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Beyond - Legends Dancing Inside - Vignette Series (AU - L/M, Ben, OC) UPDATED Dec 19

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Briannakin , Jan 22, 2012.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Dancing Inside
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: Various – Post-NJO AU
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, Beru Skywalker (OC), others as I see fit
    Genre: Various
    Notes: This will be a series of vignettes (also possibly a few short stories – 2 or 3 posts long) centralizing around the AU that I created in my 2011 Dear Diary Challenge]So[/url] NOT A Stay At Home Mom. It is not necessary to read that diary to enjoy these vignettes (though it might help), simply know that Luke and Mara had a daughter about a year after the end of the ‘Vong War, who has Cerebral Palsy. Some of these vignettes will be missing scenes from the diary, but most will continue the story of Beru Skywalker.


    Baby-Girl Meets Ex-Girlfriend
    Timeframe: 30 ABY

    Luke heard the crying even before the door to his office opened. It was 1102 hours and it was his turn to take the baby for three hours while Mara taught her two classes.

    The door opened and an uncharacteristically frazzled Mara entered with a baby-bag over her shoulder and a crying five-month Beru in her arms.

    Luke smiled, got up and retrieved his daughter and her bag from his wife. He noticed Beru was wearing a purple sweat-suit, not her pink onesie and floral skirt he had put her in that morning. “Rough morning?” he asked, bouncing Beru up and down.

    Mara groaned. “You have no idea. I fed her breakfast, went to burb her and she puked all over me and herself. The morning has just gone downhill from there. She isn’t sick, I took her temperature and everything; she just doesn’t like me today.”

    He kissed Mara on the lips. “I like you both, if it’s any consolation. And we both love you.”

    Mara smiled. “Yeah, I know. Anyways, she has managed to keep down what I just fed her a half hour ago... so far.” She then looked at the chrono on his desk. “Shavit, I’m late. I love you, Farmboy,” she said before kissing her still crying daughter on the back of the head before rushing out.

    “Looks like it’s just me and you now, baby-girl,” he said as he sat back down with her. “You’re not going to spit up on me, are you?”

    Beru simply continued crying.

    Luke sighed, knowing she would only cry more if he set her down in her play-pen. So he propped her on his chest with her head on his shoulder, and patted her back while he continued working on his lesson plan for next week.

    Slowly, something odd happened. Slowly, Beru’s crying became quieter and quieter. Eventually, she became silent.

    Luke looked down in amazement. After five months of somehow virtually never sleeping (at least it felt that way to Luke) Beru was actually asleep.

    Her face was so serine, so at peace.

    Carefully, as if trying not to wake a nexu, Luke put down his stylus and placing his now free hand higher up on his daughter’s back.

    He was about to get up and put her in the playpen, when she gurgled and nuzzled his neck in her sleep.

    He froze in place. No. He would not be so stupid as to move, let alone put her down. That would certainly wake her.

    He cautiously used the Force to get her pink baby-blanket in her diaper bag and spread it out on top of her, covering her up, protecting her from the cold he knew she hated.

    He must have sat there for 40 minutes, not daring to move.

    The spell was broken when his comm-station rang.

    Beru woke and began to cry once again.

    Luke sighed as he rolled his chair over to the station and keyed it on. “What is it, Caro?” he asked the twi’lek apprentice responsible for directing the communications coming into Jedi Order. Luke shifted Beru so that he was holding her in his arm and spread the blanket over his chest and arm to create a tent for her. He bent over to get a pacifier from her bag and tried his best to get her to suck on it.

    “Did I wake little Beru?” Caro cringed.

    Luke nodded, regretfully. “Yeah, but don’t worry about it. Who is comm-ing me?” he asked. Most of his usual contacts, such as Chief of State Cal Omas, knew to avoid to comm-ing during the three hour of the work day Luke had Beru.

    “I don’t know. It’s a human female. She just said you sent her a message to contact you that you flagged as urgent two weeks ago.”

    Luke tried to think. Who had he contacted two weeks ago? He was so sleep deprived that he couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning, let alone two weeks ago.

    “Just patch her through,” Luke told the Caro as he continued to try to get Beru to suck on the pacifier. He finally got her to take it in her mouth and gently held it there with one finger so she could spit it out if she really wanted to annoy him, but it wouldn’t fall out if her jaw or tongue decided to spasm.

    The image of Caro fuzzed out to be replaced with a woman he hadn’t laid eyes upon in seventeen years.

    Suddenly, events of two weeks came over him. Mara had seen a terrible vision of a possible future in her sleep. Now, they were taking every precaution to avoid it. This included him contacting his former girlfriend and warning her of the dangers lurking in the Maw.


    “Hello Luke. You needed to talk to me?” She smiled. She had worn the past two decades well, but not as well as Mara.

    “Yes. We have had a very grave warning of a possible future by a vision. You were a part of this vision. There is a creature in the Maw – we actually believe the Maw was created to imprison it. If you go into the Maw, the creature will consume your essence and take your identity.”

    Callista looked surprised. “I am glad you contacted me. I was about to pick back up my quest to find the Force in the Maw. Now, I will certainly go someplace else.”

    Luke smiled in relief. “Good. Thank you.” He was about ask her how her quest was going, when Beru spat out her pacifier and resumed her crying.

    “Oh, dear,” Callista commented. “Someone isn’t very happy with her babysitter.”

    He nodded, tore down Beru’s tent and wrapped her in the blanket. He held her close and began swaying with her to calm her down.

    “If you don’t mind me asking – it’s been awhile since I have picked up a holo-paper, I’ve spent most of my time since the beginning of that dreadful war helping refuggees – whose is she? Is she Jaina’s?” Callista asked.

    Luke smiled. “I’m not babysitting. She’s mine. Callista, I would like you to meet my daughter; Beru Skywalker.” Luke turned her around and let Callista get a good look at her. Beru scrunched up her face and vomited.

    “Oh…. She’s yours? You and Mara are still together? Oh, hm.”

    Luke fought the urge to scowl as he laid Beru in his lap and started to strip her of her stained clothes. He hated it when people doubted his and Mara’s love. Apparently, Callista was one of them. “Yes. We just celebrated our tenth anniversary. We have a four-year-old named Ben and this one,” he said, picking up Beru, now clad in only her diaper. He dispensed her clothes in her bag and wrapped her up in blankets. “I better go get her dressed, then we have to meet Mommy for lunch. It was nice talking to you, and please, stay out of the Maw, and call again.”

    Callista nodded, apparently still shocked with his revelation. “Of course I will stay out of there and I will try call again.”

    The line went dead and Luke let out a sigh of relief. He looked down at her daughter. “How did I ever date her? She is nowhere as cute and lovable as you.”

    Beru stopped crying and looked up at her daddy.

    “Come on, Princess, let’s go get you dressed, again, then we will go annoy Mommy during her lunch hour.”

    Beru smiled and Luke decided he was happy with what he had lost and what he had gained over the years.
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    Splentab title Bri. =D=

    And oh [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] - woohoo! Callista tried dissing Mara -- not gonna work - Mara's the only one who can and does get to hold Luke's lightsaber [face_laugh] [face_mischief]

    I rofled over Beru's reaction - wee one's got good people sense [face_laugh]

    Yes, I'd love PMs for updates.


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  3. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Fantastic beginning, Bri! :D Loved Beru's reaction to Callista.

    I'd like PMs also.
  4. Book-Geek

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    May 28, 2011
    ROFL at Beru's reaction to Callista! Priceless![face_laugh]

    Beru is such a daddy's girl! They're so cute![face_love]
  5. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Awww... the image of Luke holding Beru while she slept was so cute! [face_love]

    It was kinda nice to see Callista in that capacity (as in not threatening Luke and/or Mara) until she dissed Mara! Grr...

    Lovely Vig, Briannakin! I look forward to more!

    If you're doing update PM's I'd love one!

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I often ask myself that question. HA! A puke covered colicky baby is cuter and more lovable than Callista. Aint that the truth! Very nice.

    Poor Mara. I remember those days with baby puke. What is the worse is when you don't know they did it. It was just a little spit up. You go shopping, to the post office and do other chores with the baby and then you get home and to your horror you see a crusty blob of puke on your shoulder. Then you are wondering why nobody told you? How long was that there?

    Well, those puke days are least until my boys go off to college and pledge a fraternity (I'm really hoping they won't be as wild in college as their parents).
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    Jun 18, 1999
    Aww, what a sweet start, Bri!
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    May 25, 2005
    Awww, I love Luke with his baby girl! [face_love] I so feel their pain, though. My daughter was born SCREAMING and didn't stop for approx. 4 months. Even now that she's almost 21 months old she's still screaming. A lot. LOL!

    Callista had best back it on up before Beru pukes on her!!!! [face_devil] Well, maybe she could send it through the galactic mail. ;)

    Very sweet and can't wait for more!!
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    Mar 5, 2004
    Beru is very adorable. Can't wait to see more of her with her Daddy.
  10. Lady_Misty

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    I guess Beru really doesn't like her father's ex girlfriend. :p[face_laugh];)

    Luke and Mara's love has gone through the fire and so have they. THey are stronger for it and so is their love! [face_love][face_dancing]

    Maybe icky Callista can come to the Academy and get spat up on. [face_devil]

    Please PM me when you update.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Oopsy poopsy [face_laugh]

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    Jade: Thanks. I hate coming up with titles for fics, but I really love this title. LOL. Your right about the Lightsaber bit ;). Beru got her mother?s good people sense. I will PM you when I update.

    Hazel: Thanks. I will add you.

    Book: Baby blanket: 15 Credits. Onesie: 10 Credits. Baby daughter?s reaction to ex-girlfriend: PRICELESS! Beru is a Daddy?s Girl.

    mavjade:Thanks. Can you tell I don?t like Callista :p. Since updates are coming whenever my muse strikes I am more than happy to send PMs.

    J_L: Thanks. I agree, that is the truth. When my brothers who are twins were babies, we used to call them ?Up? and ?Chuck? for a reason. They barfed, a lot.

    taramidala: Thanks.

    ginchy: Thanks. I really love writing Luke and his baby girl. Oh dear, I can not handle toddlers and their screaming. Callista will be making another appearance eventually in this series so they may not need the mail [face_Devil].

    JM: Thanks. There will be more.

    Misty: No, Beru does not like Callie. You and I think along the same level [face_devil]. You shall be added to the PM list!

    PM List
    On? Off? Just ask!:

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    Can I be added to the PM list to? Forgot to ask earlier.
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    BG yeah, I shall add you.

    Timeframe: 34 ABY[/b]

    Beru Skywalker laid on the couch, propped up by various pillows and the couch?s arm, in her family?s living room in their apartment on Ossus. She was watching the holo news with her daddy while playing with her stuffed lizard.
    She was making her stuffed lizard lie down to sleep on her belly when the muscles in her right arm and hand seized, causing her body to twitch in mild pain, which caused her lizard to roll off of her and under the caff table.

    "Hey. No," she gasped, trying to look towards where her lizard had rolled.

    This caught her daddy?s attention.

    "What is it baby girl?" Luke asked as he set down his datapad. He noticed her curled up hand and arm and sighed, "Is your arm bugging you again?"

    She nodded, but then looked toward where her lizard had rolled and tried to point. "Mr. Lizard ran away."

    Luke looked at her, confused, obviously not understanding Beru?s speech. Because of her cerebral palsy, she had severe dyarthria ? a speech disorder that made it very difficult to understand her. Because of her dyarthria, she had swallowing problems, and her speech was very quiet, soft, slow, disjointed and generally hard to understand, even for her own parents.

    Luke simply thought she was complaining about her arm. He smiled, grabbed her ankle and dragged his four-year-old across the couch and into his lap.

    "Let?s see what I can do about this arm." He slowly massaged her muscles so he could gently pry her elbow and fingers to a straight-out position. Sometimes her muscles got so tight he could use all the strength he could without daring to hurt her and her muscles still wouldn?t allow him to straighten them out.

    "There," he said, once he got her arm mostly relaxed. "Better?"

    She nodded. "Daddy get Mr. Lizard for me?" she said, knowing what she wanted.

    Luke looked at her, thinking hard, trying to decipher what she was saying. "What do you want Daddy to do?"

    "Get Mr. Lizard."

    Luke let out a frustrated sigh. "I?m sorry, Beru, I can?t understand you." He then leaned forward to get three place-mat sized cards with a grid of 12 pictures on each card off the caff table. "Can you point to what you want?"

    Beru shook her head, knowing Mr. Lizard wasn?t on her communication cards.

    "Come on Beru. I can?t get it for you if I don?t know what it is," he said, placing the cards in her lap and putting her fists on the top card.

    Getting frustrated, she shoved her cards away. "I want Mr. Lizard," she growled.

    "Hey now," he said sternly, holding her tight. He took a breath and calmed himself. "I know you are frustrated. But there is no need to get mad."

    She then broke down into tears and tried to get out of her daddy?s lap to save Mr. Lizard herself.

    "Oh, Ru," he sighed. "Please don?t cry. I am frustrated too." He swept her curly blond hair out of her face. Luke then saw Mara coming out of the kitchen. "Can you help here, please?"

    Mara sat next to them on the couch and turned the holo down. "Beru? Can you calm down and tell Mommy what you want?"

    "Mr. Lizard," Beru sobbed. Her speech was even harder to understand now.

    Mara looked at Luke. "I have no idea. Did you try the communication cards?"

    "Yeah and she just pushed them away."

    Mara straightened out her daughter?s pink nightgown. "Beru, you know when Daddy and I can?t understand you, you need to use the cards." She then turned to Luke. "I think it?s time for someone to go to bed."

    "Yeah, I think that might be part of the issue," he agreed. He then got up and started carrying Beru towards her bedroom.

    Beru realized this would mean she would be going to bed without Mr. Lizard, which she could not do. She would miss him and he would miss her. Naturally, she started to freak.

    "NO! NOOOOO! I NEED MR. LIZARD!" she cried as her daddy carried her into her bedroom and put her in bed. Her bed had been specially made for her. It was higher up than normal beds, about stomach height on Luke so both parents could easily put her in bed, take her out, and tend to her while in bed without hurting
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    Poor Beru. She just wanted her Lizard. But she is very creative in getting Daddy to understand what she wants! She's very smart, and very strong. I have no doubts she'll be able to communicate easily with anyone.:)
  16. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    One of my brother's had no to very little language about that age and to top it off he was a regular Houdini. He would get out of the house and run into the woods and the whole neighborhood would go into the woods calling his name and he would come running back all smiles completely unaware all the trouble he caused

    Sounds like Beru is a girly girl.

    Aww! she can communicate with her daddy! [face_love]
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    Mar 5, 2004
    That was very cute. :) I'm glad Beru learned to communicate!
  18. taramidala

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    Jun 18, 1999
    Oh so sweet! You did a great job capturing her frustration. :)
  19. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Yay for Beru [face_dancing]

    That is a very important and handy for her to have.
  20. the-Naboo-council

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    Apr 11, 2010
    aaahhh. that was sooo cute.
    I can feel for luke. It makes me cry when my babies cry.
    great post=D= can you add me to the PM list please?
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Sweet update. I'm glad they learned to communicate.
  22. ginchy

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    May 25, 2005
    I love it! My daughter is 21 months today and easily frustrated because she knows what she wants but can't always verbalize it yet. That would be so tough for all the Skywalkers but especially Beru. So glad the Force is with her. [face_love] Great, sweet update!
  23. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb capturing of the frustration and the ingenious, new mode of "talking". :cool:

    Makes things much calmer and takes out the guessing ;)

    Bri, you have a knack for youngling portrayals =D=

  24. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Aww... poor Beru, to not be able to communicate very well is so frustrating, but she is so cute!

    It would also be so frustrating for Luke and Mara (as you pointed out), which is something I completely understand. I get a lot of patients that have tracheotomies but can't yet tolerate speaking valves for them, so they have to mouth it which is hard understand since everyone speaks differently.

    I'm glad Beru can communicate through the Force, that will make things a lot easier on everyone!

    Great update, I'm looking forward to more!

    Thanks for the PM! [:D]

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    This is so adorable!!!! I love your writing!
    EDIT: oh yes, is there a PM list? Can I be added? (Heck, just add me to all your fic PM lists, they all rock)