Saga Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

    16 BBY

    The fortress of the Kanjiclub crime syndicate lay high on a mountain top on Nar Kanji. The planet was riddled with fog and swamp, but the leadership of Kanjiclub preferred to operate in a terrain not easily accessed by their rival gangs or the authorities.

    Only a lone Firespray class freighter approached the atmosphere of Nar Kanji. It was headed directly for the steel fortress on the mountain. The hangar was cutoff by an electric field that would incinerate any ship that attempted to fly through it.

    The freighter, Slave I, stopped at the field blocking the way to the landing platform. It hovered in midair as a voice spoke on the loudspeaker that was projected for miles below the mountain.
    "Who dares enter our territory?"

    From the cockpit of Slave One, the pilot replied, "this is Boba Fett, here to collect the bounty on the Guavian Death Gang leader."

    "You have him aboard your ship, then?" inquired the voice over the loudspeaker.

    "Let me land and I'll bring him to you," replied the pilot impatiently. Inside his ship, Boba Fett donned a suit of green Mandalorian armor, the warrior tribe that his father Jango had been raised by. The armor appeared slightly oversized, and Boba was unexpectedly short. Nevertheless he had Guavi, chief of the Guavian Death Gang, chained up in the cargo hold of Slave I, and he had been Boba's most difficult capture yet. Boba preferred live captures to assassinations, since he loathed to think of himself as a murder. On the occasions where his client demanded that he kill his target, Boba would comply, but he would always have a gut-wrenching feeling when he did so. Though he'd taken after Jango and taken bounty hunting as a career, Boba had never gotten over his annoying sense of right and wrong. Jango had taken plenty of lives with no emotion, though Boba knew that he was a good man still.

    "Very well then," the voice said, and a moment later the electric barrier disappeared. Boba steered Slave I down towards the otherwise vacant landing platform. This was not at all unusual to Boba, since most of his clients operated in secrecy.
    The Empire was far less lenient with organized crime than the Republic had been, unless the criminals in question served their interests. Boba wasn't generally choosy about who to work for, but he had no respect for the Empire for that reason. The only improvement it had over the Republic was no Jedi.
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    Boba and the Kanjiclub. That sounds interesting for the beginning of a Fett fic.
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    very good. I wonder if the kanjiclub (Is it intentional? Is it a club? how do I join?) will actually pay him the full amount.
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    By the time Slave I had docked, a lone figure was standing on the platform, shrouded in a heavy jacket that concealed his face. When the ramp slid open, the armored Boba emerged from the ship. His blaster rifle was strapped to his back and he was dragging a dark skinned man by the chain that bound his arms together.

    "Well, well," the cloaked man said, "if it isn't the legendary Guavi. You thought you could avoid us forever."

    "You'll never get away with this," replied Guavi, "my best men will come for you, and you'll be destroyed."

    "Let's get him inside, and we'll discuss your fee," the cloaked Kanjiclub agent said to Boba, who was much shorter than his captive. The silent Boba nodded, and followed the man through the archway that led into the fortress. He held onto the chain that bound Guavi.

    Boba's Mandalorian armor consisted of a jet pack as well as a built in flamethrower. He'd trained in combat as well, and had faced much larger opponents. As they walked down the metal corridor, Boba was repulsed to find several tamed rathars guarding the entrance. At last, the cloaked man stopped at a large brass doorway. Boba held the prisoner in place as the man punched in a code. The door slid upwards, making a loud clanging sound. The man gestured for Boba to move forward.

    Boba led Guavi into the room, where several female dancers of different species performed in front of the stout human male on the throne. Lord Kanji was dressed in a Viking-like suit of armor, and his beard covered his entire face and chest. A band of aliens played for Kanji as he relaxed. Two tentacled Rathars remained on both sides of the throne. Boba felt his spine shiver.
    He was grateful that his mask and armor hid his vulnerability effectively.

    "My lord, I have captured Guavi of the Guavian Death Gang," Boba immediately said to Kanji. Kanji regarded the bounty hunter and the silent prisoner, then waved his hand. The music and dancing stopped and the performers all made way for boba and his captive.

    "So the rumors about you are true, Fett," Kanji said as he stroked his beard, "No other bounty hunter has managed to capture the powerful Kanji, but thanks to you , we finally have him."

    "I look forward to watching you die," Kanji said to Guavi, who remained silent and glared at his rival gangster defiantly. He gestured to the massive rathars, who wigggled their tentacles in hunger. Boba cringed under his helmet.

    Kanji snapped his fingers. With no warning, the rathar on the left reached out with its tentacle, wrapped it around the still chained Guavi, and pulled him toward the creature's jaw. Guavi screamed as the rathar sucked him into its mouth, sending bloody flesh flying around the room. He was gone in an instant.

    Boba spoke up. "And now I get paid," he said without fear or reverence that was expected by Lord Kanji, "two hundred thousand for him." He'd pursued the powerful criminal across three systems and had nearly been apprehended by the Guavian Death Gang."

    Kanji stood from his throne. "I won't pay you any more than one hundred thousand," he replied angrily, "you'll soon learn respect to your superiors.

    Boba unstrapped his rifle and held it level, not intimidated by this low life thug. "You'll pay me what I demand. Guavi was your biggest threat and now he's gone thanks to me."

    Kanji likewise did not back down. He again snapped his fingers with both hands. Boba knew things were going to be rough as soon as both Rathars reached for him. Before he knew it, each of his arms and legs were wrapped in a slimy tentacle, his blaster dangling from his arm. Boba struggled to bring his hand to his arm gauntlet, but the creatures held him tightly.

    "Bounty hunters are worthless compared to my power," Kanji bragged, savoring the scene. His entertainers were leaving unnoticed as the rathers held Boba's arms and legs.

    "Tear him apart," Kanji said to the rathars. Boba then head butted his arm gauntlet, activating the flamethrower. A jet of fire sprayed at the rathar in front of Boba, and it hissed and released his arms. Boba swung underneath the other rathar's tentacles and used his other hand to keep the flamethrower activated, spraying it at the rathara. Both creatures were on fire now, thrashing around the throne room.
    Kanji pressed a button on the arm of his throne. Boba sent a laser bolt into his head a second later, and the crime lord slumped over the throne.

    Immediately, armed men rushed into the chamber, firing their long range blasters. Boba activated his jet-pack, soaring immediately over his atrackers as they fired. As he flew rapidly across the room, Boba sprayed nore fire down at the men, some of whom were hit by the blinded rathars. As Boba reached the exit he took out a small thermodetanator from his utility belt. As the surviving men chased him down the hall towards the landing platform, the still airborne Boba pitched the small metal device onto the floor.

    Wasting no time, boba scrambled towards the parked Slave I, climbing aboard immediately. He plopped down in the pilots seat, pulling the start lever. As Slave One blasted into the clouds, a devastating explosion rocked the fortress of Kanjiclub.
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    that can't be the end of my beloved kanji club! Can it?
    Also, good job describing Kanji. I mean when I read it I was like what the ...
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    Thank you. I made up the leaders/founders of both groups, and I don't intend to feature them very much in my story sorry. Thanks for reading though .
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    Boba could relax once he got back into hyperspace, albeit barely. He'd had to kill any number of people, though he didn't care about the life of his client. He'd dealt with stubborn people before, but he'd always intimidated them into paying up their dues.

    Although his target Guavi was one of the most valuable fugitives in the galaxy, and Boba had defied the gangster's most powerful resources, he considered the mission a failure. To him, it was never about the clients, it was about the money. As Boba set his course for Kamino, he lifted off his helmet and set it down beside him on the passenger seat. Boba'a head was shaved and he had a scar down his left eye. He never showed his face to the public because he was afraid of what potential clients would think if they knew he was sixteen. Boba was not an only child, he had millions of brothers bred with him in Kamino's laboratories from Jango's DNA.
    The other clones of Jango had been bred to grow twice as fast, and serve as the Republic's soldiers during the Clone Wars. Jango had requested one Clone to be unaltered, so he could raise a son. Boba understood that the Jedi had long been revered as peacekeepers, but he couldn't think about them without remembering his traumatic experience that had scarred him worse than any physical mark. At the start of the war, on Geonosis, Jedi Master Mace Windu had decaptiated Jango right in front of his son.

    Naturally, Boba had sought revenge, allying with Jabgo's fellow hunters Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas to do so. Though he never regretted attempting to kill Windu, boba still could not forget about the innocents that he had accidentally killed in his arrempt. Now, he supposed, Windu was dead as a result of the Jedi purge, and he could move on with his life. Still, the image of that purple lightsaber disconnecting his father's head from his body would never leave him.

    Boba cringed at the memory, and found himself holding back tears. Though he'd tried to make peace with his father's death, he still felt a hole in his heart that he couldn't fill or ignore. Boba always attempted to show a tough, ruthless exterior, yet inside he felt like the scared little boy he had been during the Clone Wars.

    Suddenly, as boba reclined in the pilot seat, his intercom blinked. Boba recognized the code as Dengar's. Boba occasionally worked with Dengar and a syndicate of bounty hunters, having joined with them near the end of the war. Boba didn't like to ally to closely with any side, yet the group somehow fulfilled a sense of belonging he'd craved, especially after Aurra Sing's betrayal.

    Boba activated Slave I's comm unit. A small hologram of the bandaged Dengar appeared. He was one of the few that Boba allowed to see his face.

    "What is it, Dengar?" asked Boba tiredly.

    "Boba, have you succeded in capturing Guavi?"

    "I got him just fine," Boba replied, "but I had to put down Kanji. He was being difficult about my fee."

    "Yeah, that'll happen with the big bosses," Dengar said sympathetically, "but look on the bright side. You beheaded two major crime organizations in one shot."

    Boba cringed at the word "behead" but then smiled. "Yeah, I guess I did."

    "Listen Boba," Dengar went on, "Word travels pretty quick and what happened wih Guavi has already reached Tatooine."

    "I'll bet," replied Boba cockily. He'd made it a point to avoid the Core Worlds, but he and his bounty hunter syndicate had a big name already in the outer rim. Boba's age was almost unknown outside his inner circle.

    "Have you heard of Jabba the Hutt?" Dengar inquired. "He's a big deal in the Hutt clans and the Core systems."

    "Yeah, isn't he based on Tatooine?" Boba replied.

    "Meet us all at Chalmun's cantina in Mos Eisley," said Dengar, "Jabba wants an audience with us all."

    Boba hesitated. "Do you know what he wants."

    "We can only hope it means money for us," replied Dengar, "meet us in three standard days."

    "All right," Boba finally said. "This better be worth my while." He deactivated the comm unit and typed in Tatooine's coordinates. He placed his helmet back on as Slave One rerouted and sped off towards Tatooine.
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    After a three day journey, Slave One came out of light speed in orbit of the desert world of Tatooine. Boba was as familiar with this planet as almost anyone could get, and its desert environment reminded him too much of Geonosis. That battle between the Jedi and the Separatist droids, the deadly beasts, Mace Windu's blade cutting through Jango, his bloody helmet rolling in sand.

    But Boba was here on business, and he couldn't afford to get emotional at a time like this. He knew the city of Mos Eisley, and immediately set the landing code for Docking Bay 94. Pretty much any traveler passing by could land in 94, no charge. It was close enough to the Cantina. As Boba passed through the clouds, his ship standing out in the bright blue sky, he braced himself for the worst Tatooine had to offer.

    As soon as Slave I touched down on Docking Bay 94's rocky surface, the ramp slid open. Boba strapped his rifle to his back and adjusted his jet pack. He then climbed out of the cockpit and down the ramp of Slave I. The hatch closed behind him. Boba scanned the docking bay, observing the various crafts and shady characters.

    A Correlliam freighter lay closest to Slave I, the kind a smuggler would use. He recognized Dengar's Punishing One; as well as the vehicles of Latts Razi and Bossk.
    As Boba exited the docking bay into the street, he regarded the various shady characters lurking about. Tatooine lay far from Imperial occupation and was practically anarchy, something Boba liked about the planet.
    An old Toydarian was hovering past Boba grumbling about a ship going out of business. A young Rodian was starting a fight with a human. A Twilek female was eyeing Fett with interest.

    Boba stalked down the street, passing the various junk shops, cantinas and hangars. Chalmun's cantina was easily recognizable to Boba. The buildings were all made of adobe, and occasionally Boba noticed a droid or Jawa prowling Mos Eisley's streets. Disgusting.

    As Boba walked past a small adobe restaurant, he felt something spider like bump into him.

    He turned to find a four legged Dug glaring at him from under a Podracer's helmet and a pair of goggles. Dugs were among Boba's least favorite species, forced to deal with a few in his career.

    "You've messed with the wrong Dug," he jeered, raising his front legs into fists, "nobody tangles with Sebulba." Boba was keenly aware of the onlookers crowding around them, but he stayed focused on the confronter.

    "I don't have time for this," he grumbled, "get out of the way, slimeball."

    Sebulba jumped and kicked Boba's chest armor plate with his back legs. Boba stumbled backwards, then sent his gloved fist into Sebulba's snout. The Dug spun backwards and collapsed in the middle of the alleyway.

    The crowd cheered for Boba. He nodded from behind his helmet and continued walking. No one else dared to stand in his way.

    Boba recognized the cantina's address as soon as he saw it. It was away from the rest of the hullabaloo, near a large, vacant junkyard. The sliding door was ajar, and Boba immediately stepped through.
    Inside, a Bith band was playing a lively tune, and various species of alien were getting drunk. A wolf man leered at Boba as he scanned the large room.

    Most of the old syndicate was still there. Dengar immediately saw Boba and beckoned him over. The Trandoshan Bossk was also present, as well as the female Theelin Latts Razzi and the droid C21 Highsinger. He sat down between Razzi and Bossk, both of whom patted his jet pack affectionately. After the rest of the syndicate greeted Boba, Dengar beckoned the bartender over to their table.
    Boba knew Wuher, the large ugly man that tended the bar. As soon as Wuher reached their table, he glowered at the group and said, "We don't serve droids here. It'll have to go outside."

    Highsinger raised his metal hand, revealing his built in wrist blaster. "How about you shut up and get my friends something to drink." Wuher glanced around uneasily, then raised his hands in defeat and returned to the counter.

    "What does Jabba want with us again?" Boba inquired. Even among his fellow hunters, his strange Mandalorian battle armor stood out sorely. He wore it like a trophy. "Any specific job."

    "Well," explained Dengaf, his heavy rifle leaning against his chair, "he's heard about our exploits across the galaxy, as well as our independent work. I guess he has a job for us that's as hard as Guavi."

    "Did you really take down both Guavi and Lord Kanji?" Latts Razzi asked admiringly.

    "Yep," Boba replied cockily, "Kanji thought he'd be smart and swindle me, and I destroyed the heart of Kanjiclub with nothing but a flamethrower and a detonator."

    "Well, you've gotten rid of two of Jabba's biggest rivals," Dengar continued, "and because of that he wants to hire us."

    "Can we get a transport to his palace?" Boba asked.

    "I have a skiff aboard the Punishing One," replied Dengar, "we'll take it and head straight for Jabba's palace."" The entire syndicate stood up and marched through the bar towards its exit, past the counter and tables. Wither glared nastily at Highsinger as he cleaned the tabletops. The band and patrons all stared at the mix of bounty hunters as they departed. Nobody questioned Boba's position at the front of the line.
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    Jabba's audience chamber was filled with lively music, the band of Max Rebo performing for the large, sluglike gangster. Female dancers chained at the ankle performed in front of the slimy Hutt's throne. Several mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters lurked at the sidelines, waiting for mission opportunities that were so frequent from Jabba the Hutt.

    Beside Jabba stood his long time protocol droid, TC70. Gammorean guards roamed around the halls, and guards of various species were stationed at all entrances. All of the sudden, several blasts could be heard in the distance. Jabba cried out and the band stopped playing immediately and the dancers froze. Jabba' s Twilek major dormo, Bib Fortuna, came sprinting into the chamber.

    "Mandolorian!" he shouted, "Fett!" Indeed, a moment later, a team of bounty hunters, including a short man in a Mandalorian suit, a human male bandaged around the head, a C21 droid unit, a large reptilian Trandoshan, and a pink skinned female Theelin. Behind them was a trail of slain palace guards.
    Everyone in the palace chamber knew the names of the newcomers, and watched the procession with anxious anticipation. Jabba himself broke the silence.

    TC70 translated. "The illustrious Jabba the Hutt bids you all welcome and would like for your syndicate to do a job for him."

    "Name the target and we'll determine a price," Boba said through his helmet. He was familiar with crime lords of Jabba's status, and refused to take exception for this one Hutt.

    "Recently, the criminal organization Black Sun has become an increasing problem for his excellency," continued TC70, pausing to allow Jabba to speak in Huttese, "especially in the Coruscant black market. The mighty Jabba wants the five of you to eliminate Ziton Moj, a powerful leader of Black Sun and important ally of the Galactic Empire."

    Boba considered this. He knew of the Falleen Ziton Moj, who'd served under the renegade Sith Maul during the Clone wars. Emperor Palpatine supposedly dealt with Moj and his gang as a means of profit. All governments were hypocrites that way, be it the Republic or Empire.

    "We'll take it," Boba declared. The voice filter built into his helmet made him sound much older than he was. The head of Black Sun, practically an Imperial target. This would be Boba's most important bounty yet, more important than the Jedi Quinlan Vos!

    Jabba spoke again in Huttese, his red eyes shining ominously. TC70 once more translated for her master.
    "The mighty Jabba wishes for each of you to conduct an attempt separately, and will pay the hunter who brings back Moj's carcass."
    Boba and his fellow hunters looked back and forth at one another, realizing what that meant.
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    "You want us to... compete with one another?" asked Latts Razzi hesitantly. Boba and his fellow syndicate members looked back and forth at one another. Boba considered Jabba's demand. He had no problem working alone, but competing with his team of bounty hunters meant inevitably engaging them in combat, perhaps leading to deaths. Boba had killed before, but it had never been deliberately in cold blood, let alone a long time ally.

    "The mighty Jabba will only hire the best bounty hunters," replied TC70 harshly, "he insists that only one can bring back Ziton Moj's body."

    Before Boba could think about it further, Bossk said, "It will be done, mighty Jabba." Before anyone could react, he grabbed Highsinger by the droid's skinny neck and threw him across the adobe room. Singer Sy Snootles screamed and jumped out of the way as the wrecked droid fell beside her. Boba activated his jet pack and flew towards the palace entrance. A hail of laserfire hit the ceiling above him. Looking back, he saw Latts Razzi, Bossk, and Dengar pursuing him to the palace's exit, and Jabba laughing behind them.

    As the airborne Boba approached the palace entrance, it creaked again and slid open. He heard a scream and a thud and looked back. Dengar had whacked Latts Razzi in the skull with his rifle and she lay bleeding in the dark corridor. Gammoreans were chasing the hunters as they fled the palace. Dengar and Bossk fired back at the guards as they headed after the flying Mandalorian ahead. Boba blasted through the gate and touched down on Dengar's skiff.
    Without further hesitation, he activated the skiff's engine and sped across the Dune Sea, leaving Jabba's palace and his former friends far behind. Now, he had no choice but to be on his own. He'd make it work like he'd always had.

    Black Sun's primary stronghold was built into a cliffside on the volcanic world of Mustafar. The landing platform on the surface of the rocky slope protruded from the cave in the inactive volcano containing the fortress. Numerous individual fighters were docked on the platform, as well as bulk cruisers designed for smuggling. Guards in full body armor stood on the platform, wielding deadly pikes and monitoring the imports and exports from the fortress.
    At the moment, a single Imperial shuttle was heading towards the landing platform, emerging from the ashy sky. The Empire relied heavily on Black Sun for supplies and goods, and so they allowed the syndicate's illegal operations to continue. Indeed, in the eyes of Black Sun's leadership, the Empire was an improvement over the Old Republic.

    As the Imperial shuttle touched down on the landing platform, three figures emerged from the shadows of the arch between the hangar and fortress. The large, muscular green-skinned Falleen Ziton Moj was wearing a traditional gold vest over his purple cloak and had his black hair in a ponytail. Two Falleen bodyguards accompanying him carried heavy assault rifles.
    The trio of Falleens walked past the rows of assembled guards towards the Imperial shuttle as its hatch opened. A uniformed Imperial officer exited, wearing the standard cap and insignia on his chest.

    "Mr. Moj," General Kahdah addressed his host, bowing respectfully.

    "General," replied Moj, bowing in kind. Behind General Kahdah, clone troopers began marching single file down the ramp of the shuttle, still wearing the Phase II armor of the Clone Wars era. Moj felt compelled to order his men to attack, as the clone army had been the enemies of Black Sun during the previous war. This unit had an orange stripe across the helmets and sleeves of their white uniforms.
    But now, they were an asset to him and his own criminal empire, and Moj would use the clones and their bosses for his own benefit.

    "I have brought the 212th Attack Battalion to provide extra protection for your grace," Kahdah said, indicating the clone troopers that were lining up on either side of them, "the Emperor does not wish harm to come to a powerful ally."

    Moj smiled, his goatee widening as he showed his sharp teeth. "I am ever so grateful the assistance from the Empire," he replied superficially, "this is a dangerous time for Black Sun, with Jabba the Hutt ordering an assassination attempt on my life."
    They proceeded to the archway overlooking the hangar.
    "I assure you, no assassin of Jabba's will penetrate the defenses of the 212th," replied Kahdah, "We are prepared to evacuate you if necessary."

    Led by the veteran Commander Cody, the clone troopers followed their general and Ziton Moj into the fortress.
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    Boba sped across the Dune Sea, standing alone on the deck of the skiff . As he steered the skiff toward the distant Mos Eisley, he reflected on his future. Two members of the original syndicate had already been killed in the matter of an hour, and the other two would definitely be hot on his trail. The only true fellowship Boba had ever known was gone in a matter of minutes, all because of Jabba the Hutt's offer of money. He'd dealt with loss and betrayal before, he'd live with this.

    As he saw the city appear ahead in the late afternoon horizon, Boba heard the sound of a loud engine approaching behind him. Looking back, he saw Bossk riding a swoop bike, his lizard eyes staring straight ahead at Boba. The young bounty hunter's heart sank. He'd known Bossk the longest of the syndicate, and dreaded killing him. He was grateful that there were two rivals that he wouldn't have to kill. He wondered if Dengar was dead too, slain by Bossk out in the layers of scorching sand and sun...

    Boba's hesitations vanished as Bossk fired his swoop bike's heavy laser cannon. Boba swerved the skiff out of the way, and the laser left a small crater in the sand. He turned his body to face his old friend and ally and activated the flamethrower built on his arm gauntlet. Bossk was temporarily blindsided by the jet of fire spraying his direction and steered the swoop bike off course. Boba turned back to the skiffs controls as he heard the bike spiral out of control behind him.
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    At last, Boba reached the outskirts of Mos Eisley on the skiff. He had a gut feeling that Bossk wasn't dead, but there was no time to worry about it now. As he stepped off the deck and began trudging through the sand into the main avenue, Boba reflected on the turn of events. He and his fellow syndicate members had worked independently plenty, but never in direct competition with one another. His expression hidden behind his Mandalorian helmet, Boba walked past the shops and cantinas, ignoring the various alien species that leered at the strange man in oversized armor. Nobody dared accost him, they'd seen what had happened to Sebulba, and his rifle was strapped to his side.

    He didn't really consider the syndicate as his friends, Boba thought, but they had been a sort of community for him to fall back on, the only true camaraderie he really knew. They'd dealt with Quinlan Vos, Asajj Ventress, and even Count Dooku together, and now that alliance was gone too. Bossk had been his oldest ally of the bunch, he'd helped Boba attempt to avenge his father by assassinating Jedi Master Mace Windu, and they'd spent time in Republic prison together after the attempt failed. They'd both been abandoned by Aurra Sing and had escaped together. And now Bossk had tried to kill him. It was amazing, Boba realized, how easily and brutally bounty hunters could turn on their allies with the promise of money. Then again, Boba himself was out for money too, and anything else was a bonus.

    Boba turned down the corridor leading to Docking Bay 94. The Empire had no presence on Tatooine yet, it was too remote and served as neither an asset or a threat. That was why Boba preferred to spend time there and other Outer Rim worlds. He generally strived to avoid the Empire, just as he had with the Republic. Especially the clone troopers that served as the foot soldiers. Under those white helmets, Boba knew that his father's image remained. He knew that his brothers served no purpose except enforce the will of the Emperor, and would not regard him kindly. Not that he particularly cared. He was Jango's true son, genetically bred to age normally. Yet the idea that he could still have a family boggled his mind. Boba tried to shut out those thoughts, but usually found little success.

    When he stepped into the adobe, arena-like docking bay, Boba made his way towards Slave I, still parked in the spaceport. Dengar's ship Punisher One was still docked as well. Boba studied it and pondered his next move. Dengar may not have been far behind, and Boba had no wish to run into him now. Without another thought, he typed in Slave I's code and the hatch slid open. Boba walked up the ramp and punched in a code to the built-in safe. Once he had gained access, Boba pulled out a small sack of thermal detonators and took one out.

    "This should keep you here awhile," he said to himself. He closed the safe and stepped out of the ship. Winding up his arm, Boba pitched the detonator at Punisher One, flipping the switch just before throwing. He darted back into Slave I and shut the hatch. Boba jumped into the cockpit, panting, and plopped down into the pilot's seat. Pulling the high-speed lever, he blasted straight out of Docking Bay 94 just as the explosion sounded below him. From inside the ship, Boba heard screams of bystanders in the spaceport and attempted to will himself indifferent.

    It's for the sake of business, he told himself, you're just doing your job.

    He wished it was that simple.

    Even during broad daylight, the Coruscant underworld was stricken with darkness. For millenniums, the underworld's inhabitants had relied on artificial lights that did little to eliminate the hostile atmosphere. Doing business in any level was dangerous both due to health hazards and criminal activity, yet many lowlifes seeking to avoid Imperial control remained in the underworld.
    A particularly popular site in this region was the Uscru District. On its upper level was the Galaxies Opera House, where Coruscant's aristocrats and Imperial dignitaries attended at their leisure to enjoy the operas performed by various foreign entertainers. The Emperor himself could occasionally be found here, when time permitted.
    Below the Galaxies Opera House were the lower levels known as the Uscru Entertainment District. Here, lowlife thugs and criminals could be found in the various bars and nightclubs, gambling on televised sports or dealing drugs and illegal goods. The skylines was made up of fewer air traffic than it had been only a few years earlier, as the Imperial law enforcement on Coruscant heavily restricted travel. TIE fighters could be found patrolling the skylines, and clone troopers occasionally marched through the dark alleyways and streets.
    The largest dwelling in this area was the Outlander Club. This nightclub was a popular site for gambling and drinking, and it was here that the legendary bounty hunter Aurra Sing sat alone with a glass of liquor in her hand. Sing had played an active role during the Clone Wars and killed many deadly opponents. She was half human, with white skin and a single long braid of raid hair, along with an antenna on her forehead. In her holsters were two identical blaster pistols, and a rifle was strapped to her back. Nobody in the club dared approach Sing, they knew of her by reputation and were aware that any slight movement that annoyed her would lead to a slow death.
    As the neon lights and music blared in the club, the unmistakable sound of a TIE fighter engine could be heard outside the Outlander Club. Immediate silence. Several patrons began to flee, screaming in terror as they ran towards the secret passages out of the club. Some braver customers remained however, as the tall black figure entered, accompanied by four clones of the 501st Legion. The 501st clone soldiers contrasted greatly from their leader, with their blue striped white armor. Like Commander Cody's 212th, this veteran battalion still wore the Phase II armor of the bygone Clone Wars era.

    On the other hand, Darth Vader donned his black suit of armor with his obsidian helmet covering his head and his cape trailing behind him. His labored breathing resonated throughout the quiet club, and most remaining patrons cowered behind the tables and chairs as the clones leveled their blasters. Vader had been the Emperor's personal enforcer since the foundation of the Empire three years earlier, yet nobody knew where he came from or exactly how and when he was employed. All they knew was that he commanded the Imperial military with an iron fist and would crush anyone without mercy who stood in his way.
    Aurra Sing remained sitting with her legs crossed on the table, reclining in her seat. Vader quickly scanned the area and began approaching her, ignoring the fearful bar patrons. One foolish young man named Elan Sleazebaggano rose from behind the bar counter, heavily under the influence of death sticks.
    He raised a blaster confusedly and shouted, "Vader! I got no more death sticks!"

    Neither Vader or his men broke their stride as they slowly approached Sing. Vader raised his hand without looking at Sleazebaggano and the young drug dealer began choking. Several more patrons fled through the main exit as Sleazebaggano's face turned purple, then blue, then white. Vader released his telekinetic grip on Elan as he died and collapsed to the floor.

    "Aurra Sing," Vader said in his deep, electronic voice as he and his clone troopers stopped at her table.

    "Darth Vader," replied Sing casually, "I wonder what a high and mighty Imperial is doing down here in the underworld with us mortals?" Her speech was slurred, but she was as sharp as ever.

    Through the Force, Aurra sensed Vader's ire at the disrespect, but she knew that he wouldn't be here unless he needed something.

    "The Emperor has ordered protection for his ally, Black Sun leader Ziton Moj on the world of Mustafar," Vader continued, dismissing Sing's irreverent tone, "It has come to our attention that Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine has ordered an attempt on Moj's life."

    "And what does the mighty Lord Vader need a low life thug like me for?" Sing asked in a teasing, slightly flirtatious manner. She winked at the four 501st clones, all of whom remained silent.
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    Read some of this, and found it really good.

    Excellent composition, descriptions, motives and action. Nice to see Rathtar utilised.

    Only misfire, probably down to a changed idea, was Dengar telling Boba to meet him in three days, but getting to Tatooine in four hours, and his friends are there.

    Doesn't detract from a perfect piece of work.

    10/10. And an A-Star.
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    "Word has reached the capital via our spies on Tatooine that Jabba has sent the bounty hunter Boba Fett to do the deed," Vader explained, his menacing voice not showing a hint of the frustration Aurra knew that he felt, "while the Empire has little time to deal with low life thugs such as yourself, we believe that you are capable of stopping young Fett."

    Aurra immediately perked up at the mention of the boy whom she'd taken under her wing after the death of his father Jango, a renowned bounty hunter in his own right. Like everyone, he'd outlived his usefulness eventually.
    "Ahh yes, I remember little Boba," Sing said with a grin, "I'd love to catch up with him. Alive or dead?"

    "Fett could be a great threat to the Galactic Empire, as he knows many of our secrets. You may kill him if necessary, but the reward will be higher alive," replied Vader with the same tone of indifference.

    "All right, alive it is then," Sing said, clapping her long white hands, "you have yourself a deal, my lord." Vader didn't respond to her ironic, drunken tone, but his mechanical breathing quickened briefly. Without another word, the Dark Lord waved for his guards to follow him, and marched out of the otherwise silent Outlander's Club. The clones followed in single file.

    Aurra Sing chucked to herself, standing up from her chair. Not only was this apparently a golden monetary opportunity from the Empire itself, but she'd also finally get to prove to the kid that she'd been playing him all along. He'd thought that she cared about him, it hadn't crossed his tiny mind that she was using him to get a crack at a Jedi skull or two, but thanks to his infuriating compassion, she'd failed embarrassingly. Now it was time to show him who was in charge.
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    Thanks for catching that, I'll edit it right now! You can never be too careful with consistency!
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    Once he was in the total privacy of hyperspace, Boba trusted himself to remove his helmet. Fiddling with Slave I's controls, he pondered his next move. He knew that Ziton Moj and Black Sun operated on the volcanic Mustafar, yet he imagined that the Empire would provide protection for a valuable tool such as Moj.
    The Emperor made sure to keep secret his dealings with the criminal underworld, Boba knew this much. Old Emperor Palpatine would be loathe to taint the might of his regime by allowing the public to know that it relied on criminal organizations such as Black Sun. They were de facto nobles that helped keep the Emperor in power by providing naval power and supplies, not to mention wealth.
    Boba knew a great deal more about the Empire, some of which he had learned even before it had been founded. He had learned near the end of the war during a mission against Separatist leader Count Dooku that Dooku's Sith Master was in fact Chancellor Palpatine, the future emperor. He didn't know Darth Vader's original identity, but Boba had found out two years earlier that Vader had been a Jedi Knight before joining the Empire. At the time, he'd been tracking Obi Wan Kenobi on Bellassa, and had overheard the former Jedi say so to an ally. Boba had hidden from the Empire after learning this, spending most of his time in the outer rim.

    As he piloted his Firespray class ship through the blackness, Boba wondered if Vader and the Emperor knew that he'd been a clone. If so, he'd be considered a renegade, like Captain Rex and a few others Boba had heard about. Boba had set his course for Mustafar and braced himself for confrontation with Bossk and Dengar, as well as Black Sun's forces. In his heart, Boba knew that the Black Sun personnel that he'd inevitably have to kill were no more guilty than the clones and officers Aurra had manipulated him into blowing up.
    Yet Boba felt that he'd matured since then, and become more comfortable killing those who had nothing to do with his objective. This mission to take out Ziton Moj would indeed put that to the test, more so than Boba's prior missions over the last few years.
    Boba was only sixteen, yet he'd lived through and fought in a major galactic war, seen his dad decaptiated, created and lost a syndicate of hunters, and faced both Jedi Knights and Sith Lords in battle.

    So what difference did a few lives make?
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    Deep within Black Sun's volcanic fortress on Mustafar, the Falleen bosses sat at the long metal table in the conference room, with Ziton Moj at the head. Moj stood and paced the dim room as he spoke to his fellow syndicate leaders.

    "It has come to our attention that Jabba the Hutt has declared war, and is sending bounty hunters to topple our leadership. Fortunately, the Empire has agreed to provide additional protection for our graces," explained Ziton Moj, "I have a secret evacuation route planned in case Jabba's thugs manage to infiltrate our defenses."

    A younger aristocrat, Prince Xizor, stood up to challenge the elder Falleen. "Why should we run from a low life bounty hunter?" he argued boldly, "We are the heart of Black Sun, and it is our place to stand our ground and fight!" Several Falleen leaders applauded Xizor.
    Ziton Moj's green face turned red in anger. How dare that young fool talk out of turn? He walked across the room to directly face the younger Falleen.

    "You dare question my decisions? Unlike you, I know what is best for the future of Black Sun! We are the most important organization in the galaxy and I will not have an insolent boy like yourself be our undoing?"

    "I will not run away like a coward," Xizor replied with defiance, "I intend to stay here and confront the bounty hunters head on!"

    "Your foolishness will be the end of you, Xizor," said Moj coldly as he sat back down at the head of the table.

    Slave I came out of light speed just outside Mustafar's hostile atmosphere. Looking through the viewing screen at the shining red lava world, Boba considered his strategy of attack. He knew that in addition to the Empire's protection, Black Sun's guards would be well trained in combat in their own right. He obviously couldn't land directly at the Black Sun fortress, though Slave I's scanners could easily detect it among the black sandy slopes.

    Boba punched a code into the navigation screen, searching for safe coordinates to land. A moment later, an old, abandoned base came up on the screen. According to the data, the Separatist Council had hidden at the fortress after the deaths of Dooku and General Grievous, before the Empire found and destroyed them three years earlier. It was the perfect location for Boba to hide and use as a base.

    He piloted the ship towards the coordinates. As it passed into the atmosphere, the air was fogged by smoke and steam in every direction. Boba supposed it was from the volcanos and molten that flowed in the rivers. The sky was black and polluted with both factory waste and natural disaster.

    Slave I prepared itself to dock as it approached the Separatist base's landing platform. As it did, Boba stood up from the pilot's seat and opened the safe. He took out five thermal detonators and attached them to his utility belt. He grabbed his jet pack from the passenger seat and put it on the back of his armor, as well as his blaster rifle.

    Boba took a moment to charge the flamethrower built into his arms, then stepped out of the ship onto the platform. It overlooked a river of flowing red lava, reminding Boba of a sea of blood. The black clouds dominated the scenery, and volcanoes in the distance produced magma that emitted into the rivers.

    Boba trudged across the platform towards the bridge dividing it from the base. Only one other vehicle was docked on the hangar, which Boba recognized as a Jedi Starfighter from the Clone Wars.
    A Jedi must have come here and never left, he thought dismissively. Good riddance. He walked accords the bridge towards the old, rickety base, the soles of his metal boots clanking against the surface.

    An ominous feeling entering his body, Boba stepped into the open door of the old lair, walking through the bare, dark hallway. It reminded him of the barren escape pod he'd been inside long ago, with the four boys that had trusted him, and he'd let them down at Aurra Sing's manipulation...

    Entering the abandoned command center, Boba looked around at the various scanners, communication systems and wrecked battle droids. Several skeletal corpses lay here and there on the floor, and more in the hallway opposite Boba. He was by no means disturbed by this, he'd seen plenty of dead bodies. It was the actual act of killing that activated his conscious...

    Boba stepped up to the main holoprojector in the center of the command station. He pressed the power button and it activated, showing a holographic map of the planet.
    Boba navigated the grid to the coordinates of Black Sun's fortress. It was moronically built on the slope of a volcano, an Imperial Star Destroyer orbiting directly above it. Suddenly, one of the scanners on the other side of the room began blinking frantically.

    Boba hurried over to it and saw that another vessel was approaching the landing platform. He unpleasantly recognized Bossk's ship touching down. This was going to be more complicated than Boba had expected. While not considering the Trandoshan a friend, Bossk had been Boba's protector on Coruscant and a longtime associate. But money was money and Jabba would only pay one hunter that brought Ziton Moj's corpse.

    Holding his rifle at the ready, Boba ran back down the corridor towards the hangar to meet Bossk. As soon as the lizardlike Bossk saw Boba, he held up his hands. His heavy asssult blaster was hanging from his shoulder.

    "Don't shoot," Bossk said quickly, "I propose a truce, at least temporarily." He stepped backwards towards his freighter, scaly palms raised.

    Boba hesitated. He held his weapon level but did not shoot. "A truce?"

    "It's gonna take more than one of us to get past the Empire's defenses," Bossk reasoned, barely hiding his fear of the younger bounty hunter, "how about we work together, at least until we have a good shot at Moj.

    Boba thought it over. If Bossk was tricking him, he was sure he could take him on in a fight. He hoped that an imperial or black sun ally would shoot Bossk so he didn't have to.

    "Fair enough," Boba replied through his helmet, lowering his blaster.
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    With both of their tracking equipment, Boba and Bossk reached the bottom of the volcano where Ziton Moj's fortress was built. It was miles above them, and the hike through the lava banks had been a tough one even for Boba, but he wasn't afraid of a little natural disaster.

    "The Star Destroyer can probably detect us with their scanners," Bossk said, pointing up at the distant triangular shape obscured by the smoke and polluted clouds, "we need to get to Moj as soon as possible."

    "Agreed," Boba replied, grateful that his helmets filter blocked out the sulfur of Mustafar's environment. The steam of lava flow sounded loudly and ominously. In the distance, Boba could see Clone troopers patrolling the mountain slope directly above them.

    "Do you have a plan," Bossk asked anxiously, studying the 212th Battaliom clones. One of them seemed to be pointing down the rocky slope towards Boba and Bossk and was beckoning for the others to follow.

    "We have to lure them to us," Boba replied confidently, "Follow my lead."

    He leveled his rifle towards the volcano's summit, setting it to long range mode. As soon as he had the trooper in his sights, he opened fire, aiming at what appeared to be a sergeant. About 3000 meters above, a large chuck of rock was blown off and several troopers were sent flying.

    The whole squadron began descending down the cliff directly towards Boba. When they got closer, he heard a clone shout in a painfully familiar voice, "It's the bounty hunters."

    Not stopping to worry about Bossk, Boba reached behind his back and activated his jet pack. Soaring up the hill, Boba shot at the advancing stormtroopers as they tried to blast him. Jets of blue laserfire streaked across the red and black sky, whizzing past each other and failing to reach their target. Down below, Bossk began climbing the hillside as well, shooting at the Clone troopers preoccupied with Boba.

    "Cover me, Jax!" a clone trooper shouted as he took a direct shot at Boba's jet pack.
    Jax? Something was definitely familiar about that name. The time Boba took to think about it had cost him. He felt a heavy blow behind him as the jet pack began flying out of control. Boba cringed under his mask as he flew up and down the mountainside uncontrollably, bracing for impact. He hit a ledge with a thud and a grunt on his stomach. His rilfe landed a few feet away.
    Boba got onto his knees, his heart pounding through his chest armor. As he coughed from the emitting gases, he realized that his helmet was lying in front of him. As he slowly reached for it, he felt a shark whack to the back of the head.

    Boba fell to the hard surface and rolled upside down.
    A young, helmetless clone trooper was standing over him, blaster raised. He looked a few years older than Boba, though he was much younger. As he looked Boba in the eye, his ruthless expression changed to one of shock.

    "I remember you," the clone said, startled, "you were called Lucky."

    "What the hell are you...Jax!" Boba realized at that moment. He'd briefly befriended clone caded Jax and a few others while disguised in an attempt on Master Windu's life. That had failed and Boba had, at Aurra sing's encouragement, abandoned Jax to die on an escape pod. Now here he was, a solider in the Imperial Army.

    Boba was sure that his familiarity with Jax wouldn't do his any favors. Jax confirmed this when he growled, "You betrayed the Republic, and your fellow clone troopers! You left us to die for that... that horrible woman! Did she deliver what she promised? I don't think so!"

    Boba got to his feet, taking advantage of Jax's anger. No trooper liked a deserter. Boba found himself stuttering as he spoke.

    "N-no, she didn't. Sh-she left m--e to be arrest-arrested by the Jedi." The painful memory of Aurra's betrayal stung fresh, and Boba felt himself tearing up at the abandonment of the only motherly figure he had ever known. He knew that he was exposing his most vulnerable self to a random clone, but he couldn't help it.

    "Well, you're doing your job," Jax said with the callousness that Boba always associated with the Old Republic and the Jedi, "time for me to do mine." As he raised his blaster, Boba quickly grabbed it and pushed it to the side. Jax shot a piece of hardened molten behind Boba, and Boba elbowed Jax in the face with his hard armor. Jax slipped and fell down the volcano, disappearing through the heated mist as he rolled towards the dark sand.

    His insides gnawing at him, Boba picked up his helmet and put it on. He likewise grabbed his rifle and strapped it on. A few meters below, Bossk was in the middle of a meelee battle with two clones. Boba shot one and Bossk managed to disarm and knock out the other.

    Bossk climbed up to Boba's level, carrying his heavy assault rifle in both hands. Boba almost forgot the syndicate's de facto disbandment with the deaths of Latts Razzi and Highsinger and was tempered to offer the Trandoshan help in climbing up.
    But he remained quiet and grateful that his helmet hid his emotions. With no words spoken, Boba and Bossk continued to climb towards the landing platform, which was becoming more visible through the smoke. Rows of white and orange were waiting for them, and getting closer. Boba and Bossk both began shooting at the defending troopers, who fired back.

    Yet for all their years of training, none of the 212th matched Boba's accuracy. Willing himself not to feel, Boba tore his blaster into as many clones as he could as he got nearer. Finally, about twenty meters away from the platform, Boba decided to get the hardest part out of the way now.

    "Goodbye, Bossk," he said, "we've had a good run over the years, thanks for everything." He drew a thermal detonator and lifted off into the smoky air as he dropped it on Bossk and the nearby clones.
    "Take cover!" a stormtrooper yelled as Boba flew over the landing platform toward the entrance to the stronghold. As he flew under the archway, Boba looked back and caught a glimpse of Bossk running back down the hillside just before the detonator went off. Boba rocketed down the corridor, shooting his flamethrower at the stormtroopers and Black Sun guards below. He finally touched down on the floor, using both the flamethrower and his blaster to defend himself.
    Ziton Moj was getting closer. Boba could almost smell him.
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    When he got near to the end of the hallway, Boba allowed himself to land on the metal floor. He continued to shoot at the clone troopers as he dodged their laserfire. None of them had his reflexes, despite their training on Kamino. As he continued letting all his ammunition loose on the clones, he relished in the fact that he had personally been taught the ways of combat by his dad Jango, unlike these clones.
    By killing Jax, Boba felt as though he'd released the guilt of abandoning him and the other cadets all those years ago. He was continuing to unleash his inner savage now, taking out his years of rage and loneliness on these government lackeys.
    As he mowed down the troopers in his path, Boba made his way to the Black Sun' leadership's conference room. The Clones ahead of him were starting to fall back into the entry way. As the last of them entered, the blast doors slid shut.

    "This is not a problem," Boba said to himself as he produced another detonator. He quickly backed up as he tossed it at the door. The small metal device latched on as Boba ran as fast as he could down the corridor. He managed to dodge the explosion, but it sent him flying forward, landing on his chest plate armor. He quickly got up and rushed to the wrecked entryway. Several Falleen were attempting to flee, and the clones got in front of them as they shot at Boba.

    Boba took out another detonator and immediately set it on high power mode. The clones all stopped firing and the cowering Black Sun leaders cowered except for a young, ponytailed Falleen, who stepped forward with raised fists.

    "Anybody make a move and we all blow up," warned Boba, "if Ziton Moj surrenders to me, nobody else had to get hurt."

    "I'll take you on myself," the young Falleen challenged, "why don't you fight me like a man."

    Boba, still holding his heavy rifle in one hand, shot a laser towards the Falleen's chest. Xizor jumped up, and came at Boba with a kick. Boba ducked and came up fast, knocking his gun into Xizor's groin. Xizor staggered back, then lunged for the detonator in Boba's hand. Boba knocked him over the head with it, and before he could react, kicked him clear across the room.

    "That answers that question," Boba said with a sarcastic tone, "Ziton Moj, reveal yourself."

    A green uniformed Imperial officer barged into the room with a high ranking clone commander and a dozen more clones.

    "Put it away or die," threatened General Kahdah, his puny pistol pointed at Boba's helmet. Commander Cody and the other reinforcements were more heavily armed, however.

    "If you shoot me," Boba replied without fear, "i drop it and we all get blasted into the lava." It was a standoff. Boba may have had several blasters pointed at him, but he had the power to destroy them all. But what good was killing your target if you couldn't collect the bounty?

    The whole room of Black Sun officials and Imperials was deathly silent as Boba hopped up onto the conference table, scanning the Falleen. He knew exactly what Moj looked like, but couldn't recognize him in the crowd.
    "All I need is one life," he said, "nobody else has to be punished."

    "He's not here," another Falleen spoke up, breaking the tension, "he's fled to a secret landing platform on the south wing. If you hurry, you may catch him before he takes off."

    Boba hesitated, studying the Falleen that had spoken. His fear seemed very real, he was willing to give up a colleague for his own life. Perhaps the same could have been said of the Clones and the officer.

    Boba jumped off the table, still holding the detonator, which had begun to beep rapidly.
    "You better not be lying," he threatened as he began to run back down the corridor. As he made a beeline for the main landing platform, Boba hopped over dead stormtrooper bodies. When he got outside, Boba looked up to see an Imperial shuttle lifting off all the way from the other side of the volcano.
    Ziton Moj, he thought. There was no time to waste. Taking perhaps the biggest risk ever, Boba launched his jet pack cup over the lava falls towards the ascending shuttle. He let go of the detonator when he was a safe distance from the fortress. The shuttle was quickly disappearing into the smoky clouds, Boba had to hurry.

    Still airborne, Boba fired at the shuttle in the distance, hitting it precisely on the right wing. The shuttle titled and rocked, unable to fly upwards. Boba flew closer to it, shooting it in the wing repeatedly. Finally, the craft began plummeting back to Mustafar's volcanic surface. Boba continued to fly towards it as the burning shuttle plummeted to the rocky banks below.

    I've got you now. As the fortress exploded in the distance, the volcanic rock eroded, sliding down towards the lava. That took care of them, Boba thought. It was a spectacular sight, but Boba had no time to appreciate it. He flew down toward the damaged shuttle, touching down just outside. As soon as he landed, the shuttle ramp opened and the big boss himself came charging out followed by two armored bodyguards. Boba began shooting at the guards as they came at him with their pikes. As one of them whacked his leg, he felt an electric shock ripple across his whole body.

    Taken by surprise, Boba fell to his knees onto the black sand, still clutching his blaster.

    "Well, well, well," gloated the punchable Moj, circling Boba with his hands behind his back. "Not even the legendary Boba Fett can withstand the power of Black Sun."

    Apparently he didn't see his entire syndicate literally fall into a river of molten. "You've failed already," Boba replied, still weak from the shock of the guard's pike, "I've singlehandedly destroyed your entire franchise!"

    "Black Sun survives with me," Moj retorted. To his guards he said, "Back away. I want to execute this bounty hunter scum personally." He grabbed Boba's blaster rifle and wrenched it from his gloved hands. He then hit Boba on the head with it, causing the young hunter to collapse on the boiling beach. Boba saw the lava ahead, knowing that if he didn't act now, he'd be killed through a horrific death. Wasting no time, he rolled at Moj's feet. The large green man lost his balance and stumbled backwards.

    Screaming, Moj fell onto a guard, who collapsed backward into the lava. The armored figure immediately sank into the river of red and disappeared without s trace. Boba managed to catch Moj's vest before he fell in. He flung Moj's wailing body at the other guard, who fell down to the sand from the impact. Boba then yanked his rifle away from Moj and put his finger to the trigger m.

    "Business is business," he remarked dryly as he pulled the trigger. Moj's mouth opened in shock from the blast, gaping at the faceless hunter standing before him. Then the leader of Black Sun crumpled dramatically onto the shore.
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    Now that the deed was done, and he'd gotten past the worst of the job, Boba could relax. He flew the Imperial shuttle down low towards the old Separatist lair where Slave I was parked. Moj's corpse was slumped in the passenger seat next to him. In his mind, Boba pretended that the lifeless form was a living being. It was how he usually coped with dead passengers.

    As Boba approached the landing platform, he immediately saw his ship missing. Only the abandoned Jedi starfighter was left, along with Bossk's own vehicle.

    "Of course," Boba said to himself, "Bossk." He should have made sure the Trandoshan hunter was dead before continuing after Moj. Sure enough, as he activated the shuttle's scanners, Boba detected his father's old ship back up in orbit of Mustafar. There was no time to lose. Boba pulled the high speed lever of the shuttle. It quickly flew through the dark clouds into the blackness of space.

    Through the view screen, Boba could see Slave I idly hovering around the planet, as though baiting Boba into a confrontation. Boba could manage the design of the Imperial shuttle, but it was definitely no match for Slave I in a fight. How could he destroy Bossk without blowing up his prized possession?
    Boba activated the communication device built into the shuttle's engine, punching in Slave I's radio code.

    "You won't get away with this, Bossk," he warned with menace that he'd never had before. "You'll have to land eventually, and I will be on your tail." He trembled with hatred as he spoke. Before he'd been almost sentimental about breaking his alliance with his fellow syndicate members. Now he just wanted to see Bossk's bloody lizard head detatched from the slime of his body.

    "Come and get it then," was the reply.

    Boba activated his armor'a built in tracking device, one of his armor's newest modifications. As Slave I made the jump to hyperspace, Boba followed right on its tail in the Imperial shuttle.

    This was not Bossk's first time piloting Slave I, he'd briefly done so when he and Boba had escaped Coruscant five years earlier. But he was now at the helm of the ship he'd always wanted for himself, and he was about to get a lot more money than Jabba the Hutt could ever offer.
    Bossk activated his own comlink, and a hologram of the muscular but beautiful Aurra Sing.
    "It's gone just as planned," Bossk said excitedly, "I've stolen his ship and he's right on my tail!"
    "Good work, my old friend," Auura replied, "he'll fall right into our trap. I shall capture him and bring him to Darth Vader."

    "I'm still getting forty percent of Vader's bounty, right?" asked Bossk.

    Aurra paused a little longer than necessarily. "Of course," she laughed nonchalantly, "why wouldn't I keep my end of the deal."

    "All right then," replied Bossk, "I'll meet you at the rendezvous point on Nar Shadda, and you'll have the boy."

    Aurra laughed sinisterly and her hologram faded.
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    The longer Boba spent not in Slave I's cockpit and knew that Bossk was at the helm, the more agitated he felt. He had Moj's carcass with him, legitimately earned, but he'd been unprepared for Bossk's treachery. Boba resolved to make sure that his rival were dead if future employers gave out this kind of job. One thing for sure was that Boba was done working in teams. In one day, the syndicate that he and Bossk had originally founded five years ago was as destroyed as Boba's innocence had been even then.

    He was still hot on the tail of Bossk, the Imperial shuttle's state of the art technology allowed it to track retreating vessels. Aside from the broken helmet that Boba kept in his father's old apartment on Kamino, Slave I was the only legacy of Jango Fett that Boba had left, and now it was in danger of being lost forever. Boba would have traded all the credits in the world for that precious memory of his dad.

    "Lizard scumbag," he grumbled aloud in the cockpit. He had no company except for the body of Ziton Moj in the copilot seat next to him.
    According to the scanners of the annoyingly extravagant but capable Imperial shuttle, Bossk was piloting Slave I toward the system of Nar Shadda. Boba had visited the crime filled world nicknamed "Smuggler's Moon" during the war and afterwards on occasion , as it was a good place for business. Plenty of potential clients lurked in its various nightclubs and criminal strongholds, and it was relatively free from Imperial control. Maybe Bossk had been hired by someone to deliver Slave I.
    Not if Boba had anything to say about it. He accelerated the shuttle's speed as it chased his own vessel. Boba resisted the urge to fire at Slave I, knowing that Bossk was inside. So he decided to polish his green mandalorian armor to pass the time.

    A few hours later, Slave I came out of lightspeed just outside Nar Shaddaa's orbit. A urban moon of Nal Hutta, this planet somewhat resembled Coruscant except it had a feel of lawlessness that drastically differed from the imperial capital. No TIE Fighters or stormtrooper units to enforce the emperor's will, here the gangsters had all the power.

    As Slave One descended into the polluted clouds, Boba followed on the shuttle, the design of which must have been obsolete on Nar Shaddaa. He had his sights directly on the coordinates on which Bossk was landing the Firespray class vehicle.

    It was in a common street docking bay, from the viewing screen Boba could make out many freelance ships parked and a vast range of aliens doing private illegal business. It was as crowded as the criminal underworld got, at least in Boba's experience.
    As Slave I landed in the docking bay, Boba wasted no time in landing as well. Perhaps the dwellers in this spaceport would think he was an imperial invasion. What a joke that would be, the teenage bounty hunter though.t.
    Boba looked around from behind his Mandalorian helmet and saw a large starfighter that stood out greatly among the freighters and warships. Boba was sure that he'd seen it before but knew that it belonged to no Jedi. A terrible suspicion came upon him as his Imperial shuttle touched down in the city spaceport. His fears were confirmed when that white skinned woman emerged from the starfighter, approaching Slave One, where Bossk had just exited. Boba stood up from the pilot seat and reloaded his blaster rifle's magazine. A feeling of dread came over him as he prepared to confront Aurra Sing once again.
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    Just binge read all your updates - wow have you been blessed with plot bunnies & words recently - and I found a thrilling plot spiked with surprises (and old acquaintances such as Jax).

    Your meeting between Vader and Aurra was really breathtaking, not only for a certain death sticks dealer.

    I hope I can stick around and continue reading!
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    Very good so far. Great descriptions and action scenes. Fett was so in character during the whole story's sequence, as was Vader during his meeting with Aurra. Good work, bravo! :D