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Saga Chiaroscuro (RotS time travel au)

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    Title: Chiaroscuro Def: The interplay of light and shadows.
    Summary: The future is dire, and the Force knows it. The Sith have returned. Darkness is slowly clawing its way through the universe, and Her Chosen One is on the brink of self destruction. But the Force has a plan. Who better to redeem her Chosen One, than his very children? Hopefully they can change fate in time. (RotS/CW AU A/P, L/H, Human!Force)

    Chapter One: 'When A good Man Goes to War."

    “Demons run when a good man goes to war
    Night will fall and drown the sun
    When a good man goes to war

    Friendship dies and true love lies
    Night will fall and the dark will rise
    When a good man goes to war

    Demons run, but count the cost
    The battle's won, but the child is lost”
    -Steven Moffat

    Most believe the Force to be simply energy. A moving current through Time and Space. Something

    with great power, but no thoughts.

    They couldn’t be more wrong.

    The Force is living. It is intelligent. It is fair and unwavering in its justice. It is all things and nothing

    at the same time.

    The Force created all, and in time it would destroy all.

    It lives within every sentient being, and even some of those who are not sentient. It brings both life

    and death in equal measures.

    For you see, there is no Light or Dark to the Force.

    There is simply its Will, and those who would go against it.

    The Force is all knowing and all powerful.

    And I’ll let you in on a little secret...

    The Force is Me.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Six months, Luke thought. Six months since the second Death Star was blown to nothingness. Six

    months since the galaxy was set free from Palpatine’s rule. Six months since his father died.

    Luke’s eyes closed as he leaned against a blaster-scorched wall.


    He had come to except who he was, who his father had been. As far as Luke was concerned, Vader
    and Anakin were two entirely different people.

    Darth Vader was the result of a terrible mistake and an unforgivable lie. He was the creation of

    circumstance. Darkness had blackened his soul, but so had despair.

    Vader had been a shell.

    Luke understood that. Whatever had turned Anakin Skywalker, his father, to the Dark Side had also
    devoured his very being until there was nothing left but hate and the resignation to obey.

    That, in truth, was all he had been doing since his fall.

    Obeying the Emperor, obeying the Dark Side.

    Obeying his own hate.

    His actions no longer belonged to him. He was a shell of a man in a robotic suit, obeying because it

    was all he had left to do.

    Because he had learned that making his own choices only lead to pain.

    Vader had given up. He was a symbol of, not power, but defeat. He was a slave to his own

    darkness. Until Luke came.

    It was not simply Vader who had attacked Luke atop Cloud City. Anakin had been there too. He

    might have been twisted and stained black from confinement within the shell, but he was there,

    reaching out for Luke.

    He believed, at least for a moment, that he had done something right. That he was not entirely dead,
    because his son remained.

    While Anakin Skywalker had fallen, his son had risen.

    And on his shoulders Luke had carried his father into redemption. But it was Anakin who took those
    last few steps into the light.

    He had saved Luke’s life, and Luke had saved his soul.

    Vader might have died that day above Endor, but Anakin Skywalker had been born again.

    It was in his father’s honor, as well as Obi-Wan’s and Yoda’s, that Luke stood where he did.

    In the half-burnt ruins of the Jedi Temple.

    What once was a great monument to the Jedi’s power now was a tomb for those killed during the


    Walls were scorched with blaster fire. Pillars lay collapsed and debris blanketed the cracked marble


    What had transpired over twenty years ago still echoed within the Force. Luke closed his eyes and

    tried to drown out the screams.


    He glanced up. Before him stood Leia. His twin sister wore jedi training robes much like Luke

    himself. Her hair was pulled high in a simple brain. Attached to her hip was the silver handle of her

    lightsaber. Luke inwardly smiled at the memory of helping his impatient little sister create the blade.

    It had taken them over a month due to constantly having to start over.

    Luke straightened up and patted down his black robes of any dust that could have accumulated on

    the fabric.

    He smiled at his sister. “Come on. We should get to training.” He gestured for her to follow him

    down the corridor. The Temple had a fantastic training room which Luke utilized on a daily basis,

    along with aiding Leia in her own Jedi training.

    The two arrived outside the massive steal doors leading to said room. Luke released a small force

    pulse and the doors slid open.

    He stepped inside but had to immediately shield his eyes from the unusually bright lights emanating

    from the room.

    Luke’s eyes blinked then widened in surprise.

    This was not the training room.

    The space was massive, and entirely white. One couldn’t even tell where wall met floor if it weren’t
    for the paintings.

    Dozens of thirty by ten glassy paintings hung nobly from the ivory walls. They depicted things all

    the way from ancient jedi knights to the battle of Endor.

    Luke neared one of the paintings. A closer look reviled that the painting was actually a moving


    A holovid that showed images of the Clone Wars...

    ...A holovid that looked eerily like a window...

    Luke pressed his hand to the glass of the holo, only to yelp in surprise when his hand went straight

    through, as if he had slipped it into water.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” called out a voice.

    Both siblings looked up to see a seated figure at the end of the room.

    How had they not seen the person before?

    The being was made entirely of light. It appeared to be female as it had an hour glass figure and long

    However, its voice was completely genderless. It sat upon a silver throne that seemed to be made of

    thousands of iron cylinders. Cylinders, Luke realized, that looked just like lightsabers.

    As he slowly walked closer, he realized that was exactly what it was.

    Thousands upon thousands of lightsabers all molded together to make a massive seat in which the

    ethereal being sat. How had it gotten those weapons? Who was this being?

    “The lightsabers belonged to all deceased Jedi to ever exist.” Spoke the being as if reading Luke’s


    “I did, silly boy.” It grinned. “Once a Jedi, or even a Sith, dies, their blade comes here, to join it’s

    brethren upon my throne. A lightsaber is the life of a Jedi after all, once one they pass into me, they

    no longer need that. They no longer need to fight. There is peace.” The being smiled. Not in anyway
    creepily or sardonic, but a true caring smile. That of a mother looking fondly at her child.

    It looked at both Luke and Leia at the same time, even though it appeared to have no eyes, only a

    white glowing face.

    “As to who I am...” A wide grin replaced the gentle smile as the being spoke cheerfully. “Well, I’m

    the Force!” The being swung its legs over the side of the throne, its arms draped lazily over the

    sides. “And please dears, it’s very rude to call people an ‘it’. I thought you were raised with manners
    you two.” The Force tisked disapprovingly. “If you must use a pronoun, call me a ‘she’. I did create,
    well, everything after all. Creation is a mother’s job.” The Force giggled. “Heh! Me, a mother. What
    an odd thought.”

    Leia took a step forward, having come to her senses faster than her brother during the being’s tirade.

    “What are we doing here? If you are indeed the Force, what do you want of my brother and I?”

    The Force grew serious, something odd to see on Her so far grinning face. “I need you.” She said


    “You, the all-powerful Force, needs us?” Leia questioned with a hint of snark. She was scared and

    confused, and whenever she felt backed into a corner, she turned to her first defense, sarcasm.

    The Force threw her head back and laughed. “Me, I love your spunk child!”* She shook her head.

    “Yes, I need you. I need you to restore my Chosen One to his intended path.”

    “You mean our father?” Questioned Luke.

    Leia scowled at her brother. “There is no way in seven hells I am helping Vader.”

    “Leia!” The Force rumbled. Her expression became kind again. "Please listen."

    Leia nodded did as told. It was hard to argue with the Force herself.

    “Now, that’s better.” The Force looked at Luke. “Yes, I do indeed mean your father.” Her head

    swerved around at unnatural speed to look at Leia pointedly. “And not Vader. Anakin Skywalker

    and Darth Vader were and are two very different beings. I am tasking you with making sure Vader

    never comes into existence.”

    “How?” Questioned Luke. “How can we change something that happened before we were even


    “I’m the Force, aren’t I?! I can do anything!” The Force grinned widely. “And that includes sending
    you two back in time.”

    The twins looked at the glowing being in shock.

    “Time travel?!” Leia gasped.

    The Force nodded. “Indeed.” Her expression grew grim. “I ask that you allow me to send you back

    to the time just before your father’s breaking point. He was never meant to fall to the Dark Side. But
    things had not gone as I had planned, and here this reality is.”

    The Force removed a silver and black lightsaber handle from Her throne. She absently turned it

    around in Her hands.

    “If you succeed, This reality will cease to exist. Sidious will be dead and you will be allowed to

    grow up together, with both a mother and a father.” She looked at them with a blank white face that
    somehow help seas of emotion. “Leia, you will meet Han again, and the two of you will fight and

    brawl and fall in love all over again.”

    She turned to look at the male Skywalker. “And you Luke will meet the love of your life, who will

    most likely try and kill you at your first meeting.” She chuckled. “Things will be as they should.

    How I always planned them to be.”

    Leia shook her head. “This all sounds too good to be true.” She murmured.

    “It will be a difficult task.” Spoke the Force. “You must prevent Anakin from falling to the Dark

    Side, as well as convince him to kill his friend and mentor. You see, Palpatine help influence over

    him from a very young age. It will be a hard bond to sever.” The Force sighed.

    “This may be something you will not survive, and if such a thing does happen, the galaxy will be

    worse off than it was with Vader.”

    Both Skywalkers looked pale. Worse than Vader? It was a terrifying thought.

    “It is your choice, as it always will be. You may remain here, in this time. Rebuild the Jedi order, fall
    in love, have a family of your own. But I warn you, the Sith are not entirely destroyed. The

    Prophecy wasn’t fully fulfilled. They will rise again, in your lifetime or not.”

    Silence fell in the massive hall. All that was heard were the two mortal’s light breathing. Luke

    looked at the saber in the Force’s hands. He recognized it.

    It was his father’s lightsaber. The lightsaber Obi-Wan had given him on Tattooine. The lightsaber

    that had fallen with his right hand after Vader cut it off.

    Held in the thin pale fingers of the Living Force was the weapon that started, and in a way finished,

    it all.

    Luke looked at the silver weapon, a thing of both hope and destruction, and he knew what he had to

    Slowly, Luke walked towards the throne. A few paces away he knelt. “I accept your offer to save

    my father as he once saved me.”

    His eyes downcast, he felt more than saw the Force stand. She knelt down next to him, felt her cool

    and warm fingers on his cheeks.

    “Look at me, my child.”

    Luke did as he was told. Being so near the Living Force, Luke was able to see detail he hadn’t

    before noticed. Like how her hear had hints of blonde in it as well as silver and white. She had slight
    dimples on her glowing porcelain cheeks. Her thing lips were such a pale pink it was very nearly


    But the oddest thing was her eyes, or there lack of. Covering where her eyes would be was a silvery white cloth, some sort of blindfold.

    “No one can see my eyes.” She whispered. “The eyes of the Force hold more power than any mortal
    can fathom.” Her head tilted back to face Leia, her covered eyes seeming to pierce her mind and


    “And what of you, Leia?” Questioned the Force, her voice booming. “What say you Leia Organa

    Skywalker, adoptive daughter of Bail and Breha, Princess of Alderaan, brother of Luke Skywalker

    and child of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Naberrie Amidala? What say you?!”

    Leia looked wide eyes at the woman kneeling before her, the creator of everything, the mother of all

    Leia swallowed, her eyes shimmering with light tears yet to be shed. “I...I...”

    ‘What say you?’ The words echoed in her mind, her heart thumping like a drumbeat to her own

    execution. She was being faced with a choice, a choice that would either build her up, or utterly

    destroy her.

    Leia closed her eyes, letting a single tear slip forth. Go back in time. Her chest heaved. Save my


    Not my father! Part of her screamed. She would never think of that black clad monster as her father.

    No, it was Bail Organa who raised her, who comforted her through childhood nightmares and kissed
    away her cuts and bruises after a tumble.

    Bail was her father, not Anakin, and certainly not Vader.

    But what if... A part of her murmured. After all, there must have been something good in him. She

    refused to believe someone as good as Luke could have come from something so evil.

    So what then?

    Who was Anakin Skywalker?

    Did she even want to find out?

    Leia felt her heart clinch. Ever since she had found out she was adopted she wanted to know about

    her biological parents. But her questions were always met with silence or excuses.

    “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

    “Not now Leia.”

    “Perhaps another day.”

    Now was her chance. Now was her chance to find out who she really was. Should she pass this up?
    Could she afford to?

    She was afraid. Leia wasn’t deluded enough to ignore that fact. She knew when to admit when she

    was terrified. But Luke had already announced his plan to go. And there was no way in seven hells

    she would let her twin brother go alone.

    “I will follow my brother.” She finally said, opening her eyes. “I will follow him to the ends of the

    galaxy if need be, and if that takes me into the past, into the life of my father, then so be it.”

    The Force smiled, though it appeared forced. “I wouldn’t ask any more of you.”

    Leia stepped forward and echoed her brother, kneeling down before the Force. The ethereal being

    placed a palm on Leia’s cheek like she was doing with Luke, her smile slowly growing. Gently she

    kissed both in the forehead.

    “Then go, my children. And remember, I will be with you. Always.”

    Leia felt the cool-warm touch of the Force slowly disappear from her face. She felt the world tilt and
    spin as her physical body was pulled apart and put back together.

    It did not hurt, but neither was it pleasant.

    Her hand instinctually sought out her brother’s and they clasped together tightly.

    Around her the world swirled and swirled on and on. She could feel time and space moving around

    her and through her.

    Then suddenly, it all stopped.

    Leia once again felt solid ground beneath her feet and a cool breeze across her skin. Her eyes slid

    open to take in the world around her. Lush green forest met her vision.

    A sudden bust of blaster fire ignited a tree not a meter from them.

    Leia jerked away from the explosion, her eyes wide.

    They were most certainly not on Coruscant anymore...
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    The Force as an entity is an interesting idea. Good start!

    (I love the Demon's Run Poem, I memorized it not long after watching that episode I liked it so much. :) )

    If I could give one piece of advice? Double spacing makes it much easier to read on here, without it the story looks like a big wall of text.
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    How's that? Took forever 'cuz I had to hit space before I could make a new paragraph. Ugh. But it's done now. I'm glad you like it. It's really nice when one of the 'higher up' (I guess you'd call them) like my stuff. Idk but I always think of an admin or manager to be really critical. :)

    (I also love that poem. It was beautiful.)
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    Chapter Two 'Running Up That Hill"

    “And if I only could,

    Make a deal with God,

    And get him to swap our places,

    Be running up that road,

    Be running up that hill,

    Be running up that building.”

    “So much hate for the ones we love?

    Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

    You, be running up that hill

    You and me, be running up that hill

    You and me won't be unhappy.”

    “C'mon, baby, c'mon, c'mon, darling,

    Let me steal this moment from you now.

    C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,

    Let's exchange the experience, oh...”

    -Placebo ‘Running Up That Hill’

    Green was the first thing Luke noticed. Lots and lots of green. So very different from the white room of the Force or the browns of the
    Jedi Temple.

    The next thing he noticed was the chill. The air around him felt overly brisk. Already goosebumps were raising on his skin.

    The last thing he noticed was the fighting. All around him Luke could hear the blasts of lasers and clank of metal.

    Flashes of colourful laser-fire light up the trees. Quick glimpses of white and gold appeared between the thick trunks as two sides battled.

    “Luke?” Spoke a shaky voice from next to him. He turned to see his sister, wide eyed and trembling. He realized he himself was shaking,
    his breath uneven.

    “W-what?” Leia swallowed. “What happened?”

    Luke shook his head. He noticed a white figure step out of the tree line and his eyes widened. The colour, the armor, the posture. So

    similar and yet eerily different.

    And suddenly Luke knew exactly where they were.

    “We’re in the Clone Wars.” He breathed.

    Leia’s head jerked up, eyes wide in shock. She opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off.

    “Hey you!”

    Luke felt his sister’s fear and confusion through the Force as the white armored man cautiously made his way towards them. The clone’s

    gun remained raised as he approached. “Who are you?” Demanded the clone trooper. “What are you doing here?”

    Luke slowly lifted his hands in a show of surrender. He nudged Leia through the Force to do the same.

    Luke was about to answer the trooper when a powerful presence in the Force nearly blew him off his feet.

    From the tree line emerged a man dressed int he course robes of a Jedi. In his hand he held a lightsaber, its lit blade casting a blue glow.

    With him were another six clone troopers.

    Luke gasped as the identity of the familiar force presence clicked in his mind. “Obi-Wan?” He murmured.

    Luke’s former mentor didn’t seem to hear him, but glanced at the twins nevertheless. Luke shook his head to clear his muddled thoughts.
    Obi-Wan was just so much... younger.

    It was bizarre to see his youthful face, lacking all the wrinkles and blemishes of age. Luke noticed offhandedly that Obi-Wan’s hair was a
    strawberry blonde. He had never stopped to think what colour his friend’s hair might have been before it was turned white with age.

    At least he still had his beard. Luke didn’t know if he could handle the oddness of a clean-shaven Kenobi.

    “What’s this?” Questioned Obi-Wan, his accented voice sending sad nostalgia through Luke. He had missed that voice.

    “Not sure sir. Found these two just like this.” Answered the trooper.

    “I can explain.” Luke said in hopes to keep a semblance of peace and order. They might have been friends in Luke’s time, but this Obi-

    Wan didn’t know who he or Leia were.

    “I certainly hope you can.” Remarked Obi-Wan.

    Luke was about to start explaining the story he had quickly fabricated when one of the clones fell to the dirt, a fatal blaster shot in his


    “We’re under attack!” Announced one of the troopers. Luke and Leia scrambled to hide behind one of the thick trunked trees.

    “Not good. Not good. Not good.” Muttered Leia.

    Luke couldn’t help but chuckle nervously. “I agree with you there.” He swiftly unclasped his lightsaber from its place on his belt. He

    looked her in the eyes and gave a nod. She unclipped her own hilt and smirked.

    “This is where the fun begins.” She said under her breath.

    In perfect synchrony two blades came to life, one the patient colour of green, the other the willful spirit conveyed in golden light.

    In complete harmony through the Force, the twins sprung from their hiding place behind the tree into the fray.

    Together they partook in a waltz of destruction to music only they could hear. Luke’s emerald blade cut through battled droids like the

    crash of symbols. Metal bodies thumping on the ground harmonized like the beat of drums.

    The hiss and crackle of Leia’s yellow saber sung in harmony to her brother’s. It was in times like these, the ability to destroy but not kill,

    that the twins could allow their worries and fears to be swept up into the tides of the fight.

    Nothing mattered as they battled against the empty shell of droids. There was no life to take, not guilt to be felt once the violence stopped.
    It was just them and their blades. The simple mindless movement of aggression to let out all their pent up rage.

    The battle ended shortly after it began. Luke glanced around. There were nearly a dozen battle droids laying deactivated on the ground,

    as well as the bodies of three clones. Across the small battlefield he noticed Obi-Wan looking at he and his sister oddly. It wasn’t a look

    of mistrust like Luke expected, but rather one of keen interest.

    The Jedi knight stepped around the broken droids to stand a few feet away from the Skywalker twins. He took in both their appearances.
    Luke for one wore a plain brown tunic with cream trousers and boots, clothing that was strangely like the Jedi’s own.

    Leia’s outfit was more elaborate, though toned down from her usual wardrobe. She wore a short dress of blue-grey material and dark

    coloured leggings beneath leather boots. Her hair was pulled up in an elaborate braid, though not as extravagant as what she often wore.

    They were certainly an odd sight for the Jedi, that Luke was sure. They were, after all, wearing a fashion twenty years in the future.

    Add in the fact they both fought with lightsabers and were obviously Force sensitive would be quite the odd combination indeed.

    “Who are you?” Obi-Wan asked at last.

    Luke glanced at his sister and sent her a silent nudge in the Force urging her to remain quite and trust him. He looked back at Obi-Wan

    and sighed. “My name is Luke and this is my sister Leia.” He took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. “The Force sent us.”
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Alright, so in the EU Leia has a red lightsaber. I decided not to give her red as the wounds from the Empire were still fresh and she would most likely associate red with Vader, but I still wanted to make it a lesser used colour, so I chose yellow. Since yellow was used by Jedi Sentinels, pretty much the Sith-assasins of the Jedi Order. Their primary job was to destroy sith and dark jedi. I think Leia could relate to that.
    The lightsabre is actually a yellow-orange, because the characteristics of orange seem to fit Leia as well. "Orange - Jedi that prefer orange-bladed sabers tend to be conflicted individuals, and while they tend to gravitate toward the light side of the Force, it’s usually begrudgingly. Jedi with orange lightsabers have typically had a brush with the dark side of the Force, and despite the fact that they’re usually morally good, they tend to have a mischievous streak."
    R&R And may the Force be with you. (She's watching you... ^_~)
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    Cool stuff! I love time travel reboots, oh yes, I do! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] I will be following this!
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    Cari your story is even better the second time around :D

    Mav is the best ;)
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    Yeah, that makes it much easier to read, though I know it can be a pain to do. 8-}

    And I'm only an mod to make sure people play nice and follow the rules, don't count me as an expert on anything. ;)

    This was a great chapter! Like Nyota's Heart, I'm always a sucker for time travel! But time travel (in story) can be dangerous... which is part of what makes it so fun!
    Poor Obi-wan is going to be so confused!
    Looking forward to more!
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    mavjade I'm glad you like it. Yeah, I'm a sucker for tt as well. XP Guilty pleasure. Since I already have ummm, 6? chapter posted on, I'll go ahead and post the rest here as well.
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    Chapter Three: 'Seasons Keep On Marching'

    “In the spring,
    We climbed the rolling hills,
    And talked about our budding plans.
    And we smiled,
    Our faces like a mirror,
    Showing us our secret sides.
    But then the fights...
    The sharp words splintering the night,
    How I couldn't be what you'd need...
    But oh how I could make you bleed...”

    “I know the border lines we drew between us,
    Keep the weapons down,
    Keep the wounded safe;
    I know our antebellum innocence,
    Was never meant to see the light of our armistice.
    But how much would I give to have it back again?
    How much did we lose,
    To live this way?”

    “You'll go home...I'll stay here,
    Seasons keep on marching,
    I'll stay'll go home,
    With only strangers watching.”
    -Vienna Teng ‘Antebellum’

    “The Force sent us.”

    It ran through Obi-Wan’s head like an incantation. These two strangers, both knowledgeable in the Force had appeared

    with the crackling energy if lightning and a shift in the Force itself.

    In all it was totally bizarre. He couldn’t quite fathom the implications of it. Of course he had heard of the Force giving

    direct missions to Jedi, but such a thing hadn’t happened in thousands of years.

    Yet it didn’t seem quite unfeasible, if the strange way the Force was behaving around the two was anything to go by.

    Obi-Wan was prepared to answer Luke when the dreadily familiar shuffle of gears reached his ears.

    “Oh, blast.” He grumbled and spun around, activating his lightsabre. “Destroyers.”

    Behind him he heard the chorus of duel snap-hisses as the two strangers activated both their weapons.

    Three destroyers uncurled from their fetal positions and activated both weapons systems and shields. The bloody things

    were damn hard to destroy.

    The quite was sliced with the pulsing blast of laser fire and Obi-Wan had to quickly swipe with his lightsabre to deflect

    the deadly energy. The three clones who survived the initial attack fought valiantly, but in the end fell to the droid’s

    heavy fire.

    “Run,” the woman, Leia, ordered.

    “Excuse me?” Questioned Obi-Wan, both confused and slightly insulted at her order.

    “I said run. I have a plan.” She said before turning and sprinting away from the droids. Luke shrugged and ran after her.

    Obi-Wan groaned and went as well. Behind him the destroyers tucked into spheres and took chase.

    Ahead of him he noticed Leia veer behind the thick trunk of a tree, but not before gesturing to Luke and himself to

    continue straight.

    Faced with not much choice, Obi-Wan did as instructed. He glanced back in time to see the three destroyers pass by the

    tree Leia was hiding behind. In an unexpected move, she rolled out from her hiding place and cut through all three of the

    rolling droids. It was pathetically easy to do so with their shields inactive.

    Obi-Wan had to admit, it was a brilliant move. The threat gone, he and Luke moved to join Leia. He stopped mid-step

    when his communicator went off.

    “Kenobi here.” Obi-Wan answered with professional tone.

    “Master, good news.” Came the voice of his former padawan. “The battle’s over. The few droids left had retreated.”

    Obi-Wan sighed in relief. “That is good news.” He glanced at the two strangers. They were standing close to one another

    and watching him. “I’ll meet you back at the base camp. And I’m bringing friends.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Luke followed closely behind Obi-Wan. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his mentor and friend

    was still alive, and twenty years younger.

    Even stranger was the fact that they had time traveled. He of course had an inkling of what he was getting into when he

    accepted the Force’s offer, but... time travel? The notion seemed entirely alien. Yet here he was, in the middle of the

    Clone Wars.

    Luke idly wondered what year it was exactly he was in. It appeared to be near the end of the war, so maybe twenty three

    or so years? Tat would mean he and Leia had yet to even be born.

    He jolted with the sudden thought. What if they came upon their past selves? Would that be some sort of paradox? No,

    from what he understood, he and Leia had been born right around the time the Empire was formed. Thankfully, it seemed

    that had yet to happen.

    That also brought up the subject of their parents. His time’s Obi-Wan had said he and his father had fought together in the

    Clone Wars. Did that mean Anakin Skywalker was here? The Force had instructed them to find a way to keep their

    father from falling to the dark side. How to do that exactly, Luke didn’t know.

    But first he would have to find him. Luke supposed he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

    His thoughts began to wander to who else he might meet in this time. It was during the war, so that meant that the Jedi

    Purges had yet to happen. There would be hundreds still alive. Luke had the chance to meet them, learn from them! The

    thought was exhilarating. He would have to of course come up with a fool proof cover story. Once he was alone with

    Leia they would have to discuss it.

    Who else might he meet? Yoda most likely. Luke wondered if the little green alien appeared younger in this time like

    Obi-Wan did. Probably not, as Yoda was over nine hundred years old.

    Then his thoughts fell to his and Leia’s mother. Who was she? What did she look like? Luke had no idea. He didn’t even

    have a name. Simply the impression that she looked a great deal like Leia. Could she have been a jedi? It was possible,

    but for some reason Luke doubted it. Maybe some sort of politician like Leia?

    He just had so many questions.

    “We’re here.” Obi-Wan’s voice tore Luke from his musings. They were indeed ‘here’. Luke looked over the base camp.

    It was set in a large natural clearing of trees. Several gunships were docked throughout the grassy field. Tents were

    erected between the space vehicles and boxes of supplies were littered about in an organized mess.

    Throughout the camp wandered clones going about their business. It was odd, seeing them without their helmets. Each

    one looked so similar, and yet different.

    Obi-Wan made his way to one of the parked ships. Next to the lowered loading platform stood another figure in dark

    robes. Another jedi, Luke realized.

    He came within thirty paces of the new jedi when it hit him like walking into a force field. He felt his breath leave his

    lungs in a ‘whoosh’. The force signature coming from the jedi was so strong it was almost tangible. The raw power of his

    ora was like burning lightning, electrifying everything around him. It was all power and energy and passion and

    something just so... familiar.

    He glanced to his side to see Leia had a similar reaction. She felt it too. Luke reached out and squeezed her hand in

    comfort, for her benefit as well as his own.

    He took a deep breath and steadied his expression before approaching this new jedi. Now better adjusted to the powerful

    force presence, Luke was able to take in the man’s appearance.

    He was quite a bit taller than Luke, though that wasn’t saying much as he had been vertically challenge since a child,

    something that never ceased to annoy him.

    The jedi wore long brown robes like Obi-Wan, however his were much darker than the light tan of Obi-Wan’s wardrobe.

    His hair was a tangled mess of blonde and brown. It reached just below his jawline. His eyes were a vivid light blue, and

    across his right brow was a jagged scar. Luke recognized it as the product of getting close and personal with a lightsabre.

    Luke’s inquiring gaze was returned by the man, who appeared to be analyzing both he and Leia with equal scrutiny.

    “So these are the friends you talked about Obi-Wan?” The man asked, his eyes never leaving the twins.

    “Yes. One of the clones found them not far off from the main battle. They actually helped in fighting several destroyers.”

    The man raised his brow, impressed by the feat of, what would appear to him, as two civilians. Deciding it best to start

    off on friendly relations with this man, Luke offered his hand. “My name’s Luke, and this is my sister Leia.” The man

    shook Luke’s hand, but remained cautious of him.

    “No last name?” He asked in a half tease, but Luke could sense an undertone of mistrust.

    “Actually, yes. Luke Nilurey.” Said Luke, using the first name that popped in his head. It was actually rather clever, as

    the surname was one of the more common ones used in the Outer Rim.

    The man smiled. “Nice to meet you then. I’m Anakin Skywalker.”
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    Chapter Four: 'Are You A Saint Or A Sinner?'

    “I'm an angel with a shotgun,
    An angel with a shotgun.”

    “Get out your guns, battle's begun.
    Are you a saint or a sinner?
    If loves a fight then I shall die,
    With my heart on a trigger.”

    “They say before you start a war,
    You better know what you're fighting for.
    Well baby, you are all that I adore.
    If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.”

    “I'm an angel with a shotgun fighting 'til the wars won.
    I don't care if heaven won't take me back.
    I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
    Don't you know you're everything I have?
    And I wanna live, not just survive tonight.”

    “Sometimes to win, you've got to sin.
    Don't mean I'm not a believer.
    And major Tom will sing along.
    Yeah, they still say I'm a dreamer.”

    “They say before you start a war,
    You better know what you're fighting for.
    Well baby, you are all that I adore.
    If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.”
    -The Cab ‘Angel With a Shotgun’

    Leia sat on one of the many cargo crates, her eyes glazed over as she watched the clones load up the ships. Apparently

    the clones were supposed to leave for Tythe within the day, now that their current mission was complete. It also seemed

    like she and Luke would be going with them.

    Through careful inquisition by Luke, they had managed to figure out they were on the planet Myrkr. It was a little know

    forest world with no native sentient life. The Republic had sent out a team of troopers and their jedi commanders to check

    out a large gathering of droid ships landing on the planet.

    The Republic...’ Leia sighed. She still couldn’t quite believe the government she had fought to restore was alive and well

    here. Well, perhaps not well. If her history was correct then the Empire had already planted its roots deep inside the


    Leia had to find some way to prevent it from strangling out democracy and blooming into the wicked flower that was the

    Empire she had grown up in. Leia had some ideas, but Luke had urged her not to speak of time travel or empires until

    they had more time to sort things out.

    Their current story was that they were two force sensitives from the Outer Rim who had been trained by an old hermit

    named Ben. Not entirely untrue. As to how they landed on Myrkr, the two had crash landed a mile or so away and,

    hearing the commotion from the battle, came looking for help. Luke had joked that it “hadn’t exactly gone as planned.”

    While neither of the jedi commanders seemed overly convinced of the twin’s story, they had left it alone for now. Obi-

    Wan had asked them to come with them first to Tythe then to Coruscant so they could speak with the Jedi Council. Luke

    had reluctantly agreed, though the reluctance was an act to make their story seem more convincing. Luke was actually

    ecstatic at the prospect of meeting the famed Jedi Masters.

    Luke had told her to rest and take some time to absorb the gravity of their situation before speaking with the two jedi.

    Even though Luke hadn’t known her for most of their lives, her brother could read her effortlessly. It was something she

    was grateful for.

    The problem wasn’t so much the fact they had time traveled. Leia had come to except that as fact. How else could she

    explain her current situation?

    No, what really put her head in turmoil was him. Anakin Skywalker. Her father. Leia still had a hard time grasping that.

    Bail Organa would always be her father. She refused to make room in her heart for anyone else. She had not taken the

    Force’s offer to redeem Anakin. She had gone in time simple to prevent the Empire from rising. Keep Alderaan safe.

    She could care less about Anakin Skywalker.

    But then why did she feel the bitter taste of a lie whenever she thought such a thing? Could it be that somewhere in her

    calloused emotions towards the man she felt some sort of connection? She would never akin it to love. It wasn’t even

    respect. Leia, however, could not deny the connection she felt to the jedi. Like she should like him.

    But he had caused her too much pain for that. ‘But that wasn’t Anakin.’ Whispered her inner voice. ‘That was Vader.’

    No, Anakin and Vader were one and the same. ‘You don’t really believe that, do you?’ Leia looked up to see her brother

    leaning against a parked gunship, talking with Anakin. Laughing with him.

    Luke looked almost.. hopeful. At peace. It was something Leia hadn’t seen on him since Bespin. Leia had to grudgingly

    except that this meant a lot to Luke, and she would support him. She did not, however, have to agree with his futile

    hopes. She highly doubted that someone who could become Vader was someone worth redeeming, if it were even


    She looked again to see Anakin examining Luke’s lightsabre. Her brother was pointing out different features on it has his

    father turned the weapon over in his hands. Anakin handed the hilt back to get brother and said something, a wide smile

    on his face. Luke ducked his head and Leia noticed a light blush on his cheeks.

    “Mind if I sit with you?” Asked a honey-aged voice next to her. Leia jumped a bit as the figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi

    appeared in her peripheral.

    “It’s a free planet, isn’t it?” She asked after getting over her initial surprise.

    Obi-Wan smiled. “It is now, it would seem. Though I can’t figure out what the Separatists might be doing here. There’s

    no resources, no colonies. Nothing useful for their cause.”

    “Trying to expand their foothold?” Leia suggested.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “I don’t think so.” He absently stroked his beard. “They were here for something though.”

    The two lapsed into comfortable silence. Leia was content to sit in Obi-Wan’s calming ora given off through the Force.

    His presence was warm and soothing and rock steady, something she dearly needed.

    Their silence was interrupted when a clone trooper run up to Obi-Wan, his standard helmet missing.

    “General Kenobi, we have an incoming ship on scanners!”

    Obi-Wan stood up. “Separatist?”

    The clone shook his head. “No, not a clanker. It’s a jedi starfighter.”

    Obi-Wan appeared startled at this revelation. “Do you have conformation of the pilot?” He inquired, glancing at Leia

    from the corner of his eye.

    “They’re not answering any of our hails, sir. We do have a visual on the craft though.” The clone shifted awkwardly.

    “It’s eh... sort of rainbow, sir.”

    Obi-Wan’s brow rose in question. The clone handed him a data pad which he readily took. Obi-Wan’s brow lifted even

    higher in surprise. “Well, this is unexpected. No wonder you aren’t getting an answer.”


    Leia stood and moved to look over Obi-Wan’s shoulder at the image on the pad. She blinked in surprise. The clone was

    right, the ship was most certainly rainbow. The triangular jedi fighter was painted in all colours of the spectrum, blue, red,

    pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, and everything in between.

    Obi-Wan looked to the sky, a knowing smile on his face. “Don’t worry, Cody. This ship’s a friend. Most of the time.”

    The clone, Cody, took back the data pad. “If you say so, sir.” He saluted and left. Obi-Wan returned to stroking his


    “Who’s on the ship?” Asked Leia.

    Obi-Wan looked at her with a mischievous glint in his eye. “An old friend.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Luke couldn’t quite believe it. He was talking to Anakin Skywalker , his father, about something as mundane as star ship

    mechanics! Never in anything but his wildest dreams had he considered the thought of having such a conversation. It was

    a good dream to have come true. Even before he knew of his father’s identity, he had always imagined him as some

    extraordinary pilot. And he was right. Luke had full confidence that Anakin Skywalker was the best pilot to live, and he

    had yet to see him in an actual ship.

    Just from words alone Luke could tell he knew his stuff and knew it well.

    The two were suddenly interrupted by the sounds of a starfighter engine. Luke looked up to see the oddest ship he’d ever

    seen preparing to land on an open spot across the camp.

    The ship was a sleek triangle shape with a single person cockpit. Luke was half-way certain the original colour had been

    white. Now the ship sported a colourful mix of graffiti depicting all sorts of odd symbols and creatures. Luke was pretty

    sure there was the image of a hot pink krayt dragon somewhere among the mess. In the left wing was the domed head of

    an equally colourful astro droid.

    “What is that?” Luke asked in shock.

    Anakin laughed and started jogging toward the ship. “That is Master Saieu.” He called behind his shoulder.

    Luke followed behind to meet this person strange enough to pain a jedi starfighter so ridiculously.

    The cockpit opened up and out half jumped-half fell a figure dressed in brown robes. The person stood up and dusted off

    their clothing, a wide smile on their face.

    The person was a woman, Luke noticed first. She also appeared human, though that could sometimes be misleading. Her

    skin was pale and her hair was covered in a shaw, though golden wisps peaked out from underneath.

    Two woven braids were attached to the shaw on each side of her temple by little gold pieces. The frills of her robes were

    embroidered with small bits of blue and green thread. The stitching was clumsy and had more tangled knots than actually

    stitches.The strangest feature was the blindfold over her eyes.

    Attached to her belt were twin lightsabres, both glossy silver metal. The woman was certainly a sight to behold.

    “Come now Artie, can’t keep our friends waiting.” Said the woman. Her voice was high and musical, with a trilling

    accent at the end. The lime green droid ejected from the fighter and rolled behind the woman.

    She looked up and ‘caught sight’ of Anakin. Her grin grew even wider, if that were possible. “Ani!” She cried and ran at

    the jedi, her small form tackling him in a hug. Anakin awkwardly hugged back.

    From the side Luke saw Leia and Obi-Wan approaching. His sister seemed slightly disturbed while Obi-Wan wore a

    bemused smile.

    “Nice to see you too, Master.”

    The woman pulled back, a scowl suddenly on her face. “What have I told you about calling me ‘master’? It’s annoying.

    I’m not one of those ‘stick up their ass’ jedi who spend all their time grumbling in a semi-circle.”

    Anakin released her from the embrace. “Yet you’re a jedi master on the council.”

    The woman waved a hand dismissingley. “Pfft, I’m much more fun than them.” She smiled sweetly at Obi-Wan. “No

    offense to you Master Obi-Wan.”

    “None taken Saieu.” He offered her a warm handshake which she returned with vigor. “I must ask though, what are you

    doing here?”

    Saieu pouted, actually pouted. “I can’t just visit two old friends?”

    Obi-Wan smiled sadly. “I certainly wish, but the war had prevented most friendly excursions.”

    Saieu sighed. “Too true. I’ve come with a mission for you.”

    “Mission?” Anakin inquired. “Why couldn’t the council send it to us directly?”

    “Well, they tried but they couldn’t seem to get communications through to you and I happened to be but a few clicks

    away so I-” She broke off, her eyes wide. “Oh dear.” Saieu suddenly broke off in a sprint toward the forest.

    “I hate when she does that.” Obi-Wan groaned, but took off after her anyway.

    “You know you love it.” Anakin jeered. He and the twins followed closely behind the fleeing master.

    “This is so confusing.” Mumbled Leia.

    Luke couldn’t help but agree.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    They found Saieu kneeling on the ground, a squirming animal in her grasp. “Shhh, it’s okay little one. Saieu isn’t gonna

    hurt you. Promise.”

    Anakin sighed. So she had gone after fuzzy creature again. He was about to dismiss the eccentric master’s little excursion

    as one of her many spur-of-the-moment actions when he felt the Force leave him completely.

    Anakin gasped for breath, the loss of it feeling like a punch in the gut. He heard Obi-Wan grunt and knew he felt it as

    “Nasty little bite, isn’t it.” Said Saieu from where she crouched. Her voice was dead of all emotion, something that never

    ended well.

    She looked at them with her covered eyes that still managed to look straight through a person. “What you’re feeling is

    force-loss. These little beauties have the ability to neutralize a jedi’s connection to the Force. They’re called ysalamir.”

    The yellow lizard-like creature squirmed in her hands, but Saieu held tight. “This is what the droids were after.”

    Obi-Wan approached her cautiously, though he seemed mostly weary of the creature she held. “How are they able to do


    Saieu shrugged. “No a clue.” She grinned at the animal and stroked it under its chin. The ysalamir stopped struggling and

    actually began purring at the jedi’s affections.

    “Why would the Separatists want these things?” Asked Anakin.

    Saieu stood and released the ysalamir on a tree where it scampered up to the top branches. “They’re for the Sith Lord.”

    She answered. “Or more correctly, they’re for the sith to use on jedi.”

    Anakin tensed. Use on jedi? The ysalamir’s neutralization effects would prevent a jedi from using the Force, rendering

    them only half armed, and that’s if they had their lightsabre. It was a terrifying thought.

    “Rather clever, really.” Said Saieu, her tone flat.

    “This is quite disturbing.” Mused Obi-Wan. He looked at the female jedi, an idea forming. “Do you think you could

    catch another one of those? They could prove useful.”

    Saieu appeared hesitant. She glanced up the tree. “I suppose, though you must swear it be treated well.” She glared at

    Obi-Wan, daring him to argue.

    “Of course.” Obi-Wan soother. “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything inhuman.”

    “It’s not you I worry about.” She grumbled before leaping into the tree and chasing after the wayward reptile.

    Anakin shook his head and look at Luke and Leia. “How are you holding up?” He asked.

    Luke chuckled dryly. “Fine I guess.” He nodded at the tree Saieu had scampered up. “She’s really something, isn’t she?”

    Anakin laughed. “She’s not that bad. Sure Saieu’s eccentric, but she’s a great master and very wise, though she might not

    always act like it.”

    “Ah-Ha!” Cheered said jedi from high in the tree. There was a loud ‘crack’ and a short tumble and shriek later, Saieu

    landed ungracefully on the leaf strewn ground. She groaned and pressed a hand to her forehead. “Ouch.” She removed

    one hand from her robes to reveal a squirming ysalamir. “Got it.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Real quick, Saieu’s name is pronounces Say-oo.
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    Aww, thanks. Time travel's fun. I get to abuse the laws of reality! Wooh-whoo
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    Long lyrics this time, but I felt like most of them fit this chapter. If you havn’t noticed, I’ve shortened most of of

    the lyrics to take out the parts that don’t relate to the story as much. I felt like almost all of the song went well

    with this fic, so here it is. And it really helps to listen to the song while you read. Just a suggestion.

    Chapter Five: 'Welcome To the Black Parade'

    “When I was a young boy,
    My father took me into the city,
    To see a marching band.”

    “He said, "Son when you grow up,
    would you be the saviour of the broken,
    the beaten and the damned?"
    He said "Will you defeat them,
    your demons, and all the non-believers,
    the plans that they have made?"
    "Because one day I'll leave you,
    A phantom to lead you in the summer,
    To join The Black Parade."

    “Sometimes I get the feeling she's watching over me.
    And other times I feel like I should go.
    And through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets.
    And when you're gone we want you all to know.”

    “We'll carry on,
    And though you're dead and gone believe me,
    Your memory will carry on.
    We'll carry on,
    And in my heart I can't contain it,
    The anthem won't explain it.”

    “A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams,
    Your misery and hate will kill us all.
    So paint it black and take it back,
    Let's shout it loud and clear,
    Defiant to the end we hear the call.”

    “To carry on,
    We'll carry on,
    And though you're dead and gone believe me,
    Your memory will carry on.
    We'll carry on,
    And though you're broken and defeated,
    Your weary widow marches.”

    “On and on we carry through the fears,
    Disappointed faces of your peers,
    Take a look at me cause I could not care at all.”

    “Do or die, you'll never make me,
    Because the world will never take my heart.
    Go and try, you'll never break me,
    We want it all, we wanna play this part.
    I won't explain or say I'm sorry,
    I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar.
    Give a cheer for all the broken,
    Listen here, because it's who we are.
    I'm just a man, I'm not a hero,
    Just a boy, who had to sing this song.
    I'm just a man, I'm not a hero,
    I! don't! care!”
    -My Chemical Romance ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Oi! Watch it little guy!”

    Luke looked on warily as Master Saieu battled with the squirming ysalamir in her hands. They were coming up on the

    base camp, and hopefully the flighty master would be able to put the creature down and explain why she had been sent to

    the planet in the first place, as she had run off in the middle of debrief.

    Several clones paused in their work to watch their small ground enter camp, though most their attention was focused on

    the estranged female jedi leading them.

    “Ow damn it!” Saieu yelled, fanning her injured hand in the air. It seemed the yellow reptile had managed to get a

    mouthful of jedi finger. “Artie, get a box or something!”

    Luke heard the whining beep of an R2 unit. From behind Saieu’s brightly coloured ship rolled the droid Luke had seen

    earlier. Its neon green paint was certainly an eye-catcher.

    “Ay! Don’t talk back to me you tin can! I need help over here!” Saieu yelled.

    The droid beeped again and rolled to an empty crate. Using a mechanical arm, the droid grabbed hold of the crate and

    dragged it over.

    Snatching the crate up, Saieu stuffed the ysalamir inside and slammed the lid. “Eh, that’s why I don’t have pets.” She


    “Is she always like this?” Luke whispered as not to let the woman hear.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “Far from it. She’s usually worse.”

    Saieu tossed the crate to a nearby clone. “Think fast!” The box more or less hit the soldier in the head, but he managed to

    keep it from falling to the ground.

    “So, what is it you were telling us before running off?” Questioned Anakin.

    Saieu brushed off her robes. “Oh yeah, that.” She shrugged. “The Chancellor’s been kidnapped.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Leia warily watched the people bustle around her in the bridge of a Republic Star Destroyer. Outside the massive

    observation windows she could see the brilliant swirling colours of light-speed. She sat in one of the unused pilot chairs,

    which she had turned around as to see the others standing around in a semicircle.

    Across from her stood Obi-Wan, absently stroking his beard. Master Saieu sat on the main control council, her legs

    swinging back and forth like an impatient child.

    To her right Luke leaned against a control panel, his arms crossed and brows furrowed in thought. Next to him was

    Anakin, his calm demeanor nothing like the turbulent energy currents around him.

    Saieu had given then a quick debrief back on the planet and on their flight up to the Destroyer. Apparently General

    Grievous (someone Leia only knew a small amount of, thank you very much Sidious) had kidnapped the Chancellor and

    was caught in a firefight above Coruscant. It was decided Kenobi and Skywalker were to best options to lead in a rescue


    “What were you doing all the way out here anyway?” Obi-Wan asked Saieu, effectively breaking the silence.

    “I was sent to take your place on Myrkr so you two could continue on to Tythe. The council decided it was too odd an

    occurrence for the Separatist to land on the planet to not run an investigation.” She smiled grimly. “Seems we all have a

    change of plans.”

    “What are those creatures? The ysalamir?” Asked Luke. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “Neither have I.”

    Saieu crossed her arms over her chest. “Best I can tell is that Myrkr was a planet with heavy Force concentration, so

    much so that the native wildlife developed a use for it.”

    “You mean those things are Force sensitive?” Interrupted Anakin.

    Saieu didn’t appear the least bit annoyed with his interruption. “No, not Force sensitive. They simple have the ability to

    disrupt it. Most likely they have predators who can use the Force to hunt in some way, and the ysalamir evolved to

    combat it.”

    She pursed her lips. “What really has me concerned in what the Separatists might use them for. Based on the ecosystem,

    there should have been dozens of ysalamir, not just the one. They’re mass harvesting them.”

    All in the group looked wearily at one another. They all had a sinking feeling of what such a thing could mean.

    “Soooo,” Saieu broke the silence. She directed her sightless gaze at Luke and Leia. “I’ve been meaning to ask, where

    you from?”

    Leia tensed. She had a feeling their lie would not be as easily excepted by this woman. She took a shaky breath. The way

    she could look at a person with that covered gaze, it was like having your very soul evaluated and dissected.

    “We’re from an Outer Rim world-” Luke started.

    “Bantha poodoo.” The jedi interrupted.

    Leia felt her brother tense next to her. “What?”

    “I said bantha poodoo. I’d think you would have heard the phrase before, coming from Tattooine.

    The bridge became silent except for the soft hum of machinery.

    Saieu smirked. “You can’t fool me Luke. I know who you are. At least most of it.” She looked at Leia. “You too

    Princess. You know a lot of things when the Force decides to grace the knowledge on you.”

    “She told you about us?” Luke managed to say through his shock.

    Saieu nodded. “She tells me lots of things. Now tell me, what’s the future like?”

    “Wait, hold on minute.” Anakin interrupted. “Future? What are you talking about?”

    “Luke was telling the truth when he said the Force sent them. What he was lying about was where they were coming

    from. Or, more correctly, when.” She looked at Luke. “How far did you come. Twenty years?”

    “Tw-twenty three years actually.” Luke answered.

    Saieu smiled sadly. “A lot can happen in twenty three years.”

    Leia involuntarily shivered. “Yes it can.”

    The female knight’s gaze snapped to the young woman. “What happened? Who hurt you?” She whispered. “What are

    you meant to prevent?”

    Leia swallowed. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to decide if she should speak. Her eyes met her brother’s as a

    nudge in the Force told her what to do.

    “We were sent to prevent the rise of the Empire.” She said simply.

    “Empire? What Empire?” Anakin demanded.

    “What year is it?” Asked Luke.

    “Fifteen GrS.” Said Obi-Wan.

    Luke sat down in the chair next to Leia with a ‘thump’. “Then we have less than a year...” He murmured.

    Shocked silence filled the room. Leia felt her gut twist. She hadn’t expected them to have so little time. For her father to

    turn so quickly. She was slowly excepting the fact that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were different. That Anakin

    was the kind of man she always dreamed her biological father was. No matter how much she wanted to hate him for what

    he would become, she could not bear to see him become something so... what? Just a day ago she would have said evil.

    That’s what Vader was. But her mind was changed. He wasn’t evil, he was broken.

    No, Leia would not, could not, see this man become so broken. It would kill a part of her. Something inside her changed.

    She really truly wanted to help him. But if he dared fall for the darkness again, well the Emperor would be the least of his

    worries. He’d have hell to pay, curtsy of a very pissed off princess.

    Leia stood up, a look of pure determination on her face. “That is why we are here. We’re going to stop the Empire from

    ever coming into existence. I would rather die than let that hell become a reality. Again.”

    “Tell us how to fix it then!” Anakin said half yelling. “You must know who the Sith Lord is.” He urged.

    Leia felt a strong pull in the Force. ‘Not yet my child. All things have their time. You will know when and what to say.’

    Luke shook his head. She could tell he had felt it too. “No, not yet.” he said. “The Force instructed us to give information

    in pieces, as not to make it worse. The last thing we want is for Sidious to catch onto us.”

    Anakin calmed a bit, but didn’t seem fully satisfied with the answer. Leia didn’t expect him to be.

    “What can you tell us?” Asked Obi-Wan.

    “That we would have about six months until it all goes to hell.” Leia answered. She glanced at Saieu. She was oddly

    quiet throughout the conversation. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, as if in deep meditation.

    “Also that the jedi get completely whipped out.” Luke added sadly. “They were know as the Jedi Purges. I only know of

    two who survived.” He paused. “Well, three actually.” He corrected.

    Three, thought Leia? Then she realized she wanted to keep the fact Obi-Wan trained him a secret, and was referring to

    his alter-ego, Ben. For what reason, she didn’t know.

    He nodded to Obi-Wan. “You and Yoda, as well as the man who trained me.”

    Anakin swallowed heavily. “And me?” He asked quietly.

    Luke shook his head.

    Anakin gasped slightly, a look of fear on his face. It was the first time Leia had ever seen him afraid, it was a shocking

    thing to see on his usually confidant face. It made her feel slightly sick.

    “And the Senate?”

    “Disbanded, but nothing happened to the Senators themselves.” Leia answered. She didn’t know why he seemed so

    concerned about the Senate. “Well, all except the Separatist leaders. They were all killed.”

    “Well, at least that’s good news.” Anakin growled.

    “Anakin, watch your feelings.” Obi-Wan warned.

    “Sorry Master.”

    Leia cleared her throat. “Most of the records from before the Empire were destroyed. I know more about the true history

    thanks to my father.”

    “And who is your father?” Asked Obi-Wan.

    “Bail Organa.” Leia answered simply.

    “Organa?” Asked Anakin. He looked at Luke. “But Saieu said you were from Tattooine.”

    “Leia was adopted as a baby. I was raised by my uncle and aunt on Tattooine. Were were split up because we were

    extremely Force sensitive and would have been seen as a threat to the Emperor.”

    The three jedi seemed to except his answer.

    “What’s your midichlorian count then?” Obi-Wan inquired.

    Leia furrowed her brow in confusion. “Midichlorian?”

    “They’re what allow us to use the Force.” Answered Luke. “I don’t know much about them other than that.” He turned

    his attention to Obi-Wan. “I’m honestly not sure.” He shrugged.

    A sudden chuckle came from the main council. Saieu pulled something out of her pocket. “I always come prepared.” She

    said and tossed the device to Luke.

    Luke turned it over in his hands. Leia leaned over to get a look at the thing. It was square and silver, about the size of her

    palm. Half of it was a screen. There was what looked like a tiny needly covered in a plastic cap.

    “What is it?” She asked.

    “A blood sampler.” Answered Saieu. “You prick your finger with the pointy end and it tells you your health, including

    your midichlorian count.” Leia could swear she winked beneath her blindfold.

    “Go on.” She urged.

    Luke shrugged and snapped off the cover. He paused a moment before stabbing the little needle on the tip of this pointer

    finger. He winced a bit, but other than that didn’t react. Several seconds later data appeared on the screen.

    Luke blinked in surprise. “That seems... a little high.” He mumbled.

    “What? What’s your count?” Asked Anakin.

    Luke paused. “It’s rounded to twenty-four thousand.” He said at last.

    The two males gasped, while Saieu remained relatable neutral in expression.

    “Twenty-four thousand?!” Anakin gasped.

    Luke’s brows pulled up in worry. “Is that bad?”

    “No, no.” Obi-Wan soothed. “Not bad. Just... surprising.”

    “I would say so.” Anakin agreed. “That’s the second highest count I’ve ever seen.”

    “What’s the first?” Asked Luke.

    Anakin smirked. “My own. Twenty-seven thousand.”


    “Very much so.” Added Obi-Wan. “The average count for a jedi is ten thousand.”

    “Really?” Asked Leia. “What’s the average human?”

    “About two thousand.” Said Saieu.

    Luke hander Leia the device. She whipped the small dot of blood off the needle on her dress and pricked herself without

    batting an eyelash. She’s felt worse pain. Much worse.

    Her eyes fell on the digital red letters and sucked in a breath of air. “Twenty-four thousand, same as Luke.”

    Anakin and Obi-Wan shared a glance.

    “That’s very interesting.” Obi-Wan muttered.

    “We are twins.” Leia supplied.

    Obi-Wan nodded. “That would possibly be the reason. Most jedi don’t have sibling in the Order, and I’ve never heard of

    twins. It’s unknown territory.” He paused. “No wonder you would have been sought out by this ‘Emperor’. A count that

    high is extremely rare, and would make you both very powerful.” He looked them over. “You’ve most likely havn’t

    reached your full potential yet.” He mused.

    Leia felt a twinge of irritation. She had been working hard with Luke to become a jedi. Thankful Luke answered before

    she could say something rash.

    “Yeah, but we’re still pretty good, especially considering how little we’ve been trained.”

    Anakin narrowed his eyes. “How long have you been trained?”

    “I only had a few hours with that hermit I told you about before he died. Some time later I found Yoda on a planet called

    Dagobah. I trained with him for a few months.”

    “And that’s it?” Asked Anakin, shocked. “A few months?”

    Luke nodded sheepishly. “I’m a very fast learner.”

    “I’ll say.” Anakin breathed. He shook his head. “I’ve never heard anything like it.” He glanced at Leia. “What about


    “I’ve been training with Luke for about six months.”

    “Damn, you two really are something.”

    “Well, I have a lot of hands on experience. I was learning in the middle of a war.”

    “War?” Obi-Wan asked shocked.

    Luke nodded. “More of a rebellion, but with war-like proportions. Twenty-three years from now we bring down the

    Empire, but not without tragedy. Democracy was ruined. The jedi were all dead, and thousands of people were killed in

    that span of time.”

    Leia lifted her chin in defiance. “But we’re going to make sure that never happens. I promise you, the sith will not win.”

    Her words left no argument, and no one felt the drive to even try. They had to believe her worlds rang true, of not, there

    would be no hope.

    Saieu suddenly got up from her seat on the floor. “Well, with those happy thoughts, I’m gonna get some shuteye.” She

    wandered over to Anakin and ruffled his hair (a feat she had to get on her tip-toes for). Anakin pushed her away,


    “Night Pakki.” She teased.

    Anakin groaned. “When are you going to stop calling me that?”

    “When you stop calling me Master.”

    Anakin raised a brow. “I honestly don’t understand why you hate the title. All the other jedi see it as a sign of respect.”

    Saieu snorted. “Respect should come from actions, not titles. Besides, it makes me feel old.” She turned to leave, but

    stopped to gesture to her droid, R2-A3. “Come on Artie, let’s get some recharge.” The lime green droid beeped and

    followed behind its master.

    Leia raised her brow. “Pakki?’

    Anakin groaned while obi-Wan chuckled. “It’s something she’s called Anakin since he came to the Temple.” Said the

    older jedi. “She’s referring to a little Naboo creature called a Voorpak.”

    Anakin shook his head. “First time I met her, she said I looked like a half drowned Voorpak, so skinny and a ‘mop-head

    of hair,’ her words not mine.”

    Leia had to stifle a laugh. She heard Luke and Obi-Wan chuckle next to her. Even Anakin was grinning in fond


    Leia shook her head. “Anyone else think she’s a few screws loose in the head?”

    “She may seem crazy, but she’s still a very powerful jedi.” Said Anakin. “She’s on the council after all. Even if she can

    drive you half insane.”

    “How could someone as crazy as her get on the Jedi Council?” Asked Luke, a hint of disbelief in his tone.

    “It’s more to do with respect from the other masters. Saieu does tend to... em, annoy them a bit. But they respect her too

    much to kick her off.” Obi-Wan said.

    “And we’re better for it that they don’t.” Added Anakin.

    Leia cocked her head. “Why’s that?”

    “She’s brilliant.” Said Anakin. “She’s one of the most gifted Force users in the Order. It’s the reason she so... you know.”

    He gestured with his hand.

    “She’s so in tune with the Force it’s like a river flowing through her mind.” Obi-Wan said. “Apparently with that much

    energy going through one mind, it makes it hard to focus on a single thought. It’s really quite fascinating.”

    “Plus she’s old.” Supplied Anakin.

    “What do you mean?” Asked Leia. “She doesn’t seem much older than Luke or me.” She looked back and forth between

    Obi-Wan and Anakin. It was the former who answered her.

    “We’re not sure just how old Master Saieu is, or even what her species is.” Said Obi-Wan. “She won’t tell us.”

    Anakin chuckled. “And that’s if she even remembers it herself.” At the twin’s confused looks he elaborated. “She can

    hardly remember what she did yesterday, much less when she was born. She has to keep a journal just to know what

    happened last week.”

    “And she had hundreds of journals.” Finished Obi-Wan.

    “So either she writes a lot...” Leia mused.

    “Or she’s very, very old.” Luke finished.

    “She’s been in the Order longer than Yoda, that I know for sure.” Anakin said.

    Luke blinked. “Longer than Yoda? He’s over nine hundred years old!”

    Anakin smirked. “Yup. There’s been records of a ‘mysterious Master Saieu’ far back as a few thousand years.”

    Leia shook her head. “That’s insane.”

    “Insane, but true.” Said Obi-Wan. “Though she’s never played a large part in the Order, or history in general. Most of the

    time she’s traveling across the galaxy, simple exploring. Says it helps her get closer to the Force.”

    “Like a better looking version of Sifo Dyas.” Anakin joked.

    Obi-Wan sighed in exasperation. “Only you would say something like that.”

    Anakin was about to retort when the Star Destroyer jolted as it came out of hyperspace.

    “We’re here.” He grinned.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    A.N. When Obi-Wan said it was year 15 GrS he’s referring to the Great ReSynchronization (I’m not sure if it’s

    cannon or not) that took place 35 years BBY (Before Battle of Yavin). This story takes place about six or so

    months before the rise of the Empire. I believe I read somewhere that Padme was three months pregnant when

    RotS started, and being human, there would be about six more months until Luke and Leia were born.

    Much thanks to LelaMekha from for helping me get the dating system right.
  13. Cari

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    Sep 13, 2014
    Chapter six already?! Reader say wut?! We’re getting pretty serious now. New pov, new character, and a lot

    darker. Hold on to your butts!!!

    “Oh, Death, оh Death, oh Death,
    Won't you spare me over til another year?”

    “But what is this, that I can’t see,
    With ice cold hands taking hold of me?”

    “When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,
    Who will have mercy on your soul?”

    “Oh, Death, оh Death, oh Death.
    No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold,
    Nothing satisfies me but your soul.”

    “Well I am Death. None can excel.
    I’ll open the door to Heaven or Hell.”

    “Oh Death, oh Death, oh Death.
    My name is Death, and the end is here.”
    -Jen Titus

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Burning flames of light and violence tore through the quiet darkness of space. Plasma bursts chewed against reenforced

    steel bellies of battleships while fighters twisted between carnage like flies to a corpse.

    Red lightning from cannons tore apart ship and sailor with no distinction. Droid against Clone. Man against Machine.

    Iron against Flesh.

    Shrapnel spit from Destroyers and plummeted toward Coruscant in a fiery inferno. The cold hands of space took hold of

    debris and bodies alike, never to be seen again.

    It was a beautiful sight from the observation deck of the Invisible Hand. Sidious smiled to himself. Those fickle creatures,

    waring amongst each other, entirely oblivious of the viper preparing to strike right behind them. It was almost too easy.

    Almost, but not quite. The Sith Lord in disguise had came close to be discovered. Actually, he had, but the truth died

    with the jedi who found him out when Sidious removed his head.

    It was quite invigorating, finally being able to kill a jedi himself. Force knows he’d been craving to see their blood spilt.

    And oh, would it spill.

    Sidious’ grin twisted into something predatory. Skywalker was nearly his, and now the sith had the perfect chess piece.

    The Queen was the most important in the game, after all.

    Padmé Amidala, Senator and former Queen of Naboo. She was the key to Skywalker’s fall. Sidious’ plan had gone far

    beyond molding the Republic to himself. Every little thing had been meticulous planned. Including the Senator’s


    It was never meant to have been successful, no. Sidious needed her alive. But he also needed something to get Skywalker

    back on Coruscant. What better than threaten a close friend?

    What Sidious hadn’t known was how close. Or really how close they would become later.

    The first indication was when Amidala returned to Coruscant after a month long stay on Naboo to ‘recover’ from the

    events of Geonosis.

    Skywalker himself had returned to the capitol some weeks before the Senator. Sidious had thought nothing of his short

    stay on Naboo. He was just ensuring Amidala’s safety after all. Returning to Coruscant, the Senator had immediately

    called for a session to debate the use of the new Clone Army.

    At the time, Sidious had temporarily regretted keeping her alive. Her empowering words could easily cost him support.

    But when she returned the next day to continue the debate, her Force signature had changed. Amidala’s ora had always

    been vibrant, but that day it had been utterly blinding. And every fiber of it screamed the Chosen One’s name.

    It wasn’t just her body that had soaked in his radiance, her very soul shone with Skywalker’s Force light.

    Such a thing was only possible when two people were intimate, both physically and emotionally. The act did not only

    join flesh and blood, but the Force lights themselves. Quite literally, their souls merged into an everlasting bond. A

    connection like it was only possible for those strong in the Force. It should have been impossible for a non-jedi like


    So Sidious did some digging... What he found shocked him.

    Recent medical records reported Amidala as having a midichlorian count high enough to be a jedi. Over seven thousand.

    Yet he could not feel her in the Force until that day. Looking at older records, Sidious realized why.

    Amidala’s count was in constant flux, something that should not be possible for an organism. Midichlorians must stay

    constant or else the being die. Yet Amidala’s clearly showed her jumping from four thousand to ten in just a few years.

    Sidious turned to his old master for advice. Or rather, his papers. Plagueis after all, was dead. Inside he found his answer.

    Amidala was a Conduit, an Augment. A force sensitive with the ability to absorb and amplify another’s ability. They had

    long since been thought to have been extinct, but apparently not. One existed before him, and she was eternally bound to

    the Chosen One.

    It was almost too perfect.

    The amount of power the two held together... it was nearly unfathomable.

    Such an ora could not be detected by someone without experience. Sidious had that experience, the jedi did not.

    Skywalker’s secret would be safe with him.

    Sidious continued digging. Past many dead ends and misleads, he found a marriage certificate.

    Now that was interesting.

    Relationships among the jedi were nearly nonexistent, and even the occasional relationship was often temporary.

    But for a jedi to sanctify a relationship with marriage... well, either Skywalker was utterly infatuated, or utterly mad.

    Probably both.

    That was three years ago. Sidious had watched the couple closely. He had seen how their power grew when they were

    together, how it became stagnant when they were apart.

    All he had to do was wait for the perfect moment...

    But his well constructed plans had been turned on their head not three months ago. An explosion of power through the

    Force so great Sidious was sure even the jedi had sensed it. It woke him from his sleep and left him gasping for air, the

    brilliant firecrackers of new, innocent life burning his mind’s eye.

    It took several minutes for Sidious’ mind to even fathom what had occurred. A new life had been created, one as brilliant

    as a newly born star. It could only mean one thing...

    The Force’s Chosen One had conceived a child.

    The implications of the event had left Sidious reeling, so much so he had canceled all meeting that day. He needed time to


    All his plans had to be altered, new precautions had to be made, more research done. Slowly a plan formed, a plan that

    would play Skywalker into his hands faster than he had originally thought.

    Not only had his master taught him how to influence Midichlorians to sustain long life, he could alter those in the mind to

    create visions.

    Visions very much like those Skywalker had experienced of his mother. A secret only Sidious knew.

    It would be all to easy to plant seeds of fear and doubt in the Chosen One’s mind, fears that would lead him straight to

    Sidious. Straight to the dark side.

    Once Anakin turned, his wife and child would of course have to be destroyed. They were much to dangerous to keep

    alive. And their death would sever and last ties Skywalker once had to the light. His very soul would belong to Sidious.

    “Enjoying yourself?”

    Sidious left his musings to face his reflection in the observation window. Only it wasn’t his reflection that stared back, but

    that of a black clad woman. Her skin was an ebony akin to the soulless center of a black hole, her hair twisted snake-coils

    of charcoal black. Only here eyes were absent of the darkness around her. The blank white orbs encased within her head

    were a solid milky white, not a blemish on them. They were the eyes of death and eternity and endless knowledge.

    “Darksyde.” Sidious greeted.

    The reflection’s face twisted into a serpent’s grin. “You were thinking of my Chosen One.” She stated.

    Sidious pursed his lips. “I thought it was the light that created Anakin Skywalker.” He mused. He was the most powerful

    sith to live in decades, Sidious’ knowledge was but a mere speck in the vastness of the Darksyde.

    “We both created him.” Her voice was a hypnotic hiss. “The Chosen is both light and dark. Take one away, and he

    ceases to exist. He needs us both.” She sneered. “Light bore his righteousness, his love and passion. I gave birth to his

    hatred, his fear, and his desperation. We are him, and he is us. I poured half my soul into the Chosen, as did my

    counterpart.” Her grin grew wicked. “Now it’s just a matter of which side is stronger...”

    Sidious leaned into the chair in which he was bound. All for show, of course. He could ‘escape’ at any moment, if you

    wanted to even call the feat such a thing. It was more like ‘flick the wrist and walk out’.

    The things he did to look convincing.

    “And what of his attachments?” He said carefully.

    The Darksyde’s eyes gleamed. “They will die, just as everything does. Even you, my child, will die. I consume all.”

    Anger lit inside Sidious’ belly, but she smothered it down. He might be the most powerful sith, but he was speaking to

    the full embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force. Her power made his talents look like child’s play.

    A sudden, terrifying thought struck him. If Skywalker had even half of her power, he could very likely kill the sith with a

    mere thought.

    “Finally caught on, have you?” Darksyde teased. “Yes, Anakin will of to choose one of us in the end. Light or Dark. On

    a day coming soon, he shall choose, and the entire Universe will quake. The Chosen One will either become the most

    powerful being to tread the path of mortality. Far more powerful than you.” She sneered.

    Darksyde blinked her owl-wide eyes at him, the crooked smirk spreading her face so far it seemed to rip.

    Sidious felt ice-dead fingers brush against his face as Darksyde stepped out of the reflection, her body becoming solid

    shadow. She stalked her way to the Sith Lord’s side, her predatory eyes never leaving his. Her long black tongue

    slithered out from her lips and licked up his neck and onto his chin. “Your fear is so delicious.” She murmured.

    “Sith do not fear.” Sidious managed to ground out. Cold fingers brushed against his throat with a lover’s cress before

    clamping down light.

    “Everything fears, just as everything dies. Even stars burn out.” Her razor tooth grin grew as she slowly released her

    hold on Sidious’ neck.

    “But only from a star’s death does the dragon emerge. My dragon will be born very soon.”

    Her image faded back into the window.

    “It is only a matter of him choosing the Sith, or the Jedi...”

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Saieu drawing:

    Darksyde drawing:
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    Dec 1, 2008
    You've created one of the best Villains of all time!!!!!

    (Yes I'm the guy who cheers for the bad guy :D )
  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Your 'Darksyde' incarnation is as terrifying and intimidating as the Lightside is beautiful and enveloping =D= Bravo on your details of Padme's augmenting gifts. [face_thinking] That is an intriguing point as to what and how tightly she and Anakin are bound together. Your Sidious is truly a villainous schemer ;) Eagerly awaiting how things unfold.
  16. Cari

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    Sep 13, 2014
    I'm glad you like them. Yeah, I tries making Light and Dark opposites, yet at the same time the same. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. And Padme being an Augment, I thought it was a cool idea. Not only does her personality bring out the best in Anakin, her abilities help to quell the darkness inside him. Everything about her is light and caring, whereas Anakin has a lot of darkness in him. She helps keep him grounded. Ah yes, Sidious. He was actually really fun to write, though I think Darksyde is my favorite so far. ;P
  17. Cari

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    Sep 13, 2014

    So glad you like her. X) Ah yes, villains, my favorite. Though I like anti-heroes more.
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    Chapter Seven: Stars Are Only Visible In Darkness (Battle Cry)

    A.N. Oh gosh, last one was pretty darn heavy. o_O So, new villain? Darksyde may surprise you.

    Before we start, I’d like to say something. It can be very hard for me to write sometimes. I’m dyslexic, so I tend to mess up a lot.

    I’m ocd and a perfectionist.

    I have severe depression. I take medication for it, but it doesn’t always work. If I’m ever absent of posting for a long time, I’m probably in a

    depressed funk. I’ve thankfully gotten better. Just a few years ago I was suicidal, but medication and counseling have helped a lot.

    Writing is my release. It helps me sort out all my thoughts and express my demons. So it means so, so much when people tell me my writing is good,

    that they enjoy it. I am literally serving my heart and soul to you on a silver platter. Take care for it please.

    Anyway, Onward and Upward!
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Just one more time before I go,
    I'll let you know,
    That all this time I've been afraid,
    Wouldn't let it show.
    Nobody can save me now, no,
    Nobody can save me now,”

    “Stars are only visible in darkness,
    Fear is ever-changing and evolving.
    And I, I can poison these eyes,
    But I, I feel so alive.”

    “Nobody can save you now,
    The king is crowned,
    It's do or die.
    Nobody can save me now,
    The only sound,
    Is the battle cry.
    Nobody can save me now,
    It's do or die...”
    -Imagine Dragons ‘Battle Cry’

    Anakin’s heart pounded. Battle raged around him, but inside him was cool clarity. He had one mission, save Palpatine.

    His friend was in enemy hands, possibly injured or tortured, and might be killed. He had made a promise to protect the Republic and her leaders when he became

    a jedi. And Anakin did not break promises.

    Palpatine would be coming home today, and not an army, the sith, heaven or hell could stop him...

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Turbulence on the ship rocked Luke back and fourth. His hands lightened around the controls. Subconscious reflexes kept the ship from crashing into things.

    He dipped to the side to avoid a blast from a Separatist ship. He barrel-rolled over a droid fighter and blasted another out of the sky.

    Luke laughed. He couldn’t help it. He hadn’t had this much fun in months, possibly years. The clone borrowed ship flew excellently. The freedom he always felt

    when he flew bubbled inside Luke’s chest. This was his element. This was where he belonged.

    He glanced to the co-pilot seat. Leia’s brow was furrowed in concentration as she blasted at droids with the main guns. She was a brilliant shot. She hit every

    target dead on. On land or air, the twins made a formidable team.

    It had only been a few minutes since they had left the massive Star Destroyer with Anakin and Obi-Wan, leaving Master Saieu in charge. Luke absently wondered

    if that had been the best idea. She had insisted she remain there, while Luke and Leia join the other jedi on a rescue mission.

    Honestly, Luke dreaded meeting Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, in person. The man had nearly killed him with sith lightning back in his own time. He knew

    Leia felt the same.

    Yet Luke refused to pass up the chance of fighting along side his father rather than against him. Plus he felt he needed to keep and eye on Anakin.

    He knew Palpatine wasn’t called Sidious for no reason. He had wormed his way into his father’s mind, filling it with lies with insidious precision.

    Luke just had to find out how exactly and stop it. Who knew how close Anakin was to falling. Luke would do anything in his power to keep his father from the

    fate he knew he could have.

    Shaking the dark thoughts away, Luke concentrated on the fire fight before him.

    The two pilot fighter glided through the air as Luke came up on two jedi starfighters, one red, one yellow.

    Luke noticed a familiar blue and white domed head protruding from the yellow fighter’s wing. He had yet to see the droid in person, there had been too much

    going on. It warmed Luke’s heart that his own droid had once belonged to his father. Artoo had know Anakin long before Luke was born. And unlike Threepio,

    his time’s Artoo still had his memory.

    The ship bounced as the superheated energy of a blast exploded under the ship’s belly. “That was too close.” Leia said.

    Luke nodded. “I’ll be more careful then.”

    Ahead of them was the massive bulk of a Separatist warship. A glowing laser-show of deadly beams criss-crossed the stars. All around flew droid fighters and

    clone ships, interlocked in a struggle to the death.

    Luke flew closer to the massive warship to get better cover. He dodged flying debris and enemy ships alike as he and his companions made their way toward

    Grievous’ ship. Toward Sidious.

    The ship’s comm beeped and Obi-Wan’s voice came through. “Look out, four droids inbound . . .” Just as Obi-Wan said, Luke’s systems picked up one four

    enemy fighters coming up fast from behind.

    Drop fighters.” Anakin said over the comm. His voice held a tone mischievous excitement. The yellow fighter suddenly jerked to the side and sped up. It began

    shooting at the droid ships, hitting several spot-on. “Master, break left, fly through the guns on that tower.” Anakin ordered over the comm as he twisted around

    Easy for you to say . . . why am I always the bait?” Obi-Wan complained, but did as Anakin suggested.

    Luke blinked in surprise at the friendly banter. He’d always known Obi-Wan and his father had been close, but they were treating each other as brothers would,

    teasing but caring.

    Luke maneuvered his ship around a tower on the warship and came up behind one of the four drop fighters. A shot, curtesy of Leia, collided with one of the

    ships, destroying it on impact.

    Leia cheered at her victory, a wide smile on her face. Against all odds, she was truly enjoying herself. Luke realized it must be a Skywalker thing.

    Obi-Wan flew through the gun tower as Anakin had said, two ships following close behind. They rapidly fired at the jedi fighter, hitting it in several places.

    Anakin, they're all over me!” Obi-Wan yelled over the comm.

    Anakin swooped down behind the droids. “Dead ahead! Closing . . . lock onto him, Artoo . . .” A quick succession of blasts from the yellow fighter render one of

    the droid ships nothing but burning rubble.

    Anakin laughed. “We got him, Artoo!” He aimed and began firing at the remaining droid ship. Artoo beeped. Anakin seemed to somehow understand what the

    droid said. Luke realized with a shock he most likely did. “I copy, Artoo.” Anakin muttered as he concentrated on bringing down the enemy ship.

    I'm going down on the deck.” Obi-Wan commed, already heading closer to the warship.

    Anakin sped up after the droid fighter. “Good idea ... I need some room to maneuver.”

    Obi-Wan dived closer to the massive Trade federation ship only to be met with a barrage of laser fire. Behind him chased the drop fighter, which in turn was being

    chased by Anakin.

    Luke concentration on his companions was shaken as the forgotten fourth ship began shooting at he and Leia.

    “Leia? Some help?” Luke asked. His twin’s eyes flashed in glee next to him as her chair swiveled around, aiming at the incoming droid. A single blast hit it dead

    on. The ship exploded in a brilliant eruption of red and white flame.

    Leia whooped while Luke grinned at his sister. “Remind me to never get on your bad side sis.” She made a face at him, but kept smiling.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Anakin chased after Obi-Wan’s perusers. The droid were getting way too close for comfort. “Cut right.” He told Obi-Wan over the comm. When his former

    master didn’t do so Anakin grew worried, which in turn made him frustrated. “Do you hear me?! Cut right. Don't let him get a handle on you.” Anakin shifted his

    attention to his little blue astrodroid. “Come on, Artoo, lock on! Lock on!”

    Artoo beeped as weapons systems locked onto the speeding targets. Unfortunately, drop fighters were agile, and it would take several tries before the computers

    to get a complete lock.

    Hurry up! I don't like this!” Obi-Wan pressed. He maneuvered his ship between two towers of the battle ship. The droid follow, with Anakin himself close


    Amongst the heady fire the drop fighter rained down upon Obi-Wan a single shot finally hit true. A good portion of the red fighter’s wing was damaged, but

    wasn’t heavy enough to be of immediate worry.

    Ouch!” Obi-Wan muttered as his ship jerked. Arfour beeped in agreement. “Don't even try to fix it, Arfour. I've shut it down.

    Finally Artoo beeped in success. “Weapons locked on!”

    “We're locked on...” Anakin told Obi-Wan “We've got him.”

    He dropped down behind the fighter and blew it apart with a single well aimed shot. “Yeah! We got him... good going, Artoo.”

    “And don’t you forget it.” The astromech joked, something entirely unheard of among droids. After year of working with the loyal little droid, Anakin had

    learned to understand Artoo’s language, as well as his humor. If only Threepio could be so agreeable...

    Next time you're the bait...” Obi-Wan said, sounding both irritated and relieved. “Now let's find the Command Ship and get on with it...”

    Anakin nodded, even if Obi-Wan couldn’t see. His banked his ship to the side and pulled away from the warship. “Lock onto them, Artoo.” The little droid

    beeped and the location of the Invisible Hand appeared onscreen.

    “Master, General Grievous's ship is directly ahead.” Anakin watched as the massive grew even larger as they neared. “The one crawling with vulture droids.” He


    Dozens of the insect like flying droids crawled on the destroyer’s mass. Several looked up to see the oncoming jedi and transform into flight configuration.

    “I see it.” Obi-Wan said. “Oh, this is going to be easy.” Obi-Wan remarked without humor. Anakin sense his weariness of the inevitable encounter.

    He also noticed the bright Force presence of Luke and Leia grow as they got back into formation behind the two jedi fighters. They might actually survive after

    all... Anakin though humorously.

    “Come on, Master.” Anakin goaded, ready to cause more destruction. “Don’t tell me you’ve become frail in your old age?”

    Not with the old age jokes, Anakin. We don’t have time for this. There's too much at stake. We need help.” The comm beeped as Obi-Wan added in a new

    contact. “Odd Ball, do you copy?

    Copy, Red Leader.” Answered the clone pilot.

    Mark my position and form your squad up behind me.” Ordered Obi-Wan.

    Odd Ball’s clone fighter caught up with the three ships. “We're on your tail, General Kenobi. Set S-foils in attack position.” He ordered his men.

    Ahead the Invisible Hand’s hanger ray shields powered down, allowing out three droid tri-fighter to join the oncoming vulture droids.

    Anakin extend his stability folds on his fighter’s wings, readying for the impending conflict. Next to him Obi-Wan did the same.

    “This is where the fun begins.” Anakin grinned, a wicked smile on his face and a gleeful twinkle in his eyes.

    Artoo beeped an alert. “Ten Vulture Droids straight ahead, coming down the left side.” The droid warned in his language of clicks and whirls. Anakin

    relayed the information over the comm.

    Add five Tri-fighters on the right...” Obi-Wan added.

    “Fifteen enemy ships”, Anakin grinned “We can take ‘em.” The yellow fighter pulled ahead of the group. “I'm going

    head to head. See you!” Anakin laughed, speeding toward the enemy.

    Take it easy, Anakin.” Obi-Wan warned. It went unheeded, as always.

    Four clone fighters move into position behind Obi-Wan and the twins. “I'm on your right, Red Leader.” Said the lead


    Artoo squealed in worry as the five tri-fighters speed by the yellow’s right.

    “Incoming!” Yelled Anakin form ahead. Four vulture droids streak in and engage Anakin while the tri-fighters take on

    the rest of the group.

    Anakin dropped back to fly side by side with Obi-Wan. “Here we go.” Together they veered to the side, Anakin to the

    right and Obi-Wan to the left. Pulling up quickly, both jedi make a quick loop around the tri-fighters, effectively getting

    behind them to give chase. They open fire and destroy each fighter.

    I'm going high and right.” Announced Obi-Wan.

    “Hang on.” said Anakin. “There are four more of them. I'm coming around on your tail.” Anakin broke off to do just that.

    All right, engage...” Obi-Wan urged. “And hurry. These droids are all over me like a rash.

    Anakin snorted. “What are you going to use better analogies?” He teased, swigging to the side firing as he went. All but

    one droid lit up in an inferno.

    His confidence souring, Anakin hit the accelerator and flew over and past the last droid. In a stunning move, he flipped

    over to face the droid and shot it down head on.

    Artoo beeped in warning as they flew through the debris made from the explosion. “Don’t let us get hit!” He squealed

    as more enemy ships take chase. “How many back there. Artoo?” The droid beeped frantically. “Three... Four... this

    isn’t good.” Anakin chuckled. “We’ll be fine buddy.”

    Obi-Wan’s voice came through the comm system. “Anakin, you have four on your tail.” He warned.

    “I know!”

    Four more closing from your left.” Obi-Wan added.

    “I know!” Anakin groaned. Obi-Wan was treating him like a youngling again. He hated the occasional coddling. “I'm

    going low and left.” He warned.

    He still has much to learn.” Anakin heard Obi-Wan grumble through the comm. We’ll see about that...

    He absently noticed as Luke maneuvered his own ship around broken warship parts, trying to shake the two vultures

    following him. He felt Leia’s single minded concentration and determination as she shot droids out of the sky, one after

    another. She was quite the shot.

    Turning back to his own predicament, Anakin swooped down low and skimmed across the hide of a Federation warship.

    His pursuers followed. Artoo squealed as a shot hit a bit too close for comfort. “Are you trying to kill us?” He chided.

    “Hang on, Artoo.” Anakin soothed the droid. “Obi-Wan, do you copy? I'm going to pull them through the needle.”

    Too dangerous.” Argued Obi-Wan. “First Jedi rule: Survive."

    “Sorry, no choice.” Anakin didn’t sound sorry. Not in the least. “Come down here and thin them out a little.”

    Obi-Wan dropped down to aid Anakin. Arfour beeped. “Just keep me steady.” He instructed the droid. “Hold on... not

    yet... now break left.

    Obi-Wan fired as he swung across the back of the vulture droids, destroying four of them. Anakin engaged the breaks,

    allowing the last droid to fly past him. With several well aimed shot the droid is nothing but space junk.

    Anakin glanced out his cockpit window to see the twin’s ship destroy yet another droid ship in a single shot “I’m pretty

    sure you have the best aim I’ve even seem.” He complemented.

    Leia smirked. “I’ve had lots of practice.”

    “On Imperials or Han?” Anakin heard Luke joked. The pained yelp from the boy let him to believe Leia had punched

    him on the shoulder. Hard.

    Static ushered from the comm system before one of the clone’s voices comes through. “There are too many of them!” He


    I'm on your wing.” Yelled another clone. “Break left. Break left. They're all over me. Get them off my-” The

    transmission cut off.

    “I’m going to go help them.” Anakin announced, already angling his ship to turn around. He would not leave his troops


    He was stopped by Obi-Wan’s voice through the comm. “No, no! They are doing their job so we can do ours. Head for

    the Command Ship!

    Anakin felt conflicted as he fought over who to obey, his conscience or his master. The decision was finally made for him

    when one of the clone fighters was hit my an enemy blast and burst into flames. Out of control, the ship spun to the side

    until it collided with a star-destroyer.

    Artoo squealed a warning. “Missiles!” Just as he said, a vulture droid released several missiles, all locking onto the two

    jedi fighters, ignoring the other ships entirely. It was concerning that the droids apparent lack of interest in them,

    especially the twins, as they were such a large threat. What it could mean, Anakin had no idea. At the moment he had to

    make sure he and Obi-Wan made it out of this in one piece. The mystery could wait until they were all safe.

    “Missiles! Pull up!” Yelled Anakin to his master. Both yellow and red pulled up to let the missiles pass at the very last


    They overshot us...” Anakin nodded, but it seem became apparent that Obi-Wan spoke too soon, as the missiles turned

    around and headed straight for the jedi fighters.

    “They're coming around!” Anakin yelled.

    Obi-Wan sped up his ship as two missiles took chase behind him. “All right, Arfour. No, no. Nothing too fancy.”

    Anakin adjusted his systems, flipping switches to make evasion easier. “Surge all power units. Artoo! Stand by the

    reverse thrusters.” He instructed his droid. “Aye captain!” Artoo joked in an attempt to lighten the dire mood.

    Anakin grinned at his droid. He banked upward, his ship spinning in tight circles. The two missiles followed close

    behind. Too close, as the missiles collided and exploded midair.

    Anakin laughed. “We got 'em. Artoo!” He cheered. Artoo beeped in false annoyance. “Would you expect any less of


    A ways away two missiles still pursued Obi-Wan. They were quickly gaining on him.

    “Flying is for droids.” Anakin heard Obi-Wan mutter. The two missiles caught up to Obi-Wan, but pass him. The

    missiles bursted apart and small white balls clattered onto Obi-Wan’s ship. The balls unfurl to reveal spider-like droids

    that quickly swarm the fighter’s vital paneling.

    “I'm hit! Anakin?”

    “I see them... Buzz Droids.” He groaned.

    The buzz droids quickly got to work tearing apart Obi-Wan’s ship. One skittered up to Arfour, it’s drill like appendages


    “Arfour, be careful. You have one...” Too late. The red astromech’s head went flying off into space.

    “Oh dear.” Obi-Wan muttered. Warnings beeped from his ship’s controls. “They’re shutting down all the controls!

    “Move to the right so I can get a clear shot at them.” Anakin instructed.

    “The mission. Get to the Command Ship. Get the Chancellor!” A sudden jolt of his ship caused Obi-Wan to hiss as his

    head banged against the side of his cockpit.“I'm running out of tricks here.”

    Anakin maneuvered his ship just behind Obi-Wan’s and fired at the skittering droids. He managed to vaporize a few, but

    also damaged his friend’s ship in the process.

    “In the name of...”

    “Steady... steady...” Anakin muttered in concentration.

    “Anakin, hold your fire... hold your fire! You're not helping here!

    Anakin grimaced “I agree, bad idea.” He paused, thinking. Finally, “Swing right...”

    Before Obi-Wan could do so, a buzz droid ripped out some wiring that caused white fog to cover his wing shield.

    “Wait.. wait... I can't see a thing! My cockpit's fogging. They're all over me, Anakin.”

    “Move to the right.” Anakin ordered.

    “Hold on, Anakin. You're going to get us both killed! Get out of here. There's nothing more you can do.”

    “I'm not leaving without you, Master.” Anakin moved his ship next to the red fighter. He tipped his wing down and

    scrapped it over Obi-Wan’s own. He managed to destroy all but one of the pesky little droids.

    The last surviving droid scampered from the red ship to yellow, it’s little drilled swirling. It stalked up to Artoo.

    “Get 'em, Artoo!” Anakin encouraged. “Watch out!”

    “I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, Master.” Artoo extended his arm, little spikes of electricity crackling

    between the metal fingers. He lunged at the other droid, but it danced out of the way. Artoo beeped in frustration.

    “Artoo, hit the buzz droid's center eye.” Obi-Wan suggested.

    The droid extended an arm and aimed a stream of electricity at the swerving buzz droid. The electricity hit the droid dead

    on and it convulsed before collapsing and falling from the ship/

    “Yeah, you got him!”

    Great, Artoo.

    “And you doubted me.”

    “I never said that...” Anakin teased. The droid whirled in fond annoyance Anakin’s attention turned to Obi-Wan. “Stay

    on my wing.. the General's Command Ship is dead ahead. Easy... pull up .. Head for the hangar.”

    “Have you noticed the shields are still up?”

    “Oh?!? Sorry, Master.” Completing an impressive barrel-roll, he shot out the shield generators, disintegrating the

    protective wall of energy.

    “Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.”

    Three ships managed to slip into the hanger before the blast door slammed shut, the jedi fighters and a duel-pilot clone


    Opening his cockpit, Obi-Wan jumped out from his burning ship before it slammed into the opposite wall. He waited no

    time to begin cutting through the droids gathered in the hanger. Anakin soon joined him, as well as the Nilurey twins.

    The four of them made short work of the remaining droids.

    “Artoo, locate the Chancellor.” Obi-Wan instructed. Artoo beeped and plugged himself into a computer terminal. He

    whistled in agitation.

    “Tap into the ship's computers” Suggested Anakin.

    Artoo whistled and a hologram of the Trade Federation ship appeared. A red light flashed from the highest spire of the


    “The Chancellor's signal is coming from right there.

    Obi-Wan said, pointing to the glowing dot. “The observation platform at the top of that spire.”

    Leia stepped up to them, her arms crossed. “Then what are we waiting for.” There was clear agitation in her voice.

    Anakin glanced around. “I sense Count Dooku...”

    “I sense a trap.”

    “Next move?” Anakin inquired, grinning.

    Obi-Wan returned the gesture. “Spring the trap.”
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    So yeah, Artoo can talk... Um, it just sort of happened...
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    Finally got to read the last update.

    It wasn't that hard to picture Luke and Leia participating in the battle over Coruscant. Can't wait for the showdown with Dooku :D
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    The fight with Dooku might go a bit differently than you may think... *wicked grin* Unfortunately, it may be a while until next update. High school is murder to both mind, body, and soul... Add in a have two test tomorrow and I'm doomed... DX
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    Chapter 8: All For Freedom and For Pleasure


    Me: So um, I’m kinda being threatened by my own muses to get my butt in gear and write.

    Saieu: Yup! We’re over here giving the author hell. *cackles*

    Darksyde: The hell part being mostly me.

    Me: Oh Force help me.

    Force: *suddenly appearing* You called?

    Me: *facepalms*

    Darksyde: Hey, you wanna hear a joke?

    Saieu: Sure!

    Force: Oh no, don’t get her started.

    *too late*

    Darksyde: How many babies does it take to paint a house?

    Me: *knowing where this is going* please no...

    Saieu: Ummm... idk, how many?

    Darksyde: Depends on how hard you throw them!!! *laughs evilly*

    Saieu: *looks horrified*

    Force: That’s just sick.

    Me: *groans*

    Darksyde: Okay, okay, I got another one. What’s the hardest part of a vegetable to boil?

    Me: Do I even want to know?

    Force: Probably not.

    Darksyde: The hospital bed!!! *falls over laughing*

    Saieu: *stares of horrified*

    Force: *deadpans* Oh great, I think you broke her...

    Darksyde: *gets up* Okay, just one more.

    Everyone: NO!

    Darksyde: *continues anyway* Why did Sally fall of the swing?

    *Anakin walks in* Why?

    Darksyde: Because she didn’t have any arms!!!

    *everyone cringes*

    Darksyde: Okay, just one more.

    Saieu: That’s what you said last time!

    *Sidious walks in*

    Darksyde: Knock knock.

    Sidious: Who’s there?

    Darksyde: Not Sally!!!

    *Everyone facepalms*

    “Welcome to your life,
    There's no turning back,
    Even while we sleep,
    We will find you.”

    “Acting on your best behavior,
    Turn your back on mother nature,
    Everybody wants to rule the world.”

    “It's my own desire,
    It's my own remorse,
    Help me to decide,
    Help me make the most.”

    “Of freedom and of pleasure,

    Nothing ever lasts forever,
    Everybody wants to rule the world.”

    “There's a room where the light won't find you,
    Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down,
    When they do I'll be right behind you.”

    “So glad we've almost made it,
    So sad they had to fade it,
    Everybody wants to rule the world.”

    “I can't stand this indecision,
    Married with a lack of vision,
    Everybody wants to rule the world.
    Say that you'll never, never, never, never need it.
    One headline why believe it?
    Everybody wants to rule the world.”

    “All for freedom and for pleasure,
    Nothing ever lasts forever,
    Everybody wants to rule the world.”

    -Tears for Fears ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’

    The sterile metal walls that were the intestines of the ship weren’t inviting in the least, though that was probably the idea. Still, they

    could have at least set out a welcoming mat or something, Anakin mused. One of the greatest terrors of the galaxy, inhospitable hosts.

    While Artoo had remained with the ships in the below hanger, the group of four jedi (well really two jedi. Anakin still wasn’t sure

    what the Nilurey twins.)

    Suddenly the familiar sound of metal rolling on metal echoed through the hallway.

    “Destroyers!!” Anakin yelled in waning.

    The four jedi rushed down the metallic hallways, droidicas tight on their heels. Suddenly they came upon a split in the halls. Left or


    “Anakin?” Pressed Obi-Wan.

    Anakin reached for his comm to contact Artoo, but was cut off with a rain of blaster fire from behind. “No time!”

    A powerful blast managed to strike a power conduit in the wall, making the entire thing combust. The four jedi leapt out of the way,

    two on the left, two on the right.

    The droidicas once more took on their rolling state and forced the jedi to flee separately down different halls.

    “This is quite exciting.” Luke quipped to Obi-Wan. Behind them the four destroyers drew closer.

    “Quite.” The older man answered. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of this.” Before Luke could fully process what Obi-

    Wan was doing, the elder jedi had stopped and turned. The destroyers, however, themselves kept coming. Luke stopped next to his

    future master.

    Waving a hand, Obi-Wan sent a powerful Force push at the killer droids, slamming two of them into a wall.

    The odds slightly evened, Luke activated his lightsabre and rushed one of the droids, cutting it in half before it could engage its

    shields. A quick but brutal Force crush took care of the last.

    The two jedi were left panting heavily, but no longer in immediate danger.

    “Never a dull moment.” Luke grinned between gasps. Obi-wan smirked back, before gesturing towards an elevator lift. “After you.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Leia ran just behind Anakin, five destroyer droids trailing close behind. It was becoming quite bothersome, truth be told. First they

    had to crash into this Force-forsaken battleship, but then get separated from her brother and stuck with the one being in the entire

    galaxy she feared/hated more than anyone else... well, it was not Leia’s day

    A metaphorical ‘break in the storm’ came in the appearance of an elevator door just ahead.

    “Come on.” Anakin urged. She honestly didn’t need telling twice. The two actually slammed into the metal door, unable to slow

    down in time due to their break-neck running. Behind them the droidicas unrolled and began shooting.

    Anakin unsheathed his lightsabre to deflect the bolts while Leia tried to open the lift. Apparently it was currently on one of the bottom

    floors and would time some time to reach their level.

    Come on.” She grumbled, the droid blasts getting uncomfortably close.

    Finally the door opened, and they rushed inside amidst a hail of laser bolts. The elevator door slid shut and the two jedi let out a sigh

    of relief. It was quickly shattered.

    “Drop your weapons!” Came the metallic voice of a battle droid behind the two. “I said drop 'em.”

    Leia glanced at Anakin before igniting her yellow blade and cutting into the marionette soldiers. Soon they were nothing but a pile of

    gold metal and wires sparking on the floor.

    Leia glanced at Anakin. This was actually... kinda fun, she had to admit. Nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of running for one’s


    The moment was broken when Anakin’s comm went off and Obi-Wan’s voice filtered through. “Do you just happen to be on an


    Anakin snatched up the small device and answered, “Yeah, why?”

    Well, our just stopped for no apparent reason.” Obi-Wan grouched. “Mind contacting Artoo and getting that droid of yours to get

    us moving again. It’s elevator 31174.”

    Anakin rolled his eyes but switched the comm frequency to do as Obi-Wan asked. “Artoo? Do you copy?” A quite beep issues from

    the comm. “Activate elevator 31174, would you?” Another beep.

    Suddenly, the sound of hissing breaks and a startled cry came from the other end.

    “Master?” Anakin asked. Leia’s brow creased with worry for her twin. “Luke?” She called out to the comm.

    “Anakin, the elevator’s going down!” Obi-Wan’s voice managed to get through the static haze of the plummeting vessel. “Have that

    blasted droid of yours stop this falling death trap!”

    “Stop, stop! Artoo, they need to be going up.” Anakin pressed over the comm. Still no answer from the little astrodroid. “Artoo, do

    you copy? They need to be going up, not down.”

    From the other frequency came the hiss of brakes and the sound of two bodies falling to the ground with a thump.

    “Now, that's better...”

    Anakin rolled his eyes. “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

    Obi-Wan scoffed from across the line. “Well, Artoo has been...

    “No loose wire jokes...” Anakin interrupted. “He's doing the best he can.”

    Obi-Wan’s voice sounded almost offended.“Did I say anything?”

    “He's trying!”

    “I didn't say anything!” Obi-Wan exclaimed. Leia couldn’t deny herself a slight giggle. The exchange between the two men was so

    surreal, yet horribly funny. This was one aspect of her new-found time she thought she might just get used to.

    But before long the elevator doors slipped open and she was once more forced to face the real world.

    Together Leia and Anakin stepped carefully into the main room of the General's Quarters. Before them, at the far end of the room, sat

    the Supreme Chancellor himself, bound to a throne-like chair.

    Leia’s heart took on an erratic rhythm. This was the man behind it all. This was the man who destroyed her home, killed the Republic,

    and turned her father to the Dark Side.

    A deep burning hatred began to form inside Leia. She hated this man.

    But could she risk relieving him tot he jedi now? Would it be better or worse for the galaxy? Could she do it? Could she afford not to?

    Maybe she could just kill him, make it look like an accident...

    A soft whisper in the Force made her stop. Leia closed her eyes. When they opened again, her choice had been made.

    A choice that would forever change the fate of the galaxy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Luke leaned back against the rising elevator, trying to catch his breath. That had been quite the experience, he mused.

    “Does this sort of thing happen often?” He asked Obi-Wan.

    The jedi master managed a smile. “Oh, more than you would think.” He too seemed to be trying to clam his elevated heart rate. Seems

    falling several hundred feet in an elevator can do that to you.

    With a soft chime so different than what the duo had just endured the elevator doors slid open.

    “Back into the fray.” Luke joked. Together they exited onto the top floor. Now all they had to do was find the blasted observation


    The sound of approaching metal footsteps was bound to put them on hold for a bit.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    “I've been looking forward to this.” The greying man smirked. Leia narrowed her eyes. So this was the famed Count Dooku, lackey

    of Sidious and the serpent’s head of the Separatists.

    “My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count.” Anakin sneered, his lightsabre ignited and ready to battle. Leia absently

    wondered what they might be talking about, but the slowly rising tension reminded her to focus on the now.

    “Good.” Dooku taunted. “Twice the pride, double the fall.”

    With a dexterity unexpended for someone his age, Dooku lunged. The suddenness of the attack forced the two jedi to fall back, if

    only marginally. Anakin appeared much less surprised by the Count’s agility than Leia.

    With renewed vigor, she returned to the battle, determined to see this to the end. Three glowing blades clashed, one red, one blue, one


    The battle of fates had begun.

    Leia fought hard, sweeping low at Dooku’s legs while Anakin struck high. The sith countered each attack with practiced ease. He

    was quite the formidable opponent.

    But, she realized with a growing sense of awe and fear, Anakin was even more so.

    As the battle proceeded, Leia felt herself growing slowly tired. The Count too, seemed to be tiring. Anakin however, only seemed to

    become stronger as he grew more and more angry. The young jedi continued to drive the attack on Dooku.

    A sudden wall of invisible energy wrapped itself around Leia and tossed her to the side. She gasped in pain as she hit the metallic

    wall. Hard.

    Beyond her Anakin and Dooku continued their violence waltz. While Leia forced herself to stand, Dooku led Anakin up a set of stairs

    leading to Force knows where. As they reached the upper landing of the General's Quarters, Anakin suddenly took a flying leap over


    Leia raced up the stairs to aid her fellow jedi, cutting through two super battle droids on her way up only to be taken hold of by

    Dooku via force choke. Her brown eyes widened as all air supply was cut off.

    Anakin rushed to help her, but Dooku lashed out with a force straightened kick that sent him in painful trajectory right towards an


    Leia would have winced at the ugly smack that sounded had it not been for her own cumbersome predicament.

    Leia was suddenly flung across the room where she hit the wall hard. She felt as her head smacked against the metal, the trickle of

    blood that crept down her brow.

    Slowly she felt herself loosing consciousness. Leia’s eyes drifted close as Anakin once more engaged Dooku. The last thing she saw

    was the look of pure fury on his face before all went dark.
    ~ ~ ~ ~
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    You make it very easy to picture Luke and Leia being on the screen in Revenge of the Sith. Nice update!
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    Chapter Nine: Glory and Gore


    Me: Here we go again, another rodeo.

    Leia: I don’t like how you made me black out last chapter.

    Luke: Yeah, I wanted to know what happened in the fight.

    Anakin: ....

    Me: Havn’t you guys seen the movies?

    Luke and Leia: No

    Saieu: Oh, I have! They’re great! Except Revenge of the Sith made me cry...

    Luke: Why would it make you cry?

    Saieu: Ummmm...

    Force: Spoilers.

    Me: Yes, spoilers. Speaking of which, any of you readers have an idea where this is going?

    Force: We better not all die.

    Darksyde: *suddenly appears in a cloud of black smoke* What?! Forcey, where’s your sense of fun?!

    Force: Dying is not my idea of fun.

    Darksyde: Bah, you’re boring. Besides, the two of us can’t die anyway.

    Force; If Sidious gets his way we can.

    Darksyde: Shhh, they don’t have to know that.

    Sidious: *walks in* What where you saying about me?

    Me: Get out. You weren’t invited.

    Sidious: I am a sith lord! I invite myself!

    Me: This is my A.N. and my fic, now leave.

    Sidious: Fine! *leaves*

    Saieu: Ooh! Guess what we watched the other day?

    Anakin: You watched a movie?

    Saieu: Yup.

    Anakin: And didn’t invite us?

    Saieu: Well considering me, Force, and Darksyde are all OCs, and therefore, part of the author, we saw the

    movie when she did. You all are pre-established characters. She’s just borrowing you.

    Me: Which reminds me, I don’t own Star Wars.

    Leia: Well what movie did you see?

    Darksyde: Well first we watched 9. You know that post-apocalyptic one about dolls? It was good.

    Saieu: But everyone died!

    Darksyde: That’s why I liked it.

    Saieu: You’re evil.

    Darksyde: Just now catch on did you?

    Force: *interrupting* We also watched Jumper.

    Saieu: Oh yeah! I liked that one.

    Me: It was pretty good. But I kept thinking,“Mace, why the hell are you trying to kill Anakin?!” and “Bella,

    what the **** are you doing here?!” and a little “Anakin, what happened to your hair?! Bring it back!”

    Anakin: Wait, Mace Windu was trying to kill me?

    Me: No, Samuel L Jackson’s character was trying to kill Hayden Christensen’s character.

    Anakin: I... don’t understand.

    Me: Hayden played you in episode II and III. Jackson played Windu.

    Anakin: Um.. I’m just going to pretend I understand.

    Obi-Wan: Why havn’t I been in one of these yet?

    Me: You are, just now.

    Obi-Wan: So I am...

    Saieu: Oh! Are you going to make that Jumper fic?

    Me: *sigh* Might as well. Plot bunny bit me in the ass, and Saieu’s kinda become obsessed with the movie.

    Saieu: Am not! *hugs Hayden Christensen plushie*

    Darksyde: *steals plushie and rips off legs and arms* There, now it’s movie accurate.

    Saieu: *stars crying*

    Me: Damn it Darksyde! You just had to, didn’t you?!

    Darksyde: *shrugs*

    Force: Just read the story already. I’ll deal with these two...
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    “There's a humming in the restless summer air
    And we're slipping off the course that we prepared
    But in all chaos, there is calculation
    Dropping glasses just to hear them break
    You've been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn't)
    Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure)
    It's clear that someone's gotta go
    We mean it but I promise we're not mean.”

    “And the cry goes out
    They lose their minds for us
    And how it plays out
    Now we're in the ring
    And we're coming for blood”

    “You could try and take us
    But we're the gladiators
    Everyone a rager
    But secretly they're saviors
    Glory and gore go hand in hand
    That's why we're making headlines
    You could try and take us
    But victory's contagious”

    “Delicate in every way but one (the swordplay)
    God knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way)
    Chance is the only game I play with, baby
    We let our battles choose us”

    “No-one round here's good at keeping their eyes closed
    The sun's starting to light up when we're walking home
    Tired little laughs, gold-lie promises, we'll always win at this
    I don't ever think about death
    It's alright if you do, it's fine”

    “We gladiate but I guess we're really fighting ourselves
    Roughing up our minds so we're ready when the kill time comes
    Wide awake in bed, words in my brain,
    "Secretly you love this do you even wanna go free?"
    Let me in the ring, I'll show you what that big word means”
    -Lorde ‘Glory and Gore’

    ~ ~ ~ ~
    Luke skidded to a stop just as the doors across the hall slid open. Out stepped Anakin, followed closely by the

    Chancellor. Sidious.

    But really, that’s not what worried Luke. Sidious he could handle. But what lay crumpled in Anakin’s arms gave him a

    great deal of worry.

    “Leia!” Luke cried and ran to his sister.

    “She’s alright, just unconscious.” Anakin soothed. Luke gently took his sister from the man’s arms. He was surprised

    with how light she really was, but ushered those thoughts away to instead focus on building a healing trance around her.

    “What of Dooku?” Luke heard Obi-Wan ask, though his voice sounded like it was being filtered through water.

    “Dead.” Anakin answered simply. Luke brushed a strand of hair from Leia’s face. He felt her slowly returning to

    consciousness the longer he maintained the trance.

    “We need to go.” Anakin suddenly said, breaking Luke from his thoughts.

    Luke nodded absently, shifting Leia to lay over his shoulder. He then turned and followed the other three toward an


    Anakin pressed the down button, but the elevator remained silent and still. “The elevator's not working.” He muttered.

    Taking out his comm, Anakin addressed his astromech “Artoo” The droid beeped over the line. “Activate Elevator


    Suddenly the ship shifted to its side as the elevator doors chimed opened. Palpatine was thrown to the ground, but Obi-

    Wan managed to grab hold of his arm before the chancellor could fall. Anakin jumped to the door frame of the elevator,

    and helped Luke up, Leia still held tightly in his arms.

    “Artoo... do you copy?” Anakin called over the comm. He was met with only static. “Artoo, come in!”

    Suddenly the elevator shaft rotated, becoming a long hallway of sorts.

    Luke clung to the doorframe with Leia on his shoulder, behind them Obi-Wan helped Chancellor as he struggled to join


    Anakin jumped into the horizontal shaft, Luke following close behind. Obi-Wan and Palpatine follow just after.

    “We can't wait.” Said Anakin. “Come on, we have to be fast.”

    Together the group started running. After a few minutes and many metres of running, the ship began to roll again,

    causing the Jedi and the Chancellor to jump from one side of the elevator to the other.

    Then the ship started to move upright, the thrusters taken control against the pull of gravity. The warship once more

    righted itself, causing the group to slide down the shaft. In the course of their decent, Anakin managed to grab a handful

    of wires in a control box with one hand. Palpatine grabbed onto the Jedi's leg. A few feet below, Luke latched onto a

    similar set of wires, Obi-Wan grabbing hold next to him. As the ship righted itself, they were left hanging in the

    seemingly bottomless elevator shaft.

    It is then that Leia chose the opportune moment to regain consciousness. She glanced around, and nearly jumped out of

    Luke’s embrace. “Easy...” Luke soothed. “We're in a bit of a situation.”

    “Did I miss something?” Asked Leia.

    She looked up to see Palpatine and Anakin, then down to view the terrifying aspect of falling to the near bottomless pit.

    “Oh, Force help us.” She grumbled.

    The sudden sound of Artoo’s twitter over Obi-Wan’s comm breaks the silence of the shaft. The sudden noise of the

    elevator brakes releasing echoed through the chasm and everyone looked up, only to see the elevator heading toward


    Leia’s eyes widen. “What is that?”

    Obi-Wan and Anakin looked up to watch the elevator approach them at high speed, then Obi-Wan turned to Anakin.

    Anakin took the comm from Obi-Wan and addressed the droid on the other end in semi panicked tones “Artoo, Artoo,

    shut down the elevator!”

    “Too late!” Yelled Obi-Wan. “Jump!”

    They all released their hold on the wiring and fell about three hundred feet down the chasm. Noticing a ledge farther

    down, Anakin and Obi-Wan together take out and throw grappling hooks. The hooks manage to catch onto the ledge as

    they continue to fall. All the doors in the elevator shaft opened up, and the group swung through the open door into a

    hallway, just in time as the elevator roars by.

    Gravity did its trick and all five manage to swing out of the shaft and onto stable floor.

    Obi-Wan was the first to get up, the others following shakily behind him. “Let's see if we can find something in the

    hangar bay that's still flyable.” He advised. “Come on.”

    Anakin once more took out the comm. “Artoo, get down here.”

    The, together, they headed toward the hanger.

    ~ ~ ~~

    A hiss filled the air as the group ran, and the yellow haze of ray shields dropped around them, catching them in an

    electronic box in the middle of the hallway.

    “Ray shields!” Anakin hissed.

    Obi-Wan took a deep breath to express his total disappointment. “Wait a minute, how'd this happen? We're smarter than


    Anakin shook his head. “Apparently not, Master.” He smirks. “Besides, I was distracted.”

    Obi-Wan groaned. “Oh, so all of a sudden it's my fault.”

    Anakin lifted a brow. “You're the Master.”

    Leia snorted, her patience wearing thin. “Can we stop bickering for a moment and figure out how to get out of this?”

    Luke smirked at his sister’s audacity, but remained silent himself.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “I'm open to suggestions here.”

    It was then that Palpatine decided to speak up. “Why don't we let them take us to General Grievous. Perhaps with Count

    Dooku's demise, we can negotiate our release.”

    The Jedi looked at each other in disbelief. Leia half sneered. “Really? The thing responsible for the death of dozens of

    jedi, negotiate?”

    Anakin shifted to the balls of his feet, a stance Luke recognized as offensive. “I say . . . patience.”

    “Patience?” Obi-Wan snorted. “That's your plan, is it?”

    Anakin nodded, seemingly offended by Obi-Wan’s lack of faith in him. “Yes, Artoo will be along in a few moments and

    he'll release the ray shields..”

    A sudden screech filled the air as said droid came skidding across the hallway and bashed into the opposite wall. He then

    took a moment to compose himself, shaking his domed head in a very human like action.

    Anakin smirked at his former master. “See? No problem.”

    Suddenly several doorways opened, revealing the silvery forms of two destroyer droids and sixteen super battle droids.

    “Don't move, dummy.” One of the battle droids hissed in its rather unthreatening robotic voice. Artoo sputtered

    something at the offending droids and zapped it in the arm. “Ouch!” The silver warmonger proceeded to kick Artoo.

    Obi-Wan turned to Anakin, a grim smirk on his lips. “Do you have a plan B?”
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    A.N. Short chapter, but I'll update again soon.
    Obi-Wan: And do please comment. It makes her write faster.
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    so where's the rest of it? [face_not_talking] :p

    Leia seems to have warmed up to the idea of saving Anakin from the darkside as she realizes the two personalities are different from each other.

    More soon