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Saga - PT Blumfruit and Queen’s Heart (Zeb/OC; pre-Siege of Lasan; ad-hoc OTP Challenge #15)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Findswoman, May 23, 2020.

  1. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Author: Findswoman
    Title: Blumfruit and Queen’s Heart (working title)
    Era: Saga—PT, just before the Siege of Lasan (around 10 BBY in my fanon)
    Characters: Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, Shulma Trilasha Orrelios (OC)
    Genre: Dialogue-only minific, romance, mush
    Summary: What they said to each other that very last morning before the Siege of Lasan.
    Notes: Written for the OTP Challenge #15: Things You Said (out of competition). It’s based on prompt 31 from the challenge list: “things you said right before goodbye.”
    Oh, and yes, it's part of the Lasan Series, too. :D
    Many thanks, as always, to @Raissa Baiard for beta reading, good advice, and invaluable help getting unstuck! @};-

    “’Mornin’ there, Shulma darlin’... look, I made ya your favorite blumfruit and queen’s heart tea... er... darlin’?... What’s wrong?... Aw karabast, say somethin’, darlin’! Say somethin’!”

    Oh! Zeblove! Sorry, dearest... good morning...”

    ’Mornin’! Now what’s wrong?!”

    “Oh, nothing...”

    “It’s not nothin’! You’re clutchin’ your head and, er, squinchin’ your eyes!”

    “It’s just—my head—”

    “Aw karabast, not one o’ those storm-vision-current-headache things again…!”

    “Well, yes…”

    “Here, have your tea… there ya go, drink up… what’d you see this time?”

    “Zeb, please, it was an idle storm-vision—”

    “C’mon, please?”

    “A mountain that was... black and burnt, with its top charred off.”


    “You asked… but please don’t worry, dearest. It’ll pass. I’ll just bring my pastilles with me to the academy, and everything will be fine.”

    “Waiwaiwait, you’re goin’ into the academy?!”

    “Well, yes, of course! I have to finish transcribing Osthi’s third school journal, and then the initiates’ chant class—”

    “No, no, NO! You’re not goin’ anywhere today! You just stay right there in bed and drink all your tea, you got that?!”

    “But Zeblove, it’s not really so bad—”

    “No excuses! You need to stay here and rest. And finish. That. Tea, hear?”


    “I don’t want my poor mountain flower gettin’ vision shock again!”

    “Ai sweet Garazeb, do you really think my currents are going to be unduly affected by transcribing ancient manuscripts and teaching kits chant?”

    “Well, er, no, but—”

    “Then please don’t worry about me. Ashla knows you have more serious things on your mind!”

    “But we can’t take any risks! What if you’re—”

    “Shh, love! It’s too early to know!”

    “Sorry, darlin’... just… y’can’t blame me for worryin’ about ya with everything goin’ on…”

    “Oh, I know, Zeblove… I can only imagine.”

    “I’ve got the Guard on high alert already, but what if it’s not enough? The Empire isn’t known for playin’ fair… an’ if things got bad, an’ somethin’ happened to you—aw karabast, I can’t even—”

    “Zeblove! You know I’d be devastated if anything happened to you, too! Every day I pray that the Ashla’s protecting cloaks might shield you from danger.”

    “Aw darlin’, I’ll do my best… guess all we can do is carry on, but still…”

    “Here, love, sit with me a bit and have a sip of tea… there.”

    “Thanks, darlin’... Mmm, that’s good stuff.”

    “Isn’t it? Sweet yet strong, just like you. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

    “Aw, heh heh… an’ like my darlin’, who’s got a real queen’s heart… …Well, guess I should get goin’. Y’still gonna go, too?

    “I think so.”


    “Yes. As you said, we just have to carry on.”

    “Aw, fine, all right. But you take care and be careful now, y’hear?”

    “I shall, love, and you too. May the Ashla protect you and your comrades. Come home safe.”

    “I’ll try. You do the same. Hey… whaddaya say to the Flying Boar Grill tonight?”

    “I say that is an excellent idea.”

    “Right, then. Love ya, darlin’.”

    “Love you, too.”

    This story is an expansion on the scene Shulma describes in chapter 1 of Shaman, Traveler, Oracle. In chapter 11 she recalls Zeb saying “You’re not goin’ anywhere today! You just stay right there in bed and drink all your tea, you got that?!”

    Flying Boar Grill: Named after the Flying Hound Alehouse in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, USA, a Findsfamily favorite.

    Blumfruit:, though also by way of a dumb pun on my part, as Steve Blum was Zeb’s voice actor.

    Queen’s heart:'s_Heart
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    Shulma and Zeb are so wonderful here; this is them at their best in a very everyday, routine sort of way. @};- Really adoring the detail of Zeb making her favorite tea for her before leaving. :zeb: What a sweetie! There are little signs of something bad on the horizon, with Shulma's grim vision and Zeb's concerns about the Empire. It's heartrending to know that these two will be apart so much longer than expected.

    [face_love] This was my favorite part! In spite of the tensions and worries and their attendant headaches, Zeb and Shulma are so caring with each other and it's just so perfectly them.
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Their personalities came through in this tender, loving conversation. You can tell this is a wonderful every day kind of thing they do first thing in the morning, but the day is anything but. Echo Kahara :( ... they will be apart longer than they realize, but the reunion is SWEET for all that. [face_love]
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  4. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Nice moment, reminds me of a book I'm currently reading on the Spanish civil war, its the same atmosphere of normal civilian life, but the threat is already there, already present, especially to the reader who knows what is about to happen.
    Great Job! :)
  5. mavjade

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    This is so beautiful! You can really feel the love between them, and I particularly love how Zeb is trying to take care Shulma. And her vision sounded really scary, I'm going to guess they don't make it to the Flying Boar Grill. :( (But the placed it's based on sounds amazing!!)
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  6. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Nice to see the concern of Zeblove's partner, and the storm vision being an actual vision of a potential future, was interesting.

    Reminded me of Cordelia's mind-splitting visions from The Powers That Be, in Angel.

    Also, that seems a creatively thought up infusion.
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    Okay. I am going to try and leave a real, constructive reply and not just a mess of blathering emotions and capslock and superfluous punctuation and emojis, because you have to know that's really how I felt by the end of this. :p


    Oh! THERE'S SO MUCH TO LOVE ABOUT THIS, WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?? First of all, I love that Zeb makes her tea. And what a beautiful sounding tea it is, at that! There's just so much tenderness and love between them, as is always shown in your work, and their bond shines through even on what they think is just another ordinary day, little knowing that it's the end of their world as they currently know it. Of course we know why Shulma's currents are screaming at her, and know how portentous her visions truly are, even if she thinks they are just part and parcel of her gifts. That omniscient knowledge really makes this vignette hit, and hit hard.

    Oh oh oh, but that hurt. =((

    These words just mean all the more so here, knowing what's to come!

    And that's exactly what Zeb will do. =((

    Aw!!! Just too sweet and lovely for words. These two. [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

    I appreciate that their last words to each other - for now - is that they love each other. It's something small for them to hold onto through the long years to come!

    This was a beautiful piece, and a lovely addition to the challenge! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and for hosting the challenge in the first place. [face_love]

    =D= =D=
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