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Thriller Dark Matter

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ktala, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    "This was supposed to be a fresh start. After the pandemic which seemed to linger for forever, and then the economic fall, things had finally turned around and things were looking up, ya know?"

    "You know, it's kind of funny, in a way. Life. The way things happen. And then you suddenly get to find out what really is important .. and just how dark things can get."

    Welcome to The Dark

    In case you didn’t notice, this is given notice that I’m planning on running a short, Halloween-based campaign. It may or may not be a survival story. Of course, you are welcomed to try....

    Welcome all, to the game.

    As this is a Halloween campaign, I don't want to give away too much. The sitting will be in modern times. You can be anything type of character that you can find available now. Normal humans. The character sheet will be very simple. I plan this to be a short campaign to run up to hopefully, Halloween. But if it goes over that, that's ok. I'll adjust the pace as needed. I will also keep the setting small, limiting the number of players. If you can at least post weekly, I will appreciate it, or at least give me a heads up.


    The setting:

    What you do know.

    All of your characters live together in The Commerce Arms apartment building. This building is a ten-story concrete pillar which is located two miles from the local military base; sixteen miles north of a major city. Cheap rent and a good location attracted a mix of residents from all walks of life; many being off-base military and their families. The place was given the nickname “The Armory” by the folks who lived there. Most of the military live on the lower floors.

    Ten floors of concrete tower thru the trees. The main road, Carroll Road winds from the building out the community to the main road. On the main road, Milimar eventually reaches out to the military base, which happens to be a Marine base air station.


    Some of you can be close friends, roommates, or simply just seen each other enough to know that they live in the building. All in all, not a bad place to be.

    There are lots of shops at the Village Shopping Center, such as Lucha Dora’s Mini-Mart, Papa Vega’s Laundromat and Dry Cleaners, El Sangre Bar and Grill, etc. Gregs Pawnshop, your typical strip mall. There is another building, called Preston Condominium building, that sits behind the Village shopping center, a much pricier living area, where some of the older residents live.


    Character Sheet
    Height & Weight/Build:
    General description:
    Main interests/Goals/Hobbies:
    One main Weakness:

    Send the Character to me for approval.


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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM Approved! [face_dancing]


    Name: Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson

    Occupation: College Student

    Height & Weight/Build: Picky eater so, mostly healthy? Just over 6 feet.

    General description: Socially awkward, somewhat, but easy going. Used to ‘cringe’ moments. Oh, wait! You meant: Black jeans, black converse sneakers, an Uncanny X-men T-shirt, dark hair, grey eyes.


    Main interests/Goals/Hobbies: Reading, Word Puzzles, Writing, Movies, Music, Anime, Social Media, Conspiracy Theorist, Gothic Tales. To be a famous for something cool. Maybe. Prized possession: TKD Purple Belt.

    One main Weakness: Can work himself into intense episodes of irrational paranoia before going to sleep.

    Bio: ‘Rey’ never did get to have that year off after High School due to ‘pressure’ from his adoptive mom, Felicia Robinson, who insisted he go off to college. The compromise; that he not go to the local university, but instead, attend college elsewhere, away from his ‘boring’ hometown. The plan did have a modicum of success, as Rey did get accepted to a reasonably far away college. However, he was unable to afford room and board. Rey was fortunate enough to find a single bedroom apartment at the Commerce Arms Apartment Building. Room 7A to be specific, which he was quite pleased with. Naturally, that also meant incurring the added cost for commuting to college everyday, sixteen miles in both directions. Still, it was preferable to the alternative.

    Well, now that he’d successfully avoided any possible awkward encounters with the odd former classmate, Rey now found himself surrounded by total strangers, in a strange city, where he was, arguably, for the first time in his life, truly alone- yet free to learn from his mistakes and be totally accountable for his actions.

    Still, it was refreshing not having to endure endless jokes about a certain character in a certain science fiction franchise, or having to defend the fact that he looked nothing like his adoptive mother…or his penchant for handing out free black eyes to the idjits who tested his patience.

    Yeah, this was much better. It had to be.

  3. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    GM approved! :)

    Hanna Seabrook
    Occupation: Photographer
    Height & Weight/Build: 5'8" and slim
    General description: Auburn, wavy hair and green eyes. She has a few small tattoos and usually wearing bracelets or bangles of some kind.


    Main interests/Goals/Hobbies: Photography and photo editing, hiking, traveling (one day, hopefully!), and any time spent outdoors. Her goal is to grow her small business and eventually begin taking landscape shots rather than work on commission. She's also always wanted to try stand up paddling.
    One main Weakness: Hanna is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to herself and her work, spending far too long time on one task and fussing over the details. She also has a difficult time making decisions.
    Bio: Hanna was never into the conventional life. Get a full time job in an office and work until retirement, and then what? Her true calling was taking time to appreciate the small details that most were too busy to notice. While in high school, she found herself in a thrift store and as luck would have it, she came across an older camera. It took some work fixing it up and learning how to use it, but once she did, she honestly believed it changed the rest of her life. Photography was the one constant in her life, something she could rely on even as all else fell away. She used it to record her own life events, through the good and bad, and while making some money along the way when asked to help take photos of events for family members.

    She took a few courses in college, but ultimately, dropped out when she felt she learned what she needed to. The rest, in her opinion, was gained from just being out there and learning on her own. After shooting for many birthday parties, graduations, and senior portraits, she finally bought her first business cards, feeling so much pride in herself for getting so far, and also feeling annoyed that that green in her cards was slightly off.

    Hanna hopes her photos inspire others and makes them happy. It truly is a passion for her, something that gives meaning to her life, and with the hope that one day she'll travel for work, believing that adventure is out there somewhere waiting to be found. In the meantime, she has been living on the third floor in The Commerce Arms apartments for the last seven months and has turned a part of her small bedroom into her photo editing and developing studio.
  4. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Name: Soji Nakamura
    Occupation: Taxi Driver
    Height & Weight/Build: 6' 3"
    General description: A quiet time, keeping to himself and his thoughts. He's regretful, but no one knows what he regrets. He pays rent, buys food and smokes, and sends the rest away somewhere. It's always the same for him.
    Main interests/Goals/Hobbies: Movies, smokes, and pool.
    One main Weakness: Insomnia/Depression

    I never really wanted any of this.

    At about 9 PM I start my shift. I usually smoke a Camels Filter 99 followed by a Camel Crush before I begin driving.

    After forty minute intervals I'll usually smoke another Filter 99, before having an Altoid peppermint.

    At about 1 AM I'll take my break, spending it at the local bar, playing snooker or pool with the regulars. I'll have a Coca Cola before I return to my shift.

    At 5 AM I finish my shift and head home, after dropping off the cab at the company, of course. I stop off at a Chinese place, and order takeout. It's always the same. Sweet and sour pork.

    I'll watch a few action movies, all while working through my pack of Filter 99s. Bruce Lee being an all-time favourite of mine. By the time the day has rolled around and people go about their business. I'll go to the gas station and buy three packs of cigarettes. Two Camel Filter 99s and a pack of Camel Crush menthols.

    By noon I'll have a hot bath, followed by a cold shower. The cold shower tends to wake me up, and the coffee afterwards helps all the more.

    By 6 PM, I've sat around wasting my time. I'll step outside for a cigarette, taking a stroll through town. Sometimes I bump into a few others, but I never greet them. I tend to stick to myself. I finish the time-wasting by listening to Jazz.

    Eventually, I'll be able to go back to work. Something to do, that also pays the rent. I don't get too many customers as I'd like, but I never drive to the city, unless I'm stretched for money.

    It'll be the same types. Drunks, couples, drunk couples, or loners like me.

    I'll clean off the cab after my shift is finished. Vomit, fluids, and cigarette butts. It's funny how they'll forget there's an ash tray.

    Then, I repeat. It's the same. Every day.

    They say that a fresh start will do wonders. I got my fresh start... But did I even press play?
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    Jun 26, 2017
    GM Approved

    Name: John Huntley
    Occupation: Ex-military/Unemployed
    Height & Weight/Build: 6' 1"
    General description:

    Main interests/Goals/Hobbies: Fishing, Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling. John's immediate goal is to find a job, but beyond that, he yearns for a family and a simple down-to-earth life.
    One main Weakness: Drinking/Frequently spirals into depressive self-defeating trains of thought

    It was up until very recently that John Huntley had been a well-decorated and career-focused member of the military. John had his life all planned out before he was even born. Born into a proud military family there was always the unspoken expectation that he too would join as both his parents were. His overbearing father and mother always pushing him to do extracurriculars and sports John only had mild to little interest in. Wanting to make his parents proud John would work hard to ensure his grades, and extracurriculars were up to their expectations during High School. It was then that the drinking began too.

    It was nothing that it would become, but he did start when he was fifteen. Secretly of course, as a means of escape from all that responsibility. 'To take the edge off' the young fool justified to himself.

    Still, he was a bright lad and was able to successfully get accepted into the Naval Academy where he studied mathematics. In time he would commission into the Marine Corps as a Logistics Officer and serve a number of years within it. He would also achieve the dream that he truly wanted. To have a family. He had met his future wife Elizabeth during his time at the Naval Academy, seeing her whenever he had time off the Yard and slowly growing a deeper affection for her.

    But in time, as unfortunately happens to a large proportion of military families, the marriage would drift apart, before breaking altogether. There was no one particular reason, other than simply the two of them were incompatible and took too long to realize that. During the messy divorce, John's drinking and gambling habits would worsen, beginning to affect his duties on base. Which in time would become noticeable to his commanding officer, called into their office frequently to be correct on their misconduct and to 'get it together.

    John's two sons 'Steven' and 'Jack' he would lose custody over as the divorce was finalized sinking him further into the bottle and his self-destructive nature.

    Eventually, his drinking problem became too much to simply sweep under the rug, more critical functions that he performed dipping noticeably as a result. He was dishonorably discharged a few weeks after his divorce.

    His parents still won't return his calls.

    He sits, alone day after day going for long drunken walks as he loses himself piece by piece. Day by day.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    DAY 1

    Friday night. The weekend. Time to wind down from a long and busy week for most folks. For college student Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson, it was a break from the mind-numbing commute that he endured during the week for his classes. For many other students, it was now party time. How Vladimir would spend his time, however, was totally up to him. The 7th floor was quiet for the most part. Maybe this weekend will be different.

    Hanna Seabrook just got back from a busy week. She has been quite busy lately, taking evening and late-night photos from a nearby observatory. It was a great gig, only a week, but they paid good money. The view was so wonderful, she managed to snag a few photos for herself. A wonderful view of a predicted meteor storm was also caught. More than enough pay to cover her next rent. The only thing she didn’t like about the job, was that it was a rush job. They weren’t too worried about composition or color balanced. They just needed some photos done professionally. Oh well.

    Soji Nakamura, most likely would be gearing up for another busy weekend. As a taxi driver, he knew being close to a military base meant that there would be customers to keep him busy. But since he didn’t go into the main city, he was usually handed off the folks either going to the various apartments and small clubs, or to some of the various motels in the area. But the hours were perfect for him, as he was usually awake when the club hoppers were moving about, so it was enough to get buy on.

    Friday night meant nothing to John Huntley. Unemployed and in bad need of cash. He spoke who Dante’ who, unlike others, didn’t give him ‘the look’ when he came looking for a place to stay. Dante’ let him help out for a bit and gave him a time limit to find a job. Dante’ only had one main rule for him. There were kids in the building. If he ever showed up drunk in the lobby or caused a fight, Dante; himself would toss him out on his sorry butt. Long as he obey the rules, he was willing to cut him some slack.

    Most of the military families were on the first 4 floors. There tended to be lots of foot traffic, and they would often use the stairs if they didn’t want to wait on the elevators. Floors 5-8 were where all the other tenants lived.

    Most folks knew that the landlord, Dante’, the guy who runs the place lives on the 9th floor. Most saw him as a real hard case, but he kept the place up very nice. And it was because there was a steady flow of military, he managed to keep the rent pretty reasonable. Being ex-military himself, he had seen many types of people come through the old place. He is usually kept very busy, and sometimes the only way to reach him was by pager or, by his helper, Ray, who works for him part-time.

    [​IMG] Dante' [​IMG] Ray

    But the tenth floor is a mystery. If there is anyone up there, none of the tenants know, and Dante’ ain't talking. It takes a special key to access it through the elevator, and if you try to use the stairs, you’ll find it locked as well. Stairs will let folks out, but won't let others in. That’s what it looks like at least.

    Being made of concrete, the noise level is kept pretty low, but if you open up your windows, the sounds of the neighborhood will float in, as with any typical city. Every level seems to have its own vibe.

    Other well know tenants:

    Laura Banes- Resident health/exercising guru. Usually seen either running to or from someplace (Usually a gym), or heading off someplace that sounds exotic, to study some strange new meditation technique/new waves food class/etc.. Sometimes, she runs the stairwell, though the landlord rather frowns on it. She stays on the fifth floor.

    On the 7th floor lives Amber Rogers. She is a dancer. At least, that is what she tells people. What type of dancer is not certain, but she definitely keeps some strange hours. Very friendly and outgoing. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] ZaZa LaRue. Most folks think she used to be famous. Nobody ever seems to visit her. She usually has her tabby cat, Mr. Willis, on her lap, as she sits in the lobby area. She knows EVERYONE who lives in the building. She instantly lights up if someone comes over to talk with her. Some of her stories sound a bit farfetched, but when it comes to who lives in the building, she can tell you who, and how long for most people, even the military folks who rotate frequently in and out of the place. She is the only non-military that lives on the first floor. Being confined to a wheelchair, she is not exactly fond of elevators. Others think she just enjoys the noise and activity on the first floor.


    David. He doesn’t give his last name. David ALWAYS has a backpack with him. Not all ways the big one, but he owns many. Some call him a prepper, but no one is really sure. He lives on the 8th floor and works at the local gym as a rock climbing s instructor.

    And lastly, Himel Schmitt. Another long resident of the building. He loves to play chess and will sit outside often, looking to catch a game. Grumbles a lot about people always being in too much of a hurry, or not finding an able player.

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    OOC: Time to play. Get to know each other... or not.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson
    Day 1, Friday Night


    Rey exclaimed with unrestrained jubilation once the last class was over. In a smooth motion he closed his MacBook, then slipped it inside his messenger bag. The device was at 47% power which was good enough, incase he needed to use it during the long and mind-numbing bus trip back to his apartment. Popping his EarPods in place, he was now more than ready, as he immediately proceeded out of class and eventually off campus. Thankfully, the bus stop was not too far away, but just far enough.

    Rey walked along the same path he did everyday, taking out his iPhone to let his Mom know he was doing fine, because, mother’s were professional worrying machines. It was always best to cut-them off at the pass, by reporting in ahead of time.

    As always the texting exchange would keep him distracted while he rode the bus, making the long trip seem shorter than it really was. Rey was strongly considering alternate transportation to cut down on time travel, at least on certain days, and he had a pretty good idea on how to accomplish this. He’d seen a particular taxi come around the Commerce Arms apartments many times, and wagered he could likely procure its services. The driver appeared to be Japanese or Korean, he wasn't quite sure.

    As expected, the bus was full once it arrived, so there was that. Rey would spend the time on his iPhone like he always did.

    77% battery life left. Yup, more than enough.

    The college experience was not turning out quite the way he had imagined. Some of his classmates seemed to know each other in some way or another. Either they shared the same campus dorms or were locals to the City and had that in common. The fact that he had to travel so far, made it harder for him to make connections, meaning, he had no one to hang out with on a Friday Night.

    Meh. There was no point focusing on that. He could always find something to do, like go on a Tik Tok binge for example- maybe there was something good on Netflix. He had some options, sort of.

    Time passed as it always did, and after a lengthy period of travel, the bus began to turn. Rey raised his head and saw the apartment building looming closer, then smiled to himself. Finally, he had reached his stop. He was looking forward to some much deserved R&R.

    As he walked to the complex, the dark haired student was reminded that he was running low on provisions. He was about to turn around, thinking of picking up a few things at Lucha Dora’s Mini-Mart, but then changed his mind again. He wasn't in the mood to go in the opposite direction just yet. 'Get home first and take a load-off'. Yeah, he could pick-up a few things a bit later. Well, sooner than later.

    Glancing around the walkway, Rey was surprised not to see the ‘Fitness Girl’ running laps anywhere. Then again, it was a Friday Night, most folks were out socializing. Maybe the same was true for ‘Photo Girl’. He hadn’t seen her in some time either. Well, having to be at College all the time made such things difficult by default.


    Arriving now, Rey turned and hopped backwards, hitting his back pocket to the electronic lock that now admitted him to the lobby. With the keycard forever in his back pocket, that method was chiefly for 'self-amusement'. Of course, once he was in after the door buzzed, he smiled broadly.

    Ms.Za Za!” he called out as he walked over to the once-starlet, who in his mind ‘guarded’ the Lobby from her wheelchair. He saw her mouthing something in response, quite likely a greeting, to which Rey pointed to his EarPods. He knew it was rude of him not to take them off, as he usually would. His mom had raised him right, but at the moment, he felt tired and just wished to go to his room.

    Rey gave Ms. ZaZa a light hug, then petted Mr.Willis. The cat meowed in response, then began to lick its paw. Rey chuckled as he waved ‘bye’, then made a b-line for the stairs. A quick look revealed that no one else was watching him, so he let himself in smoothly. Normally he would use the elevator, but after seeing ‘Fitness Girl’ running up and down the stairs, he took that as a challenge for himself. He needed to stay fit as well, or at least as much as he was able, given his limited schedule.

    Of course, he didn’t run up seven flights of stairs. Not after a long day of classes, that would be crazy.

    Even so, Rey was still a bit winded by the time he got to his apartment, but he was proud he hadn’t stopped at any other floor.

    “Well, now I’m thirsty.”

    As the college student took out his keys from his pockets, his grey eyes spared a glance to the end of the hall. He couldn’t tell if “Dancing Girl” was home or not.

    Friday Night. So, not likely. He mused.

    The door-lock clicked then opened, allowing him entry to his apartment. The first thing that greeted him was his Star Wars: The Duel poster that he got from Amazon. It hung proudly against the wall. The sight of it made him smile, which was the intended purpose. It was a pleasant ‘welcome home’ after a long day.

    The first order of business was setting up his Mac Book and recharging it, then looking in the fridge. Rey click his playlist before moving away to see the condition of his pantry.

    “Well, now….”

    Rey frowned at what he found.

    He had one pack of ramen noodles left. Only two eggs and a single 23 Oz bottle of Poland Spring water.

    What? No bread?


    Now he'd definitely have to go to the Mini-Mart and pick up a few items. Friday Night shopping. Fun.

    As the music continued to play, Rey walked over to his balcony, if even for a moment. He rather enjoyed the view fro here. He could see so much and appreciate the vista in relative peace, plus it gave him great internet reception.

    In that tranquil moment, Rey began to make a mental list of the things he would need. Of course, it would be a short list. The big ‘compra’ he would leave for Sunday. Needles to say, he was also glad the walls in the building kept his music from disturbing the neighbors.

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Soji Nakamura
    Day 1, Friday Night


    Soji looked out to the city, standing on the 8th floor balcony of his apartment with a cigarette in hand, silently watching as others went about their business. Behind him, his messy apartment, strewn with empty cans of beer, old takeout containers, and an ashtray that hadn't been emptied in weeks.

    He scratched his chin and yawned, taking a drag from his cigarette, blowing the smoke out into the evening air. Not too long until his shift.

    He sighed, extinguishing the cigarette on the balcony railing and dropping it down to the ground below. He grabbed his coat, having already dressed in his usual work attire, and left the apartment.

    He stuck to himself as he exited the apartment complex, and began to walk towards the taxi company. He took out another cigarette, lightning it and strolling through the surroundings of the apartment complex.

    It was all the same routine. He had done this for years, with no change. He eventually made it to the cab company, greeting his boss and preparing for another night of work.

    He started up the car, after collecting his keys, and drove out into the night, waiting for whatever customer would flag him down...

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson
    Day 1, Friday Night

    Rey was feeling relaxed as he looked out his balcony, the setting sun and the cool evening breeze felt quite good at the moment. Off handedly, motion down below caught his attention. Rey squinted to get a better look. Who was that coming out of the building?

    "Wait a minute?" He exclaimed aloud, his grey eyes widening in surprise.

    That looked like the taxi driver, the Korean or Japanese guy. Did he live in the building? Rey wasn’t sure, but inspiration hit him just then. Rey was not a fan of taking yet another bus, especially to go to the Village Shopping Center. If he hurried, he could get the taxi driver to take him to Lucha Dora’s Mini-Mart, that way, he could possibly come back home with more items than he'd originally intended.

    Without hesitation, Rey turned and moved out, grabbing his keys before he dashed out of his door, which automatically locked behind him.

    Half-running now he stopped in front of the elevator and pressed the call botton, but it was still on the Lobby floor. That would take too long. Rey shook his head and opted to run down the stairs instead. The young student sprinted out of the building, blowing past Ms. Zaza, who’d probably wonder what was the matter.

    Rey suddenly found himself outside, however, the driver was nowhere in sight. Dang it!! he'd missed his opportunity. Sighing, Rey began to turn, when the headlights of an approaching vehicle pierced the early evening twilight, getting his attention in the process. Squinting, Rey peered through his raised hand, then realized it was the taxi coming around, probably looking for a fare.

    “Hey! Over here!” Rey almost jumped as he began to flag down the cab. He chuckled at his good fortune just then. "Thank you..." He breathed out.

    Well, then. Perhaps Friday Night wouldn’t turn out to be too bad after all.

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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Hanna Seabrook

    Friday night at last. Hanna was more than ready for a hot bath to soak in and her welcoming bed to crawl into, but she would have a few things to do before that. She made her trek back home after being at the observatory to complete her job as promised, looking down at the camera display as she walked and going over some of the photos she had captured. The screen light lit up her face as she carried onward, her thumb flicking against the forward button, appraising each one. She had mixed feelings over her commission. There were some shots that were just beautiful, and others that needed a little bit of editing, but they insisted that time was more important. She absentmindedly twirled the camera strap around her hand, feeling so torn over those less-than-perfect shots and fighting the knot forming in her stomach over how it would be received. It seemed like they were good enough, but what was good enough anyway?

    Taking a deep breath to settle that knot, Hanna pulled up one of her favorites of the night, zooming in with the camera display to get a closer look at least until she was at her computer and getting a better view of it on a bigger screen. She definitely was going to be putting that one in with her portfolio for later! Still, being out their on her own with nothing else to cover her cost of living but her own skills with a camera and with people... she'd be lying if it wasn't a terrifying fact to face. How long could she really keep this up, she wondered. With great timing, a notification pinged on her phone. She turned her camera off and dug her phone out of her bag, seeing the reminder she had added for herself earlier on in the day.

    Milk and eggs.

    Hanna had been so wrapped up in her own mind, she had nearly forgotten to pick up milk and eggs on her way home. Kind of an important part for her Saturday French toast! She altered her course a bit and headed to Lucha Dora’s Mini-Mart. The travel on foot was a good distance, but this would be the last time going all the way to the observatory, and hopefully if they hired her services again, she would have a car! Arriving at the mini mart, tired from a long week and a long walk, she stepped up to the door and was about to open it, when she glanced back at caught sight of the currently empty street. The way the street lights lined it and the perspective from just a few feet to the right... she quietly pulled out her camera again, holding it up to her face after turning it on and trying to find that right angle. There was just something so peaceful about it at this time of night!

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: John Huntley
    Friday Night

    Huntley didn't think in days or weeks anymore. Time lost all meaning when you had nothing to tether it to. No, now it was just a long string of nothingness. Blurring and merging together in a mess of random events one following the other. At least that's how it felt.

    He would clasp a glass of bourbon, looking into the dark liquid as he reflected. He could find a job, he was capable of doing so, and in all honesty, he needed it. How long had it been a few months? A few weeks? Whatever the case his savings were running low... but the desire, the motivation... it slipped outside his grasp.

    God... it was such a mess. His life fallen completely and utterly apart. He got up, scathing his stubbly face. He hadn't shaved in... days... time... it still eluded him. He opened his fridge, a loose ketchup packet, a couple of random jars, and a third of a gallon of milk sat sadly within it. With a sigh he closed it, taking a deep drink of his bourbon as he finished his glass. His hand flowing through his hair as he pulled on it.

    Get the hell of it together... he yelled internally to himself. He had been a Naval Officer, he had a good resume finding a job would not be impossible. He did not need to tell them why he was discharged... just the type. God, what a mess. But why even bother...

    He pulled out his phone, dialing the number of his parents and he waited for them not to pick up. A few painful seconds going by.

    You have reached the Huntley Residence, we are unable to come to the phone right now but leave us a message and we will be sure to get right back to you...

    John sighed, hanging up the phone without even leaving a message. They already had a dozen from him.

    'A profound disappointment' John was pretty sure those were the last words he had heard from his dad.

    Putting on his coat, and grabbing his packet of cigarettes John made his way down and out with the intent of going to buy some more alcohol. Back a few weeks ago he would have been going to the bars with a few of his buddies, but such days had come and gone. Now he just wanted to grab something and figure it all out tomorrow.

    That's what he told himself every day.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Soji Nakamura ( & Vladimir 'Rey' Robinson )

    Soji noticed the young man flag him down. He slowed down, pulling the taxi up to the sidewalk and rolling down his window, spitting out the half-smoked cigarette in his mouth. He knew how the younger kids were.

    "Where to, sir?" He asked, keeping his eyes fixed on the roads, as the quiet sound of the radio eventually would fade in. Soji had it tuned to some Jazz station, and hadn't changed it for years...

    "Hey, Thanks for stopping man..." Rey said with a relieved smile as he took a closer look at the driver, before opening the back door of the cab and promptly entering the vehicle.

    "Village Shopping Center." He announced as his destination, before allowing himself to fully recline on the back seat of the car.

    Almost immediately, the potent scent of 'ash tray' filled his nostrils, which reflexively made him crinkle his nose for effect, but he didn't comment on it, for that was not his place. It probably wasn't as bad as he perceived, seeing how he sometimes imagined himself to be a bit like Wolverine from the X-Men, as far as heightened smell and hearing. There was that one time back home when his mom had changed fabric softeners for the laundry, and the smell had sent him into a right sneezing fit!!

    Rey chuckled at the unbidden memory. If anything, He definitely wished he had the hero's healing factor, but that was only something for the comics and cartoons.


    As it was, Rey was grateful to have a ride, which meant not having to take the bus to the shopping center.

    "Lucha Dora's Mini-Mart to be specific." He added suddenly, after realizing the Village Shopping Center was not necessarily a small place.

    The lack of initial eye contact had been a bit odd, but he didn't make much of that either, though his old Sifu back at the dojo had taught him that doing so was important in every encounter. Well, not everything had to be a 'Cobra Kai' moment.

    What did get Rey's attention was the music which was playing on the radio. It was smooth jazz, the kind his mom would listen to. It instantly made him feel both welcome and nostalgic.

    "That's a good song you're playing...." Rey found himself commenting after listening for a good moment. Visually, he scanned for some curiosity on the dashboard or some such, anything that would speak of the driver, besides his smoking habit that is.

    "Do you know who the artist might be?" he asked, now taking a moment to look down at his cellphone while texting his mom about the song. Sending a sound bite would probably help too.

    Soji nodded, before the car rolled back onto the street, heading towards the Village Shopping Center. He glanced at Rey a few times in the rear-view mirror. For the most part, he kept his tired eyes fixated on the road.

    He raised a brow at Rey's question, before glancing down at the radio.

    "Your guess is as good as mine, kid. This is the station I'll always listen to..." He mumbled. There was a moment of silence, a lull in conversation.

    "You like this kinda stuff then?" He asked, after the awkward silence, glancing back at Rey in the mirror.

    "Uh...Yeah, I do." Rey answered, reflexively hesitating slightly, because the driver was looking back at him through the rear-view mirror, rather than minding the road. He hadn't expected that, nor did he realize it caused a moment of anxiety inside him. Thankfully the feeling lasted only a brief second as the driver returned his attention to driving.

    "Uh...yeah, my mom got me into that smooth sound, so I grew to enjoy it. Personally, I listen stuff?"

    Rey felt just I tiny bit 'cringe' at the admission. He knew his state in music was different from most, at least that's what he believed, but he didn't dwell on that bit of factoid. Glancing at his phone, he was slightly surprised he hadn't yet gotten an answer from his mom, but that probably meant she was busy.

    Still, the music was really relaxing and lent the cab interior a really 'chill' atmosphere. Like riding in a mobile Jazz Lounge.

    "Hey...." Rey exclaimed, thinking aloud. "I just had an idea. I may need a taxi service during the week to get to college in the city. Is there a way I can arrange something like that with you?"

    The hopeful tone in the young man's voice would be evident. Cool music, leg room and a chill ride. That beat a cramped bus any day.

    Soji's eyes flicked back to Rey, before fixing back onto the road.

    "During the week, huh..?" He mumbled, trailing off into thought. He didn't get much sleep as it is. Could this be an opportunity to kill more time?

    "Let me think about that one, kid." He answered, as the taxi slowly slid towards Lucha-Dora's Mini-Mart...

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Day 1

    Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson & Soji Nakamura

    Luck was with Vladimir this night, as he managed to run down and catch the taxi driver Soji Nakamura before he was able to pull away. Quickly sliding into the taxi, he gave his destination, correcting himself to specifically to go to Lucha Dora's Mini-Mart. It was a well-known local market. As Vladimir slid into the seat, he picked up the sounds of Jazz coming from the taxi. Vladimir stuck up some small talk as he worked on getting himself a ride to school, as they made their way to the mart. Light conversation, but it was a Friday night, and still young. And the weather was nice, and a small breeze, just enough to be comfortable.

    As they let the music fill the silence, Soji was having to keep an eye on a group of teens, 3 boys, who out of nowhere, dash out from between some cars, barely missing him, as they continued across to disappear into the small park/playground that was a few blocks away, with some play equipment, sandbox, and a few trees. They were running hard, but a brief look didn't seem to bring anything into view.

    Crazy kids.

    The ride continued on, till they got out into the parking lot of the strip mall. As they pulled in, they noticed David, briskly walking towards the 'the Armory', with a large backpack on. He seemed to be watching his watch as he walked, and he was writing in a small notebook as he moved.

    It was hard NOT to notice the familiar Mini-Mart, as it was lit up with all types of lights and decorations on the outside. It was a family-run business, and they were very proud of it. Many people knew Carlos, one of the owners, because he was very active in the community. The smell of warm bread drifted through the entire lot.

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    Hanna Seabrook

    It had been a busy week, and she was glad to finally be home, and unwind. As she quickly scanned thru the weeks' work, she picked one she was very proud of and zoomed it up on the computer. A breathtaking nighttime skyline. It was quite a lovely shot. As she decided that she would look at it, later on, she began compiling her list of what she needed. She had been gone all week, so the fridge was a bit empty. She decided a trip to the mini-mart was in order.

    She made her way to the store, walking as she listened to all the sounds around her. The wind was blowing lightly, making the walk comfortable. A few cars ambled down the road, of course, being Friday night, but the traffic wasn't too bad.

    Hanna could smell a heavy scent of baking bread in the air. As she reached the door of the mini-mart, she saw a view that made her pull up her camera to take a pic. Seconds after she took her shot, a lone white kitten strolled down the sidewalk, and a flock of some small birds, disturbed by something, flew up in a group, as they moved to another tree. Hanna could hear music coming from the mart, and she could hear voices inside.

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    John Huntley

    John decided that he needed some more alcohol. Something to medicate the mind, as he worked on getting his life together. As he made his way down to the main lobby, there was Ms. ZaZa, watching the world in the lobby. It was a bit noisy, but not too loud, as the voices of some children could be heard.

    John would need to pick a destination unless he decided to go to a full liquor store. That would be a bit further down the road. But he was used to walking a few miles. Would have to be on the lookout for those bums on the sidestreets. But it wasn't likely they would mess with him anyway.

    John had 2 closer choices. He could go for the mini-mart and grab himself a bottle. Or he could try El Sangre Bar and Grill. Depending on if he wanted more atmosphere to go along with the liquor. While in the lobby, he also came across Amber, who nodded and gave him a slight smile, as she headed for her mailbox, her arms full of dry-cleaning. A sweet smile and a sweet scent trailed in the room.

    Maybe things were picking up after all.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson
    Approaching Lucha Dora’s

    “Watch out!” Rey cried out the second he’d noticed the kids carelessly dashing into the street, but Taxi Driver had really good reflexes despite the suddenness of the situation. Rey felt his heart skip a beat, as he tensed, holding his breath. A second flashed, but thankfully, tragedy was averted. Rey felt himself deflate in relief as he allowed himself to exhale. Looking back through the window, he noticed the three kids carrying ‘play ground’ related items as they headed towards a nearby park.

    “That's odd...this late in the evening…?” Rey thought to himself, feeling a bit perplexed. He couldn’t quite figure out why they would do that at this late hour, so he simply huffed, then shook his head, a wry smile on his face.

    “Crazy Kids…” He commented aloud.

    Thankfully, there was good music to be had, the kind that took his mind off from the incident, as the taxi drove on. In no time flat, they taxi rounded a corner and drove up to Lucha Dora’s Mini Mart. Rey leaned in to see what the fare was, as he would tip the driver generously for his services.

    As he counted the cash, he looked out the window and saw David. Rey was about to wave, but the Rock Climbing Instructor had not noticed him.

    Huh. Was he planning to walk all the way back to ‘The Armory’.

    There was a click from Rey’s iPhone as he snapped a picture of the driver’s ID and company phone number, before he handed him several bills which included a 20% tip on top of the full fare.

    “Thanks for the ride, Soji.” The young collage student declared with a smile as he opened the rear passenger door. “Keep the change, my friend…and uhm, I’m Rey. I’ll call you next week about that deal I mentioned." The young man intoned, nodding. "That was some good driving by the way…” Rey added, briefly referencing the ‘near miss’.

    “Well, let me not keep you then. Sayonara.”

    Rey had chuckled knowingly at that last word as he exited the cab, his smile grew a bit more, now that he knew the driver was of Japanese origin. Maybe, just maybe, he also liked Anime. But he didn’t dare get ahead of himself. He was already that ‘awkward guy’ people tended to avoid. No point on making this odd so early on.

    Turning now, Rey began to make his way to Lucha Dora’s. He could already smell the freshly baked bread which only reminded him just how hungry he really was.

    ‘Better make this a snappy trip’ he thought to himself, because he really needed some food.

    As he casually walked, he began to insert his EarPods back in, when he saw a familiar figure standing nearby, a camera in her hands. Rey hesitated a moment as a thought crossed his mind, then he paused as he changed his mind again. Taking a breath, he resolved himself to approach, which was his initial intention.

    “Hey, uh…guess sometimes you just have to capture the moment, eh?”

    Rey offered the female photographer a shy smile, after taking a furtive glance at the street ahead. He couldn’t see whatever had captured the photographer’s interest, but then again, photography wasn’t really his strength. He was just a tad better at interpersonal communication, but not by much.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: John Huntley

    The various quite noises would slowly needle at John's perceptions. The a mild sensory overload as his mind thought too much about the reality of his situation. A drawing sensation as the world felt pulled away from him. The combination of a lack of sleep and his frequent drinking did not exactly do wonders for his perception on the world. But for now he focused on the material world, seemingly becoming hyperaware of it in a moment.

    He would return a smile to Amber, his minding thinking idly if he should ask her out for a drink. He shrugged his shoulders, he didn't really know her... and John was not exactly brimming with confidence at the current moment.

    He decided he would just mosey on over to the mini-mart, pick some strong, some spirit, he did not particularly care.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: And now after a much too long of a pause....

    Friday Night.
    Lucha Dora's Mini-Mart.

    Friday nights were usually a very busy night for Carlos and Maria. They looked forward to their customers, coming in to purchase items for the weekend. But tonight seemed to be busier than normal. The mulis was playing in the store as Marla was making fresh bread, something she tried to do every Friday. Music played in the background, as Carlos kept an eye on the people coming in and out of the store. Another worker was helping customers and stocking the shelves.

    Vladimir arrived at the store, hearing the music, and smelling the bread as Soji pulled the taxi up into the parking lot area. A few older teens were out, but they seemed to be just listening to music. That's when he noticed that Hanna was now at the door, taking a picture of down the street. They had a bit of small talk as they were in the doorway before turning and walking into the store.

    It was not long afterward, that several other people made their way into the store, a small jingle letting folks know someone else had entered the store. Two of the kids from outside came in, giggling and laughing. Some went to the back, to grab a few sodas, while another had gone to ask about the bread and..*sniff*...cookies?

    Two more men and another woman entered the store that did not look familiar to any of the others, as they milled about, grabbing beers and snacks. Vladimir and Hanna had plenty of time to continue their conversation if they wished, or go their separate ways to shop. Carlos gave a friendly wave to those who entered the store.

    John, as he had left the armory, remembered that Amber had smiled and him, and given a little smile before she darted off for her room. His walk to the market was uneventful. He had heard some footsteps running off, but the sound seemed to be moving away from him. It also had some Tomcats were having a row, as John could hear various hissing noises, and stuff hitting the ground. But the area had large garbage containers around, so anything was possible.

    As Soji was still in his taxi, he would be the one to notice what looked like the same group of teenagers running down the far end of the street, before they disappeared off. A few moments later, he could see what looked like a glowing light coming from the far end of one of the side streets.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Vladimir ‘Rey’ Robinson
    At Lucha Dora’s Mini-Mart

    After a few moments of attempted small talk, Rey felt this was probably a bad time, that he was intruding upon the alluring photographer during a critical and artistic phase of her work. It was probably like walking in on a scientist as they were about to make a discovery- and they could not afford to be distracted.

    ‘Well…uh…sorry about that. Guess we can….maybe….chat…..later?”

    Rey smiled thinly as he placed his EarPods back on, turning to enter the mini mart. The encounter had gone pretty much as he’d expected: nowhere. He tried very hard not to hear the voice of his ‘mom’ inside is head, telling him he would eventually find ‘The One’.

    Shaking his head, Rey scoffed at the thought and simply moved on, for that was all that was left to do. Life happened and you had to deal with it.

    As he crossed the entrance threshold, Rey was immediately greeted by Carlos, who was overlooking the store.

    “Hola Carlos!!” Rey shouted at the man in greeting, his mood brightening. “Eres Angel Guardián hoy, eh?”

    Rey spoke in perfect spanish for any who would hear him, something that was likely considered normal around these parts, thankfully so.

    A bunch of kids ran past him in that moment, giggling to themselves as the ran to get some sodas and such. It was another Friday Night for everyone in the neighborhood, which meant this level of activity was quite common, expected even. It also translated to ‘good business’ for Carlos and Maria.

    Rey chuckled at the thought of these kids having more fun on a Friday night than anything he had planned. For a brief second he thought back to his 'calssmates' back at the college and how they were already on their smart phones making plans for the evening.

    The only one calling him then was his Mom.

    “Meh….!” Rey rolled his eyes at himself. In his own defense, he just wasn’t a 'people person'. He always saw himself like one of the X-Men: Uncanny.

    That particular thought amused him as he grabbed a basket for his items. He didn’t need much, but just a few essentials. Rey’s mind went back to the photographer and a song came to mind. He knew he had no real reason to think as he did, but such things were seldom based on logic.

    With the hand basket in one hand and the iPod on another, Rey scrolled through his music list until he found what he was looking for, then pressed play. As soon as the song started, he began to smile and feel better.

    With his head now bopping to the music, he began to go down the familiar aisles. First, he needed milk and some cinnamon toast crunch cereal. That was a totally non-negotiable transaction- it was simply a 'must have'. After that, he would need to stack-up on some ramen noodles. Not to mention, he would also need some fresh cold-cuts to go with that yummy bread Maria was baking…and don’t forget the cheese.

    Reaching aisle 5, Rey glanced around not seeing an item he had in mind. Were they out of honey?

    The college student looked-up to see if he could see the stock boy, but instead his eyes glanced towards Carlos who had a peculiar look on his face. Rey followed his line of sight and saw the individuals Carlos was keeping an eye on: Two ‘desconosidos’.

    Rey’s eyes narrowed as many thought whirled within his mind. Was he misinterpreting things? There was no way of telling, but it was always better to be safe than sorry, right?

    Everyone was going about their business as normal, nothing seemed out of place, but something stirred in his gut at the sight. Quickly, Rey placed some items in his basket so it would not be empty, lowered the volume on his EarPods to ‘very low’, then walked over to where the strangers were located. Of course, he acted as is he were just simply shopping, bopping his head and ‘reading ingredients’, even as he moved casually, straining to hear their conversation and surreptitiously capturing their images with his phone.

    The music track on his iPod changed.

    The last thing he thought he’d be doing on a Friday Night was playing a real life sleuth, yet here he was.

    So much for a fun Friday Night.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: John Huntley
    Lucha Dora's Mini-Mart.

    The cold night air had always been a close friend. It was a welcoming temperature, one that often improved John's mood with memories of college and late nights. But John was not in the mood for remembering those fond memories tonight. They brought him no solace this evening. No regained joy of his plight. He trudded along, ignoring the hissing of the tomcats as he made his way inside quickly locating the booze he wanted.

    God... he needed a job. Maybe he should just get something simple to pay the bills while he looked for an actual job. He looked back down at his phone. No messages from his parents. No surprise there.

    Grabbing it he walked over to the counter, wondering if he wanted to grab some more smokes while he was at it... maybe... oh right, mini-mart they might not have any. It was busier than usual, great just what he needed. He milled around, waiting slightly impatiently as he rubbed his nose every so often, a thousand thoughts running through his head.

    He needed to stop thinking, his brain on overdrive... it was always on overdrive it never stopped. Unless he was drunk that is.

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