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Before - Legends C.S.I. Corellia, a young Rostek Horn story completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    C.S.I. Corellia
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Before
    Characters: Rostek Horn, Nejaa Halcyon, OC’s
    Genre: adventure p.g.
    Summary: The death of an art collector leads to surprises for recruit Rostek Horn and his mentor Steve Magaron.

    Chapter 1
    Horn, Magaron to the briefing room.’

    “Blast,” Rostek Horn was about to don the ear-protection gear to continue his training at the shooting range of the CorSec Academy when the PA-system blared to life. He was sweating profusely and had uttered several curses since waking up and hearing the weather forecast of the day. ‘A whole week more and I will be a molten puddle’ was what he had uttered when he greeted his mentor Steve Magaron. He put his gear down next to the gear of his mentor. And that gear – mask included – was already down as if the man was expecting something. ‘Weird. It is as if Steve knows what will be at the briefing. He sure has lots in common with my friend Jedi knight Nejaa Halcyon.’

    “We can continue after our briefing Rostek. Your friend Nejaa is here but has other matters to attend to.”

    “Sure Steve,” Rostek shook his head in amazement. He doffed his mask, looking up to the long dark haired youth. With his mentor he was on a friendly given names only base.

    “Or,” the youth got a far away look in his eyes for a few moments. “We might go on a mission. Lieutenant Bel Hana is alerting the C.S.I. team.”

    Rostek had a smile on his face “a crime scene where I can get more experience watching those dust-collectors, fingerprint-experts, creepy crawlies hunters and DNA-folks at work.” He saw now a very determined look on his mentor’s face.

    “Yup creepy crawlies are abundant with this weather. I know and the Lieutenant too. Get your blaster. You might need it.”

    Rostek scooped up his CDEF pistol and put it in its holster to see that Steve had already holstered his. He followed his mentor to the exit of the shooting range. He was still amazed by the actions of the dark haired youth. He was being paired with Steve Magaron as his mentor for the past nine months to finish his education at CorSec Academy. He had been pointed towards said youth by the head of the academy with the words ‘meet your mentor’ on the day that Steve was celebrating his 293th birthday. After that party he had learned more about his mentor.

    ‘You are a Dunai elder and strong in the Force. The Force, I learned all about that, Force sensitives and Jedi because my and Nejaa Halcyon’s parents live in the same suburb of Coronet city. Nejaa had befriended me when he returned for the first time after he was sent to the Jeditemple on Coruscant for his education. Nejaa, you have passed the final tests and are now a Jedi knight and can visit Corellia more often. A discussion with you revealed that only two Dunai elder and one Dunai had been taken for training among the Jedi after the authorities had agreed. Are you on a hunt for new initiates?’ Rostek – thoughts wandering – had to catch up when he saw Steve disappearing around the corner.

    “Not for new younglings,” Steve grinned. “He is a Corellian Jedi and…”

    “Girls,” Rostek caught up. “He is allowed to marry.”

    “Two months ago when I saw him in a Coronet shopping mall he was in a hurry,” Steve continued. “I am sure he is meeting Scerra again.”

    Rostek had a big smile on his face when he entered the briefing room on the heels of his mentor. Scerra was a nice Corellian girl and perfect for his friend.

    “Bugs, what’s up,” Steve nodded when he saw investigator Jack Wells.

    “We have a smelly situation in the Corumag district,” Jack replied, giving a wink with his left eye to the man who had helped him with the exams to achieve his wish to become a forensics investigator. Steve was entitled to call him by his nickname. Jack was – among more things – the only entomology expert on the C.S.I. team. “A patrol investigating a call has alerted us. Jono contacted you.”

    “The call will be a new learning experience for you recruit Horn,” Lieutenant Bel Hana turned to Rostek. “You just have to watch the forensics doing their work. Steve and I will explain and you can ask any question you come up with. Follow us.”

    - - -

    During the ride to the apartment Lieutenant Bel Hana told more about the call.
    A man returning from his work had spotted blood on his table, had followed the trail and had seen that it came from the light-fixture above the table.
    The patrol officers were at the entrance of the building and briefed Lieutenant Bel Hana and his team.
    Rostek listened and followed the team in the elevator leading to the tenth floor penthouse of the wealthy art-collector and merchant Aira Dorsetti. Two members of the C.S.I. team departed on the ninth floor and headed to the apartment of the caller.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cool start. :D Like the CSI feel. =D= And fun having Steve as part of the story.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Rostek Horn, cool!

    And I suspect somebody has been watching her favourite crime series here.

    *nudges the birdy
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    Mar 3, 2001
    Nice to see Rostek early in his career. It's interesting that they have an entomology expert on staff -- I had to think about that one a minute. It does make sense; bugs are a part of the decomposition process, and they could affect the evidence. Nifty. So Rostek's mentor Steve is one of Fae's species? I seem to remember that one of your original characters was a relative of hers, if I'm not confused.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    It will be one of Steve's earlier adventures and centering around Rostek. The next chapter has a 'cool' end
    yes and more
    there will be bugs;) Steve is of Fae's species. One of my OC's is Jasir Ere-Dun and he is her brother and a leader on his planet Moniron

    Chapter 2

    “Eech,” Rostek was the first to see the door to the apartment opened to a crack. And out of that crack was the stuff that had him uttering this ‘eech’ being tiny black wriggly flies mixed with blood and gooey slime.

    “First stage of decay,” Jack Wells had donned a pair of blue gloves. He knelt down to scoop up some of the stuff in a test-tube. “And it’s coming from there.”

    “Holo-recording and prints first,” Maura Grimes had her holocam floating over the entire corridor and saw one of her colleagues beginning to dust the door. She was the general ‘evidence’ expert and leading the team. With her special glasses she spotted the fingerprints and more traces.

    Pictures were taken.
    Jack placed markers, collected more stuff and used his datapad.

    Lydia signalled the two CorSec officers that had accompanied her to come with a stretcher and body-bag. She was the coroner and had her special gear ready to determine the cause of death.

    Rostek just watched the proceedings with his mentor. For him in was a learning experience and he was eagerly waiting for what was next door.

    Jack opened the now – thoroughly examined – door to reveal the gooey trail of flies and more coming from a body.
    A curtain making movements indicated an open window and revealed where the flies had found their entrance.

    “Work for me after we are done here,” Lydia gave a soft sigh.

    Maura, Jack and Lydia and the rest of the team continued their work.
    Rostek watched and listened to the explanations of Jono and his mentor. The soft discussion between the investigators had him on alert when they bowed down over the body.

    “The blood is coming from her mouth, ears, nose and intestines.”

    “One thing is sure. Her death was un-natural but what has caused it is still to be determined. It looks like she has been electrocuted.”

    “She could have met a live wire. Or is it suicide?”

    “Here are signs of scorched tissues. Both arms and legs have them.”

    “You sure it’s electrocution?”

    “Yeah but where is the power-source? Her computer is still powered on.” Maura indicated the station in a corner of the living room.

    “The floor has no scorch marks.”

    “She must have been dead for at least 24 hours.” Jack was passing a scanner over the flies and grubs. “We have first generation flies here and there some eggs.”

    “Temperature is also pointing to a death yesterday. I will be sure after I have examined her.”

    Lydia directed her team to lead the stretcher with the body to the elevator.

    Maura came to the threesome and remarked “Lieutenant Bel Hana, my team is ready here. We should head back to the lab and see what the body and evidence has to tell.”

    “I want to be at the examination of the body,” Steve turned to Rostek “and you?”

    “It will be my first,” Rostek reached with one hand to his forehead and felt the straps of his shoulder-holster squishing against his sweaty back. He wiped the sweat from his brow. “And it will be cool.”

    “Cool,” Steve chuckled softly “as in cool where the bodies are stored?”

    “That cool and more,” Rostek followed the team back to the elevator. “Cool!”

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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Cool,” Steve chuckled softly “as in cool where the bodies are stored?”

    “That cool and more,” Rostek followed the team back to the elevator. “Cool!”

    * puts on a winter jacket and a scarf

    Very cool! ;)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    It might be cool where he is going but there will be excitement and a glimpse about who has done what in the next chapter


    Chapter 3
    Cool, yes it was a bit cooler in the corridor leading to the labs.
    But Rostek felt the sweat on his back. His shirt was getting really icky.

    “Don this and follow me.”

    Rostek took the clearplast gown and wondered where the front end was until he saw Steve donning his.

    “They are the same as hospital gowns,” Steve chuckled softly. “We only have to watch so no gloves.” He indicated Lydia who had donned the same outfit and was taking a pair of gloves from a box.

    Rostek donned the clearplast gown and noticed the pale complexion of Steve.

    “You two ready?” Jono opened the double door leading to the autopsy room.

    “Basins are there,” Lydia turned to Rostek “and if you need to… the fresher is there.”

    “Puke,” Steve whispered very softly in Rostek’s ear.

    Rostek shook his head vigorously. He had no intention to puke on his first experience in the autopsy room. But he was a little bit white around the nose – or was it the putrid smell – when Lydia zippered open the body bag and tugged it away with the help from a droid. Clothes were removed. He sighed when he saw the naked body on the durasteel table.


    Rostek saw the first incisions being made and swallowed. ‘I am not going to puke.’ And he felt the assuring hand on his shoulder. ‘Jono.’ He needed that comfort from the old Lieutenant Bel Hana even more when Lydia asked for a saw. He kept his eyes glued to the body.

    “She was tortured. Here are pressure marks and signs of selective electric currents frying a nerve in her hand. And here the intestine…”

    “There is something dark about this.”

    Rostek turned his head away from the table when he heard the soft voice of his mentor. “Dark?”

    “Dark,” Steve was staring with dull eyes towards the scorch marks. “Darrin dark.” He ran away to the double doors.
    The doors swished open with Steve squeezing through as soon as there was enough room to pass.

    “Steve’s going to puke,” Rostek muttered softly.

    “Follow me,” Jono ran after Steve.

    Rostek saw another very pale face and followed wondering why the sight of the body of Aira Dorsetti being examined by the coroner had upset his mentor and the lieutenant so much. Was it their sensitivity to weird ‘Force’ things? Bel Hana was a Dunai and 15 years older than his mentor. The men must have seen numerous autopsies during their long career. And what the word ‘darrin’ meant was unknown to him but he intended to find out.

    - - -

    “Did you see the ambassador?” Senator Vidar Kim muttered when he halted at the lowered ramp of the sleek and shiny Naboo yacht.

    “Probably immersed in his books- and antiques collecting habit and visiting Treasure Ship row,” a guard was standing near the ramp. “I didn’t see him boarding.”

    “Contact him and tell him that we are leaving in one hour,” the senator boarded the yacht. He had been with his entourage on a trip to a Republic security summit.

    - - -

    “We will get the antiques,” Hatty Burras patted his pocket where a description and picture were secured by him. A wealthy man had given him and Kai Teemto the assignment to get the antique artefact at all possible cost. Hatty was certain that he would succeed. He had the experience and the weapons being a bounty hunter.

    “We just have to secure a ride towards Hollowtown,” Kai Teemto gave him a toothy smile. The Rodian was often his partner.


    Nyota's Heart
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    Jun 14, 2005
    “She was tortured. Here are pressure marks and signs of selective electric currents frying a nerve in her hand. And here the intestine…”

    “There is something dark about this.”

    Life can be mean. Bad things happen to good people non-stop. :(
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    Aug 21, 2006
    If you know who has done this[face_worried][face_devil]

    Chapter 4
    Rostek – being young with 23 years, quite athletic and eager to see what was wrong with his mentor – passed Lieutenant Bel Hana with ease and was the first to arrive at a corridor leading to the labs of Maura and her team. There was a rustling sound that had him turning his head and seeing what was causing the sound.

    Steve was on the floor of that corridor, leaning with his back against a wall and squeezing with his hands the discarded clearplast gown in a crumpled ball. “A darrin did this to her, a darrin using the dark Force,” the man looked up anguish showing on his face.

    “A darrin yes,” Jono caught up with Rostek. “And we have no time to lose to catch whoever did this to her. Grimes will have more evidence examined by now. Come!” He helped Steve to stand up after prying the remains of the gown from his hands and just tossing them on the floor.

    “You have to tell me what a darrin is but that can wait,” Rostek opened the double doors to the main room of the lab and steered inside. In one of the labs he could see Jack Wells busy with a microscope.

    Steve grinned. The door to that lab was closed. He knew that Jack liked to do his work without the noise of discussing colleagues, machines and stuff distracting him.

    “Not that much to see on the body?” Maura looked up from a screen some surprise showing on her face.

    “She was tortured to death by a darrin,” Jono replied. “And now I want to know why.”

    “Someone real bad as in kriffing mad ronto bad I presume,” Maura swivelled the screen “look, this is a data-dump of the victim’s computer.”

    Jono, Steve and Rostek viewed the data for a long time.

    Rostek was the one to break the silence. “Kark… it is about holocrons. Aira Dorsetti was an art collector and had a holocron in her possession that was sold four days ago to Koro Zavala. He is head of Zavala enterprises in Holotown and quite a collector of arts.” And seeing the baffled looks on the three faces he continued “my friend Jedi knight Nejaa Halcyon has shown me pictures of holocrons because fake ones are now a hot topic on the art market. She sold this one.” He indicated the picture. “This pyramidal design and the colour is pointing to a Sith holocron.”

    “She has been to the Raging Ronto yesterday morning to visit her good friend Julia,” Maura said. “Her last entry in her computer is made at 11.00 when she returned to her apartment to check her messages.”

    “Dead for more than 24 hours,” Steve said. “The darrin must have followed her and gained access soon after 11.00.”

    “We have to split forces,” Jono began to walk to the door. “I will go with Steve and Rostek to Hollowtown. You have to visit Julia. She might have seen who has followed the victim.”

    “Julia, I have her address here,” Maura pointed at the screen and asked “why are you in a hurry going to Hollowtown?”

    Steve walked and Rostek ran towards the door. Jono was – with his large frame – always walking with large strides.

    “What’s the hurry with Hollowtown lieutenant Bel Hana?” a man coming through those doors asked. “I was …”

    “Uh Major Semendiger,” Jono halted and saluted.

    Rostek managed to slide to a stop and looking from Jono to Steve and the newcomer he too gave a salute and just waited. The pips on the uniform and the red markings on the trousers indicated his rank as a Major. One of the top brass of CorSec mentioning Hollowtown was interesting. He wondered if it had something to do with the same case.

    “The dark feeling,” Jono continued. “Steve has it and I too. And Sith holocron… if it’s the real stuff… I am worried.”

    “You think she was murdered?” Jack Wells hurried out of his lab, intrigued by the arrival of the Major. “My fly research indicates a death yesterday morning.”

    “Recruit Horn recognised a Sith-holocron that was sold a week ago by our victim to Koro Zavala,” Jono answered. “It might be a fake but if it is the real thing I want to follow that lead first. Holocrons are dangerous if they come in the wrong hands. The murderer can be after the buyer.”

    “The buyer is dead,” Major Semendiger said. “I was coming here because Captain Eustache asked for a CSI team to help her to investigate the death of Koro Zavala. He was found dead this morning by his gardener.”

    “I am going with Magaron and Horn to Hollowtown,” Jono said.

    “Jack, if you will join us we are complete,” Major Semendiger said.

    “Alright sir,” Jack walked to a shelf with metal cases.

    “And I want to know what happened at the Raging Ronto,” Jono turned to Maura. “Take one of the investigators and hold a SWAT-team ready. We have a potentially lethal situation on our hands.”
    He ran outside grabbing his comlink and ordered “ready a corvette...”
    Major Semendiger followed with Steve and Rostek.

    Jack had grabbed a case and ran after the foursome.

    Now Rostek knew why he had to take his blaster. With two dead bodies the situation was already escalating. Nejaa had explained about the use of holocrons. And Sith? They had plunged the galaxy in deadly wars aeons ago. They were extinct? Or…

    - - -

    Sitting in one of the luxurious cabins of the Naboo yacht was a young man. He was quite handsome and came from one of the noble Naboo families. But he was the rebel in the family and had discontinued the use of his given name. He hoped that the Rodian and human he had hired for the job would get the holocron. He craved for the knowledge locked in the ancient item.

    @Nyota's Heart

    Who is the opponent?
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    Oooh, a ruthless one who takes out a sequence of unknowing victims [face_thinking] Love the ramping up tension and increased mystery surrounding the well-placed Rebel from doubtless a prominent family.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And who is he?
    You have to wait untill after my trip before the next clue is revealed

    First this

    Chapter 5
    CorSec had in its hangars various craft available for the officers, ranging from speeders and swoop-bikes to the most advanced craft with hyperdrive capability. One of those – a corvette – was the destination of the five hurrying men.

    Rostek – icky sweaty shirt entirely forgotten – nodded when he saw the crew getting ready for the short in-system flight to the lagrangian point between the two worlds of Talus and Tralus where Centerpoint Station was located.

    “A few seconds in hyperspace and we are there,” one of the pilots said. “We have gotten emergency clearance.”

    “And that will have Jorrol lines muttering about the delay,” the other man seated at the helm replied.

    Rostek gave a small smile and hurried after his mentor. He saw Major Semendiger and Jack Wells entering a cabin and turned left to the second cabin to see Steve and Jono already securing their crashwebbing.
    He sat down in the last seat and did likewise. He knew about the commercial liners boasting about their exact schedule. Jorrol lines would have to wait for at least one hour before they could get the clearance for the short hyperspace jump. He saw Jono with a worried face and Steve getting a dreamy look on his face.

    - - -

    Steve closed his eyes. With Rostek Horn he had one of the most promising recruits to supervise. The young man was brilliant. And it came as no surprise to him that Horn had discovered the probable cause of the murder. A Sith holocron – if it was a real one – was a priceless item if it came in the right hands of a dark one.
    Steve was sure that dark forces still lingered in the galaxy. The Sith were defeated about a thousand years ago but someone gained power and discovered…

    “You are right Steve,” Jono said. “You remember what happened more than 49 years ago?”

    “I do,” Steve stirred out of his musings with a small smile crossing his face. He had discussed this event with the lieutenant after discovering that they shared the same ancestry and powers. Now Jono had caught up with his thoughts. He nodded when he saw the startled looks on Rostek’s face and decided to tell more. He began “I was on the treatment table in the house of healing of Master Eled-Hir after tangling with a stagala.”

    “What is a stagala,” Rostek enquired.

    “A large hairy animal native on Moniron,” Steve replied. “The dumb critter had wrecked a fence near farmer Massi’s home. Yeah I was an officer in the small town of Kerala and called to investigate when the critter shoved our patrol down the incline, trapping me in the wreck and throwing officer Ron Er-Hajin clear. Ron called for help and I was medevaced to Eled-Hir’s place. And being on the treatment-table was frightening when I saw the healer getting a far away look on his face before I fainted. ‘Darrin dark’ were the first words uttered by Eled-Hir when I regained consciousness. He had managed to use his powers to shield, had bandaged my ribs and treated the bruises and whatever and told me to stay at his place for a month. And during that month he taught me to shield.”

    “I was in Firwood doing some work in the garden when I fainted,” Jono said. “My wife had been able to shield and found me. And our sons Jeb and Marc and daughter Elvina contacted us and told us about the unease they had felt.”

    “You two experienced the same darkness?” Rostek looked from one officer to the other.

    “Eled-Hir mentioned the destruction of dark critters,” Steve said.

    “Days later I heard that the planet Kreyfon was destroyed,” Jono said.

    “Kreyfon was the home of those dark critters,” Steve said. “And whoever had something to do with the destruction is still alive and guiding a student or students on the dark path.”

    “Maybe the murderer is one of those dark beings,” Rostek said. “He will want the holocron.”

    “And we will be there to stop the darrin,” Steve said with doubt sounding in his voice.

    “Now you have to tell me what a darrin is,” Rostek said.

    “I will,” Steve said and began to tell a tale of the ancient history of his ancestors.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Maybe the murderer is one of those dark beings,” Rostek said. “He will want the holocron.”

    “And we will be there to stop the darrin,” Steve said with doubt sounding in his voice.

    “Now you have to tell me what a darrin is,” Rostek said.

    “I will,” Steve said and began to tell a tale of the ancient history of his ancestors.

    I know what a darrin is, but the identity of the murderer... [face_nail_biting]
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    Chapter 6

    Rostek was awed when the CorSec shuttle that had come to take them to the officer in charge of CorSec on Centerpoint station excited the tube and began to fly at a low altitude over the homes, parks, lakes, orchards, and farmland. Hollowtown was amazing with the glowpoint ‘sun’ in the centre of the sphere. And looking towards his mentor he saw the same kind of awe reflected on that face. One of the high structures was their destination. Rostek had a frown on his face. They had passed the Koro Zavala estate minutes after exiting the transport tube that began at the docking area where their corvette was waiting with the crew.

    “Semendiger has to go to Hollowtown headquarters first,” Steve grinned when he saw that frown. “Captain Eustache outranks him and she will want to be at the site in person.”

    “With that slight delay we will have more bugs and flies on the crime scene,” Jack chuckled softly. “I love it!”

    “You and your creepy crawlies,” Steve patted Jack on his shoulder.

    The entomology expert had his hand flying up to his shoulder. “No flies there this time.”

    “I know,” Steve roared with laughter, tears appearing in his eyes.

    “What? I don’t see flies!” Rostek enquired.

    “He gave a pat on my shoulder before I entered the exam room,” Jack grinned. “And what was there for the examiner to see?”

    “A fly,” Steve moved his fingers rapidly, imitating the crawling legs.

    “And the large critter was making a buzzing sound,” Jack said. “It was a fly from the toys for you shop and with the looks of a real banshee-fly living in the sewers of Coronet city. I had one when I was a teenager and going to a ghoul party. I took the fly from my shoulder and could use it to give more impact to my demonstration. The examiner had a great day. And I did after he graded my work as first class and gave a recommendation for CorSec. Working with creepy crawlies beats the work of my previous job as a nurse.”

    You were a nurse?” Rostek asked.

    “An ER-nurse,” Jack began and told more about the many victims he had seen in the emergency room coming from the seedy districts of Coronet City and wanting to nail the culprits who had caused the often hideous injuries.

    - - -

    Jack and Steve – with Jono joining them to add his witty comments when Jack began about the incident in the red light district – were still telling stories when the shuttle landed in the hangar of the CorSec building.
    The group exited that shuttle and joined Captain Eustache and Bill Posey in an unmarked speeder and departed for the estate of Koro Zavala.

    Rostek loved it. Now he knew even more about his colleagues, old and new. He was the last to leave the speeder – when that speeder touched down next to a CorSec shuttle and a larger transport – and taking a pair of blue synthrubber gloves offered by Jack.

    Bill Posey – who had been introduced as the coroner of CorSec Hollowtown – had hurried to the large transport and was busy with his team – two droids – to ready a body-bag and stretcher.

    “Wow, look at that,” Jack Wells shouted. He had donned a coverall and was lugging his case along in his gloved hands.

    “Flies and something dark,” Steve grumbled.

    - - -

    An old speeder – of the kind that was seen in abundance in Hollowtown – touched down some distance away from the estate.

    “What’s CorSec doing there?”

    “We have to wait until they leave. The object might be there in the house. The man told us that Zavala is an art collector.”

    “I will ready my blaster.” The rodian reached for his crutches and began to disassemble them. It was his way to transport his sniper-blaster without alerting any authorities.


    @Nyota's Heart
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    Chapter 7

    A man – head supported by his hands – was sitting in the CorSec shuttle. He was whimpering softly. A CorSec officer was sitting next to him and another was offering him a glass with water.

    “I will go and see what my officers have to report about the gardener,” Captain Eustache walked to the shuttle.

    “The gardener is quite upset,” Steve remarked.

    “Captain Eustache will comfort him and get him to headquarters as soon as possible,” Jono said.

    “You can take the body as soon as we are ready,” Major Semendiger said to Bill Posey before walking with his team towards the stairs leading to the entrance of the large white building. “We will secure the evidence.”

    “Flies and by the looks of them the next generation,” Jack – wearing eye-protection and coming nearer to observe what he had already spotted when the shuttle touched down – took a mask from one of the pockets of the coverall. “We will have a smelly situation.” After observing that someone – probably the gardener – had unlocked the door he entered through the automatically opening door.

    Some flies were swarming outside when Jack passed the door, following the trail of flies and grubs to the living room but most stayed there where a body was in the middle of that room.

    “And there is something real sinister about this place,” Jono – coming up to Jack with Steve and Rostek on his heels – hurriedly added a mask to his face-protection when he followed the trail and saw the decaying and bloated body covered with flies and grubs. He was glad for the mask when he knelt down.

    “As in darrin dark,” Steve had full protection on his face and had ordered Rostek to do the same.

    “As in a corpse that has been here for at least a couple of days,” Major Semendiger remarked with a funny voice because he was holding his nose pinched with his fingers. He was the one without any hand- and face-protection but would supervise the team. “The vic must have been alerted by that.” He pointed to a door with a broken transparisteel panel, leading to a well tended garden. “And it’s now the main entrance to the smelly meal for your friendly flying flies.”

    “The friendly friends will give a clue to the time of death,” Jack followed with his eyes – laughter dancing in them because of the obvious discomfort of the major – the swarming flies and grubs.

    “A break in and the vic getting in a fight with the thieves,” Jono pointed to a knife protruding from the chest. “Coroner Posey will have an easy case with only the time of death to be determined.”

    “Soon after getting the Dorsetti holocron I think,” Jack said. “And with the high temperature in here because the sun dimming transparisteel blocks in the walls and roof weren’t activated the decomposition was accelerated. Hence the next generation of flies is busy.”

    “The vic has been quite a collector of fake holocrons,” Rostek saw the objects standing on shelves and mostly on the floor where shelves had been torn down or display-cases shattered. “Some look like the Dorsetti holocron. Zavala loves red. I am sure we will find our holocron among them.”

    Jack was taking pictures with his holocam after putting his hovercam on automatic-mode to record everything. From the knife in the chest and holocrons – in different and the same shapes and colours and shattered this and that way around the body – he took fingerprints. Fingerprints were put on holocam.

    “They were art thieves,” Steve pointed to glassy bits and pieces when Jack dusted them. “There, that has been a large glass-sculpture and that holocron is broken. They must have been interested in the smaller ones.”

    “The large one there on the glass shelf is a fake holocron made by Alsetti,” Rostek observed. “He is a famous glass-artist living in Kor Vella.”

    “Must have been too heavy,” Steve grinned when he came closer to the shelf and saw his reflection in the glassy surface. “And it is too famous to get rid off. I have seen it when I visited an art exhibition during my trip to the holiday resort.”

    “Look at that,” Jack sat down on his haunches and pointed to an object that was half obscured by the mass of flesh that had once been a rather large belly, covered by a now sticky pair of trousers and shirt. “Can you help me?”

    “Yes,” said Jono and took the offered holocam.

    Steve turned and Rostek came nearer.

    Jack applied some dusting powder and took fingerprints when they appeared on the object.

    “We have the first data to send to CorSec central command,” Jono took pictures.

    Major Semendiger took the holocam from Jono and walked outside.

    Jack caught flies and grubs in a test tube and in doing so he uncovered the reddish coloured object and more objects in various colours.

    “The red object looks like the holocron sold by Aira Dorsetti,” Rostek recognised it immediately from the data of her computer.

    @Nyota's Heart
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Enjoying the gathering of tangible evidence.
  16. Space_Wolf

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    Mar 13, 2007
    I wondered if someone was going to do a story like this. I think there is good scope for it in Star Wars, especially with all the aliens around to make things interesting, and I have always wanted to read a story with Rostek and Nejaa in. So I shall be keeping an eye on this one.
  17. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    The darrin, whatever it is, is leaving quite a trail of destruction. If that holocron gets to the buyer, I suspect they will have no chance of retrieving it -- there were probably not that many Naboo nobles with an interest in the Sith, and the one that I know of never got caught...

    The entomologist's happiness with new generations of flies and grubs was amusing. Nobody understands him. ;)
  18. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    more evidence next and... leading to a cliffie[face_worried]
    Nejaa will come later in the story
    That Sith[face_skull]

    Chapter 8

    ‘This is getting interesting.’ Rostek – eyes going over the scene – was fumbling with his comlink. ‘My friend Nejaa will be very interested to see all those artistic impressions.’

    “You can take pictures if you want,” Steve gave his student an encouraging nod.

    “Yes,” Rostek grinned and began to take pictures. Some works were quite obvious forgeries or just based on the holocron design of the Jedi. Other pieces resembled the real kind and a few were new designs.

    Jack had an amused look on his face when he saw Rostek busy. He had been the same when Steve was teaching him. “We might need the holocron – fake or not – as evidence in the Dorsetti case because it was the last object sold by her. And take that one too. It is looking the same. And geez Zavala wanted them all to be the same. There are more like the Dorsetti holocron. We have to take them all. But wait with the bags, I see some nice footprints here and will collect them before Bill Posey and his team can take the body. Central command will come soon with data about the fingerprints.” He took some clear-sc-sheets from his bag.

    Rostek took more pictures with his comlink and saw the laughter appearing on Steve’s face when he turned the comlink and took a picture of himself.

    “A selfie for your report Horn,” Steve laughed.

    “This is a crime-scene,” Jack looked up for a moment from his footprint collecting and hiding the laughter in his voice. “I am almost ready with the footprints. And Jono get that piece in a bag. I have dusted it for prints and the clear-sc-sheet has a nice finger-print.”

    Jono knelt down next to the body. “Getting that one,” he was intrigued by the object and reached with his gloved hand to the object and touched. “Kark!”

    The skin and flesh of the belly ripped with more grubs swarming the place. The object – a double pyramid – became dislodged. It skittered with some skin and flesh attached towards Steve who stumbled backwards when it touched his left boot.
    Jono jumped up, tripped over an object and swayed with his arms to hold his balance.
    A red coloured object looking like a holocron skittered towards more of its kind.

    “Real messy,” Jack grumbled and snatched away the sticky clear-sc-sheet which held now a footprint. “Be glad I have just finished the last footprint. He took his comlink. “Doctor Posey, come in with your team. You have to take the body away before it falls apart.”

    Steve bent down to get the holocron that had smudged his boot. He grabbed the object only to drop it. “Moirani englara darrin!” He stumbled further backwards and was halted when he banged against the shelf.

    A shelf gave and the Alsetti artwork tumbled down to the floor with a loud noise of breaking glass.

    “All is coming apart,” Jono muttered.

    “So this object is a real nasty thing.” Rostek mumbled under his breath when he heard again darrin preceded by some unknown words. He knelt down observing the horrified looks on Steve’s and Jono’s face. And very resolutely he took on of the clearplast bags from Jack’s case, enclosed the object with the opened bag, sealed the bag and placed it in one of his pockets.

    “It is evi,” Jono began with a soft voice when Major Semendiger and Captain Eustache rushed in followed by Bill Posey and his team.

    Rostek observed the faces of the major and captain.

    - - -

    “Holocron thieves got him,” Kai Teemto muttered under his breath when he picked up the conversation between the CorSec officers standing near the large transport. He had with Hatty come closer to the CorSec vehicles using the coverage of the foliage and rocks.

    “We have to get in before they take away all the merchandise.”

    “They are with too many. We will wait. They will be going soon. Look.”

    “You know what I am wearing under these coveralls.”

    Kai grinned wickedly. He wore the same kind of coveralls that blended with the surroundings. Hatty would be very visible after shedding his but that would serve a purpose.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    “You know what I am wearing under these coveralls.”

    Kai grinned wickedly. He wore the same kind of coveralls that blended with the surroundings. Hatty would be very visible after shedding his but that would serve a purpose.

    Recently, you write wicked but brilliant stuff! ;)
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    and it's containing cliffies
    Nyota's Heart

    Chapter 9
    “Central command has a positive ID on fingerprints collected from some of the holocrons,” the major gave the holocam back to Jack. Relief was showing on his face. The Zavala murder would be an easy case. “You can manage? I will go with Captain Eustache and a team to the Massard place. She has been here.”

    “Geez,” Jack took the holocam with a grin on his face when the coroner and his droids began to ready the corpse for transport. “The gang of Blonde Dolly busy again?”

    “She is and this time she won’t escape her fate because we have identified her fingerprints on a picture of a holocron,” Captain Eustache grinned. “She will be at the Lizard club and casino this time of the day – uh night – entertaining the visitors with her rope dancing and some more. And she or the one who left those large footprints is the murderer of Koro Zavala. Central command has yet to identify the fingerprints from the knife. Must be a new goon hired by her.”

    “I would love to see the action at the Lizard,” Rostek looked to Jack, Steve and Jono. He had his comlink in his hand.

    “Nah not that much to see for us,” Jack smirked. “Just some men gazing at scantily dressed girls. And I need more time and your assistance to finish this.” He had put away his cams. Taking finger- and foot-prints and getting the red holocrons for the Dorsetti case remained.

    “It will be an in and out for us, getting Dolly and securing her gang,” Captain Eustache said. “I have a team ready.”

    “All females,” Jono grinned under his breath.

    “I heard that lieutenant,” Captain Eustache laughed. “Seducing zeltrons and falleen are among them to counter Dolly’s actions.”

    “What.” Jono got a surprised look on his face. He had never seen those races among the captain’s officers.

    “Just kidding,” Captain Eustache grinned. “I have experts for this situation. A group of veterans from the Corellian marines and droids are quite a match for whatever Dolly is trying.”

    Jono shook his head in amusement. Captain Eustache was being funny. She would have just the regular SWAT team to arrest Massard and her gang.

    “I will go with the captain,” Major Semendiger said. “Help Jack to finish and you can go to the corvette if you are ready and raid the galley. Sergeant Smithers always stocks it with nice meals.”

    “Smithers,” Jono got a big smile on his face. “Let’s finish this as soon as possible. His meals beat the action at whatever place.”

    “He makes delicious veggie-burgers,” Steve got a smile on his face.

    “Save one meal for me,” Major Semendiger strode towards the door following the captain.

    “A pity there is nothing for me,” Coroner Posey said. “Smithers is famous. I have met him visiting CorSec.” He was ready and left with his droids and the stretcher.

    “Bel Hana will put some meals in the speeder for you and the captain,” the major offered before heading outside.

    “Thank you,” Coroner Posey left the room. He was now in a hurry and wanted to finish the autopsy before sending one of his assistants to the docking station to get the speeder back to the Hollowtown headquarters.

    Rostek had never met Smithers or tasted the meals but saw the now eager smiling faces of Jono and Steve. He was now with Steve and Jack near the window looking out over the garden and saw Jack busy. He asked “do we need all the holocrons as evidence?”

    “For the Dorsetti case we need the ones looking like the holocron sold by her,” Jack replied. “They can lead us to her murderer.”

    “Yeah if Grimes is successful in tracking the culprit,” Steve said. “We need the holocron to confront him or her.”

    Rostek put his comlink away.

    “I will examine this one first,” Jack had his brush ready and took one piece of clear-sc-sheet.

    - - -

    “They are going,” Kai Teemto – gazing through the scope of his sniper-rifle – observed. “And that’s the coroner and his team but I …”

    “Miss two or three officers,” Hatty Burras continued. “And you heard that captain talk about holocron collectors. We have to get inside before they take all the evidence away.”

    “I can use my skills to create a situation,” Kai exited the hiding place in the foliage and neared the estate. A garden fence at the back was his destination.

    Hatty doffed his coveralls and followed with a drawn blaster. He knew what Kai wanted and was prepared.

    - - -

    “This red bauble is dusted and can be put in a bag,” Jack took a clearplast bag from his case and gave it to Rostek. He began to crawl to the next object after getting more clear-sc-sheets.

    “Nice looking holocrons,” Rostek – standing next to Steve – was bowing down when he saw a flash outside. Whipping out his blaster he threw himself against Steve who had turned to the window as well and was in the line of fire. A transparisteel window shattered. He heard a loud moan.

    That was coming from Steve who tried to reach for his blaster and began to topple down towards the window.

    Rostek fired his blaster towards the now shattered window when he saw again movement.

  21. AzureAngel2

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    “Nice looking holocrons,” Rostek – standing next to Steve – was bowing down when he saw a flash outside. Whipping out his blaster he threw himself against Steve who had turned to the window as well and was in the line of fire. A transparisteel window shattered. He heard a loud moan.

    Attack, attack! They are under attack! *extreme fingernail biting & yelping here
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    They are and what's happening?

    Chapter 10

    Swaying on his feet Steve – ears now ringing from the discharge of Rostek’s blaster near his head – was falling and gasping for air. His right lung was on fire and not functioning properly. His right hand – slow because of the intense pain in his chest and protesting muscles – was reaching for his blaster when a second slug hit him in the right shoulder and had him falling backwards and crumbling on the floor.

    “A sniper.”


    “Get down Jack.”


    Vaguely Steve heard more noise from blasters being fired, voices and his name shouted by Jack and Rostek. The blaster-sound was coming from the garden and getting faint.

    “Someone is helping us.”

    That came from Jono. Steve heard again a blaster very near to him discharging. ‘Jono’s.’

    Moments later – or were it minutes – Jono’s face was appearing with a very worried look in Steve’s vision.

    The blaster-sound ceased.

    “Get these Jono.”

    That was Jack – very faint – some snapping sounds – discarding gloves? – More sounds – new gloves? And yes there he was. Steve was swimming in and out of consciousness. Why was breathing this difficult?
    Jack’s gloved hand appeared for a minute in Steve’s vision before touching the shoulder.

    “Steve – hey – you are still with us? Take it easy Steve. You were hit by two particle slugs.”

    “This can help?”

    “Yes Jono and press them against the wound in his chest. Careful. I suspect a collapsed lung. The shoulder wound is through and through.”

    Steve felt a hand holding some clearplast evidence bags and something more. Jono was using his powers.

    “Stay with me Steve. I will help you. Don’t try to talk.”

    ‘Talking is difficult yeah.’

    “It is. Mindtalk is alright. Concentrate on me. I will stay with you.”

    ‘Nice Jono.’ Steve concentrated on Jono. He heard the opening door and some footsteps coming nearer.

    “Hey who are you?” That was Rostek.

    - - -

    Kai Teemto was very satisfied. He had created his situation. His work was finished. After a precision shot through the window aiming at the right side of the dark haired officer standing near the window he had fired a second shot with his sniper-rifle aiming towards the falling officer. He was sure that the injuries were requiring immediate care in a medical facility. Dead the officer was of no use to him. He would wait until the estate was deserted. More shots were fired by him using his blaster. He hit only the foliage and had expected the same from Hatty.


    Nyota's Heart
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    Yikes, serious injuries. [face_nail_biting] =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Kai Teemto was very satisfied.

    I am satisfied about this update, too, even though it has dark parts. But those are the best.
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    Uh oh. Wonder what Kai is plotting, if he wasn't aiming to kill...

    Liked the banter between all the CorSec people and how they all seem to know each other -- and know who can grill a veggie burger well. :p