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Before - Legends Crossing Paths {The Old Republic}

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    Sep 16, 2004
    Title: Crossing Paths
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Era: The Old Republic
    Primary Characters: Lt. Malavai Quinn, Lycuneae (pronounced "Lacuna") Terzas {clan Gammon}
    Genre: Drama, some romantic hints
    Summary: It had been twelve long years since Lt. Quinn's court-martial and subsequent indefinite reassignment to Balmorra. However, everything changes when Darth Baras' powerful new apprentice arrives. Will these changes be for the better for the beleaguered Lieutenant?
    Note: I've been playing the Sith Warrior storyline on TOR for a few weeks now. I like the dynamic thus far between Quinn and my Warrior. So what better to write about? (Also, as the 'Clan Gammon' shows, it's also a way to introduce yet another member of this clan besides Kybrina.)


    I'm sorry, Lieutenant. There's nothing I can do,” The clipped, formal voice of Major Ovech had stated. “I could use a man of your talents, but without proper transfer authorization my hands are tied. And Broysc promised it would be winter on Tatooine before he would ever grant a request of yours.

    Though the holotransmission had ended some minutes earlier, Lt. Malavai Qunn continued to play and replay it in his head. Smirking, he sat back in his chair and shook his head.

    Twelve years.

    Every time he thought about it, Quinn found it ironically amusing how quickly the time had passed.

    It had been twelve years since Druckenwell. Twelve years since Moff Broysc's incompetence nearly cost the Empire a crucial victory. Twelve years since Quinn handily snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Twelve years since Broysc turned on him, stealing the glory of that victory for himself. Twelve years since his court-martial and disgrace, and subsequent stationing on this war-torn pit of a planet.

    Twelve years had been both a long time and not long enough. In those intervening years, Quinn watches his military career stagnate. Even under Darth Baras' watchful eye, Quinn was unable to advance; any proposed promotions or transfers were hastily and abruptly blocked. He had been trying for so long to get off this rock he had lost count of how many attempts he had made. Had it been fifteen? Twenty? It didn't matter anymore, really. It was starting to appear his only ticket off Balmorra would be in a coffin after languishing another thirty years.

    He pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a heavy sigh. Back then, he thought he had it all. He was a Lieutenant under one of the oldest and most highly-regarded Moffs in the Fleet, he had an up-and-coming career, he was well-regarded among his peers, he was to be married once the war ended...


    He gritted his teeth against the memory. Although it was an arranged match between their two families, he still had held a great deal of affection for her. Then Druckenweld happened, and all of its subsequent fallout. Though he had tried to maintain their relationship, it was clear both she and her family wished it severed. Not that he blamed them; he was no longer the up-and-coming Lieutenant he was before Druckenwell. He knew perfectly well that her family would be committing social suicide if they continued to support marrying their eldest daughter to a disgraced Imperial officer. He could also tell her own affections were cooling, though whether that was due to his fall, the war, or some other factor he couldn't say.

    Whatever her reasons had been, he knew he could not in good conscience keep her tied to him. Though he would deny it if asked directly, it killed him to write the letter officially terminating their relationship. He had let no emotion leak into the words, had given no platitudes. Just kept it brief and to the point, as was his way during a crisis. Three weeks before their wedding was to take place on Dromund Kaas, he received a notification in reply. They were officially separated.

    Even twelve years later, it still stung to think about.

    The beep of the holoterminal stunned him out of his memories. Standing, Quinn quickly crossed the room to where the terminal sat. He pressed the button on the machine, and it hummed to life, showing the image of Darth Baras.

    Quinn bowed deeply. “My Lord Baras,” he said. “It has been some time since you last contacted me. How may I be of service?”

    Ah, Quinn. It is good to speak with you again,” Baras replied. “Recent events have occupied my attention here on Dromund Kaas these past few months.

    “Quite understandable, my lord,” Quinn said.

    But I have a new assignment for you. I have sent my new apprentice to Balmorra to complete a mission for me. She should be arriving shortly. See to it that she is given all she needs to succeed in her task.

    “When she arrives, I will do my utmost to extend the fullest level of Imperial hospitality,” Quinn answered. “At least, the fullest I can extend under present circumstances.”

    Then that will have to do. I will instruct my apprentice to meet with you as soon as she lands on the planet. As we speak, I am transmitting encrypted data to you to pass on to her when you meet her. Make sure all is ready, Lieutenant.

    “Yes, my lord. I will have everything prepared by the time she arrives.” Quinn gave another bow, and the image flickered out. Hastily, he drew a chair up to the nearby computer terminal, beginning the data download Baras had informed him about. When the download completed and the built-in data integrity checks reported no issues, he transferred the data to a datapad that he kept clipped to his belt. This would make transferring the data to the apprentice much more efficient.

    With the task completed to his satisfaction, Quinn turned back to the computer terminal. Pressing a few buttons, he was greeted with status reports from the various Imperial garrisons scattered across the planet. His eyes scanned each report, gleaning pertinent information before moving onto the next one. It wasn't the most interesting of reading, but it would help pass the time until Baras' apprentice arrived.