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Saga Big Damn Heroes [Firefly x SW]

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    May 15, 2008
    Title: Big Damn Heroes
    Author: windu4
    Timeframe: AU, 3 ABY
    Summary: It's been three years since the Rebellion made its first major victory agains the Empire when Red Squadron destroyed the Death Star. Yet they've been on the run ever since and things are looking bleak for the Rebellion. Yet the tide of the war begins to change when a space pirate and his crew show up out of seemingly nowhere and claim to be from a different galaxy.
    Author Notes: I am writing this as an AU alternative to the Original Trilogy. It takes place after A New Hope and I'm hoping that it'll be a truly great epic. I have some parts of the story planned out and some I'm making up on the go! I'll be doing my best to update twice a week [I might be slow since its NaNoWriMo this month]. The prelude is a little boring but it'll pick up next chapter, I promise! Anyway I hope you guys appreciate this and I'm as always looking for a beta to help me with my grammar, plot points and dialogue. Feedback is always appreciated.

    Dramatis Personae

    Serenity Crew

    Mal Reynold's - Ship Captain
    Zoe Washburne - First Mate
    Hoban Washburne - Pilot
    Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Lee-Frye - Engineer
    Simon Tam - Medic
    River Tam - Refugee
    Jayne Cobb - Mercenary
    Derrial Book - Shepherd

    Rebel Alliance

    Luke Skywalker - Commander of Rogue Squadron
    Wedge Antilles - XO of Rogue Squadron
    Tycho Celchu - Pilot
    Wes Janson - Pilot
    Derek Klivian - Pilot
    Plourr Illo - Pilot
    Dack Ralter - Pilot
    Leia Organa - Alliance Officer/Senator
    Han Solo - Captain of Millenium Falcon
    Arhul Narra - Commander of Renegade Squadron
    Mon Mothma - Leader of the Rebel Alliance


    Darth Sidious - Dark Lord Of The Sith
    Darth Vader - Sith Apprentice
    Mara Jade - Emperor's Hand
    Mitth'raw'nuruodo - Grand Admiral
    Gilad Pellaeon - Admiral
    Maxillian Veers - Major General
    Galen Marek - Dark Jedi


    Lando Calrissian - Entrepreneur
    Corran Horn - CorSec Officer
    Yoda - Jedi Master
    Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter



    "Here's how it is: Earth got used up, so we terraformed a whole new galaxy of Earths, some rich and flush with new technologies, some not so much. Central Planets, thems formed the Alliance, waged war to bring everyone under their rule; a few idiots tried to fight it, among them myself. I'm Malcolm Reynolds, captain of Serenity. She's a transport ship, Firefly class. Got a good crew: fighters, pilot, mechanic. We even picked up a preacher for some reason, and a bona fide companion. There's a doctor, too, took his genius sister outta some Alliance camp, so they're keeping a low profile. You understand. You got a job, we can do it. Don't much care what it is."


    There were many ways to die in space. It was an infinite frontier with no oxygen, food or water. Before his sister had gone missing Simon had been content with his life as a trauma surgeon on Osiris. There was no need for him to constantly fly from planet to planet while fearing that they’d run out of oxygen or run into an EMP Net that could boil everyone alive. Those were only two of the more recent disasters that had befallen the Serenity crew. Yet when it came down to it the crew members of Serenity could easily succumb to clumsiness or just plain bad luck that had nothing to do with the ship. This bad luck had befallen Jayne. During their hurried attempts to escape the Reavers that were currently firing at the ship Jayne had fallen off the deck and onto the cargo bay. His leg was broken and the only thing keeping him from lashing out against Simon for being “too rough” was Book pinning his arms down.

    “Stop moving! I’m trying to set the leg brace.” It was hard enough for Simon to do so as it was. The gravity regulators on the Firefly were flickering on and off. Every minute or so he would find himself floating in the air before being slammed back to the ground. It was frustrating enough for Simon and he could only imagine how Jayne felt. As Simon struggled to side Jayne’s leg into a brace the ship shuddered again. “That’s it! Book, go into my medical bag and look into the first pouch. There’s a shot of pain reliever in it. Pass it here!” The bone was protruding from Jayne’s leg and he knew he simply wouldn’t be able to treat it without Jayne shifting or struggling. Under normal circumstances he could handle it but he felt as if the Firefly was going through some sort of tail spin. As he struggled to inject the needle into Jayne’s thigh an explosion of sparks showered over their heads.

    Book glanced urgently at Simon and then at Jayne who was staring up at the ceiling repeatedly muttering violent acts he was planning for Simon when this was all over with. “The ship is responding much more violently than usual. We’re only dealing with one ship and it’s not much bigger than ours. Something’s happening.” Simon managed to inject the serum into Jayne’s leg and the man grunted and then relaxed. The moment Book said that a loud shrill whistling sound emanated throughout the ship. Then the comm. unit was opened. The urgent voice of Captain Malcolm Reynolds crackled over the speakers. For a moment Simon couldn’t make out what he was saying. Then his voice came in loud and clear. Simon figured that he had either punched or shot the comm. console in an attempt to make himself more recognizable.


    “Shiny.” Simon muttered. He reached under the medical slab that Jayne was resting on and pulled a brown strap from underneath it. He hurriedly began to strap Jayne to the chair as Book grabbed onto the nearest hold. Another explosion rocked the ship so hard that Simon was knocked off of his feet and landed flat on his back. The lights flickered on and off yet again. “That wasn’t so bad…” He muttered as he managed to stand to his feet. As his fears began to fade he sincerely hoped that River was alright. She had been doing better ever since she had saved the crew from that bounty hunter but that hadn’t completely alleviated his concerns. Wash had been giving her lessons in piloting and she was currently in the cockpit of the Serenity. “I need to find Ri-”

    Book leaned over and grabbed Simon by the scruff of his shirt and with surprising strength pulled him to his feet. “Grab onto something! You think that little quake was a reactor going off?”

    Simon hurriedly did what he was told as his fears tripled. He managed to grab onto a brown leather strap protruding from the ceiling of the med bay before the ship shuddered yet again. He heard a loud explosion in the distance and the ship suddenly felt unbalanced. Then the ship felt as if it were free falling through an atmosphere with no engines. The gravity regulators on the Serenity shorted out for good and suddenly Simon was floating through the air. Then the lights flickered out and the ship shook so hard that Simon feared it would fall apart. His fears were never fully realized because a sudden shift in direction sent him flying out the med bay through one of the two windows that surrounded it. The last thing he hoped before the darkness claimed him was that River had survived.
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    May 15, 2008
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    May 15, 2008
    Author Note: So here's the first official chapter. Again it's pretty slow but I wanted to set the mood for Luke Skywalker and his plight. Things will be picking up as we meet more people. Reviews would be awesome and as always I'm looking for a beta and feedback/opinions.

    Chapter 1

    There were some pilots that hated patrol duty. You always had to follow a routine flight pattern. There was no fancy flying, the S-Foils were locked in defensive position and the hours tended to drag on. At first pilots had been able to smuggle holodiscs to watch Wynssa Starflare holovids. Wedge had put a quick stop after he realized exactly what Wes Janson did with such holodiscs during patrol. The only remotely entertaining aspect of flying an X-Wing down a straight path amongst the dozens of Star Cruisers in the Rebellion fleet was speaking to your flight partner. The members of the Rogue Squadron were close and as a result patrol duty wasn’t all that bad. For Wedge Antilles patrol duty had lately become a nightmare. Luke was well aware of the fact that his friend and executive officer of the Rogues needed a conversation to keep himself from going crazy in the cockpit. Yet it just so happened that the empty silence of space allowed him to focus on his Jedi training.

    There was very little that Old Ben had taught Luke. The only direct lesson he had given Luke was a training session with a remote droid. Other than that it had been vague allusions to the power he was capable of wielding and teaching him about the basic tenets of the Jedi Order. This had frustrated Luke to no end and he found it hard to muster the patience Old Ben had told him was necessary to master The Force. Yet the silence of space allowed him to meditate and focus on the one particular skill that he had been able to use a few select times during his time as a Commander in the Rebellion. The flimsy pad seemed intent on staying in Luke’s lap. Yet he did his best to stay focused. Instead of reaching for the power that had allowed him to deflect laser bolts and destroy the Death Star he instead focused and called the power to him.

    He had come to realize that the best way to reach his potential was through inward reflection and focus. Instead of frustrating himself by trying to summon an abstract force he had realized that all he could do for now was reach within. Maybe that’s what Old Ben had meant through being patient and reflective. It was one of the few pieces of advice that he had given him during their short time together and he was starting to think that it was the most valuable. Yet the flimsy pad continued to twitch in his lap and didn’t move. Luke’s patience could only go so far and all he could do was sigh and lean back in his seat. The noisy sound of exhaling air attracted Wedge’s attention. “Still trying to move things with your mind, boss?” Luke’s wingman spoke as if he could move a planet if he wanted to. The thought made Luke smile. All Corellian accents seemed to carry a healthy dose of arrogance even if the Corellian in question didn’t mean to sound arrogant. Not that Wedge wasn’t trying to sound cocky

    “Trying and failing.” Luke frowned as he felt a vague pain in his forehead. That was new. He had never gotten a headache after his training sessions before. Maybe he was trying too hard. He dialed down the G’s in his cockpit a bit so he could be more comfortable. It wasn’t like he’d be making any rapid maneuvers soon. Wedge chuckled over the speakers.

    “Well, as long as you can pull another Death Star out of your ass when the time comes you’ll be alright.”

    Luke took the statement more seriously than Wedge had intended. “Maybe…maybe it’s more of a in the moment thing. Maybe I only access it when I need to.” Luke winced as he felt more pain and his headache intensified. He frowned. He felt anxious; almost nervous. It all seemed related to the head ache too. Luke inhaled slowly and practiced a meditation breathing technique that he had learned from one of the many health manuals on Home One. He gritted his teeth and suddenly winced as he felt a sudden prediction of danger wash over him. He wasn’t sure what it was and he wasn’t even sure where the sense to get out of dodge came from. All he could do was act on it. “Wedge! Pull out! Pull out!” The two X-Wings were currently flying ahead of the whole Rebellion fleet by several kilos and he was hoping that whatever danger was there wouldn’t affect the whole fleet.

    “I’m pulling up something on my scanners!” Wedge warned as his X-Wing pulled straight up and twisted away. “What the kriff is going on Luke?”

    The Force had different plans for Luke. Instead of pulling up like Wedge and flying back towards the fleet he instead nose dived and twisted to the left. “Something’s incoming. We need to get back to base before it catches up with us.”

    As the two fighters began to accelerate back towards the Rebel fleet Luke attempted to hail command. The comm. unit failed to connect with much of anything and that’s when Luke decided to look at his scanners. “Wedge I’m getting some intense waves of radiation…” He heard an attempted response but static dominated Wedge’s words. Luke realized that something was messing with their comm. units. “R2…is this some sort of EMP wave or…” A massive explosion triggered behind Luke’s ship and almost immediately a shockwave of energy rippled over the ship. Luke grasped the control stick to the X-Wing with both hands in an attempt to keep it under control. And then just like that the comm. units were back on. Luke glanced at his scanner and saw that there were still significant amounts of radiation pouring in from behind them but it had decreased to the point where all of his controls were back online. Luke frowned. From what he could tell someone had jumped through hyperspace and had suffered some type of malfunction that forced them to stop in this exact location.

    “Luke..Luke are you getting this?” Luke glanced out the right side of his cockpit to see that Wedge had manipulated his cockpit to see the source of the explosion. “That’s…that’s the ugliest piece of shavit I’ve ever seen!” Wedge said with a hoot of laughter. Luke manipulated his X-Wing to see a starfighter roughly the size of the Millenium Falcon floating towards them. From what he could tell it was at the mercy of space and barely surviving on auxiliary power.

    “I’m getting a hail signal.” Luke punched a few buttons on the X-Wing console before he opened up communications with the ship. “Identify yourself.” Were the first words out of his mouth.

    “This is Captain Mal Reynolds of Firefly-Class Serenity…our main life support is down…both our engines are limpin’ along and we’re basically dead in the water. From the looks of it you’re Alliance but we could still use your help.”

    Luke frowned in thought for a moment. Normally he’d have to pass by his superiors first but the radiation was too thick for them to make contact yet. From the looks of it the fleet still lingered in the distance. Any moment now they’d scramble fighters to check out the situation. Luke didn’t want this “Firefly” cruiser to get blasted out of space either. Besides, if they knew they were Alliance than they were probably smugglers or refugees. They could use their help. “Copy Captain Reynolds. Follow my mark.”
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    Damn it, I'm a sucker for Luke and for crossovers. You had me at hello. ;) Interested to read more.
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    So shiny! I'm loving this already. More, please. (I can totally imagine Jayne and Wes interacting.)
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    A/N: I’m cranking out chapters pretty well so far…anyway thanks for the notes guys! I hope this chapter interests you. It’s a bit longer than usual and is told from Han Solo’s point of view. I’m not sure when I’ll get the next chapter up [it may be today and it may not be] but it’ll be soon and when I do we’ll finally get to the bottom of this whole situation. I may have mischaracterized the people in this chapter a bit for the sake of action but hopefully I didn't! At

    Chapter 2
    “Are you sure that they’ll be able to fit into our Hangar Bay?” Wes asked incredulously as he stood in the control station in the hangar bay. He was staring incredulously at the bug shaped rust bucket that was currently attempting to navigate into the Hangar Bay designated for Rogue Squadron. He had been the one on Watch Command when Luke had reported that they were taking in a refugee ship. Han Solo stood beside him staring at the bug shaped ship with a barely suppressed look of glee. He always pretended that people’s insults about his ship didn’t bother him. Yet his ego really couldn’t sustain the constant jokes about the Millennium Falcon. He had learned to wow people with what the ship was capable of rather than what it looked like. He had to admit that he was glad that a new ship had swung by the fleet that both looked awful and apparently lacked any weapons or even a hyper drive.

    Han wasn’t sure how the ship had gotten here or even what the design was. All he knew was that his day had just gotten a lot more interesting. “They’ll be able to squeeze in as easily as Chewie can force himself into the co-pilot chair.” Han noted idly as Luke requested them to lower the Hangar Bay shield.

    Wes leaned forward and grabbed the mike. “This is Watch Command.” He snickered. “You really found yourself a beaut, Commander Skywalker! We’ll finally have a ship that won’t even be good for spare parts!”

    “Janson...just lower the shield.”

    Luke sounded unusually weary and Han had a feeling that there was more to this situation than he was letting on. Han snatched the mike from Wes and raised it to his lips. “This is Han, Luke. Just make sure your man guides her in nice and light. We had to scramble to move all the fighters on the other end of the hangar bay to make room for that thing. Narra isn’t too happy with you right now.” Luke and Wedge slowly nosed into the hangar bay after the shields lowered. After finding an unoccupied space in the corner the “Serenity” followed suit. It was able to pilot itself head first in fairly easily. Wes watched as he held his breath as the massive bulk of the Serenity wiggled its way into the ship. Hank knew that Wes was looking for a disaster. Even if it ruined the hangar bay. Yet oddly the ship was able to maneuver its way into the hangar bay and land smoothly as if its entire right engine wasn’t hanging onto the ship by a thread.

    “….stang.” Wes muttered as he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. “I’ll be damned.”

    As the Serenity powered down Han ran his hands over his face and sighed as he turned and headed down to the Hangar Bay. That ship was massive for a freighter. It was slightly larger than the Falcon and from the looks of it it was definitely a smuggler’s ship. Large cargo bay, impressive sublight engines. The fact that it was missing a hyper drive and weaponry was somewhat disturbing. What was the deal? As Han headed towards the stairs that led to the Hangar Bay he was met by Chewbacca. “What are you doing here?” The Wook let out a quick growl and Han nodded. Apparently his co-pilot had sprinted here the moment he had heard of a ship by the name of “Serenity” had showed up out of seemingly nowhere with no hyper drive.

    “You ever heard of a ship model named the Firefly?” Han questioned as they trotted down the stairs. Chewie roared a negative and Han frowned. “Neither have I. It sounds like a model some Corellian engineer would dream up but I’m Corellian and I haven’t heard of it.” He frowned in thought. This was definitely an enigma. How did a ship with no hyperdrive just pop out of nowhere? Chewie suggested that the ship was simply a relic from the Clone Wars. Han nodded. “Seems more likely. One of those models that ceased to exist after the Imps wiped some records or something. Renegade pilot takes control over it so he can fly under the radar. Makes sense why he wouldn’t need weapons since no one would see the ship as a threat…still doesn’t explain the hyper drive.”

    Chewbacca shrugged his huge shoulders, suggesting that they simply ask.

    “Fair enough.” Han agreed as they entered hangar bay. The massive ship rested comfortable in the center of the ship. At closer inspection it looked even worse. Han was guessing that this was due to the beating it had taken. It looked like it had practically been ripped apart with blaster fire and missiles. The right engine looked like it was about to fall off and the left engine wasn’t faring much better. There was a massive gash on the side of the ship and one of the landing struts looked like it was about to collapse on its own weight. Han walked past the ship as his eyes flittered over its identification marks. The language was definitely unrecognizable. “You recognize any of this shavit, Chewie?” The wookie simply shook his head. Chewie was as bewildered as Han was.

    “Han! Over here!” Han glanced down the length of the ship to take notice of Luke. The blond farmboy was standing in front of the landing ramp. “They’re all waiting in the deck. We’re going to survey the ship, figure out what’s going on and go from there. After we do the preliminary search Rieekan is going to check in himself. The fact that this ship isn’t on any discernible records spooked him a bit, I think.”

    Han nodded. He was surprised that the outcome had played in the refugee’s favor. It wasn’t often that a ship “accidentally” ‘ported in the middle of the Rebel fleet.

    “I hope you know what you’re doing kid. Your magic powers only get you so far.” Han stepped in front of the lowered ramp that would lead to the ship. Chewie peered inside and made a deep throat in his noise as if he was chuckling. Han could understand why. This ship looked like it even outdated the clone wars. He was certain that a week or two of hard labor could get the ship back to work. The idea of tinkering it was already appealing to him. He had a feeling that the Captain wouldn’t like the idea, though. Han knew how he felt about his own ship and the idea of anyone as much as fiddling with it riled him.

    “My powers aren’t magic and they helped me take down the Death Star so you can let go of your doubts.” Luke said with a proud yet somewhat impish grin. Han shook his head. The kid definitely had a bit of a cocky side to him. It wasn’t as strong as Jason or Wedge’s but it was there. It wasn’t like Han could blame him. You couldn’t get anywhere in life without a little cockiness on your side.

    “Sorry to interrupt the little contest over here but you two ready to head up?” Wedge questioned. The Corellian pilot tugged off his gloves before he rested his right hand on his blaster automatically. The other hand ran through his hair in an attempt to ruffle it back to its normal form. Luke nodded and with that the human trio and the Wookie headed up the ramp. As Han walked he glanced at Luke and watched as the younger man stumbled and leaned against the wall. Han frowned.

    “You ok, kid?”

    Luke swallowed and looked back up the ramp. “Yeah…I think so…I just feel something…something that I haven’t felt since Old Ben was alive.”

    Han rolled his eyes. He didn’t have time for this philosophical mumbo jumbo. He was still convinced that Old Ben was off his rocker. He had respected the old man well enough for his sacrifice but he still thought he was crazy. It wasn’t just the things he said either. The claimed Jedi Master had been able to disarm Han’s boasts and charm with a few choice words quite easily. It wasn’t like Han had been able to come back with anything either. He had the looks of one of those men who had seen too much and had still managed to stay sane and retain some sort of strong moral code. Han respected that too but then again the hermit had dressed in monk robes and had called Han’s way of life uncivilized. As true as that was Han didn’t like it when people laid his flaws right in front of him.

    The four of them finally entered the loading bay and Han was greeted with a full crew. They had all of their cargo in front of them as if to prove they were honest smugglers. Han gave a quick sweep of the room with his eyes and finally they focused on a removable grate on the wall. This man was a smart one. His eyes then turned to focus on the brown haired man in front of him. He wore a brown coat, a white shirt and while his holster was empty Han had the feeling he knew how to handle a gun. Yet he never really got to ask any questions. A tall brutish looking man leaning against crutches let out a yell of surprise as Chewbacca entered the cargo hold. “Y’all ain’t alliance!” He glanced at Chewbacca fearfully and that’s when Han realized the man was about to do something stupid. His hand went to the back of his shirt and Han went for his own blaster.

    The mercenary fired his weapon but it never hit its intended mark. Just as Luke had stepped into the cargo bay his lightsaber came alive with a “snap hiss”. The blue blade intercepted the bullet and the bullet struck the ceiling. “Jayne! Settle down!” Yet Jayne didn’t listen. Han had a feeling that the man was operating out of fear and survival instinct alone. Jayne returned his gunfire to Luke. “I ain’t gonna be taken in by some Reavers! It’s a trap Mal! We’re in all types of crazy now!” Luke twisted through the air and somehow avoided the second bullet. Han watched as a blond haired man turned and sprinted out of the cargo hold and up a set of stairs. As he did so a blue beam flew through the air and struck him in the back. He fell backwards back down the flight of stairs. That must have been Wedge. This seemed to do it for the browncoat man. He reached into his coat for his own weapon as a black woman beside him produced a shotgun out of seemingly nowhere.

    Han was diving before he even fully realized what was going on. Bullet fire filled the room and Chewie let out a sudden roar of pain and went down. Feeling incensed Han switched his blaster from “stun” to “kill” and immediately began to fire. As they exchanged fire he heard Jayne howl in surprise. He chanced a glance in that direction and watched as Luke directed a shot straight at Jayne’ shoulder. The Jedi-in-training then waved his hand and summoned the gun from Jayne’s hand right into his own. That sudden display of The Force immediately stopped the gunfight. Luke stared at the weapon for a moment before he tossed it at the ground. He then angled his lightsaber at the other two men.

    “Put your weapons down. Are there any other passengers?”

    Han chanced a glance at the browncoat and noticed that he was very pale. “Yeah…the engineer’s in the engine room and we got a preacher in his bunk. We got a man knocked out by a concussion in the med bay…the rest of us are in here….wh-…who are you?”

    Luke shut down his blade and stared at Malcolm Reynolds with all of the authority of a leader. “I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. I am placing all of you under house arrest until we get to the bottom of this.”

    Han grinned. That’s my boy.
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    Great update. Loved Han and Han's take on Luke. Great job with the action, too! Looking forward to more.
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    Author Notes: Alright so in this chapter I was going to feature both Leia and Wash but it really dragged on so I focused on Leia. As a warning this is yet another chapter that sets up the story for future conflict and awesomness. I really didn’t focus on any romantic tension and showed Leia in the light of a leader. Sometimes I feel like focusing on Han/Leia bickering or the Han/Leia/Luke love triangle can get in the way of showing how much of a BAMF Leia is so I’m going to be downplaying that a bit for the sake of the story. Anyway read on!

    Chapter 3

    “He shot first”

    “It was a big mess.”

    “I told Luke that this whole situation was odd and that we should wait for command.”

    “No you didn’t Wedge.”

    “I’m just trying to cover my ass, Luke!”

    “He shot first!”

    Leia pressed her fingers into her forehead and sighed. “Will everyone shut up for one second?” The argument ceased and Leia leaned back in her seat and sighed again. She then picked up the data pad on her desk and noticed that there was no information on “Firefly”, “Persephone”, “Whitefall” or any of the other dozen planets that the captain had rattled off. Apparently he had refused to believe that aliens existed as well. Leia was starting to piece together what had happened in that ship. The mercenary had shot at Chewie because he thought that they were under extreme danger. Wedge had fired a blast at the pilot who he thought was going for a weapon and Han had rushed to defend Chewie. If Luke wasn’t there she was half-certain that there’d be plenty of dead people on both sides. That situation made sense. Their claim of being from a solar system ruled by an Alliance of Confederate Systems was even stranger. “Where are they now?”

    “They’re all in prison cells but we gave them food and water. We plan to interview all of them separately. Do you have the dossier of the crew and their initial reports?” Luke questioned.

    Leia nodded as she glanced at the datapad. She scanned it yet again and saw a clear way to handle this situation. “Han, you talk to Captain Reynolds. Try to figure out his story. The two of you seem to have some things in common. Namely your love for rusty out-of-date ships-“ Wedge snickered. “And well…being smugglers.”

    “Whatever you say, Princess.” Han said as he stood up from his seat and made way for the door. “By the way…how’s Chewie?” Leia had forced the three of them to come into her cramped office as Chewbacca had been whisked away to the med bay. Han had been none too happy and Leia empathized. But this was an extraordinary situation and she needed all the information she could get her hands on right away.

    “He’s fine. They’re taking the shrapnel out of his leg as we speak. When you’re done with Reynolds you might want to talk to him. It looked like he was ready to tear someone’s head off.”

    “Wedge get a couple of your Rogues and check out the ship. Scour it. Figure out what it takes to be fixed, if it has room for a hyper drive and basically learn everything you can about it. We have no idea what is capable of or even what a “Firefly” is. You lead the investigation on that. Download all the information you can get your hands on from their nav computers and databanks if you have to.”

    Wedge grinned and nodded. “You have it.” He turned and practically sprinted out the room, yelling for Janson and Hobbie who were undoubtedly nearby.

    “Luke…” Leia trusted him more than Wedge and Han. He had been able to maintain his ideals and optimism despite what he had been through. He had also been the one who clear Serenity’s request for help and as a result was responsible. She steepled her fingers and leaned backwards. “What’s your understanding of the situation?” Apparently he was able to call upon the Force like Obi-wan had been able to. He had to have a different perspective than anyone else in the fleet. Surprisingly enough Luke sighed and shrugged.

    “I don’t know, Leia. It’s surprising enough. I just…” He frowned. “I’ll take full responsibility for this if Mon Mothma comes calling. Just hold off Reikan and Nurra long enough until I get a full grasp on the situation.”

    Leia nodded. “Is there anything else?”

    Luke paused. “There was a girl…a girl that Reynolds didn’t mention. I found her hiding in a hidden section in the cargo hold. It took me awhile to get the Captain to talk about it but she’s the sister of the doctor. I think she’s a refugee.” Leia paused as she stared at Luke for a moment. She had a feeling he was hiding something. She just wasn’t sure what. She passed off his hesitation as doubt and decided she’d approach him at a later time.

    “Alright…I need you to write up a report on the situation. In the meanwhile we’ll have our people interviewing the crew and getting information we need. But I need you to get this preliminary report done to cover our bases.” It was a punishment just as much as it was a requirement. The person who made the biggest mistake wrote the report. In the meanwhile Leia was going to put her diplomatic face on and speak to as many people as possible. She was the face of the Rebellion currently and needed to make sure that these people were able to gently transition into their new reality. As far as she knew this was an elaborate plot from the Empire to trick them. Yet if the story of these people were true than there was a possibility that they had a small band of people who would be willing to fight for their cause. They seemed anti-establishment as it was and their foolish willingness to try and fight their way out of an unwinnable situation was the exact strategy that the Rebellion was known for. Some would say that ignorant spacers from some back water world couldn’t possibly make a difference in the war against the Empire. Yet Leia knew differently.

    Han and Luke were a shining example of how two seemingly insignificant people could change the fate of the galaxy.
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    Love that last line!! I hope to see more of this story.
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    A good beginning, I hope you will continue.

    One ting: In Chapter 2 you describe Serenity as "[...] roughly the size of the Millenium Falcon [...]". Serenity is - if we belive wikipedia - 82 m long, has a width of 52 m, and stands 24 m high when landed. The Millenium Falcon on the other hand is 34.37 m long, 25.61 wide and stands 8.27 m high. So Serenity is more along the size of half a CR90 corvette than the Falcon.

    I also have to ask why Luke identify her as a starfighter since she lacks any real kind of offense or defensive capability?
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    Jul 30, 2005
    Fascinating. I love crossovers. Are you going to continue this story? I certainly hope so. Please send me a message when you update.