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Beyond - Legends Blackened Faith (J/J, L/M, H/L, Fel Empire, Force experiments, drama) New weekly updates 2018/2019!

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Title: Blackened Faith
    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 (aka: SITH_MAYO)
    Timeframe: late 45 ABY
    Characters: Jagged Fel, Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron, Jacen Solo, Valin, Solos, Skywalkers, OCs, etc…
    Genre: Action, Conspiracy, Romance
    Keywords: War, family, love, friendship, spies, empire, betrayal …
    Summary: A war has been surging, its cause unknown but its brutality is very real. New Republic is in tatters. The New Empire meanwhile is gaining allies/territory with Jag and Jaina at its head. The Jedi have been stuck in the middle since the beginning. Family and friends have made and continue to make tough decisions with the outbreak of total confused war.
    Notes: I haven’t read any of the latest series of books, so I won’t be making any deliberate references to them. (Jacen is alive.) (No Legacy or Swarm War involved in this fic! None of those events happened. Just the Yuuzhan Vong War has taken place. - AU)

    It has been a long time since I've posted fanfic.. thought i'd try it out again. :)
    I was originally SITH_MAYO but lost password for logging back in..:(
    So anyways I'm back with different log in & something different.
    Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome.

    -Blackened Faith-

    [Unknown Regions. On board the vessel: Shadow Dawn]

    Tightly clad in dark navy robes Valin Horn ran down a main hallway. Imperial soldiers followed his lead and marched on his tail. The young man’s attire was the equivalent to that of Jedi yet different, upon his shoulders were strips of rich red, sign of the Empire, the distinct markings of an Imperial Knight.

    Lights flickered, alarms echoed throughout the ship, sparks hissed from the loose cables dangling above and pain-filled screams grew ever louder.

    Determinedly Valin sprinted round a corner, his eyes almost black with focus, his lightsaber firmly in hand as his black boots hit the ground at a solid pace.

    An entrance came into view.

    With a click his lightsaber snapped to life as Valin raised his free hand and force-pushed the entrance to open. Laser fire rang out, confused shouts and cries of agony, and valiantly Valin jumped straight into it.

    He deflected one laser shot after another, spinning and twisting his way closer to his attackers.

    Sharply he force-propelled himself high above them, he turned half-way through the jump and as he came back to land he sufficiently chopped one man’s head clean off, whilst the other was split in half at the waist with the arc of the fiery blue lightsaber.

    A man hit him from behind. Valin managed to turn and kick the enemy square in the abdomen. As he stabbed the assailant, a humming swoosh whipped past his head by mere centimetres and stopped with someone’s shocked gasp.

    Stunned the young Horn spun around to find a large brute frozen in mid attack with a purple lightsaber embedded in his chest. As the foe’s eyes began to glaze the lightsaber switched off at its own accord. The dead man dropped to the floor but the lightsaber flew across the suddenly quiet room. It landed into the sure hands of Kyp Durron.

    All at once the place was silent.

    The last of the exhausted enemy were being detained by the only door that remained locked on board the ship.

    Strolling past the slain, dressed in the same navy uniform, Kyp stood before Valin with a grin,
    “You alright there, kid?”
    “Never better.”

    Praise shone in Durron’s emerald gaze,
    “You fought well.”
    “Don’t look so surprised.” Valin grinned before gesturing to the closed door, “Still no luck?”
    “No,” Durron spoke tiredly, “we were interrogating the survivors when they decided to try their own negotiations.”
    “Ah,” Valin flickered a glance at the massacre around them and then back up at the Master, “hence the gunfire I heard?”

    By the huge metallic door, Jacen Solo’s distinctive voice echoed,
    “Blow the damn door open.”

    Three imperial engineers came forward through the group of battle-worn men. They went about setting up their equipment, huge long gun-like instruments were powered up, they were lasers nearing the same power to that of lightsabers.

    “Power on full. Stand back.” Ordered the highest ranking engineer.

    With that order the other two technicians grabbed a heavy device each. They aimed at the edge outline of the hefty door, turned on the lasers and began cutting though the defences of the entrance. They couldn’t reach the top of the doorway but that was when the other soldiers came into play.

    Two sticky grenades were thrown to the top and bottom of the entrance.

    “Everyone brace!”

    The explosives detonated, cracking the last of the door’s strength, propelling it forward with a huge thunderous crash.

    Cautiously Jacen and few of his finest men entered, with their guns at the ready, their posture confident and their eyes vigilant. A man, most likely a member of the medical personnel, dressed all in white clothing, fired from behind a control panel. They took cover and returned fire.

    When it grew silent, the stranger yelled,
    “You and your empire are interfering with things you cannot understand! Or appreciate!”

    Ducked behind a tank of liquid, Jacen swore under his breathe. His dark observant gaze travelled the length of the long room. He saw the vast amount of drugs, medical equipment, surgical tools, computers and monitors.

    In the background there were four constant beeping noises from separate sources. Behind him the tank bubbled. Jacen glimpsed its contents and found himself struck with awe.

    Within the blue liquid was a woman. She was unconscious, naked and connected to an air supply tube. Cuts, scars and stitches lined her lean body. It was as if someone had tried to make her something else other than what she was, beautiful. Even with the mapping of slashes she was just utterly beautiful.

    Pulling himself back to the severe situation at hand, Jacen glanced at many other tanks full of other beings, all had been brutalised the same way.

    Disgusted he shouted to the stranger,
    “What is this? What have you done?”

    “Improvements.” The man shouted, he blasted off some warning shots.

    “Who is your commander? Who do you report to?” Jacen demanded.

    “That you’ll never know…” Those were the stranger’s last words, he turned his weapon on himself and ended his own life with the pull of the trigger.

    Hesitantly Jacen and his colleagues fanned out. Someone inspected the dead stranger’s body and confirmed his death.

    Kyp and Valin entered as the team of soldiers went about investigating and securing the room.


    Still staring at the tanks, Jacen ordered,
    “Swipe their computers, I want everything copied, I want to know what was going on here. And figure out a way to get those beings out of their liquid containers, safely understand. We have one hour.”

    The leading commander nodded in acknowledgement and went about issuing instructions of his own.

    Together, dressed in the same Imperial navy robes, Valin, Kyp and Jacen stood and gazed around the narrow chamber. They all wore the same expression, worry mixed with dark apprehension.

    Jacen shook his head,
    “This feels twisted.”

    “The republic can’t be behind this, surely?” Optimistic Valin put in, “They’re desperate but not foolish.”

    “Desperation can create fools.” Kyp sighed, “And the New Republic is weakening to breaking point.”

    “Splintering,” Jacen corrected absentmindedly as he stared at the unconscious woman in the tank, “it’s splintering.”
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    Apr 29, 2005
    Cool start
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    :D I love this. You should have seen me smiling like an idiot when Kyp showed up. :D
    This is a really cool start and I absolutely love the dark-ish vibe. Seems like Jacen is in charge? I've really missed a decent Jacen.
    I'm intrigued. Wonder who the beautiful woman is...

    Glad to have you back! [:D]
    Would you tag me when you update, please?
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    mayo_durron -- woohoo! This started off running =D= Super action and intro to a very interesting, riveting situation. I too like the presence of Kyp ;) and your Jacen sounds a decent sort - @};- So, in this AU, we root for the Empire LOL and that's no struggle with Jag and Jaina on that side :cool: And bravo for keeping the high moral ground in not venturing past the NJO as to what passes for the later series. :p [:D] Please tag, and if you reboot any of your other fics, I'll be there. [face_dancing]
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    Oh hi! This looks fun in a 'yay, Kyp gets to do something, Jacen isn't a delusional Sith lord!' kind of way! I am very intrigued to see just what has happened to your war-torn universe. If you're tagging for updates, would you mind including me? :)
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    ccp: Cheers!:)

    Ceillean: Hey! So gud to see ya on boards again! :D Thanks for liking the dark-ish vibe.. Have faith they're not bad.:p As you'll soon see.. I'll tag ya no worries. [:D]

    J_e: Hi! Wanted to start new fic with some action.. Kyp and Jacen are decent.. Jag and Jaina have them under control haha ;) I tried reading legacy and later series but there were things I disliked.. put me off for a while. I'm slowly getting back into them. But don't like some the wonderful characters they've ruined or killed..:rolleyes: You're tagged! And thank you! I will let ya kno if any old fics gets a revamp or re-show!:D

    LexiLupin: Thanks and yes Kyp does! And no Jacen isn't evil. O:)Ya tagged!
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    Ok gonna try tagging for first time.. Still getting used to these new boards..[face_blush]
    Tags: Ceillean Jade_eyes LexiLupin

    And the next bit.. Enjoy!:)


    [Empire Region. Planet Bastion. Imperial Palace.]

    Rigidly Jysella Horn sat down in the large chair and stared down at her lap. Upon the table a plate of hot tasty food was set. Though starving, she made no attempt to quench her hunger, she stayed perfectly still. Her usually lush reddish brown hair was matted and dirty, her youthful face bruised and her attire worn to the point of becoming rags.

    “Leave.” A gentle voice ordered the guards.

    A moment later all the soldiers were gone and it was just Jysella and Imperial Emperor himself, Jagged Fel.

    Opposite her, the Imperial sat himself down.

    He was a dashing cut of a man. His black suit was a usual perfect fit, his handsome face always wore a calm expression, a dark neatly-trimmed beard lined his chin and jawline, his night-black hair was thick with every strand neatly combed back in place and then finally there were his eyes, bright jade jewels that saw every detail. As an important influential leader he created a very appealing image.

    “Please eat, Miss Horn.” He spoke quietly as if talking to a skittish cornered animal.
    “I’d rather not.” Jysella’s voice was weak.

    Jag leaned forward slightly,
    “I mean you no harm. I am sorry about my men’s conduct. They will be punished, I promise you.”

    “Why do you care?” Her gaze met his, “We’re not on the same side. Are we?”

    With a regretful sigh, he sat back in his seat and dropped his stare. His grand office was bare of ornaments, his marble desk had few pieces of stationary and the only thing of colour was the old fashioned painting on the wall.

    Depicted in the painting was the famous and most stunningly beautiful Jaina Solo, Mrs Fel, otherwise known as her Imperial Highness or Empress. Her expression was full of warmth, her dark eyes soulful and her posture relaxed, it was as if she was there watching over Jag, there for comfort.

    He caught Jysella’s glimpse at the portrait.

    He stared directly back. With their eyes locked it was then she saw his awful heartbreak.

    He cleared his dry throat and said carefully,
    “Just because we’re on different sides doesn’t mean I want to kill you on sight, Jysella. The Republic declared war on the Empire, not the other way around. I desire peace like most beings. Your … leaders … forced my hand.”

    “You split the Jedi.” Anger was in her words, “You divided us.”

    “You did that yourselves.” Fel bit back, then added more coolly, “I offered a choice, nothing more. Some joined. Others didn’t. If this is about your brother, Jysella, then I can only say I’m sorry.”

    Hesitantly Jysella began to ask,
    “Is he – is Val ..?”

    “He’s very well.” He answered, “I would be willing to let you see him, if you like.”

    She didn’t reply but the ‘yes’ was almost written in her eyes.

    “I’m running out of options, Jysella,” He added wearily, “you can either stay with us under supervision, or I can release you. But this is my one time offer of reconciliation.”

    After a long moment of thought, she finally uttered,
    “I must return.”

    Jag knew those words hurt her. She was denying herself a chance to see her brother

    “I understand.” He pressed a button on his desk, “I’ll see to it you are transported safely.”

    Behind Jysella the huge door opened and several guards entered, stopping a few feet from where they sat. Together Jysella and Jag straightened to their feet.

    “If you wouldn’t mind passing on a message for me,” Jag spoke sincerely, “please tell Master Skywalker and the Solos that I am doing everything within my power.”

    Subtly Jysella glanced at the painting and probed sensitively,
    “She’s gone ..?”

    For the briefest of moments, Jag’s composure weakened and the despair graced his face. He dragged back his emotions fast and forced himself to look cold and void of feeling. It was a game he had to play. No one was allowed to see the real him. Only one person was permitted that honour. And she was gone.

    Jaina, his beloved, had been taken five weeks ago. She had been pregnant and overdue. Right now he should be rejoicing the birth of his children. But no one knew if Jaina was alive to have even given birth.

    The only person certain of her existence was her twin brother, Jacen. Solo’s dogmatic faith in Jaina was all that kept Jag from crumbling.

    “Please give them my message.” He spoke evenly, ignoring her question.

    Respectfully Jysella nodded,
    “I will.” Before she turned to leave she added dejectedly, “I know you are a good man Fel, but a good man can still become a tyrant. I pray you remain as you are, wise and fair. May the gods watch over you. And the Force protect you.”

    Courteously Jag half-bowed to her.

    He watched her leave. Bearing a heavy heart, Jag returned to his desk, his mind in a haze and his throat sore with overwhelming emotions. From a draw under the table he pulled up a bottle of brandy and a small glass. His shaky fingers poured himself a drink. He didn’t normally indulge too much alcohol but more than ever he needed something to soothe his sickening worry.

    Alone in the large room he stared at the well-lit portrait. Empty sorrow overwhelmed the shadowy room and threatened to consume him. From the wall Jaina’s glorious smile glowed at him. Though he couldn’t tear his eyes away, the sight of her image hurt his slowly breaking heart. Would he ever see her real smile again? Feel her tender touch? Or hear her soft voice?

    Disheartened Jag took several swigs of brandy and leaned back into his huge leather chair. He gazed longingly at his wife’s portrait for a while, unmoving and fixated. Tiredness gradually took hold and his eyelids fell shut. His head drooped, his muscles relaxed and his mouth opened slightly as his breathing deepened.

    For a while the Emperor dozed peacefully.

    But then he felt it, the ghostly caress on his cheek, he could have sworn he felt those fingertips like a brand upon his skin. Wearily he shook his head and mumbled something incomprehensible. Still his eyelids remained closed.

    “Jag …” A woeful whisper tickled his ear.

    Half asleep he frowned. It was a wistful dream, nothing more. Nobody was with him, just his imagination and the flow of brandy invading his blood.

    “Jag.” The voice taunted him with promise.

    For a second he thought he smelt her enticing scent and the warmth of her arms around his neck. However brief he savoured the surreal feeling. It almost as if he could bring her back to life with just the mere thought of wanting her.

    “Jag …”


    The glass of brandy he had held hit the floor hard and shattered.

    The crash of glass jolted him awake with a start.

    Hoarsely he uttered,
    “Jaina ..?”

    After a moment, Jag realised where he was and what a fool he was. In dismay he held his face in his clammy palms. He had to stay strong, he had to keep faith and believe. For if she was truly gone he didn’t think his heart could bare the soul wrenching loss. Life without Jaina was not worth the tormenting pain of missing her.

    To the silent office, he mumbled brokenly,
    “Jaina, where are you ..?”

    There was no answer.
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    “I know you are a good man Fel, but a good man can still become a tyrant. I pray you remain as you are, wise and fair."

    LOVE that line.

    So I'm beyond intrigued. We have the older Solos and the Skywalkers on one side, and Jacen & Jaina on the other? *wonders about Ben...*

    I'm also very curious as to what prompted the war in the first place. Though it sounds like even the Empire doesn't know that, so hmm...

    And poor Jag. :(
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    This looks good! Can I get a tag also. Thanks!
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    Your dialogue is superb. The painting was especially poignant. I love your portrayal of Jag. @};- :D You make him sound very ... appealing indeed LOL :) But two things about Jaina's capture are puzzling. If the Empire took her, why whould they? There are factions and they're not as cohesive as they want the opposition to belive. Or, if the Republic took her, that doesn't say much about Imperial security. :p mayo_durron - you're ramping up the edge of seatness. When Jaina returns, I expect some serious mush [face_batting] especially with cutie pies hopefully. Daddy!Jag is just about as adorable as Luke or Kyp =P~ [:D]
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    Loved the update. And I really liked Jag. His lovely description aside. ;)
    Wonder where Jaina is...I hope she's in "good" hands.
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    I'm in. I always thought that Jag was a great fit for Jaina; someone needed to reign in her impulsiveness. (Dodges fruit thrown by Zekk and Kyp shippers) I agree with Lexi, you're definitely going to have to give us the backstory about how we ended up here, and why Valin and Jysella are on opposite sides.

    I liked Jag reminiscing over Jaina's picture, but a painting seems a bit...ostentatious, IMO. Nice start!
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    This is like fun! Tag me please [face_praying]
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    I just logged back in for the first time in, I think, 6 years, and had to check the URL to make sure I was in the right place. Glad I stuck around for a bit, or I never would have found this fic. It's nice to see someone else who's never read past NJO. I bought the first Swarm Wars, but never finished it. From what I've heard from everybody (while trying to stay spoiler free), I'm not sure I want to read them.

    Greatly intrigued by the concept you've set up for us here. As much as I love Jag and the lot, I'm having a hard time getting over that whole "Empire bad. New Republic good." thing that's been drilled into my brain since birth.

    That being said, I look forward to getting the backstory on this split and get to the root cause of the war.

    The ostentatiousness of Jag's office threw me off quite a bit. I picture him more as a "small, discreet photo of loved ones" kind of guy, rather than the huge painting. But he's your character now, so I give you the floor to do what you will.

    You've officially sucked ne back into the SW fandom. Now, if only I could get the hang of these new boards...
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    LexiLupin: Glad ya liked that line, that scene between Jys and Jag was real easy to write, they just flowed dunno why.. :) Well as for the Skywalkers and Solos, not everything is black and white as you'll find out..;) Ben will make an appearance in the next few posts.. 2 I believe. Don't fret the war explanation will be coming but there's more to it as we go obvs. Cheers!

    Jedi_Lover: Thanks! And of course.[face_batting]

    Jade_eyes: Wow you're too nice. [face_blush] Lol, though I ain't always been a J/J shipper I've always liked Jag.. Glad ya enjoyed him here too.:p Jaina was taken by persons I cannot say yet.. But she's alive and you'll see her soon. Jaina and Jag will hopefully reunite and with babies too... [face_whistling] But to satisfy you there is a bit of mush along the way, including the next post, I didn't want ya to think I had given up mushiness in my year away.:D

    Ceillean: Thanks for commenting. I hope Jaina is in good hands too...[face_worried]

    SiouxFan: [face_laugh] You don't need to dodge, you're safe. I'm an old die hard J/K fan but I always liked Jag and thought he would be a great match with Jaina. In the next post you'll get some backstory on the war.. though not all the information. Lol, I know, I know, the painting is kinda out of place for a guy like Jag but for some reason I went with it, I think its probably coz I saw Kate Middleton's recently released portrait, got inspired and thought wot the hell, was random :p Cheers for clicking! Hope you like the rest.

    pinkpearl89: Glad ya think so..;) Sure no probs.

    Exploded-Girl: Hey! Welcome back to the boards!:) I've been away for a year so I totally understand your confusion of the new boards. Slowly getting back into.. Cheers for having a look at this. Well, in the next post you're gonna get a brief load-down on the war but it will have some pieces of info missing.. rest of the story will reveal the rest. Haha!:D I had same response from SiouxFan. Its ok, the Jaina portrait was pushing it I know, but I was just writing and it happened.. Read my reply to SiouxFan and you'll understand the strange inspiration was unconsciously done.;) Whoa! Thank you that's a lovely compliment, I hope you find the rest of this interesting! Hope to see ya round the boards![face_peace]

    Many thanks for your comments!
    Next post coming in few mins....
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    Tags: Ceillean Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover pinkpearl89

    Ok, its a bit long, but hope you find it interesting...
    Comments welcome.

    Meet the Skywalkers....


    [Outer Rim. Atrivis Sector. Mantooine. Village Detavele.]

    “Put him on the couch.” Mara Jade Skywalker ordered.

    Together Corran Horn and his wife Mirax carried in a bloody wounded teenager. They placed him on the living-room sofa gently. Unconscious, the young lad’s face tensed with pain and an ill yellow hue washed over his clammy skin. Fever was soon to take hold. Though with his breathing so shallow and shaky, they all silently doubted he’d live long enough to allow it to develop.

    Behind them Luke Skywalker locked the door.
    “Are you two hurt?”

    Distracted, Corran shook his head,
    “Just tired …”

    Practical as always, Mara came back from the kitchen clutching a medical kit and damp flannel. She knelt by the youngster, cooling his head with the cloth whilst her other hand began opening the medic box.
    “What happened?”

    “We were picking up supplies on Agamar.” Agitated, Mirax removed her cap and ruffled her greying hair, “Junior here was jumped on.”

    She leaned over, tugged the boy’s ripped jacket and shirt aside to show the Skywalker’s the injury. His right shoulder was all bandaged up in blood-soaked bindings, when pushed aside a gaping deep gash was revealed, very sore and jagged, trailing down his chest.

    Anxiously Corran explained,
    “Amphistaff. He was struck with it like a spear, deep at shoulder, then they tried to drag it down the rest of his torso. They cornered him when we weren’t looking. They held him down.”

    Tearfully Mirax gazed at her adopted son and finished,
    “We got him back. Despite stopping the blood loss he went into shock. No amount of drugs is working. He’s heart rate is becoming irregular and his breathing laboured.”

    “Venom.” Mara realised instantly, rummaging through her box, “If it’s in the wound it might already be too late.”

    “I checked.” Mirax shook her head, “He’d be dead already if it were.”

    “Must have gotten on his skin somehow.” Mara stated matter-of-factly as she got a vile of special biotoxin and attached it to an injection device. She applied the needle to the boy’s arm and shot him a dose. “It could take hours to take effect. I’ll dose him again in two.”

    “Thank you.” Both Mirax and Corran whispered in unison. The pair stood there soaked to the skin, shattered and white with dread.

    Outside the large wooden house, the jungle grumbled with the constant flow of heavy rain.

    Luke found the Horns some towels to dry off a bit. He sat them down. They were shaken, even for them. He got them to drink some caf to calm their fragile nerves.

    From the kitchen doorway, he and Mara stood talking, giving them some much needed privacy.

    “Yuuzhan Vong. Again.” His wife murmured sadly, “It makes me sick.”

    Luke frowned at the scene before them. Another casualty of the ever growing violence. He prayed the teenager survived. Casey Dilior had been adopted by the Horns a few years ago. He was a good lad, with an appetite for travel and exploration into the unknown.

    “They’re up to something.” Luke muttered, “I don’t think we’re going to like it.”

    “We can’t hide forever, Luke.” Mara looked up at him with her determined green eyes. “I know you disbanded the Order for many reasons. But we are still being persecuted. Including our friends.”

    Scratching his white streaked mop of hair, he sighed,
    “I don’t want any part of it, Mara. Politics has turned on us throughout history, and once more very recently. I will not go through it again. I refuse to pick sides. We are not the peace-keepers any longer. We’re not Jedi.”

    Seeing the dejection in his still handsome face, Mara wrapped her arms around his waist and surrounded her husband with her soothing presence. She understood his reservations and reasons for not wishing to go back into the galaxy, to represent the Jedi. Every day he struggled with his decision and on-going choice of exile.

    Wresting internally with his thoughts, Luke responded in kind to Mara’s embrace, holding her tight. He felt lost these days. Without Mara he would go mad. He had made a life changing decision for a lot of people, beings he hoped he’d saved, or at least hidden from danger.

    “Do you think me a coward?” Skywalker breathed into Mara’s ear intimately, “A selfish coward?”

    His heart felt heavy with shadows of the past.

    Two years ago, when the New Jedi Order was at its strongest, there had been an anti-Jedi movement in the Republic. It had started gradually, with media spin and discriminating lies. At first Luke didn’t think too much on it. As they had had similar issues before.

    But two very influential politicians, both that had been in some way insulted by the Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong war, created enough pressure on the Chief of State Frey’ll Noestt to begin restricting Jedi power, aid, travel and control.

    A Bothan called Persus Rality and a Quarren called Emetta Masso, used their own bias views and others’ prejudice to turn the government against the Jedi. They wanted them strictly regulated, their names taken and their numbers limited.

    Unusually, Chief of State, also Bothan, Frey’ll Noestt tried to keep the growing agenda under control. He supported the Jedi, openly asking their advice, allowing them to continue mediations and missions throughout the Republic’s domain.

    It was when one mission went wrong that the whole galaxy changed for them. The Chief of State was travelling through Hutt Space on a diplomatic mission.

    Assigned to protect him had been Jedi Knights Jacen Solo and Dakota Jonon. On arriving on planet Kwenn they were attacked. Frey’ll was killed. The Jedi were blamed. And this added more fuel to the growing anti-Jedi movement.

    Despite a group of Bothans being behind the assassination, the media spun the story out of proportion, focusing on the Jedi involvement. Laws were quickly voted on and passed, the Jedi were to be counted and branded for easy identification. Of course all of them refused, Skywalkers and Solos included, damaging their public image.

    Jacen Solo and Dakota Jonon were put on trial and found guilty. The entire case against them had been a set-up of lies, fake evidence and reports. When they were imprisoned, Jag and Jaina got the Empire involved. They demanded the release of the two Jedi and the injustice to cease.

    The Republic refused.

    With the Republic spiralling into a domineering direction and the growing abuse rising, Luke lost all respect for the government. He made a decision and publically declared the privatisation of the Jedi Order. They would manage themselves, no longer under any state control.

    Once this statement was released there was uproar in the Republic. Several factions went on crazy witch-like hunts for Jedi, fearing that if they ruled themselves they would attack the Republic in retaliation for their ill-treatment.

    Many companions of theirs, not just Jedi, were imprisoned, tortured and executed. It was during this period of malicious hunts, Luke dispersed the Order completely. He thought by ending the Order they would not be so easily targeted, discovered and harassed.

    Needless to say, it hadn’t worked as well as he’d hoped. They had been tracked and attacked continuously. Some Jedi, unwilling to hide or live civilian lives, had defected to the Empire. Luke didn’t blame them. He didn’t know if he could ever lead them again, like he used to, with optimism and conviction.

    The rest of the strange war grew out of conflict between the Republic and the Empire’s different views on Force-sensitive beings and their rights. Some of the Republic, systems that had great respect for the Jedi, had splintered away from the government, rebelling against the prejudice state, aiding the new Empire instead.

    Jedi were mixed up on all sides. A few were even traitors, helping the Republic track down the rest of their kind, they didn’t last long though.

    And now with the Yuuzhan Vong getting involved in the mess the situation seemed hopeless.

    Leaning her head on his shoulder, Mara brought him back to the here and now, by kissing his neck and whispering back gently,
    “Never Luke … you could never be a coward.”

    Still hugging, he turned his face to hers, their mouths inches apart, his rich blue eyes aglow with tenderness. Mixed amongst the love shadows lurked. Mara wished she could wipe the ghosts from his weary gaze forever. It hurt to see him so troubled and disheartened.

    Her arms crept up to wrap around his neck, locking them together, pressing them so close they could feel each other’s heartbeats. She drew him to her, welcomed and embraced him with all the devotion she held inside for him alone.

    Desperate for the solace only she could give, Luke fastened his lips to hers and lost himself. He kissed her passionately, one gentle kiss followed by another, heating them both. She was his light in this madness. And she allowed him mistakes no one else could, for she saw the man, not the master.

    Breathless, against his tantalizing lips Mara murmured,
    “We’re about to have company.”

    On cue, a tiny voice came from the main hallway on the opposite side of the kitchen.

    “Mum? Daddy?”

    Regretfully Luke and Mara broke their kiss. Still in each other’s arms they turned to their interruption-maker, their eleven year old daughter, Gabriela Ava Skywalker.

    She was their little miracle.

    Both Mara and Luke had thought they wouldn’t have any more children after Ben. But, amazingly, at the age of fifty, Mara became pregnant. It was a natural conception, pregnancy and labour. It took everyone by surprise. Their daughter had stunned them spectacularly. Luke remembered the day they found out they were expecting, it was the first time Mara had ever been speechless, which was quite an achievement. Gabriela had been one hell of a surprise, a lovely surprise.

    Standing there in a nightgown, with her long strawberry-blonde hair tousled, her freckled face groggy and her gorgeous jade coloured eyes frowning, she yawned.

    “I heard voices …” Gabriela walked towards her parents, as she did, she glimpsed the boy lying on their sofa, “Casey!”

    Calmly Mara broke away from Luke and caught her daughter before she could enter the living-room,
    “Gabby, listen, Casey isn’t very well.”

    Upset, suddenly awake, Gabriela struggled,
    “I want to see him!”

    Kneeling down to her daughter’s eye level, Mara nodded her understanding,
    “Sweetheart, he needs to be alone with his parents tonight. He’s sick.”

    Unhappily, Gabriela inclined her head in acceptance.

    Her vivid eyes darkened. Worried, she bit her lower lip and looked around her mother to see her friend Casey resting on the couch. Asleep and off-colour, he appeared very unwell. His parents sat on the floor beside him caressing his forehead and talking to him quietly.

    Mara straightened to her full height. She allowed Gabriela to see fully into the living-room but held her, hands on her slim shoulders, keeping her near so she wouldn’t stray into the space.

    As if grasping the seriousness of the situation, Gabriela asked softly,
    “Will he be alright?”

    With one hand on his daughter’s shoulder and his other arm firmly around Mara’s waist, Luke answered,
    “We’ll have to pray so, hun.”

    “I hope he gets better.” Gabriela whispered. She glimpsed up at her father as she asked timidly, “Have you felt Ben in the Force?”

    “Not today, why?”

    “He came to me in a dream.” His daughter leaned her head back on her mother’s torso and yawned, “He said he’d be home soon.”

    Stroking Gabriela’s dishevelled curls, Mara glanced up at Luke apprehensively. He placed a reassuring kiss on the side of her temple. Through their bond they shared their concern, for their son, for the Horn’s son and the rest of the Jedi. They had to do something, Luke knew, he was just tired of the sacrifice and heartache that would ultimately come with it, as it always did.

    “Come on,” He spoke softly, “bedtime for all of us.”
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    Oh, sweeeeet L/M. \:d/ Squee! Thanks for more back-story. =D= No, Luke's not a coward. Foot, he was betrayed and not just him. He doesn't owe anyone but his family a karking thing, especially not the bloody Republic. He can take his family across the line to the Empire's side if he wants to help a large group. But it will be a thankless task. Let him stay put and keep his family and immediate community safe; that's all. He deserves that much peace and relief from getting a lot of grief and then his family would be targets-again, even more so. He can't believe the nonsense that if he jumps back in, he'll keep his family safe. They'll just be moving targets is all. :p I just feel Luke got screwed by the PTB and I wish in profic-land he could have taken his family to the back of beyond :( Different choices, maybe they wouldn't have lost so much. [face_thinking]
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    Nice update. This is getting interesting.
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    Well dangit, now I want to know what the Solos are doing!
    I'm quite intrigued by the inclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong in this storyline, not least because they were so thoroughly dropped in canon. Wondering if there was some underhanded action in drawing them back onto the galactic scene... [face_thinking]

    Fun update! Looking forward to more, of course!
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    It'll be interesting to hear how Jacen and Dakota Jonon escaped their trial.

    Well done on fitting in the backstory. Few can do it well, without turning into a straight up history lesson. =D=
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    I agree, nice backstory. Playing devil's advocate: (and preparing again to dodge things) how would an average person react to a bunch of well-armed people, who could move things with their mind, setting up an Order for the 'good of all' but didn't really answer to anybody? In no way am I holding the Order responsible, but they really need to work on their PR. People will always be afraid of what they don't understand, and the profic Jedi have done a lousy job at explaining what they do.
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    SiouxFan =D= on your post. I think 99% of the problem comes from the flak from the government; they put a spin on what the Jedi didn't and didn't or shouldn't do and then push it through the 'press. The common people can think for themselves and form their own opinions [face_thinking] but unless they meet a Jedi in person or know one personally, they only know what the PTB tells them & you know those will always cover their backsides or shift the blame. :p
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    I agree with the 'form their own opinions', but here's the thing: the Jedi are never letting people know what they do. The public doesn't have any other frame of reference. The Jedi keep to themselves, I would argue that they hide in their temple, and assume that everyone understands that they are working for the common good. People need to be shown. Why do you think the military puts on air shows, or goes to help flood victims, or airlift stuff to Haiti? Is it because we want to help? Partly; but it is also because we know that we need let the public know that we are doing things worthy of their tax dollars.
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