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Star Wars OPEN Dark Reach: Episode II – THE STORM OF ONE

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    Dark Reach II: The Storm of One

    The One Sith remained.

    Their Dragons, the capital ships they had forged, they remained.


    The cyborg Troopers, yes, they were gone, along with their Annihilator craft.

    But in their place, they had their own Clawcraft, which supplemented their forces, roving the dark between the stars.


    The Sith had been exposed by Darth Wredd.

    As such, it was necessary - appropriate - to sacrifice those Sith so discovered, or inevitably likely to be so.

    Only those in the very heart of the One Sith remained, those who had not been infiltrated, and exposed.

    They were the most powerful of all the One Sith.


    Darth Inexor, the cyborg Sith who had been repaired after his defeat at the hands of Darth Bernael.


    Darth Kroan
    , who had gloated over the politics of Aryan Graul.


    Darth Tigran, who had vexed Darth Helinith so.


    The Betrayers, who had tangled with Darth Manticore on the rooftops of Coruscant.


    Darth Talon, the so-called Hand of the Emperor.


    Darth Maladi, the great biologist of the Sith.


    Darth Havok, the Iktotchi that has mastery over the mind.


    Darth Wyyrlok IV, the fourth of the name, and more powerful for her family dynasty.


    Darth Nihl, the Fist, commander of the One Sith's military forces, and, for a time, the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    For a time, of course.

    He took the knee to the architect of their survival, and the kernel of their inevitable resurrection and rebirth.

    In a new Sith Trooper body and waiting out the scrutiny of the Galactic Alliance, Jedi and Empire...

    ... above the squabbles of the Shadow War...

    ... having foreseen the End of Time and preparing to pass beyond it...


    Darth Krayt had survived his death, and he was ready.

    He knew about the Change; about Abeloth, about the Epitaph, and about the machinations of the Master...

    ... much like Emperor Palpatine, the Sith who had once been a Jedi, and once been the preordained Dark Man was a piece on the board that had become sentient.

    He was no longer a mere Black Piece, no, he would command the board and unseat the players...

    Be they Palpatine, the Master, or Darth Insipid and his Circle and his facile version of the New Sith Order...

    He would wait.

    He would act when he was ready.

    Then he would strike.

    And he would win.


    Welcome to Chapter II of Dark Reach - Storm of One, the latest in the New Sith Trials series.

    When the End of Time consumed the Legacy era, devastating the Grand Sith Empire, which had only recently defeated the Galactic Federation Triumvirate in battle, the surviving members of the New Sith Order escaped into a different timeline - a very different one, where the old Galactic Empire sued for peace a year after the Battle of Endor, leaving a much weakened Imperial presence across, initially, a third of the galaxy.

    By the time the Sith took control of it, slaying the Imperial Senate, a quarter remained under the Empire's hand, and now, two years after the war ended and two years before the events of The Mandalorian, the Sith have to manage their ultimate victory over the New Republic and the hated Luke Skywalker, who has vowed to strike down the Sith if they make a move against the galaxy.

    But it is from their own past that their greatest threat is going to emerge - the One Sith, the organization that laid the foundations of the Grand Sith Empire a timeline ago, has, unknown to our cast, followed them across and have their own plans for galactic dominance...
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    Apr 13, 2001
    Dark Reach: Episode II – THE STORM OF ONE



    Welcome to the second installment of the Dark Reach series!


    Dark Reach: Episode II - STORM OF ONE chronicles the continuing story of the True Sith Empire and its disciples. As was true of the previous installments, this game will serve as an extension of the EUC Sith Empire. Members of that group will find participation here to be of significant benefit to their progress, but non-members who are interested may still join as a Jedi or Sith character, or even a non-force user. Players will be given a degree of control of storylines based on the actions their characters take. However, GMs do reserve the right to steer as they see fit to fulfill planned story events. GMs are Sinrebirth, Lady Belligerent, and HanSolo29.


    To join the game, first read the entire opening post.

    Next, fill out the character sheet template provided, and private message to Sinrebirth, Lady Belligerent, and HanSolo29 for discussion and approval. They will advise on the next steps.

    Lastly, creativity in character creation is encouraged - characters with unusual species and backgrounds are appreciated, provided that they work within the narrative framework of the story and universe in which it takes place. Players should be willing to work with GMs in developing characters who fit the environment and are still the vision of their creators.


    As has been demonstrated in the previous installment, character death can and will happen over the course of the game. It should be a rare occurrence, but players who fail to follow instructions out of character, and/or intentionally disrespect a high-ranking lord in-character may find themselves dead. The player in question may create a new character if they wish to continue playing - that new character's level, and the corresponding player's standing within the larger Sith Empire organization - are at the full discretion of the GMs and their advisors.


    Following the events of 155 ABY, the remaining survivors of the Battle of Mortis flee across time to 5 ABY, one year following the destruction of the second Death Star, and reluctantly swear allegiance to Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Empire of the Hand for the sake of their own survival.

    Installed as the governors of Zakuul, rechristened New Moraband, the Sith begin to make their mark in this new time. Darth Insipid begins laying plans and enlists seven Sith to recreate an order of his own vision, Darth Bellorum scours the unknown regions for commodities to sell on the black market, and Darth Haretisch secures resources for an Imperial intelligence agency consisting of his own power base.

    Ultimately all paths lead to one destination - a luxury casino ship, a retrofitted Star Destroyer, named the Luxury Elite. The Sith strike up a business deal with the crime family which owns and operates the resort, with Sith scheduled in two months' time in a high-profile prize-fight.

    When the day comes, however, betrayal strikes the Sith once again. Darth Insipid reveals himself as the new leader of the First Order and carries out a successful attack on the Night Herald’s capital ship. Bellorum enacts her own coup, murdering the entire crime family, having paid off the ship’s security team months before using the funds from a jewel heist. A First Order dreadnought decants from hyperspace, and the Luxury Elite erupts into violence at every corner as Bellorum orders the other triumvirs and their forces removed from the ship.

    Ultimately Bellorum secures control of the ship and her enemies are routed. The stage is set for the War of Three.

    For six months, each side subtly maneuvers and builds strength, until at last, the skirmishes erupt into full-scale pitched battle on New Moraband.

    Darth Haretisch’s Imperium of the Fist wins the day, but not without a high cost as the Twilight Sun obliterates the citadel in an orbital strike at Bellorum’s command, neutralizing the planet’s only strategic value.

    Several of the fallen, among other Sith who have disappeared, are kidnapped and brought unknowingly to the Bedlam Asylum, where the sinister Dr. Shadow engages in macabre experiments.

    Meanwhile, Aryan Graul grapples with civil unrest while trying to tame Nirauan, the capital of Thrawn’s old Empire of the Hand, Insipid stages an attack on a treasure ship hauling the larger part of Bellorum’s wealth, and an Imperium special forces team targets Heskal on a desolate planet.

    The First Order continues to raid and the unknown regions even as Insipid attempts to unlock the secrets surrounding Dr. Shadow, while the Imperium and Twilight Sun meet in pitched battle again in the Hapes Cluster. Darth Haretisch is captured, and the Imperium is forced to retreat to Nirauan to regroup.

    Aryan Graul takes control of the Imperium, while Hel leads a rescue attempt to Hapes to recover the Imperator.

    All roads meet at Bedlam, where Dr. Shadow has revealed himself as the real Snoke and Insipid as only an impostor - and that Thrawn was staged to bait them. The two clash and Snoke takes control of the First Order, as Jerod arrives with the full Imperium fleet, now allied with Darth Bellorum’s Twilight Sun.

    Battle erupts, and revelations are made - Snoke has staged the battle in an attempt to open the gate to the World Between Worlds, intending to escape into the multiverse. Typhojem reaches through to destroy both fleets, and in a heroic act, Darth Insipid launches half the remaining Sith through the gateway to safety before slamming the door shut.

    Darths Haretisch, Bellorum, Syren, Aryan Graul, Jerod, Grievance Vexx, and Darth Anark emerge in 1200 BBY, in the heart of the New Sith Wars, and Insipid is left to pick up the pieces with Darth Kronos, Soliloquy, Serapis, Ravenous, Cocytus and others.

    Darth Insipid's group is reinforced by the arrival of Renn, Bernael, and Helinith from their original timeline as well as the recovery of Manticore, while Darth Haretisch and Bellorum lead their Sith to stake out a corner of the galaxy in their time. Insipid is confronted by twin clones of Kronos and his lover, Esmerelda, originally serving Darth Bellorum's Twilight Sun, but now working for Snoke. Haretisch and Bellorum contend with the mysterious Ren, who pursues them. Cocytus goes rogue even as Darth Insipid sends his Sith to secure control of the isolated Hapan Consortium, resulting in Helinith becoming Queen Mother and fending off a coup attempt sponsored by Snoke. With the deaths of the twins, the Sith regroup as Bellorum's group is mysteriously returned to Hapes and a final Sith is ferried across from the End of Time; Azathoth.

    Regrouped, the Sith led by Darth Insipid advance upon Snoke's base in the Maw, while those led by Bellorum take Coruscant to secure control of the old Empire. The death of Snoke and slaughter of the Imperial Senate places the Sith in ultimate control of their destiny...

    ... perhaps.



    Physical Attributes:



    1. All posts must be TOS-friendly.
    2. Character level in-game is tied intrinsically with rank in the Sith Empire.
    3. The GM team reserves the right to alter or disregard any post and/or remove any player or character from the game due to godmoding, unfollowed instructions, or behavioral concerns.
    4. The GM team retains final decision on all story-related decisions for all characters within the framework of the game. By submitting a character sheet you agree that the GMs may resolve your character's story any way they see fit - but the GMs claim no exclusivity in the character's use with regards to other games. There is no such thing as intellectual property among creations of Star Wars fan fiction.
    5. The main objectives are to have fun and to tell a compelling story. This game is not a competition, save with ourselves. Be courteous to your fellow players and be mindful of their experience.
    6. Challenge yourself to improve. The GM team is here as a resource - consult on anything you're unsure about and ask as many questions as you need to. Take note of the good and bad habits of other players.
    7. When creating a new character, keep in mind that the game takes place in 7 ABY, in the new Disney continuity In other words, there is no Jedi Order currently in existence, and any trained force users will have been in hiding dating back to Order 66 in 7 ABY or be former members of the Empire.
    8. All combo posts must be approved by a GM and include the GM team.
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    IC: Darth Krayt
    Aboard the Derriphan, the Sith Dragon

    The One Sith capital ships hung in the void between stars.

    But not between time.

    They had crossed that great divide.

    Darth Krayt had seen to that.

    In his newest body, a drink to hand, arguably lax in his victory, he regarded the other One Sith.


    He handed the datapad back with the data on Soliloquy to the Chagrian in their midst.

    "And the others?"

    Darth Wyyrlok IV, the daughter of the great traitor, the woman who had aided and antagonised Iudex and Shimmer aboard a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer in the Chandrila system, began to fan the other datapads out. So much was the information on each of the True Sith Order that they warranted a datapad each. Their biographies were as rich as the greatest of the Sith Lords of old.

    Ajunta Pall, Marka Sadow, Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Revan, Kreia, Vitiate, Malgus, Acina, Vowrawn, Ruin, Bane, Sidious, Maul, Vader... they all had as rich and varied histories as any of them. It was impressive.

    The other One Sith were present. Talon, the Hand, who had infiltrated the Pyke's on Oba Diah; Inexor, who had slain Bernael's new lovers in 138 ABY; Tirran, who had duelled with Helinith; Nihl, the Emperor's Fist. Others, of course, but Krayt was more interested in the 'True Sith Lords' then his own loyalists.

    He looked at the images above the datapads as they were replaced on the table.

    Holograms showing them each.

    Darth Insipid.

    A former member of the One Sith, who had betrayed them, and once died at Krayt's hands. He was not the most skilled Sith in the Order, but it was noted that killing him was possible. His death at the hands of the turncoat Darth Cocytus - a Kaminoan of interest - showed he could be undone.

    Darth Bellorum.

    A Chiss woman, with many connections and experience with the underworld. Her ruthlessness was well known, and her ability to launch machinations that were beyond even Insipid meant she was an issue.

    Aryan Graul.

    A politician from a long line of Lords, Emperors, Senators and Chancellors. His obsession with power was assumed to be one of actual relentless fear of a lack of control, and their analysts believed that a political failure would shake his faith in the Sith.


    A Croke of great age and mystery, but known as Insipid's confidant. There were expectations that they could prove useful.


    An Anzati and Sith of Ruin's era, with his own agenda and counsel. His actions as part of the One Sith were known, and they simply emphasised that he was an irritant, not a true problem.


    A Falleen who had suffered at the hands of Snoke's Knights of Ren. Wyyrlok IV had spoken often about how adept a warrior he was, that he was markedly more competent than the Knights.


    A former Ithorian who had mastered essence transfer - and several Hapan bodies as he went. His mind had been repeatedly shattered, and he was marked for capture and torture - as an easy target for brainwashing by Darth Maladi.


    A time-displaced Dark Jedi who had been code-named 'Vader's Daughter', she had been one of Insipid's most supportive apprentices, and was now the Queen Mother of Hapes. She had been historically possessed by Insipid, and her family orientation was considered a useful weakness.


    A Neti from the era of Exar Kun, he had awoken only relatively recently, supporting his 'young friend' Bernael. A relative unknown, but fiendishly loyal to Helinith, which could be used as a wedge.


    A Sith woman and educator, the backbone of the youngling education system - and spouse to a High Lord. Marked as an angle to attack the Circle of Lords, but noted for her ferocious actions aboard a First Order Star Destroyer.


    A Sith Lord and another apprentice of Insipid, he had been absent pursuing his brother for a time, and had arrived at the coronation on Coruscant. Marked as a danger for his exploits taking the Galactic Alliance capital.


    Initially a Wookiee but mutated and modified so many times over to become a Sithspawn, he was a truly powerful Sith who had even engaged with the Dark Lord's during their past civil war. Marked as potential lever against Insipid.


    A clone of the child of Darth Kronos, she had established her own personality... and relationship with Iudex. Marked as a weak-point for the Falleen.


    A few minutes ago, a no-name apprentice to Insipid revealed as his son and heir... and latest body. He was expected to raise like a meteor in the True Sith Order... which would upset old power balances and create opportunities for them.

    Krayt was sure of that.

    The Sith Emperor regarded them all.

    All their intimate information, gathered and collated and provided.

    Impossibly detailed.

    But it was all there.


    He quirked a smile.

    "Let us begin."

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    The Grauls' residence
    —six months later

    Bellorum’s datapad was balanced on her thighs while she refilled her teacup from a porcelain teapot. She and Aryan had agreed they would only attend to the most important items of business this week. They had been extremely busy for several months and this week they were celebrating their six-month anniversary.

    She glanced over to admire her handsome Emperor husband. He was facing away from her, but she enjoyed the view of his strong back and shoulders. With a soft sigh, Bell went back to scrolling through the information she was sorting through, she would revisit her partner’s muscles later.

    Her finger stopped at the name Arthur Donroy, she read through his experience and decidedly moved his file to the approved list. The next couple of candidates clearly needed more extensive training, so she moved them back to a more suitable position.

    Bell was the last stop in the approval process, Insipid and Aryan had already narrowed the field and then marked their choices, but she was finalizing who would make the cut.

    This was for an elite team of protectors. A team would guarantee the safety of Insipid, Aryan, and Bellorum. There were already far too many credible threats coming in, and the three could no longer ignore that they would need to rely more on others to be watching their backsides.

    Bell noted some of the battles the next candidate had participated in, then saw she had children at home. This person needed to stay near her family, so Bell moved her to a Coruscant-based security detail. It wasn’t an elite position, but the woman wouldn’t be required to travel. They needed these positions filled by beings who would be at the Emperors and Empresses beck and call. Someone distracted by a family wouldn’t be ideal.

    The next name was Charles Brokenborough, Bell had personally recommended him for this honor. He had caught her eye a while back and he would fulfill the role of elder statesman of the team. She moved his file to the approved folder.

    The next file was Madelyn Linnett, her bio showed she was a former Jedi and Mandalorian. Bell traced her lower lip with a fingertip as she read. Madelyn was quickly moved to the approved folder.

    Bellorum looked back, she’d already eliminated over 40 candidates, but they had settled on a specific number and there was no shortage of files. No one applied for this, they were hand-selected and invited for a chance to be a Knight of the Galactic Empire.

    Next up was Cera Tan, another ex-Jedi who had survived Order 66. That alone was impressive, but her skills and other qualities were solid. Cera’s file was approved.

    She then read over the file of Kazan Aima, he was described as having a “lack of emotion” which was a coin toss if that was an asset or a weakness. Everything else about this young man was impressive, so he was approved.

    After several more discards, Bell stopped at the file of one William Tyrell. He had a very interesting background and certainly fulfilled the qualifications for the team. Another swift approval.

    Walce Quia-Vis, he was young, and a bit thin, but the comments on his arrogance earned a smile from the Empress. She read his entire file and approved him without hesitation.

    Next was Sam Hhat, Bell had seen her name in other reports. Sam had an impressive military career so far and was an easy approval for the new team.

    Bell blinked when she saw the details on the next file, Blue Deck'nd, a young Chiss female. This one made her think before she made a decision. Once again, the Empress was reminded that she was shunned by the Chiss. They were prejudiced against someone of mixed blood, and she’d heard every imaginable insult because of her parentage. Maybe having a full-blooded Chiss guard would be a start in changing that disgusting mindset? A child can’t choose parents before conception, and it was grossly unfair to judge them based on how blue their skin happens to be. Yes, she was approving Blue and looked forward to meeting her later.

    She scrolled past a few more interesting prospects but stopped at the name Aveline Lawson. Bell opened the file and went over the woman’s qualifications. She smiled and moved Aveline to the approved folder.

    * * *

    —Later that evening
    Imperial Plaza

    The Sith were summoned back to the Plaza, only this evening they weren’t staging for an invasion. Practically the entire order stood silent, all wondering why they had been summoned here. Bellorum smirked and cast Aryan a knowing glance. Keeping a secret in a community of Force users was near impossible, yet they had managed the impossible.

    A security detail kept the general public outside of the plaza, some had gathered behind the barricades to try and see what was happening.

    Bell quickly scanned the crowd and saw Azathoth off to the side, she gave the slightest nod to her Master, Insipid. It was always an incredible rush to see their plans come to fruition. She would have rather had him standing beside her with Aryan, but he had to remain a Shadow Emperor. The only invited being from outside the order was Senator Ormes Apolin.

    Exactly fourteen beings knew why they were gathered, and ten of those were about to make their debut, an additional being was only just now aware since The Emperor Insipid was currently residing inside his body.

    The Emperor and Empress Graul stood hand in hand on a dais that was two steps off the ground. Bellorum wore leggings, a scooped neck form-fitting shirt, and boots, all from the same black leather. Her shimmersilk cape floated in billows of scarlet behind her, and she wore an ornate golden diadem across her forehead.

    Bell squeezed Aryan’s hand and stepped forward to speak.

    "Good evening,

    you were all called here to witness the anointing of a new branch of elite troops. These highly trained guardians will ensure the safety of The Emperors and myself."

    Bellorum nodded to Ike, who was standing off to the side. He stepped aside to allow a team of ten beings, all clad in crimson and black armor, to approach the dais. They lined up in front of The Emperor and Empress, and the first stepped forward and kneeled.

    Clad in a sharp, black suit and shirt with a crimson cape draped over his shoulder, Emperor Graul inclined his chin and observed the new recruits. His stern disposition did not betray his emotions as he idly allowed his hand to drop to his side, his palm coming to rest upon the pummel of his ceremonial sword. The same sword served as a reminder of his time as an officer within the Galactic Alliance military, representing both his valor and honor. It held sentimental value after nearly 40 years, and it only seemed appropriate that it would now usher in a new era of warriors.

    With one swift motion, the Emperor unsheathed his sword and stepped forth to regard the kneeling Knight. He then touched the tip of the blade to each of the Knight’s shoulders—right to left, as he recited the pledge:

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Kazan Aima."

    Ike, holding a large silver tray, stood beside Bellorum. She removed a lightsaber from the tray and handed it to Kazan with a smile.

    Kazan stepped back into the line so the next could come forward to kneel.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Charles Brokenborough."

    Once he had accepted his lightsaber, he stepped back in line as the third knelt before The Emperor and Empress.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Emperors, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Blue Deck'nd."

    Bellorum nodded to Blue and smiled softly as she handed the woman her weapon, and the next came forward.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Arthur Donvoy."

    Bellorum nodded to Arthur and handed him a lightsaber. Another Knight came forward.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Sam Hhat."

    Bellorum removed another lightsaber from Ike’s tray and handed it to the Knight. The next stepped forward to kneel.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Aveline Lawson."

    Bell smiled at the woman and handed her a lightsaber. As soon as Aveline moved another Knight stepped forward to kneel.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Madelyn Linnett."

    Madelyn accepted her weapon and returned to the line so another could step forward.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Cera Tan."

    The Empress handed Cera a weapon and the next Knight knelt.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight William Tyrell."

    Once Will had been given a weapon, the last Knight knelt before The Emperor and Empress.

    "In the name of the Celestials, The Empress, Emperor, and myself, I give you the right to bear arms and the power to mete justice!"

    The Knight replied, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    "Arise, Imperial Knight Walce Quia-Vis."

    Ike handed Bell the last weapon on the tray and she gave it to Walce. Ormes nodded along at them, but eyed four of them specifically. The Kuati Senator would take them as his honour guard, no doubt.

    Once all ten were standing around the dais, Aryan held the sword high over his head and shouted, "I give you the Knights of the Galactic Empire!"

    Olag elbowed Hel so she would do what was expected. Both ignited their lightsabers and held them high to salute the newly named Knights. The other Sith followed suit. Bellorum’s violet blade ignited and she lifted it high to join Aryan in paying tribute to the knights.

    The final roster for The Knights of the Galactic Empire read:

    Kazan Aima

    Charles Brokenborough

    Blue Deck'nd

    Arthur Donvoy

    Sam Hhat

    Aveline Lawson

    Madelyn Linnett

    Cera Tan

    William Tyrell

    Walce Quia-Vis

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ormes Apolin
    Coruscant, Coronation Hall


    Six months ago, this room had seen the new Emperor and Empress ordained, their ascent blessed by the Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. Senator Ormes Apolin was zealously Imperial, even though his homeworld had been taken in by the New Republic.

    By taken in, he meant that it had been attacked repeatedly, besieged, and finally captured.

    Then, the Galactic Concordance had been forced upon the Empire and Kuat formally handed over.

    The 'rump Empire' was a set of token worlds in the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim - some of which didn't even want to be part of the Imperial state, like Commenor, and others which had outright refused to take contracts for the legal defence forces, like Rendilli. That left Humbarine, Tinnel and Denon, well populated and on some strategic hyperlanes. But Carida and its Stormtrooper academies had been beyond their borders, and Coruscant was, eventually to be completely isolated from the Galactic Empire.

    A quarter of the old Empire remained within the Imperial auspices, but within a year or two the New Republic intended to annex the rest. Warlords in the Deep Core and northern reaches were already doing whatever they wanted, including Moff Gideon and Eccressys.

    All of these facts would be known to the Imperial Knights as they gathered on their assignment. Senator Ormes Apolin represented Imperial interests in the New Republic Senate, founding a Centrist Party that believed the fault of the Empire fell with the madmen who had ruined it. The genocidal leanings of Imperials such as Tarkin, rather than the honourable sorts like Sloane. The depravity of Rax, rather than the ethical approach to warfare embodied by the late Thrawn. The treachery of Grand Admiral's like Siralt, rather than the loyalty shown by Grand Moff Randd.

    The Emperor and Empress had emphasised how important Ormes Apolin was to the overall survival of the Imperial dream. That they would provide a voice in the Senate, much like those Senators who had named Palpatine as their Emperor. Yes, most Imperials spoke of Palpatine with disdain or sadness - especially with the Operation Cinder being linked to him, but much of the anti-Sith rhetoric went on Darth Vader, the monster that was known to have killed Palpatine. Some even argued that he had corrupted the kindly old man who had served as a gentle Chancellor - him and Tarkin and Rax.

    But Ormes didn't reference that.

    He simply summoned them to his presence.

    So he could orate; so they could size up each other; so he could decide who would lead his retinue; so he politic with their hearts and minds; so he could fashion them into tools of an honourable Empire.

    Within staving off the annexation of the Galactic Empire, gestating a new regime in the heart of the New Republic, or by finding a third way - a new path.

    The way of the Knights of the Empire.

    The Imperial Knights.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral, @TheSilentInfluence, @ConservativeJedi321, @Corellian_Outrider
    IC: Darth Insipid

    Oba Diah, near the Maw

    An informal Sith outpost had arisen here in the months after the Coronation for a multitude of reasons.

    Firstly, Hekate wished to have a place out of the way to birth the children.

    Secondly, the Sith wished to ensure that there remained no First Order influences in the Maw, and it was a good enough starting point to investigate Azathoth's theory that Exegol was a threat.

    Thirdly, it allowed Insipid to tickle at his curiosity about two loose ends; a Lethan Twi'lek who had seemingly infiltrated the Pyke Syndicate, and a Chagrian woman who had battled against Iudex and Shimmer.

    And of course, where Azathoth went, Insipid went, and where Insipid wanted to go, he went.

    The Sith Emperor had not opted to take a new body, by all accounts, content to recuperate within the relatively simple route of sharing with his son. Performing Essence Transfer took a toll on the soul, and could not be done repeatedly in a short timeframe or risk permanent damage.

    It was said that Emperor Vitiate had moved bodies to take a Voss one, been promptly trapped in a Voss body which his Wrath killed to free him, allowing him to transfer to a human form on Dromund Kaas - only to be cut down moments later by a Jedi Knight. Those three 'deaths' had weakened his spirit so much that he had been unable to head to either of his bodies - not his Eternal Emperor guise as Valkorion, or his original body, Tenebrae. For two years he had been percolated on the fourth moon of Yavin until he acquired enough strength from Jedi-Sith-Revanite violence to make the journey to Ziost - for him to consume the world and take back power sufficient to leap to Zakuul.

    Insipid had no desire to do that, and Serapis had shown that the repeated body jumping - from droid to Hapan guard to Hapan General - could do terrible damage to the psyche. The former Ithorian had been guided to leave by Ike, with Insipid's blessing, to find a new Force sensitive body that matched his original species. The Hapan officer had been returned to Hapes, mind-wiped and none the wiser. But Serapis, he had been released to Ithor to find himself a body that could recuperate his soul.

    But Bernael and Iudex didn't need to concern themselves with that.

    Azathoth knew, how could he not.

    For a moment, Insipid was rumination and wonder. They didn't have many leads on Exegol; it was undoubtedly in the Unknown Regions, but there were two dozen hermetic kingdoms in there, let alone wherever Rae Sloane and the Executor-class warship she had fled with were hiding. It was inevitable that the ancient Sith had knowledge of the world, but they had a lot to learn about the Sith here.

    In their hands was a new Holocron, one that they had discovered recently.

    It told a tale of a Sith Lord.

    It recounted a battle between him and a Sith woman who had been a bandit leader on Genbara, in the Outer Rim. It had been recorded by a warrior who had used a droid-battle suit; a Dug. The Dug had been part of a crew hired to defend the village - a Trandoshan, a Gran, and a Tusken were among his them - and Sith had killed all but the Gran, for this 'Ronin' to step in and save everyone... just to collect the Sith kyber crystal.

    It was a curious recording.

    He wondered what Azathoth thought of it.

    The others would be awake soon.

    Bernael and Hekate were due to say their last goodbyes before they departed Oba Diah in earnest.

    Shimmer and Iudex would undoubtedly wake up besides each other in post-coital poses.

    Whether Shimmer was coming with them was still a question; she looked more like Aurra Sing than not with her top-knot and paler skin, almost waxen, potentially because she was a clone, who knew.

    Whether Hekate was to return to Coruscant or instead head to Hapes was another; she did have children now, but the Sith had to get classes for young Force sensitives back up and running.

    Of course, a third entity had also regarded the recording of the Ronin and the Sith woman; Soliloquy had assisted them in their investigations of Sith lore, through the tales of Darth's Shaa, Noctyss and Caldoth, let alone Atrius, Tanis and Krall, or Bane, Sanguis and Momin. The legends of Sanguist and Noctyss named Exegol, actually, and even supplied an image of the surface - but the stars were illegible.


    "Well, Soliloquy?" Insipid said through Azathoth's mouth. "Is the tale of the Ronin merely an aside, or do you think it worth pursuing as a route to Exegol?"

    TAG: @Nehru_Amidala and @darthbernael (combo one), @Shadowsun (combo two with Sinre), @Silvertough and @Mitth_Fisto (combo three with Sinre), mention for @DarthIshyZ
    IC: Wapoe


    Where they were was as important as when, presumably, but what was apparent to Arek would be precisely two things when his vision cleared from the blaze of white light.

    Firstly, Jacen Solo was gone, vanished - he had not made it through, it seemed.

    Secondly, the Black-Coat stood here.

    Or, rather, perhaps, the Black-Coat that served this reality.

    How much Arek had figured out at the End of Time was an open question.

    How much Arek had overheard at the tremendous skirmish Outside Time was unknown.

    Whether he immediately felt the resonance with his father, Aryan Graul, well, that was for him to say.

    Whether Aryan felt him... that was another.

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    GM Update

    This meeting was six months coming, so Bellorum had to make sure Tamus was taken into consideration. Bellorum had lined up, and generously compensated, a maid that was competent to handle children to watch the youngster in the outer office while his parents met with the Emperor and Empress. It would be easy since his parents were just steps away inside the office.

    The little guy had appeared pleased when he’d seen the Tamus sized table Bell had thoughtfully added to the office.

    The child’s table had been set with an assortment of toys, drawing materials, and a platter of the spice brownies that he had enjoyed the last time he spent quality time with Bellorum.

    Meanwhile, Bellorum and[/b] Aryan[/b] sat together, at the round table that was centered in Bell’s Stardust office, Helinith and Ren sat across from them.

    “I’m not going to waste your time, or ours, currently Hapes owes the Galactic Empire for the replacement of a Golan Defense Platform. You deliberately sabotaged it, for reasons I can only guess, and that would be you thought you were protecting Insipid?” Bellorum smiled cordially and took a sip of her tea. “Oddly enough, he is my Master too, and he has often challenged me to kill him.” Bell shrugged, but didn’t bother to elaborate on what she may have done during her time as an apprentice, or the damage she and Ike had done to Insipid’s beautiful quarters once. “I’ve never killed him, and I don’t see myself ever doing that. He’s the closest thing to a father figure I’ve ever known. So, I hope this clears any question of myself, or Emperor Graul, acting in any way that would cause harm to Emperor Insipid.”

    “I do appreciate how patient you’ve been with getting to the issue of Hapes, and we’re now ready to make the move to restore you to the throne of Hapes.” Truthfully there had not been a moment to plan the operation to retake Hapes. Aryan had his hands full with organizing the new government, and Bellorum was doing all she could behind the scenes to make sure their businesses continued to flourish, while fitting in the usual Empress type duties of visiting hospitals and shaking hands.

    “If you two,”she glanced between Renn and Helinith, “have had thoughts of the best plan of attack, we welcome your thoughts.” There were a few good options of coming in through the Hapan Spine and launching an attack, or they could take the bold approach and barge in from the Lorelli Reach. Bell hoped that Renn and Helinith had some sort of connection still in the Hapes Cluster that had been passing on intelligence.

    “Once Hapes is back under the Empire’s control,” Bellorum leaned forward and looked at Helinith, “I have some specific trade agreements that would wipe out the cost of the Golan.”

    Tag: @darthbernael @darthhelinith

    “She can’t order me around!” Hel all but stomped her foot in indignation over the message from Empress and Emperor Graul.

    “Think of it as being an assignment from The Emperor?” Olag suggested half teasing.

    “No, it’s her telling me what to do,” Hel insisted. “Let me see the message again,” Olag reached out to take the datapad.

    To: Hel,Darth Ravenous, and Darth Anark

    A terror attack was carried out last night on the Imperial Court of Justice. The building isn’t stable for the teams to gather evidence, you three will search for any remaining survivors, and gather evidence to assist in finding who carried out this heinous act. A speeder has been readied in the Emperor’s hangar for your use.

    The Emperor and Empress Graul

    “Hel, don’t be ridiculous, Bellorum didn’t write this message. Just go and enjoy a few hours outside of this gloomy laboratory,” Olag dismissed her.

    Hel shot the older man a glare and walked away.

    Tag: @Snokers @WookieeRage
    *we can combo if you guys want

    The threats were getting out of control. Every day the security chief passed along a long list of threats that came in from overnight. Those were funneled to Aryan’s Chief of Staff, Aston Ess, and she handled getting them to the Emperor and other members of his staff. She was relieved to learn of the appointment of a team of guardians that would oversee his protection.

    There were six Knights currently standing in the area just outside the doorway to Emperor Graul’s Senate offices. Aston, sat a stack of datapads on a table before she addressed the guardians, “these contain the most current threats against Emperor and Empress Graul, please study the threats and look for any common threads that could connect them to any known terror organizations or the Warlords that are considering a move against the Empire.”

    She walked back over to her desk and checked some details on a display, “Sam, Kazan, Charles, and Blue, you’ll be accompanying the Empress to an appearance at the Coruscant Pediatrics Hospital. Details are being forwarded to your datapads now. There have been attempts to both kidnap and to assassinate her, so I’ve spoken with the hospital about screening all beings who have entered the building starting yesterday.”

    Aston motioned for the two remaining to follow her, “Will and Arthur, I have a number of packages that were cleared for explosives, but not for any other trap or substance,” Aston opened a door to a room filled with packages of all sizes and shapes, “I’m sure most of them are actual packages for the Emperor, but they don’t appear business related and there’s no return address on these. Please inspect, open, and catalog what the contents are.” Aston opened a closet of supplies inside the room, “here are the disposal supplies and protective gear, if you need it,” she glanced at the two Knights with a raised brow. “Leave this door open, because a Senator, who was vetted last week, is coming with a group of dignitaries, to meet with the Emperor. It would be best if you two give them a once over before The Emperor greets them.” The Chief of Staff checked her chrono, “they should be here in just under an hour, and you’ll be staying inside his office during the meeting. I’ll double the guards inside the corridor while you’re busy with that. Thank you,” Aston smiled and returned to her desk.

    A moment later the Emperor’s door opened and raised voices echoed through the outer office. “I’m capable of taking care of myself, and besides I won’t be alone. Ike, tell him we will be just fine handling this appearance without an entourage.”

    The door quickly closed again and there was the sound of voices, but no one in the outer office could hear the exact discussion. It appeared the Empress was feeling a little touchy about having a team of guardians anytime she took a step. There was a calm male voice that was making progress explaining to her why she needed to cooperate. Another male voice, possibly male voice, was laughing occasionally and generally not being helpful.

    Finally the door opened again and The Empress stepped out, she was followed closely by Emperor Graul and Ike.

    Bellorum stopped in front of the four Knights that would be attached to her today and slowly looked them up and down before she spoke. “I’m told you four are with me today, and because of circumstances beyond my control,” she looked pointedly at Aryan and Ike, “I’m running late. So, let’s get on with it.”

    Bell walked over to Aryan, and kissed his cheek. I’ll be home for dinner, my dear,” she said as she walked away. Aston handed Bellorum her handbag, “the kids are going to be star struck when they see you, ma’am.”

    Bellorum laughed, “they’ll probably be more impressed by Ike and my guards.”

    They were indeed an entourage with Bellorum and Ike in the second heavily armored vehicle, and the four Knights were directed to the 3rd vehicle in the procession. A total of 8 separate speeders were in the line up going to the Coruscant Children’s Hospital.

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    *Combo for Aryan, Aston, Arthur, and Will
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    OOC: A Flashback with @darthbernael

    Several Months Prior...

    IC: Azathoth & Bernael

    It had taken some time, but Bernael had finally found a training hall on the yacht capable of withstanding, to some degree, what Azathoth had requested that he teach the younger Sith. He wasn’t entirely sure every aspect of the skill would translate and the last they needed was to freeze the entire yacht in a cold so deep space was warm by comparison.

    He’d made his way down to the hall, finding a seat and leaning back, as he sent out a thought to Azathoth, As long as Lord Insipid doesn’t have you working on something else, I have the time and have found the space that I can help you to learn my black lightning.’

    Settling back he called it forth, a small ball of it, rolling it in the palm of his hand, as he waited.

    Azathoth Sith coloured eyes glinted with glee as the message at last came in from Circle Lord Bernael for them to begin the training. Since Insipid had begun training Azathoth in the ways of the Force he had quickly become fascinated by the abilities of cold, capable already of breathing and creating some small amounts of ice. But this Black Lightning Azathoth had seen Bernael display... now that was a truly an ability Azathoth wanted to master.

    The Sith Lord within an instant replied to Bernael.

    I shall join you shortly, Circle Lord Bernael

    In a short few moments, Azathoth was indeed there, taking a short bow before the Circle Lord before arising once more.

    "I am ready to begin Lord Bernael"

    Bernael looked up, nodding to Azathoth. ”Good.” The ball of lightning rolled between his fingers, ”Can you feel the chill, my friend? It sucks the very heat from the air.”

    The ball lightning lifted and hung in the air between them. It rolled and burned with very little of the crackle that typical lightning let out. His finger flicked and the ball flashed across the air, impacting on a training dummy. The dummy let out a series of cracks as well as the groan of brittle metal before fissures ran across its surface from the point of impact before it simply fell to pieces.

    ”Do you know of the chill of the void? Can you see it in your mind? Try to, reach out to it.”

    Azathoth gave a slow nod, looking to the coldness of the orb. There was a nothingness about it, an impossibility of coldness, an unnatural, truly dead cold. Colder than nothing, colder than his heart, his eyes tracking the orb as he viewed it slam into the dummy causing it to shatter into pieces.

    The young Sith closed his eyes, listening to Bernael's words.

    "Yes... the void..." In a sense, he had known the chill of the void all of his life. Well of a void. And as that void had been filled he still remembered it. The emptiness of the moment. His mind used that as the foundation of this void, is sparseness, its hollowness... how wonderous and harrowing it was. And cold, the deep, dark cold...

    "I can see it... sense it..."

    A cold smile crossed Bernael’s face, ”Even for one of us, do not stare too long into the abyss, there are worse things than gods and monsters hiding in it. Let the cold in, as much as you can take without freezing yourself. Let it flow into that sense you have when you touch the lightning to use it. Merge the two.”

    He chuckled, ”Sounds simply enough but I know those that have lost fingers or arms attempting just that and still never succeeded.”

    Azathoth's eyes slowly opened, looking to his one good arm as he focused upon it. Feeling the cold void as well as remembering the sensation of lightning that was needed for Force Lightning. He stared, and stared at his hand, little pieces of ice forming over his finger tips as he focused hard once more, nothing materializing in his hand as he stared ever longer.

    It seemed to be an endless age of waiting before a flicker of cold, dark lightning crackled ever so briefly in Azathoth's fingertips for the briefest of moments.

    A soft smooth smile grafted onto his lips. It had only been for a tiny moment, and his entire right arm had patches of ice over it, but it was a start, his mechanical left arm coming over it to knock off the ice.

    "It is a tad chilly,"

    A dark chuckle escaped Bernael’s lips, ”I expected nothing less from you. A start is a start, and it was there.”

    He glanced down at the flakes of ice that settled to the floor. A finger made a lazy, circular motion and the chips rose spinning around his hand. They began to merge, condensing into a little ball.

    A moment’s concentration and the ball flashed into black, little arcs spitting out from it. Bouncing it on his hand, he waited until Azathoth had warmed up his hand once again. ”Catch…”

    The ball bounced from his hand over to Azathoth’s.

    Azathoth's hands came up in an unthinking reflex to catch the black orb, grabbing it with his right hand. The chill began to spread through his arm as it had before, but Azathoth focused, his resolve feeling the orb, feeling its immense power. The ice would travel or manifest itself to the same degree across his arm, and after a few moments of struggling he gazed deeply into the ball. Mesmerized by it like a child watching the dancing of fire for the first time.

    The corner of Bernael’s lips twitched upward in a fractional smile. The ice wasn’t expanding up Azathoth’s arm which spoke well of his control. ”Don’t fall into its trap, just as the abyss in your mind, the longer you look into it, the longer it looks into you.”

    A chuckle, ”As with everything, the more practice the more control…”

    Azathoth gave a slow nod, dispersing the ball of black lightning in an instant. His cold Sith colored eyes looking toward Bernael.

    "Indeed, thank you Circle Lord Bernael this has been a great boon,"

    Bernael nodded, ”It was a pleasure, Lord Azathoth. A word of caution, however, it drains you much more than normal lightning so I would use it sparingly.”

    He offered his goodbyes to his fellow Sith before he strode from the training room and back to his office, other work awaited.

    The Present

    IC: Kazan Aima


    Kazan's armored hand took one of the stacks of datapads, his eyes hidden behind the expressionless helm on his face. He flicked through the list of names and threats that opposed the Emperor and Empress. He had remembered the fluster of the news on the various networks around Coruscant about six months ago that had been calling their marriage a sham. Nothing more than the political machinations of two that wished to further their own power. At least that is what had once been said, Kazan did not care particularly what others have said of these two. It did not matter to him, and what he thought or felt was of no consequence. The only significance was that the two of them had many enemies, as all-powerful people do.

    Kazan took a brief look to the other three that had been assigned to Empress Graul. Sam Hhat, Charles Brokenborough, and Blue Deck'nd. It surprised Kazan, ever so slightly to see an elderly man assigned with them, but Kazan was confident that he was assigned to them for a good reason. He would not be an Imperial Knight if he was weak, that was the conclusion Kazan drew for himself. He had intended to ask them what their capabilities were so they could coordinate more efficiently before the two Royals and their... friend stepped outward. Kazan was swift to offer a short, respectful bow.

    “I’m told you four are with me today, and because of circumstances beyond my control,” she looked pointedly at Aryan and Ike, “I’m running late. So, let’s get on with it.”

    So we are a formality. That coupled with the snippets of conversation of the Empress clearly not wanting any guards... it struck Kazan as... sloppy. It was something pending, begging for trouble. But of course, Kazan could not and would not comment on such a thing, he would do the best he could with what was available to him, and trust in the sublime training conducted for all Imperial Knights.

    They had their orders, Kazan, along with his fellows, would follow the Empress and the man known as 'Ike' out, himself getting into the third armored vehicle that would follow shortly after the second. His fists clenched in a visible sign of frustration or perhaps focus, it was always difficult to tell with Kazan. But there was something annoying him, something that agitated away at him. He could not quite place his finger on what the feeling was but cast it aside. He said no words to his fellow knights as they rode in the armored vehicle. He could have been a statue, chiseled out of red marble, his quiet puffs of air being the only thing breaking that illusion.

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    OOC: Thanks is due to @darthbernael for his contribution of Sabel and his letter to Lady Bellorum, Empress Graul.


    1. Introduction
    Weary but excited, Eiras-she smiled as she spoke her name in her mind, Emte’ir’astov. It made her feel whole, or almost whole. She peered out of the viewport. On approach, the private transport was coming in at a shallow vector starting at a great distance and at first, the planet glowed as a golden ball against the velvet dark. She rubbed her eyes and imagined that it must be a very hot climate all over the globe. Arms folded under her chin, nose nearly pressed up against the viewport, and every now and then she would rub the condensation of her breath away to see the scintillating sphere grow bigger, her blue face reflected in the transparisteel and red almond-shaped eyes eagerly watching as the planet drew near. Yet, she didn't need to see it with her eyes, she could feel it's gravity, feel its energy.

    From the pilot's cabin, she could hear the identification protocols and queuing process relayed and the pilot's required responses. She rubbed her eyes, still watching Coruscant revealed itself to be a spikey ball of lights crisscrossing and converging in blinding yellow and amber, orange and ochre. She rubbed her eyes again as the ship jerked and pulled, then wafted nose up slightly as the engines' whine changed pitch and they began the descent into atmosphere.

    She pulled the dossier from under her knee-a flimsy that held a note from her Master and which contained her essential information, history, and a note from him to Her Majesty, the Empress. It was sealed and she did not feel the slightest compunction to take a peak, since he'd read it to her and she was satisfied it was as he said:
    Empress Graul, Lady Bellorum,

    Blue Deck'nd was rescued from slavery by my forces and has been trained in the ways of the Force, by me personally. From one Chiss to another, I have sent her to be considered as one of your bodyguards. This is well within the agreement between our star nations and I believe you will not be dissuaded by her source. She is strong, intelligent, and possessed of a fierce will. She does carry her own name, has recovered it. However, she has chosen to be known as she is and I respect that she does not wish that I be the one to reveal it. Perhaps she will, to you, in time.

    May the Force serve you well,

    Settu'asol'rerrist, Tuasolr, Lord Sabel

    The pilot's voice sounded in the small passenger cabin informing her they were preparing to land at the spaceport and to prepare herself for debarkation.

    Her particulars are as follows, the Master wrote:

    Basic Name: Blue Deck'nd
    Species: Chiss (Female)
    Age: 19 years
    Description: slight of build, but a fierce fighter and as strong, physically as she is of will.
    Complexion: blue
    Eyes: red
    Hair: blue-black.
    Bio: A former ozily esehembo (Chiss navigator: Sky-walker Corps) she possesses both 3rd and 2nd sight and various other useful Force abilities. * see attached training ledger for details...[/i]

    1st Post
    IC: Blue Deck’nd
    LOCATION: Lesser Space, Galactic Empire Core Worlds, Coruscant

    Her gear bag was small and not much to sling over her shoulder. She’d thanked and bade farewell to the pilot and found herself plopped into a near overwhelming clamour and cacophony that contrasted so with wilderness training fields and forested huntment of her Master’s fortress planet. Before that, her captors had never let her far from their ship, she rubbed her neck at the memory.

    She walked and ate from a slice of sweet meiloorun, gazing here and there, taking all in of the towers and canyons that gradually gave way to the Imperial palace and various government buildings, with their monuments, verdant plazas and sightseers. Occasionally, Blue-Eiras found herself staring down an ogler or two, but mostly she disregarded the intrusive stares reading and listening to her guided tour, purchased at the spaceport kiosk for 0.5 credits. She saw the defunct Jedi temple, the old bronzium domed senate, the ancient abbey and Embassies, and fed the birds in the plaza before handing over her dossier to an efficient if perfunctory assistant to whom she had been directed before retiring to her hotel.

    A dream, a memory, her Master’s words, and wake up summons and armoury delivery that all culminated in a quick but very official conference of knighthood, found Eiras, the 3rd to kneel before the Emperor and Empress.

    Imperial Plaza

    Though she looked ahead, her eyes had widened to see the Empress and Emperor enter the Imperial Plaza, he a human, but the Empress, she was blue complexioned, paler than Eiras, eyes, a softer version of her own, and hair, a medium sort of gold streaked blue!

    The Empress stood before her and spoke her office, and Eiras ,kneeling, found herself speaking the Basic words, "that duty I will solemnly obey, as a Knight of the Galactic Empire."

    Her Majesty bade her rise, “...Imperial Knight Blue Deck'nd" and so she did to the Empress’ warm smile and to receive her saber. Though Master Sabel had written, “ Chiss to another,” it was still a surprise to Eiras.

    After the conclusion of the ceremony, Eiras made a mental imprint of her fellow knights, but remained silent, nodding or curtly nodding as civil exchange dictated, noting that she was not alone in that. Other than the Master’s lethal Rubrum Cohortis, it had been a very long time since she’d been included in a corps.

    In less than a cycle, she now stood ready in escort for the Empress, apprising herself of the maps Ms. Ess had handed to herself and the three other knights assigned to this detail: Kazan Aima, Charles Brokenborough, and Sam Hhat. Blue-that had been her name for more years than her true name, but now it seemed alien had studied and listened acutely, lest she miss any detail with which Ms. Ess had informed them. In peripheral view, she noted each of her fellow knights, Knight Brokenborough had an air of confidence born of years experience revealed in the set of his jaw, his large and weather hands, Aima had the practiced habit of muscles neither flexed nor relaxed, but that was all that could be seen in his stance, for he was in full armor, and Knight Hhat, a human female, prepossessing and authoritative who seemed at ease in her armor and her duty. Blue realized she was the youngest, but once she had been responsible for navigating and keeping safe the crew of a great Nightdragon man-of-war! Here and now, however, this was different.

    The door to the Emperor’s office opened and Blue, helm in the crook of her arm, snapped to attention, though she averted her eyes as the Emperor and Empress shared a public kiss.

    Another person followed, though Blue did not know his import-Ike. The Empress spoke with irritation and deferred to the man. “I’m capable of taking care of myself, and besides I won’t be alone. Ike, tell him we will be just fine handling this appearance without an entourage.” Friendship they three shared, and trust, too, then this was not a young friendship, but a long term friendship.

    “I’m running late. So, let’s get on with it.” said the Empress, abruptly, and with that, they were lifting into the Coruscant traffic grid and speeding on their way, all three heavily armored sky cars, to the Coruscant Pediatrics Hospital! The Knight Aima clenched a fist and seemed to tense as they journeyed. The pace and surprise of this planet was maddening and disconcerting and for a moment, she felt an impending collision ahead but the drivers were skilled.

    She wondered about traveling as they were, eight vehicles in a line, all four knights together in the third one behind the Empress and the Imperial friend in the second sky car ahead of the knights. A single file line was an exposed position for someone in need of high security. Yet, the Empress was exposed on flanks, from above, below, and forward!

    “ it permissible to make comment? This configuration in which we travel is not secure. The Empress, the whole cortège is exposed, while we knights may be taken out all in one well armed go,” ventured Blue to all, no one person having been named as point to the group.

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    IC: Sam Hhat



    Sam loved the Empire. She had ever since she was a little girl.

    But it wasn't perfect. She didn't deny that, unlike the more fanatic Imperials. Ever since the Battle of Endor, it had become clear to Sam that the Empire had been misled by those more interested in their own power and influence. The likes of Palpatine, Tarkin, and Rax... they were just as responsible for the Empire's decline as the traitors who called themselves the New Republic. Sam had been on Jakku two years ago and she still remembered the price that the Empire had made then by buying into Rax's madness. Sam had lost good troopers during the Battle of Jakku. Brave men and women whose lives she had felt responsible for.

    After that Sam had promised herself that she would never again follow someone such as Palpatine, Tarkin, or Rax, who had betrayed the Empire just as the rebels had. Sam served the ideals, the people, and the soldiers of the Empire above all else. So no more Alderaans, no more Operation Cinders, and no more Jakkus. When Sam had been presented with a chance to help restore the Empire to what it should be and forge a new way that would prioritize honor, ethics, and loyalty... she had accepted the promotion in a heartbeat. Of course, it would take some getting used to.

    For one thing, Sam missed her helmet. The ex-stormtrooper was truthfully uncomfortable with exposing her face in public like this, but it was a sacrifice she needed to make. She also much preferred a good blaster to the lightsaber that she had been given, since she was still not an expert in all of this Force stuff. Though she missed her command and her troopers as well, she understood that this was what the Empire required of her right now as the Imperial dream struggled to stay alive. It had been time for a change, both for Sam and the Empire.

    First they would save the Empire. Then they would defeat the New Republic.

    Sam had looked at the files of her fellow Knights. They were an... interesting group from a wide variety of backgrounds, including some former Jedi. Sam would have to keep an eye on them, just like how she would keep an eye on the Empire's current leadership which was another reason she had accepted this new rank. Ultimately her loyalty to the Empire as a whole exceeded her loyalty to its rulers. If she ever believed that were prioritizing their own interests over the Empire's just like others had done before them, Sam would do what was necessary. But hopefully it would not come to that.

    And that brought Sam to now as she accompanied the Empress to the Coruscant Pediatrics Hospital with three other Knights: Blue Deck'nd, Charles Brokenborough, and Kazan Aima. She didn't judge Blue or Charles based on their age but of the three, Kazan made her the least comfortable. She somewhat understood his choice to never let anyone else see his face, but at the same time they had to trust and rely on each other. They were not just individuals, they were a team. Which was also why Sam wanted to get to know her fellow Knights more, since that would help them work together more easily. Perhaps they would get that chance later.

    Until then Sam would wait for the chance where they would have to prove themselves... and show their true colors.

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  13. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Walce Quia-Vis
    13 Years Ago

    “I’m boooooooored.'' Nine-year-old Walce sat cross legged in his mother's garden, next to his father who didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by the prospect of sitting hours on end on his butt, eye’s closed, doing nothing whatsoever. “That is because you are not focused.” The older man’s face remained placid despite his son’s complaint. “There’s nothing to focus on!” the boy crossed his arms in a stubborn manner. “A very narrow point of view. The force is all encompassing Walce, look around, the plants, the sky, the world around you.”

    The boy remained discontent with his father's words. “How do you know?”
    A smile creased the older man's lips. “I have seen Padawan’s not much older than you do remarkable things son, patience.”

    So, there he sat, trying to grow numb to the endless fatigue that consumed him as he continued these tireless meditation exercises. To entertain his mind, he first tried to think back to his favorite holo-net episodes, games his mother's staff played with him, and what new toys he wanted for Life Day. Growing increasingly antsy, he looked around, watching the fountain pour water through its spout, a few small insects sticking their nose into the bud of a Cai Rose, and finally his eye’s settled onto one of the glass ornaments poking into the ground not far from him. Soon his eyes were glazing over, and he almost didn’t notice the blue and white blob mirroring itself in the decoration. For a moment he thought it was another dream, but soon he recognized the colors take a shape, that of his mother holding something….

    Instantly he hopped to his feet, reaching out with both hands and catching the squishy Bibi Fruit she threw before it splattered on his grey tunic. Quickly consumed by laughter he didn’t even notice his fathers exasperated sigh. His mother's grin spoke volumes, the usually stern woman placed a hand on his shoulder and looked like she was holding back a laugh. “You did well, Walce. I’m sure Nanny Hein would have been less than pleased to have to wash that out of your shirt.”

    Father however, quickly made his own dissatisfaction clear. “You distracted him.” He stated in a firm tone. “Come now Etern.” The smile on his mother's face never faded as she spoke. “No normal child would have reacted so swiftly. Even if they had seen my reflection. That was the Force.”

    His father didn’t argue the point directly, but a frown remained on his features. “The force isn’t just a reaction; it's not picking things up and throwing them. It is a way of life. A sentience beyond ourselves.” Looking old and worn in his tan leather robe, Etern had a grey streak through his dark beard, and seemed on the verge of giving up on life itself at that moment.

    “Progress is progress.” His mother, Magti, shrugged. Looking far more youthful in her colorful designer dress and wearing her brownish-red hair in an upright bun. “With these sorts of skills, he will never need to worry about bullies, and one day he may serve the Empire well if he so chooses.” A look came across the man’s eye that Walce had never seen before, but no words were spoken. His parents had had this conversation many times, always at an impasse.

    Finally, Mother returned her gaze to him. “Change into your formal clothes Walce, I have a banquet to attend this evening and I already said I would be bringing you. Some big leagues will be attending, and if all goes well maybe I’ll finally get that additional academy funding I’ve been vying for. New instructors and equipment, hopefully your father might even have a chance to pick up some pointers from the professionals then.”

    Walce wasn’t sure if her words were meant in jest or more harshly, though he did as she said.

    Coruscant, Coronation Hall

    That’s what this reminded him of, Walce’s mind finally came into focus as he placed a hand at the edge of his chest plating to relieve a slight pinching sensation. The realization had dawned on him, the last time he had dressed so formally was at his mother's banquets, when she brought him as a small child. The guests would always hum and haw at him like he was some strange pet of hers, and he was only marginally less bored there than he was during his father's meditation exercises. He thought she only brought him to put her guests at ease, and maybe earn some greater sympathy by having a child around. But there was almost never anything to do. She only ever expected him to stand tall and proud, compliment guests when they complimented him, and direct all conversations to her pet project of the year. Whatever that might be.

    This would certainly take some getting used to.

    He doubted his father would be pleased, but as he stood now Walce put his attention plainly in the present.
    The new Knight eyed his companions with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity, though he was fully aware that the former feeling was entirely unwarranted. Old habits just died hard.

    They were there to guard a crusty old politician in the core of the galaxy and potentially stave off the collapse of a dying Empire. Just great.

    Outwardly Walce simply smirked, looking from the Arkanian to the senator before them. It took him a moment to read the room, they had a purpose here, but he wasn’t completely sure if the Senator only intended for them to get to know each other in their first gathering or make larger plans right off the bat. “I’ve never really been the subtle type.” He finally spoke with a shrug. “You want someone beat up or removed from the equation. I'm your guy.” Waving his hand, fingers splayed in front of him he made a quiet grunting sound. “Grand scheming and such is better left to the professionals.” With a wide grin Walce leaned back against the wall. “If you like however I can offer you what wisdom I do possess.”

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  14. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC Charles Brokenborough
    Coruscant Streetside

    Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

    Charles felt a fatherly concern as he bowed and watched her Ladyship descend the stairs and board her carriage. There would be no slips of protocol on his first day of service. He promised himself that.

    Self-appointed guardian of the traditions.

    Keeper of the flame.

    All done with a theatricality appropriate to the moment.

    Sitting in the very modern transport he regarded his new peers with the genuine respect worthy of those who had been hand-selected by his Lady and Lordship. Sam, Kazan and Blue. All he noted appeared to emit an exemplary air of proficiency.

    Charles experienced a palatable relief to no longer be in charge. Being surrounded by equals instead of in a position of authority and overseeing every new hobbledehoy year after year who wasn’t up to the mark had only further furrowed his brow and eroded his hope that the galaxy would one day produce at least a few more refined beings.

    Knight Blue finally broke the silence. “ it permissible to make comment? This configuration in which we travel is not secure. The Empress, the whole cortège is exposed, while we knights may be taken out all in one well armed go.”

    Making eye contact with his new associate he gave s small nod of agreement.

    Perhaps, at such an initial stage of our duty, we should assume such matters have been fully attended to by our Lordship’s extensive security team. At least that is my hope.

    Pulling out a rustic first generation datapad, Charles scrolled through the names of current patients at the children’s hospital until he lingered on one page before emitting an audible hmmph. A brother and sister receiving treatment for mild injuries sustained during a recent anti-government protest.

    Finally becoming more aware of Knight Sam sitting along beside him he respectfully shifted the datapad for her viewing.

    Two rabblerousers...who might at least be in the vicinity of the Empress during her visit.

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  15. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Kazan Aima

    Kazan's helm was still pointed down when he listened to the words of Blue. He could not precisely disagree with them, he was on edge on how poorly this all seemed constructed. He got out his lightsaber hilt and a small cloth and began cleaning it. The methodical act pleased him, one of those simple leisures that remained unspoken, the satisfaction of repeating the same task over and over, his mind however continued to work overdrive at their current situation.

    He let out a quiet breath, his mind coming to a conclusion that set him at ease. Now having a response for Blue.

    "The security formation was not determined by the Imperial Knights, we were merely assigned to it. That is our job," Would it be more effective if they determined the security formation and determined the details of security? Kazan certainly thought so, but it was not the task he had been assigned to do so, and so it did not concern him. His body however told a different story, the tension in it was clear, the same frustration as before. He glanced to each of them, although his helm did not move leaving no indication that he was looking to them.

    He leaned forward and focused back on his lightsaber hilt, his hulking frame making it look rather small compared to the sea of red that was his armor. They seemed professional, for now at least. He had not gotten a total read on them yet, Blue seemed inquisitive at least somewhat, Charles seemed extremely formal and man of protocol which Kazan would appreciate, and then there was Sam, who Kazan could not get a read on one way or the other. Although Kazan was not particularly good at 'reading' people anyway.

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  16. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Blue Deck’nd

    LOCATION: Coruscant Traffic Grid en route to Coruscant Pediatric Hospital in escort of Empress Graul

    Knight Brokenborough, speaking with authoritative patience, offered that the Emperor's security officials had arranged the detail with expertise and, being newly formed, the knights should assume the “security team” had done their job. Prudence being appropriate in their newness, she nodded her understanding, but Eiras bit her lip. Basic was a language Sabel had had to teach Blue, for her pirate enslavers spoke Minnisiat, so she searched for the words with which to enjoin the leaderly Brokenborough of her concern. Meanwhile, Knight Aima supported their elder, asserting that the four Imperial Knights were duty bound to fulfill their orders as given. Blue looked to Knight Hhat and then down, before speaking up again.

    “Respectfully, sirs,” said Blue, “we were chosen by our merit and by that merit surely they expect more initiative from us-” she spoke deliberately and without pause, “Our duty is to protect the Empress. If I am wrong, nothing is lost but my standing, but should I prove right, the Empress may be injured or worse! Could we not respectfully bring attention to the matter so adjustments can be made to better acquit that duty...sir,” she finished meeting Brokenborough’s gaze in earnest. Then, sitting back from the edge of her seat, she gave a glance around to the Knights Hhat and Aima, before returning to Knight Brokenborough. As no one of them was made point, she had no idea who would communicate and to whom they would communicate these concerns or an incident, should one occur.

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    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Charles Brokenborough
    Hospital En route

    The royal convoy swiftly began to make its way through the busy pedestrian filled streets of Coruscant. A malaise of sentients just living out their lives.

    “Respectfully, sirs,” said Blue, “we were chosen by our merit and by that merit surely they expect more initiative from us.... Our duty is to protect the Empress. If I am wrong, nothing is lost but my standing, but should I prove right, the Empress may be injured or worse! Could we not respectfully bring attention to the matter so adjustments can be made to better acquit that duty...sir."

    Charles averted his gaze from outside the window to the pending proposal of the young Knight. Beneath the carved curmudgeon chin a softness played upon his lips in the form of a brief smile. Ripples of emotion emanated from his new comrade through the ether revealing to him that she had most likely already made up her mind. should do what you must, Knight Blue, if indeed you are quite certain of your intuition in the matter.

    As a proffered solution, Charles motioned towards the security detail comlink they all wore upon his own gauntlet.

    If the girl's instincts proved to be unwarranted, she would be forgiven. Charles even imagined that her Ladyship might have a small soft spot for the newly minted blue-skinned protector. At worst, she might be seen by some as trying to ingratiate herself to the Empress by such a public display of concern.

    No matter. Whatever the consequences of her actions, he was at peace to remain neutral in the matter for the time being.

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  18. CosmoHender

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Sam Hhat

    Coruscant, Hospital En Route

    Sam listened to her fellow Knights talk.

    "Shall... is it permissible to make comment?" the Chiss girl, Blue, had asked. "This configuration in which we travel is not secure. The Empress, the whole cortège is exposed, while we knights may be taken out all in one well armed go."

    Truthfully, Sam shared Blue's concerns and approved her comments. Sam was former military, after all. She had seen her fair share of ambushes. She knew they were vulnerable, traveling like this.

    The older human male, Charles, had nodded in response. "Perhaps, at such an initial stage of our duty, we should assume such matters have been fully attended to by our Lordship's extensive security team. At least that is my hope." He then shifted a datapad for her viewing and she looked down at it. "Two rabblerousers... who might at least be in the vicinity of the Empress during her visit."

    "The security formation was not determined by the Imperial Knights, we were merely assigned to it," mentioned the Knight who had yet to share his face with the others, Kazan. Though his body could still be read and Sam picked up on his frustration. "That is our job."

    Sam noticed Blue looking to her before speaking again. "Respectfully, sirs, we were chosen by our merit and by that merit surely they expect more initiative from us. Our duty is to protect the Empress. If I am wrong, nothing is lost but my standing, but should I prove right, the Empress may be injured or worse! Could we not respectfully bring attention to the matter so adjustments can be made to better acquit that duty... sir."

    Then Charles had another response. "Then... you should do what you must, Knight Blue, if indeed you are quite certain of your intuition in the matter."

    Once Charles finished speaking, Sam turned to Blue. "Your concerns are not unwarranted," she acknowledged. "We are exposed like this and I would have preferred it if we had some say in determining the security formation and other details since it would help us better perform our duty. And perhaps, in the future, we will have more of a say. I imagine we don't at the moment because we have yet to prove ourselves as Knights of the Empire. We may have been chosen for our previous merit, but we are new to our current duties and they be right to show caution."

    Personally, Sam thought it was too early for them to even be sent on assignments. They were all still pretty much strangers to each other and Sam knew that could make field work difficult. In her opinion, they should have been far more time training with each other so that they could actually operate as a unit. Right now they were just highly skilled individuals. Not a squad.

    Sam addressed Charles next. "About our rabblerousers," she mentioned. "While we should still be on guard, I don't think they are a high level threat against the Empress. They are civilian protesters, not terrorists. If they do intend to cause trouble, we'll respond to it. But we shouldn't instigate anything." She recalled the Empire's history of violence against protesters. One incident in particular stood out. "I don't want another Ghorman Massacre."

    The incident she referred to was when a group of activists had been protesting Imperial taxation on the planet Ghorman in the Sern sector and Wilhuff Tarkin landed his ship right on top of them, killing a majority of the protesters instantly while hundreds were severely injured and would die from those injuries soon afterward. Those who escaped with their lives intact sustained horrific psychological damage in the process. More recently there was the Riot in Monument Plaza from several years ago, when Coruscant Security Forces fired on a crowd without warning during a celebration to commemorate the death of Palpatine in the Battle of Endor. The planet had devolved into a civil war after that.

    The Knights were meant to fix the image of the Empire, which meant that they couldn't repeat the atrocities of Tarkin and others like him. Their duty was to protect the Empress, not brutalize the people of the Empire.

    "However, I do think that we should bring our concerns to the attention of the security detail," Sam admitted, not content to remain neutral. Duty bound or not, it would be wrong for them to ignore their instincts and not show any initiative. And Blue was right. So Sam decided to take the responsibility on herself, her experience as a stormtrooper commander making it natural for her.

    She used the comlink that she had on her gauntlet. "Security detail, this is Knight Hhat. We've noticed how exposed our current position is and we recommend that adjustments be made so that the Empress can be better defended."

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  19. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Blue Deck’nd
    LOCATION: Coruscant Traffic Grid en route to Coruscant Pediatric Hospital in escort of Empress Graul

    Eiras followed Brokenborough’s gesture with deference to the commlink and snapped it from her armor to her hand, deliberately opening a pre-designated channel and waiting for the click and absence of background disturbance that would signify the secured connection had been made. She had worked out the Basic and was prepared to identify as the Imperial Guard detail en route to CPH and report that the guard unit identified a tactical concern with no current emergent active danger and was requesting permission to disperse guards from present concentrated configuration to full flanking cover around the carriage of focus. However, just as she was going to speak, Knight Hhat spoke in concurrence and took the situation in hand, clearly, a decisive leader in her own right and used to command position. Blue shut her call quietly apologizing to the controller on the other end for having made it and clipped the comlink back on her armor. Her blue cheeks briefly flushed to violet. At least the issue had been communicated. That was what mattered. Hopefully the security team would respond immediately and positively. The Chiss waited for any change in orders and attended what more Knight Hhat and the rest of the team might have to say further.

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  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Kazan Aima
    Communication Issues...

    Kazan's hidden eyes shifted to Sam. So that's who Sam Hhat was. Someone that wanted to prove themselves. Kazan felt no need to prove himself. Kazan cared about one thing, one singular thing.

    To do the job he was assigned.

    And so what Sam just did would infuriate Kazan. The hulking metal frame of the man arose, tapping into the same comlink Sam had just spoken in.

    "Knight Aima. Belay that request, Knight Hhat is not acting in accordance with agreed-upon protocol. Further discussion is required,"

    The man then tilted his masked helm to Sam. His words, cutting, and harsh. He disconnected from the comlink before responding.

    "You not assigned as the leader for this group, you do not have the authority to speak for us. I share the general concern of the weakness of the formation, but the formation has been selected. There may be factors we are unaware of that led to this decision. Not only that but changing our formation during our operation will lead to confusion and therefore an even weaker operating unit."

    Kazan's tone was flat. Despite the harshness of his words, there was no emotion behind it. Just a blank wall that was speaking information.

    "But most egregious of all is that you acted without establishing discussion and agreement with the group. Such actions if continued will lead to our deaths in possible future scenarios,"

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  21. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Blue Deck’nd
    LOCATION: Coruscant Traffic Grid en route to Coruscant Pediatric Hospital in escort of Empress Graul

    Her eyes widening at Knight Aima's massive form as he stood excoriating Hhat for what she herself was about to do.

    "Knight Aima," said Blue, her voice calm, "your point is well made and yes, as you say, we are a team. We are learning, I -have gleaned already much from all of you. Let us be united. I believe I may have ushered in this climate. My apologies to all."

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  22. CosmoHender

    CosmoHender Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Sam Hhat

    Coruscant, Hospital En Route

    Sam looked over at Kazan, visibly irritated. Once again it was not helped by how Kazan hid his face unlike the rest of them, which made it easier for him to hide his emotions from them. But it seemed to her like Kazan was willing to blindly follow his orders, to not question them or consider any alternatives. Sam was not like that, remembering how blind loyalty had cost the Empire after the Battle of Endor. How her superiors had devastated worlds loyal to the Empire or wasted their resources on Rax's Jakku gambit just because those were their orders. If those Imperials had thought more for themselves, then the Empire would not be in the state that it currently was in.

    "Yes, there may have been factors we are unaware of that led to the selection of this formation," she admitted. "Factors that we should have been made aware of, but that is another discussion. And I was not saying that we should change our formation, I was only bringing it to the attention of the security detail that adjustments might be favorable because of how exposed our current position is. It is completely up for them to decide whether to act on that recommendation or not. There is nothing wrong with sharing our concerns with the security detail, since we should be allowed to make our feelings known. Especially since you just admitted that you have the same concerns. Apologies for speaking on our behalf, but I was trying to prevent a future scenario where we all died. I have seen many combat scenarios where if someone had spoken up after they had noticed an error in the strategies of their superiors, it would have saved countless Imperial lives. But because that person didn't make their concerns known and just blindly trusted their superiors, it resulted in an unnecessary and completely avoidable loss of personnel. In my experience, if you see something you say something. That shouldn't be something that is up discussion, especially since any one of us could see something that the others may miss. As Knight Deck’nd pointed out, we were all chosen for our merit and by that merit we are expected to take initiative."

    Sam had also taken the responsibility so that if one of them had to be excoriated, it would be her instead of Blue. As a former stormtrooper commander, she was always prepared to take the heat for one of her men or women.

    "And Knight Deck'nd has nothing to apologize," she quickly added.

    Sam huffed slightly and realized another reason why Kazan made her uncomfortable. His appearance and his behavior reminded her of the sentinel messenger droids that had carried out Palpatine's posthumous messages following the Battle of Endor. The droids that had given the instructions to initiate Operation Cinder...

    Perhaps that was why Kazan was nicknamed 'red droid' though Sam herself would never call him such. She was not trying to start a fight with her fellow Knight. But while they were supposed to be a team, Sam thought to herself that the reality was... that they weren't a team. There was hardly any agreed upon protocol for them and perhaps a leader should have been assigned. Because otherwise... the Knights of the Empire would not last long.

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  23. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Kazan Aima

    Kazan's silent helm tilted to Blue, taking in her calm voice. Her tone was calm, and she was inquisitive but she struck Kazan as a shy person. Perhaps he was wrong... people were always difficult to read. Not that he cared one way or another, if he was abrasive in accomplishing their joint goal then so be it.

    "Imperial Knights do not apologize Deck'nd,"

    His masked helm swiveled back to Sam Hhat. Not as big a hot head as he assumed, he really was bad at reading people. He respected that she stood her ground, and he responded in the same emotionless flat tone.

    "I do not like the position we are in any more than you Knight Hhat. But the time for questioning or changing our formation has passed us. I will support a motion to have the Imperial Knights oversee all aspects of security if that is what we collectively decide to do. But changing midstream is equally dangerous in my view. You are asking us to coordinate, formulate a new structure, stop the motorcade move the vehicles into that formation and then continue. All of that leaves us open to attack as we are distracted. It is safer to maintain the current formation."

    He paused, glancing to Blue and Charles.

    "Let us continue with our assigned mission, not communicate anything that will lead to confusion and then express said concerns after the mission," This is what Kazan had been planning to do anyway, but he had seen no reason to inform them all of this before. He did not care either than Sam had technically just expressed the concern, to Kazan that was just as bad. If you were going to raise something you needed to be sure about it, at least in his view.

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  24. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Blue Deck’nd
    LOCATION: Coruscant Traffic Grid en route to Coruscant Pediatric Hospital in escort of Empress Graul

    The interior of their car erupted, her calming words unheeded. Eiras looked to Knight Brokenborough, her face placid but for a slight furrow of her brow. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes met his, took a breath, and opened the questus, Ms. Ess had given them all. She lifted her head frequently to scan the skies and other lanes of traffic through the viewports while the confrontation continued unabated. When Blue heard her name voiced, she glanced to the speakers and then returned to surveilling as they continued. The pirates would have settled this heated discussion with death and severed limbs by now, but perhaps because they knew better than to allow this distraction.

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  25. CosmoHender

    CosmoHender Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Sam Hhat

    Coruscant, Hospital En Route

    After she listened to Kazan's response, Sam nodded in acknowledgement and let it drop before things escalated any further. She understood where Kazan was coming from, just like she hoped the other Knights knew where she was coming from. But she had stood her ground, made her point, and taken the potential heat for Blue. There was no point in dragging out this argument, especially since they were better than that. Sam did not need to be right, she did not need to be the one to have the final word. Because as a soldier, Sam knew that sometimes the best thing to do was to not fight at all.

    If Sam was being honest, she was just far too comfortable with taking up roles of leadership. She was still getting used to this new position, still getting used to what was expected of her. She was not a commander anymore, but it was easy for Sam to forget that since it just came so naturally for her. She had to constantly remind herself that she wasn't in the Stormtrooper Corps anymore. She was a Knight and the last thing that Sam wanted right now was for them all to be at each other's throats. Kazan was not her enemy, she knew this. And she didn't want to dislike him either, since she knew that would make working with him more difficult.

    Sam sighed gently and watched the skyline. What was it Blue had said? Let us be united.

    Easier said than done. Perhaps if they were all from Imperial military backgrounds... but they weren't and as a result it made seeing eye to eye harder. And if this interaction was any indication, that could become a problem very quickly.

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