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Saga A New Terror (Clone Wars-era fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Revanfan1, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    This is a fanfic I actually wrote a long time ago (I was maybe fourteen at the time). Thought I'd post it here for old times' sake. Hope it's not too cheesy. :p


    Sweat ran down Cal Rem’s forehead as he struggled to stand. Dantooine was a wasteland. It had been a brief battle–terrifyingly brief. The Separatists had used Gammorean and Trandoshan mercenaries. Up until this point, they’d only used mercenaries sparingly, but now…Cal really didn’t want to think about the implications.

    “Are you all right, sir?” asked CC-6/11–Rep. Rep was a member of the 38th armored division, a group of clones that were equally skilled in combat and repair–which is what gave Rep his name. “We got hit real good, eh, sir?”

    “Yes, Rep,” replied Cal. Although he was technically a non-combatant, only a technician who had been unlucky enough to be assigned to Dantooine, many of the clones respected him as much as their commanders. “We got hit real good.”

    The Republic base on Dantooine had not been expecting an attack, what with it being a repair base, out of the way and useless except to Republic Venator-class Star Destroyers too damaged to get anywhere else. But the attack had come, and Cal had been one of the lucky few to survive. The base behind him was rubble. There were probably still troopers stranded inside. If that was the case, he intended to help them. But he had to help those out here first.

    “Let’s gather up the wounded,” he said. “I think the Seps are gone.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Cal holstered his DC-15 sidearm blaster, acquired because a commando had owed him a favor. Most clones used the DC-15a rifle or DC-15s blaster, while only commandos and a select few ARC troopers got the sidearms, which never ran out of ammo.

    “Sir!” called Rep. “I’ve got a live one!”

    Cal ran over to help the trooper up. The wounded man–and these were men, Cal had decided, not droids–had lost his helmet during the battle, and it looked as if he’d been singed by blaster fire several times.

    “What’s your name, trooper?” asked Cal.

    “Uh…CT-7/22, sir,” replied the trooper.

    “Not your number, your name, soldier.”

    “Well…they call me Flak, sir.”

    “Okay, Flak, it looks like you sustained multiple blows to your legs. Both are broken. I want you to stay here. We will come back, I promise. We’re going to find your brothers and bring them to this position, so you’ll have company soon. It’ll be easier to treat everyone when they’re together.”


    “And call me Cal.”

    “Yes, Cal.”
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    Jan 24, 2004
    Great interesting start! I like the action :)
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Chapter 1

    They gathered as many wounded as possible. Not sure when the Republic would arrive, Cal did not waste time. He gathered as much bacta as possible to treat the injuries he could. Those with more serious injuries got treated first.

    “Sir!” called Rep. “I think we’ve got one comm still active!”

    The clone was inside the base, trying to get in contact with a nearby fleet. Cal handed a trooper a flask of water–not cold, but water–and a bacta canister before running to Rep’s position.

    “Does it work?” he asked. “And call me Cal.”

    “I…I think so, sir…uh, Cal,” replied Rep. “I think I can get into contact with the fleet!”

    “Good. We’re gonna get out of this. Just keep trying and when you get them, give them the story–the short version.”

    “Okay, Cal.”

    “That’s more like it. I’m going to go help the troops. Tell me if you get someone.”


    Cal ran back over to the wounded and took the half-empty flask and the canister from the clone and walked on to the next, who had lost most of his armor. His bodysuit was melted in places, and it looked like he had terrible purple burn marks on his arms and chest.

    “You’ll be okay, trooper,” he said. “Listen, the Republic should be here soon, so just stay calm, okay? You’ll be fine.”

    “T-thank you.”

    Cal stood, sighed, and walked to the nearby river. He needed a break.

    Most of the injured had been treated. Only five clones, counting Rep, had escaped the battle uninjured. Three of them had been unconscious when Cal and Rep had found them, and the last had been buried under a large pile of ripped-up droids.

    “You did that?” Cal had asked.

    “Yes, sir,” the trooper had replied. “It was for my brothers.”

    Cal realized that brothers were all these troopers had. They fought almost daily on pathetic battlefields, dying and being wounded. They deserved more.

    Cal knew they would win the war; there was no question of it. But what would happen when the war was over? Cal wanted the troopers to be happy after the war–but would the Senate, with its cowardly and greedy members, allow the clones normal lives?

    Cal hoped so.

    * * *

    Anakin Skywalker paced the bridge of the Star Destroyer Resolute, hands clasped behind his back. He had not bothered to put his black glove over his right hand today–he’d gotten up in too much of a hurry.

    A trooper had knocked on his door at eight hundred hours, saying that there was something that he needed to see. And Anakin was glad that the trooper had gotten him. A transmission from a remote refueling and repair base on Dantooine had come in and seven fifty hours, saying it had been attacked unexpectedly and been wiped out, leaving only a handful of clones and one young technician alive.

    “Can’t this thing go any faster?” Anakin exploded.

    “Apologies, sir,” said Admiral Yularen. “We want those troops alive as much as you do. But we simply cannot go any faster without going to hyperspace. And unfortunately, our hyperdrive was damaged when those Separatist suicide bombers rammed us. Lucky they were only fighters.”

    “Yes, lucky.” Anakin was not in a mood for small talk. As long as clone troopers were in danger, he could not speak lightly. “ETA?”

    “One hour, sir,” replied Yularen.

    “Are Dauntless and Lucky keeping speed?” Anakin asked.

    “Yes, sir.”

    The Acclamator-class assault ships Dauntless and Lucky were the other two ships currently in Anakin’s fleet. The Dauntless was under the command of Jedi Knight Pablo-Jill, and Bultar Swan commanded the Lucky. Each ship had ten thousand troops of the 442nd siege battalion, and Anakin had three full companies of 501st troopers. Anakin did not figure they’d need anything more than medics on Dantooine, but he wanted to be safe.

    “Sir,” said CC-1/986, Commander Sweep. “We’re receiving a transmission from the Dauntless.”

    “Okay,” replied Anakin.

    The communications table activated and the tall, long-legged form of Pablo-Jill appeared as a two-foot, three-dimensional figure. His large eyes wavered back and forth as if he was looking at someone else besides Anakin.

    “General Skywalker,” rumbled Pablo-Jill. “A pleasure to be with you. I have General Swan here waiting to speak with you.”

    “Put her through,” Anakin replied.

    A second hologram appeared, and Anakin was struck with the contrast between the Knights. While Pablo-Jill was a tall beast, Bultar Swan was diminutive in comparison. They were both powerful Knights, and Anakin was glad to have them by his side.

    "Let's get down to business," Anakin said.

    It was going to be a long day.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A great piece of writing, excellent action and like your OC's
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Thank you. Looking back it was one of my better works at fourteen...some of the stuff I wrote then I just flat-out can't believe came off of my keyboard. :p
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    Super action =D= You can really feel the urgency @};- I like Cal and your clone troopers. :cool:
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Chapter 2

    Some time after the holo-conversation, Anakin walked down to the hangar. Clone troopers, their new Phase II armor gleaming, snapped to attention. Behind Anakin, Sweep, a member of the 501st's Airborne Legion, strapped his DC-15 rifle to his back. Captain Rex was currently away on an assignment, and had asked Sweep to stay with Anakin in his stead.

    "Okay boys, into the gunships!" Sweep said. "We've got to rescue our brothers!"

    "Sir! Yes, sir!" the clones replied.

    Sweep hopped aboard the nearest gunships. As the vessels powered up, Anakin walked back to the bridge.

    * * *

    CT-1/111–nicknamed “Aye” because of the numbers–was one of the many 501st troopers going to the planet.

    “Good luck down there,” said CT-2/527, called “Clip” for no particular reason. “I’ll be waiting up here for you guys to get back. Hope it goes well down there. Is there anything more boring than guarding the fleet?”

    “Sure,” replied Aye. “Cleanup duty in the mess.”

    The two troops laughed. Aye saluted and leapt into the gunship.

    * * *

    “There!” Aye called.

    The ship lowered, and Aye and his four allies leapt out. The man standing there was obviously the noncom technician the transmission had talked about. Aye reached him first and noticed the man had a DC-15 sidearm strapped on.

    “Where are the wounded?” he asked.

    "I'm Cal Rem. They're this way.”

    “Good to meet you. I’m Aye.”

    They soon reached the wounded men. Most of them were at least able to sit up, and five could stand with only minor assistance. One trooper, who identified himself as Flak, had two broken legs. Aye and the engineer named Rep had to lift him into the gunship. Once all the men were aboard, the gunship’s engines started to life.

    “Let’s get these men back to the Resolute,” said Aye.
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    Great to see the rescue of the wounded. Like your trooper names
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Chapter 3

    Once they reached the Destroyer, the medics wasted no time getting the wounded to a more suitable room. When they’d fully unloaded, Aye went to visit each of the men.

    “Only five came out undamaged?” he asked.

    “Yes,” replied the medic. “Those that helped get the men aboard.”

    “Well, I give my respect to them,” Aye muttered.

    “We all do."

    Aye returned to his quarters and took off his armor. Commander Sweep had not been down there, not seen the wreckage and the corpses and the wounded. But he’d seen it all before. Aye didn’t think he’d need to tell him what it was like.

    * * *

    The flow of wounded stopped. Clip sat down. He didn’t think a week of sitting would help. He’d never seen brothers that condition. It was terrible.

    "You okay?"

    Clip turned around. A clone commander stood there.

    “I’m fine, sir,” replied Clip. “I just…need to catch my breath.”

    “My name’s Rep."

    “I’m Clip. You came from Dantooine."

    “Yep. And I hope I never have to go back there.”

    Rep sighed. Clip expected that he’d lost a lot of brothers down there.

    “Want to go to the mess?” he asked.

    “Uh, maybe later. I’m going to go see my boys.”

    “Oh. Okay.”

    * * *

    Anakin walked between the beds and met each of the wounded troopers. No matter how bad their injuries, the troopers always saluted. One actually sat up and shook Anakin’s hand. How could a general not respect these troopers?

    “Sir,” said Commander Sweep. “The engines are fixed. And we just got word of our next mission. We’re to set coordinates for Togoria.”

    “Very well. Inform everyone of the coming battle.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Anakin sighed. No rest for the weary, it seemed.

    * * *

    CT-4/540, “Forty” to his friends, was in the Dauntless’s armory as the ships jumped to hyperspace. He looked up from the blaster he was polishing and at his friend and podmate, CT-4/541, “Hotwire.” The other clone was also polishing his blaster.

    “Where do you think we’re going, Hotwire?” he asked.

    “I don’t know,” replied Hotwire, who was working on a grenade launcher.

    “What’s wrong with that?” asked Forty.

    “Defective trigger,” replied Hotwire. “It backfired on the last trooper who used it.” He put his tool down and leaned in close. “Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that to happen to me.”

    “Me either,” Forty said. “Keep working.”

    As he continued working, Hotwire talked. “So, Forty, do you think we’ll get to try out those new jetpacks that just got issued? You know, the ones that don’t have wings that can get blown off?”

    “Nah,” replied Forty. “We’ll get the winged ones. We don’t matter to the guys in charge. The commanders and special troopers will get the wingless ones.”

    “Well, I’m a good flier,” Hotwire muttered. “I ain’t getting a wing blown off mine.”

    “Me either,” Forty said.

    Forty looked up and grabbed an EMP launcher off the wall. He tested several switches on the weapon before throwing it at Hotwire, who grabbed the weapon out of the air with one hand while continuing his repairs on the grenade launcher with his other. He spared a glance at the weapon before putting it back on the rack.

    “Perfect for fighting droids,” he muttered. “Not so much for wets.”

    “Yeah,” Forty murmured. “I’d rather have my good old Deece with me in battle.”

    “Me too.”

    Forty sat back and continued polishing his DC-15s blaster. He couldn’t wait for the battle. And the best way to get ready was to beat up another brother. He grinned slyly and put his helmet on.

    “Hey Hotwire,” he said.


    “Let’s go to the training room.”

    “All right.”

    Hotwire flipped one more switch on the grenade launcher and placed the weapon on the rack. He too put on his helmet and then quickly moved to his brother’s side.

    “Let’s go,” he said.
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    Great post with the discussion between the troopers
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Chapter 4

    Pablo-Jill paced the bridge. He was nervous about the upcoming battle. The Seps seemed to be using non-droids.

    What if it was a trap? He tried not to worry. He looked at CC-3/313, Chak, who stood attentively beside the holotable.

    “What do you think, Commander? Will the Separatists be expecting us?”

    “I hope not, sir. It’ll create difficulties.”

    Chak was always calm and levelheaded. Pablo-Jill knew that he would pull his men through. The vessel came back to realspace. Pablo-Jill took an involuntary step back. Twenty Trade Federation command ships!

    * * *

    Anakin ran for the turbolift. Sweep was close behind. Anakin activated the turbolift.

    “Prepare for battle!” he said. “There are too many to break through with our ships.”

    He grabbed his comlink headset and was about to jump into his fighter when the ship rumbled.

    “Who ordered the hangar doors opened?” he asked.

    “I did, sir,” replied a pilot.

    Suddenly, Anakin saw what was about to happen. With the hangar doors open, the Separatists were going to attack inside!

    * * *

    Clip, of the 5th fleet security, ran into the hangar as the knifelike boarding ships stabbed into the ship. He opened fire and took down several droids. Aye, Rep, and the 38th, 501st and 5th fleet men ran in. Rep drew his DC-15s and fired. Ducking down, Clip downed several more droids. Red bolts flared over his head and smacked into one of the security troopers. Rep helped up the trooper and continued firing.

    “Where’s General Skywalker?” asked Aye.

    “In the other hangar! I think–wait–move-move-move!”

    Bombers swooped in. Clip shoved the others back into the hallway as blinding white light exploded around them.

    "We’ve got to get to more open ground!” shouted Aye. “Let’s get to the main passages!”

    They turned down a side corridor, still firing on the droids. The troops heard a shearing sound and ducked. One trooper didn’t get down in time, and a landing craft slammed into him.

    “Trooper!” called Clip.

    He tried to crawl forward, but droids leapt out of the craft, almost on top of him. Clip whirled and blasted one in the face.

    “We’ve got to reach Commander Sweep!” called Aye.
    Clip led the others to the wide-open main corridor of the ship.

    “It’ll be easier to fight from here,” Aye said. “I’ll go find the commander and general.”

    “I’ll get to the armory and bring back the heavy weapons,” offered another trooper.

    “We’ll hold the droids here,” said Rep. "Down, men! Get ready, the clankers will be coming through any time now….”

    Sparks shot from the door. As the door collapsed and the droids charged through, Clip fired. Three droids went down. Rep emptied his Deece and whipped out DC-17.

    "C'mon! Let's hold 'em off for a few more seconds!"

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    Excellent action =D= =D= Looking forward to more
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Thank you. Like I said, I wrote this at age 14, so I cringe a little bit at some of my own writing. :p
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    You are a great action writer, fast paced and great to read
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Thank you. :)
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    Really like Cal! I like seeing his natural caring for the clones. Love seeing Anakin in action as well! And the mention of the other Jedi :)
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    Chapter 5

    Bultar Swan and CT-2/202, Droidbrain, ran down to the docking bay of the Lucky as the landing craft appeared.

    “Open fire!” Bultar commanded.

    She activated her lightsaber and charged, hacking droids to pieces. Suddenly, a large Gammorean was on her, about to hit her with a flattened cudgel.

    “General!” called Droidbrain. “Duck!”

    The trooper fired at the Gammorean, killing it.

    “Thanks. Move forward!” commanded Bultar.

    Then, another enemy emerged from the ship–the biggest Trando Bultar had ever seen. And it was coming right for her.

    * * *

    Asajj Ventress came out of a shuttle on the Resolute. She charged on, lightsabers activated. Commander Sweep fired, and Ventress deflected the bolt back. The blast hit Sweep in the hip, and he was saved by the satchel that held his DC-17.

    “You okay?” Anakin asked.

    Sweep nodded and tossed his useless blaster. Aye ran up. Sweep followed him, leaving Anakin to fight Ventress.

    “Follow the clones!” snapped Ventress.
    * * *

    Forty and Hotwire crouched together behind a crate. Blasterfire from the droids was sailing over their heads. Forty was holding the EMP launcher from the armory, and Hotwire had the grenade launcher he’d fixed.

    “Ready?” asked Forty.

    Hotwire nodded. Forty gave a silent countdown with his fingers. Three…two….

    “One!” shouted Forty.

    He stood and fired the EMP launcher. The blue burst of energy that shot out demolished three droids. Hotwire fired as soon as the smoke cleared, and the grenade completely destroyed the door the droids were coming through.

    “Good job,” Forty complimented.

    Forty knelt and ripped a grate off the wall. He motioned for Hotwire to crawl inside. Once both of them were in the narrow vent, Forty shoved the vent back into place. Together, they crawled for the barracks. Hotwire kicked the grate out and jumped into the barracks. Several of their squadmates, shocked, raised their rifles.

    “Don’t shoot!” Forty cried. “It’s us!”

    “What’s going on?” a trooper asked.

    “We’re being attacked by droids!” Hotwire replied. “Where’s the commander?”

    “On the bridge,” replied one trooper. “With General Pablo-Jill.”

    Forty and Hotwire led the way back to the armory, where each clone took as many weapons and grenades as they could carry.

    “Let’s do it!” said a trooper.

    They charged down the hall and opened fire. The droids were not expecting an attack, and thus did not react for several seconds. By then, five of them had been cut down. Someone activated a frag grenade and tossed it down the narrow passage. The droids exploded through walls and into other rooms. One of the troopers fired a Z-6 rotary cannon.

    “Pull back!” called Forty. “We’ve got to reach the commander!”

    As they began moving toward the turbolift, still firing, a droid fired its blaster, and Hotwire let out a gasp as the shot hit him in between the shoulder blades.
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    Great action with the clone soldiers
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    Chapter 6

    “Help him up!” Forty shouted.

    He opened fire with a DC-15a he’d taken from the armory. One droid fell as its head was shot off. Another exploded in a shower of shrapnel, which cut more droids to pieces.

    “Go! Go!” he cried.

    Two of the troopers lifted up Hotwire off the ground and moved toward the turbolift. Forty and the other troops continued holding back the droids until the lift opened. Forty tossed an EMP grenade toward the droid and leapt into the elevator.

    “Bridge level,” he said.

    A trooper pressed the button, and the turbolift shot upward. While it went, Forty knelt down. His pod brother was clearly in pain. One of the troopers, a medic, knelt and took his helmet off. Then, he rolled Hotwire over. The armor on the trooper’s back was blackened.

    “I’ll have to operate quickly,” the medic said.

    He pulled out a bacta canister and waited as one of the men pried Hotwire’s back plate off. Kneeling, the medic poured the bacta on Hotwire’s back. The trooper groaned and rolled over.

    “Thanks…doc,” he said.

    The lift reached the top, and Forty raised his rifle and opened the door. On the bridge, Pablo-Jill, Commander Chak, and five clone troopers were fighting off Gammorean and Trandoshan soldiers. Not pausing to think, Forty fired, killing one of the Trandoshans. Three of the lizards whirled and aimed their slugthrowers.

    “Down! Down!” cried Forty.

    He shoved the medic to the ground as several slugs passed overhead. Then, he whirled and with three quick bursts from his rifle, killed the first Trando. By then, Hotwire had reattached his armor and was now firing, as well. The trooper with the rotary cannon started mowing down the enemies. Pablo-Jill cut through the remaining enemies and ran to join the troops, Chak close by. The commander had two DC-17 pistols raised, protecting the Jedi’s back.

    “You arrived just on time, trooper,” Pablo-Jill said. “Thank you.”

    “It was nothing, General,” replied Forty.

    They turned and walked back toward the turbolift. Suddenly, the ship rocked, and a secondary turbolift opened behind them. A huge Gammorean wielding a battle-axe, and a giant…something stepped out of the lift. The giant wielded twin blaster pistols in holsters, a rifle in hand, a chain flail wrapped around its belt, and a lance strapped to its back.

    “Durge,” rumbled Pablo-Jill.
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    Yikes!! Great action as always!
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    Chapter 7

    Anakin parried a thrust from Ventress and flipped around behind her. She whirled, swung her dual-sided weapon, and forced Anakin back. That thing was getting annoying. If he didn’t do something fast, the double-bladed weapon would impale him. She charged, spinning her weapon in elegant, circular movements. Anakin raised his blade and parried the blow to the side, but the force of her attack nearly sent him spinning out of control. She backed up the move with a Force push. Anakin grunted and backflipped to land safely on his feet. As Ventress came charging at him again, he dodged to the side and used the Force to toss three crates into her back.

    “Ah!” Ventress cried. “You may have this victory, Skywalker. But will you win the battle?”

    Anakin lifted the crates in the air and dropped them on Ventress, pinning her to the ground. The Dark Jedi lost her lightsabers, which went spinning just out of reach. Anakin turned to go assist his troopers. But he was surprised to find Tol Skorr standing there, lightsaber in hand.


    Things were not going well, Cal decided.

    He’d been in the engine room repairing minor damage from the suicide bombers that the engineers had not yet fixed when they’d come out of lightspeed. When the alarm had sounded, he’d gone to see what was wrong, only to run into a group of battle droids. He’d quickly opened fire and destroyed the droids. Now, he was trying to find the clones.

    Blaster fire came from around the corner. Cal ducked and raised his blaster. A clone trooper ran around the corner, cradling armloads of weaponry. Cal quickly pulled the trooper under cover as the droids marched by.

    “What’s going on?” Cal asked.

    “I was ordered to get these weapons back to the other troopers,” the soldier said.

    “Where are they?” asked Cal.

    “The main passage. This way.”

    He and the trooper sprinted down the corridors toward the main passage. When they reached the troopers, five clones had fallen, and Commander Rep was wielding his DC-17 in one hand, and in the other he had a DC-15a. He fired with both weapons at once. Clip stuck close to his side. On the other side of the passage, Commander Sweep and Aye defended against Separatist soldiers. Ten other clones remained besides them.

    “Hold them back!” called Rep. “Hold them back!”

    Cal pulled the rifle from behind his back and opened fire, throwing the grenade launchers to two of the ten troopers. The trooper with Cal handed over the Z-6 and the missile launcher. He then pulled the Cip-Quad over his head and strapped it to his chest, firing the powerful weapon. A droid went down as the cannons of the quad laser caused an eruption nearby. A Gammorean charged for the user of the quad, but the trooper with the Z-6 fired, tearing the soldier to shreds.

    “We’ve got to clear out!” shouted Rep. “We need to get to the turbolasers and destroy those Federation ships before they launch more boarders!”

    “Get going!” replied Sweep. “The troopers, and I will hold ‘em here! Clip, Cal, and the engineers can go with you! The 501st, 5th security, and other troops will stay with me. Go, now!”

    Rep nodded, fired one more burst from his blaster rifle, and took off running, with the engineers, Cal, and Clip in close pursuit. As they passed the medbay, Flak, whose legs had been healed, put on his helmet and followed the group.

    This isn't what I signed up for, Cal thought. But I like it.
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    Exciting action and Durge, that's no good at all
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    Love that he loves the action! :D haha!
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    Chapter 8

    The giant Trando grinned evilly at the female Jedi human. He whipped out his vibroblade and walked toward her. She raised her lightsaber. He lunged at her, blade stretched out. She dodged and hit him in the back with her saber. He didn’t even flinch as the blade bounced off of his armor.

    “Lieutenant!” the Jedi said. “Fire!”

    The Trando ducked as the blasterfire went over his head. He sheathed his blade and pulled out his ACP. He fired, and the lieutenant clone cried out in pain as the slugthrower pierced his chest and helmet. The clone tossed his helmet off.

    “Prepare to die, Jedi! Today, I gain a lightsaber trophy!”

    Suddenly, there was a bright flash, and searing pain in it's back.

    * * *

    All Droidbrain could feel was pain. It was in his chest, cheek, and left eye. He couldn’t see out of that eye–he assumed that the Trandoshan slugthrower had pierced the helmet and ripped through his eye.

    “Uh…” he muttered. “I’ll…get you.”

    He raised his Deece and fired three quick shots. The Trandoshan screamed as the bolts hit him in the back. Reeling over, the brute held his back.

    “Looks like…I did it…” Droidbrain muttered.

    “But there are still many more,” Bultar Swan said.

    “I…understand. I’ll…keep fighting. Is that brute dead, ma’am?”

    “No,” Bultar replied. “I don’t think so. But we’ll worry about him later.”


    Standing back-to-back, Bultar and Droidbrain prepared to face their enemies alone.

    * * *
    Clip leapt into a turbolaser’s control seat.

    “Three…two…one,” said the engineer behind Clip. “Fire.”

    Clip did. The screen said RELOADING, PLEASE WAIT. CHARGE COMPLETE.

    Clip squeezed the trigger as the engineer gave the command again. He waited for the gun to reload again.

    “Three, two, one. Fire.”

    Clip fired again. The first enemy ship erupted. The second ship showed some damage from shots by Rep and Flak.

    “Three, two….”

    Clip fired. The ship’s control sphere exploded in bright white light.


    Clip pulled the trigger.

    * * *

    Commander Sweep fired his rifle and killed a Trandoshan who was about to stab him right between the eyes, or at least in the middle of his visor. Aye, standing right beside his commander, tossed a flash grenade.

    “Don’t look!” shouted Sweep.

    He covered his visor as the bright light exploded. Gammoreans and Trandoshans were blinded, and temporarily halted. Sweep took advantage of the moment and leapt over his cover, quickly battering down as many of the enemies as possible. When they began to recover, he backed up and fired.

    “If only we had an ARC trooper!” Aye said.

    “You and I both wish!” replied Sweep.

    “How many more are there?”

    “Not many. Twenty wets and maybe thirty droids. We can hold.”

    “We have to, sir.”

    Sweep nodded. They had to.
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