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Before - Legends [DDC 2020] Outcast

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by CaraJinn, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. CaraJinn

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Author: CaraJinn
    Era: Around the time of Order 66
    Genre: Drama
    Characters: Ahsoka Tano
    Summary: All her life Ahsoka Tano had wanted to become a Jedi Knight, but suddenly she found herself outside the Jedi Order, trying to find her way in a galaxy at war.
    Author's notes: Story is written as a contribution to DDC 2020. The usual disclaimer goes for this story as well. All main characters belong to Disney/Lucasfilm and no money is entering my account from this.


    Chapter 1: Outcast

    Wait? What happened now? What did I do? Oh, Force, I have just expelled myself from the Jedi Order. This time my temper really got the best of me. I just…I ….when Master Yoda declared that I was innocent in the misdoings of Barriss Offee and that I was not involved in the explosion at all I should have accepted the apology, but Force, I just couldn't. All those days when they really believed that I could do something like that… I just knew I couldn't honestly accept their apology, especially since there wasn't really an apology at all. Well, except the one Master Plo made on behalf of the Council of course.

    But when I saw Master Obi-Wan's stony face I knew that there was no way back. He and Master Anakin were both my mentors and even though Master Anakin had worked to prove my innocence I couldn't stand the…polite expression in Master Obi-Wan's face. I knew that there was no way back for me. It would never be the same. How could I ever trust them again when he was willing to let me go just like this?

    So I went.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Ahsoka's voice is very much spot on. Her indignation and sense of being let down :( ... Someone needs to whack some sense into Obi-Wan :p
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  3. CaraJinn

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 2: Seeking Shelter

    Naturally Master Anakin tried to convince me to come back, and for a moment (oh, who am I kidding - it was permanent) I was tempted to give in and return, but then I recalled all the moments when the Council had been admonishing Master Anakin without any other reason that he'd been too impulsive and I realised that even if I continued on the path to being a Jedi Knight - or rather accepted that this was my main trial and that I was promoted to a Jedi Knight right away, I might very well end up in the same spot as Skyguy, I mean…Master Anakin.

    Oh, this really feels weird. I will miss him so much. We've been through so much together since I became his Padawan. I will miss Master Obi-Wan too. Sometimes I've felt like being the combination of those two. I admit that I can be reckless, much like Skyguy is, but I could also see that the more careful approach of Master Obi-Wan made sense. Quite often actually.

    I will miss Rex and Echo and the rest of the 501st too. They have become my brothers in so many ways, not only 'brothers in arms".

    Oh, no… There was one thing I forgot to do when I left. I have no idea what I was thinking. Well, I guess I wasn't thinking at all. When a Jedi leaves the Order he or she should hand in his lightsaber. I completely forgot that. Everything happened so quickly. Actually I have both of them. It's not like I can walk back and hand them over now. That would be too embarrassing. Guess I have to keep them then. They might come in handy one day.


    I spent my first afternoon on my own just sitting on a ledge some levels down and north-east of the Temple pondering my past and present. I didn't even dare thinking about the future. But when the daylight dimmed I realised that the present needed some extra attention. I surely would need a shelter for the night. Jedi or not, the lower levels of Coruscant isn't a place to roam aimlessly in the wee hours.

    However, I had no idea of where to go or what to do. I had spend nights on scarier places than level #34 but then I had the knowledge that I belonged somewhere, that I would be missed if I went lost. I hadn't been in a total limbo like now. I needed a shelter for the night, that much was certain, and tomorrow I had to start looking for a more permanent place to stay.

    I began wandering the area without really thinking of where I was going, trying to get a feeling of where it would be safe, or at least relatively safe to sleep but I was at loss. I had no idea of where to go. That's when the idea struck me. Dex! Hopefully the Besalisk wouldn't give me in to Master Obi-Wan or Skyguy. He was a good friend of Obi-Wan's but my impression was that he could also keep a secret if needed. With some luck he would keep mine as well.

    With a renewed feeling of purpose I strode towards Coco town and Dex's place.
  4. CaraJinn

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 3: Dex's Place

    I came to Dex's place at about the time when the last guests were leaving, which was just as good because when I entered the huge being immediately recognised me.

    "Hi there kiddo," he rumbled, "what're ya doin' down here? And where are your companions?"

    Just as well he didn't mention Skyguy's and Master Obi-Wan's names. That might have drawn too much attention for my likings. Especially since I felt my eyes began to fill up with …tears?

    Kriff it. I don't cry. Ever.

    I felt tears trickling down my face and the besalisk whiskered me away into a room behind the café.

    "Now, what's up?" he prodded, "can't be that bad, can it? If one of them guy's of yer's had blown himself up I would surely have heard it."

    "Well, that's the trouble," I managed to hiccup. "They're NOT 'my guys' anymore. I have left the Jedi…"

    That made him quiet for some seconds and his face got this thoughtful impression I had seen before when Master Obi-Wan had asked him questions.

    "Might have something to do with that big Jedi explosion some weeks ago?" he stated, and I only nodded.

    "I don't know what to do anymore," I admitted, "bud I couldn't co back after that. They truly didn't believe in me. Only Skyguy, I mean, Master Anakin did….but….that isn't enough…."

    My voice trailed off and I suppressed some new sobs.

    "Guess I could offer you a job here, but I don't think you're a natural born waiter and I don't want you to slice up any of my customers," he said with a little glimpse in his eyes. Just the thought of myself being a waitress made a small laugh find it's way through the tears.

    "I suppose I'm not," I sighed.

    "Now, listen - you stay here on my couch as long as you need, until you've figured out what to do," he promised. "Any friend of Obi-Wan's is a friend of mine. And I won't tell him about you unless you allow me to".

    I sighed again, in relief this time.

    "Thanks Dex. I promise that I won't stay too long."
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent showing her deep remorse and Dex's sympathy and warmth.
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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 4: Shadowland

    Dex got more of an houseguest than he bargained for. It took me more than a week to find a more or less safe place to stay, and in that period I rested on Dex' couch during the nights, while exploring the Coruscanti underworld at day.

    Not that it mattered. The lower levels of Coruscant were places where sunlight or even daylight did not reach. It was a world of villains and thieves and murderers, - and now and then people that just had been unlucky enough to be born there.

    I had been to some of the lower levels before, with Skyguy or Master Obi-Wan, but now I had to go deeper. I knew that on the lowest levels hardly anyone from the surface found their way, not even Corsec - the security forces of Coruscant.

    Which suited me well.

    What was not as good was the fact that I intended to survive and lightworlders were not popular on the lower levels. Jedi even less so. Thus I wanted to keep my lightsabers out of view as long as there was no total crisis.

    The crisis came the 6th day of my search for a more permanent shelter. I had descended as far as I've never been before and even for me daylight was but a faint memory - which of course made me ponder my own beginning senility since it was less than 3 hours since I've left the relativel light in Coco Town.

    I was likely too occupied by searching for a new place to call home, so I didn't sense them until it was almost too late. They must have been unbelievable quiet or I unbelievable stupid because I didn't notice them until I heard a 'whooosh' as their electroshock net flew through the air towards me. I dodged it easily enough but found myself surrounded by a group of Cthon who obviously were preying for their dinner.

    "Oh, no, you don't," I muttered through clenched teeth. They were known to eat human flesh and I was not totally certain whether a Togruta would be according to the taste of their palates, but I dared not take the chance. On the other hand, I did not want to reveal my sabers either. A force enhanced leap brought me over the main part of the pack and I decided to make it simple: run.

    The plan would have worked like a charm hadn't there been a couple of stray Chton who obviously not were the best runners of the pack. I had barely left the main group behind when I met the ones who had lagged behind. Momentarily I saw that they were blocking the narrow alley in front of me so I did the only thing I could do. I kicked. And hit. I immediately regretted the latter. The Chton felt cold and slippery and incredible…slimy when my fist met his chin and if I'd had a possibility I would have washed my hand - with lots of soap.

    Two more kicks and my three opponents lay unconscious in the alley.

    I returned to my first plan and ran for my life.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    :eek: Nasty run in there!
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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 5: The Discovery

    As I raced through the narrow alleys the shrieks and howls from the pursuing pack became more distant until I could hardly hear them anymore. I was in a reasonable good shape, as any jedi padawan should be but eventually I slowed down and began to see more of my surroundings. The buildings, or rather ruins, down at this level were really old. I mean, like ancient. They were small and built from something that seemed to be natural stone. I had never seen anything like that on Coruscant before. It was almost pitch black but not entirely. Some faint light was seeping down from the levels above and thanks to my species my eyes were more light sensitive than most human eyes. I realised that the ground beneath my feet actually was…ground. Like soil.

    I had to be on the lowest level that existed on the planet.

    A huge square cliff was laying on the ground a few steps in front of me and I sat down on it while contemplating my surroundings and what to do next.

    As I sat there a feeling of peace and tranquility washed over me. This place was, or had been, sacred in a way. Maybe that was the explanation of why there were seemingly no inhabitants in the abandoned buildings. I reached out with my senses but could not feel anyone nearby. I couldn't understand it. One thing that was quite certain on the city planet was that any area that possibly could be used for living beings was occupied by someone - or on these levels more like something. Yet it was totally quiet.

    Maybe the peace surrounding this special area didn't go well with the living beings in these shadowlands? There was a definitive aura of something good here. I could actually live here. Maybe one of the abandoned buildings could be repaired and used as a shelter? I was just about to go looking when I noticed it. A small blue flower that fought its way up near the edge of the rock I was sitting on. A real flower? I could hardly believe my own eyes, but there it was - fighting it's way up from the soil surrounded by almost complete darkness but still obviously sucking up enough light to survive. Somehow it seemed like a symbol of hope. I knelt down and touched it's blades gently. "Hi there, little one," I whispered. "if you can live here, maybe I can too?" Then I saw the tiny opening between the stone I'd been sitting on and the ground around it and I realised that this was something man made, not a boulder that had fallen down there in ancient times. This one had deliberately been placed here by someone.

    Which again meant that there had to be something beneath it.

    Now my curiosity had been triggered and I took a couple of steps back and considered it. Obviously I would not be able to lift it by muscle strength only, but maybe with help from the Force? I had never been as good as my Masters to do the Force lifting thing, I was more into Force pushing, but I was willing to try.

    I stretched out my hand and focused, and through the Force I felt the stone answer. Slowly it lifted from the ground and I could see the roughly carved steps leading down below the ground. Without thinking I slid down and lowered the rock carefully again while desperately trying to avoid squeezing the little blue flower.
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    Very interesting! A secluded spot indeed. [face_relieved]
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  10. CaraJinn

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 6: Deep Below

    There was a staircase leading down from the entrance. It was rough, obviously made from natural stone ("What? Natural stone on Coruscant?" ) and it lead down below the ground. As soon as I had lowered the rock on top of the entrance I lit my lightsaber. A glow rod would probably have been better, but I didn't have one. The bluish light cast an eerie glow over the surroundings. Force alone would have to know who, or what, could be hiding here in the shadows.

    I proceeded carefully. By the end of the stairs the ground levelled out and became a rather narrow corridor and I released some tension. The spider webs hanging from the ceiling witnessed about little traffic indeed in this area. Hopefully there weren't any other entrances to whatever I went towards. I reached out with the Force and felt nothing.

    That is, no living beings at least.

    The Force itself was another matter. It felt incredibly strong in a way I hadn't felt it before, not even in the Temple. In a way it was soothing, but it also felt a bit disturbing as I didn't know what to expect. I had never heard any tales about any convergences in the Force here on Coruscant. But then again, a convergence would probably have been more…disturbed. Here the Force felt pure, in lack of a better word.

    The place felt safe enough so I increased my speed a bit.

    And then I stopped. The corridor had ended and I was almost literally spat out in a huge hall with massive stone pillars bearing the ceiling. I lifted my 'saber to get a better look and I felt my jaw dropping almost down to the mosaic floor. The hall was astonishing. The walls were covered with mosaic showing landscapes. A clear blue lake area gradually transformed into landscapes of rolling hills and deep forests. I almost expected to see a deer peeking out between the trees. The floor was decorated with a geometric pattern, symmetric about the center with a stylised sun stretching it's rays towards figures surrounding it. It surely was breathtaking.

    A low sound such as the one of gurgling water reached my ears and I looked around me. The sound seemed to come from the 'lake district' wall and I approached carefully. Just below the image of a sparkling waterfall was a little spring where clear water was burbling happily. I couldn't believe my own eyes. Pure water had not been seen on Coruscant for hundreds of years, if ever. Everyone knew (and everyone tried not to think of it) that the water supply on the city planet was mostly recirculated even though some fresh water was collected in huge basins when weather control every once in a while allowed rain showers to occur.

    But here it was, a natural spring from the ground itself. Carefully I knelt down and dipped my fingers. It felt cool and tempting and for a moment I contemplated if it would be overly reckless of me to taste it. If I became severely sick down here, wherever 'here' was, nobody would ever find me.

    Well, only one way to find out. I bent down and drank deeply.

    It was delicious.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    What a lovely discovery! :)
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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 7: Renovating

    There and then I decided to make this my new home. At least if I somehow could find something to compensate for the lack of daylight down here. But clean water was worth more to me than daylight. Since my species originally was carnivores and hunters I can see fairly well in the dark so if needed I could manage with a few glow roads.

    I spent the night down in my new cave, hoping fervently that Dex wouldn't be too worried about me. When I woke, a little stiff and sore I decided that a decent sleeping mat would be good too. The Chton seemed to have found other hunting grounds for the day because I couldn't even feel their presence nearby when I departed my new home.

    I didn't have to worry. Dex was helpful as ever and through one of his numerous acquaintances I was able to get materials so I could rig some light sources. It wasn't as good as the brightly lit halls of the Temple but it was good enough for me. I also managed to find a simpler route to the surface which brought me out of the Chton's area.

    I even managed to earn some credits by working as a mechanic on some of the mid-levels so after a few days I was able to buy a used, but fairly clean sleeping mat and a blanket. My home was complete for now.

    Compared to the situation a few weeks ago I was in a fairly good shape. I had shelter, I had water and I had some credits so I could get food. Life wasn't good, but it had definitely improved.

    Until now I had been too busy with just surviving, so I hadn't really thought much about my new surroundings except marvelling over the entrance hall and the fine mosaics that could be found everywhere. But now I had some time and I wanted to explore my surroundings a bit more. I had noticed several smaller rooms in the corridors that led away from the grand hall and armed with a glow rod I decided to see what more could be found.

    The rooms were quite small and simple. It seemed to be small cells, much like the dorms for the older initiates in the Temple and a suspicion began to nag in the back of my mind. There had been stories about an old Bendu Temple that actually had occupied the ground where the "new" Jedi Temple was raised. We all considered the storys more like a fairy tale because nobody had heard about anyone actually seeing the ruins, but maybe it was more than that. Surely it was more than that, after what I could see. The tranquility I, and probably every other force sensitive being in the galaxy could feel here might have attracted first the Bendu, and later the Jedi to raise their temples at this particular location.

    When I found a larger room that must have been a refectory my suspicions were even more confirmed. Then the thought struck me: if my assumptions were true, I had to live right beneath the Jedi Temple now. I almost chuckled to myself before realising that I now had to keep my shields up all the time. If I were as close as I thought Skyguy and Master Obi-Wan would actually be able to sense me. I couldn't let that happen. I immediately reinforced my shielding…

    Another thought struck me just as fast. What if there was a path connecting the two Temples? If so I had to find it and block it before anyone could enter from the other side. It surely wouldn't look good if anyone found me here.

    It took me two days, or rather two evenings, finding it. I found an old winding staircase and followed it. A small door was found at the end of it and after searching thoroughly through the force I found that it was safe to open it. Carefully I looked out and peeked around me. I was coming up a huge cylindrical construction and for all I could see I was in the lower part of the Temple, not very far from the main technical rooms if I interpreted the faint buzzing sounds of transformers and fans correctly.

    I almost chuckled to myself. I could actually have…uh…shed some light over my quarters by tapping some electricity from the main generators. Oh, well, I'd better not leave any traces of my presence. I'd better get to work and find a way to block the door from the inside to avoid uninvited guests. From the dust outside nobody seemed to have come this way in centuries but still… A couple of solid bolts blocking the upper and the lower doors from the inside would probably do. It wouldn't stand the assault from a ram, but then again - there was no space for a ram in the lower part of the cylindrical structure I had come to suspect was the base of the central spire of the present Temple. Any Jedi could potentially blow it open by use of the Force or simply pull the bolts aside, but then again - they had to find it first, and such ministrations at the most important part of the entire Temple's structure would likely not be too tempting. At least I hoped so.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent as she renovates; coolly coincidental where she ended up.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Ahsoka is a survivor. A very keen and clever one.

    Sorry that I did not discover this pearl before. Sometimes you need to dive deep & long. Even into the Coruscant underground. ;)

    Wait, I have David Bowie singing in the back of my head now... [face_blush]
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    Jan 8, 2018
    Ahsoka is a survivor indeed, and a resourceful one too. Let's see how she manages.
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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 8: When All Sith Hells Break Loose

    I had settled down nicely in my, well, not-so-cosy but definitely spacious cave and life began to get normal again. Not the "jedi normal" but a new weird "Ahsoka normal". I was not happy, but I survived. I had water, food and a roof over my head - actually several when I let my thoughts sift through the entire Temple structure above me. Life could, after all, have been worse. I'd even managed to keep the tight shielding so well that it by now had become a habit and I didn't have to focus on it constantly.

    And then all Sith hells broke loose in one terrible, horrible, devastating afternoon.

    I was not aware of what was going to happen. Nobody was. We had all from time to time felt the looming shadow over us but I think we'd all got so used to it that we considered it a result of the ongoing war with the seppies.

    I was completely oblivious when it began. In one moment I sat on my sleeping mat consuming my dinner (cold meat and some rather dry bread I had bought for a credit in the mid-level market) and in the next I lay there curled together like a little ball of pain and despair. Something happened somewhere. I could feel a…shift and something that had been bright and well known suddenly turned dark and gloomy like the threatening skies of a thunderstorm covering the bright blue sky.

    "Skyguy…", I gasped, "what are you up to now?"

    This horrible feeling of despair and anger and regret had something to do with my Master, no…my former Master. Of that I was certain, but I had no idea what could cause this flooding of dark feelings that seemed to come from the galaxy itself.

    I had barely managed to compose myself before the next wave came and that made me collapse again.

    I had no idea of what was going on but the sudden pang of numerous Force sensitives passing into the Force was almost too much to handle. No, wait. It was too much. It felt like thousand souls were just wiped out as they never had existed. It was pain and horror and surprise and I understood nothing. Not even the largest separatist battleship would be able to take out so many at once.

    I closed my eyes, covered my ears and screamed. It was all too terrible to take in.

    And then the more physical assault began.

    First it was only a faint distant rumbling but then it drew closer. And closer yet. From my shelter down in Coruscant's ground it was hard to hear what actually happened but I could have placed my second last credit that the Temple above me was under attack form some airborne forces. Did the seppies really dare to attack Coruscant? This was not the time or place for staying underground. I simply needed to see what was happening. Whatever it was it couldn't be good. I didn't need the noise from above to tell me that. The Force had already told me that whatever was going on, it was a disaster for the Jedi.

    I emerged from my hiding and began to weave my way through the levels as fast as I've never done before. And finally I was there and could see the Temple from a distance, just in time to see the south spire fall under the heavy bombardment.

    "Oh, Force. No!" My lips moved but not a single sound came out, which was just as good. In that moment it wouldn't have been too good to be associated with the Jedi, I supposed.

    My first instinct was to run towards the Temple. There had to be someone inside and maybe they needed help. Most Jedi were out in the war zones in the outer rim, so mostly the council, or at least a couple of them, some old Masters and the initiates were left in the Temple. Or that was the way it had been when I left myself. Likely the situation hadn't improved a lot since then. I might have followed my instincts but then I saw it. It was a sight that I'd never expected to see. A batallion of clones were marching up the stairs towards the main entrance. I had no doubt that other clones were approaching from other directions as well.

    "No," I whispered again.

    And then, in a short glimpse, I saw the blue insignia of the 501st and my blood almost froze. It wasn't possible. It couldn't be. They were my friends, my brothers and they had fought alongside the Jedi for so long. They would never betray us. I mean…them. They wouldn't.

    They did.

    Carefully I moved forward. I needed to be sure. I needed to know.

    And soon I came to wish I hadn't. It surely was men from the 501st entering the grand staircase and even from my distant position I could see a lone tall figure dressed in a black robe in front of them.

    And for the third time in a very short period I whispered "No".

    I knew that Master Anakin had been at odds with the council far too frequently and that he sometimes had his doubts about certain aspects of the Jedi teachings, but surely he wouldn't turn against those who had raised him? Would he? Would he turn against Master Obi-Wan?

    Would he…turn?

    A shiver went through my body by the thought of it and I knew without any doubt that he had. That was the horrible feeling I had noticed before … all the dying. My Master, my friend and mentor had turned to the dark side, and in his wake the loyal 501st would follow.

    I turned and ran.
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  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Bravo!! A very riveting and poignant point of view as Order 66 unfolds.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Ouch! Talk about heartbreak!
  19. Kahara

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    Oh no, poor Ahsoka. :( It's especially terrible for her to literally see everything happening from a distance. Just close enough to know that it's Anakin and the 501st (literally her most trusted people) bringing all the death and destruction. That utter betrayal makes the horror unfolding in front of her so much worse.

    In older news, I've been really enjoying the exploration of Coruscant's underlevels here, and I really like Ahsoka's new digs in the pre-Jedi temple. Such a beautiful oasis in the most unexpected place, and preserved so mysteriously well in spite of its surroundings. @};- It'll be interesting to see if that place has a further role to play, or if it's a little mystery that she'll have to leave unsolved if she ends up going offplanet soon.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    To have her as an eye witness during the attack of the Jedi temple was thrilling to read. And rather heartbreaking at the same time. I wonder what her next decisions will be.
  21. CaraJinn

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Chapter 9: To the Rescue

    I ran like I'd never done before. I ran - not for my life, but maybe for others'. I ran with tears streaming down my face, among other beings, over debris and sleeping beings (how could anyone sleep during the heavy bombing of the Temple?). I used all the shortcuts and elevators I had found throughout the last weeks. I needed to get back home as soon as I could.

    I let my body take over and I think that for a moment my brain short circuited and stoppet working. The image of the tall black clad figure who had been my Master not many weeks ago leading the 501st up towards the Temple would forever be imprinted in my memory. I might have believed that he was going to save his friends from whatever was going on, but in my heart and soul I felt that was not his intention. And while I ran a new wave of despair rolled through the Force and confirmed my suspicions.

    Force alone knew what was happening inside those Temple walls now, but for sure, it wasn't good.

    I ran faster.

    If someone chose to flee down to the Temple's basement I could get them out through the Bendu temple ruins or they could stay down there for a while. We just had to shield heavily.

    I opened the entrance, slid down and closed it firmly behind myself before I continued. My quick approach came to a screeching halt when I almost ran into a pile of huge stones which hadn't been there before. It had to be the base of the collapsed south spire. It took me way too long figuring out how to lift away parts of the debris so I could pass. This would be a mess to get by for larger beings than myself, that much was certain.

    I ran through the main hall and trough the corridors leading to the central spire base, opened the bolts of the lower door and continued up the stairs while I tried to catch my breath. I had to be quiet and oh so stealthy once I opened the upper door.

    I didn't have to worry. As soon as I reached the top of the stairs I felt several beings on the other side, and it seemed to be refugees from whatever was going on. I could feel their anxiety and despair, but no true anger or evil, so I gave it a chance and opened the door carefully.

    Outside I could see a small group of initiates, younglings and a few elderly Masters. And Bant. Master Obi-Wan's age mate Bant Eerin. I almost cried by the sight of the familiar face but I managed to compose myself.

    "In here. Hurry! All of you," I whispered. "Now!"

    "Ahsoka," Bant gasped.

    "Later! I don't intend to do any harm. Get in. Now!" I commanded in my most determined commander voice. They were too shellshocked either by what was going on upstairs or by the sight of me to put up an argument so swiftly they began to move downstairs.

    "Are there more of you?" I asked when Bant passed by as the last one of the group.

    "No. At least I don't think so. I was told to get the small initiates downstairs but the rest remained to fight the intruders."

    "Who?" I asked.

    "I…could see a couple of clones," she said, "and I felt a terrible dark presence but I don't know who the darksider was. He or she was darker than anything I've felt before in my life."

    I just nodded. My fears had just been confirmed. I didn't need her to confirm who the darksider was. I already knew too well.
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    So happy Ahsoka met up with the refugees/survivors. I know Bant is also glad to see a friendly face.
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    Yeah, Bant! Happy to read that she is not all on her own after all the dredaful things going on.
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    Chapter 10: Ahsoka Catering Inc.

    It took a while to settle in with so many inhabitants. The first nights we stayed put, sleeping on the cold hard tile floors (the smallest initiates got my sleeping mat…) and teaching the younglings to shield, shield and shield once more. Every child was taught that as one of the first skills. It was simply needed in a world with so many force sensitives in one place, else we would likely have gone ravingly mad before the tender age of four standard.

    Now we honed the skills to perfection. Master Yoda would have been proud.

    The next problem to be solved was to get at least a minimum of comfort for all of us. Bant and I soon enough realised that trying to leave the place without having anywhere to actually go was not the best of ideas so we decided to stay put until the Force came up with a good idea, because surely we didn't have any ourselves.

    I volunteered to scout.

    The first night I set out to see Dex. It was more than ever important to stay out of sight since I had no idea how far the killings had spread and what I would meet above ground. Dex had (of course) heard the news about the attack on the Temple and through the Force I could feel his well hidden distress when I appeared. Obviously he was glad to see me because I immediately found myself captured in a four armed hug. Then he released me and began to ask.

    "My…contacts have informed me that Jedi have been attacked in other worlds too. Any idea of what's up?" he asked.

    "No, not really," I sighed and immediately decided to keep my knowledge about my Master's turning to myself, "well, I have a feeling that this has something to do with the Sith. I have felt pure evil through the Force, but apart from that I probably know less than you do."

    "Is…Obi-Wan…?" he didn't finish before he seemed to choke up.

    "I don't know," I said honestly. "I guess I would have felt it if he or…..Master Anakin…passed into the Force, but I don't know. Since I left the bond I had with them has become weaker. But…there are other survivors. The Jedi were able to extract some younglings and elders before…before….well, you know," I finished lamely. "I know where they are. They have shelter, but need food and other supplies."

    It really was hard times since I couldn't even confide in Dex, but luckily he understood. He'd been around a cycle or three so he knew the tougher necessities of survival well enough.

    "I see. I believe I can help with that. If you….or someone else from…them, can come here once or twice a week, -after nightfall, I believe can find some food supplies for you.

    I nodded in silent approval and gratitude. One of the older younglings, Ramen Siin, was Iktotchi and his species telepathic abilities would be useful if he were to emerge to the surface. He would better than most sense other with bad intentions nearby and even better, he would be able to communicate with the elderly Iktotchi master in the group so we could actually stay in touch while he was out. That would be invaluable for both parts.

    And with that matter settled I returned home for the rest of the night.

    The following night I was off for a more somber exploration: I went for the Jedi Temple. Most likely the dark being that had been my Master would have left for other tasks by now, and I wasn't too scared of the clone guards that probably stayed put. After all I had grown up in the Temple. They hadn't. Everything was quiet when I emerged from the secret entrance beneath the central spire. I put Bant on the other side so she could open the door when I returned.

    On the lower levels were no signs of human or other activity and I decided to take a quick peek further up. I didn't risk the elevators but the stairs were still unharmed.

    For years to come, I'd wish I hadn't.

    They had removed most of the bodies but not all. Let me put it that way, it was not a pleasant sight and even for me who had seen more than my fair share of dead bodies throughout the Clone Wars, it was horrific. These had once been my people. I didn't know them all in person, but my heart almost broke when I found Master Nu dead on the floor in her beloved Archives, lightsaber in hand. She had truly died as the warrior she was.

    I wiped a stray tear from my face and continued towards the refectory. The clones were disciplined. Unlike many other attackers they would probably not have plundered the place. I was right, and more important, I was lucky. Obviously they were doing patrolling, they were not stationary guards so the refectory was empty. Some fighting had been going on because tables and chairs were in a total mess, but the food storage which was my ultimate goal was unharmed. I grabbed what I could find of well preserved food which could be stored down in the Bendu temple and for good measure I also grabbed some of the fresh food that still seemed edible. We all deserved a treat.

    I took three more visits before I called it a luck was with me and I decided to use one of the supplying elevators going down to the depot. Hopefully that was too far down in the temple structure to be of much interest to the guards.

    And by that we had food supplies for several days, even if Dex' supply chain would be delayed.
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    Superb, with efficient scouting and setting up a strategy for getting supplies. Wonderful that Dex is going to help. Ahsoka had a wrenching time during her scouting. =D=
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