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Saga Complications (completed)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan , Apr 26, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Title: Complications
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Clone wars
    Characters: OC’s
    Genre: HC
    Summary: A doctor with false credentials treats Ivano Arvedai resulting in complications.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L. and the Mouse
    Note: follows:]The[/url] SONIM threat


    Chapter 1

    “I don’t like droids,” Ivano Arvedai muttered. He – rumbling stomach and quite cold – was being wheeled in by a nurse into the OT when he saw droids of a type he recognised from his stay in the Jeditemple. He had seen those 2-1B-medical droids when he was doing CPR. And seeing that droid brought memories of the past few months.

    ‘That was nice going with the crèche-masters and initiates to recover on the beautiful planet Lingala. I met the Lingalans. They helped me to get on my feet again. They comforted me when I felt Siri Tachi’s death. And they were there for me to tell me it was time to go home. That was two months after her death when I was placing a paper candle on the waves. And what did my mentor Erdin Felaron order me when I returned? You are limping. Get those nuts and bolts away. I need you because I am short one very good commander. Yeah, one evening with Erdin telling him about my experiences on Alderaan, Coruscant and Lingala had him ordering that and…’

    “Patient Arvedai is here for you doctor Setima.”

    “You can go. I will take him.”

    Ivano heard the nurse and saw a big woman – wearing greens and a full face mask that had her attractive face visible – coming towards him. ‘That must be the Ina Setima I saw on my stats.’ He felt two hands and two appendages taking him and depositing him without any warning on a table covered with a green sheet. An icky and cold sheet at that! It brought shivers all over his body. ‘Hospital gowns are the same everywhere. Green or white or blue; they all have open backs. And those OT-table sheets? Hazmat-suit material!’ “Comfy!” He saw a droid putting the IV-bag on a pole.


    ‘Is she a copy of Sebeler?’ Ivano got irked by the rude behaviour and felt straps guided over his legs and pulled rather tight. “Hey easy!” Cold gloved hands grabbed his left arm and secured that to an armrest. A swab with something cold and badly smelling at that was touching his skin. He saw a syringe descending and targeting his left upper arm that itched now furiously. “Jikes! Is this the torture chamber. Don’t you!” And he used his Dunai elder powers and gave the woman that was trying to get that syringe in his arm a push with his right hand that was sporting the IV. “Why do I have you? Nurse Hanief was nice when he fitted me with the IV thingy.” He saw her stumbling back. ‘Not a Moniron native I suppose. The ones I had to deal with were nice and gentle.’

    “2-1B; Get that Krayt hatchling secured. Mask!”

    Ivano heard the commanding voice again and felt now one droid grabbing his right arm and strapping that to the armrest. The second droid placed a mask on his face. And that unexpected feeling had him moving his head this and that way with the droid following every move when he felt a pinprick in his left arm.

    “Start Prop-A.”

    “I cannot avoid being a target for Miss Serious Trouble. You are a mor….” He saw a – now in his vision demonic – face and hands holding a snake-like tube thingy fading.

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    Ooh,[face_nail_biting] I just had to read false credentials in the intro note and thought uh-oh!!! [face_nail_biting] Who is this impostor anyway? I'm sure Ivano isn't and hasn't been her only target. [face_worried]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Ivano wasn't her only target and he is quite annoyed as seen in the next chapter


    Chapter 2

    “I… away … move your… scrap”

    “Are you… a what? …”

    “Dunai elder … cta … now …. fever…. butt ”

    “What? You… dare… bac… where…”

    “All of … race … rgic … bacta.”

    Ivano became aware of voices – one quite agitated and recognised by him – and tried to open his eyes.

    “He was quite uncooperative when I wanted to make him sleepy. I am used to easy unresponsive patients when I start with the anaesthesia. That Krayt hatchling assaulted me. I am glad I had my 2-1B assistants to help me.”

    “I will handle him. You are dismissed.”

    “I am what? Dismissed?”

    “Yes doctor Setima. Take those durasteel assistants with you. You are ordered to go immediately to the office of Jasaran Arovan.”

    “Your father. Figures. I…”

    “Don’t make this worse.”

    Ivano heard a soft swoosh after someone stomped away followed by the sound of droid-movement and tried again to open his eyes.

    “Ivano yes.”

    He felt a hand touching his forehead and a soft swab over his eyes. ‘Hmm salve?’

    “Yes salve and it is nice to see you waking up. You are on a ventilator. I want you to breathe. Airan Ivano!”

    ‘Ah a Dunai elder?’

    “Yes uh sorry. I forgot to introduce myself with all that trouble going on with Ine Setima. I am Cedrick Arovan. Airan airan Ivano!”

    That command had Ivano trying to exhale. ‘Uh airan? I am trying.’

    Squawk squawk.

    “And more,” Cedrick held now his hands on the tube and had it out when Ivano exhaled forcefully. “Easy Ivano. Here take this. I will have you soon ready to go to a room in the intensive care ward. A nurse is getting your bed.”

    Ivano felt a lozenge being guided in his mouth and started to move that around when he felt again the hand on his forehead. ‘Nice to have you but why do I have to go to the intensive care? I was told I could go home this afternoon.’

    “Darrin Setima’s doing. You were her first Dunai elder patient. Your arm has now a big rash causing fever. And the Darrin must have ordered her droids to swab your leg with bacta. Jaril Er-Denal operated and has the thingies out. And he was not amused when he saw your foot getting those rashes too and your temperature rising.”

    Ivano heard the disgust in the words of Cedrick with him using Darrin to name the doctor. “So I have now two rashes causing me fever,” he croaked. “Uh I cannot go? I can battle a little bit of fever in my own bed. I am a firefighter you know and quite used to being feverish after fighting a big fire. Uh by the way I am glad you sent her away.”

    “Jaril’s doing,” Cedrick grinned. “Immediately after he was finished with your foot he ordered Setima to begin the sequence to guide you out of the sedation and contacted director and my father Jasaran Arovan and me and that’s why you see me here in the OT. That was five minutes ago and...”

    “I can go soon?”

    “Not soon Ivano. I can feel that you don’t like hospitals and doctors at all. I suppose it had to do with the way you were treated by Setima.”

    “You are absolutely right.” Ivano put a big smile on his face. “Get me out of here. A little bit of fever doesn’t bother me at all.”

    “Your rashes need treatment and with that what you call a little bit of fever but is really of great concern to me you need to be monitored.”

    “He is awake Cedrick and trying to argue himself out of the hospital?”

    Ivano heard a chuckle and soft footsteps coming nearer.

    “Yes and very alert but I will have him sleeping as soon as we have him in his bed,” Cedrick replied.

    “Sleeping? No guys give me a break and get me out of here and on my way home,” Ivano directed his gaze at the newcomer. He had been told by that surgeon that it was a one day procedure.

    “Cedrick here has IC-ward duty and can look after you,” Jaril Er-Denal patted Ivano on his arm. “We will keep you here. Your fever will rise and can cause dreams.”

    “I can ask my mentor Erdin Felaron to come to my place for some Ivano sitting,” Ivano gave a wink with his left eye. “He is quite good at sensing what I want.”

    “Erdin may be good,” Cedrick laughed. “But I am an expert at stubborn-patient-sitting.”

    “You said that I could leave this place,” Ivano tried focussing on Jaril. “Dreams about the thingy removal will not be that scary.”

    “The operation was not something to get scared about,” Jaril winked back. “Who ever did a job at reconstructing your foot was an expert. They used material that could be removed with ease. I have saved them for you.”

    “Thank you and did you zipper my foot shut?” Ivano could try to convince the doctors leading first to another discussion.

    “A zipper,” Jaril laughed. “Competent surgeons don’t use zippers. But that incompetent Miss Darrin Pretty has you in big trouble.”

    “Big trouble,” Ivano muttered. He noticed again the word Darrin now being used by Jaril. And that and coming back to the original discussion had him with diminishing options to escape the hospital by arguing until the two doctors were convinced that he was better of in his own bed. “Why did I have to meet that creep? Now I have to stay here in this awful place. Or can I get transported to my own place? I can contact Erdin you know. He is just waiting for my call that I can go home.”

    “You are staying here,” Jaril stated. “No arguments. Cedrick will do the Ivano sitting.”

    Ivano decided to tell what had happened. Now that he had to stay he could as well help the doctors to get rid of Setima. “Miss Darrin sent nurse Hanief away immediately after I entered the OT and was very rude. No warning. She and her goons – taken if you ask me from the droid-ships of the Trade federation – deposited me on the hazmat sheet. I had to fight her when my arm began to itch like being dipped in burning acid.”

    “I heard some noise when I was in the scrub-room and will use your statement to start an investigation. I have to ask my colleagues about ...”

    “And patients,” Ivano interrupted. He heard a sound of wheels and footsteps coming nearer. His bed was coming. “I suppose she used her skills and her battle droids – taken right from the Geonosian factories – to make life miserable for them too.”

    “And patients. Luckily only four,” Jaril nodded. “She is new here and started her work three days ago. Sef Hanief is here with your bed.”

    “Ah the air-show to get me back in bed,” Ivano grinned when he felt the three lifting him and settling him very softly on the sheets of his bed. He saw a hand with a syringe coming towards the tap of his IV.

    “Air-show?” Sef Hanief began to cover Ivano with warm sheets. “Where did you hear that?”

    “In the Jeditemple where I met a nice healer using air-shows to sedate a patient,” Ivano mumbled. He was now becoming quite comfortable and sleepy. “Kaagi Adin is a Dunai elder too you know and… uh guys don’t put me in a hazmat suit when I get …” Eyes closed and the last he saw was the questioning look on three faces.

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    I like Cedrick and Jaril. :) :relief: Ivano's probably even more relieved to be out of that torture session :p
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Phew, you wrote a lot while I had May holidays in Germany. Finally got to read it all. Great descriptions of hospital scenes. You always find the right mix between fun, action and drama. :D
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And doc Setima did torture more patients and will[face_worried]
    More is to come and Setima will play a part in another story

    Chapter 3

    “Ivano sure was eager to leave,” Jaril halted at the door leading to the scrub-room.

    “Must have been Miss Setima scaring him,” Cedrick muttered. “I will be very busy with Ivano-sitting. He is a Dunai elder and will have fever dreams.” He was with nurse Hanief guiding the bed towards the door leading to the IC ward.

    “I will start my investigation immediately and contact your father,” Jaril disappeared in the scrub-room. He was in a hurry after what he had seen and heard. He had told Ivano that it was a day-procedure and had seen the previous files of the man and the great aversion to all things medical. ‘That Setima character is dangerous. She didn’t read his stats at all. This was her second and last mistake here. Yesterday I had a very simple procedure for a girl and that teenager had numerous attempts to apply an IV.’ He discarded his gloves in a waste-bin and headed without bothering about his soiled greens to one of the computer terminals with access to files about procedures.
    ‘S-alert 3’ that sentence caught Jaril’s attention immediately and he pushed a com-button next to the terminal.

    Koranar and goodmor…”

    “Yes, yes,” the surgeon interrupted. “I am here in scrub-room five. I have File C dash 345 here on screen and you will know what I mean. You had some trouble yesterday with a patient waking up during her surgery.”

    I did and Setima didn’t notice it at all. I had to give her a direct order. You are pissed off I hear.

    “That’s an astute statement Koranar. Yes I am. My patient is now admitted to the IC ward because he is allergic to Bacta and running a fever after the Darrin swabbed arm and leg with that stuff,” Jaril grumbled and began to grumble more when he read file V dash 248 and saw injuries to the vocal cords caused by improper insertion of the tube. “And here; looks like Dunja Vinjari had trouble too. I will use her and your file and my files to get that incompetent Darrin away.”

    I will contact my patient, get a statement and deliver that to director Arovan.”

    “Hurry Koranar,” Jaril began to copy the files on a stick. “Cedrick sent her and her droids to him.”

    She will be waiting in one of the meeting rooms after contact with his assistant. Jasaran has a staff meeting with ‘Noranan Construction Company’ about the new wing. That meeting will end before his next meeting and that’s with me in uh fifty minutes.”

    “Great, that gives me fifty minutes to contact Dunja and her patient to get the final statement to fire Setima,” Jaril had now a snug look on his face. “See you Koranar.”

    - - -

    ‘Why, why did that incompetent pilot divert his transport to this dratted seventh hell of Corellia?’ Ine Setima was fuming. She was told to wait by the assistant of director Arovan in meeting room four and had settled down on one of the comfortable couches. Six days ago she had boarded a cargo transport on Mon Calamari bound for Coruscant. She wanted to apply for a job at the new Chancellor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center, or ChanPal SuRecon Center as it was known. ‘And what did that pilot tell me when I asked him if we could leave as soon as possible? Get some work for the next few months missy or find another pilot. I have to earn credits to get my transport a new engine and some plating. That nebula was wreaking havoc with my poor ship. I did offer him to loan some credits from me but no. I think he likes it here.’ Her musings were interrupted when she saw through the open door of meeting room four a young looking man with raven-black short hair disappearing with springy steps in the offices.

    He was shortly thereafter followed by two men she recognised. But she had to wait and knowing what was to follow she ordered one of her 2-1B’s to access the travel agencies at Noranan spaceport. The Quarren she had met on Mon Calamari was good at making her credentials but the mistakes she had made here in Noranan would reveal her forged credentials. ‘I can use those again when I am applying to the job in Coruscant. The Quarren told me that my new boss will see the forgery immediately impressing him greatly. He needs a shabby doctor was what the Quarren told me.’

    “There is a transport leaving for Belderone today.”

    “That’s acceptable. Get tickets and get my stuff to the airport.” Ine saw her droids leaving and was getting a cup of caf from the caf-machine when the assistant came in.

    “Miss Setima, you can go to director Arovan.”

    Ine nodded only and swept past him leaving her caf standing at the machine and entered the office of the director. The two men she had seen entering were standing near one of the large windows and director Arovan was standing before his desk.

    “Jasaran Arovan.”

    “Ine Setima.” She shook the offered hand and sat down on a chair. The man remained standing.

    “I have seen your credentials Miss Setima. They are forged. They and more so the four files delivered here by the surgeons are reason for me to fire you immediately.”

    “I didn’t want to be here on this dratted planet in the first place but your hospital was the nearest and I had to work to get me some lodging and food you know,” Ine was baffled by the direct statement. “I was headed for Coruscant when that moron of a pilot came out of hyperspace smack down in the middle of that bramble patch and had to head here because of an engine that suddenly started to dislike the environment.”

    “You have to face the consequences of what you have done here. I have to send my report about you to Moniron Med central and your licence…”

    “Aklay grub,” Ine stood up and stormed out of the meeting room, headed to the main entrance and was relieved when she could take a ride to the spaceport immediately.

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    You invented a new word with a new meaning: Ivano-sitting. [face_rofl]
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    Ivano needs some 'baby' sitting and comfort in the next chapter


    And Halfir Majeski (now featuring in the drabbles) is mentioned

    Chapter 4

    “That was fast,” Koranar grinned. “I think she will get the first transport headed out of Noranan spaceport to practise her sloppy medicine somewhere else. Coruscant has some seedy districts and up to no good doctors.”

    “I hope they will pay attention to her credentials first.” Jasaran was getting the files on his screen. “I don’t know who got her working here but I know that if I had seen her or her credentials she wouldn’t have been here at all. Ah I see. Danno Simonis got her. Figures, he lost Alinda Windam to Rondor University and wanted to make his team complete as soon as possible.”

    “And he is human, single and very interested in good looks,” Jaril grumbled. “He must have given her the file of Dunja’s patient to start her working immediately. Luckily we had only four procedures without an assigned anaesthetist. She botched all four. I felt uneasy working with Setima.”

    “I had the same when she entered my office to discuss the procedure,” Koranar stated. “And when I had to order her to get my patient sedated again I got really annoyed by her behaviour.”

    “I should have reported her mistake yesterday,” Jaril sighed. “It would have had patient Arvedai out of trouble and headed to his home today. I made the procedure a day-only for him after he promised me to keep a week from his foot. That was trying too you know. He told me that he would feel his foot always and wasn’t convinced that a week hopping on crutches was doing that foot any good. I told him that the foot would profit making for a less troublesome foot after it has healed. And that had him convinced and quite satisfied that he could go home immediately after wake up. Cedrick is now doing some Ivano-sitting or stubborn-patient sitting as he calls it. I hope he keeps him sleeping. Arvedai is an expert at convincing you that he has to leave the hospital.”

    “Ivano Arvedai sure is,” Koranar began to laugh when he remembered something from long ago. “I had him as my very stubborn patient after he saved the Sarala family. One month of him and you sure want to send him home. I had him here with his broken ribs, messed innards and burns and should have kept him on the ventilator for the entire duration of his stay. That keeps a guy from arguing! And that wasn’t the only time that he was admitted here. Each time Arvedai came in the ER-room the ER-boards paged me and I had to deal with argument-guy trying to go home as soon as possible. But I suffered from not that much Ivano arguments during his last stay here.” He gave a wink with his left eye and continued “That time there was one person who was able to convince Ivano that he had to stay and that was his buddy from kindergarten Halfir Majeski. And that guy – with no love for hospitals either and almost as bad as Ivano – left Moniron with Ivano to roam the galaxy the day I released Ivano from our care.”

    “Halfir Majeski,” Jasaran’s eyes lighted up. “Halla Majeski is working here in the pediatrics department. I saw her yesterday in the restaurant and she was telling her friends that her brother Halfir has a new boss on Tatooine.”

    “On that Hutt ruled planet?” Jaril got a thoughtful look on his face.

    “Yes,” Jasaran replied. “Halfir is hauling ore for Jabba the Hutt but he is an independent merchant with a freighter he owns. And coming to Halfir and a freighter; I have news after my meeting with the Noranan Construction Company.” And he began to tell about Halfir’s father getting the job from the company to haul the materials needed to build the new wing.

    - - -

    Beep-pi beep-pi.
    Cedrick Arovan had duty in the IC ward. The alert coming from a heart-monitor had him rushing to that patient and settling down next to the tossing and squirming man in the bed with the sweat soaked sheets. ‘Dreams! I didn’t know they could be that bad. Do you argue in your dreams too?’ He placed one of his hands on the sweaty forehead.

    ‘You will never leave me. Don’t worry so much’ “Siri!!!”

    “Ivano shh wake up you are dreaming.” Cedrick sighed. ‘I must have caught him at the end of a scary dream.’

    “Pal… Sid… Sith… shields… glad… threat…love…dark…angry…ywalker…”

    Cedrick didn’t know what to make of that either. Was it a new dream even more horrible than the last one?

    “Siri gone. Why? Siri!”

    “Who was Siri?” Cedrick heard again the word ‘Siri’ and decided to ask the dreaming man questions to help him coming out of a dream that was certainly a horrible event. “Ivano tell me about her. Now!”

    “Why did she have to die? Siri was meant for Obi-Wan. I gave her Nephril flowers. Look out for that dark man. He is coming. I had to shield. He is dark, craving for power.”

    “Ivano shh the dark man will be gone if you open your eyes.” Cedrick became concerned when he saw the rising heartbeat.

    “Sith is there. Don’t listen to him. He is evil.”

    A wildly moving right arm was coming towards Cedrick and he grabbed that gently and ordered “Ivano Arvedai wake up! I don’t know who the Sith is but wake up! Now!”

    Eyelids began to flutter revealing brown liquid eyes. “Kaagi?” A hand was moving. “Don’t put me again in a hazmat suit.”

    Cedrick saw the left hand plucking at the sheets. “Wake up Ivano and tell me. What is a hazmat suit and who is Kaagi?”

    “You are not Kaagi?” Eyes opened wide and blinked.

    “No I told you two hours ago that I am Cedrick Arovan.” Cedrick squeezed softly the hand that he was holding and saw a face brighten up. ‘Kaagi’ had the man waking up. A heartbeat was slightly slowing down. And eyes were focussed and alert.

    “Cedrick Arovan ahh you saved me from the droid lover. You are the one that’s keeping me here confined in a bed in the hospital because I have a fever caused by that creep. Creepy bacteria had me running a fever. And those Jedi put me in a hazmat suit to keep the fever tolerable.”

    “Ah thermal sheets,” Cedrick nodded. “We have them here too but you don’t need those sheets.”

    “But you keep me here. Where is Jaril? He told me that I could go home.”

    “Yes and Jaril told you also that you would get dreams and you had those,” Cedrick nodded with a knowing look on his face. “You were dreaming about Sith and Siri. Did you meet them?”

    “I did meet Siri during my stay in the Jeditemple,” Ivano blinked with tears appearing in his eyes. “I felt her death. Siri was the great love of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I mourned her on Lingala. And the Lingalans told me that she will wait for Obi-Wan.”

    “Ah yes Lingalans, gentle beings of the seas like the Falgans and Sheir-Irel. I have heard about the Lingalans from the Sheir-Irel. Swimming with the gentle intelligent beings is relaxing and making you sleep like a Konjy,” Cedrick had no intention to keep Ivano awake for a long time when he saw again the rise in heartbeat and breathing. Siri’s death must have had a heavy impact on Ivano. The man needed a lot of rest to keep the fever under control. “Swimming yes, you have been swimming with the Lingalans?”

    “I have and uh… sleepy… no… dreams…” Ivano blinked with his eyes. “Uh are you?”

    “I let you sleep and I will stay with you,” Cedrick stroked his patient very softly on the forehead and he saw one of the lights indicating a contact blinking green. After making sure that Ivano was sleeping only and not dreaming about something nasty he reached for the com.

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    I really like Cedrick. :) He has a warm, soothing manner.
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    “That was fast,” Koranar grinned. “I think she will get the first transport headed out of Noranan spaceport to practise her sloppy medicine somewhere else. Coruscant has some seedy districts and up to no good doctors.”

    I hope not.

    Anyway, you are good at writing dark visions! :D
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    Thank you. Cedrick had a great teacher in his father
    It will get dark, but not in this little story.

    Chapter 5


    “Jess Djarada and connecting to the reception.”

    “Intensive care,” Cedrick didn’t wonder at all who was there and got a confirmation when the receptionist replied with a smile in his voice.

    Karoun here and I have a very concerned looking Erdin Felaron at my desk.”

    “Karoun, contact my father and let him explain what happened,” Cedrick grinned. “That will have me soon with some more help in Ivano-sitting.”

    Will do. Ivano-sitting.”

    Cedrick closed the com with a big smile on his face when he heard the laughter at the reception. And he contacted his father to explain what he wanted for Erdin.

    - - -

    Erdin Felaron was following Jasaran to the Intensive Care ward. He had heard all about the successful surgery from Jaril. And the surgeon had confirmed that the foot wouldn’t regain its full strength. ‘He will become a battalion chief leading the crews and that’s less strenuous’ was what Erdin had told the interested doctors.

    He had of course agreed to help Cedrick and would be doing that by telling about Ivano. He sure had a lot of nice things he had shared with Ivano being his mentor and those would lead to nice dreams and a comfortable resting Ivano. And an alert Ivano was no trouble for Erdin either. He could help keeping the stubborn guy in the hospital by giving him exciting tales about the recent large incidents and have him studying those. He had even ideas to set up office in a normal room once Ivano was moved to that room.

    “Get showering, change in those greens and you can enter the IC-ward where I will accompany you to Ivano and Cedrick,” Jasaran indicated a changing cubicle with a clearplast package on the shelf and disappeared in a second cubicle. “The instructions are on the package and nurse Gulnare will help you with the gloves and helmet.”

    Erdin did as ordered and began to grin when he read the instructions. “A very familiar procedure,” he was donning the greens after towelling himself dry. “This is a hazmat suit.”

    “What’s that?”

    “Something used when I have to deal with hazardous materials,” Erdin had wriggled his hands in the blue gloves that were held before him. A clearplast bubble helmet was the last item and Erdin was ready. He saw Jasaran getting the same treatment and followed the healer through the double doors.

    - - -

    Erdin Felaron had expected some but not this when he saw the sweaty but now relaxed face of Ivano and the bandaged left upper arm. “I sensed that he was in trouble.”

    “His trouble had me going to him and waking him up,” Cedrick said. “We are monitoring the patients constantly in the office. I saw a heart-monitor rising and rushed to Ivano’s room. He had a horrible dream and I want to know more. Dad; can you take over?”

    “I will,” Jasaran came to the bed.

    “Ivano is sleeping and not dreaming,” Cedrick stood up when his father sat down. “Follow me to the office Erdin.”

    - - -

    “Ivano was dreaming about Jedi and his stay at the Jeditemple and the death of Siri and something with the Sith had him getting quite agitated,” Cedrick finished telling about the dreams.

    “Sith,” Erdin paled. “The Sith are on the rise again. Ivano told me about what he had heard in the Jeditemple. One of them was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo. That was more than ten years ago. And Obi-Wan had meetings with more Sith or Sith apprentices. One of the fallen Jedi – count Dooku – is now a leader of the seperatists.”

    “The rise of the Sith had us abandoning Irellion after my father met the Sheir-Irel warning him about the imminent destruction of the planet,” Cedrick sighed. “A Sith using a terrible weapon must have been responsible.”

    “Ivano told me that he had to shield when he saw the supreme chancellor Palpatine.”

    “But that man is nice and old looking when you see him giving his speeches in the senate.”

    “He is also craving for power. Can he be a Sith?”

    “We cannot do anything about it. He still has the support of the senate although there are senators opposing what he is putting on the agenda of the senate.” Cedrick remembered what his father had told him and told the interested Erdin more.

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    Nice update with Erdin and Cedrick. =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Ivano told me that he had to shield when he saw the supreme chancellor Palpatine.”

    “But that man is nice and old looking when you see him giving his speeches in the senate.”

    “He is also craving for power. Can he be a Sith?”

    Somebody please listen to Ivano? :_|
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    And they are in the last chapter. Thank you for the support of this story
    They do but cannot do anything

    Here is the final chapter

    Chapter 6

    “He is waking up.”

    “The fever is gone.”

    “He had a day and a half of deep sleep, for some hours with nice dreams.”

    “For me it was fun to relive the days I was training Ivano.”

    “Boot-camp never thought that firefighters did take that but now I know that being together forms a bond. And it had him quite relaxing. Care of the rashes and lots of fluids chased the fever away.”

    ‘Fever? I did have fever?’ Ivano wondered for a moment what that was. ‘Ah yes the nasty lady Setima and her Bacta goons. But more dreams?’ He didn’t remember dreaming at all. He felt great and rested and began to stretch his legs. That went without trouble except for the resistance he felt when he tried to stretch the toes of his right foot. But that was expected. Jaril had told him that the foot would be encased in a soft brace for the week that he had to stay of that foot. He began to stretch his arms and felt something interfering. ‘What’s that?’ He opened his eyes, blinked a few times and saw the unfamiliar surroundings. Or had he seen this room more in the past? He opened his eyes fully, saw the IV bag and line leading to his right hand and sighed “yup it’s the hospital but that familiar voice? Erdin?”

    “Yes and Cedrick is here too.”

    “What are you doing here? Ah don’t answer,” Ivano roamed through the room and focussed his eyes on the desk near the window where Erdin was sitting with an activated datapad before his nose. “You have set up shop here to do some stubborn-guy-sitting.”

    “I am aiding Cedrick because your dreams and arguing had me rushing to the hospital to speak with Cedrick, his father and Jaril,” Erdin took a second datapad from the desk and walked to the bed. “I am here to help the doctors and nurses to keep you here until they tell you that you can leave.”

    “Never thought you would do that,” Ivano smirked. “The last time you were in this room or one similar like this one you had me running this and that way to search for a doctor or if I didn’t find a doctor for some greens to disguise you and smuggle you out of this room.”

    “Greens,” Erdin began to laugh and dropped the datapad on the bed. “You came with greens with an open back and those masks covering half your face and smuggling me out of the room became a disaster. We met a doctor when we cleared the door.”

    “And he asked us – we were disguised as nurses – to help with a stubborn patient,” Ivano roared with laughter. “That stubborn patient, healers’ disaster …”

    “Another healers’ disaster,” Cedrick looked from one man to the other. “I thought I had seen all with the two of you.”

    “You have never met Halfir Majeski,” Ivano grinned. “He can convince you with mindtricks to let you sign his release papers. He is quite good at it and had the Jedi been here when he was a baby they would have discovered him and…” A thoughtful look came on his face and he remained silent for some time. “A Jedi and he would have been fighting in this dratted wars using one of those shiny lightsabers.”

    “Dad told me about Halfir,” Cedrick began to laugh. “He met his sister Halla – she is here working as a nurse – telling about Halfir’s new boss on Tatooine. He owns a freighter and is employed by Jabba the Hutt.”

    “Halfir ending up with Hutt-business,” Ivano grumbled. “He told me when he left Alderaan that he was going to Kuat to see if he could buy a freighter. He should head home. He could end up in the middle of a fighting armada. It could get him injured or even killed.”

    “Firefighting can kill too Ivano,” Erdin pointed at the datapad. “You had a rough time with the Jeditemple healers and that file is about a group of three firefighters killed when they ignored the warnings of an imminent flash-over.”

    Ivano picked up the datapad and began to read.

    “No arguments about leaving,” Erdin moved away from the bed towards Cedrick and whispered only for the doctor to hear. “I have more files to keep him busy.”

    - - -

    Ivano was kept busy during the four days he had to stay of his foot and with Erdin having his office in the room he even enjoyed it.
    And for Cedrick and Jaril it was no trying experience anymore.
    Cedrick had no dreaming patient and heard more about Halfir from his sister. And Halla wasn’t worried at all about her brother. ‘He will come home.’
    Jaril could remove the sutures after a week and didn’t have to order Ivano to keep it easy with his foot at all.
    Erdin was doing that when he came with supportive boots telling Ivano that he had ordered them from the manufacturer. ‘Now you can get busy helping me with the big incidents.’
    Ivano donned the boots and left the hospital with Erdin.

    - - -

    Cedrick and Jaril saw the two leaving.

    “They will sure meet us more with the hazardous job they are having.”

    “Yes Cedrick but now we know how to deal with stubborn firefighters,” Jaril laughed. “Get the healthy one to do some firefighter-sitting and we won’t have any complications.”

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    “They will sure meet us more with the hazardous job they are having.”

    I sense a lot of jobs, too! [face_dancing]
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    Ivano really was having a terrible time of it. Great read and memorable charries. I'm gonna have to look in to the SONIM Threat now!