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Star Wars Corellia: Reach for the Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarthXan318, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002

    Corellia: Reach for the Stars

    The year is 25,190 BBY, and the Rakatan Infinite Empire has just collapsed. For the first time in living memory, the Corellian people are free to make their own destiny among the stars.

    First, though, they have to get there.

    Without the Force technology of the Rakata, nobody can get in and out of the system. Oh, the Corellian Shipyards are still there, and they can still build ships ? but without a way to get to hyperspace, a trip to even a nearby system would take years. And that?s just not good enough. Not when everyone knows there?s a whole galaxy out there to explore.

    A new initiative has been founded, and their goal is a simple one: to discover the secret of faster-than-light travel.

    To do that, they must first figure out how the Rakata did it.

    But there are those who believe some secrets were meant to stay buried ...


    [b]About the Game[/b]

    This is a treasure-hunting, cloak-and-dagger, steampunk-meets-Star Wars kind of game.

    You are part of an team charged with gathering Rakatan technology for study. This is not as simple as it sounds, as very few Rakatan-made things survived the Freedom War ten years ago. And on top of that, the system is not yet quite stable - the Coalition Government is still in its infancy, and there are many who do not yet recognise the authority of the Triumvirate. It?s a difficult, dangerous job, but someone has to do it.

    And hey. If you didn?t think you were up for it, you wouldn?t have signed up.

    You will have a lot of freedom. Your team is charged with collecting Rakatan technology, but how you do it is up to you. Officially you report to the Triumvirate, but in practice they let you do whatever you want with no questions asked. In fact, they prefer not to know. You therefore have the freedom to do whatever you deem necessary in your hunt for Rakatan technology. Split up or stick together, investigate planets or search deep space, perhaps even try to get into Centerpoint Station; whatever it takes to get the job done.

    Remnants of Rakatan technology are scattered all around the system. Bits and pieces can be found on planets, amongst orbital wreckage, or even floating randomly in the middle of nowhere. Some pieces are even, if rumours are to be believed, enshrined by tribes who revere the Rakatan Empire. (If true, those would be your best bet for intact technology, though convincing those people to give up their sacred objects will be difficult. And of course, you have to find them first.)

    There are those who would stop you, those who would help you, and those would would profess one while secretly working towards the other. It?s up to you how to deal with those people, too.

    This is, as they say, your show.


    [b]The Team & How To Join[/b]

    All kinds of professions and specialities will be needed on this mission. You can be an engineer, scientist, pilot, gunslinger, medic ? whatever takes your fancy. If you can come up with a convincing reason for you to be there, you can be there.

    It is expected that everyone on the team is a volunteer who is there because they want to be. This mission is too delicate to entrust to beings conscripted against their will.

    Force sensitivity is very rare. Before the Rakatan Empire fell, they spent a lot of time experimenting (always fatally) with Force-sensitives of the ?slave races? in an attempt to inject it back into their own species. On top of that, using the Force is considered dangerously Rakatan, and many Force-sensitives were killed in the Freedom Wars for fear of their talent. If your character is Force-sensitive, the following caveats will apply:
    [ul][li]Your character is not very strong in the Force (otherwise they would have been killed already, either by a Rakatan experiment or a lynch mob).[/li][li]Your character has no Force training at all.[/li][li]Using the Force in any way i
  2. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    More About the Setting

    This section is not required reading, but will give you a better understanding of the current state of the Corellian System.

    Recent History:

    Ten years ago, the Corellian System was the industrial core of the Infinite Empire. The entire system was built to support the Corellian Shipyards, which churned out mid-sized freighters and starfighters to complement the capital ships generated by the Star Forges. Talus and Tralus were the agricultural centers; Drall built the starship interiors and handled all the record-keeping; Selonia had massive factories to build parts of hulls and engines for later assembly; and Corellia itself was central hub of the system through which everything flowed. Most of the skilled beings involved in starship design and construction were from Corellia.

    The Freedom Wars that were sparked off by the Infinite Empire?s collapse resulted in the death of every Rakata in the system, along with the destruction of most of their technology.

    Most of the system?s industrial capability was destroyed as well, during which many overzealous and misguided beings thought removing all traces of Rakatan influence meant destroying all traces of advanced technology itself. The Shipyards have only recently been rebuilt enough to resume construction.


    In this era, technology is very basic. Not much has survived the Freedom War, and nobody knows how to recreate Rakatan technology anyway. Slugthrowers are commonly wielded; blasters are very expensive, very large, and prone to overheating and exploding. Lightsabers are right out. Ships have sublight drives only.

    The only intact piece of advanced technology remaining in the system is Centerpoint Station, and that?s because nobody knows how to get in. Centerpoint sealed itself off during the Freedom Wars, and nobody has been able to get in since. No expedition to it has ever returned.


    The Corellian System is made up of five planets: Corellia, Selonia, Drall, and the twin planets Talus and Tralus. Talus and Tralus orbit Centerpoint Station. The Corellian Shipyards are in orbit over Corellia.

    Corellia is the most populous, advanced, and also the most war-torn of the five planets.


    Officially, the Corellian System is governed by a triumvirate of representatives from the tree major species: one Selonian, one Drall, one Human. Members of this triumvirate are ostensibly elected every five years, but the system is only a year old, so this has never been tested. It was the Triumvirate who commissioned this expedition in the first place.

    But their power is far from absolute. The ten years since the Rakatan Empire?s fall were fraught with wars, infighting, and various factions vying for power. The Coalition Government might have emerged victorious, but many of those factions still exist in one form or another.

    The biggest of those factions is the New Corellians, a purist group with a near-religious mania for purging the system of anything to do with the Force or the Rakatan Empire. They, naturally, would view this new initiative as heresy if they knew about it. So they don?t. Yet.


    The Corellian people are still sorting themselves out. The Coalition Government might have been able to unite the system under one banner, but their authority is nowhere close to universally acknowledged. Freedom is too new an idea for people to give it up so easily, even to a government of their own making.

    The good thing is, without the Rakatan Empire to force everyone into narrow lines, culture and art are flourishing. Individual thought and expression is celebrated. Some things are universal, though: people don?t think much of the Rakata, and they don?t think much of the Force either.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Gareg

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Species: Drall

    Appearance: Like most Drall, Gareg is a short little guy, standing about a metre in height. His appearance is largely unremarkable ? he has beady black eyes and reddish brown fur and a slightly darker beard-like coloration about his nose and mouth. His clothes, because he really likes the concept of clothes, are generally cobbled together from slapdash leftovers, giving him a sort of mad, patchwork look and helping to distance himself from the rest of his species, which he is generally not fond of. He also wears a pair of spectacles to help compensate for the eyestrain involved in his work.

    Profession/Speciality: Researcher and Experimentalist, helps with the analysis of recovered Rakatan technology

    Brief Biography: As he tells it, Gareg of Clan Hrog was brought up in a traditional Drall clan of no real standing. The general assumption was that he would amount to two things: Jack and crap, and Jack was offworld. Where most Drall were polite and courteous, Gareg was positively boorish and, more worrisome, he had very little interest in the extremely long history of the Drall that basically read ?Blah blah blah Tiran blah blah Rakatan conquest blah blah.?

    As might be determined by the two not blah blah phrases in that synopsis, Gareg concerned himself with exactly two things ? the Theory of Universal Reference developed by the famed Drall scientist Tiran, and the sheer scope of Rakatan technology. ?There,? Gareg says, ?was something I figured was worth my time.? Unfortunately for him, the Freedom War deprived him of access to this much-coveted technology just as he was getting old enough to, quote, ?Look dear old Ma and dear old Pa in the eye and tell them to buzz the hell off.? Idiots, because that?s what they were, idiots, then took it upon themselves to make it even harder to find this technology. Gareg contented himself with whatever scraps he could get his hands on, but that was a bit like saying he couldn?t get the bird and settled for a piece of eggshell.

    Because of this, Gareg quickly earned a reputation for himself as being a particularly rude Drall who ?worked with something or other, but seriously, Gareg is an irritable cuss, just stay away from him.? This had rather negative effects on his ability to get the kind of resources he thought he needed. It seemed hopeless until he heard of the Triumvirate?s plans to finance expeditions to do all of the hard work for him! Excellent! And so Gareg leapt at the first opportunity to join.
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    Dec 14, 2009
    Name: Ric Anders
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Rank: Major


    Profession/Speciality: Soldier/Pilot

    Brief Biography: A native of Corellia itself, Ric Anders is a veteran of the Freedom Wars that saw the overthrow of their Rakatan masters. He quickly became an expert in small unit tactics and conducted many raids against the Rakata on Corellia. To increase the range with which his team could strike, he also was cross trained as a pilot. This allowed for off world raids which soon became the hallmark of his team.

    A pessimist, he has volunteered for this mission to ensure that Rakatan technology is secured by Corellian forces. He fears a return of the Rakatans or some other extra-solar group that could take away the system's new found freedom. His assignment is to protect the expedition team from other groups that may be seeking out advanced technologies or any other threat (such as the New Corellians) that they might face.

    Ric is unmarried and has no children. He has no loyalty except to the cause of freedom that he fought for and is willing to use any means necessary to protect that new found freedom.
  5. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    Name: Ran Ringhaven
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [image=]
    Profession/Speciality: Historian/Archaeology
    Brief Biography: The Ringhavens as a family have only been distinguishable from the lowest classes of Corellia for about three generations or so. Ran's great-grandmother, Haria, took the low road and got involved in black marketeering. She was a natural at it, and though the Rakatans eventually caught up with and executed her when she was in her forties, by that point she'd established a solid business with enough money to be made that her two daughters and son picked it up and rebuilt the smuggling operation. The Ringhavens were also relatively fecund; Ran's got a big family of second and third cousins, particularly on his mother's side (where his name comes from).

    The family's biggest boost came with the Freedom Wars. By that time there were a number of family branches and though they were criminals by the standards of the Rakatans and the more passive Corellian sections of society, they were also patriots. Several of Ran's uncles and distant cousins were involved in the various insurrections of the period and many were killed.

    Ran grew up, insofar as slave life was concerned, in relative comfort - the family's ill-gotten gains were slowly being transformed into "respectable" forms of wealth. Ran had the transitory nature of the family's position drummed into him from an early age. However, not being forced to the day-to-day struggle to live that some Corellians were, Ran developed a strong intellectual curiosity particularly in relation to the past -- he'd drawn up family trees from a young age and was forever asking about the holes in the tree that resulted from occasional Rakatan pogroms.

    This led him to curiosity about history and archaeology in general, mostly because the Rakatans tended to suppress historical inquiry among slave races, and that was, intellectually, a red rag to a bull. Ran served for 4 years in the struggle against the Rakatans (from age 20-24, when the wars ended) though his role was intelligence and back line for the most part -- which had its dangers and adventures, but nothing in the nature of the everyday dicing with death that frontliners had.

    When the war was over, a golden age for Corellian intellectual thought arose. Art and culture exploded, as did the sciences. The field of history and archaeology basically had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Ran was one of the founding members of the history 'guild' of the New Coronelli School. Corellian historians in this era are much less specialised to one period of history - they are much more 'at large' and given the relative chaos that surrounds the Corellian system, the pursuit of field expeditions into historical or archaeological subjects still involves considerable personal risk but is also a major part of a historian's activities. Ran has done a lot of work into contemporary history, but he's an eclectic student of history and his reading and interests cover a wide variety of Corellian cultures and periods -- including, of course, the Rakatans themselves (albeit studies into them are politically highly charged almost by definition.)

    Consequently, when this mission was assigned and Ran got wind of it via the Ringhavens' contacts in the Coalition Government, he jumped at it and almost insisted on inclusion.

  6. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    Name: Lazlo Lundi
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Profession/Specialty: Mechanic. Lazlo's small and wiry build make him ideal for work in small spaces.
    Brief Biography: Lazlo Lundi doesn't like to talk about his past; when he does, he is dismissive. "Orphan. Lots of homes. Like ships, good with that. Tools, too." Upon mentioning ships and tools, Lundi's mind clearly begins to race, and it is nearly impossible to get him to shut up. He's spent a good portion of his life around, on and in machinery, tinkering, fixing, and sometimes breaking it, all to see how it works. He's good at it. Very good.

    Things changed in his usual cycle of life - find job, work at job, move on, repeat - when he became involved in groups that worked on contract with the Coalition. Skilled mechanics, truly skilled mechanics, are worth their weight in gold on sublight ships, and someone saw that Lazlo was one of the best. He was summarily scooped up by the burgeoning government, who finally took a good hard look at the man and put him to work.
  7. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Xany approved!

    Part I of the dynamic duo!

    Name: Morgue

    Age: Unknown (late twenties?)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human


    Profession/Speciality: Treasure Hunter/Gun-for-hire

    Brief Biography: Her true name was lost in the war and if anybody knows what she was called once by her parents, it would be her certainly. She refers to herself as Morgue. A name as much a threat as it is a the outlook for your next place to stay . . . should you mess with her.
    She is a treasure hunter. Well, she is the one getting rid of the obstacles, while Lisander Olic hunts for treasures, actually. Her part is the dirty one and that is actually xactly how she wants to have it. Guns drawn, grinning wildly and dancing the great dance. Knifes, swords or guns, she does not care. When it comes to killing hse is a jack-of-all-trades. She has a talent for it and not the shadow of doubt, she needs to make the most of her talent.
    You would expect her to be an assassin or a bodyguard. A soldier, perhaps. But she joined Lisander on his rusty old piece of chunk he calls a ship and spends most of her time planning, digging and searching for anything of value. How did this happen?

    Nobody knows.

    Maybe it was the money? It made her damned rich. But maybe it was something else . . .

    There are rumors. Legends. Aren´t there always?

    Her favorite one says Lisander once saved Morgue from a labor camp on Tralus when he was fighting in the war. Others say, she was member of a kill-squad formed to kill former collaborators after the war and spared him when they contract on his head went out. That would imply she was a trained killer in her late teenage years, already. Some say she is the daughter of an influential human who served under the Rakatans and then again some others say she is Lisander´s sister. Lisander stays quiet about it and usually makes fun of everybody asking. If you ever imply she might be Lisander´s lover, she won´t be that quiet about it, though. Breaking jaws in the free-time is something to stay in shape. As she always says.

    Anyway, her job is exciting enough without occasional brawls. Not every treasure can be digged up. Some are simply hidden, guarded or secured. And the clients usually don´t care how they get those things. They only want to get them.

    Therefore the Government is no different. They are a shaky bunch of post-war-profiteers to Morgue. Just like Lisander and her, just more wealthy. They pay great and promised to keep politics away from them. Promises, that should better be kept. But Morgue feels, like that is not the whole truth. There is more. There is something in Lisander that she feels is out of place. Something that she feels is deeper than the worries that come with the job. He doesn´t talk a lot about it. In five years they now did this, he never talked a lot. He talks all the time, but not in a way he is saying too much. But probably Morgue and him only kept this up because of the secrets they both have.

    Morgue added a second gun to her bed, just in case . . . after all Lisander knows about that first one first hand.
  8. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Xany approved

    Part II of the dream team!

    Name: Lisander Olic
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human


    Profession/Speciality: Treasure Hunter

    Brief Biography:
    Lisander isn´t exactly the most respectable member of Corellian Society. He isn´t the most liked one, or academically honored man in his line of work. But few people deny, he gets the job done. What job? Lisander finds things. He did for the resistance back then in the Freedom Wars and he made it a job after the war. Things you usually have a hard time finding. And that is something not many people can. What is his specialty though is, together with his partner, they also get those things for you. And that is an attractive combination.

    The legends says that Lisander once saved the woman called Morgue from a labor camp on Tralus when he was fighting in the war. Others say, she was member of a kill-squad formed to kill former collaborators after the war and spared him when they contract on his head went out. Some say she is the daughter of an influential human who served under the Rakatans and then again some others say she is Lisander´s sister. Lisander stays quiet about it and usually makes fun of everybody asking, but not without a hint of . . . something in his eyes.

    Working together they pretty much have formed a perfect team.

    They also are very bad in asking questions as long as you share this strange lack of curiosity. So for money they´ll get your job done. If you don´t pay, you become their job.

    Maybe it was how they met, maybe the war just eats away your conscience, but Lisander and Morgue are actually not above treachery, blackmail or . . . if rumor is true . . . murder to acquire what they wanna have. Also Lisander considers himself a man who prefers to solve things with his mind instead of a gun, Morgue has a disturbing habit of losing patience much quicker

    This line of work made them rich people. It made them small legends on the market and it brought them legions of enemies, who did feel their belongings, should actually have stayed with them! But the two do these kinda things and they do it for a reason. They are good at it! Therefore they proudly have painted their firm motto on the side of the ancient, rusty, falling apart spaceship they use to get around.

    Lisander and Morgue. No questions asked, delivered on time. Expenses are on you, prices non negotiable.

    That is their motto and they stay true to it. Most of the time. Probably.

    When the project was founded, they joined on a single condition. Good payment. No politics. At least on the first part, they could get a guarantee. They have unearthed Rakatan material before and they know the risks and where to go looking. But Lisander could not help but find a certain uneasiness in his female partner, whenever they speak about the Rakatans.

    It corresponds to that strange anxiety Lisander lately had. When asked about it, he usually mumbles something about . . . bad dreams.
    There is always the possibility of treachery in this shop. And Lisander has wondered what their partnership would end like, would they ever find themselves on different sides. Somehow, he thinks, it would be quite a literal dead end for him.
  9. tjace

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Name: Axel Antilles

    Age: 47

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Profession/Specialty: Engineer

    Brief Biography: Grew up on Corellia near one of the biggest industrial centers. At a young age, he was selected by the Rakatan overlords for work in the engineering center for his mechanical and mathematical aptitude. After starting off on the batteries of turbolasers and other shipboard guns, he was promoted to working on the ships themselves. He soon learned all there was to know about all different fighters and freighters that were produced in the Corellian system. To his frustration, however, the alien tyrants were very secretive about certain important ship components: the faster than light propulsion systems, the star maps that allowed safe astronomical navigation, capital ship design. Since the Rakatan technicians would install the hyperdrives themselves and make all the final adjustments, he was forced to compensate by adding their weight as part of the cargo allotment, rather than as part of the ship itself (an inefficiency which irritated him). Used his knowledge during the Freedom Wars to sabotage enemy vessels and repair and build ships for the rebels, and fought in several engagements himself. As a result, he never goes anywhere without his tool belt and at least one firearm.
  10. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

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    Aug 29, 2010
    Name: Davos Reemus

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Profession/Speciality: Security Captain on Corellian Metallurgy Factory / Military Training

    Appearance: [image=]

    Biography: Davos came from humble beginnings and was raised by a single father with his twin brother. The revolts claimed the life of his whole family. His Parents died brutally planet side on Corellia when they were caught up in a riot where their home was invaded and they were eventually murdered inside. Davos and his brother worked together in a Corellian Metallurgy Factory. Davos was the Security Captain and his brother a high ranking engineer.

    Before the deaths of Davos' family his brother had attained the security position for him months after he was let go from Coronet?s Police Force for being too violent with citizens that were creating unrest. Davos' brooding attitude, cold demeanour, and calculating mind, made him rise to the rank of Lieutenant in Coronet?s Police Force before he was discharged. Only Davos' brother's very good friendship with the Metallurgy Factory's former Security Captain got him a position as Davos? past was over looked.

    Seeing that he got a second chance to rebuild his life Davos excelled with the Factory?s Security Force and rose quickly through the ranks due to his military training and skills. When the former Security Captain retired, Davos was promoted to be the new Security Captain because of his dedication and of course with a good word from his brother. Davos meanwhile, in conversations with his brother took an interest and choose his brother's ideas and started to follow the politics of the system and it's people. Davos believed, albeit quietly with his brother that Coreilla should be an independent system because they could sustain themselves.

    When the revolt against the Rakatan Empire broke out and the Factory was consumed by it and Davos? brother was killed in the fighting. An ironic twist as Davos' brother supported the revolution against the Rakatan hold on Corellia, but was killed in the revolt that freed the system. Davos thankfully survived the fighting that broke out but was too late in helping his brother who was overwhelmed in his lab by rioters and looters.

    With his whole family killed, Davo?s life was destroyed and he grew angry and even more introverted. Under the new government and rededication of building Corellia?s technological strength the Metellurgy Factory was reopened and Davos was thankfully given his old position. Yet he did not feel the same enthusiasm anymore and Davos would look for another chance to move on and do something good for himself and Coreilla.
  11. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008

    Carek Thorn

    Age: early thirties

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Profession/Speciality: Medic

    Brief Biography: Being the firstborn of seven children, Carek was assumed by his parents to follow all of their orders. He was to become a soldier, and was to get married young, have two children, and help them as they grew older. Carek had other plans, and once he turned eighteen, he turned his back on his parents. Seeking a career in science, he found an unknown interest in healing. Carek developed in his interest, and devoted all of his time to becoming a medic. And though he enjoyed it, over time it grew old.

    Following the death of his dearest sibling, Carek couldn't find it in his heart to forgive his parents for sending his brother into the battle for them. Ignoring the despair of his death, he attempted to forget. When he learned of new steps in exploration, his heart yearned for it. Not just for it, but for an escape.

    An escape from his parents.

    An escape from his past.

    An escape from. . .himself.
  12. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    DarthXan318 Approved!!

    Name: Sacorr
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Selonian
    Appearance: Short black hair with white whiskers cover her lithe 2.2 meter tall height, she wears only a flak vest, sniper rifle/staff that is designed to rest on the shoulder like a bazooka and fires bullets, yellow eye protectors, and a high riding utility belt with medical and other support gear.
    Profession/Speciality: Scrapper, sniper and basic medic {knows her way around a med-kit}
    Brief Biography: When barely a teenager and already being put to work as part of a security detail by the Rakata, well it was an interesting life. As Rakatan numbers had dwindled from their disease prior to the Freedom Wars, more droids and slaves had to be used in more locations to keep things running smoothly for the Masters. Despite their indoctrination attempts when the Freedom War began, she knew where her loyalty lied. Herself and her den, as her den was disbanded by the death of the queen and consorts, well that left herself then. Which was unacceptable, and perhaps what might prove best for her remaining den and the future queen and Selonian?s in general as the only tenets she could hang onto. It wasn?t until after the war that she found her hopes for her den were unfounded. There was no home to go back to after the Freedom Wars.

    During the war she had let the rioters through her post as if there was nothing wrong with the horde, shot Rakatan?s in the back and generally served as a turncoat for the uprising in her area into the facility she was tasked with aiding in guarding. After her facility the fighting moved onward, and her skills of medicine from her youth, and up close fighting as a guard was no longer sufficient. The resistance didn?t want another corpse they had said and so they had trained her to be something more, a sniper. So it continued with war and training, never stopping until the five worlds were free and the Rakatan?s were finally gone. A bold ambition but one that held out in the end as they had won the war, still she was now without den from the many battles that had raged and the tatters of those tunnels that once were home had become the homes of others.

    Taking her skills she enrolled in one of the fledgling governments that rose from the ashes, fought for them, killed for them, and healed for them as she was able until that government was the official systems government. Having carried what was deemed as necessary tasks for so long, there was no reason to stop, and now she is enrolled once more for the betterment of her people?s in searching out Rakatan tech so that they might reach out to the stars.
  13. HanSolo29

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    Xany Approved

    Name: Eryk Graf
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Profession/Specialty: Archaeologist/Explorer
    Brief Biography: To Eryk, everything is about reputation. How will he be remembered in 100 years? What would he have accomplished? Was he good? Bad? For the time being, he would like to think of himself as good - after all, he is well respected among his peers and he's known for his 'no nonsense' behavior. If there's a job to do, Eryk will get it done.

    Although there's not much to say about his youth, Eryk was always fascinated with the past and the workings of the cultures around him, especially with Corellia being such a diverse star system. When the Rakatan Empire came into the picture, they introduced a whole new way of life and despite their harsh nature, Eryk became obsessed with them and their technology. He started to believe that their knowledge was the key to a better way of life. In many ways, they were a driving force behind his decision to get into his line of work as an archaeologist and an explorer.

    But after the war, things changed drastically as many beings adopted the idea that anything dealing with the former Rakatan Empire was taboo. Eryk was no longer popular in his way of thinking and he had to learn to adapt to the new world around him. By this time, Eryk had become more of the academic type with the occasional trek out into the field. His methods were not always...ethical, but at least he managed to get the job done. In some places, he was even branded as a grave robber and in extreme cases, a terrorist.

    Even through all of his (mis)adventures, Eryk was not fully satisfied, as his true love would always be the study of the Rakata. That's why when he caught wind of a possible expedition to seek out what remained of the Rakatan Empire, Eryk jumped at the opportunity and practically threw himself at their feet. Of course, he had the backing of his peers, but he wasn't doing it for them...not entirely. It was more for himself. It was about keeping his reputation.
  14. docking_bay94

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    Jul 26, 2008

    Name: Calcin
    Age: 57
    Gender: Female (infertile)
    Appearance: Light brown fur, with graying hairs throughout, 2 meters tall, wears leather body armor and wields a traditional Selonian glaive
    Species: Selonian
    Profession/Specialty: Miner, Warrior (specializing in melee combat, although proficient with firearms)
    Bio: Calcin grew up as a fierce warrior, protecting her den and Queen from all encroachers. All her foes quaked before her, none were her match. But then she woke up, just in time for another shift in the Rakatan mines. As a Selonian, Calcin was the perfect pick for cheap labor to sniff out precious ores and metals used in the prestigious Corellian Shipyards. The Rakatans robbed Calcin of her home, community, and place in society, forcing her deep into dangerous underground tunnels on Corellia. If she didn?t have such a knack for finding ores just before her time was up, she never would have survived to adulthood.

    Because of her unwanted occupation and lack of contact with other Selonians, Calcin has a deep abiding hatred for the Rakatan slave masters. However, her forced exile to Corellia has allowed Calcin to become accustomed to humans and their culture, and so interacts with them much better than most Selonians.

    As feelings of unrest rose and Rakatan control over the system slipped, Calcin saw that her chance had come. She used her formidable claws, fangs, and tail to overpower her guards when the least expected it, and escaped into the Corellian wilderness. Soon after, the Freedom Wars began, and she journeyed back to Selonia to fight for the freedom of her people, so that they might have what she never did. At the age of 46 she finally constructed her own glaive, and used it well during all ten years of the war.

    In peacetime, Calcin tried to live out her childhood dreams as a fierce guard for her den. She did gain respect as a skilled warrior; however, age began to set in, and the young began to be able to defeat her skill and experience through brute strength and stamina. Her den had recently gained a new queen, young, who knew next to nothing about Selonian tradition, having grown up under direct Rakatan supervision. Those who mocked the traditions Calcin tried to uphold were granted pardon, and no retaliation was allowed by this new queen. Calcin soon began to realize that the ways of her childhood were gone, and that she could never relive them, try as she might.

    While the core of Selonian values had survived, society had moved on. Frustrated and flustered, Calcin began to lose her status as a warrior of her clan. Devastated by her crushed dreams and memories, Calcin ventured back to Corellia to be with the humans she had come to understand. Bitter and dejected, she wallowed in self-pity until her only surviving friend from the mines died. Shocked into a realization of her own mortality, and knowing that she was growing old, she decided she wanted to leave a positive legacy, and now looks for a way to make Corellia a better place.
  15. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Xani Approved!

    Name: Lyle Zahara
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Profession/Specialty: Pilot
    Brief Biography: Lyle can't remember much of his early life; there were a lot of explosions. He took part in the Freedom Wars but not exactly in a capacity that others would expect. His parents and whatever he had for a family had been killed long ago and when the conflict with the Rakata he decided to get involved in some guerrilla group that, while separate from the main forces of the rebels, did whatever they could to raise hell with whatever was available. Such as children. It wasn't a difficult decision; children were small and fast which made them better at navigating the terrain and using pre-made explosives to clear Rakata defenses or supply routes or run supplies of their own to different guerrilla cells. Rakata weren't exactly ones to spare children so the little ones may as well make themselves useful.

    After true independence had been achieved, Lyle was able to slide into normal life very easily as he sought to achieve something he always wanted to do: to fly. As a child that ran around at night doing dangerous work, he became attracted to the idea of piloting a ship. With a ship, you could just fly through the air with even more speed and grace then a kid would on his feet and, more importantly, Lyle felt much more protected within the armored hull of a vessel. Some very thankful - and very influential - former guerrillas managed to pull some strings during reconstruction efforts to get him flying lessons and Lyle had been flying ever since. Transports and shuttles mostly whether used to clear debris or deliver equipment to help reconstruct Corellia's damaged landscape. In his free time Lyle enjoys exactly what free men like to do: just sitting back, relaxing, and having a good ale while learning to do some trick shooting with a revolver that he had managed to acquire and is actually pretty good when it comes to fancy quick-drawing.

    Due to his efforts as a pilot for the reconstructions efforts, Lyle managed to acquire a posting for a recent job to hunt for leftover Rakata technology. Could be fun as it may give him more places to fly to, perhaps even more interesting craft to fly, and you never know; maybe some of that leftover Rakata tech will involve leftover ships as well.
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    And ... here we go!

    Everyone should have a tag below. If I've left you out by accident, please PM me and I will fix it, with apologies. If not ... let the games begin. :D

    [i]On-Station: Comm Room[/i]

    "... And this is our comm and briefing room," the young human finished, with a sweep of his arm to encompass the room in question.

    It was, all in all, not very impressive: dingy, with the distinct flavour of having been looted and trashed, abandoned for several years, and then hastily refitted and repurposed for this mission. Much like the rest of the space station, really.

    In the centre of the room was a large scale model of the Corellian System. It had the look of having been lovingly and painstakingly crafted by a hobbyist on a shoestring budget. Planets were suspended on poles and metal hoops (presumably to denote orbital paths, and to allow them to "orbit" the "sun"). Little bits of coloured flimsy were attached to it at seemingly random places on the planets and in midair (that is, stuck onto little poles that stuck out from the floor of the model).

    "The little dots represent leads we've identified. Each lead has a number which you can look up on the console here -" he demonstrated "- and the flatscreen will show you all the information we've got on them. And of course you can add, remove, or update information as necessary."

    "Over here -" he led Gareg over "- is our comm suite. This station has, uh, a powerful comm array that can reach even the outer edges of the system." (That was obviously taken from a manual somewhere.) "So if we - or I guess, you - get any new leads, they'll come in here. We can track the progress of our ground teams from here, too."

    The human - he'd said his name was Fenor, though whether Gareg remembered was something else entirely - eyed his Drall charge with an air of nervousness, as if afraid he would be critical of the setup. To an outsider, it might look a bit ludicrous, considering he towered over Gareg and weighed about twice as much. "So ... this will be your base of operations," he offered, a touch anxiously. "What do you think?"


    [b]DarkLordoftheFins, SirakRomar, Saintheart, Sarge221, tjace[/b]
    [i]Space: Station Approach[/i]

    Two ships approached the space station in the middle of nowhere.

    One held Lisander Olic and Morgue. The other was piloted by Lyle Zahara and carried two passengers - Ran Ringhaven and Axel Antilles, both of whom he'd picked up on Corellia. (Along with the ship: his first assignment, in fact, if something as trivial as ?take this ship to these coordinates? counted as an assignment.)

    Said space station did not look very impressive. In fact, it looked as if someone had done their level best to blow it up not so long ago. The hull bore the distinct marks of patch jobs, only one of the hangar bays was lit up, and there was a cavernous hole in one of the lower sections that looked like serious blast damage. (Presumably, the inner bulkheads had sealed that section off, as their instructions hadn?t said anything about hardsuits.)

    Its location, however, couldn't be better. Rather than orbiting a planet (as most space stations did) it was in an erratic orbit around the sun, which made it particularly difficult to find if you didn't already know where it was. Considering the nature of this expedition, this was probably a good thing.

    Both their comm panels lit up at the same time. "Landing clearance granted for docking bay three," a mechanical voice announced. And then it clicked off.


    [b]Barden_Jusik, spycoder9, Mitth_Fisto, Jedi_MasterSkywalker, docking_bay94[/b]
    [i]On-Station: Hangar Bay[/i]

    The space station's sole working hangar bay was cavernously dark and empty. It had been built to hold large cargo ships, but currently contained exactly three battered starfighters and one small short-distance cargo hauler.

    And now one battered mid-sized frieghter. The ship piloted by Major Ric Anders touched down in the middle of the hangar. On board were Carek Thorn, Davos Reemus, Calcin and Sacorr (whom they had made a detour to p
  17. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Carek Thorn
    On Station: Hangar Bay

    He found himself lost amongst the stars.

    Dreams burned inside of himself like the fire of the faraway suns.



    They blended together inside of him, churning up his emotions and causing a chaotic turmoil. Carek wasn?t a very talkative man, and only spoke if spoken to. The others he encountered onboard the freighter were. . .interesting, to say the least.

    But his torn up heart was much more of a pressing situation that getting to know these other people.

    [i]?Don?t go.? Her tousled brown hair framed around her face. ?We need you here. You?re the best doctor I?ve ever seen. . .?

    He turned to her. A smile touched his lips briefly.

    ?Bigger and better things, Cay. Bigger and better things.? And then he had offered her a hug. Cold, as she had already shut herself off. She had tried so hard to start a relationship with him. And in the end, he couldn?t realize it.

    He turned away and loaded the freighter.[/i]


    Now he realized exactly why Cay had wanted him to stay. She was beautiful girl, that was a given. Smart, talented. He should?ve fallen for her the moment he met her. But his parents had gone and screwed him up. Pressured him too hard.

    Love didn?t rest right on his heart. He was dedicated to adventure. Making a difference. And settling down was not making a difference, he didn?t care what they said.

    Once the freighter had docked the hangar and preparations were made to load, Carek prepared himself mentally and physically. He was changing the surroundings he had come to know. Once they were finally allowed off, Carek noticed a uniformed woman awaiting them. The tips of his lips perked up just a tinge, enough to let her know he was gracious of her presence.

    [i]?Welcome aboard. I?m Lieutenant Destyan. If you?ll follow me -??[/i]

    He glanced at the others to see if they to follow also. Carek nodded his head at her greeting, deciding he didn?t need to say much.

    It was more enjoyable to just watch and learn.

    [b]TAG: Xany, Jusik, Mitth, Skywalker, docking_bay[/b]
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    Ran Ringhaven
    Space: On Approach

    "My heavens," said Ran, throwing himself into the co-pilot's easy chair and gazing out the viewport. The excitement in his voice was apparent if anyone didn't see the huge grin on his face. He looked across the various readouts, getting his head in Lyle's way for a moment to make sure he saw the last external camera of the place. "Unless I'm badly mistaken -- and let's be frank, I often am in this job -- that looks to be one of the Lucifer stations. Out here, of all places!"

    The nature of the Lucifer orbital platforms was reasonably well-known. But if anyone on the ship didn't know it, they soon did as Ran extemporised (unwanted): "They were part of the final stages of the Freedom Wars. As the Rakatans' grip began to loosen on the system, General Tyrin had a few of his best teams seize a couple of orbital platforms, then scrambled the Rakatans' satellite control mechanisms so they didn't notice them drift free. The stations were used as surveillance platforms to watch for Rakatan vessels entering and leaving the system - played a role in coordinating the last march on Coronel, if I remember. But they were all supposed to have been cannibalised for parts. My."

    He settled back into his seat, though doing so caused him to catch a glimpse of the other ship off to their flank. That vessel, at least, was familiar. As were the occupants. It was hard to conceal a snort, although he was more reassured in their presence than the heavy bulk of the station's mass. And whatever other feeling he had was suppressed by the sheer anticipation and excitement of the unknown.

    TAG: Fins, Sirak, Sarge, tjace

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    OOC: Double-posting, I know, but just a thought anyone can take up if they like...given the average Rakatan looked like this--


    --I propose that a common nickname for a Rakatan was to refer to them as a "coney". As in, coneheads. The nomenclature of which will be apparent.

    Well. Anwyay. Back to your regularly scheduled program. :D
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    On Station: Hangar Bay

    Calcin disembarked the battered freighter and stretched to her full two meters. It had been a cramped, uncomfortable trip, silent due to the lack of knowledge the passengers had on each other. So, Calcin had taken to analyzing her companions. She now looked around at them, summing up in her head what she had deduced about each of them.

    The pilot. What was his name... Anders? Army. Major. Military demeanor, focused, takes his work seriously. Trustworthy? Likely. The medic. Nervous? Quiet, keeps to himself. Motives: Unknown. Trustworthy? Maybe. The guard. Background: Unknown. Motives: Unknown. Mannerism: Hard to read. Depressed? Pessimistic? Competent? Yes. Trustworthy? Under fire, not personally. The Selonian. Younger. Sniper, likely highly efficient. Trustworthy? Stay watchful, but likely. Myself. A bitter old woman.
    So then, the combat team?

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a young human officer in uniform. ?Welcome aboard,? she greeted. ?I?m Lieutenant Destyan. If you?ll follow me -?? Calcin made to follow her. The sooner she had a direction, a purpose, the sooner she could make her life worth something.

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    No problems here, Saint- in fact, feel free to keep on inventing. So long as it doesn't directly contradict anything else in the game, I'm happy (and I'll tell you if it does, so don't worry about that). And that goes for the rest of you too. :D
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    IC Ric Anders
    On Station: Hangar Bay

    Ric Anders, Major in the Coalition Armed Forces, settled the freighter down on it's landing struts. It had been an uneventful and quiet ride through the system, despite their detour to Selonia. Even Anders had kept quiet throughout their journey, attentivly watching the ship's systems and wondering if this mission would end in bloodshed.

    He had spent most of the past ten years fighting. First the Rakatan survivors of the plague that had mostly wiped them out. Than he had moved on to fighting the various other factions attempting to control the destiny of the Corellian system. "Human First" zealots, petty warlords and secessionist movements had all made their own attempts at destroying the freedom that Anders and others like him and fought, bled and died for.

    He couldn't remember a time where he had not been fighting, his life before the military was a mess of dead end jobs, none of which he had been very good at. He had done his best to forget that time in his life. But the military had given him focus and structure. It had given him a place where he belonged and it was where he found his true calling. It gave him a life worth living, and so the cause of freedom for which that military fought was something worth dying for.

    He stepped off the boarding ramp, subconciously patting his sidearm as he did so.


    After all the last time he had been aboard one of these Lucifer class outposts was during a raid in which they had wrested it from the Coney's control. He hadn't known that any were still in operation, but than again Command was playing things close to the vest for this one. He wasn't even sure what other military personal, if any, were on this assignment.

    A young Lieutenant greeted them, answering at least one question. Anders wasn't upset by her lack of a salute. The CAF was still transitioning from being a guerilla force to a full time standing army, protocal was oft times forgotten. "Lead on Lieutenant." Anders assumed that they were headed to a briefing for themselves and team members sure to be arriving on the other transports that he had seen lined up behind them. It would be good anyhow to know who all he was supposed to be protecting here, and also to learn what they were after.

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    ooc: Damne,d my edit-time is up. Dunno how it happened, but somehow the post with all the mistakes was posted and the one where I corrected stuff wasn´t. So please ignore the one above, you will probably not get what I wanted to say anyway. So sorry for posting this twice, but here the post as it was meant to be, again. Sorry.

    [b]Lisander Olic[/b]
    [i]Aboard the [b]Cheap Trick[/b][/i]

    The station was in a way a perfect fit. It looked as damaged and run down as their ship. Although he usually preferred to have a more secure environment once he left the old seller of souls - as the Corellians called these ships - he was actually intrigued to see this station close up and personally. "What a beautiful piece of chunk you got us here, really. I bet that was Raventhings idea. Ranghiffen? Ran Given? Hell, you know who I mean." He leaned back, sitting in the vast and oversized cockpit and looking out at the second ship arriving. Newer and probably much more sophisticated than his own, he was amazed how cliché official these guys were. "Do you think we can enter this precious artifact without doing any paperwork, or do you wanna send an application to you little friend from the university? Who know, maybe he enlightens us with his vast knowledge, before someone shoots him." Lisander laughed and turned his face left. Morgue had not been totally honest until after they had signed the contract, never giving him a chance for considering the involvement of Ran Ringhaven and if it was enough to pass this chance. Hell, he could have allowed these guys to get killed and charge the Government double, when they ran out of options. Actually that made the idea of making "sure" they met an untimely end even more attractive.

    [i]You don´t do things like that, Lisander. [/i] Oh his inner voice. "Well, I am not a slave of my habits, either. So why not make an exception?" He mumbled and then turned his head once more. His eyes did barely hide the fact, they began the exploration of his partner with her legs, before moving head up to look her into the face.

    "Landing clearance granted for docking bay three," a mechanical voice announced. And then it clicked off.

    "Looks like we´re skipping the paperwork, this time. He only sighed. "Have I told you, you look especially beautiful today, Morgue?" He grinned and turned his head towards the window once more. He knew she hated it when he did that. "Expecting to meet someone there?"

    She actually looked like always. Beautiful and in a way too deadly to appreciate her beauty. Guns, knifes and these eyes. He had seen these eyes, when she killed and it probably kept his attraction to her in check more than once. [i]That rules also knows exceptions, does it? [/i]

    "Seatbelts. We´re going in first."

    He accelerated his ship, maneuvering it between the others and hangar dock 3. He opened a channel to the transport of his "colleagues" and send them a simple dry: "Ladies first, I assume?" And shut the connection down again. "What?" He asked Morgue without looking at her. "This old ship is a Lady, is it?"

    [b]Tag: Sirak, Saint, tjace, Sarge[/b]


    With permission of the GM I would like to have a good old steampunk ship design to by my ship.

    The [i][b]Cheap Trick[/b][/i]

    [image=] [image=]

  25. SirakRomar

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    Lisander Olic
    Aboard the Cheap Trick

    Morgue was looking out, while Lisander did the flying. He was the pilot. She just had picked up a few things in her time with him, enough for this kinda procedure, probably. But not enough to feel comfortable with the pilot seat.

    "What a beautiful piece of chunk you got us here, really. I bet that was Raventhings idea. Ranghiffen? Ran Given? Hell, you know who I mean." Morgue just smiled and turned her back at him. He knew probably best what Ran´s name was. After all he had been angry about her not mentioning him for over a day now.
    "Do you think we can enter this precious artifact without doing any paperwork, or do you wanna send an application to you little friend from the university? Who know, maybe he enlightens us with his vast knowledge, before someone shoots him."

    Morgue just ignored him for now and did a scan of the station. Shouldn´t there be . . .

    ?Landing clearance granted for docking bay three," a mechanical voice announced. And then it clicked off.

    There it was . . .

    "Looks like we´re skipping the paperwork, this time.? Lisander sighed. "Have I told you, you look especially beautiful today, Morgue?" He grinned and she knew he was looking at her. And most likely not at her face. "Expecting to meet someone there?"

    ?Everybody other than you would be much appreciated, Lissy. Two weeks on board and your aftershave is certainly the smell of one of the Corellian hells. Just can´t figure out which one. Jealousy? Or . . . ?

    Lisander ignored her now and she had to grin, as he turned the ship to play boys games.

    "Seatbelts. We´re going in first."

    He accelerated his ship, maneuvering it between the others and hangar dock 3. He opened a channel to the transport of his "colleagues" and send them a simple dry: "Ladies first, I assume?"

    Morgue looked at him. Ladies first? Really? But she did not say anything. "What?" Lisander asked Morgue without looking at her. "This old ship is a Lady, is it?"
    ?She certainly is. Which probably means you don´t know how to treat her, do you?? She just smiled and stood up, folding her arms and standing right next to him. On a more serious tone she added then: ?Don´t let the games cloud your vision, Lissy.?

    Tag: Fin, Saint, tjace, Sarge
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