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Star Wars Science Fiction Drama Unclassifiable Death In The Clouds! Star Wars Clue Spinoff

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Mitth_Fisto, Feb 3, 2023.

  1. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3 ; Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 2 & 6
    The Library

    Unit Three stood back, waiting and watching. The mystery being simply continued his work. Pointedly ignoring the two intruders for a time before he finished with the ocular replacements and then began seeing what was salvageable from the missing arm socket. "You may ask, but he answers." the man stated with a slight ornery gleam in his eyes.

    Chuckling at his own joke, and perfectly comfortable with the professor seeing his bare backside. "If either of you were gifted there would be little explanation needed. This place was the start of a secret research lab hidden inside an asteroid. . .One that since was used as a foundation for a mansion." with a shrug he continued his labors. That was about as much explanation as he was inclined to give without more questions.

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    IC: - - - * * * - - -
    Kitchen, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Doctor Bellorum led the way for Praxon towards the kitchen. Having waited as long as they did there was nothing really to disturb them. There was nothing hidden inside the cookie jar except more cookies, and after trying a couple cupboards the good Doctor would find what she needed to make a pot of tea. Or a cup depending on how she wanted to do it, the mansion kitchens really were not short on anything as far ability to make drink or meal. One cupboard was full of loose leaf tea jars and a small assortment of different honeys and tea infusers were prominently on display.

    As for Praxon checking out the cooling cabinet, otherwise known as a walk in fridge/freezer taking up two doors on the northern most corner of the room he would note that there was an unusual whistling wind sound coming from somewhere in the back of the freezer. Considering how well everything was made and seemed to be taken care of it made little sense for that noise to be there.

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    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5


    As they made their way towards the ballroom the ASP unit stepped past it's assigned being, still carrying the candle stick. It had not been instructed to leave it behind anyways. Only now it gestured with it at the ballroom door, which included a soft red glow to the panel next to the door that was very slowly shifting brighter and dimmer. "No?" the unit stated in a mild state of uncertainty.

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    Secret Reliquary Chamber

    Medb decided to show bravery and chose to push the button, to rise up with the statue to whatever chamber awaited above. Pushing the button she was greeted by a shaft of light from above. . .a circular shaft of light.

    The platform raised, she was on the narrow side ledge of the lift, but there was only a circle of light - which after a brief moment of the lift rising she was quickly able to deduce it was the side of the circular crystal case that was containing the statue. She had mere moments to react. How would she?

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    IC: Snea

    Sitting there in his ship Snea pondered how long he should wait. His mistress, who honestly this ship and himself belonged to, had been rather vague about the orders and without a powered hanger Snea was unable to get an accurate reading for the storm outside to plan any type of escape. Instead the droid was having to play it by noise receptor, sensors scanning and sweeping for the barest fluctuations and changes.

    It was because of this that Snea already had systems ready to go when it heard a door opening where a door shouldn't be able to open without being visible. Then there was a banging as if someone didn't know how to open doors, and with this being processed as highly unlikely to be his mistress' return that when the door did slowly slide open Snea took it as confirmation that time was up.

    Blasting the hanger door with laser fire as the engines revved, all was wind and shrapnel and light!

    As soon the debri somewhat was settling The Master would be able to see the starship shoot from the jagged hanger doors and vanish into the swirling pink clouds beyond. Although those pink clouds quickly were being blown into the hanger and replacing it's air with tibanna. The blowing of the winds blew the couple of sky vehicles crashing about and then with a change of the wind those remaining began to be drug out into the storm.

    If only the Force wasn't so fuzzy at the moment and just alluringly out of reach.

    ASP Unit One bleated in surprise at the whole proceedings from what it could observe through the narrow passageway.

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    The entire shook and rattled from the storm suddenly finding multiple grasp points into the mansion, as well as the reverberations from the explosion. The high end repulsor lift systems were able to smooth out the flight pattern as the mansion spun like a tilt a whirl briefly before stabilizing once more in the storm and giving the illusion that they were actually on something like solid ground once more.

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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: This brief interlude was brought to you by myself, The Master, @Sinrebirth, and The Mitthster, @Mitth_Fisto
    IC: Medb Ra-oon, The Master

    Medb decided that this could be a trap and the rumble could have been her fighter escaping to bring reinforcements so she quickly went back to the original lift and hit the right buttion once, and then when it stopped she hit it once again.

    Hitting the right button once caused the door to close behind her, leaving her once more in the smooth lift tube. Hitting it again caused an opposite section to compress and hiss as it slid out of her way and left her staring at an ASP unit holding onto a seam in the pitch dark hallway this let out to. Ahead she would see a half open narrow passage that seemed to just barely make out some kind of storeroom, and within it a dark hooded guest front lit by bellowing pink clouds that were whipping through what was obviously the hanger beyond.

    Medb looked out at the dark man, "Do you need a ride?"

    If The Master were to look back behind him now, he would see back through the narrow passage the edge of the ASP droid, but also quiet inexplicably an open door to what appeared to be a softly lit small lift that had not been visible on that wall before. Was the gas getting to him already?

    Tibanna poisoning?

    It all happened so quick, he just about kept track of the starship vanishing into the pink malaise, and then, the wind was tugging -

    "A ride?"

    He turned to Medb.

    "Rather than a trip into the clouds? Definitely. Please."

    He was pretty sure he slurred half of those words.

    Medb looked at the mysterious man wondering at his drugged state. "We're exploring this place, we might find some clues for us." She waited for him to enter before hitting the right button.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal
    Between Rooms

    The Lannik had walked slowly behind his droid and paid it little mind as it focused in on one of the panels in the wall. Instead, he glanced back, watching the Doctor and the Actor left the Billiard Room, passed him, and entered the Kitchen. Curiosity prompted him to abandon his previous theory, at least for the moment, and follow them in. The large room appeared quite clean to his quick glance, and also oddly familiar. Of course, he knew his companions were uninterested in finding out what was going on, but maybe if they ran into one of the others, they could communicate anything he found.

    His first instinct was to check the wine cabinet, and at a glance was impressed by the variety of the stock, though it was apparent a couple bottles were missing, including one marked as Corellian, that he suspected was the one in his own room. Closing the cabinet, he swiped a hand on the sparkling counter and a fuzzy memory began to fill his mind. The images were jumbled but a monotonous voice filled in enough of the gaps. His eyes were first drawn to the floor, which had several thin silver tracks embedded in it. Not large enough to trip over, but clearly following each of the counters and cooking stations in an intrinsic pattern. Next, he glanced to the ceiling, off in one corner at the end of one of the tracks sat a camera. "Eureka." He smiled, moving to the swinging doors that opened to a claustrophobic closet that contained a BS series chef droid.

    The machine was deactivated, but tied into the wall, and if his suspicions were correct also into the camera guarding his container. Quickly he unplugged it, and flipped a switch in its neck that lit a light in its eye's. "Oh My!" He cried in that same monotonous voice, rocking on its track in a manner that appeared almost uneasy to Odosius.
    "You again? Come to pilfer more of my supplies?" The machine rocketed out of the room and slid easily to the Wine cabinet to check if anything more had gone missing. "No droid, I'm here to ask you a couple questions." It gave an annoyed scoff. "My designation is BS-399, if you must patronize me at least refer to me by my number."

    The cook seemed oddly unperturbed by the urgency in his voice. Figures, these kinds of automatons were usually programmed to give 99% of their processing power to their required task, and rarely more than 1% to deal with unexpected scenarios. "Fine. 399, did anything unusual happen here last night?" The Chef was already grabbing a wet rag and cleaning his station, rather pointlessly in the ambassador's view as it was already shining. "You mean besides me catching you robbing the master's wine cabinet?" Zaal scowled and threw out his readymade excuse. "Your Lord told us to make ourselves at home. It hardly matters now..."
    399 grabbed a nearby spatula and pointed it at Zaal as if it might be a weapon. "Then you won't mind the report I filed on the incident before I shut down for the night.... wait is that the time?" Its photoreceptors narrowed, as if it had only just checked its internal clock. "I'm late for breakfast! Everyone out, the master will be most displeased!. Perhaps I can shift blame to the butler for failing to activate me on time."

    Throwing himself between the droid and the cooker Odosious shouted. "You're Master is dead! Did anyone or anything else come in here last night?"
    The droid practically drove him over, moving to the cooler and grabbing some blue milk and eggs, he was already throwing them in a pan on the heater before he finally managed a response. "After I drove you from the room I filed my report, wiped my station clean, and shut down for the night."
    Rolling his eyes, the Lannik muttered "Cheap hardwiring." But even he couldn't deny the eggs were smelling delightful already, especially as the machine tapped an unidentified powder into the mix. At this moment he realized he hadn't eaten yet this morning, maybe the Doctor had the right idea? Less urgently now he pointed to the camera. "You have eyes on the Kitchen at all times though. Did you see anything?"

    It took nearly five minutes for the machine to respond this time, and by that point the eggs were done, and it was placing some Colo Claw Fish into the cooker. "I told you everything I saw. If you find it uninteresting perhaps what you are looking for is not here." Grabbing a thick bit of egg out of the pan Zaal asked thoughtfully. "Don't suppose you know where I went after leaving here?" The droid grabbed the spatula again and smacked his hand hard enough to hurt. "If the Master wants to feed you that is his prerogative, but you will do so in the Dining room. I can't speak to where you went after you left, but it is in my memory banks that I already told you to depart from this Kitchen once previously this morning. That will require another report!"

    Holding the bruise on his hand to his mouth in order to sooth the pain, Odosius nodded with understanding that he had already tested his limits. In any case he had already learned all he needed to know. Logically speaking he suspected his next destination was Medb's room after snatching the wine, but that hardly proved anything. He could still be the killer.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Rugel Juhn and Abner mysterious fun with darthhelinith and Mitth_Fisto
    Hidden Library

    ”Gifted? Do you mean having force ability?” Juhn asked. ”And research…” The word came out in an almost breathy whisper, as though it were a holy word. ”What is the purpose of the research; what is being researched?” he asked, his interest suddenly peaked.

    Abner opened his mouth to add his own thoughts, but was interrupted by a huge blast that shook the asteroid.

    He clutched the nearest wall, eyes searching the immediate area, almost expecting to see something give way but evidently the research facility was made of pretty strong stuff. After a moment's giddying rolling, during which the floating rock threatened to knock everyone off their feet, he felt the repulsor lift systems kick in once more.

    He waited a moment more to be sure that the awful motion wasn't going to be repeated before pulling himself upright and dusting down his dinner jacket with the back of his hand. Glancing back the way they had come (could he hear a slight wind from the other end of the passage?), he looked perhaps slightly disgruntled.

    One might consider it his duty, after all, to make sure the asteroid wasn't about to fall into the gasses below.

    The unnamed being before them snorted slightly at their reactions. The shaking merely had him clutching the table with one hand while looking up, to a small status display hidden in the ceiling. "Someone just blasted the hanger doors. We'll be turned by the winds a bit more now and then, but we should be fine." he softly intoned in a nonplussed attitude.

    Picking up his tools once more he set back to his work. "As you cannot tell the nature of the research you obviously aren't gifted like his Lordship was. Let's just say, it was a study on the way to level the playing field, but we have been having trouble with effect over distance. Nothing that concerns your research I would wager."

    Juhn glanced up, away from the room, not even sure if he was looking in the correct direction. ”The hangar doors? With the ballroom…that’s not good.” he murmured. Turning back to the creature before them he snorted at the comment about gifted, ”No I am not Force sensitive but one doesn’t need to be to understand now why I was drawn here. Why my research brought me here.”

    Taking off his spectacles, buffing the lenses on his waistcoat, he set them back in place. ”It doesn’t take a Jedi or Sith to know that the creatures here react to things in the Force. Which, with the minimal information you just told me, tells me that the reason this mansion has seen a spike in attacks by the air squids and other creatures is because of your research here.”

    "Ah, a reductionist philosophy! How boring. They are attacking because of the waste from this research. Put chum in the air and scavengers will come, and those that hunt them." he replied with a lean back and smile at the man before shaking his head and resuming his work.

    Abner frowned.

    While this talk of force sensitivity was all very well and good, he felt out of his depth. It was not a butler's job to know the ins and outs of his master's business, the household affairs were a butler's domain.

    Moreover, it was difficult to see how any of this was relevant to the death of the late master- secretive though he had been- it was not unusual for older men to remain private about their interests.

    "Was his Lordship concerned about the safety of his research? He appears to have been keen to keep it concealed."

    Juhn smiled softly at the response from the researcher. Their response was about as simple a brush off of what he’d asked as he could have hoped for. It all but screamed that he was correct in his thought. He knew the creatures and it wasn’t just blood and offal that drew their ire. Yes, they enjoyed the feeding because of it but it wouldn’t cause them to attack the structure as they currently were. When the butler asked his question, Juhn’s ears twitched, his head turning to listen carefully to see what the researcher would say about that.

    "This facility has been here long before his Lordship. It was an inheritance of sorts and is not confined to stay where it is." the being muttered before locking a final connection. The ASP was able to get off the table and move aside while the other came and took its place for repairs. "I'm not sure what I'll do with it now that it's my inheritance. Continue the work of course, but credit flow will be more of a problem for me, that's for sure. It might have to be moved again." the being spoke as he gazed off to the side with a concerned look in his eyes. Eyes looking towards where the hanger would be from here before glancing the other way and up towards where the ballroom would be.

    ”So…does that mean you need to remove us and the other sentients from the manse before you can move it?” Juhn asked carefully. He’d seen where the being had looked. With all their maneuvering through darkened corridors he wasn’t entirely sure of the directions it had looked but, after a quick glance at a corner of his spectacles a supposition came to mind. ”You need to move because the creatures have breached your facility, is that it?”

    This was prying into things that were better kept private. Abner opened his mouth for an offer to arrange transportation, then remembered his commlink had been taken off of him earlier that morning and shut it again.

    "As the ability to perform my usual tasks have been all but stripped from me, I can only wish you luck with that endeavour." He grunted, unsatisfied with his lack of power within the situation.

    "However, I can go and check on the status of the hangar."

    He and the stranger seemed to share concerns in that regard, at least. He turned to head back the way they had come.

    "Will you be going as well? If so please remember to take your ASP unit with you. It will be able to open the exits." Continuing with the repair work he waited to see what they would do.

    Glancing from one side to the other, as though to look for his droid, Juhn considered what the being had said. The fact they had mentioned the ASP told him they didn’t have access to every bit of information in the manse. A half smile crossed his face and he nodded. ”I better hurry then, and join the butler.” he deflected his response.

    Turning, he took one last glance at the space, knowing that his spectacles had added the corridors and the space to the map they were archiving in their database, before he began to walk quickly after Abner, catching up to the large being.

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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: Between @Mitth_Fisto, @Sinrebirth and myself, we found evil!
    IC: Medb Ra-oon, The Master, The Mitthster
    Escaping the Board

    Medb looked at the mysterious man wondering at his drugged state. "We're exploring this place, we might find some clues for us." She waited for him to enter before hitting the right button.

    Hitting the right button the lift doors closed leaving them alone in the small lift together. As the door had slid shut, it showed the ASP Unit One pushing the control panel button to seal off the secret hallway from the hanger once more. Turning the droid stared at the last second before we cut it off from its charge. Letting off a wail fueled "Nooo."

    Alone in the lift they had the three button choice again present to them. As Medb now knew what the buttons did, she truly held the choice. Show this mystery cloak the vault? Take them back upstairs, or reopen the door to the secret passageway they had just left behind.

    The Black Coat turned to look at Medb. "My droid didn't seem too happy about that."

    He narrowed his eyes behind his mask. "So what now?”

    Medb shrugged, "I could show you a place..." she hit the left button once, and then once again. "The dead man has a password encrypted log, if we can find the password, we can learn more about why we're all here."

    "I thought we were all here because one of you guys murdered him," he replied tartly.

    "I have found...other clues. Patience is a virtue."

    Hitting the left button caused the other door to open, once more exposing the dark and nearly lightless room. Perhaps not so much a room, but a vault full of artifacts The Master would recognize as Sith, Nightsister, and others carefully ensconced in protective shelves around the small vault, the central table holding more artifacts, and in the corner a pneumatic lift pole could be seen holding something up - upstairs.

    The Master froze.

    "Oh kark."

    Medb barely held a snicker, "See?"

    The Master would feel it, the negative and dark forces reaching out for him. Hear the soft whispers that were dimmed just below understanding. He would know without a doubt that these were no fakes nor reproductions, but also that whatever was dampening the Force was strong here, for the barely sensed whispers he would know should have been deafening screams, and the lingering sense of desire and malice that was whishing through the very air in a defuse miasma should have been a choking tide washing over them.

    "We're in a very, very bad place, Medb," the Master emphasised. "Can't you feel that... sickness, in the air? Stale..." He shuddered. "Fetid."

    "You're saying our dear deceased patron owns all this?" His voice didn't quite tremble.

    Medb nodded, "I also say that maybe with this collection, there were people looking to kill him."

    "Do you think we can dispel this?"

    "You have some incense with you?" He chortled, sarcastic.

    "Actually, yes." She held out a pouch, "It is part of our plan to make others feel awkward. It starts with staring or watching them."

    "Oh lord," he said, amused, reaching out for the pouch. "I take it you also know the Lesser Incantation of the Crepuscule?"

    "That I do not know, I assume you do?"

    "Well, yeah," he twirled an incense stick as if a baton. Flipped it into the air, caught it. "One to each corner, please."

    Medb gave the strange, dark man a look, before offering a shrug, as she headed to the corners, "Do I need to twirl them as well?" As she was messing with the sticks with her fingers.

    "No," he grumped. "That's my thing. Get your own."

    He placed one in the far left corner, gingerly, to avoid touching anything resplendent and dangerous.

    Medb mock pouted, "Aww, you're no fun." she placed one stick in the corner and headed to the next.

    They set a fourth and final one, and he held out his hand for a match, or a light.

    "Unless you'd prefer I did this the old-fashioned way?"

    A snap of finger and thumb, and all four candles lit…or not.

    Medb grinned, "I like tricks. Once this fuzziness goes away, I have a few of my own."

    Medb chuckled, "Aww even The Master gets performance anxiety?" She tossed a box of matches and lit a match of her own to light the candles that she had placed.

    Growling, he snapped his fingers again even as he caught the matchbox.

    The Force was still out of sorts.

    Because of this treasure trove, perhaps.

    In Medb's head, this confirmed that everything in this room needed to be destroyed, perhaps the mansion itself.

    He began lighting the candles the good ole fashion way.

    "Yeah, I should be able to pull off basic pyrokinesis, I know," a chortle. "I mean, who can't?"

    Medb considered for a moment, "I mean I haven't tried before, but it seems simple."

    "Har har," he said, drily. "So, candles lit."

    He held up his hands. "Ready? Not sure how well these ole chants will do but let's see."

    Medb shrugged, "For something that I have no experience with, I'm as ready as you could expect."

    He was attempting to use an old incantation, not Force based, not as he understood the Force, to dissipate the miasma of the treasure trove of items present. Touching a Sith artefact was a recipe for possession, obliteration, or both.

    Making use of the ancient Sithese, the Nouanese subtext, and the Mortisian, he rhymed and ruminated, his hands effecting shapes and turns and whorls.

    Slowly the pressure and miasma seemed to still, and slow before fading from their senses. How effective it truly had been was hard to tell with the Force being so obscured, but for now it felt better. More as if it were merely the nerves of a poorly lit secret room in the mansion basement of a dead man, possibly standing with the murderer in said room - type of nerves than anything extra.

    Medb, grateful for her powers returning stretched out with the Force to see if there were any clues hidden within this room. The password to the computer, or even the deceased Lord's private chamber with all the information.

    All she could get was a faint impression of an odd focus of contention from where the lift with the statue that she had raised up before bringing The Master in here.

    Medb showed that lift to the Master, "Shall we? Perhaps we will discover all of his secrets and become unbelievably rich in the process?"

    "I'd rather find out who the murderer is," he said lightly. "Do remember why we're here, madam." He left unstated that she may be a murderer, but she seemed far too childish to be malevolent. Then again, some of the worst killers he knew were completely dislocated from reality. "After you." He indicated the lift.

    "I would too, but finding out going from room to room is tedious, especially since I found something that requires a password. Every thing seems so... careful in those rooms, we will find mistakes in these."

    She shrugged as she headed towards the lift she didn't quite understand last time, "Besides I need a question answered."

    With the lift triggered it descended. Softly lit upon the platform was a crystal case with faint gold edgings. Within as it descended, glinted mutely a statue. One that The Master would recognize.


    Faya Rodemos

    “Oh crap,” the Master said, and he immediately apologised. “This is a trap, Medb.” He would have pursed his lips had they been visible. “It’s a trap for me.”

    “Whoever murdered our benefactor, they did it to get to this.” He stepped over, hesitant, to see who, if, how, was inside. His mind intellectualised that he would feel nothing but cold neuranium, but his heart hoped he could sense what lay within. “No blowing up things around this.”

    Dread filled him, eternally so.

    The glass of the case of course prevented anyone from directly touching the statue inside. As The Master came cowl to glass, Medb would notice as the light from above the opening in the floor above had not closed and was allowing in some indirect light - she would notice a tinge of red on the top of the tall case. If that was indeed blood it would mean that the murder had happened in whatever room was above them - after they had lowered the statue like she had just done. As that thought would occur to her, the opening above close with its slow delayed reaction.

    The Master felt nothing from the statue, in fact with the shrouding miasma of whatever was dampening his connection to the Force he couldn't even feel the neuranium or the case between him and it as he ought. Just an odd muddled sense, of importance. From, of, happened near, muddled and hazy, but that hint - that maddening hint was just beyond his senses.

    Medb watched the Master, based on his reaction, "No, I would rather blow up this whole mansion." She looked up trying to figure out what room they were currently below, noticing something crimson...dripping. "Do you know what room we are below? I think the murder happened in the room above us."

    The Master looked up. “Oh my. Did someone try to…”

    He looked at Medb. “You understand gears and gizmos. Get us up there; now.”

    Medb looked around to see if there was a way for them to elevate themselves and if there was a way to keep that portal above them open. The latter was more important as other options were available to getting up there directly. She also looked for a map of the mansion to see exactly where they were and what room they were below.

    The vault held no map, but if she turned back her mind, she would know that they were one or two rooms north of where she rode the secret lift down. As for the present lift, there was no discernible way to keep the upper portal open. She knew there was a couple second delay from pressing the lift button and its activation. As for getting on top of the statues case to ride it up, the only option was to climb the shelves spaced to either side of that corner of the room that held the various artifacts.

    Her and The Master would have to get very close to both fit while on top of the case to fit through the snug opening. Practically hugging close otherwise it would be test to see if the case, or whatever body part was hanging over the edge would break.

    The Master hesitated. “Let’s go do it the good old-fashioned way.” He began to climb and squeeze his way through; carefully.

    Not what I meant...

    Medb went back to the original lift which she uses to get her back to the original part of the mansion in order to work her way to that room. It would be fairly easy, look for a hole with blood dripping down into it and grunting noises from The Master.

    The Master flailed for a bit. He wasn’t a physical specimen. Bah. He slid down and activated the statue lift to chase after Medb!

    Medb got off the lift and found the room, standing at the entrance, "Well did you have fun?" looking at the Master.

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    Doctor Bellorum
    Kitchen, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Bell shoved a cook droid into the pantry and filled a teapot with hot water. She sat teabags and the pot on the kitchen table and went to the cabinets to look for teacups, and some small plates.

    She glanced over her shoulder and pointed out a cake under a glass dome. “Ooo! Look at that chocolate cake?” She pointed out the decadent dessert asking Praxon. “I’ll take a slice of that.”

    Suddenly there were voices near them, Bellorum listened carefully to decide if it meant she would have to skip the cake and deal with another murder.

    Once the voices stopped she went to the table and sat out two plates, forks and teacups. She pursed her lips a minute and asked Praxon, “Cake first? Then we can see what that was all about.”

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    IC: Praxon

    They confronted more voices as they entered the kitchen, indicating that the other fools were still on the search for the alleged killer. Praxon doubted the integrity of the 'hunt', which was why he abandoned it long ago. If the others wanted to occupy their time with a wild bantha chase, that was no skin off his nose. He had every intention of enjoying himself, even in light of the investigation. It wasn’t his fault that their eccentric host had managed to expire during the festivities. It was merely an unfortunate circumstance—or what he liked to refer to as 'bad luck'.

    Poor bastard.

    However, Praxon quickly pushed that thought from his mind when Bellorum mentioned the various food items on the table. His stomach involuntarily rumbled, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten since that morning. He could go for some sustenance, even if it meant pastries for dinner.

    "Cake first?" she asked as she hurried to set plates and teacups around the table. "Then we can see what that was all about."

    Praxon frowned as she slid into an empty seat. "How about we just focus on us?" he drawled in a low baritone. "I’m not worried about them. Let them fall over themselves trying to solve a sham mystery. Someone’s toying with us, and I don’t intend to fall for it. I’m not a hapless pawn."

    He sighed and waved his hand dismissively. "Anyway, I apologize for the rant. Why don’t you go ahead and serve the cake?"

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3
    The Hidden Passage

    Unit Three stepped forward, following the Butler Abner out into the hall. The mystery being stayed quiet as they left as he finished repairing the second ASP unit on his table. They had a choice, go down the back hidden hallway to where The Black Robe had gone before, or to head back to the hidden entrance they had come in through. Knowing now that their ASP unit could open the exit was also an option to try and get to the Hanger if they still wanted to get there.

    TAG: @darthhelinith , & @darthbernael

    IC: - - - * * * - - -
    Kitchen, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Doctor Bellorum and Praxon set about enjoying the kitchen. Food and drink were readily at hand. Indeed there was cake, three different kinds, including one Nubian lake lands special. Probably prepared expressly for his visit. They had all the kitchen had available at their disposal.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent & @HanSolo29

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5

    Hallways outside the Kitchens

    The quick detour to the kitchen went without a hitch. Although ASP Monitoring Unit 5 was more than glad to hang back for the end of that distraction before it could assaulted by the pair of homicidal droid rampaging destroyers. It looked forward to wherever its current assignment would lead it next.

    TAG: @ConservativeJedi321

    Medb and The Blackrobe rode the lift back up to the Study. Considering the distance the statue had risen either in the Library or the Billiard rooms. Which would they head off to check? The clue was waiting to be investigated, and where the murder had possibly occurred.

    TAG: @adaml83 , @Sinrebirth
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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: Back on the board with @Sinrebirth and our GM @Mitth_Fisto but we will find ways to break it again... ;)
    IC: Medb Ra-oon, The Master
    Back on the Board

    Medb looked over at the Master, "I think our options are the Billiard Room and the Library...haven't we both spent time in there?"

    The Master paused, looking up. "Seems likely. But with all the attention we've already given the Library, I reckon we should head to the Billiard Room."

    Medb shrugged, "I don't know how much attention I've given either as the early part of this, I was trying to remove suspects. I only really deeply inspected one room, and the other led me to find that Sith room below the murder room."

    "I've been to the Library," the Master said. "Accused a bunch of people, as you do." He paused. "Can't remember if I accused you, mind you."

    Medb shrugged, "One other vouched for me. I went to bed early that night as I had been travelling for some time that day in something not much larger than a standard starfighter. That ship that you saw blast their way out in fact."

    "Any reason they blasted out quite so... precipitously?" The Master pitched his voice almost conversationally.

    Medb nodded, "Escape and evasion programming. If something unknown showed up in the hangar, it would escape...and then bring help to at least get me free. I would vouch for the innocent, though that would probably involve threatening Cloud City itself."

    Somewhere up in hyperspace, a little droid had the curious anomaly that it’s audio sensors were running warm.

    "As opposed to say," he drily added, "vouching for me?"

    Medb considered, "The only alibi that I had was for Doctor Bellorum, however if we can find some main list..."

    The Master paused. "I'll need to revisit my list, no doubt."

    "Much easier with our minder-droids around." He squared his shoulders. "Billiards room. Let's hurry."

    Medb nodded, "Agreed, though I disagree with the minders, they were useless and possibly helped create the situation that we are now in." She then followed The Master to the Billiards Room.

    "They weren't about helping us," the Master said. "They were keeping track of us, which is useful in its own way."

    He ascended the first set of steps he found and moved at a firm pace.

    Walking briskly they walked past the library doors. Perhaps if they hadn't been moving at a firm pace or had had one of their 'minder droids' with them, they might have noticed that the trace lights coming out of the library seemed different then they had been before. Still, they marshaled onward and soon were in the Billiard room’s side hallway door opposite the library, opening it the room was... a billiard room. The pool table looked partially played out, there were pieces of broken photoreceptors and droid bits on the floor. They had not discovered the location of a murder, but of a droid assault. From the lack of blood it appeared the droids had not defended themselves either.

    Medb looked around, "Looks like this is the wrong room given the lack of blood, so it's probably the Library."

    "Fine, fine," the Master regarded the droid corpses. "Library. Again."

    "I found something in there, recall."

    Medb nodded, "Sometimes it is making sure that you have found everything in that room."

    "Says you," the Master opined. "I've an Eye for detail, my dear Medb."

    "Technically, you have two...or do you have a third? That would be weird." Medb mock shuddered.

    "Just two, I took one out of my head," he chuckled drily as they approached the Library.

    "... Also weird..." Medb looked in the Library looking specifically for the bloody spot of the murder.

    "Says you."

    Sitting there in the far corner they could see a spot where the carpet had rolled itself back and the glass case with the statue had risen out of the floor. The case, now clearly in the light was marred by an arc of blood droplets that had dried across the top edge. Most likely the murder had either been done up in the air or as the statue had been lowering into the vault. A closer inspection would reveal more dried blood on the underside of the rolled-up rug and exposed section of flooring.

    They had discovered the where of where the murder had occurred. The how and the whom was still in question.

    "Oh my," the Master said. He promptly, for he possessed gloves, covered the blood again. "We need to keep this between us. You have been vouched for and so I would trust you with this knowledge. The whom is more important than the how." A slight tap upon his chin, hidden by his cloaked hood. "But the how may lead to the whom."

    "At least we have the where down."

    Medb nodded in agreement, "Who is difficult as they have vouched only myself and Bellorum for. How is simpler, on my examination of one of the other rooms, I found a pristine vibroblade, and I have already eliminated blasters. I believe two of the others have removed cables and the bust from consideration."

    She pointed at the room below, "We also have something extremely important the motive, which theoretically means we could remove some, as in, who would be most interested in Sith artifacts?"

    The Master's mind was racing. He needed a moment to collect himself. The Sith artifacts would be a decent enough motive.

    Medb left the Master with his thoughts to search the room for additional clues, being careful not to disturb the crime scene.

    The Master was less inclined. "No stone unturned, Medb." He literally began uprooting the entire scene, tugging, pulling, kicking.

    Medb scoffed, "I did not want it to seem obvious that we had thoroughly searched this room." To her it seemed obvious, the others would figure out that the location was now known and the killer would know that people were getting closer.

    "I wouldn't be worried, you're not the killer, and I'm sure between the two of us, we can handle the killer if they come after us."

    "I am not worried about the killer, it is the others. Some are not that trustworthy." Medb continued to look around to see if there were anymore clues to find in here.

    Rooting around The Master eventually disturbed the books that had been put away by the Butler recently. Finding the hollow space within the pages where some kind of weapon could have been hidden. Only it wasn't there now, perhaps he would remember searching the room earlier with the Butler, and the reason that had been shared. Similarly, the data spike he had given away was no longer here. And in their searching besides the blood on the case for the statue, and under the rug, it appeared the rest of the room was as clean as he remembered it. The murder weapon must have been taken out of the room and stashed or left somewhere else.

    Medb, not having really looked around carefully before, was examining areas for clue until the Master found the book and opened it up. She eyed the cavity, "Hmm probably the data spike..." before going back to look at everything else.

    "Probably," the Master said. "But it was likely this room."

    "So all we need to do is make an educated guess about the identity of the killer..." A grimace. "Ideally before they get their hands on that treasure trove of Sith artefacts and kill more people."

    "Who else were you sure of?"

    Medb considered, "Honestly the only one who I had information on was Doctor Bellorum. Under normal circumstances if my people wanted to kill the Lord, they would not have sent me. I am usually for a first contact situation. On one hand, I knew I would use none of those weapons to kill the Lord, with or without the Force miasma. On the other, I did not remember the previous night completely so possession was not completely out of hand. It pleased me when Odisius cleared me."

    "I have suspicions, based on who would likely know about those artifacts, but can you clear anyone?"

    "You did not recall the night in question?" The Master was surprised.

    A pause. "Me either."

    He hadn't answered the question, of course.

    Medb nodded, "Not especially, but who else can we eliminate at this point. Then we can leave this place...and maybe blow it up."

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto, @Sinrebirth, (anyone else that the punk band The Master disturbed while he was in the Library)
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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal
    Between Rooms

    Odosius hummed to himself for a moment, looking across to multiple rooms, multiple routes he could take, theories he could have. Before moving forward he turned to the droid that was following him. Knowing the machine wasn't much of a conversationalist he asked a simple question. "Do you know where the candle originates from?" unable to help himself he theorized further. "I just can't help but think it odd that it was hidden as it was. Even if not the murder weapon perhaps we can discover more about our host, and the reason someone might murder him, if we discover why it was placed in the position it was."

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    IC: Rugel Juhn and Abner
    Hidden Corridors

    ”Well, it looks like we still have your shadow, at least.” Juhn muttered as he and Abner stepped out of the room. He glanced over his shoulder, shrugging slightly. ”That was a relatively unenlightening conversation.”

    Turning his head again, to face forward, he glanced down the hall. Pushing his spectacles back up on his nose, he saw the path laid out that they had followed before. ”Hmmm, there was a lot of noise from the Hangar, should we investigate?”

    "Opaque, Sir." Abner agreed.

    He glanced back at the unit following them.

    In truth, he had almost forgotten it. Despite continuing to keep formal boundaries between himself and the guests, he really had nothing to hide. He looked at it.
    "Are there any beings currently present in the hangar?"

    Canting its head the unit accessed the mansion's security systems. "No." it simply stated. At the same time the dim glow of photoreceptors illuminated the path they had not taken as a lone ASP unit without a person came up the dark hallway to the junction where they stood. They would recognize it as the one that had been trailing The Dark Robed member of their party that had split away from them.

    ”Wonderful, no one in the hangar anymore and now we’ve got another droid.” Juhn muttered. He walked up to the droid, flicking it just above the photoreceptors, ”Where did the robed one you were following go?”

    The butler's gaze lingered on the droid a little longer, though not expecting a particularly useful answer.

    He looked at his pocket watch and sighed. Mid-morning tea would have to become luncheon.

    The unit pointed back and then up before giving a gesture of uncertainty in a shrug.

    Abner removed his monocle and wiped it with a large white handkerchief.

    "The persistence of these units suggests they are able to track our location in some rudimentary way. If we follow where this one is going, it way be able to lead us to the gentleman in question."

    Shaking his head again, Juhn looked over at the Butler. He sighed and pushed his spectacles back up on his nose. ”I suppose we better let it guide us to him. He’s a right pain but he may be our best lead.”

    Looking between the two organics and then to the Butler's Shadow ASP Unit it nodded and set off down the corridor. Opening the exit the Shadow Unit 1 led the way past the hangar bay doors which were now bathed in red light, with an exposure warning blinking on the tablet next the door warning that access was no longer available and that a toxin warning was in effect presently.

    The droid did not pause there but continued up the stairs at a methodical pace with no real rush. The Butler's Shadow ASP Unit tailed the pair, staying a few steps behind at the rear of the group.

    ”Hmmm…what are we going to do when we find him?” Juhn asked as they followed the cloaked one’s ASP. ”He seems like someone who prefers his riddles and the chaos he can cause to the truth.”

    The butler looked thoughtful.

    "Maybe sir should consider several wild accusations? I have heard it said by one of the great poets that chaos appreciates company."

    Reaching the top of the stairs the procession was turned to the right. And ahead shifting light and noise could be perceived from the library. If this was indeed where the Cloaked man was, he was not alone it would seem.

    ”Who has he found to bother now?” Juhn muttered. They had taken a roundabout way and found themselves back in the main portion of the manse. The light and sounds from the Library seemed to draw them as much as the ASP. He glanced over at the Butler, one hand gesturing at the doors of the room, ”So…should we actually see or…maybe go find some food?” he asked, with a slight chuckle.

    Abner blinked as his eyes tried to get used to the light.

    "Mystery does not wait for luncheon."

    He stepped forward.

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    Posted with approval of @HanSolo29. Thanks!!

    IC: Doctor Bellorum and Praxon
    Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    It occurred to her that the cake suddenly didn’t taste right

    “Praxon,” she gasped, “stop eating that, I believe it’s poisoned!”

    Bellorum rinsed her mouth with the contents of her teacup and spit it out into the sink.

    “I’m done playing games with droids in this place,” she said, “I’m leaving, and you’re welcome to join me, if you’d like.”

    Bell threw the teacup to shatter against the wall and rushed out. She sincerely hoped that Praxon would follow, or just at least get out before he was a victim.

    It was common sense that the basement would be down, so she took the emergency stairs downward. Once inside she randomly selected an escape pod and entered. Bell hurriedly typed into a display, “I believe the murderer is Rigel Juhn, he did it with a candlestick in the billiards room.” She hit send and hit the escape switch.

    She felt him running, Bell looked for a switch to pause the pod launching, but there wasn’t one.

    “Hurry!” She shouted.

    The doors were sliding closed just as he slipped through and sat down across from her.

    Praxon gave her the dazzling lop-sided grin he was famous for.
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    OOC: Sorry for the delay, but without further ado! I declare this game, up and running again!

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3

    The Library

    Unit Three stepped aside, keeping out of the way to allow the Butler Abner and Juhn to get at the door. The second ASP unit, Unit 1, stepped ahead of them pushing open a door before stepping aside. What waited for them, well it was certainly a sight to see.

    TAG: @darthhelinith , & @darthbernael - Continued in later Library tag

    IC: - - - * * * - - -
    Kitchen to the Escape Pods, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Doctor Bellorum and Praxon set about abandoning their food and drink. Choosing instead to let luck and chance be their guide they made a break for the escape pods. They entered the information and the screen lit up with a simple query.


    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent & @HanSolo29 - Feel free to not respond or respond as you wish.
    We have our first guess. . .zero chosen cards correct.

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5

    Between Rooms

    ASP Monitoring Unit 5 moved to a wall, tapping to bring up a screen displaying the first level situation. It then tapped at the indicated Ballroom, which was indicated on the map with a blinking red light. What this indicated the map did not immediately display, but the ASP unit, perhaps trying to please who it was assigned to, acted without a query to bring up the current information for that room. When it did the display changed the red dot to a semi-universal sign for poison and gas.

    TAG: @ConservativeJedi321

    Medb and The Blackrobe were just wrapping things up when the door to the library silently opened and two people walked in to hear, as two minder droids looked on: "leave this place...and maybe blow it up." being stated by Medb to the Black Coat who were putting books back and undoing the mess they had made in searching the place. Although this would draw the ears the eyes would be drawn to the glass case that the Butler would know for certain had not been there before, and the exposed blood. They could just make out the absurd location of the blood on the case, where it was marred by an arc of blood droplets that had dried across the top edge. Most likely the murder had either been done up in the air or as the statue had been lowering into the floor where it presumably had risen from. A closer inspection would reveal more dried blood on the underside of the rolled-up rug and exposed section of flooring.

    This of course did not present the best picture for those who were kneeling by the bookcase. How would they get themselves out of this mess?

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    IC: Rugel Juhn

    Events were accelerating at the flying manse. Juhn didn’t like chaos, it was a variable he couldn’t control when it came to his research. And there had been nothing but chaos since the previous dinner. His stomach growled as they reached the Library, reminding him of how long it had been since he’d eaten.

    He thought he was prepared for whatever they’d find in the Library but, when he saw the others, including the one he considered an idiot, the one in a black coat, he realized how wrong he could have been.

    He heard a comment about blowing up the manse and was beginning to agree, at least mentally, when the black coat acted. Certain that the large butler could handle the smaller being that had been pushed their way he stepped to the side, sticking out his foot to attempt to trip the fleeing figure. At the same time, he reached out, attempting to grasp one of the lapels of the coat as the man ran.

    ”Not so fast, makes you look very guilty.” he growled out.

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    IC: Medb Ra-oon

    Medb stumbled, managing to miss the blood stains, but falling to her knees. She looked up, eyes filled with rage. If it wasn't for this Force miasma, Medb would have had the Master pinging around the mansion like a pinball until something broke.

    Feck! You!Medb got to her feet, “An áit thíos atá ceapaithe duit, a dhiabhal.*” she pointed towards the Master, “By Cailleach, Mab, and Cliodhna, I will find a way to haunt your dreams. For the rest of your miserable life! A chonách san ort!*” Seemingly calmed a bit, Medb looked at Kuhn, “This is obviously where he was killed, which means we have the means and location. That statue also provides motive, which he mentioned was a trap meant for him…or it could be in his interest. Maybe you and those useless droids can take him to an escape pod and lock him in there long enough for the rest of us to figure this out.

    She looked back at the Master, who assuming no one knew who she called for, meant she was cursing him with banshees, unseelie fairies, and pooka, smirked before adding, “Imeacht go fánach ort féin is ar do chnapán miúlach.* Is ceann de’s na h-óinseacha diabhail thú.*

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto , @darthbernael , @Sinrebirth , @darthhelinith

    *It is the place below that is meant for you, you devil.
    *It serves you right!
    * Off with you and your lousy lump.
    *You are one of the Devil’s fools.
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    IC: Odosius Zaal
    Between Rooms

    "So back to theory one." Odosius muttered as he looked past the droid, and considered his return trip to the ballroom. He hadn't seen anybody in a hot minute, the halls were oddly quiet, and the Lannik had watched enough mysteries to know how that usually went. "Keep an eye on my back." he scowled at the machine. Last thing he needed was a viroblade between the shoulder blades. From his position in the hall, he finally took note of the soft red glow emanating from a panel next to the door. "This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger." the ambassador approached, hoping to press on the curious tile, or at very least inspect it closer.

    Tags: @Mitth_Fisto, @darthbernael, @darthhelinith, @adaml83,