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Before - Legends Disney animated movie challenge (Lilo & Stich quote), update 6: Orson & the Anil boys, answers

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by AzureAngel2, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I wish I could claim that I do not know where so many words come from, but my job change causes a lot of emotional chaos inside me and so I need writing at my coping mechanism.

    Therefore I am glad that divapilot allowed me to participate in the Disney animated movie challenge. I picked #6 which comes with a great quote from the movie "Lilo and Stich":

    "Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

    And this is a funny coincident for this happens to be the last story that I gave my former kindergarten group as a good-bye present. In form of an audio tape. They just love our old tape recorder.

    We Germans have quite a tradition of audio plays and audio books as my poor Dutch husband DarthUncle had to find out.

    And he also had to find out that he gets (ab)used as a stand-in editor/ beta of my stories on a constant base.

    Some of the later vignettes are beta-edited by @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha though, because @Kahara still has an eye on Nagina´s main story.

    And here it is, the beginning of another vignette collection of mine, called "Kabhī khuśī kabhī ġam" (translation: Sometimes happy, sometimes sad).

    In my recent fanfic and vignettes about my OC Nagina some Naboo speak Sanskrit, because it is the language for their religious rituals and prayers.

    And the Bollywood movie "Kabhī khuśī kabhī ġam" happens to be one of my most favourite movies of all times.

    Reader warning: Please excuse my weird English! I am German. English is only my Second language!

    Here we go now with the stories of the members of the large Anil foster family:

    1. Gita and Chetan Dorje (Naboo, 56 BBY)

    Your husband has draped his right arm over your shoulders. He feels confident about the healing chances for the girl in front of you.

    Together you look into the bacta tank that seems awfully large for her small body.

    The three year old is not the first abuse victim you will take into your home at the edge of Theed, nor will she be the last.

    Cruelty against children is common place in the galaxy. As social pedagogues you fight with all your might against countless, sometimes faceless enemies. It does not matter to you whether a child is a human or of alien origin.

    Your point of view mirrors the Alderaanian Convention on the Rights of the Child: “For the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, a child should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.”

    This girl here has been found in a trash bin, left to die from her severe injuries. You cried when reading through her medical report. It happens so often that you have to face such evil.

    Nobody knows exactly who the child is. The identity of her parents is unknown.

    The only link to her past seems to be non other than Sheev Palpatine, the influential scion of a very old Naboo noble family. He told the medical staff her birth name, which is Nagina. Yet he denied the hospital a blood test, let alone a saliva test. But he offered the hospital and Child Care Services an astronomical sum of money. Which means he tries to cover up something.

    In the end it does not matter what binds the girl to the ambitious politician and playboy. You will give her a new family. One to rely on. One that keeps her safe.

    “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten,” you mumble.

    And Chetan adds, “We also do not throw away children like House Palpatine when there is no need for them any longer.”

    Nagina opens her brown eyes as if she heard your husband say that, which is impossible through all the glass. But her gaze is directed at the both of you anyway. It is rather uncanny for somebody so young.

    “Call a nurse or a doctor!” you beg. “She woke up.”

    Something deep inside you, a foreboding of some kind, tells that you are dealing with somebody who is highly Force sensitive. But you will not hand the child out to the Jedi Order and their teachings. She will have a normal upbringing on Naboo as long as she wants to stay with Chetan and you.

    You smile at the girl and, tentatively, she returns your smile, pressing her palms against the glass of the bacta tank. She flattens her nose, even though the breathing tube is in the way.

    Normally, it takes your wards a while to adapt to their new situation and even longer to open up to you. But Nagina seems to have an enormous zest for life.

    You are certain she will like the meadows around your house. You look forward to taking her swimming in the Solleu River for somehow you are sure she loves water. It is the way she moves her body in the bacta tank. She looks happy and relaxed.

    While the medical staff gets her out of her wet environment her eyes never leave your face.

    The current United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki

    Jedipedia, a free German Star Wars-Encyclopaedia
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    Aug 14, 2002
    "Kabhī khuśī kabhī ġam"?

    Wasn't that a field hockey or netball film? What's that got to do with Lilo and Stich?
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Sith-I-5, the title means "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad" and while the film does not fit, the title does. Such is the life of a woman who saves children. :)

    I have a question too, though.

    Why would it be wonderful for a child swim in the river where all the ashes of the planet's dead are thrown there from the Livet Tower, in a concentration far larger than elsewhere? The child abuse implied in this story is horrifying if the poor thing had to be taken in the bacta tank and it's wonderful that Nagina found her, but swimming in that particular river has odd implications.

    This makes me rather curious about your universe. Do you envision the river to be big enough to be possible to swim in without...getting people's ashes on one's skin?

    Also, the person who allowed you to participate in this challenge is actually divapilot.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Sith-I-5: It is as Ewok Poet says, the title is about Nagina who becomes part of a large foster family. Together the family members go through happy times as well as sad times. Kabhī khuśī kabhī ġam. No one gets left behind or forgotten in that family. And as I explained above the story:

    Ewok Poet: This is an interesting question and I would like to answer it. Wookiepedia states:

    I imagine the Anils to live up stream from the City of Theed, very far away from the Funeral Temple.

    This temple and all the statues one can see throughout the TPM movie also made me forge a link to the Hindu culture. Like the River Ganges here on earth the Solleu River plays indeed a very fundamental role in the cremation of the deceased.

    But as stressed above, the house of the Anils is up river.

    And thanks for pointing out that divapilot and NOT Findswoman let me on this Disney challenge here. Had a name mix-up of some kind when posting. Changed that now.

    My next update is in the weekend with - minor spoiler alert - Crix Madine.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Interesting beginning
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Ha, and I went to the "Thalia" bookstore today and got myself a big SW atlas from the Germany publishing house Ravensburger. (Got it from the 30 Euro book voucher the parents of my former kindergarten gave me as a good-bye present, together with 9 flower bouquets, three chocolate boxes, a 45 Euro cinema voucher and lots of children paintings.)

    I will make a picture of the Naboo map and post that map in here. Because it is exactly what I had in mind when I put the Anil house up river, far away from the water fall.

    Anyway, thanks earlybird-obi-wan for not only liking my story, but also finding the time to comment on it. [face_love]
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    Apr 26, 2016
    Hi AzureAngel2 That was a nice little verse. 2nd person is so rare. Am I missing who this girl is meant to be? I think you meant zest instead of jest, but actually it works somehow.

    It was nice to be able to complete reading something! Thanks for sharing.

    Ewok Poet I think the point of the river is that it is constantly in motion - it takes the ashes and impurities away, like the Ganges.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Kurisan: Thanks for the feedback. At present I love writing in the 2nd person singular, because it enables me to see the universe more through the eyes of the other characters. Strange, but true.

    I changed the text a bit and now you can see that the girl is Nagina.

    Oh and I indeed meant zest and so I corrected that mistake, too.

    After the weekend I want to make a photo of the map in my SW atlas for you and Ewok Poet. Because the Naboo map, drawn by Tim MacDonagh, is so beautiful and triggered my story when I first saw it in the book shop many weeks ago.

    Okay, I will be away in the weekend and therefore I already do the next update with no other than Crix Madine, who is 34 years old in my story. (Because he is 65 around 12 ABBY.) Dravits Draven is 26. I have no clue how old Berch Teller is.

    I hope

    Darth Gangrenous
    others will read and comment to this little fic here.

    2. Crix Madine (19 BBY, Coruscant)

    Your new Imperial uniform suits you flawlessly, but a part of you longs for the old Republican design. This coup d'etat came over the galaxy with no warning what so ever. Sometimes it seems like a bad dream. But all of you are fully awake.

    Members of the Jedi Order have tried to murder the Supreme Chancellor. Well, that is the official version anyway. You always try to approach facts from different points of view. For there is always more than one truth. Nagina pointed that out to you a long time ago and you stick to her advice. Because she is the non-official niece of Sheev Palpatine. She sure knows about falsehood and secrets hidden in the open.

    You look into the mirror again, at the young man that you have become against all odds.

    In the Name of the Galactic Empire your superiors want you to form storm commandos and lead those in their early missions. This is an honour for you.

    The galaxy needs a lot of healing after the chaos and sorrow the Clone Wars have brought on everybody. Millions of dead citizens, including your brother-in-law Barin Samye.

    How you miss the mischievous, always good-humoured prankster! In one of his famous Corellian drinking competitions he had been able to finish an entire bottle of Whyren's Reserve without knocking out. For a man who had been just 1,6 metres high this was quite an achievement.

    You readjust your cap, which covers most of your ginger coloured hair.

    Many decades ago, in a different life, you were found wandering the streets of Coronet. You were undernourished and no grown-up had been at your side.

    Due to some mix up at the local orphanage you ended up on the planet Chandrila far away from your home world Corellia. Suddenly, you were part of a large foster family that took you in with love and true dedication.

    “Nay, you look better without that toilet lid on, carrot!” Berch announces and ribs the cap from your head again.

    “Don't!” you reprimand him in your best officer's voice, but it is hopeless really.

    Since ages your foster brother has this unnerving fixation with your hair, always messing it up. He should get a girlfriend or even better, a pet.

    “Are we really allowed to see Nagina on her forty-first birthday?” you ask for the forth time in a row.

    Finally, Dravits lowers himself to answer from the far end of your room. “Since Krennic took off with her to Scarif, I have been working on that.”

    “Paper does not blush, I suppose?” you challenge him.

    Dravits snorts at you. “I have my special ways into the Emperor's office. Trust me, my plan will work. He won't notice until its too late.”

    You roll your eyes at the blond, haggard man, another foster brother of yours. Until now he has been lurking around, no doubt searching for embarrassing information on you. It comes in handy that you have no social network account, because he likes to hack into those.

    As Republic Intelligence agents both Berch and Dravits ended up with ISB straight after the end of the Galactic Republic. But they are not quite happy with the recent changes. In the past they only monitored Separatists activities. Now it seems to them that they have to spy on innocent civilians who committed no crime apart from freedom of opinion and speech.

    You adjust your collar.

    Nagina must be devastated. Especially about the purge of the Jedi Order.

    Your foster sister is worth gold. Therefore you need to protect her from Krennic with all might. He never did her any good. Your foster parents should have put their foot down when she volunteered to babysit him.

    “And Mama and Papa can manage with so many people invading their home?” you muse aloud.

    Berch shrugs, still playing around with your cap. “I can sleep in a tent if I have to.”

    You also would not mind that, but you fear that there is no way that the Emperor will not sanction the Anil family reunion. He cares for his only niece in ways you were never able to understand.

    “The three of us could share a tent,” you suggest, fully aware of the consequences for your hair and, in Dravits' case, your belongings.

    Berch makes a face. “Just because momma always says that family means no one gets left behind or forgotten, carrot, it does not mean that I have to bear your snoring.”

    “Ihn Corellisi nyeve min bhiq suman ehin nyiad,” you mutter under your breath, thinking of Nagina on far away Scarif. A Corellian never turns his back on someone in need.

    Krennic is known for getting others into sticky situations, but makes it hard to get a legal grip on him. Since he is with the infamous Tarkin Initiative, it has gotten even harder to follow his activities. But you are sure that he is up to no good.

    The complete Wermo´s Guide for Old Corellian
    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Jedipedia, a free German Star Wars-Encyclopaedia
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    Jun 1, 2005
    A look into the head of Nadine. It's good to see a story featuring a minor character to see what makes them tick. :)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Corellians are always great characters to see in your fics
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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan: Okay, my 2nd update of the second Celtic song challenge contains another Corellian for you (this time an OC).

    This thread hopefully continues next weekend.
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    Mar 20, 2005
    Nice to see a few good men also know Nagina and care for her - though nagging on Krennic might not be the best way to help her! I can see how the shared values they all got from their foster parents (as I see them with Nagina, and the bits where we read their thoughts) lead them all, in due time, to join the not yet existant resistance.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    DarthUncle: You found me out about the resistance thingy. Or better to say rebel alliance. But having seen a lot of "Blindspot" episodes recently and coming to know "Jane´s brother" made me think about the question where do spies come from? And then the "James Bond" background came to mind and out of a sudden it was there: putting Crix, Dravits and Berch into the same foster family. My mind works in strange ways, I know.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    A thanks to DarthUncle for not smashing the laptop down on my head. But listening to my fanfic after a long weekend seminar that costed a lot of strength.

    @Karaha for encouraging me to write on.

    @Sith-I-5 for unwillingly giving an interesting idea to me.

    @earlybird-Obi-Wan: iets nieuws:

    3. Aurra Sing (19 BBY, also Chandrilla)

    Of course Nagina tries to mask her arrival, but she fails profoundly. For a good reason. She does not think like a predator. And she certainly does not move like one. While she makes her way through the balmgrass she is more noisy than Jabba the Hutt when he tries to get up from his throne.

    You roll your eyes skywards.

    Such clumsiness from the niece of a Sith lord!

    Disgruntled, you shake your head.

    Nagina could never survive on her own in this cruel galaxy. The word 'soupy victim' is written all over her. She can be glad that you are just partly Anzati, that you can restrain yourself around her.

    Placing your AS rifle 2000s in the grass, you get up with a smirk.

    “Cake delivery service!” she calls out.

    “A bottle of Corellian nectar would have been nicer,” you answer in a dry tone, when she comes to a total standstill in front of you.

    A... achuta…!”Nagina pants in Huttese. H… hallo!

    Her sight sets something lose in you. Even with red cheeks and windswept hair she is a vision of beauty.

    “You look gorgeous in that fuchsia coloured tunic,” you praise her.

    “Orson gave it to me this morning. Together with these ear rings and the necklace.”

    At least this dreadful kung has some sense of fashion and, even harder to admit for you, taste.

    “You also look pretty in green!” she says.

    There is a lot you could say about the reason for wearing camouflage, but you just answer her with a coy smile.

    “Look what I brought for you!” Her eyes glitter brightly.

    You gaze at the large slice of apple pie. The vanilla sauce on it still steams with heat.

    There is a tingling sensation all over your body.

    Curious, you reach out with all of your Force senses.

    “You used the Force to keep THAT warm?” you gulp, not wondering for the first time how strong her skills really are.

    Instead of answering you, she hands the plate over to you. Then she unrolls her blanket artistically.

    You relish on the scent of the pie.

    “I met Maul,” Nagina announces without warning. “On Jedha.”

    “Imagine that!”

    She narrows her eyes. “You knew that he was alive?”

    “Bad weeds grow tall. Ask your foster dad, would you.”

    Tears form in her eyes. They are her most lethal possession.

    You put the plate on the ground before you leap towards her.

    While Nagina almost cries a hole in the ground, you hold her tight against you. “Shush!” you beg.

    Maul is a greater stupa than Krennic. The woman in your arms is definitely a keeper.

    “Freck the dark side!” you mutter and press your mouth to her hair and her temple, kissing her over and over.

    “I hope neither Boba or Hondo are invited to your party?” you joke after a while.

    She laughs at you, an infectious sound. “Gita has an extremely large guest list, but last time I checked, you were not on it. Neither were they.”

    Which is for the better really. Nagina's clan has too many people in it that are a danger to you.

    You put up a wide grin, while she dries her tears with the edge of her right sleeve. “The Anil motto, right?” you probe. “This is why you are here with me now instead of them.”

    Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.A heart-wrenching sadness creeps into her eyes. “Until my third birthday I had to hide from my Palpatine grandfather is very unusual places, Aurra. It was okay, because Sheev and my mom checked on me occasionally”

    Darth Sidious and Sheev Palpatine seem to be the same man.

    Your head spins from the inklings. Only now, after all those years with her, you truly begin to understand her fascination with Maul, her friendship with you, her kindness towards Krennic and other scum in this galaxy. It is like cracking a code really.

    She moves on, brave and honest, “I also had my faith in Naboo's moon goddess Skiraya which helped me through lonely nights.”

    Nagina does not say that you have nobody. For that you respect her.

    “My fosters have done more than giving me a motto to live for.” She sits down in the grass. “They gave me a mantra that keeps the madness away from me.”

    You blink at Nagina in quick succession.

    'Mad' is not a term that you would use to describe her. She is unique, inventive, unintentional funny, even suicidal at times, but certainly not a crazy person. No, she is nothing like you.

    It startles you when Nagina reaches out for one of your cheeks and starts to stroke it endearingly. “Love and friendship are the only values in life that grow when you share them with somebody else. Perhaps they make us fragile, but they enrich us.”

    Her words get under your skin like acid, burning their way straight into a heart that you would like to keep cold.

    “Enough sweet talk, puddin'!” you advice her quietly. “Leave the yummy goodies here and return to your guests! Or my riffle makes you dance down...”

    “Take care, Nashtah! Uma ji muna!” She leans over and kisses your brow. I love you.

    Hondo never said your childhood name, leave alone those three magical words.

    While you watch Nagina walking downhill again, you stuff large portions of apple pie into your mouth. Her kiss still burns on your brow like a laser shot.

    You could fire into her back now, give her the happy ending she deserves. But you are aware of the void that she would leave. In too many lives, including yours.

    Only now you notice the napkin that she left for you on the picnic blanket. It has pink hearts.

    You take the napkin and press it against your lips, trying to imagine they were her mouth.

    With closed eyes you recall Nagina's scent, the softness of her skin, the very essence of her 'soup'.

    No, you cannot kill her. Nor can you find the right people who would do the deed for you.

    In the distance you hear her walking away, her body parting the balm grass.

    With a jerk you get up.

    She is at the bottom of the hill, a tiny figure in a heaving sea of greenery.

    The only thing that you can do in Nagina's favour is: keeping the beasts from her door.

    “Kapa Tonka! Moova dee bonkee da slagwa !” says Boba through his helmet mic. Hands up! Turn around slowly!

    You do him the favour. “This is my slice,” you purr. “Get your own!”

    The fully armed youngster does not move an inch. “I could not care less for patogga right now, Aurra.“

    You nod towards the blanket next to you. “Then sit down, darling, and discuss Krennic with me instead!”

    The complete Wermo's Guide for Huttese
    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Jedipedia, a free German Star Wars-Encyclopaedia
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    Jun 14, 2005
    DarthUncle is very sad that I want to stop, but who am I fooling with this? This is my last post for this challenge.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Nice take on Aurra
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    Jun 14, 2005
    It was very sweet of you to stop by, earlybird-obi-wan. I am always grateful when somebody reacts to the things that I do in my spare time.
  18. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    And because of you, earlybird-obi-wan, I wrote this.

    Hoping it also achieves the attention and liking of DarthUncle, Kahara & Darth Gangrenous, who always loves a good Sith story. Perhaps I might even be so bold to interest another expert of Sith affairs: Darth_Furio.

    4. Sheev Palpatine

    Anger is building inside you like carbon dioxide in a soda bottle, that somebody just shook like a lunatic. What is the point of being Emperor, when you cannot even stop an Anil clan meeting from happening?

    The holo projection of Krennic looks up at you. There is deep worry in his eyes. “I am very sorry...”

    “You better be!” you roar, feeling like sending your new apprentice to Chandrila this very instant.

    But fact is that Lord Vader is not fully operational yet. He needs more time to adjust to his new cybernetic limbs and to the life-supporting suit that you intended for him to have. You do not care for his psychological trauma or the pain he is in. Being a Sith always comes with a price.

    “Madine, Teller and Draven, of all people!” you thunder.

    There are more than a billion citizens in your newly founded Empire and those three happen to meet. Not just for any occasion. It has to be the surprise birthday party for their beloved foster sister.

    Your imagination runs wild.

    One scenario is worse than the one before.

    “Shall I kill them?” Orson asks a little too hopeful.

    He has history with Nagina's foster brothers. You are aware of that. Especially with Berch Teller, the old prankster. “No,” you snap.

    To force your niece to witness another family massacre should not be your birthday present for her. She deserves better.

    “This is what we do,” you say to Krennic and add after a while of contemplation, “Nothing.”

    His features darken. “I walk all the way to this smell hole of a privy just to be told to stand down? Just like that?”

    At times you think that Krennic would make a wonderful Sith acolyte if he had any Force powers to speak of. But unfortunately he has not and his attitude gets annoying.

    You lean over in your throne, light-years away from him. “What if I would start to favour Tarkin out of a sudden?”

    His mouth drops. “That's not fair, my Emperor!”

    Lines from one of Nagina's childhood classics come to your mind. Giving Krennic your most horrible grin, you say in a husky voice, “You say that so often! I wonder what your basis for comparison is.”

    You can tell from his eyes that he knows the origin of your words. That he even read “Labyrinth”. His photographic memory is even better than that of Tarkin. But the latter would never sulk like a little boy.

    “This is not funny,” he mumbles.

    “The fact that three very able Intelligence officers meet tonight does not make me laugh either. Especially when they are engaged in conversation with a person, who has a large helper syndrome and an even bigger heart.”

    He gulps visibly. “I am not to eliminate Ina instead, am I?”

    For that question you could fry him with Force lightening. “What ever will be will be,” you try to say in a normal tone of voice. “She can only play guessing games about 'Project Celestial'. The only thing she knows for sure is that we need more cyber crystals. She has no idea where the battle station is build and how big we intend it to be.”

    Krennic looks stricken. “But Ina has concrete ideas what it will be capable of, when construction work is finished.”

    Pride floods you. “My impossible girl!” you allow yourself to state. “So clever and well-informed about ancient Sith history. She taught herself in my private library. Books widen the horizon of a child, you know.”

    Your conversational partner crooks an eyebrow at you.

    “Go back to the party, before the other guests get suspicious!” you advice Krennic. “Behave normal! There is time for damage limitation later on. As for Madine, Teller and Dravits, I will load them with so many tasks to preform in my service that they have no time to act out against me.”

    Krennic squares the shoulders. “This means that I am still in charge, right?”

    You yelled at him earlier on. It achieved nothing. Perhaps you should arrange for him to get kidnapped and tortured like Tarkin once. That might be a helpful stimulant for him not doubt you all the time.

    “Whatever happens, stay at Nagina's side!” you sigh instead of unleashing the dark side of the Force. “We cannot prevent her to pull tricks out of her head in order to safe the galaxy.”

    He stares at you in disbelief.

    “Orson, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten,” you say. “This is why I will not sacrifice her for the sake of the battle station. Neither will you. We will handle this with great care. Now go!”

    Saying thus, you cut off the connection and staple your fingers.

    The failure comes in and speaks with his booming voice, “What is your bidding, my master?”

    You yearn to tell him that you want a slice of Nagina's birthday cake. That you want to see her happy and smiley among people she loves. But that is the only thing you can never do.

    Vader must not know that, in some twisted ways, he has a cousin out there. Not after you drained Padmé of her life force on his behalf. You fear that he would take his revenge out on Nagina, as it would be worthy of a true Sith. You want him to be a failure as usual.

    Instead of informing him about your will, you leave him kneeling in front of you. His pain whispers in your veins.

    You close your eyes, remembering the words you exchanged in your apartment not long ago.

    I have waited all these years for you to fullfill your destiny. I arranged for your conception. I used the power of the Force to will the midiclorians to start cell divisions that created you. - I don't believe you. - Ahhh, but you know it's true. When you open your mind, you will sense that it is truth. You could almost think of me as your father. - That's impossible. - Nevertheless, you must decide...

    His artificial breath is like cold wind, forcing you back into the present.

    “You may leave now, Lord Vader! I have no mission for you at present.”

    He is not family to you, even though you allowed him to live on after Mustafar. It had been a twist in your sobriety, nothing more.

    Nagina is kin. And no matter what she thinks to know about 'Project Celestial', you will not punish her for her lose mouth. Her interference spices things up. What is unlimited power without rivalery? Without problems to solve?

    Smiling to yourself you remember a part of a Fantasy story that made Nagina very sad as a child, but taught you a valuable lesson at the same time.

    Raistlin Majere, a Wizard of High Sorcery, fights all the gods until he is the only supreme being left. His battles have stripped the fantastical realm of Krynn of all life.

    But you will not end up like that overambitious wizard. You are not the metaphor of a snake turning on its self.

    Decades ago you taught Nagina how to play Dejarik. You also were her swimming instructor. And you were the one who gave her the keys to your Sith library, because she asked so nicely for them.

    “I am not alone,” you say to yourself aloud now that Vader is gone.

    Right on cue Sate rushes in, his garments rustling. No doubt he got informed about the Jedha uprising and has an idea who is responsible for it.

    You will back up Nagina in this and against all the enemies that she has. This is what family is there for. What you as her uncle should do.

    The movie “Labyrinth”, directed by Jim Hendson and produced by George Lucas (1986)

    Rejected dialogue material from the script for “STAR WARS, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” (actually from Palpatine's big revelation scene with Anakin)
    The novel “Test of the Twins”, part 3 of the “Dragon Lance: Legends” book series by Magret Weis and Tracy Hickman (1986 as well) Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Jedipedia, a free German Star Wars-Encyclopaedia
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    Still odd to read about a good uncle, of sorts, sheev, but here he indeed is that, in his way. Sheesh, Krennic is lucky he's not fried already, and to imagine he has (spoiler?) about 16 years left to work against Tarkin and on his project.

    This had a lot of comedic value for me, nice way to go into the dark night. thanks dear AzureAngel2
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    You make it sound like "The dark night of the soul", DarthUncle.

    *has suddenly Loreena McKennitt sing in the back of her mind

    Be glad that you are not due to be home before tomorrow evening! Then my stomach might have settled down again. If you really want me to, I can put on a candle now, but I promise that I will not let it burn the entire night. I am not a person who likes to play with fire.

    Krennic is though. ;)

    *had an overdose of Ben Mendelsohn youtube clips lately

    I am glad that you tell me as much as Cowgirl Jedi 1701 in another update of mine that a caring Sheev works without loosing his "sithliness".

    *gets another alert

    HO! You read faster than you read, cowboy from the Dutch Mountains. You already found the Celtic challenge update with Sheev trying to be an uncle for Nagina. There is a lot of trying, because he is no Jedi. :p Otherwise he would simply do the trick.
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    A very lovely update, Azure. I enjoy a good Sithly story. :)
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    Love to see Sheev's thoughts here and his dealings with Krennic and Vader
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    earlybird-obi-wan: It was also immense fun writing it, despite being sick and alone at home for the entire Beltane weekend. As you can imagine I was not even able to go to the nearby sauna. So I either sat in the kitchen with the window wide open or the living-room. And I wrote. In between I lay on the bed, listening to the German audio play based on Timothy Zahn´s "Last Commando". And several friends called me on the phone.

    But the majority of my time was spent writing stuff, because it is like a bad habit hard to get rid off.
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    Oh, my dear AzureAngel2, you are undoubtedly the Grand Master of fun, soul-chilling, Sheeviness.
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    Cowgirl Jedi 1701: Thanks for the compliment! [face_blush] It comes in a time of need for something positive!