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Saga - PT Saga - OT [DDC 2020] Worries of a Mother in Uncertain Times - with notes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lady_Misty, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    This is my half year Dear Diary Challenge attempt.


    Imperial Security Bureau Agents, this is a translation of a diary belonging to Hilda Grünewald, aide to the Caféaulait Shaman Brygitta Ebner, who also functions as a historian for the village of Grünewald on the Rimes River. This Diary and future diaries written by Hilda and other aides to Shamans will be translated as a means to gauge just how rebellious the Caféaulait people are or might become and grant us further insight to how far we can push them before they break.

    Be aware that there will be missing information as these diaries, also known as Memory Logs or Memory Books, as they can be heavily guarded and access to certain ones is tricky so holos of pages are taken, as many as the agent taking them feels safe taking, and at a later date another agent will take more holos of pages.

    We are working on getting unrestricted access to more Memory Logs with the help of Governor Dorne as she has made herself beloved to the Caféaulait by treating them well and marrying a local, he is the brother of Hilda’s husband.

    We will provide you with a list of the family tree at a later date.


    I am afraid.

    Something is blocking the Shamans’ Sight.

    The events of the last few years have worried many people here on Erde and many fear that we will be caught in a fight between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems if there is a war.

    The Shamans have spent countless hours meditating together and separately in an effort to pierce the Veil of Shadows that covers certain future events. They can still predict the weather better than the weather satellites and when it’s safe to plant and other such things.

    We have been searching our extensive histories for any accounts of something similar happening but so far there is nothing.

    As I read what I have written, wrestling with myself I have decided to include that while the Shamans can’t see anything when they search for future events they have sometimes heard something ominous, something that filled them with fear: an army marching in formation.

    Just the thought of a marching army fills me with a deep terror. There hasn’t been war on Erde in roughly 200 years and that was just with ourselves, contained on just one planet, and imagining this army or armies spreading war, destruction and death to hundreds, no, hundreds of thousands of worlds, ripping families apart and spreading Chaos is like something straight from the deepest and darkest depths of twisted, corrupt and evil minds; Agents of Chaos

    It is entirely possible that there will be no war and the sound of an army or multiple armies is just something that they are imagining or something Chaos is feeding them to make them and us afraid and make poor decision moving forward

    Whatever might come I must have faith that regardless of what darkness might be ahead Harmony will always be restored.

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    Mar 21, 2007

    There have been some questions from the last chapter about ‘Agents of Chaos’, ‘Harmony’ and whether or not the Shamans are Force Sensitive. Caféaulait believe in Harmony, which is life as it should be: plants, animals and Caféaulaits living in a cycle of birth, life and death with no unnatural or violent deaths with death and life feeding each other; the natural flow of life in the simplest terms.

    Agents of Chaos are people that do not respect the natural way of things and upset the ‘delicate’ balance of Harmony. Some Caféaulait consider the Empire an Agent of Chaos as we interrupt the ‘natural flow’ of things here and in the galaxy at large and use the promise of peace to enslave the galaxy as people will gladly surrender their freedom if it means safety and security. Thankfully enough Caféaulait are either willing to quietly submit to the Empire and not state their views or truly believe that we aren’t Agents of Chaos.

    As for the Shamans being Force Sensitive we know that some are and some aren’t but no idea which are which. That being said the Shamans believe that anyone can Sense life or be Aware of their surroundings. As we know from our study of the Kawa where with enough training and experience anyone can be passively tap into the Porce.

    We are still working on the family trees.


    The Shamans and Elders met today to speak about what we should do if Count Dooku approaches us on ceding from the Republic.

    There are some that feel that we should as the Republic takes so much of our natural resources in payment for catching our planet up to the standard of all planets that have interaction with the rest of the galaxy and we barely have a say in it.

    Others say that a lot of corporations seem to be interested in signing treaties with the CIS and that there’s no guarantee that the corporations won’t somehow have the means to plunder our resources for themselves.

    There are days that I wish Donar’s fifth great Aunt Linza never helped bring us into the wider galaxy without consulting the Shamans and Elders. But at the same time I understand why. Her logic was sound.

    The First Ones only know what might have happened to the people of the Rime River Valley if she and David Acker hadn’t met and discovered what Ugaidi Industries was doing here. Maybe they would have tried to drown everyone again like they did eighty years before and maybe they would have succeeded in drowning them as there was no guarantee that someone would save them again by telling them to seek higher ground when they heard a strange loud noise from the forest.

    I guess that we will never know.

    May Harmony Protect us.

    If you wish to learn more about Linza Grunewald-Acker and David Acker you can read their account of the events mentioned in this entry here.