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Science Fiction Horror Thriller Limited Run CLOSED ALIEN: Submersion

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Vehn, Oct 26, 2021.

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  1. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009


    The year is 2138.

    Corporations rule the Earth.

    The insatiable human desire to explore the stars refuses to be vanquished despite significant setbacks in the terraforming and colonization of undiscovered worlds. Humankind, desperate to leave behind an increasingly overpopulated and stripped Earth, clamor aboard vessels that will take them into the great unknown in the hopes of creating a better future somewhere else. The corporations call these voyages calculated risks and those that willingly pay for a seat on these vessels risk takers.

    Waivers are signed and liabilities waived. The inherent risk of the operations is entirely assumed by those who are desperate enough to ignore the dangers.

    The Weyland-Yutani corporation, known colloquially as “The Company”, is at the forefront of space exploration and colonization. They have sent out dozens of colonization and research vessels into the stars to further mankind’s tenuous grasp on the universe. One such research operation, to previously undiscovered LV-426, sixteen years ago resulted in an incident aboard the USCSS Nostromo. “The Company” confidently claims that the incident was contained despite all hands being lost.

    Weyland-Yutani refused to allow the incident to derail their plans. Just recently they have completed construction of a deep sea desalinization facility and adjoining colony, known as Providence, on the ocean world of LV-827. Initial test results of the facility show that LV-827 has an abundance of salt water which could be converted and used to support colonization missions light years away. In addition to this good news something else has been discovered on the ocean floor of LV-827.

    Something that is most definitely not human.

    The USCSS Serapis, a civilian transport carrying deep sea exploration equipment, has been dispatched to LV-827 to assist the colonists in determining the origins of this mysterious find. Weyland-Yutani will stop at nothing to see this mission through to the end.

    Success is not a matter of if but when.


    About the Game: This game takes place in the ALIEN universe. The time period is set sixteen years after the events of the first ALIEN film and several decades prior to the events of the sequel, ALIENS. A general knowledge of the sci fi franchise is required but nothing specific. Keep in mind there are no Marines for you to use. There are very few weapons. Only your wits and your environment might see you through this experience. Please note that GM updates will occur once a week if possible. Your survival is not guaranteed.....

    Character Sheet:




    Civilian Occupation (Scientist/Researcher/Weyland-Yutani Corporate Lackey/Colonist, etc )


    Game Rules:

    1) Please follow the RPF Rules and be mindful of the Terms of Service and Rules of the Jedi Council Forums.

    2) No God modding or autohitting.

    3) Game Master's word is law.

    4) All character sheets must be PMed (Private Message) to the GM (Vehn) for approval.

    6) Posting expectations: Barring unforeseen circumstances all tags should be replied to within a week (7 days). I plan on GM updates for the game on a weekly basis. Real life always takes precedence over online happy online fun pretendy time though, so if something comes up and you're able, let the GM and other players know that you'll be absent If you miss any tags, I will continue to tag you and your character for the duration of your character's current assignment, afterwards your character will either be quietly dropped from the game (though they can return at a later date) or killed. Note: Rules were edited to reflect the practice of killing off of inactive player characters.

    7) All major storylines (a storyline that affects the game as a whole) must have prior approval by the GM via PM. If you have an idea, please PM it to me and we'll work together to flesh it out and get it into the game. I enjoy getting news ideas to add to the fabric we're weaving, so if you have them, send them.

    8) Have fun!

    Game Start: 11/15/21

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  2. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    YAY! GM APPROVED! [face_dancing]

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Gabriel V ( or Vitruvius )

    Appears 25

    Gender: Male

    Civilian Occupation: Research Analyst

    Bio: Gabriel
    is a young and charismatic Weyland-Yutani Corp employee and a ‘Special Advisor’ assigned to the USCSS Serapis. His logistic skills and Intelligence make him a valued crewman, not to mention that his facility with technology is instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the vessel. He too desires for the mission to LV-827 to be a complete success. In addition to his technical aptitude, Gabriel often finds himself being a ‘cheerleader’ to others, which is helpful in any working environment.
  3. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    **GM APPROVED!**

    Name: Kimiko Shimizu
    Civilian Occupation: Scientist
    Bio: Kimi was a bright, idealistic student with a keen interest in biology and extra-terrestrial environments. She became obsessed with discovering and understanding alien lifeforms. She obtained a generous Weyland-Yutani Corporate scholarship and researched methods of terraforming new colonies at the University of Tokyo, before being hired by the Company in its own labs. Her dream comes true when she is sent on a mission to LV-827 with a brief to study and report on what seems to be something of alien origin…

  4. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Approved by Me :)

    Character Sheet:


    Name: Doctor Shannon Torrence
    Age: 42
    Gender: Female
    Civilian Occupation: Lead Scientist for the Providence Colony on LV-827

    Doctor Shannon Torrence was top of her class at Stanford University of Medicine. She graduated with full honors and received a great amount of her hands on job training in one of the premiere hospitals in California. Her steady hands in surgery and her knowledge in her field led her to being recruited by Weyland-Yutani a few years after graduating medical school. Her work with Weyland-Yutani is largely a mystery but needless to say when the opportunity came to travel to LV-827 to help setup a colony she was one of the first people aboard the early settlement vessels.

    She's been on LV-827 for nearly a year having hitched a ride with the first wave of colonists, scientists, engineers, and maintenance staff. She is eager to prove that being assigned to the water world is not a mistake. She has dreams of returning to Earth as a champion of a unique discovery. A discovery that will cement her legacy amongst the top scientists and researchers of her era.
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  5. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: Just setting up a few items for the game start in a few weeks.

    Prelude I: The Eye of the Storm



    Providence Colony Control Room
    Three Months Before the Arrival of the USCSS Serapis
    3:00 AM Local Time

    “This better be good,” Doctor Shannon Torrence said as she reached for a fresh cup of coffee.

    Shannon was used to pulling rough hours but today was technically her day off from any official duties at the Providence Colony Laboratory. As one of the lead scientists assigned to the desalinization plant it was her duty to make sure the entire operation ran efficiently and that the daily tests of the equipment and water results met appropriate standards. She, after all, had to answer directly to Weyland-Yutani.

    “We found a signal,” Vance Acevedo, the communications technician said. He’d been here as long as Doctor Torrence. Since the beginning.

    “What kind of signal,” Shannon frowned.

    There isn’t supposed to be anything out here but salt water and algae.

    “Not sure,” Vance replied, “it’s the storms.”

    “The storms,” Shannon sighed, “can’t anyone get the weather right? Don’t we have a meteorologist in this colony somewhere?”

    “Negative,” Vance replied, “those occupations won’t arrive until our next shipment of colonists and equipment.”

    “When will they get here?” Shannon asked though she dreaded the answer.

    “Three months,” Vance replied.

    “How long is the storm supposed to last?” Shannon questioned as she looked out the rain soaked window at the stormy seas. The weather was notoriously bad on this planet and although it didn’t interfere with the operations of the desalinization plant it would interfere with the daily operations of Providence colony once it was up and running.

    Vance shrugged, “Three months, I think.”

    “Can you put the signal through the internal speakers?” Shannon asked.

    “Already on it,” Vance replied.

    The audio blared through the speakers. It was largely unintelligible and muffled. The signal was short and full of interference.

    “Clean it up,” Shannon ordered.

    “Trying” Vance replied, “ionization from the storms is interfering with the signal. Seems to be emanating from the ocean floor. It’s on repeat. Repeating the same beats again and again.”

    "When can you get the UUV deployed?” Shannon asked.

    “Three months,” Vance said, “essential parts for the UUV don’t arrive until the next wave of colonists.”

    “What about divers?” Shannon pushed.

    “Negative,” Vance replied, “can’t send them out with these storms.”

    Shannon hung her head in frustration. She’d never run an operation so buried in a myriad of problems in her entire career. She knew the signal could be something serious. She also wasn’t sure it was confirmation that there was an alien presence on LV-827. For all she knew it was a bunch of whales mating. Still she wasn’t about to disregard the signal entirely.

    “Vance, try again. Adjust the frequency this time running it through the computer,” Shannon ordered, “let’s hope that works.”

    Vance did just that and when the signal came through it was clearer, more distinct, and very clearly foreign in nature. He adjusted a bit of the interference as the signal looped again. It wasn’t very long. Short. Direct.

    “I’ve never heard anything like this,” Vance exclaimed.

    “Because it didn’t come from human civilization,” Shannon replied.

    She left the control room and headed toward her personal quarters. Slipping inside them she took a seat behind her desk and activated her computer console. She made sure the connection was secure before typing a single sentence to Weyland-Yutani headquarters on Earth.

    The message simply said: We found something.

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  6. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Gabriel V
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival
    Earth Standard Time, 3:00 AM

    His hazel-green eyes opened in a languid fashion, a soft smile was as always, present upon his kind features. Gabriel V lay there for a moment, in the quiet darkness - and appreciated the simple act of waking.

    After several heartbeats of silent contemplation, he spoke a single word.


    Immediately, low lighting filled his cabin. The illumination revealed a small and unassuming room, which was comprised mostly of his bed, a work desk, shelves filled with all manner of books, including a plethora of stacked data cards and a sizable computer terminal.

    A soft sigh was given before Gabriel looked to his left, his gaze falling upon a small leather-bound book, titled ‘diary’. With a smooth motion, he reached for it and took it to himself. With a casual gesture he opened it and stared at the blank pages, feeling...unsurprised. His brows furrowed slightly, but only for the space of a moment, before he smoothly settled the book back down.

    “No dreams…” he observed to himself, before rising halfway on his bed. "...yet."

    Looking to his desk, Gabriel noticed reports scrolling upon the face of his computer screen. Without a second thought, he rose from his bed and floated to his desk. The motion was not only effortless, it was now second nature. There was something sublimely peaceful when only the dull hum of the engines permeated the vessel as he floated in Zero-G, almost like flying.

    Could that be a subconscious memory playing in the back of his mind?

    Gabriel did not entertain these musings as he descended unto his chair and immediately began to pour over a block of diagnostic reports. Everyone aboard seemed to still be sleeping, which suited him fine, given the hour.

    “Music: Ryoshu. Eliott Tordo cover, audio only.”

    From what he could see and determined through various graphs and ship's schematics, all habitats and sections were functioning normally, as all lights showed green. Of course, he would need to perform a retroactive check for any amber alerts the system may have had during the crews resting period. Even if there were 'self-corrections', it was critical to keep a log of their frequency. Predetermining any potential issues, then taking preventive measures was always far preferable than the alternative.

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  7. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    GM's game time


    Name: Lawrence Garcetti

    Age: 38

    Gender: Male

    Civilian Occupation: Weyland-Yutani Corporate Representative

    Bio: Building Better Worlds.

    And Lawrence Garcetti is hoping to do just that. All for the Weyland-Yutani Coporation of course. And to help them expand their business and profits.

    Born and raised in London he aspired after seeing the Weyland-Yutani adverts to maybe one day travel into space and become a top member of the corporation. But he knew he would have to fight his way through.

    Joining on an apprenticeship his intelligence and learning how to deal with corporate day to day life saw him eventually taken on full time. And as he progressed his savvy and know how gained him attention.

    Finally his chance to head into space and further the Company's interests came true. A colonisation mission to LV-827 aboard the Serapis. And it was a chance for Lawrence to make sure that as the Company's Corporate Representative, everything ran smoothly.

    And to make sure this mysterious find would further the interests of the Company. After the incident with the Nostromo, it was time to make sure that this time nothing would stand in the way….
  8. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Apologies for the double post but wanted to get Lawrence going :)

    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3
    months from landing on LV-827

    Lawrence sloely came awake as the dreams from hypersleep slowly faded away.

    Clad only in a pair of shorts he slowly rose from his pod, looking around the room. It seemed the computer had chosen to wake him first. Small wonder really as he represented the Corporation itself.

    The face on this mission of Weyland-Yutani.

    He climbed out, yawning and stretching before heading off to get dressed. Hypersleep affected people in different ways, sometimes people were nauseous. Other times you were tired for a few hours.

    Fully dressed in one of his smart suits it was time to go and do the rounds. First off to talk to the Special Advisor to see if there had been any problems on the trip. And then to show his face as the crew, and those who had joined this trip woke up.

    After the mess with the Nostromo, this mission was going to go off without a hitch.

    He would make sure of it.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Gabriel V
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival

    Images of code, schematic graphs and all manner of technical data reflected themselves off Gabriel V’s visage as he swiftly scanned the reports displayed before him, his eyes darting back and forth in a rhythmic manner.

    No critical functions seemed to have been affected during the voyage undertaken by the USCSS Serapis. Except for a few minor course corrections and some scheduled energy redistribution, all seemed in working order within acceptable parameters.

    In the midst of his review, Gabriel noticed a silent alert, advising him that the Weyland-Yutani representative was not only already awake, but also up and about. Only after quickly double-checking the man’s reported vital signs did Gabriel allow himself a soft smile. The representative was literally the picture of health.

    With a smooth and deft motion, Gabriel reached over to the comm-system on his desk, and activated it. He specifically selected the location the representative was currently in.

    “Good day, Representative Garcetti…” Gabriel intoned cheerfully, in such a manner that one could imagine him smiling as he spoke. “It’s good to see you up and about. That’s a rather nice suit you’re wearing.” He said in compliment.

    Gabriel took a moment to glance at the comm-monitor to best gauge the man’s reaction. He hoped it would be positive.

    “I’m Special Advisor Gabriel, your research analyst and technical supervisor, when would you like to have our briefing, sir?”

    Gabriel did not nod as he normally would have, for he was alone in his room and the gesture would be of no effect, so he patiently waited for the representative’s response, even as he continued to pour over diagnostic data.

    In that moment, Gabriel did wonder if the rest of the crew would begin to awaken. It seemed very likely. Of course, he could simply check the ship’s computer for the mission’s active protocols and itinerary, but playing a predictive ‘guessing game’ was also very good mental exercise.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: Just doing an NPC update for a character that may or may not feature into the story at some level...Great to see so much activity for this game! For those of you who haven't posted yet please do not feel pressured to do so! This is a soft opening and the game will officially kick off on 11/15/21 when the USCSS Serapis, crew and cargo, arrive on LV-827. For those of you that are posting already I am giving you plenty of latitude to RP together and flesh out your characters. Please do not feel you have to respond directly to the NPC Captain I have created for the game.

    The real fun begins soon....

    Prelude II: Awakening


    USCSS Serapis
    Cargo: Colonists and Deep Sea Exploration Equipment
    Enroute to LV-827
    ETA: Three Months


    Captain James Harrow opened his eyes as his cryosleep chamber activated his body from its long sleep. He sat up, slowly and almost painfully, as consciousness crept back into his mind, his limbs, and joints. The cold was the first thing that hit him followed by the ever present reminder that he was still in the dark void of space rather than somewhere planetside.

    He swung his legs over the cryochamber and determinedly hit the showers to waken up. He smiled ever so slightly as warm water awakened him from his deep sleep. Sluggish thoughts came to him. Memories of Earth. His last meal with his family back home. A final wave, a final goodbye. Best wishes. Preparation for cryosleep and then darkness.

    James had dreamed while sleeping. That was what he had been told he was supposed to do. Dream. That was normal he remembered the company rep from Weyland-Yutani saying to him. Perfectly normal. Dreaming was preferred. Meant that everything was working properly. Meant that everything was well as the great goal of human colonization of the stars steadily progressed.

    He shut the water off to his stall and got dressed. The rest of the crew was undoubtedly awakened by now. If he remembered correctly, without glancing at a computer display, the crew and passengers aboard the USCSS Serapis were due to emerge from hypersleep three months prior to arriving at LV-827.

    Captain Harrow sat down at a nearby computer terminal and confirmed that the ship and crew were three months out from LV-827. That meant there was plenty do. Checklists to go over. Equipment to maintain and make sure was working at optimal level. Personalities to meet and agendas to figure out how to fit into the overall mission sponsored by Weyland-Yutani.

    He tapped out a message to those personnel who needed to know what the next three months out of hypersleep would look like for them.

    “Attention valued crew and passengers of the USCSS Serapis,

    As your Captain it is my duty to welcome you to the Weyland-Yutani mission to colonize LV-827. As you are undoubtedly aware we’re still three months out from the planet. Please use this time to get your minds and bodies ready for the coming days.

    I’m including a detailed report on the ocean planet which has an abundance of salt water and stormy weather. Weyland-Yutani has worked hard to install several desalinization plants that will provide freshwater to future colony missions. There is also a newly constructed long term colony on the planet known as Providence. Currently there are about 150 colonists living there along with science and research teams to study LV-827. The rest of the colonists, and subsequent deep sea exploration equipment, are arriving with our ship.

    Not much else is known about LV-827 but I am confident that together we can explore this ocean world and tame its stormy seas.

    Yours Truly,

    Captain James Harrow”

    James shut off the computer console after sending out the message. He sighed. There was plenty of work to do between now and the arrival at LV-827.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Whilst walking along and getting himself climatised to being up and about and on a ship he heard a man's voice come over the comm.

    It was the Special Advisor. And he was complimenting him on his suit first off. Lawrence knew they had synthetics aboard (it was the rule to have at least one) because no one would be this….chirpy. Especially after being in hypersleep.

    Lawrence looked up at the speaker "Ah Gabriel, I did wonder if you were up and about. I would like to have our briefing now if possible. No time like the present to get things moving".

    His tone was light, Lawrence found most people responded well to it.

    "I hope to have a quick chat before I go around and do my meet and greet to the rest. I shall join you in your cabin shortly".

    He headed off that way, hopefully maybe one of the science staff would be up soon so he could have a briefing with them too. Or perhaps they could join the meeting itself….

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  12. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Kimi Shimizu
    USCSS Serapis – 3 months from LV-827

    Kimi’s eyes flickered open to a strange room. Feeling returned to numb limbs. For a few moments, she floated in that place between deep sleep and consciousness. A face stared at her, large and oval with black eyes and grey skin. The being had long wiry limbs and fingers, reaching out. It smiled.

    Kimi had dreamt of these beings many times. They had become like old friends, waiting in her dreams. The Greys, she called them.

    A standard image of alien life had entered human collective consciousness through popular media at some point in the 20th Century. All alien “sightings” since seemed to report the same look. Kimi believed there was a reason for that.

    And now she sought them across the stars.

    I am on a starship, she told herself. The memories began returning. She stretched and rose to her knees within the hypersleep pod. It was cool, she was in her underwear. Lights flickered on automatically and she saw the same grey walls of her unit.

    I am awake. We are three months out.


    Her pod reported all her vital signs were normal. She felt a little dizzy. She saw a computer monitor on one wall and several icons flashed on the screen. Messages.

    She padded across the room, the metal grilled floor cold on her bare feet. She tapped the first icon.

    “Hello Kimiko Shimizu! I hope you slept well. Some disorientation is common in first-time long distance travellers, such as yourself,” a handsome man in a good suit greeted her in a pre-recorded holo. “Do not be alarmed. You are on board the USCSS Serapis, fast approaching a unique opportunity of a lifetime! Now I want you to try these simple exercises…”

    Kimi muted it and hit the next message. Something about the date of this pre-recording tugged at a memory…

    “Otanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!” chorused a group of cheerful voices. Kimi blinked and gasped in recognition of the people in the image. Her father, mother and older brother all grinned and waved at her. They even had a large cake on the dining table before them, with HAPPY BIRTHDAY written on it. Shinichiro, her brother, moved closer to the camera with a mischievous grin.

    “Ohio Kimi chan! Genki? ALIEN mada miitenatai kana?”

    Kimi grinned and her eyes glistened as each member of her family spoke their personal messages. This must have been recorded before the ship left, then time-delayed before delivery. Finally, her mother asked the others for a moment alone with the camera. Kimi felt a lump rise in her throat. She knew that melancholy look on her mother’s face.

    “I don’t know why you have to go so far away, Kimi-chan,” said her mother. “Professor Mori says this was your own request? I know you love your work… but this… Is it something to do with Takahiro? He never comes round anymore. What happened Kimi-chan? You never talk to us anymore…”

    Kimi’s finger hovered over the pause icon, her eyes wet. Even now, halfway across the galaxy, her heart ached at the unexpected mention of the name.

    “We miss you, Kimi,” her mother said. “Come home, soon. Please.”

    Kimi cut the message and sighed. A last message flicked on the screen. This was internal, from someone on the Serapis. But it was an admin ident, anonymous. She opened and found text, no audio.

    [N-426 Protocol 11 Activated: Kimiko Shimizu, report to Lawrence Garcetti immediately.]

    She showered and changed. Then she went searching through the decks for the meeting location...

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  13. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Lawrence had arrived at Gabriel's door and was about to press the chime when he heard soft footsteps approach.

    He turned and saw a young Japanese woman approach. Lawrence had memorized the crew and civilian lists before he had come out. It was good to know who you were dealing with.

    And who potentially could stand in the way of this mission succeeding.

    "Ah perfect timing" Lawrence said with an easy smile hopefully she could understand his British accent "I was going to have my meeting with you afterwards but since you are here I can kill two birds with one stone".

    He reached his hand out "I'm Lawrence Garcetti, Weyland-Yutani Corporation representative on this mission. Don't worry, I don't bite!"

    Only when a situation popped up that he would need to. It was a dog eat dog world out there.

    "Kimiko Shimizu am I correct? Welcome aboard the Serapis. I must say your resume is impressive for such a young lady. Weyland-Yutani is lucky to have you aboard for such an important mission".

    "I would like you to meet our Special Advisor. And of course after this meeting if you do have any questions or queries feel free to come and find me".

    He pressed Gabriel's door chime to warn him they were coming in, then opened the door "Ladies first".

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Gabriel V
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival

    Gabriel could feel a growing sense of excitement as the crew of the USCSS Serapis was re-awakening. One by one, the ship and its crew were coming back ‘online’. He couldn’t help but smile at the prospect.

    Presently, several events were taking place in ‘real-time’ as he continued ti multitask. The first was the seemingly endless reports, which continued to pour over his computer screen while he studied them. Gabriel was intent on not missing a single detail of it.

    Second, was his brief interaction with Representative Garcetti over the comm-monitor. The man was the ‘proactive type’ and wasted no time in setting a meeting time frame, which was basically ‘immediately’.

    “I shall be ready, sir.” Gabriel answered in his calm yet cheerful manner. A quick glance at his desk revealed a remote viewing monocle, which he quickly donned as he rose from his desk and patched to his computer screen. That way, he could continue to review the ship’s reports, as he opened the small closet in his room, selected the neutral grey men’s ensemble provided for him and quickly changed before the unscheduled visit.

    As he changed, a notification came through his personal in-box. Captain James Harrow had sent a ‘greeting’ message to all crew members, thereby indicating that he also was awake. Gabriel read it thoroughly in two-blinks-of-an-eye, then confirmed that he had received it.

    He pushed himself off and gracefully floated back to his desk, removing the monocle which he no longer needed. In the back of his mind, he surmized the crew would likely operate in Zero-G for the foreseeable future, in order for the ship to remain within energy-consumption guidelines. It’s not like there were any randomly inter-connecting star systems, gas giants or rogue stars for them to re-fuel or recharge. Space travel required extreme and redundant exactitude if one was going to be successful.

    Speaking of which, a waking-alert caught his attention. This one pertaining to their most junior member on board: the bio-scientist known as Kimi Shimizu.

    From what he could tell, she was also quite ‘proactive’ herself and was in short-order, en route to meet with Representative Garcetti and by extension, take part in the meeting.

    For some reason, Gabriel found the “I can kill two birds with one stone" comment quite effective, as well as mildly amusing. Perhaps because it stirred memories of a classic holo-drama. Of course, he would have to do a contextual cross reference at a later time.

    Presently, the monitor now showed both the scientist and the representative at his door, both having a small interchange. Gabriel took that moment to glance at his already pristine arrangements, in case he needed to make things more presentable.

    He did not.

    It was then that his door chime rang. Gabriel responded in a gracious and inviting tone: “Do come in", which caused his door to slide open. It was pleasing that the representative was making allowance for societal protocol. As the de facto company representative, he and the Captain had the ability to override most command codes, if a situation warranted such an action.

    Graciously, Gabriel rose from his seat as he heard Representative Garcetti intone a “Ladies first.”

    “Greetings, greetings and welcome!” Gabriel found himself saying and smiling amiably as he stepped from behind his desk. His guest now free to enter his room. “Apologies for the cramped living space.” he added with an honest expression on his face.

    “I’m Special Advisor Gabriel V, quite pleased to meet you both.”

    Gabriel took a step forward as he moved to shake their hands and move to a positive interchange - and away from any possible unintended awkwardness.

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  15. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Kimi Shimizu


    Kimi found the location and was startled to see Lawrence Garcetti already there. She recognised him immediately; he was the handsome corporate face from the holo. He was important. And he knew who she was.

    She bowed as was her natural instinct. "Yes, I am Shimizu Kimiko. Please call me Kimi. It is very nice to meet you."

    He took her hand in a handshake. It was a powerful, politician's handshake and she felt a little overwhelmed. Kimi believed strongly that her work for the Corporation - for all humanity - was important, but could not quite understand why she, of all the passengers, had been summoned here.

    The door to the unit slid open and there stood a young man with a beautiful face. His features... those eyes... almost elfin. He was very welcoming to them both. He introduced himself as Special Advisor Gabriel V.

    Kimi blushed as Garcetti did that quaint thing about ladies first. He had a powerful charisma. She felt a little giddy. Was that from the hypersleep or something else? With a bit of a silly grin she stepped inside. She also got to shake hands with Gabriel V.

    Kimi was thrilled. They were approaching their mission, she would soon be able to start on this great adventure, and she was meeting with fantastic people. This was definitely the right decision, she told herself.

    She bowed to Gabriel V. "I am Shimizu Kimiko. Please call me Kimi. It is very nice to meet you."
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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Gabriel was definatly the chirpy type. Whomever had programmed him must have had the same personality. It would be good for crew morale to have him around.

    Whether he would be the same when things went wrong remained to be seen.

    He shook Gabriel's hand "Pleased to meet you too. Please you and Kimi take a seat and we'll get going".

    He took a seat across from where Gabriel was sitting, crossed one leg over the other and began.

    "First of all Kimi, you are probbably wondering why I have called you here out of the rest of the group. Well to be honest out of the lot of scientists we have your credentials impressed me".

    "And at your age you have the potential to grow in your field and become perhaps one day a top member of Weyland-Yutani's Science Division. And with Gabriel here and his technical expertise I think we three can help the colony on LV-827 become the best colony there is".

    "Weyland-Yutani has spent billions on projects like these. Now Captain Harrow I believe has sent you details of the planet and the colony there, please study them carefully. But something has come through which has turned things on it's head and which I only wish to share with a select few".

    He looked to Gabriel and then Kimi his gaze lingering a little longer on her. She seemed flustered by him and he wanted to try and put her more at ease.

    "I received an encoded transmission from the Network, who passed it on to me high priority from HQ on Earth. It came from Dr Torrence the lead scientist on LV-827".

    "It seems they have found something there. They unfortunately can't tell what it is but it seems to be some kind of signal. Unfortunately I don't have any more details but I thought it was best to share this with you and get your thoughts on what it could be".

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    Apr 26, 2016
    IC: Kimi
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Kimi took her seat and listened intently to Lawrence. He said some very nice things about her and reminded her of the importance of the mission to Providence.

    Then he dropped the bombshell. Some kind of signal.

    Kimi jerked in her seat. "A signal? You mean like a form of communication?" she took several breaths to calm herself. "That's... That's amazing!"

    She tried to think logically, remembering the people in whose presence she currently found herself. "The planet was thoroughly mapped before the colony was established... there was no sign of intelligent life... maybe they missed something, or... it could be visitors, like ourselves."

    Her head spun with the implications. Another species capable of interstellar travel. What could they be like? What could humanity learn from them? Kimi had to pinch herself. Her wildest dreams were coming true.

    "Could we... hear this signal?" she dared to ask.
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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: Just a little bit more development here.....carry on [face_devil][face_devil]

    Prelude III: No Secrets Between Old Friends

    Captain James Harrow
    USCSS Serapis
    Hangar Bay
    Three Months Out from LV-827

    “You qualified to be around that submersible, Chief?” Captain James Harrow asked.

    Chief Shayna Walters looked up from checking one of the tie downs and gave a wry grin. The two had worked on previous Company missions for nearly a decade. Their relationship was strictly platonic and professional. They were too good of friends to start something deeper now.

    “You qualified to be running yet another operation for the Company, old man?” Shayna shot back.

    “This number ten for us or twelve?” James asked.

    “I’ve lost count in all the excitement,” Shayna replied, “besides this new operation will be unlike anything we’ve done before. I read your report. Planet sounds kinda gnarly.”

    “Ocean world,” James said as he ran a hand along the nearest mini submarine. The sub could seat 14 people including crew. He felt every rivet and imperfection in the hull. The equipment wasn’t state of the art but it could get the job done in experienced hands. He knew that Chief Walters could do whatever was asked. That her piloting skill was second only to how well she turned a wrench.

    “This a standard drop in and drop out mission?” Shayna asked.

    James knew what Shayna was meaning. She wanted to know if the Serapis was going to drop its cargo and head back to Earth to resupply. Not linger around LV-827 longer than needed. He mulled over his response for a minute. He knew that the journey between LV-827 and Earth was a full year. A decent enough nap in hypersleep by any means. She wanted to get back to her family. He wanted to get back to his.

    “It’s not that simple, Shayna,” James finally said.

    James, upon awakening from hypersleep, had received an encrypted message from Weyland-Yutani headquarters that specifically instructed him to leave the Serapis in orbit after unloading all passengers, cargo, and any crew needed for Providence colony. The message unnerved him. He had never in his nearly two decades of working for the Company been asked to linger around a colonial planet. There was a severe lack of qualified captains out there let alone space worthy vessels. In this profession time was money. To leave a ship like the Serapis around LV-827, a mundane colony, was an out of the ordinary command.

    Shayna’s face fell in disappointment, “I had a feeling something was wrong the minute you came down here. You had that look on your face.”

    “What look?” James replied as he averted his gaze for a second.

    “That look,” Shayna said.

    “You know me too well,” James admitted, “but I don’t want you to worry about the mission. Things are just a little different this time out.”

    “How long are they pushing us to stay?” Shayna pressed.

    James knew that Shayna had backed him into a corner. He knew she wouldn’t relent unless he gave her the information she wanted to know. He trusted her too much to lie to her. The pair had logged some long hours together. Their friendship was strong. He owed her the truth. He owed her that much.

    “Two weeks,” James admitted running a hand through his hair, “two miserable weeks.”

    “Damn it all!” Shayna cursed as she punched a nearby crate. Then she started pacing, “Two weeks! I told my three year old daughter I’d be home in time for her fourth birthday. Thanks to the Company I’m going to be napping my way through it on the return journey home!”

    James held up his hands as if to say he had nothing to do with the decision. Shayna was hot tempered. She could lose her cool faster than a quick draw gunslinger in an old western film. He backed away from her slightly as she continued to pace and vent. He knew better than to confront her now. It was best to let her explode and seek cover if necessary.

    “Did you tell the other command crew?” Shayna pushed.

    “I did,” James replied, “you were the last to know.”

    “And?” Shayna said crossing her arms across her chest.

    “They’re young and inexperienced,” James replied, “they don’t know any better.”

    “So why in hell did we wake up so early from hypersleep if our mission is to be extended?” Shayna asked.

    James gulped. He knew she would ask this question. He knew she was going to push him hard. He looked away at the submersible again and shook his head. There was no holding back now. He was all in.

    “To get us prepared,” James replied, “mentally and physically.”

    “Prepared for what?” Shayna said.

    “LV-827,” James replied, “and what they found.”

    Shayna’s eyes went wide.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Gabriel V
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival
    Not just a Signal

    Gabriel was very pleased with his first visitors, indeed, he was. Their tone of voice and body language revealed much about them as did their handshakes. Representative Garcetti’s had been strong, firm yet very controlled and surprisingly reassuring, while Kimi’s was quite genteel and supple. It certainly bespoke much of their character and personalities.

    The way Representative Garcetti seamlessly took command of the meeting was a masterclass in leadership. His method was indeed effective as Gabriel could see Kimi responding to his verbal and non-verbal cues, while herself responding with her own. A connection was being readily made before his hazel-green eyes.

    What a wonderful opportunity this was, but as much as a he would have enjoyed analyzing the interpersonal exchange, the meeting itself took priority. To that end, Gabriel paused the scrolling report on his computer and darkened the screen. It didn’t matter that he was well capable of reading the screen and simultaneously listen to what was being said without conflict, the point was that doing so was considered ‘rude’. Much like some humans who held separate conversations while typing something completely unrelated on their keyboards without missing a stroke or a beat in the conversation. The general consensus viewed this practice negatively by most, so it was best not to have that be the first impression. Maybe later when a greater sense of familiarity was achieved, of course, that also depended on the self-actualization of the subject.

    Still, the representative was right. Kimi’s credentials were impressive, her potential yet to be realized. Studying the details provided on Providence and LV-827 would prove critical for the mission’s success. It was prudent of the representative and the Captain to share such details, but apparently there was more.

    The representative’s mention of the Network was an intriguing footnote concerning his person, which simply added to his already extensive parameters as leading figure, not only aboard the ship, but quite likely on the colony as well. That situation would be interesting to see.

    That Garcetti was sharing news about this ‘signal’, which was revealed via encoded message, was significant. The lack of detail was quite likely the point of contention for representative and this was his way of possibly extrapolating plausible answers. The man wanted to be as prepared as possible before their arrival at the colony- and such enigmas were just as dangerous as the vacuum of space, if not more.

    Gabriel canted his head to the side, as if thinking for a moment, even as he continued to listen to Kimi postulate.

    “Indeed, we now know they did miss something during their mapping.”

    Gabriel put in after Kimi had finished speaking. He made sure to sound light of speech, just pointing out what was now a simple fact.

    “Hearing what they uncovered would be a good start in our own investigative efforts. However, you did say no other details were provided. Hmmm, knowing the planetary sector of origin would have been helpful, in hindsight.”

    Here, Gabriel did nod as he made a thinking sound, before he continued.

    “Sir, I must also present a ‘secondary’ significance to you receiving the encoded message at this time. It is standard security protocol for any colony to investigate all anomalous events after completion of their ‘planetary mapping’, especially events that do not fall under 'status green’. Meaning, if the event is certifiably of unknown origin and it cannot be proven that it does not in fact present an immediate or future danger, then it must be investigated fully and classified".

    "That message was sent from the Network, which means it reached them first before it was sent to you, confirming that the colony was unable to certify or classify the signal or its origin. In the finally analysis, the encoded message is a soft warning. You are being unofficially instructed to be on alert on approach to LV-827."

    Gabriel paused then and for the briefest moment wondered if he could have delivered that same information in a less 'formal' manner. Perhaps if he modulated his delivery a bit more?

    “That being said, sir. To reiterate Kimi’s request, is there an audio file of this ‘Signal’ we could hear?”

    Yes. Perhaps a more...technical analysis would be a better approach to the situation.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Kimi looked about ready to bounce off the walls with excitement which made him smile. This lady could go far if someone took her under their wing.

    Gabriel meanwhile had gone the analytical route. His insights going forward could be very valuable.

    Lawrence looked at the both of them his smile turning into a frown "Sadly I did not receive the signal in question. I could of course make a request but as to whether that request would be granted or whether I would receive a copy before we arrive at the colony is another thing entirely".

    He then smiled again "But I believe you are both correct. It could have been missed during mapping and that the colony could not decipher it's origin. Mandate dictates that any beacon picked up should be investigated".

    Which of course was what the Nostromo did and got into trouble.

    "Whether this signal is a distress beacon or whether it is a warning they have not said. Clearly it has not been deciphered as I am sure I would have received something more than "We found something". My guess is we will find out more when we reach the colony itself".

    He looked at them both again "This is not to be shared with anyone else as yet. The Captain of course knows but I don't want rumours to spread like wildfire. Because if it does our competitors could get a whiff of this and come after this".

    "And I want whatever it is to be grabbed by us and studied. And I want you two along with Dr Torrance at the forefront and for this to be exclusivly under the Science Divisions supervision. This is a too good an oppurtunity to pass up".

    "Now, I would like to hear your personal thoughts on this mission. Don't be shy…."

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    Mar 28, 2004

    Character Sheet:


    Name: Alison Smith

    Age: 45

    Gender: Female

    Civilian Occupation: Scientist

    Bio: Doctor Smith graduated top in her class at the University of Oxford. Her area of expertise was related to how human physiology adapted to the changes of environments and also to double as a colony’s medic (which would give her ample data about how the colonists reacted to the new planet). So far her work was purely theoretical and the only cases that she could handle were people living on planets within the Solar System, along with returning crews. But Alison needed more and one day she was approached by a Wayland-Yutani rep with an offer that she could not refuse and so Doctor Smith uprooted her life to move to this strange new world of LV-827.
  22. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Alison Smith
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival

    “...ake me up when we arrive.” were her first words since doctor Smith woke up. She had been speaking to the computer just before she entered cryosleep. So the time must have come.

    Alison wondered how much time had passed? It was a strange sensation knowing that while you slept so much time had passed and most people you knew were either dead or elderly, while you remained the same as the day you fell asleep.

    But that was unimportant now.

    She did not have many close relations back on Earth, nor did she have a family. Doctor Smith was a workaholic who did not care about such trivialities. And now a decade of hard work and research finally paid off.

    She got to travel to a distant colony, far away from the Solar system and she was giddy with anticipation. If she remembered the briefs it would take some more time before they arrived at their destination, so Alison would have to busy herself with work until that happened.

    Doctor Smith, still in her panties and tank top gingerly stepped on the cold floor. The first few things on her list were: to get dressed (of course), meet the crew, hear whatever the corpo guy had to tell them, then start the medical checkups. She had some basic health information about the others, so first she was going to see if cryosleep induced any changes, then record some more data and carry out the regular check-ups to see if there were any changes.

    “Um, hello?” she said out loud, not sure whether there were others who were awake or not.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Gabriel V
    Aboard the USCSS Serapis, 3 months before arrival

    Gabriel found himself nodding in agreement with the Representative. Rumors were bad for both business and morale. Garcetti wouldn't have to worry on his account though, Gabriel knew how to keep secrets - many secrets.

    Upon being asked about any thoughts on the mission, Gabriel paused. He didn’t wish to speak out of turn.

    In that moment, a beeping alarm came through his computer monitor. A quick glance revealed that yet another crew member had emerged from cryosleep.

    “Sir, it would seem that Dr. Alison Smith is finally awake.” He informed, giving the sense that a happy reunion was imminent.

    “She does seem a little disoriented…” he added, after reviewing a quick display of her vitals.

    “How would you like to proceed?”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Lawrence Garcetti
    Location: USCSS Serapis, 3 months from landing on LV-827

    Gabriel was keeping stum on what he thought of the mission itself. It seemed his synthetic programming also included not speaking ill of others maybe the mission itself, how interesting.

    But he did note that Doctor Smith was awake. Good. He had read her file as well. Medically trained. The jury was out as to whether she would be able to join Garcetti's and Gabriel's plans…

    "I would like you to keep an eye on her, see if she could be part of our group. She's a medic, the Hippocratic Oath means she can do no harm. What she makes of this find and our plans for it remains to be seen".

    "I will meet with her at some point, as she is a medical officer I will let her complete her rounds and get herself settled first. In the meantime I will have reports to sift through and communications to make".

    He smiled "My door is always open for a chat so if you need anything come and find me. In the meantime if you hear anything else about this find, report to me".

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    OOC: Here we go!

    Chapter One: The Deep

    USCSS Serapis
    Arrival at LV-827

    IC: Captain James Harrow

    Captain James Harrow had another cup of coffee in his hand as he did his morning rounds. He needed extra caffeine today. Today was arrival day. Today was destined to be busy. Chaotically organized but busy. He was prepared. He made his way toward the bridge.

    James had spent the last three months reviewing the personnel files aboard the Serapis. It always surprised him the number of scientists, researchers, and other important civilian types that boarded these colonization missions. People who wanted to get their hands dirty with the important discoveries that lay waiting on whatever planet he captained them toward.

    He gave a nod at Gabriel as they passed in the corridor. The boy band looks sticking with him for a second as he rounded a corner. They hadn’t spoken much, if at all, but there was something about him that seemed too professional, too collected, and too damn smart. He was glad that Gabriel had a destination down on the surface. The sooner he was off his ship the better.

    A few more feet and James made eye contact with Lawrence Garcetti. The man had Weyland-Yutani puke written all over him. He probably dreamed in the language of Weyland-Yutani. The language of false promises and endless money. He was no doubt here to oversee the success of the coming mission. The problem, for Captain James Harrow, was that he wasn’t quite sure what the mission was anymore. Not since he’d gotten orders to hang out in orbit.

    James continued his long walk to the bridge. His eyes lingered on a certain Doctor Alison Smith. Now she was someone worth talking to. Probably because he had an affinity toward blonde women. Especially the intelligent types. He’d given an awkward introduction when she’d awakened from hypersleep. A few words were exchanged as were directions on how to get around the ship. She seemed capable and he wondered how she would fare down on the surface.

    James clambered his way onto the bridge. The rest of his experienced crew was hard at work prepping the Serapis for arrival at LV-827. The ocean world in question was well within view resting gently beneath them. The massive storms that had dominated the ocean surface largely dissipated as the faint rays of sunshine speckled the atmosphere in a brilliant display of cosmic creation.

    “Captain,” Chief Shayna Walters said, “we’re in orbit around LV-827. Drop ships are ready and loaded. Heavy equipment will follow within the hour. On your signal, sir.”

    Captain James Harrow folded his arms behind his back and gave a nod for Shayna to put him on the ship wide communication unit.

    “Attention passengers and crew of the USCSS Serapis. This is Captain Harrow speaking. It is my distinct pleasure to announce we have arrived at LV-827. You will have noted by now that your seating assignments for your drop ship have been sent to your personal data device. I suggest you review these to know when you need to be ready to take your ride down to the surface. I wanted to thank you all for a pleasant journey and on behalf of Weyland-Yutani and all our sponsors wish you a very safe life down on LV-827. May you have many years of prosperity ahead of you.”

    Harrow killed the transmission.

    He exchanged a look with Shayna that said: Now We Wait….

    Providence Colony Control Room
    6:00 PM Local Time

    “Weather has been good for the last few weeks. Seems like my predictions were off,” Vance Acevado, communications officer said, “and that signal is still booming strong. It’s like music to my ears. The question is what are we going to do about it?”

    Doctor Shannon Torrence looked up from reading another desalinization report. The numbers were mind numbingly accurate. Hardly anything had gone wrong with the setup of Providence Colony. In fact it had gone too well as all of the contractors and heavy equipment that had been used to build the entire facility had long since left off world. Well before the signal was discovered.

    Her thoughts wandered to the single sentence reply she’d received from Weyland-Yutani headquarters months ago. Just after the signal had first been discovered. A message that was both damning and full of hope. A message that simply said that the USCSS Serapis was due to arrive in three months carrying the necessary supplies, equipment, and personnel. Not to do anything to cause the signal to go away. To do nothing until Serapis arrived. It was yet another reminder of the complete lack of humanity that the Company exhibited toward its personnel and facilities. They only wanted one thing.


    “Nothing,” Shannon finally replied, “we wait.”

    “You don’t want to get a jump on this thing, see what’s causing the signal?” Vance asked, “I mean the divers can go down tonight now that the waters are calm.”

    Shannon bit her lip as she mulled that idea. The very thought of finding out if all of this meant something or if it was a big waste of her time appealed to her. She could have reports back from the divers just as Serapis entered the system. She could be at the forefront of the discovery. She could be on the cusp of greatness.

    “Doctor?” Vance asked.

    Shannon fought off her own private fears at what the Company might do at her initiative. She was tired of waiting. Tired of having her chance at potential glory be shoved aside by someone else with greater ambition, greater drive, greater hubris. This was her time. It was why she’d made the journey out to LV-827 to begin with and she was not about to let anyone or anything stop her.

    “Has the Serapis arrived?” Doctor Torrence asked Vance.

    “They just arrived in orbit,” Vance replied, “and are deploying drop ships now. Did you want me to hold on the divers?”

    “Launch the divers,” Torrence said.

    “Just what the doctor ordered,” Vance replied with a grin.


    Providence Colony Conference Room
    06:30 PM Local Time

    Doctor Shannon Torrence looked upon her newly arrived team consisting of Gabriel, Lawrence Garcetti, Doctor Alison Smith, Chief Shayna Walters, Vance Acevado, and Captain James Harrow.

    “Welcome to Providence Colony ladies and gentlemen, I am Doctor Shannon Torrence, lead scientist for the colony,” Doctor Torrence began, “all of you have been hand picked to be a part of what I hope is something special. Something significant. Let me begin by saying that a few months ago we discovered a signal originating from the ocean floor of this planet. We tried to clean up the signal and understand the transmission but all we could gather was that the signal was not human.”

    She paused for a moment to let that information sink in. She knew it probably wasn’t anything new to them but she wanted everyone on the same playing field all the same.

    “A few minutes ago the storms that have plagued this colony since it was first built finally subsided. This window allowed your ship, the Serapis, to unload any and all passengers and cargo. Count yourself lucky. The oceans are calm. Divers, wearing specialized suits, have been dispatched to where this signal has been transmitting and report any images of what they see. They began their descent about fifteen minutes ago,” Torrence explained.

    She turned as a vid screen behind her lit up with information on the dive. Several smaller screens off to the side showed helmet mounted cameras from the divers as they made their way through the deep, crushing, depths of the ocean. Wrist mounted lights on the divers illuminated only about twelve feet in front of them. The rest of the image was completely dark. Eerily so.

    “We should be there by now,” one of the divers said as the audio feed came through the vid screen only interrupted by the breathing apparatus the diver needed to survive such crushing depths.

    “I don’t see anything yet,” another diver chimed in.

    "Wait,” the third diver said, “what’s that!”

    Images slowly came into focus. An image of a shape clearly not made by humankind. It almost looked like a rock formation jutting out from the ocean floor. The image crackled and sizzles as the transmission cut in and out due to the depth of the find. When the signal cleared and the data started streaming in on the vid screen it was all Doctor Torrence could do to suppress a knowing smile of victory.



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