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Before - Legends Documents from GFFA: The Fynal Construction of the Lytsabre (updated)

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    Documents from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
    Title: The Fynal Construction of the Lytsabre
    Author(s): Anakin Starkiller
    Timeframe: Ancient History (This document is from the time of the founding of the Republic.)
    Chracter Authors: An unknown Jedi Master of ages past.
    Genre: Star Wars Historical, Jedi Philosophy
    Summary: A document found seemingly at chance reveals the methods of an ancient Jedi craft.
    Notes: This is my first attempt at new genre, in-universe writings and the like. What do the characters in the GFFA read?

    The Jedi do not believe in luck, they do not believe in chance. They do not gamble, they act in certainty. Even the roll of a chance cube can be determined by a Jedi when it is thrown. There is the Force. What appeared to most as a random event: a stone thrown, the sound of breaking pottery, the discovery of scrolls of papryll, the Jedi saw the hand of the Force at work. One of these scrolls, from a time when the Old Republic was young, now sits in the library at the Jedi Temple. Six decades after the Galactic Civil War Luke Skywalker, grey haired yet vibrant, peers at the scroll and reads...

    The Fynal Construction of the Lytsabre.

    Now Jedi, thou wil have at thine hands all thou requireth for the fynal construction of thy Lytsabre.

    Thou wil have the howsing thou has crafted lovingly, with desynes pleasing to the eye, which wil hold all that thee constructeth.

    Thou wil have the circuitry that thou hast assembled with precision, the controls placed properly to wield the energies that wil course through them.

    Thou wil have the emitter matrix, polished to perfection, through which thy blayd wil manifest, to the fryt of those who would do evil and to the delyte of the brave.

    Thou wil have the power sell of Diatium, prymed and charged.

    Thou wil have the ring of karbonyte which wil surrownd the sell of power, and mayk a vortex.

    Thou wil have the crystal housing which wilt hold the gem of focusing and pass the energies throughout the weapon.

    Thou wil have the gem of focusing, the heart of the lytsabre. Kut from crystal thou has obtained from Ilum or Adega, or any syte of worthy crystal.

    Lay these before thee in the manner of thy master, each piece within reach, and none interfering with the other.

    Begin the meditation of the clear mind and positive intent. May the Force flow threw thee, and threw thine materials. Wyth the Force as thy gide, thy hands will move correctly.

    The circuitry will be placed in the housing, may the Force gide thy hands.

    The emitter matrix will be placed above the circuits aligned with the beam aperture of the circuitry, may the Force gide thy hands.

    Around the sell of power you will surround with a ring of karbonyt, may the Force gide thy hands.

    Join the crystal howsing to sell of power and the vortex ring, may the Force gide thy hands.

    Marry the heart of the lytsabre to that which holds it, for the sake of those we protect, may the Force gide thy hands.

    The heart and pulse of the lytsabre will now be placed in the howsing, aligned with the receiving aperture of the circuitry, may the Force gide thy hands.

    Seal the howsing, and place the lytsaber before thee, and recite the mantra of thanks, and the meditation of completion.

    Take thy lytsabre into thine hand, Jedi, and give birth to the blayd held within.
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