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Census [Census & Games] Official Game Rotation System Thread

Discussion in 'Archive: Census and Games' started by The Loyal Imperial, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. The Loyal Imperial

    The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 19, 2007
    In a previous thread a plan was put forth, detailing a system of rotation to be implemented in Census and Games that would bring order to the somewhat chaotic nature of how many games we have running at once and the issue of when they start and end. In this thread, that plan will be put into action. Below, you will find a number of categories containing active and inactive games. Active games, as the name implies, are currently in progress and are being played. Inactive games are not, and will remain inactive until a host steps forward to volunteer to run them (unless the game have been moved to the inactive list due to a lack of interest or for having been active for too long, in which case it will be eligible to start up again after a suitable amount of time has passed). When that happens, the inactive game will be permitted to start up again and move to the active list either immediately or after another active game in the same category ends (if there seem to be too many similar games running at once).

    If you have a new game to propose or wish to contribute to the development of games on the B- and C-lists (which have not yet been determined to be able to run smoothly unsupervised or have not yet been tested), please use one of the following threads:

    Draft discussion thread
    Game suggestions thread

    Also note that the Census and Games Gaming Thread is run separately from this system, and will remain unaffected by the changes being made here.

    And as for the list of games itself:
    [u][b]A-list games (rules refined, ready for players)[/b][/u]



    [i]Inactive:[/i] [link=]Movie & TV Draft[/link], [link=]Animated Draft[/link], [link=]Video Game Draft[/link], [link=]Comic Draft[/link]

    [b]RX_Sith's games[/b]

    [i]Active:[/i] [link=]Star Wars Fortune[/link]

    [i]Inactive:[/i] [link=]Monopoly[/link], [link=]Jeopardy![/link]

    [b]Strategy games[/b]


    [i]Inactive[/i]: [link=]Junta[/link], [link=]Road to Fame[/link], [link=]Clue[/link], [link=]Mafia[/link], [link=]Galactic Risk[/link]

    [b]Trivia games[/b]

    [i]Active:[/i] [link=]20 Questions[/link]

    [i]Inactive:[/i] [link=]Bet Your Knowledge[/link], [link=]The Logic Quiz[/link]

    [b]Games of chance[/b]

    [i]Active:[/i] [link=]Uno[/link]

    [i]Inactive:[/i] [link=]Blackjack[/link], [link=]Yahtzee[/link], [link=]Pirate Dice[/link], [link=]Battle Royale[/link]

    [b]Word games[/b]

    [i]Active:[/i] [link=
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