilted her head, Anakin also. They both leaned in and their lips touched. It was like an explosion, Anakin was hit with a rush of emotions, as their lips stayed connected for many seconds.

    But… Padme roughly ripped away. Tears began to drip down her face.

    “Princess, what is wrong?” Anakin was so worried.

    “Anakin I can’t do this!” Her tone was full of sadness.

    “But!” Anakin insisted.

    “No Anakin!” She rose from the wall. “I can’t! I just can’t!”

    “Why?” The boy stood up.

    “Anakin!” Padme gripped the boy’s biceps. “I’m engaged…” More tears erupted from her eyes.

    Padme shook her head and ran off. Anakin cursed the situation and stomped back and forth. He sat back down and splashed the water, throwing an absolute tantrum. His frustration upset him, angered him, and he felt something calling his name, and unknown power…

    How could she do this! How!

    Anakin let his face fall into his palms, and began to sob.


    Obi-Wan sat at the foot of his bead, a viewport straight before him. That showed the Palace Garden below. He watched as Padme and Anakin let their lips touch. Then the Princess began to tear up, eventually running off. Anakin then began throw a fit, and Obi could feel the boy’s anger. He knew that if Anakin was destined to become a Jedi, he would have to remove himself from emotional attachments. Considering what he should do after witnessing the kiss Obi came to a conclusion.

    I won’t tell anyone! I can’t ruin the chances of this boy training with the Order…

    *** I know this chapter had a lot of romance in it, but it must be done… But in the next chapter were going to see some action***
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    Hey, never apologize for romance/mush, at least LOL not to me :) [:D] !!!!! You describe Naboo beautifully too. =D=
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    Mar 21, 2007
    Romance is needed at times to make a good story.

    Who's Padme engaged to?
  14. bentheswguy

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    @Lady_Misty JABrown Jade_eyes Darth_Kiryan

    Chapter 4…

    The morning sunlight drifted through the cracks left between the shades, and dimly brightened Padme’s quarters. She stirred in her large bed, the blankets and sheets all twisted around her half naked body. Her eyes sleepily opened and she sat up, skimpily dressed in her bra and panties, revealing even more of her perfect figure. Padme climbed out of her bed, the cool touch of the marble floor making her shiver. Tip toing across the room toward the viewport that was concealed by shades, she peaked through the small space that was left open.

    From the sky Padme could see the Tantive IV appear. She smiled slightly, her fiancé was on that ship…

    But Padme could not shake the thought of Anakin. The farm boy from Tatooine, so cute and innocent, a sweetheart. She had to forget about him though. She loved her fiancé, and wouldn’t let anything get between that. This marriage would happen…

    Will it?

    The Tantive piloted toward the hangars at the bottom of the cliff. Padme knew he would be in the palace shortly; she rushed to her refresher, frantically preparing herself.


    Anakin sat patiently on the edge of his bed, his hands folded in his lap. The room was quiet as he awaited his visitors. The two Jedi were coming to speak to him, he had no idea what about, but for some reason he found it hard to care. He was so upset about what had happened with Padme the night before. Anakin felt so much for her, and their kiss was enchanted, nothing he had ever felt before. But she had crushed his dreams. Took them in her grasp and grinded them to dust ruined his hope.

    It nearly sickened him… He wanted to succumb to the anger and hate that he was feeling, it made him feel strong… Somehow though, that felt wrong, and he changed his mind.

    Suddenly the door to Anakin’s quarters slid open and standing before it were Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin rose from his seat, straightening his tunic and trousers. He looked at Obi and Qui-Gon, they were dressed casually like him. It was the first time he had seen them not in clothed in their long heavy Jedi robes.

    Anakin glanced over at three chairs toward the corner of the room. He hesitantly made his way over toward the chairs; the Jedi took the hint and followed. They all sat down, and were quite for a few seconds.

    “Good morning Anakin.” Qui-Gon nodded.

    “Master Jedi… Umm hello.” Anakin was nervous.

    “If you’re worried Anakin, don’t be.” Qui-Gon reassured.

    “You are not in trouble young friend.” Obi added.

    If he wasn’t in trouble, what had the Jedi come to speak about? Anakin pondered that thought, trying to come up with an answer, nothing came to mind.

    “If you don’t mind me asking.” Anakin swallowed. “Why did you… uh come to talk to me today.”

    The anticipation of the answer was gnawing vigorously at Anakin’s patience, causing him to begin to tap his foot on the floor.

    “Anakin.” Qui-Gon started. “Do you know what the force is?”

    Qui-Gon had replied with a question, not was Anakin was expecting. “I… I have heard of it, don’t know much about it. Just that it’s a magical power Jedi have; you are the only two Jedi I’ve ever met!”

    “The force Anakin is the backbone of the galaxy. It binds all living things together, like you and me.” Qui-Gon paused. “And force users, Jedi, have higher counts of midi-chlorians then any normal being.”

    “Midi-chlorians?” Anakin was confused.

    “Midi-chlorians are tiny, intelligent microscopic organisms that live within us. Those with higher counts as I mentioned, are sensitive to the force. And if trained properly, can gain the ability to control it.”

    “What are you saying?”

    Anakin’s mind was a blur. All the information being fed to him made so little sense. What was the point of all this?

    “Anakin when me and Obi first saw you, we sensed the presence of the force in you. It was unusually strong, stronger than we had ever felt.” Qui-Gon finally unveiled the answer.

    “Does that mean I could be a Jedi?” Anakin rose from his seat in shock.

    “That’s what we hope.” Obi-Wan smiled.

    “Calm Anakin, the road to become a Jedi is a rough and long one… Some never make it.” Qui-Gon interjected, slightly killing the mood.

    “I want to try thought; I want to be a Jedi!” Anakin yelped.

    “Very well, I will need to take a midi-chlorian count, it only takes a minute. And once our assignment is done here on Naboo, Anakin, you will return with me and Obi-Wan to Coruscant, to the Jedi Temple.”

    Anakin was so happy, he shook Jinn’s and Kenobi’s hands.

    I’m going to be a Jedi!


    Padme embraced with her fiancé as she met him at the top of the elevator. His dark black hair was parted to the left of his head. The man was dressed in Royal Alderaan garments. A light blue tabard, and a grey cape the covered the right side of his body, with a space for his arm to go through.

    “I’ve missed you Bail!” Padme held tight, pulling to his chest…

    This was another short cahapter, but I need to take it piece by piece. Anyway next chpter will be longer and a big shocker. Also in this story Bail is only a few years older then Padme.
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    Great news for Anakin -- and Bail and Padme -- new twist as to pairing. :D
  16. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    A definite pairing twist.

    So Anakin has decided to go and be a Jedi.

    A nice twist with Anakin letting go of his anger
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    @Lady_Misty JABrown Jade_eyes Darth_Kiryan ccp

    Chapter 5…

    The citizens of Naboo cheered as Queen Jobal stepped upon the elevated platform that was placed in front of the palace. She was followed by Princess Padme, Senator Palpatine, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a few Royal Security Agents. She moved behind a podium, and raised her hand, motioning for the crowd to quiet. After a few moments a hush fell over Theed, and only whispers could be heard. People shifted to different areas to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

    “Ladies and gentleman of Theed.” The Queen began, her tone not a scream, but loud enough for it to reach to the far edge of the viewers.

    Jobal’s, Palpatine’s, and Padme’s eyes all focused on the crowd. But those of the security and the Jedi focused on the surrounding buildings that lined the street of the Palace. Also catching sight of a few security agents integrated into the crowd.

    “Thank you for attending my address today.”

    Jobal’s voice was soothing. She was genuinely kind, and the people loved her for it. She had them hanging on every word. Eating out of the palm of her hand.

    “I have some very important news to release to the Republic. After negotiations with Senator Palpatine of Naboo.” Jobal nodded to the Senator. “My advisory council and I have come to the decision to offer financial aid to the Republic.”

    The crowd let out a light cheer.

    “In the past months the Trade Federation has begun to use their power to invade different planets, and begin to station bases. And now with new news of the Federation building a Clone Army, the Republic needs all the help they can get. That is why we are changing our ways. I know as tradition we don’t commonly involve ourselves in war efforts, but times have changed. The safety of the galaxy depends on it.”

    The crowd broke out into a thunderous roar of approval.

    “And.” Jobal began but she was cut short.

    The sound of blaster fire pierced her speech. And a red laser bolt flew toward the platform and struck the Queen in the chest, blowing her backwards. Everyone in the crowd began to panic, and rush for cover. Their beloved Queen had just been shot; they did not want to be next. Security rushed the stage and carried the Queen off, followed by Padme and Palpatine. Leaving only the two Jedi on the platform.

    Obi-Wan’s and Qui-Gon’s sight darted back and forth trying to find the source of the shooter. Kenobi caught a glimpse of a hooded figure peaking around the corner of a building, and he instantly became questionable.

    “Master, there!” Obi pointed toward the figure.

    Qui-Gon followed his former apprentices figure and leaped off the platform, softly landing on the stone street. Obi-Wan followed seconds after. Calling upon the force they both dashed toward where they saw the figure, pushing through the hordes of screaming citizens. They reached the corner of the building and ahead of them through a long alley way they saw the figure rushing away. The Jedi took off, trying their hardest to reach this mysterious being. They passed building after building, going deeper into the alley. Until eventually they reached the end.

    They were now on the edge of the cliff. They looked to the left, nothing. To the right, the figure.
    Facing away from them the dark cloaked person was trying to get into a speeder, but the cock-pit appeared to be jammed. Qui-Gon then raised his hand, and using the force pulled the figure toward him. Him and Obi then removed their long robes, dropping them to the dusty ground. The cloaked figure rose and removed their robes. Alas revealing himself. He was of medium height. Had light brown skin, eyes were a sickening yellow, and long black hair grown on his head and chin. From the belt of his trousers he removed a lightsaber hilt; also there was a smoking blaster pistol. With a snap hiss it ignited, emitting an orange glow. Qui-Gon and Obi also acquired their weapons. Jinn’s green blade shined against his face, and Kenobi’s blue lightsaber was kept pointed down below his waste.

    They attacked…

    Qui-Gon went head on as Obi slipped behind. But the man was well trained with a lightsaber. He deflected every blow, sending sparks bursting around. Qui-Gon swung for his head, and the man duck. Obi swung downward, and he rolled away. He was good, very good. Jinn then jogged toward the man and jabbed, he narrowly avoided it. Then quickly had to lower his blade behind his back to block a swipe by Obi-Wan.

    The man then ran for the closes building, Obi trailing behind. He leaped for the wall, his feet meeting it, he pushed off performing a backflip and landed right behind Kenobi. He swung, but Obi rolled forward toward the building. As soon as Kenobi rose up, the man jabbed at him, Kenobi slid to the side. His attacker’s blade colliding with the wall of the building, leaving a burn mark. Qui-Gon then came to Obi’s side and pressed on strongly. Swinging heavily at each other, the men used the force to maintain their stamina.
    The fight waged on…

    Eventually the man kicked Obi in the stomach, and sent him sliding backwards toward the alley. He then blocked an attack by Jinn, forcing Jinn’s blade to the ground and holding it there. With a flick of the wrist, Qui-Gon went stumbling backwards toward the edge of the cliff. He had been pushed by the force. Jinn slipped and fell over the edge, just barely grabbing onto a protruding rock.

    The man then bolted for the speeder. Obi-Wan came back out of the alley, to see his former Master struggling to hang on. Then he glanced at the man who was climbing into his speeder. He wanted to attack the man one last time, but knew Qui-Gon could hang on no longer. Obi dashed to the edge of the cliff, as the speeder zoomed off dropping over the cliff. Kenobi grabbed Jinn’s hand. He strained and pulled upward, being able to get Qui-Gon back on safe ground.

    “Master do you know who that man was?” Obi looked concerned.

    “Yes… He is a former Jedi… Sifo-Dyas…” Qui-Gon continued to breathe deeply.


    Padme sat on the floor of the Palace, just inside the main entrance. Her mother was propped up on her legs. Crowded around were Palace Officials, security, hand maidens, her fiancé Bail Organa, and Senator Palpatine. Padme looked down at her mother, but hissed at what she saw. Jobal’s chest had taken blaster fire dead on. Her clothes were charred, and Padme didn’t dare to dig deep to look at the wound. The blood that was seeping through was enough to know it was horrific.

    “Where the hell are the doctors?” Padme screamed.

    She back at her mother. Who oddly had a slight smile on her face, her eyes closed, breathing loudly. “My dear please don’t worry…”

    Padme had a feeling her mother would be like this. She knew her mom did not fear death, but the Princess could not imagine life without Jobal. She loved her mom so much, she had no father. He had died when Padme was very young. Her mother was all she had, the only one to truly comfort her in times of need. To guide her, train her to be a leader.

    “Mother the doctors will be here shortly, they will fix this. Everything will be fine.”

    But Padme knew nothing would be fine. Her mother was on the verge of dying, it was inevitable. The blaster shot she took hit her vitals. The blood loss increased, and the Queen began to turn a flush white. And her breathing increased, trying to stay alive, striving to stop the blood from flooding her lungs.

    “Everything will be fine! They will fix it mother, they will!”

    Tears began to gush from Padme’s eyes. Her mother coughed and choked.

    “Padme…. I love you.” Her mother managed to say something.

    The Queen’s eyes then closed one last time, her breaths became few and far between. Then they completely halted. Blood trickled from her closed lips. She was gone. Padme dropped her head to her mother’s.

    “They will fix it mother, they will.” Padme sobbed. “They will fix it!”

    A security agent approached Padme, but she shoved him away angrily. “They will fix it! They will fix it! They will!” Padme was screaming at the top of her lungs.

    She stood up and Bail grabbed her, and was going to try and calm the Princess down. But his fiancé slapped him. Bail rubbed his hand across his beat red cheek, as he watched Padme rush off.

    “Fix it!” She cried out…

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    =D= !!!!! More twisties. =D= Now Padme is queen and that changes everything Her and Anakin's paths are more divergent than they were before. Her not turning to Bail or receiving his comfort is interesting. I can understand that she'd strike out at anyone or anything in the immediate aftershock [face_thinking] but I would think her fiancee would be an exception. :p
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    Jade_eyes yes more twists! Padme is now Queen, which seperates her and Anakin alot furthur like you said. More from that later on, we will see some anger from Anakin about the whole Padme situation, as he is obviously in love with her. And about Bail, we just might see an argument between miss Amidala and Mr. Organ [face_dunno]
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    So now Padme is queen that will change a lot of things.

    There are many things that could and will change
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    Lady_Misty yes I have some big surprises coming later. In fact the whole storyline has one gigantic twist. Which will be revelaed proboblly in the third fan fiction... Trying to decide... But anyway thanks for the comment. And a new chapter will be up tonight!!! :D
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    pm list?, great story so far, interesting twist
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    @Lady_Misty JABrown Jade_eyes ccp Darth_Kiryan anakin_sal-solo @jacen200015 @Valley_Lord @Mechalich @anakinfansince1983 @Hazel @Anakin Starkiller @Death T

    Chapter 6…

    Padme fell onto her bed in her quarters, weeping and moaning. Her mother was gone, taken from her, stripped right from the seams of everyday life. Nothing was okay. Padme could have done nothing to prevent what happened. It was cold blooded murder, assignation. Still she blamed herself, cursed herself, hated herself. Padme began slamming her fist against her mattress, ferioucusly punching.

    She would have to take over duties as Queen. Padme knew she wasn’t ready for something like that. She had been paying close attention to her mother’s tactics, listening to all that the Queen told her. But she was only sixteen, and dealing with the loss of her mother was going to be an intricate challenge. But she had to rise above her fears and weaknesses. Nothing could prepare her for what was to come, but nothing, absolutely, positively nothing, was going to stop her from serving her planet. From living up to the grand legacy her mother left vacant.
    Padme began to wipe away her tears when she heard a knock at her door. “Who is it?” Padme asked.

    “It’s me...” Bail said as he cracked the wooden door in and peaked his head in.

    He offered his fiancé a warm smile. She found it hard to do the same, but she forced it. Rising from the bed she once again ran her hands across her face, that was beat red. She straightened her yellow dress, and Organa entered. He approached her and gave her a hug, Padme lackadaisically embraced back.

    “Everything will be fine.” Bail rested his head on Padme’s.

    Padme shook her head and broke away from Bail. She turned away, crossing her arms.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” Padme spun back around. “Are you serious?”

    “Padme I.” Bail started.

    “No listen! How can you honestly ask that question?” Padme poked her finger against Bail’s chest. “How can you not realize what I’m going through!”

    “Padme, please calm down. I have the perfect plan. You come back to Alderaan with me, have the Royal Advisory Council appoint a new King or Queen. We can live happily on my homeworld. Life would be no different you would still be a princess.”

    “Is that all your worried about? Royalty? Look none of that just comes easy. We have to truly listen to what the citizens want; we have to answer their calls for help. Not just flaunt our wealth and possessions.” Padme stopped to take a breath. “And if you can’t understand that… then maybe this marriage can’t work. Because my life is here on Naboo, as Queen!”

    “What the hell are you saying?” Bail looked appalled.

    “I’m saying deal with what I just said, or stay out of my life!”

    “Okay… then it’s over. You will regret this Padme… I can promise you that!” Bail rushed out of the room, slamming the door on his way out.

    Padme flopped back down on her bed, shaking in anger. She had just called off her marriage with the man she loved. Thought she loved. Lately he had been pressing her to move to Alderaan. But Padme always refused. He couldn’t respect her decision to stay on the planet she loved then he didn’t deserve her…


    The Royal Advisory Council all sat in a conference room of the Royal Palace, All seven members ranging from different species a Torguta, three humans, a Twi’Lek, a Pau, and a Chiss. They all held separate conversations between them, waiting for new arrivals. The conference room was very spacious. A massive table concealed by chairs was placed in the center of the room. But the walls were bear, no viewports. It was plain.

    The doors slid open and Queen Padme Amidala entered. Her face completely covered in the bright white make up that Queens of Naboo traditionally wore. Dragging on the floor behind her was the tail of her heavy red dress. As she entered all the council members rose to their feet, and stayed standing until she took a seat at the head of the table. Senator Palpatine then strolled into the room, wearing his typical cocky smirk across his face. Seeing there were no more chairs left, Palpatine decided just to stand next to Padme.

    Padme let no emotions show. Her face was completely dull and expressionless.

    “Members of the Royal Advisory Council, I’ve called you hear today on a very important matter.
    The Jedi that have accompanied Senator Palpatine on this diplomatic assignment discovered who killed my mother. In fact they engaged in a duel with him, unfortunately he was able to escape.”

    “Who is it?” Deef Yulik the Torguta wondered.

    “A former Jedi named Sifo-Dyas.” Padme answered.

    “Damn Jedi! If the Order didn’t exist, neither would that murder!” Cried one of the members.

    “Silence!” Padme glared. “I will not have any insulting of the Jedi Order. They are ancient keepers of the peace. And Master Qui-Gon and Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi gave it their best effort to capture this killer, and that means a lot!” She was speaking very sternly, and the woman behind the outburst dropped her head. “As I was saying… Sifo-Dyas is a former Jedi. He left the Order due to complications with the Jedi Council. Unfortunately Master Qui-Gon believes he might be working with the Federation.”

    “Doesn’t the Republic have forces in the Endor system? Why don’t they advance to the Moon and destroy the manufacturing plant that is producing the clones. As revenge for your mother, and for the safety of the rest of the galaxy.” The male Pau member asked.

    “I’m afraid it is not that easy.” Palpatine interjected. “We have no idea what power that this Clone Army possesses. We truly have no information about it, which is a problem. However I assure you the Republic is acting swiftly to try to discover information.”

    “The Republic is hardly acting swiftly.” The woman who angered Padme before spoke up rudely again. “They are sulking around the situation!”

    “How do you figure? Would you rather us rush into a war and risk losing thousands of troops in vein?” Palpatine shot back with rhetorical questions.

    The woman closed her mouth, knowing she was wrong.

    “The Senator is right; no one is safe at this point. But we must be frugal.” Padme added.
    “And my lady, that brings me to my next point. You just said so yourself, no one is safe. And I believe that you should return with me and the Jedi to Coruscant to assure you’re safety.” Palpatine gave sorrowful eyes to the young Queen. “Let it go unknown to the public.”

    Palpatine’s proposal encouraged outbursts from all the members. Whether they agreed or disagreed, tension was unleashed in the room.

    “Quiet!” Padme shook her head. “We shall stay respectable. My place is here on Naboo. My job is to govern this planet, and although it may be difficult for me to do so off world. The Senator has made a great gesture of offering me a way to safety.”

    “I agree, my lady. Who knows if this Sifo has not left Naboo? You could be his next victim.” Said one of the male human advisors.

    “Exactly. Then it’s final, I will leave Naboo to assure my safety. And when the time is right I will return. Meeting adjourned.”
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    So things with Padme and Bail went south. Surprised but not disappointed. I really don't like love triangles.

    Fear is already eating away at people. Most likely what the Sith want.
  25. Darth_Kiryan

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    Quite the public assassination.

    And Padme certainly wants to make sure she is "ruled by no man", so to speak.