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Saga - Legends "Being with the enemy", an answer to the diary challenge 2020

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by AzureAngel2, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Series: “Being with the enemy”, an answer to the diary challenge 2020


    Co-Author and editor:

    Beta-editor: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Time frame:
    The story starts inside a flat on Coruscant (15 BBY) and will definitely end on the day that Scarif falls in 0 BBY.

    This diary is about the ups and downs of fatherhood, written by Orson Krennic, Director of the Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research, passionate Jizz fan, an involuntary dog-sitter, and, according to his teenage daughter, a full-time villain.

    Reader warning: Please excuse my weird English! I am German. English is only my Second language!

    SW is owned by George Lucas, Lucas Ltd. and now The Walt Disney Company ’

    Entry 1, The Krennic apartment on Coruscant, 15th year of Emperor Palpatine’s reign

    Dear diary,

    first I thought that my daughter had been kidnapped. Of that I was certain. Because the creature which I had encountered in our living-room earlier was a total stranger to me. A thing that looked like her, but had a foul mouth and no sense of decency.

    Only dressed in a bikini, which I never saw among Cassandra’s belongings before, the fiend jumped up and down on my designer sofa. While it did so, it sang “Lapti Nek” and swung its hips in a lascivious manner. I almost lost my eyesight. And, believe me, I have seen a lot when I did a lot of clubbing.

    My daughter and I have an understanding that she stays away from my collection of Fizz masterpieces. A music style that has become forbidden of late, thanks to the old Sheevster aka his Imperial Majesty Palpatine.

    Nevertheless, I decided to end what seemed a ridiculous casting for Jabba the Hutt’s dance group stante pede.

    Oh, there was protest. Plus, of all people, Zevulon Veers. Who actually made the most uproar.

    Only then it occurred to me that I was indeed dealing with my own child. And her sidekick. No mistake there!

    After throwing Veers junior out of our flat and giving his dad a quick holonet call, I had to send my precious off-spring to her room.

    More drama and, most amazing, tears!

    Oh, and insults! Very creative ones, I must say! Cassandra seems to have entire dictionaries for breakfast, when I am not around.

    I fear my sweet, little girl has now entered the unpleasant stage which is called teenage years. As if I would need any more extra stress. Why can’t we skip that nonsense? Would growth-retarding pills help?

    The construction work of my project remains a daily nightmare. Oh don’t get me started on this issue! Plagued by delays, sabotage and expected to cost more than three and a half times the initial budget, this space station has become something of a running joke among Tarkin and his boys.

    Then there is Galen frecking Erso, acting like a moron ever since his Lyra died. At least he has stopped asking about the whereabouts of his baby Jyn. As if I could care any less.

    Tonight, I better call Alex about Cassie. He should hear about the “Lapti Nek” incident first-hand. It is his godchild after all. I cannot care less what the notorious Hera Syndulla and her Spectre rebel cell are up to. We should have the absolute priority in the life of a certain Agent Kallus.

    Perhaps I even get re-connected with Thrawn. Mister Blue has been rising through the ranks of the Imperial Pecking Order like no other. I am sure he would like to lend a helping hand. He used to be very fond of my daughter when she was way younger.

    Together we will let discipline rule this household again. Together we will establish a new order.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Hilarious beginning!! Oh the teen years! :eek: :p
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    Bringing my house/boards presence in order, I will start with a small step ;)

    Hmhm, I bet you did! And after you finally awoke from the drugs/alcohol/ music induced stupor you decided to clean up and not allow others the same. For their best interest, of course o_O[face_laugh]

    Happy to see that Orson writes with a healthy dose of understatement, wouldn't want to think he lacks a feel for the dramatic :D

    Yeah, could read more of these accurate and strictly factual accounts of the days of their lives[face_mischief]
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Oh, I totally forgot about this one... :)

    * lies on a bed in the Czech country side & wonders why farm dogs never can shut up
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And you should continue this one. It's funny
  6. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    [face_laugh] No such luck, Orson. (I see my re-read "like" of this got noticed, and I too would enjoy reading more of this if more should ever appear. ;) )

    Yeah, that'll be the precocious intelligence. Sounds to me like she's taking after her guardian, so far as the snark and condescension is concerned! o_O Not that he would notice, of course, because all of his misbehavior is so justified and reasonable. :p

    Wow. [face_plain] The total lack of self-awareness is... yeah, typical Orson. I wonder why someone might be grieving or worried about their family? So inconvenient. To Orson, personally. 'Cause that's who it's all about. And he didn't at all, y'know, cause that little workplace problem in the first place by murdering/kidnapping people to build a thing with "Death Star" on the label. :rolleyes:

    Orson's concluding thoughts on how he's going to win the Teenager Chaos Wars by calling in presumed good influences are doubly funny, knowing just who Cassie actually ends up hanging around with in later stories! He thinks Zev is bad, wait until he has to deal with her interning with Darth "No Chill" Vader himself. [face_laugh]
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  7. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Hi there, dear @Kahara. I just found this long, witty & sweat feedback of yours. Thanks a million.

    These days one can find me mostly off-line, trying to regain strength after a rough working day by reading a book, being in the nearby fitness center, being in the phone with a dear RL friend, managing my plants throughout the flat or in the balcony, being in the Harz Mountains at the ski club house for club activities, or playing "D&D" with my husband DarthUncle & his twin, who is our DM.

    Writing fanfic has stopped being a hobby of mine. Since the pandemic a lot of things changed for me & now my priorities are different.

    So, I do not know if I really have the time or energy to finish this particular diary.

    But I would like to thank you for always believing in me as a fan fic writer & encouraging me to weave new stories.

    To have a dialoge with a fan fic reader feels good for a fanfic author. To exchange ideas, get feedback. You are wonderful!
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