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Beyond - Legends Destination: Naboo L/M, H/L, and a few surprises - Epilogue 03/09/13

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Liz, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Apr 24, 2000
    Title: Destination: Naboo

    Time Frame: This is a little tricky, since I usually ignore much of the pro fic, but use SOME of the elements from it. I'd say probably 4-6 years after The Last Command....but with Luke and Mara married a lot earlier, there are no 16 year differences between cousins in my fics!

    Characters: The Big Three & Mara Skywalker; Some surprises along the way

    Genre: Drama and a little comedy

    Disclaimer: Mara Jade is created by Timothy Zahn. Luke, Leia, and Han are originally the creation of George Lucas. I am just playing in the sandbox.

    Note: This is a rewrite of my original that I wrote several years ago. The original has fallen to the Truncated side of the I decided to refresh this story and re post it!

    Chapter One: The Quest & A Vision

    His wife's pregnancy had changed everything. When Mara had shown him the “+” sign, he had been filled with joy. A great sorrow that had once filled him greatly diminished. His deepest desire, to learn the fate of his and Leia's mother – then came to light.

    That is why today - today was the day when he and Leia - though it had taken some convincing and persuasion, were going to meditate on the images and feelings she had once spoken of, not that long ago.

    It had begun with the news, after a family dinner, that Leia was finally going to be an Aunt and her children were going to have a baby cousin. Following the celebrating and hoopla, he had taken her aside and spoken quietly of his desire and one request – though it would be hard for her – to reach down into her subconscious – the source of her very earliest memories – and try to retrieve those specific memories.

    At first, Leia had resisted the idea – it had taken her a few years to reconcile with the fact that her father had once been the Sith Darth Vader, until Luke pointed out it was his good side – the man that was their father Anakin – that had saved him on the second Death Star so many years before.

    Finally, a few days ago, Leia had contacted him and told him she was ready. She was expected at his and Mara's apartment any moment.

    Because Luke knew from experience that distractions could taint meditations, Mara had volunteered to help assist Han wrangle the Solo “angels”. When Leia heard that, she had chuckled and wished Mara good luck and thanked her for her bravery. She also said that Jaina would enjoy that.

    Before she left, Mara had brewed two cups of what Luke called his “meditation tea”. It contained calming and relaxing herbs to help them focus even more.

    Leia arrived shortly after Mara left to go to the Solo penthouse.

    Luke handed her a cup of the tea, “Are you ready for this?”

    Leia straightened herself and leaned back against the couch. “Yes.” She took a sip of tea and all her worries and anxieties left.

    They closed their eyes at the same time and clasping Leia's hands in his own, Luke reached down into the inner sanctum of the Force. He searched her deep subconscious looking for the long buried memories that would hopefully reveal what they both desired – their mother's name or some other identifying characteristic, to help them both.

    At last, he found something and “opened it”

    An image appeared

    The woman was clearly in pain. Her chocolate brown eyes were only half open, as more intense pain hit her.

    “We must act quickly if we are to save the babies,” A stout medical droid informed a bearded man observing from outside the operating room.

    ”Babies?” He questioned, stroking his beard.

    “Yes, sir. She is carrying twins.”

    Luke realized the bearded man must have been Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan was admitted into the room just as more pain hit the woman and she winced as a tiny infant's cry was heard. Another attending droid held up the screaming infant. “It's a boy.” Its monotone voice announced. “Luke.” The woman said, her voice starting to weaken. She touched the baby's forehead and then winced again as more pain shot through her body.

    Again, the tiny cry of an infant could be heard. This child was held up and pronounced to be a girl. Touching the tiny face of her daughter, her voice barely above a whisper, she said. “Leia.”

    Obi-Wan looked from the tiny infants to the brown haired woman on the table, and squeezing her hand as gently as possible, he said, “Padme, your children need you. You have to hang on.”
    Padme looked at Obi-Wan sadly, “There is still good in him. I know it.” With that, her eyes closed and the hand that Obi-Wan had been holding went limp.

    As the vision ended, the tiny cries of the newborn twins could be heard.
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    :D :) Very nice start and a natural consequence both of Mara's pregnancy and Leia's sorta-memory from RoTj. [face_thinking] I also like very much L/M being together earlier. :cool:
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    Interesting beginning. I love the idea of Luke and Mara being married much earlier and their child being so much closer in age to Leia and Han's kids. Can't wait to see where you take this from here.

    Tag me when you update.
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    Great beginning. I know I read some of your old stories befor the move and the evil truncation, but I don't think I read this one. I can't wait to continue reading it. I enjoy the premise of LM being married and having a baby earlier. Please tag me when you update.
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    Good start, and I also request tags when continued. :)
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    A great beginning =D=
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    I remember this story from the old boards. It's great to see it back. :)
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    Thanks. I needed to write something to get my muse I decided to refresh this. Hopefully it'll be as good as my original posting.

    Thank You

    Thanks. And I will tag you.

    It was first posted in 2005 (wow....) So, it was before you came to the boards. I'll tag you!

    Sixteen year difference annoyed me....probably one reason I gave up reading the EU. I'll tag you!

    Since you beta read for me, I trust you'll keep things hush hush. ;) I figured after that whole trying to kill you thing, they'd eventually work things out. @};-

    Since this story is finished and I only have 8 chapters, I'll post weekly until the next to last chapter.
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    Very intriguing.

    I hope Luke and Leia are both able to learn what a wonderful woman Padme was.

    And I love the idea of Aunt Mara wrangling the Solo brood. [face_laugh][face_laugh]

    Looking forward to more

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    Chapter 2 – A Name

    “Padme,” Luke said, as they came out of the meditation.

    “Padme.... The name is familiar....I think I remember my adoptive parents saying that name, in whispers, when I was a small girl.”

    “It's such a nice name, too. The only problem is, how are we going to even find anything else out about her?” Leia continued.

    “Perhaps.....” Luke said, then he paused and turned around, just as Mara came through the door.

    “How did things go?” Leia asked, getting up from the couch.

    “Not too bad. Han was really glad to see me. When I got there, Anakin was covered in something....brown? So, while Han gave him a bath, I played with Jaina. Han somehow ended up getting soaking wet after the bath...I suspect Jacen may have had something to do with it as I thought I saw him running from the direction of the 'fresher. So, while Han dried off, I played Rebel Victory Trilogy with the kids on their video game system."

    Leia smiled, “Thanks for your help.”

    “That's what Aunts are for.” Mara said, giving her a rare smile. Mara was pleased she had been up to the challenge; she had never had much experience with, or time around, children of any age ... but the Solo kids' ready acceptance early on had won her over, especially Jaina's.

    Looking at her husband and feeling through their bond, his intense joy, she asked him, “I take it that your meditation was a success?”

    “Yes. We learned her name.” He said, his tone quiet.



    “That's a beautiful name.....” Mara paused and touched her belly.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “No....can you say the name again?”


    Mara paused again and looked at Luke. “I think the baby is responding to the name. That's the most movement I've felt during this part of the day. Usually the baby is more active in the morning near breakfast time or at night when I send you out for my snacks.” She winked at him.

    Leia took the opportunity to slip out. “I'd better get home. Luke, if you come up with any me tomorrow.”

    “Will do, little sister.”

    Leia made a face as she left the apartment. She had hoped Luke would not brag about finally finding out who was older. She was so sure that was not Jedi like to boast about it.

    When Leia returned home, Han was sitting on the couch, asleep. 18 month old Anakin was curled up beside him and sucking on his thumb. Jaina and Jacen were sprawled on the floor sound asleep as well. The video game system light was still on, but their visual screen for playing it was shut off. It was nice to come home to a quiet penthouse, Leia thought as she headed towards the kitchen to see what Threepio was going to prepare for dinner.

    It was sometime later, after a dinner plan had been thought through, that her family started to stir. Anakin woke first, and started to cry for his momma. Leia came to him and held him “I'm back, sweetie.” She ruffled his hair and rocked him in her arms.

    Han stirred next, followed by the twins. “Its good to see you back, sweetheart. Did you and Luke find anything out?”

    “We learned her name.”

    “That's all?”

    “Her name was Padme. She died just minutes after Luke and I were born, naming us with almost her last breath.”

    “I'm sorry, Sweetheart.” Han put his arms around her, just as he had on Endor after Luke had gone off to confront the Emperor and Vader.

    oops, forgot tagging

    KELIA, Hazel, Hans lil girl, DaenaBenjen42, Jade_eyes, Briannakin JediMaster_Jen
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    Super update with some progress and yay for Auntie Mara dealing with the Solo terrors :p [face_laugh] ;) (Maybe not Anakin so much) [face_teehee]
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    Mara survived the Solo terrors. That is always a good sign ;) I love how the baby responded to the name!
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    It's great that Mara is getting along well with the Solo kids, and I love that the baby responded to 'Padme'. :)
  14. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    She was so sure that was not Jedi like to boast about it.

    But at least they know now, right? That's something...
  15. Jedi_Liz

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    I thought it would be interesting if the baby responded like that.

    Are you referring to who is older, or their mom's name? ;) In Heir to the Empire, they didn't know who was older, so I thought I'd throw a little thing in there.

    Mara needs the practice as she and Luke are expecting their own little one....and I have had my share of experience with babysitting my own nieces and nephews so I sort of know how to deal with that.

    Well, Anakin doesn't get into much mischief as his siblings....yet. I actually haven't figured how old the twins are....maybe 5 years old at most and the video game system they have, it wouldn't be like a Wii or XBOX...but more like one of those LeapFrog type learning systems, if anyone was curious.
    I'll post the next chapter in a few days as I still have a few readers I tagged that haven't responded.
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    Ahhh! That was great! Thank you =)
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    Chapter 3 – Hunting for a Lead

    The next day, Luke sat on his couch deep in thought. All he and Leia had was a name...and for all they knew...Padme was a common name throughout the known galaxy. It could take them years to find out any information or come up with any tangible leads.

    Mara sat down beside him. “Do you want some Hot Chocolate?” She asked, referring to his favorite drink and one they often shared together.

    Luke smiled at his wife. “Sure. But I'll make it this time.”

    He came out of their kitchen a few minutes later with two mugs of steaming hot chocolate. One was a special caffeine free blend that Mara could drink during her pregnancy, that she had requested one night during one of her strange cravings. The other was regular hot chocolate.

    “So, do you have any ideas?” He asked his wife. Mara took a sip. “Not sure. If we had just a little more information. Did you notice anything unusual in your mediation's memory image? Were there any alien species with unusual characteristics?” Luke shook his head. “I can remember a few medical droids...shorter than the Two One Bee models the Rebellion used during the war. Other than that and Obi-Wan being there when my mother died, I'm not sure.”

    “Did Leia say anything after you came out of the meditation?”
    “She said she thought she had heard her adopted parents saying the name Padme in low tones, when she was a little girl. Why?”
    “Her adopted father was Bail Organa, right?”


    “Well, maybe there's a connection there. Leia was a Senator for Alderaan in the Imperial Senate, before it was dissolved, right?”

    Luke nodded.

    “I've got an idea....we'll have to ask Leia since she was one of the Rebellion's leaders...but perhaps this might give us a lead.”

    “She said to call her if I had any ideas. What IS your idea?”

    “Well, since Bail was a founder of the Rebellion, maybe there is a connection there. After all, she was adopted by him. He must have known your mother pretty well, like a colleague.”

    “Sounds like something that might just work. I'll give Leia a call.”

    Luke went over to his communication unit and typed in Leia's direct code.

    It was chaos in the Solo penthouse as Leia went to the communication unit to answer.

    “HELLO! SOLO RESIDENCE!” She shouted over the noise.

    “Leia? Is everything okay over there?”

    “Not exactly......but hopefully things will quiet down soon....What's UP?”

    “It might be easier to talk to you in person. Could Mara and I come over?”

    Leia nodded. “That would be easier. I might not be able to give you a clear, -” She paused as something flew past her head and hovered just above the floor.

    “Jacen, I told you to stop using the Force to steal Anakin's wookiee toy.” Deafening screams could be heard behind her.

    “Luke, yes, please come over. Maybe you can give the kids a lesson on how NOT to use the Force!” The screen went blank and Luke disconnected on his end.

    “It might be time to start that Academy you talked about.” Mara commented.

    Luke nodded. “Are you ready to go?”

    Mara nodded. “Yes, but you can do the talking. Maybe I can help assess the damage. I got pretty good at it yesterday.”

    Soon, they arrived at the Solo Residence.

    A flustered Han answered the door. “Oh, good...I was hoping it was you two.”

    “What's wrong?”

    “Jacen stole Anakin's plush wookiee and its nap time. You know Anakin, he loves his plush wookiee very much. Well, Jacen was being his usual scoundrel self, as Leia says, and he took the wookiee and made it fly through the air. This usually makes Anakin laugh, unless its nap time.”

    Han let them into the apartment, where it was....quiet.

    “Where is everyone?” Mara asked, confused that the penthouse was quiet for once.

    “Leia called Winter and asked if she could take the twins to the zoo. Leia herself is finally putting Anakin down for his nap.”

    As if on cue, Leia came from the nursery. She smiled at her brother and sister in law. “So, did you think of anything?”

    “Mara thinks there might be a connection between mother and your adoptive father, possibly through the old senate.”

    Leia nodded. “That is a good thought. Now we have to figure out how.”

    Luke questioned, “Leia, you said you thought you heard Breha and Bail saying Mother's name when you were a little girl. Can you think back and figure out how he may have known her? If he adopted you after she died, he must have known her in some way,”

    Leia went to sit on her couch. She moved one of the toys to the side and patted the seat. Luke and Mara sat down beside her. “Perhaps....”

    She paused. “Maybe the petition of 2000.”

    “Petition of 2000?” Luke inquired.

    “It was a petition signed by many loyalist senators asking Chancellor Palpatine to relinquish his emergency powers, at the end of the Clone Wars.”

    “Could Mother have signed it?”

    “Well, its possible, if she was a Senator at the time. That's what we don't know yet.”

    “I suppose most of the senators that signed this petition are dead now....” Luke trailed off.

    Leia nodded, “Yes and no. I know of two who are still around. We got help from one during the Thrawn Crisis. The other is my boss.”

    “Garm Bel Iblis and Mon Mothma?”

    Leia nodded an affirmation, “If anyone would know who signed the petition, they would, especially Mon, since she was one of the main leaders of the Rebellion to Restore the Republic.”

    “Do you think you could talk to Mon?”

    Leia smiled, “Yes. We have our monthly meeting tomorrow. I'll see if I can talk privately to her afterward. Garm might be harder to get a meeting with, though. Maybe you should give Wedge a call since he would probably be able to get you an appointment.”

    “That sounds good. What do you say we meet back here in a few days and share our findings?”

    “That's perfect. Call me when you have the information and I'll share mine.”

    Luke and Mara slipped out of the penthouse, a new motivation in Luke's stride as they left to go to their own apartment. Finally, they were hopefully going to figure this all out.
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    Great chapter. Mon Mothma and Padme knew each other quite well IIRC. I can't wait to see what they find out.
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    They are certainly in the right track. :) I wonder what R2 is thinking of all this search. [face_thinking]
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    Love the varied discussions blended with the Solo craziness with the kids =D= The investigation is moving along nicely as they search for puzzle pieces. :)
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    @DaenaBenjen42, JediMaster_Jen KELIA

    (forgot tagging before)

    But will they be able to put the puzzle pieces together or will there be one missing?

    Hmm, never thought of that....Artoo does know more than he lets on

    They will find out soon enough.

    Probably will post the next chapter on Sunday
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    Chapter 4 – Following the Lead

    As soon as they were back at their apartment, Luke went to his communication unit and contacted Wedge Antilles, one of his closest friends.

    He hoped Wedge would be done with the day's simulation exercises.

    A flustered man appeared on the screen, “Hello?”

    “Hey Wedge.”

    “Oh, Luke! So glad its you....” He paused and looked to the side. Luke could hear him let out a sigh of relief.

    “Is something the matter? Do I need to call back later?”

    “No, no....just making sure Janson isn't listening in. We really need to find him a girlfriend. Anyway, what's up? How's everything?”

    “Everything's fine. And no, Mara hasn't had the baby yet....”

    Wedge stuck his tongue out, “I really wish you would not do that. Anyway, what can I do for you, besides suggest the baby's name should not be WES.”

    “I was wondering if you could arrange a meeting with Garm Bel Iblis. I need to ask him something about his time with the Old Republic Senate.”

    Wedge scratched his chin. “I think I could arrange it. Is there any particular reason?”

    “Research about something family related.”

    Wedge nodded, “Ah, I get it. Yes, I'll see what I can do for you. Might take a few days, though. If I do arrange it, can I give his secretary your com code?”

    “Yes, that would be fine. And Wedge, just give Wes the 1138090345321 SIM and he will leave you alone.” Wedge's eyes widened, “That's....a good idea.”

    He disconnected the com unit and Luke did the same.

    “Now we just wait?” Mara asked him as Luke turned to face her.

    “Now we just wait.” Luke nodded in affirmation.

    The next day, Leia took Mon Mothma aside after the meeting. “Mon, can I ask you something?”

    “Yes of course, Princess Leia.” Mon Mothma always addressed Leia as Princess, it was something she always did and would always, Leia suspected.

    They went into Mon's private office and she closed the door. “Please, take a seat.”

    Leia sat in the plush chair. Mon Mothma's office was furnished simply, but she made sure her visitors were comfortable when they visited her.

    On her wall were a few small holos from her days in the Old Republic Senate, Leia suspected; how she managed to save those, Leia did not know.

    “Now, what can I do for you?”

    Leia explained, “Luke and I were trying to research who our mother was. We were able to derive a name, but not much else.
    All we know is that she died following our birth and that Bail may have known her well enough to adopt me.”

    “What was her name? My memory is not as sharp as it once was, but perhaps her name might ring a bell.”


    Mon Mothma sat in thought, “I'm not sure....that name does sound familiar, but it could be nothing. The woman I knew never had any children to my

    knowledge, but she did die under strange circumstances.”

    “Strange circumstances?”

    “She disappeared suddenly after Palpatine announced during a session of the Senate that supposedly some Jedi had tried to kill him...and then her body
    was brought back to Naboo.....the circumstances of her death were kept secret, but I do know that Bail was the one who brought her body back for
    burial. But if she was pregnant, NO one knew.....she hid it so well.”


    “Naboo was the home planet of the Padme I knew. I'm not sure if she was your mother or not. Her full name was Padme Amidala, so I knew her mostly as Senator Amidala,”

    “Do you remember anything else?”

    “Right before the Clone Wars began, she was a target by some assassins due to her being against a piece of legislation called the Military Creation Act,

    that would allow an army to be created and used against the Separatists. I believe she may have been assigned a Jedi protector. I'm not sure who it was,


    “Thank You Mon, that is helpful. I'll pass it on to Luke.”

    “No problem, Leia. Have a good day.” She followed Leia out of the office and down the hall. Then she waved goodbye as Leia left the Senate for her

    own apartment building.

    Meanwhile, while Leia was at her meeting with Mon, Luke was waiting for the call from Garm Bel Iblis' secretary. Mara was fixing up their apartment's

    second bedroom as the baby's nursery. Luke had fixed himself a cup of hot chocolate to sip while he waited, as well as having a piece of flimsy available

    to make notes, first page for ideas on how to set up the Jedi Academy he wanted to establish and the second page for information regarding the times

    that Garm would be available to meet with him.

    A beep from his communicator nearly made him drop his mug. He placed it down on the desk and pressed the answer button.

    “Skywalker Residence.”

    A woman in her 50s appeared on the screen and looked at him,

    “Hello, my name is Layna J'yns, I am General Garm Bel Iblis' secretary. Am I speaking to Luke Skywalker?”

    Luke nodded, “Yes, this is Luke Skywalker.”

    “Good. I am calling you to set up a time to speak to the General in regards to something you are researching, yes?”

    Luke affirmed, “Yes, I wanted to speak to him about something from the Old Republic. Its important for some research I am doing regarding my family.”

    “I see. Well, Mr Skywalker, The General has times available tomorrow afternoon after lunch or the day after, in the morning.”

    Luke sat in thought for a moment. “I'll take tomorrow afternoon. Instead of eating in the mess hall, tell the General I'd like to offer to take him to


    “I'll let him know and I'll try to have him get back to you personally regarding lunch.”

    The communicator went dark after disconnecting.

    “So, any news?” Mara asked, coming into the living room from the nursery.

    “I might be able to meet with Garm tomorrow. And Leia hasn't gotten back to me yet. She may still be talking to Mon Mothma.”

    As if on cue, the communicator dinged, indicating an incoming call. Luke pressed a button and Leia's warm features filled the screen.

    She was smiling. “I take it your meeting was a success, Leia?” Luke asked, before she spoke.

    Leia nodded. “Yes. We may have more information now, but its a little confusing. Did you get a time to meet with Garm yet?”

    “Possibly. He's available after Lunch tomorrow so I told his secretary I could offer to take him to lunch instead of him having to eat mess hall food.”

    “That sounds great. Should I wait until you talk to him to share my information?”

    “It might be better that way. Then we can compare notes and figure out what to do next.”

    “Sounds good. I'll give you a call after dinner time tomorrow, unless you want to just plan to eat dinner over here?”

    Luke nodded, “I'll let you know if anything changes.” They each signed off and Luke leaned back in his chair.

    “Credit for your thoughts?”

    Luke turned to his wife. “Leia said she found something out, but its confusing. What if what Garm says, if I can even meet with him, is even more


    “Trust in the Force, Luke. That's what you said to me before we got married. Trust in the Force. The fact that you were even able to see that vision you

    did in Leia's memory is amazing. I'm sure General Bel Iblis will contact you. And maybe his information will be even better or give more details. We don't

    know. Just trust in the Force.”

    Luke smiled, “You always seem to know the right things to say to cheer me up, Mara.” He kissed her cheek.

    “I think that's what made you fall in love with me,” Mara said, giving her rare smile to him.

    As if on cue, the communicator began to beep again. Luke turned around to face the screen and pressed the button to answer it. The Caller ID they had

    installed blinked “Caller from Secure Channel. Answer?” Luke chose YES and the screen switched to Garm Bel Iblis' face.

    “Thanks for returning my call, General.”

    “Not a problem, Jedi Skywalker. What can I do for you? My secretary was a little vague on the details.”

    “I wanted to ask you about your time in the Old Republic senate and specifically if you can remember someone who may have been a senator at the time.”

    “Well, my memory is not as sharp as it used to be, but I'll certainly help if you if I can. Now my secretary said you offered to take me to lunch?” He

    raised an eyebrow.

    “Yes, I figured you might feel more at ease talking to me after eating a good meal, then after having to eat the mess hall food.”

    Garm laughed, “Well, you got me there...I have to agree that the mess hall food is not the best, that's why I try to avoid it most days. Anyway, was there

    any place you had in mind?”

    “Your choice. Just let me know and I'll meet you there.”

    Garm thought a moment and then named a small corner cafe that was near the senate building. The name was familiar to Luke – he remembered meeting

    Leia and Han there for lunch one day. A time for lunch was settled on and they both disconnected from their communicators.

    “Do you think Garm will be able to tell you much?”

    “He served in the Old Republic senate. If Padme was a senator, he might remember her. He might even know something different. Leia didn't tell me what

    Mon Mothma said. We decided we'd wait until I had my lunch discussion with Garm, and then we'd share what we learned.”

    Mara nodded, “That's a good idea, especially if Leia had holes in her information and Garm's information is able to fill those holes. What will you do

    after you compile your facts?”

    “I'll trust in the Force to guide us to what we need to do next.”

    Luke left shortly after his conversation with Mara to meet with General Bel Iblis.

    “Thanks for meeting with me, General.” Luke said, as they sat down at the booth.

    “Please call me Garm, Jedi Skywalker,”

    “Then please call me Luke, if we are going to be informal.”

    They placed their food orders at the data pad in front of them and then Luke took a sip of water from his glass of water.

    “Now what was it you wanted to ask me?” Garm asked, taking a sip of his own water.

    “Did you know anyone named Padme around the time of the Clone Wars?”

    Garm nodded. “Yes. She was the Senator from Naboo.”

    "Do you remember anything else?”

    Garm stroked his chin. “ this was just a rumor mind you.....but someone I knew thought they saw a man dressed in Jedi Robes sneaking out of

    her apartment in the senate complex, early in the morning. It was shortly after the Clone Wars had begun.”

    Luke processed this was just a rumor....but was it possible.....then he realized Garm was staring at him. “Oh, I'm sorry lost in

    thought there. Was she a member of the group of senators that signed the Petition of 2000?”

    Garm nodded, “Yes she was. How did you know about the Petition?”

    “My sister was adopted by Bail Organa, as you know, and she said she thinks she had heard the name Padme in whispers...she tried to think back and

    remembered you know, her adoptive father Bail was one of the leaders of the Rebellion.”

    Garm nodded, “Yes, and he was also one of the top senators to sign the petition. I remember something else that could confirm the rumor I told you

    about... Padme asked that she be allowed to discuss the formation of an alliance in the senate, something that actually led to the petition, with one

    Jedi...she never named him unfortunately. At least I assumed it was a him....”

    Luke did not reply...he was thinking....could it be? Was it possible the Jedi she wanted to discuss the problems with...was his own father, Anakin

    Skywalker? And had he already turned to the dark side? He knew from what Ben had told him, that his father had sustained his injuries that required

    the suit, after he fell into a sea of lava, following the duel with Obi-Wan.

    Garm was looking at him again, then he turned to the side as their food was delivered by a member of the wait staff. While devouring the Mishyns and

    Byzkren he had ordered, Luke let the information sink in. Then his thoughts turned to Leia and the information she had received from Mon Mothma, that

    she planned to share with him as soon as possible, perhaps even that evening.

    When their meal was finished, Luke shook Garm's hand. “Thanks for your assistance, Garm. If you think of anything else that might be useful, please

    send me a message,”

    Garm nodded. “I will, Luke.”

    They parted at the entrance to the café.

    Reaching his apartment, he found his wife had dozed off on their couch. A data pad with a page labeled “Ideas for Decorating Baby's room” was on the

    floor. Being careful not to step on it, he leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

    Her eyes fluttered open.

    “Hello my sleeping beauty.” Luke said, smiling at her.

    She looked at him funny and asked, “Did you just get home?”

    “Yes. And Garm gave me some information I want to share with Leia. It could be the same that she received from Mon Mothma, but it could also be

    different. Are you up for eating at The chaos café tonight, aka Han and Leia's place?”

    Mara retrieved her data pad and placed it on the table behind the couch. “Sure thing. Is Leia expecting you?”

    “Yes, we decided we'd like to share the information as soon as possible. Then we'll figure out what to do next.”
    “Let me change and we'll head over to Leia's in an hour.”

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    :) that Mon and Garm could give more info. Mara's "trust in the Force" advice :D -- liked that. @};-
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    Lol. The Chaos Cafe - how appropriate for the Solo house. I'm glad that Garm and Mon were able to give them a bit more info.
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