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Beyond - Legends Diamonds Are Forever -- (FicGift for Nyota's Heart) -- Part Three(J/J, Kyp) COMPLETED

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    Happy Holidays! [:D] Here's the first part of your ficgift. It's a multipost, between three or four parts. I haven't decided yet. Hope you'll enjoy it. :)

    This is the request:

    You are writing for: Nyota's HeartI do not want Sithly crises.Things I do want:L/m or Jaina with whomever--Jag preferably, but I'll take Kyp also with Jaina.
    1) A romantic setting. 2. Something is revealed; author can pick between silly and fun (on the order of I did this when I was young and blush to remember it) or it can be a sweet! thing relevant to the two of them.3. An appropriate reaction: mushy and gooey if it's a sweet reveal; bantering and subtly mushy if it's a funny revelation. (Of course if the author wants to make the mush overt and gooey, I will not object!

    Might not be what you're expecting but I promise mush and I promise a beautiful happy ending. :)


    Standing in front of the enormous mirror that nearly took in half the wall, Jaina turned from side to side and sucked in her tummy. The dress was definitely way too tight.

    “Who voluntarily wears something like this?” She muttered, tugging at the expensive fabric with just two fingers and making a face at her reflection. In the boutique she’d been dragged to, the dress had looked nice. A beautiful dark red gown with a low neckline and a black velvet flowery pattern but once she’d squeezed into the thing (and once her body actually remembered how to breathe again), it wasn’t all that nice or beautiful anymore.

    It was highly uncomfortable. And as she turned her head and stared down at the matching shoes that went with the outfit, she shuddered. These were weapons, not shoes. High heeled fracking weapons.
    There was a quiet knock on the fresher door. Jaina scowled. “I’m not done yet!”

    “Aw, sweetheart. We’re going to be late. Unless you want me to go ahead and tell the others that my cuddly-wuddly doodle bug is stuck in the fresher making herself pretty?”

    Jaina spun around towards the door. Or rather, tried to. Her feet caught in the skirt and she barely managed to brace herself against the wall. “I swear to all Gods of the universe, Kyp. I will hurt you tonight.”

    “Is that a promise?”

    “Go away!”

    “Oh, muffin. Is that any way to talk to your husband?”


    She heard him laugh, a very evil laugh, and no doubt he was having the time of his life. Kyp was the kind of guy who could get into character within seconds. Going under cover was easy for him. For Jaina? Not so much.

    “Seriously, Jaina. We’ll be late.” He knocked again. “How much longer?”

    She bent forward slowly, praying that her gown wouldn’t rip. She swept up the shoes from the floor, tucked them underneath her arm and slowly shuffled towards the door. When she activated the controls and the door swung open, Kyp stood there with a shavit-eating grin on his face.

    And as much as it pained her to admit, the man looked good.

    He wore a black suit that fit him quite well, showing off his athletic built. Surprisingly, his hair was open, fanning out over his shoulders in dark brown waves. And in his right hand, he was holding a simple black cane.

    Jaina arched an eyebrow. “What’s with the cane?”

    “Fashion statement, love.”

    She dropped the shoes onto the floor and didn’t even dignify his comment with a reply. Obviously, he was having way too much fun.

    “Where’d you put the diamonds?” He asked.

    Jaina gestured to a low sideboard next to the Queen sized bed. Which, of course, she was never going to share with him. Not even in her wildest dreams.

    Well, maybe in her wildest dreams.

    “The necklace is in the lowest drawer. The earrings in the top.”

    She slipped her feet into the shoes and even though she wobbled a bit at first, walking back and forth a few times gave her the confidence she needed to stay upright.

    Kyp came back with the diamond necklace and the earrings and handed them over. “Hard to believe this is worth a fortune.”

    “More than a fortune.” Jaina said, carefully handling the necklace and opening the clasp. “These gems are literally priceless.”

    Kyp helped her lay the necklace around her neck and then Jaina put on the earrings. And next, she twisted her hair up into a messy hairdo but, according to various fashion magazines she’d read to get ready for this mission, messy hair was the way to go.

    To Jaina, it looked like there was a birds’ nest sitting on top of her head.

    But the jewelry was perfectly visible and that’s all that counted.

    “Ready, Misses Daneel Jaxon?” Kyp held out his arm for her to take.

    “Guess so, Mister…” She hesitated and drew her brows down into a deep frown.

    “Really.” Kyp said. “You forgot your husband’s name?”

    “Yes! Because you picked a stupid name.”

    “Did not.”

    “Aero Pawk? Congrats, Kyp. You’re a sound effect.”


    The Love Boat was a marvelous ship, a pleasure cruise for the high and mighty and definitely for the wealthiest of the galaxy. Dressed in the most expensive attire money could buy, hundreds of individuals mingled about holding crystal glasses in their hands filled with sparkling golden champagne. Golden rings glittered on fingers, colorful gems twinkled as the light touched in just the right angle. And exaggerated laughter was everywhere.

    “We should be getting paid for this.” Jaina mumbled between her teeth as she clutched Kyp’s arm and smiled brightly, waving at someone she didn’t know but who obviously thought they were best friends. The woman in question squeezed through the crowd and approached holding, of all things, a recording device.

    “Misses Jaxon. I’ve heard so much about you.” The woman began. Jaina blinked. She’d heard about a non existing person? But then it clicked. This wasn’t about Misses Daneel Jaxon at all. It was about the diamonds, the priceless jewelry adorning her neck and ears.

    “And you are?” Kyp asked in a gruff voice.

    “Oh.” The woman blushed as she met Kyp’s eyes and…she giggled. A woman in her mid forties giggled.

    Jaina tried not to shake her head. Instead, she put on her sweetest smile and moved closer to her “husband”. She gave the woman the stink eye, of course. She was giggling at her “husband”, after all.
    “Teena Mae.” She offered her hand and as Kyp, aka Aero Pawk, shook it, his hand came back holding a small white card. “I’m with the Imperial News Agency. I’m writing an article on the exotic pieces of jewelry displayed aboard the ship. Your necklace caught my attention almost immediately, Misses Jaxon. Last I heard the Blood Diamonds were under lock and key in a museum.”

    “That’s correct.” Jaina said but didn’t offer anything more. For all she knew, Teena Mae was the person they were looking for.

    “It was a pleasure making your acquaintance.” Kyp said and, for the love of the Force, winked at the poor woman. Going by the red in her cheeks, it wouldn’t have been a surprise, if she’d fainted right then and there. “But we’re needed elsewhere.”

    Kyp led the way down a flight of stairs, covered with a thick red carpet. Below, underneath a vast expanse of a viewport, the crowd stood around low tables while a live band played on a stage. Serving droids as well as waiters and waitresses tended to the guests and security guards, pretending to be inconspicuous but failing to do so, made sure everything was going according to plan.

    “We fit in perfectly, don’t we?” Kyp asked, reaching for a flute of champagne as a serving unit passed by.

    “That’s easy for you to say. You can still breathe freely.” Jaina said, tugging at her dress.

    “Stop fiddling, sweetheart. You look gorgeous.”

    The band on stage finished with their song and the lights suddenly dimmed as the host of the charity event, Lando Calrissian himself, walked on stage with the biggest grin ever. The crowd applauded for several minutes, with Lando waving and bowing and generally just enjoying himself a bit too much.

    “Thank you all for coming!” His voice boomed over the speakers. “Ladies and gentlebeings, I am awed to see so many beautiful individuals on one spot. Welcome to The Love Boat.” Another round of applause before he continued. “This charity event is to collect for worlds devastated by the war and thus help to rebuild what so many have lost. So I ask of you to open your hearts and help where help is needed.” He gestured forward and on the other side of the room, a screen descended from the ceiling, playing a short documentary about the ongoing war and what needed to be done. It was definitely a mood killer but Jaina knew Lando. He’d have the crowd dancing in no time.

    When the documentary was over and silence settled in place of quiet chatter, Lando took his place on the stage again. “Now, let’s get on with the show, shall we? I’d like to welcome a very special guest onto the stage. She is known for over a fifteen wonderful movies. She’s won ten Imperial Movie Awards and her first music album was number one for more than eighteen weeks. Please give a round of applause for Wynssa Starflare!”

    Jaina raised her brows and leaned closer to Kyp. “Did you know she was here?” She raised her voice to be heard.

    “Nope. Does it matter?”

    Well, Jaina wasn’t really sure yet. Wynssa Starflare, better known as Syal Fel, wasn’t known to appear in public as the celebrity she used to be. Especially not without her husband.

    Wynssa walked on stage with such elegance, it nearly made Jaina jealous. Not to mention her fabulous good looks. She wore her blond hair in gorgeous curls around her shoulders. Her gown was a beautiful light blue made from shimmer silk and it nearly glowed in the bright lights as she moved along the stage.

    Jaina didn’t pay attention to her speech, though. The crowd started to laugh suddenly but Jaina had no idea why because up on the stage, standing in the shadows behind his mother stood Jagged Fel.
    Now, this mission had been difficult from the very beginning but it was manageable. She could pretend to be married to a wealthy salesman, she could pretend to actually care about jewelry and gems and she could definitely find a thief amongst thieves.

    But all this with Jag in the midst, who had no idea about this little charade?

    This was going to be a problem.
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    I love the setting, the Love Boat of all things [face_laugh] (I liked that show btw) [face_mischief] And J/K undercover and then throw Jag in the mix :oops: Eagerly awaiting more!!! =D= [:D] [face_love] !!!
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    “Really.” Kyp said. “You forgot your husband’s name?”

    “Yes! Because you picked a stupid name.”

    “Did not.”

    “Aero Pawk? Congrats, Kyp. You’re a sound effect.”

    [face_rofl] love the banter between them and I can't wait for more :D
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    Awkward. Well at least Jag is not Force sensitive so Jaina and Kyp can use the Force in this case...right? Interested to see how this plays out.
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    Awkward how?

    Of course Jaina and Kyp can use the Force. They are Jedi, after all. ;) And no, Jag is not Force sensitive. He's just Jag.
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    What i meant was that Jag has the potential to blow their cover if he recognizes who they are so it makes the scenario more awkward. and then if Jaina and Kyp have to use the Force on him and he finds out later that could be awkward too :)

    Edit: of course i could be over-analyzing things as i am not familiar with Jag except through fics.
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    LOL I do agree that Jag not knowing would make it humorously likely he could blow their cover. "Hey, what are you two doing here, together?" [face_laugh] [face_rofl]
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    Aaaaahhh...well, let me assure you...there will be lots of hiding. :D

    Also, you should check out Jag in canon. During NJO, he's pretty cool. Don't know about Fate of the Jedi because I really dislike the series. Same goes for the series before that. :p
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    Love the exciting banter and set up, Undercover Jedi[face_dancing] and problems;)
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    This looks like it's going to be SO much fun. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Kyp and Jaina get into. And with Jag in the mix, I foresee some issues... :p I can't wait to read how this turns out. Wonderful job so far! The banter is just spot-on and had me laughing out loud at my computer. :D
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    :D more please :)
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    Falcon That is freaking cool. :D

    No worries. I'm on it. :)
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    Falcon -- [face_laugh] Now that is one unique review. [face_laugh] ;) [:D]
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    Thanks Nyota [:D]
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    [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh] Falcon, you are awesome. :D

    RL is being a real jerk but I'm almost done. :)
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    It's been a while since anyone wrote two of my favorite characters together. I can't wait for the next post :D
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    And Ceil is the Kyp specialist [face_dancing] =P~
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    =P~ I'll say [face_love]
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    Part II

    Kyp didn’t like reporters and he was fairly certain that he never would. The fact that these people asked too many questions, put their noses into business that wasn’t their concern and then having the audacity to write half-assed articles just to make a name for themselves, rubbed him the wrong way.

    So obviously, his eyes were on Teena Mae. At first glance she seemed harmless. Mid forties human female, polite and extremely talkative but there was something about her that made him wary. He stretched out with his senses, tendrils of Force energy nipping at her outer emotional shell. On the outside, she was calm but on the inside he caught a rise of agitation and excitement. Of course, she could just be extraordinarily happy to be aboard The Love Boat and to write the article for the INA that would make the first page but somehow Kyp doubted it.

    Because he had a hunch. A gut feeling. And he always listened to his gut.

    “What is he doing here?” Jaina suddenly hissed and, surprising the hell out of Kyp, gripped his hand and pulled him back the way they’d come. Only, the stairs to the next level above were blocked by more of Lando’s impeccably dressed guests so instead, Jaina took a left turn and more or less jumped behind a colorful wall-hanging that parted the servants’ corridor from the dance hall.

    Okay.” Kyp said, leaning on his cane. “You need to change into a different dress? Maybe it is too tight and there’s not enough air getting to your head.” He arched a dark brow. “What the hell, Jaina?”

    “Jag’s here.”


    “Kyp, what if he sees us? And he’s –“

    “Nothing we can’t handle.” He ran a hand through his hair and put on a big smile. “Don’t worry about him. While he’s off with Wynssa, we’ll be on the other side of the ship.” He paused for a moment and took a quick glance at the fancy diamond beset chrono for men (he’d made damned sure it wasn’t a girly chrono) around his wrist. “In fact, our escort should be arriving any minute. We need to head back.”

    Jaina grabbed his hand tightly. He took a long look at her face, trying to decipher the emotions playing across her features. There was nothing visible. But he sensed apprehension and fear.

    Kyp frowned. “What are you scared of?”

    “He’ll recognize us.”

    “You know, the easiest would be to simply clue him in. He might actually be helpful.”

    “No!” She said far too quickly. Kyp twisted his hand out of her grip, took a deep breath and leaned on his cane with both hands. He tilted his head to the side and paused for just a moment, examining his long time friend. But she was good at hiding her feelings.

    “What are you not telling me?”

    She hesitated for just a second, long enough for Kyp to realize that there was far more going on than she was saying. “It’s nothing, alright. Let’s just make sure we don’t cross paths, okay?”

    Kyp sighed. He didn’t have the time to argue with her so for the time being, he agreed by giving her a curt nod. Slowly, she led the way back toward Lando’s guests and just in time. Kyp caught sight of the beautiful Tendra Risant walking down the stairs with a beaming smile on her face. As she approached, she extended a hand and Kyp took it, lifting her delicate fingers to his lips. “Stunning, as usual.” He said with a grin.

    She laughed. “Charming.” She pulled her hand free and winked. “But I still don’t like you. Now, come on. They’re waiting.”


    “Mother, would you excuse me?” Jag laid a hand on Wynnsa’s shoulders. “I shouldn’t be long.”

    Both his mother and Lando Calrissian gave him curious looks but he smiled in that way he’d realized at an early age put grown-ups at ease.

    “Is everything alright?” His mother inquired.

    “Perfectly fine.” Which was a perfect lie but Jag was quite sure Wynnsa didn’t catch it as he quickly turned around and squeezed through the crowd towards the grand staircase that led to the belly of The Love Boat.

    Because just a moment ago, Jag had been sure he’d seen Jaina. Or maybe it was a look-a-like? Someone who resembled her?

    No sense in lying to himself. He knew her walk, he knew her smile, he knew her face. He knew absolutely everything about her. It had been Jaina. And she was here with another man…

    First of all, he needed to find out who the other man was holding her hand and smiling at her. Jag hadn’t seen his face. And then, of course, he was going to do something about it.

    Because…hell kriffing no.

    He walked up the stairs and gripped the banister until his knuckles popped.

    Sure, they’d argued but he hadn’t had the sense that things had gotten so bad between them that Jaina would seek comfort in someone else’s arms. As hard as it was to admit, it hurt. A lot.

    Physical pain, Jag could deal with. This kind of hurt was different. It was like having his heart ripped out and stepped upon.

    Breathing rapidly, Jag all but ran down the corridor. He nodded a few polite greetings towards people he’d never seen before, all the while hoping that he could catch up to Jaina on time.

    Whatever she thought had happened between them, he had to set things right.

    As he rounded a corner, he stopped in his tracks as he saw Jaina enter a turbolift. Tendra, Lando’s wife, was with her and so was the other man. Jag recognized him then as he slowly bent forward as if to kiss her.

    Jaina was with Kyp.

    The turbolift doors closed and Jag was left behind totally and utterly confused. He ran his hands through his hair and tried his very best to keep his roiling emotions at bay. Deep breaths, eyes closed, he leaned his shoulder against the corridor wall and stood there for a long while, slumped and defeated, at a total loss.


    “Showtime.” Jaina breathed in deeply and closed her eyes for just a moment. Her nerves were all over the place and her thoughts were back home, several days earlier, when she’d last spoken to Jag. Damn that man, why was he here? Of all places, why here?

    “You’re distracted.” Kyp commented with a lift of a brow. “Get back in the game, Jaina.”

    “I am.”

    “You’re not. Put aside whatever’s going on between the two of you and focus.”

    “Nothing’s going on –“

    Jaina. Do I look stupid to you?”

    Tendra, standing in front of them, cleared her throat politely. A kinder way of saying, I’m here and listening to every word you’re saying. The turbolift doors parted to the sides. Tendra stepped in, Kyp and Jaina followed.

    “Earpiece?” Kyp asked.

    “Activated.” Jaina answered, tapping the nearly invisible recording device with her finger.

    "Let me see." Kyp leaned forward, eying the device and making sure the small nub behind her ear was receiving.

    The turbolift doors shut and Jaina took another breath. Private matters had to wait. “So who are we dealing with?”

    “The rich and the famous.” Tendra said. “It’s a small group of investors, businessmen and one or two reporters.”

    Kyp groaned. “Figures.”

    “What did you expect?” Tendra asked. “She’s wearing the infamous Blood Diamonds.” She gestured to Jaina’s necklace. “Everyone wants to see them. And half the crowd wants to own them.” She added quietly. “We’ve narrowed it down to this small group you’re meeting tonight. The thief is probably one of them.”

    “How do you know?” Kyp asked.

    “Security did a fairly good job. According to DNA scans, the thief is definitely human but nowhere on file and surprisingly, our thief is a woman.”

    “Not surprising at all.” Jaina said. “We’re talking about diamonds, after all.”

    “So now it’s up to you to find out who it is we’re dealing with.” Tendra said as the turbo lift stopped on the desired level.
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    Ooh, I agree with Kyp - it's probably the over-zealous reporter Teena Mae. :p And :eek: J/J are/were on the outs, now he sees her with someone else [face_dancing] Oh the snark then mush potential [face_dancing]

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    Great chapter. Another question is will Jag blow their cover?

    When is the next chapter :p :D
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    I think I forgot to tag for the last update. Must remedy this.

    Anyway, next update is finished. Yay. :D

    Nyota's Heart Falcon jacen200015 Iverna


    Oh yes, and because I'm in an absolutely amazing mood and this song was playing in the background while I was writing this last part, I thought I'd share:

    Be Happy. :D


    Was this what defeat felt like, Jag wondered for a moment as he leaned against the corridor wall and stared at the closed turbo lift doors through which Jaina and Kyp had disappeared. Was this what it felt like to have his heart crushed?

    Jag closed his eyes and shook his head.


    This couldn’t be.

    This was not the way things would end.

    He wouldn’t stand for it.

    If Jaina wanted to end things, she would have to say so to his face. The fact that she went behind his back this way was like someone driving a vibro blade between his ribs. Did he not deserve better?
    Jag straightened and clasped his hands behind his back. He took a few deep breaths, inwardly collecting courage he needed to look her in the eye and demand an explanation.
    Trouble was, he had no idea where she’d gone to. Of course, he could simply ask Lando but that would give his mother incentive to ask questions he didn’t want to answer. But perhaps he could catch Lando alone for just a moment –

    On the other side of the corridor, a door opened and a plump woman wearing a dark red gown hurried across the threshold. In one hand she held a recording device and in the other, a data pad. She stared at the thing without paying attention where she was walking and promptly ran right into Jag.

    “Oh, dear!” She exclaimed with raised brows. “I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

    Jag raised an eyebrow. “Obviously.”

    “Yes…well.” She cleared her throat and forced a smile. “Are you headed to the observation platform? I’m a bit late.”

    Well…it was worth a shot, wasn’t it? “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.”

    She smiled at him. She was at least ten years his senior but she was an attractive woman. Her hair was pinned up in an elaborate style, her make-up wasn’t flashy and the jewelry she wore was classy. “What’s your name?”

    “I’m Teena Mae.” She said. “Reporter for the Imperial News Agency.”

    “Ah. And how is the INA interested in The Love Boat?” Jag asked with a lift of his lips. As they approached the turbolift, Jag let Teena Mae type in the destination. The doors opened, they stepped in and as they doors closed again, Jag inhaled a whiff of Teena Mae’s perfume.

    It reminded him of a flower he’d once accidently beheaded in his mothers’ study several years ago by knocking it off a shelf. At the time, he hadn’t known how rare this flower was and the scent it gave off was very particular.

    “I’m writing an article about jewels.”


    “The Blood Diamonds are on board the ship! But you must have known that already.”

    “Of course.” He lied. Actually, he had no clue what the Blood Diamonds were.

    “Do you have any idea how much those diamonds are worth?” Teena Mae enthusiastically went on with a shake of her head.

    “A lot, I imagine.”

    “Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I need to interview the new owner. Misses Jaxon. Do you know her?”

    Jag shrugged. “I don’t believe I do.”

    “She’s quite pretty, if I may say so. Her husband far more so. Lovely man. Anyway, what’s your area of expertise?”

    “Uh…” Jag cleared his throat. “Military.”

    “And why is the military interested in diamonds?”

    “Oh, it’s a personal matter.” Thankfully, the turbo lift doors opened. Teena Mae suddenly hooked her arm through his and led the way down a short darkened hall that opened up into a grand observation deck. The viewport stretched out from one end to the other, opening up to a clear and magnificent view of the stars. Even after so many years as a pilot, the view of space still took Jag’s breath away.
    This was natural beauty and amongst all these millions and millions of stars, life suddenly seemed so very small.

    “Well…it was nice meeting you, Mister…?” Teena raised a brow.


    She smiled. “See you around, Mister Fel.”

    Jag watched Teena Mae saunter down to the small crowd gathered before the viewport. He recognized a few faces from the holonet and also a famed reporter who used to work for the New Republic. But it was Kyp Durron who he saw next and standing beside him was Jaina.

    Instantly, anger crept up along his spine.

    He walked slowly with his hands clasped behind his back. Head held up high, chin forward, he approached and when he was standing right behind them, Jagged Fel cleared his throat.

    “Am I interrupting?”


    As Jaina heard his voice, a shiver passed down her spine. She spun around and put on the sweetest smile. “What are you doing here?” She hissed between clenched teeth, her smile still in place.
    “I could ask you the same question.”

    “Is there a problem?” Kyp had been talking to a CEO of a speeder manufacturing plant and the large, heavyset man now gave Jag a curious look.

    Jag raised his eyes to meet the man’s steely grey look. “Yes. There is.”

    “Which we will discuss privately.” Jaina said, grabbing Jag’s arm and pulling him aside.

    “Have you lost your mind?” She said when she was sure no one could listen. “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “I saw you with Kyp. What else was I supposed to do?”

    “Jag, this isn’t what you think!”

    “You’re here with him, aren’t you? You were all over him just now –“

    “I was holding on to his arm!” She nearly squealed, absolutely shocked.

    “What’s going on between the two of you?”

    “Jag –“

    “Looks to me you’re enjoying yourselves beautifully. And here I thought we’d settled our differences and –“

    “Jag, you idiot!”

    There was a sudden loud crashing sound from behind them. They turned around to see Kyp glaring at them the way he usually reserved for insolent students at the academy. His cane lay at his feet, where he’d slammed it down.

    “I have had enough of you two.” He ripped his com link from his pocket. “Tendra, lock it up.”

    Within seconds, the doors all around the observatory crashed down and locked. For the time being, there was no way out.

    “Listen up, boys and girls!” Kyp spoke up loudly. To make himself better heard, he stepped up onto one of several chairs. With a wide smile on his face, he spread his arms to the sides. “Thank you all for your attention. My name is not Aero Pawk Jaxon.”

    “Sound effect.” Jaina muttered, earning an even darker glare from Kyp.

    “My name is, in fact, Kyp Durron. You might have heard of me one time or another.” He clapped his hands. “Now, here’s how this is going to play out –“

    “Are you robbing us?” A young lady spoke up.

    “Yeah. Because I have nothing better to do than rob a bunch of stuck up, selfish brats of their favorite little toys.”

    “What is the meaning of this!” A bald, tall human man stepped up with his hands balled into fists. His face was already turning an unhealthy shade of red.

    “Well, if you’d listen – I’m getting there.”

    “I will have you arrested!”

    Kyp rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” He muttered, running a hand through his hair.

    “I beg your pardon! How dare –“

    Kyp snapped his fingers and narrowed his eyes on the speaker. “Don’t you even go there.”

    “Kyp –“ Jaina began but he interrupted with something akin to a growl.

    “Shut it.”

    Kyp jumped down from the low chair and let the silence sink in just a bit longer. He turned a full circle, reaching out to the Force and sending tendrils of energy towards the small group of humans. They were all surprised, some even afraid.

    “There is a thief among you.” Kyp said in a level tone. “I intend to find her.”


    “Yes. We’re dealing with a very talented woman. And once we’ve wrapped this up, you’re all free to go. Now…the easiest would be for the thief to just step forward. That way we can call it a night and I can finally go home. Any takers?”


    “Yeah. Thought as much. Well, ladies and gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable. It’s gonna be a long night.”


    “So all this…it’s a mission?” Jag whispered as Jaina led him away from the confused and slightly apprehensive group.

    “Yes. Lando asked for help.”

    “Well…oh.” Which was all he could really say because he had no other means to articulate how stupid he truly felt. “I suppose I overreacted.”

    “Jag.” She took his hands into hers and laced her fingers through his. “Kyp and I are friends. Nothing more. We work great together as a team, that’s all.”

    “I’m –“

    “Let me finish.” She squeezed his hand. “There is only one person in this universe who is meant for me. And that is you, Jag. Only you. And –“

    “See, I don’t get you two.” Kyp suddenly interrupted. He’d taken back his cane and leaned on it with his full weight, his brow furrowed as he first looked at Jaina and then back at Jag. “All this could have been prevented, you know. If only you’d talk.”

    Jaina scoffed. “This coming from you? You always argue with Liz!”

    He grinned. “That’s not arguing, sweetheart. That’s foreplay.” He gestured to Teena Mae, who stood apart from the others whispering and gossiping and undoubtedly wishing Hell on the Jedi. “We need to watch her.”
    “The reporter?”

    “Yes. Gut feeling. There’s something off about her.”

    “Kyp.” Jaina held up her hand and gestured to her earpiece. It gave off the faintest beeping sound that only Jaina could hear. “Someone’s sending a message.”

    “We’re locked down. No messages go in or out.”

    “Someone’s found a way around, Kyp. Question is, who?” She tapped her finger against her lower lip. “I need a data pad. I can hook it up to the receiver and maybe we can at least figure out for whom the message was intended.”

    “Hm.” Kyp said, swinging his cane as he walked up to Teena Mae with a dashing smile.


    “Taking notes?”

    Teena Mae nearly jumped out of her skin as Kyp snuck up on her from behind. She whirled around, flustered. “Oh. You.”

    “Yes. Me.”

    “I…” She cleared her throat. “Well, you’ve made this evening very exciting.”

    “Yeah.” He grinned. “I do that. A lot. It’s one of my many talents.”

    “Jedi Durron –“

    “Kyp is fine.”

    She tried a small smile but it didn’t reach her eyes. In fact, Kyp sensed that she was much more anxious than the others. She was actually afraid. “I’m not accustomed to situations like this.”

    “No one is, believe me.”

    “Yes. Well –“

    “May I borrow your data pad?” He blurted, catching her off guard. Her eyes widened a fraction.


    “Someone’s trying to send a message. I need to hook up a little receiver to see who it is.”

    Slowly, a smile crept onto his face. He waited, patiently for any sign of reaction. Outwardly, Miss Teena Mae was exceptionally calm but inside, he sensed turmoil.

    He felt that she was ready to lie to him. It was like a vile stench mingling with the Force, a different kind of poison. And Kyp hated being lied to.

    “Choose your next words carefully.” He advised in a very low voice, his smile vanishing.

    Teena Mae’s demeanor suddenly changed from the flustered woman to a person who knew exactly what she was doing. She stood taller, pitched her chin forward and there was a twinkle in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. “You’re quite clever.”



    “Please, go on.”


    He frowned. “You’re not very good with words, are you?”

    Teena set her data pad and her recording device aside on a low table. “Well, I suppose there’s no sense in denying it. How did you figure it out?”

    “When you approached us about the Blood Diamonds. That was your mistake.”

    “Everyone knew the Blood Diamonds would be aboard.”

    “Yes but no one knew who would be wearing them. You knew that Misses Jaxon would be the one to wear the diamonds. Gave you away.”

    “No.” Teena shook her head. “That’s not right. It was public knowledge. I received notice…” Her voice trailed off and then she laughed while she shook her head. “Security had already tagged me, hadn’t they?”

    “And all it took was a fake message claiming that Misses Jaxon would be aboard with the Blood Diamonds. You were the only one to receive the message. So yes, you were tagged. They weren’t quite sure if it was really you so they sent us in.”

    “Jedi for a petty thief? Isn’t that overkill?”

    “Not if we’re trying to figure out who you’re working for.” As all color flushed from her face, Kyp grabbed her data pad and her recording device. At the same time, the doors around the observation platform rose back into the walls and several armed security men stormed in, weapons aimed.

    “Well played, Master Jedi.”

    “I’m good at what I do.” He stepped aside as a security guard approached, holding a set of cuffs. “Enjoy your stay in prison. I hear it’s nice this time of year.”

    Teena laughed. “I will see you again, Master Jedi.”

    “No. You won’t.” He stepped aside and watched as Security led Teena Mae away.


    One day later, Jag and Jaina sat in the cockpit of Kyp’s personal ship. They sat together in the pilots’ chair, Jaina atop Jag’s lap with her head against his shoulder. She listened to his heartbeat as she trailed a finger along his collarbone. She’d missed this. Being with him, forgetting the world, forgetting the galaxy. Just the two of them.

    “I’m sorry.” Jag said after a while. He combed his fingers through her hair and then leaned forward to kiss the top of her head. “I was an ass.”

    “And then some.”

    He chuckled. “You scared me, Jaina.” He said a moment later, pulling her closer as he wrapped his arms around her. “When I saw you with Kyp, I truly thought –“

    “No, Jag.” She sat up and looked into his eyes, into those beautiful emerald green eyes. “You are everything to me. You are my best friend, my soul mate. Everything.”
    Jag pulled her down for a kiss. A long, lingering kiss that neither would forget anytime soon.

    “Those people on The Love Boat,” Jaina began quietly, “all they cared about was their money and their jewels. It made me realize that…true friends are like diamonds. Bright.” She kissed the tip of his nose. “Beautiful.” Her lips touched his left eye, then the right. “So very valuable.” A kiss on his cheek. “And always in style.” She nipped at his lips and chuckled. “I love you, Jagged Fel. Only you.”

    The door to the cockpit opened with a quiet hiss. “Aw, hell no!” Kyp called out as he entered. “Get the hell off my chair! I don’t need your lovey-dovey germs all over my stuff.”

    Jaina laughed as she slid off Jag’s lap and took his head. “Ignore him.” She said to Jag. “He’s in one of his moods.”

    “Just so you know,” Kyp called after them as they walked down the corridor to Jaina’s private cabin. “I’m calling your Dad!”
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