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Star Wars CLOSED Between Episodes - A War of the Galaxies Story

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Feb 3, 2023.

  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Between Episodes - A War of the Galaxies Story - a closed RP between Sinrebirth and @Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Yavin 4, Mon Calamari, Csilla, Mandalore, Zakuul, Lwhekk, Freeworld, Eshan…

    These were a few of the worlds excused from the great trap set by Emperor Snoke, the dark side ruler of the Galactic Empire.

    Not because he had not the attention, no, but he had primary targets, and then secondaries. Foolish of him, truly, to loop many of these worlds and races and powers old and new into such a category.

    But he had no intention of playing at the games of warfare they intended, but they had plenty of war in them. With the Empire’s military strength spent breaking the grip of the Alliance, most of the galaxy was lawless. The northern half of the galaxy beyond the Mid Rim; the traditional Unknowns; the hyperlanes to the satellite galaxies - they had all been abandoned while the soul of the Core was fought for by Snoke and the Resistance.

    In essence, in certain corners of the galaxy, it was a matter of free reign.

    Of local warlords, of resurgent warrior clans, of powers building themselves in the void of sane governance…

    One of those powers was the Adumari, and the resurgent Empire of the Hand. The Terrors too, they stirred anew, freed of the notice of the First Order. But this story told that of the reformed Sun Guard and their rise… and Fall.

    The Fall of their leader, into the darkest depths.

    Their ultimate triumph across many worlds.

    Their sealed fate, in many ways.

    As we shall see.


    This is a small game tying up loose ends before we move the Sun Guard plotline wholesale into the War of the Galaxies game
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  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    The Eclipse eventually fled from Mon Calamari, taking with it Madelyn Linnett, Mirta Gev, and Thrawn, essentially a set of engines slaved to an axial superlaser. The exact nature of the Mandalorian capture of one of the very last ships of the Eclipse Fleet was obscured, though it did happen, and it did result in the ship burying into hyperspace.

    The Resistance had abandoned the world to rush everything they had to Jakku.

    That was a mistake.

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  3. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Thychani Commander Zhast
    Crimson Dagger-class Star Dreadnought Phalanx

    The large, helmeted, fully armored frame of the Gen'Dai Sun Guard Zhast gazed out at the oceanic world that stood before him, and the chaos that still surrounded it.

    At first the large vessel was unaccompanied by any other, but very quickly a large fleet would drop out of hyperspace flanking it - the Sun Guard Protectorate's Gladius Fleet.

    The fleet consisted of:

    Crimson Dagger-class Star Dreadnought Phalanx
    10 Duellator-class Star Destroyers
    20 Durame-class Star Destroyers
    40 Wraith-class Corvettes
    80 Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessels
    50 Sun Guard refit Interdictor-class Cruisers

    Immediately, without warning the Sun Guard started assaulting any remaining planetary defenses and readied landing craft, escorted by swarms of Solar Dragon-class Interceptors, both normal and Force User piloted Spec-Ops variants.

    The assault craft both included the Reverie-class Assault Dropship, which would partake in bombing runs on planetary defenses before dropping its payload of Sun Guards to seize them, and Solar Pike-class Drop Pods that would come hurtling down to the planet below at terrifying speeds, slamming into buildings both underwater and above, using their hull cutting mandibles to deploy their 10 Sun Guard complements inside.

    Within a very quick few moments, the planet had become swarming with invading elite troopers who only had one thing on their minds, and that was the return to a Sun Guard tradition of yore: conquest.

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Unknown

    Mon Calamari fell.

    But when the Sun Guard initially turned up at the Battle of Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar began looking for allies. Hammering at Tho Yor and making the minorest contribution was not taxing on the strategic mind, and Antilles was as keen a one as him, able to manage the battle.

    Intel on the Sun Guard was slim; historic issues with the Mandalorians, a civil war in their own sister at the behest of the Sith; implied ties between the Sun Guard and the dark side by the design philosophy of the Imperial Royal Guards. But preparing for them wasn’t his remit, and Ackbar doubted the Mandalorians had anything for the Sun Guard to contribute - the Mandalorian Civil Wars, the desolation of the planet by Moff Gideon, the subsequent reclamation of the Darksaber and the conflict among the Watch Mandalorians for that… let alone Boba Fett killing the leader of the Protectors and becoming Mandalore, wading into the Yuuzhan Vong War, the battles with Caedus…

    Which left, who, exactly?

    It didn’t take long for him to find someone who had been preparing for the Sun Guard, for ancient eventualities, for concerning resurrection cradles. Everyone had been caught out by Snoke - because who could have conceived the Emperor’s own clone project turning on him - but the past? That was something that could be anticipated. Anything that predated the Republic, though? That was murky waters, and Snoke and taken even that possibility and weaponised it.

    But everything else in recorded history? That was fair game to prepare countermeasures for, and many a shadow war was fought for such things. Over Sith artefacts, over Waymancy mass-fire tech, over Eternal droid circuits, over Yevethan gravity weapons, over illegal Yuuzhan Vong biots.

    As such, something had been watching.

    It watched the jungle moon with inhuman, unblinking eyes. The moon shimmered in its vision, a vibrant sphere of red and blue. Electromagnetic fields dancing in near perfect harmony, a delicate balance of the natural neutrality of the universe and the jungle moon’s dark heart. But then, the balance broke. The suspected trigger, as a primary source of the Moon’s darkness, died.


    Within the dense atmosphere of the gas giant a change began to happen. A series of pods activated, shedding their gaseous contents into the atmosphere. Then as though a spark to kindle, the atmosphere erupted. Deuterium Fusion began to rush across a portion of the world, burning away at the atmosphere. It was not self-sustaining, and the giant would not become a star this day, but it would be enough.

    While the ignition would last only minutes, it would burn away at the atmosphere of the gas planet, disrupt its magnetic field, and send radiation and searing solar heat outward towards the jungle moon. A brief, insignificant moment in the grand scheme of things, but the Jungle Moon of Yavin 4 was about to face a mass extinction event, with only minutes to spare.

    The fiery front would throw the entirety of orbit into disarray - igniting atmospheres upset gravity, reached at orbiting vessels, charred hulls and exploded any shuttles and starfighters that were deployed. What survived such an event would be a damaged but not crippled fleet, repairs could be made, hyperdrives rebuilt, but it was a blow and it slowed them - indeed, there was the question of who had targeted them, and what other traps had been lain along their destined path…

    Did they have a foe?

    The Sun Guard met a pyroclasm - a sun - and were burned.

    The Tho Yor watched, almost napping through the calamity. The connections between it and them were disrupted by the solar event, and it was already uncertain whether the dark ruler of the Sun Guard could command it.

    Would the Force bless him?

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  5. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Darth Mascon
    Silver Beacon, Yavin IV, exiting atmosphere

    As Leonias, no, Darth Mascon ascended through the planetary barrier en-route to his flagship, he felt an unsettling churning in the Force. A churning warning of danger, both to him and his ambition. A sun, the very symbol of the Sun Guard, weaponized against them.

    He boiled in rage. Melding with Beacon, he set out to put a stop to that, as much as he possibly could, in an act that would forever write his name in the history pages of the Sun Guard: In the years to come, the Sun Guard soon come to know him as the Sun Eater.

    Using the Force Sensitive entity as a bridge between him and the Tho Yor in orbit, he set out to dominate and control it, and to seize its power for himself, for only then would he have the power to stop this impending catastrophe. He would not allow any more setbacks to his master plan.

    In the process of his telepathic manipulations, what once was a silver glow coming from the crystal chamber aboard his Starfighter bled a sanguine red. The dominant mind of Darth Mascon had taken over, and with it came his Dark Side influence.

    That influence would then find its way to the ancient Tho Yor, but only for a time, as it would become consumed by his wrath, his greed and his vanity.

    The ancient relic would be drained up, and dissolved into nothing by the newborn Sith Lord, much like how he consumed the holocron of Tulak Hord. In exchange, while directing his interceptor craft into position at a rapid pace, would channel the power of tutaminis, fueled by both the meld between Beacon and the souls of all the Force Sensitives who powered the Tho Yor he so ravenously devoured.

    In the process, he would drain the solar body of Yavin, leaving a dark void where it once was, and then moments later, directed through the weapons emplacements of the now Sanguine Beacon, torrents of electrical Force Energy spewed forth towards the Gas Giant and her moons.

    They would become destroyed, but not without causing some collateral damage in the process. A good chunk of the Sun Guard fleet would still be destroyed, with the dreadnoughts Ebon Lance and Midan Spear being knocked out of commission, the former needing repairs in drydock, while the latter being completely destroyed. Additionally, 5 Duellator-class Star Destroyers would be either destroyed or disabled, and then there’s the damage to Mascon himself.

    In the process of holding that much Energy, even just for the few seconds he did, he caused catastrophic damage to his body. His skin would grow tense and compress, leaving it looking semi-translucent as it attempted to stretch across his body. His nails and teeth would become brittle and jaundiced, yellowed with jagged edges and cracks. His hair and beard would become wispy and clear, as if they were fiber optic cables instead of hairs.

    How ironic it was, that the self described Lord of Vanity would so soon into his career as Dark Lord be disfigured and turned from a fairly youthful and somewhat dashing looking Echani, to looking like death itself.

    Moments later, as the fleet left the ruins of the Yavin system, with the damaged Ebon Lance and whatever Duellator-class Star Destroyers departing for the Shipyard at the Wild Space Sun Guard territory of Skalgyr, while what was left of the fleet departed for Rothana, with a very specific prize in mind.

    But before that, Mascon, or rather Leonias, would address the Galaxy via hijacked First Order Holonet feed.

    IC: Supreme Sun Guardian Leonias Colcha
    Crimson Dagger, Throne Room

    Atop a jet black cortosis laden Throne sat the figure of Leonias Colcha, this time unarmored, only adorned in the flightsuit that normally is worn underneath. The lighting is dim, concealing most of his features from afar.

    He begins his speech, addressing the Galaxy with a changed voice, now coarse and gritty, as if he had just smoked an entire carton of cigarras.

    "Just mere moments ago, an act of pure cowardice was attempted against my life... No, against the Galaxy."

    "However, before I get to that, I feel that I must first elaborate, and explain what has transpired that lead to this."

    "After the Sun Guard's triumph at Korriban, an ancient evil was loosed upon the Galaxy - the ancient Sith Lord Tulak Hord, attempting to cheat death like all Sith do. I tracked down Hord to the fourth moon of the gas giant Yavin, where I confronted and defeated him once and for all, damning his spirit to chaos where it belongs. Yet, where the Sith of the past are vanquished, the Sith Lords of the present, the ones you call your so called Leaders, will play."

    "The act of pure cowardice was their act, one that attempted to eliminate me and my fleet, the only thing that stands a chance of defeating them, by attempting to ignite Yavin Prime. I was underestimated yet again, but not at significant cost to myself, and I was forced to perform a miracle of the Force just in order to mitigate the damage."

    Pre-recorded footage taken from the Crimson Dagger's sensors is shown of the Sanguine Beacon absorbing the Sun, and then moments later unleashing it upon the system as streams of lightning, devastating everything in it's path.

    The footage cuts back to the Throne Room, this time cutting even closer to Leonias' disfigured appearance.

    "Performing this act has left me scarred and deformed, but if it means saving the Galaxy, saving you from the Sith once and for all, I will do it. Whatever it takes."

    "I, Leonias Colcha am willing to swallow a sun to protect this Galaxy from the treachery of the Sith. What are you willing to do?"

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  6. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    The explosion within the gas giant had crippled his fleet, but solidified that Leonias Colcha had the power of the Sith.

    All the power he would need; power enough drawn through the Tho Yor that it was riven was cracks, much like his face, and then two eyes burned through it and ripped it anew; it was the conduit, and it was burned through, having amplified his power and completed its task with its demise.

    The Forces of the Sun had been baptised in fire, and the survivors were more brutalised, more determined, more sure of their mission to destroy the Sith and end this millennia spanning war.

    The Jedi had seven millennia to end the Sith, and they had failed.

    Time and time again, the Sith had emerged from the shadows and vised the galaxy in its grip.

    The bridges of the various ships were completely silent, in awe, in shock.

    And then the chant began.

    To end the Sith with our flames.


    It consumed the fleet, and was transmitted to the occupying forces at Mon Calamari; the new base of operations for their Empire of Sun.

    His communication?

    It swept the galaxy, yes, but only those parts that could still listen.

    A Shadow reached for Leonias in the Force.


    He was all of a sudden everywhere and nowhere within the man's throne room.

    Darth Mascon... I approve. Burn it down. All of it. The past ends now.

    Data flowed across encrypted channels to the suit he had seized, along ancient Sith beacons, a dark mirror web to the communication network the Jedi had once installed across the cosmos.

    More hyperroute; from Ziost to the satellite galaxy FireFist; from Rishi to the secret shipyards of Rothana; a more direct, secret Rebel-era connection from Mon Calamari to Ord Bueri (and thus to FireFist).

    Snoke didn't know who or what he had unleashed upon the galaxy, but Snoke no longer considered himself to be Sith.

    He didn't care for any of it; he would rule the burned out carcass of the galaxy, but even he knew, one day, Darth Mascon would come for him.

    Snoke was looking forward to it.

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  7. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Darth Mascon
    Crimson Dagger, Rothana system

    The 6 kilometer long havod plated warship exited hyperspace over the arctic planet of Rothana, joined seconds later by what currently made up Shadow Fleet.

    20 Duellator-class Star Destroyers
    50 Durame-class Star Destroyers
    125 Wraith-class Corvettes
    250 Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessels
    500 Sun Guard refit Interdictor-class Cruisers

    The fleet was cloaked, however, which would give the Sun Guard a chance to search for exactly what Leonias was looking for, and then seek it out discreetly.

    What was he looking for, exactly? The plans for a ship that was never completed and thus never revealed to the general public, but one that had been planned by the Emperor for years before even his first death: The Sovereign-class Star Dreadnought. Such a ship the Colcha family only knew of by virtue of an unfortunate side effect of the Emperor’s mind controlling Sith talisman that could allow the controlled access to the controller’s thoughts.

    While it did not always work, the connection between Kev-Mas I and his puppet master lasted for over three decades, which was more than enough time to uncover a few of his secrets, which he just so happened to share with Leonias during his training.

    Needless to say, the one that stood out to him the most was the tales of how the Emperor had hoped to evolve the Empire even further, with new Star Destroyers that were over 10 times as large. He didn’t have much details to go off of for its description since it was based off of the Emperor’s memory rather than a computer readout, but he did know the name.

    The name was all he needed. All data vaults of Kuat Drive Yards and their subsidiaries link to each other. Meaning, that if the data Leonias was seeking could not be found at Rothana, a direct uplink to another data vault that did have it could be found.

    As the fleet was still cloaked, they would send down a couple of Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessels to the surface with slicing teams to retrieve the data.

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  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Rothana was a lonely world, oft forgotten in the galactic conflicts of yore, so far removed from the galaxy as it was, essentially at the fringes of the Rishi Maze.

    Darth Mascon's mission went ahead without hitch, without worry.

    The orbiting defenders were a mixed back of Kuati, Sluissi and Sullustan designs, leading to the confederation of worlds that had knit itself together in the southern quadrant.

    But the Sun Guard wasn't here to conquer, merely to scout, and prepare.

    To steal the Sovereign-class datafiles, to complete their designs.

    Even the losses at Yavin 4 wouldn't stop them; the Mon Calamari shipyards were theirs, an impromptu capital with connections to the Firefist galaxy by way of Ord Bueri...

    This was merely a prelude to the War of the Galaxies.

    In the typical asteroid field that most star systems seemed to have between the inner and outer of its orbits, a small rock - nickle-iron, like the rest, but not in its core, which was instead coral - a rocky vessel turned and burrowed into Darkspace.

    They had word for the Warmaster.

    The mission was over, triumphant...

    Darth Mascon had all he needed.

    Fin, arguably
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