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Unclassifiable Dreaming in the Dark

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Kad'taab
    Military embarkation chamber

    Kad'taab followed the General as the human continued to talk. It was mostly information that had already been given to him, but he stayed quiet on that fact as they made their way as if to walk through the wall. Kad'taab grunted again as the hidden doors there swung open. It was more deception and trickery, designed to impress those who were easily cowed. Kad'tabb was not such a being.

    Upon entering the non-human loading area his first thoughts were on the stasis cylinders even as the General pointed out which was to be his for the journey. Kad'taab repressed a shudder, it would not do to demonstrate the fear he held at the device. Going into stasis was not something he was looking forward to, he felt it was tempting the sloth god Arasuum, enemy of Kad Ha'rangir and thus of the Taung themselves. Would the prolonged slumber anger the destroyer god, forever pushing Kad'taab into the embrace of sloth and stagnation? He certainly hoped it did not, that the gods would see the stasis that he must endure was a means to and end, not an end in and of itself, for through it he would find great glory.

    Next he turned his attention to the other occupants of the room. He knew he should have done this first, but the moment had briefly overwhelmed him. Upon seeing those with whom he would share a pod, he determined to never make that mistake again. The strangely colored Wookiee caught his attention. He had fought many of it's kind before. Formidible warriors all, this one would surely be worthy at least of Kad'taab's respect. But would she challenge him and his own mission here? That was hard to say. The purple scaled Stenax was another being to be respected, their ability to fly made them a difficult adversary to pin down. It would be a great asset to his own people if they could take to the air when required. But if gods had wanted the Taung to fly, they too would have been born with wings.

    Throughout his own observations, the General had kept talking, but by now Kad'taab was no longer listening. After the officer left, leaving behind the war droid of course, Kad'taab began stripping out of his rancor leather armor, though it actually didn't cover very much. Never a very modest being, Kad'taab did not even avail himself of the privacy curtain, instead allowing to the others to see him in all his muscle bound glory before donning the silk clothing provided for him.

    He placed his belongings and armor in the lock box assigned for him, he now ready. Throughout all of this he had said nothing. He looked again to the other two, wondering which would be the first to challenge him. It was then that he realized that the last non-human member of their pod had been obscured from his view. He could only hope that he or she lived up to the potential he saw in the other two. It was a potential that he truly hoped was never realized. He was on this journey to one of the first to face and conquer the unknown. If he wanted to test himself against Wookiee or Stenax he could have done so without tempting Arasuum. But if there were to be internal conflicts, he hoped it would start with them.

    OOC: Almost time for Clone Wars to be on. Bardan thought to himself as he sat down in front of the computer. Better make this quick, his son Kal was already waiting for him on the couch, as he was every Saturday morning. Bardan didn't even log onto the TF.N boards, just did a "lurk through" of the many threads in which he was interested. Nothing really caught his eye as out of the ordinary until he came to the update to the new RPG he had just joined.

    He read the update, then re-read it a second time. Then a third. Finally he called out to his wife "Arla! Come check this out." She too looked it over, not believeing what she was reading either. The more they looked into it, the more real they knew it to be. But there was no time to discuss it now, Clone Wars was starting, and Kal was already demanding Bardan's presence. Bardan and his wife waited until after the kids had been sent to bed that evening to discuss the unexpected opportunity presented to them. "We should go, it will be fun for you to meet everyone. Besides you have always wanted to go to Britain." Bardan thought that over, he had revisted the websites throughout the day and looked through Sinre's proof. Bardan was a skeptical person by nature, but everything looked to be legitimate. "What about you and the kids? Won't you be bored, while I do my Star Wars nerd thing?"

    "I am sure we can find something to do over there." Now she winked at him "Besides if I go, it is an extra five million dollars right? I own the firm, and for that kind of money I can excuse myself to go on vacation." Bardan laughed now, he so loved his wife's mercenary tendencies. "Ok, I am on it. I will e-mail him back and let him know we are coming." This was going to be fun.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Itolis
    Alien Loading zone

    It was all so fitting in a way, the young and abused species still struggled with trying to put forth that they were better then those that had brought them here, and at the same time repeated the pattern that had been laid out for them. It was the only pattern that truly worked, even if it was not the best, it worked and was able to crush the other forms in open war. As had been proven many times, and as his own tests had shown. Only now the one's that called themselves humans were rising to fill the void left by the vanishing of the Rakatta, and were immulating them in all respects that they could.

    Alas for such an ambitious race, they lacked the key and were not advanced enough in their very cores to ever truly perform as their Masters had in times past. As for the babbling he ignored all but the parts of noteworthy interests. Which were few.

    The odd one led him and the two into the space that was set aside for the new 'slave' class that was seen inferior to humans. Oh the tests that he could perform here, the staggering possibilities nearly made him smile as he let himself be led by them to his chamber. His 'tenders' hissed at him and he stayed silent, he knew what they wanted, the fact that they thought they had to talk him into it was another matter to bring their sentience into question. They did have a feel to them though, and he closed the privacy curtain to contain them with himself. He quietly hissed his question to them, deigning to converse for the ember he felt within the bodies that such feeble minds possessed.

    "Are you going as well?"

    He began removing his armor and clothes as he awaited their answer. Perhaps he would find a new home for his companions sooner then he thought. As for the others, at the moment they were unimportant. For now.

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    Finishing the typing for Itolis he sat back and simply stared at the screen, letting the information he had playing as background noise for a study review wash over him as he looked at Sinre's OOC. What an OOC! It was a hard thing to truly conceptualize, the value more then he pressently lived off of in a year and a trip to meet up in one years time? And close to his birthday no less, what a swell early celebration that would be!

    Still, he needed to talk with someone about this, perhaps even if just to soften his high that he was currently suffering from at the mere idea of being able to cross two bucket list items off. So with a twist and a tap of the keys he soon had Adalia on a direct line to chat about this.

    Typing up a request to chat and including that it involved Sinre he awaited her reply, which he was not forced to wait for for long.

    Adalia-Durron: Sure, why not. What do you need?

    Mitth_Fisto: To read this. . . .and give me your take on it. Personally I am a hold out for happy coincidences, but higly doubt it.

    Adalia-Durron: Ok, that is REALLY Creative....and its all fantasy I'm sure....cause I'd be on his list! LOL! Ryan loves me! :D

    He's not serious, I'm pretty sure about that. Its all a mind game, and Ryan (being a Lawyer) is very good at mind games. ;)

    Mitth_Fisto: As am I, sure that it is a mind game. Still, a grubby little kido inside hopes for the thing beyond hope. For me it would be like an early birthday and holiday present. And a means to check something off my bucketlist. ;)

    Adalia-Durron: LOL!! Same, UK is on my bucket list too.
    I might have to harass him about not inviting me... :p

    Logging off from the chat he sat back and sighed, it would have been such a wonderful thing. But the proof was in the pudding and so far his bowl was empty. Still he sent a possitive email reply and scratched his chin. Until otherwise he would just have to live his life as if it was not so. No amount of anonymous winners or pictures of fanciful hotels were about to change that, so instead he waited and hoped beyond hope.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Edylc "Ed" Worrab
    Prisoner Transfer, Spaceport

    The Inquisitor returned a short time later with a couple of guards at his wing, spoiling the moment and forever silencing Prennie's answer. Ed inhaled deeply and just looked at her, allowing his eyes to convey the rejection, hurt and betrayal that he felt. He wasn't the only bad guy in this whole thing, she had done her fair share and he was going to make sure she knew it.

    As a result of what had just happened, Ed was surprisingly submissive when the guards started forward to escort them to the next chamber. Keeping his head down with his eyes focused on his feet, he shuffled along behind them as if he finally realized the severity of the situation. They were going to prison for sixty years in a time unlike their own...and they would be alone. Ed's life was essentially over.

    So, was that admitting defeat? Was Prennie right?

    A scowl crossed his features at that thought as the guards ordered them to strip and change into additional garments. The distraction of having to change his clothes was the only thing holding him back from actually shouting at the girl and shaking her wildly about the neck in frustration. Not only was she abandoning him now, but hadn't she been the reason that they had been caught in the first place?

    "You can deposit your personal belongings in these safes," the Inquisitor was saying, indicating a pair of boxes at the base of the cylinders. "The passcode to your safe is your social security number. It is it not the case for other cylinders; a different personal detail, numerical in nature, is used each time - you two are exceptions in that the Arithmetic has given you both the same personal data to be used."

    Ed scoffed and whirled on the man, intent on taking his pent up anger and frustration out on someone. "What personal belongin's?" he spat, his nose and forehead crinkling as he sneered. "We ain't got nothin'...well, nothin' of value, anyway..." He removed the gold band from his ring finger and allowed it to drop to the floor with a metallic 'ping.'

    His eyes flicked hauntingly in Prennie's direction for a brief moment before returning to the Inquisitor. He sighed heavily and stretched his back and shoulders to regain his composure. "I'm ready."

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    With all the hype and preparation surrounding the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, Solo had totally forgotten about the PM waiting for her in her inbox concerning Sinre's offer. Only now, while writing a post for the game, did she remember that it even existed. Maybe it was because she wanted to forget. It was an odd inquiry, that was for certain.

    Nothing like this had happened with any other game in the past and when it first arrived, Solo thought it was merely a joke. How desperate and crazy could someone be to actually go through all the trouble of flying people from different parts of the world to the UK for a meetup? But as she read further, she slowly came to the realization that it was for real. Sinre was really inviting them all to the UK.

    It was all rather creepy, she had to admit, and she even contemplated the idea of telling someone about it, but soon decided against it. After all, it was probably just for the game and she could be a good sport and play along. Besides that, there were some other factors working in her favor.

    A couple years ago, she had had the pleasure of meeting Sey and Sarge in person while attending Celebration V in Orlando, FL. Sey was currently in the game and if she agreed to come, there would be someone there she was familiar least, face-to-face. Plus, her cousin, Chris, was scheduled to head over to the UK to study for six months starting next semester. She had planned to go over and visit him at some point and this would be the perfect opportunity. She could hit two birds with one stone.

    Yes, this could turn out to be an interesting adventure. With a small smile, she sent her reply confirming that yes, she would be attending.

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    Prennie Baekor
    Prisoner Transfer, Spaceport

    "It ain't no joke, Prennie. Now you listen! Remember back when we first started, I says to you, I says, 'Prennie, them laws will be runnin' after me now, but there's still a chance you haven't been seen. I'll surely take you back to your ma and you can avoid the rough life if you give the word.' Know what you said? No. You said 'no.' Nice and simple, just like that. You knew what you were gettin' into, honey. That there's faith and trust! Gimme some of that now, will ya? We could get outta here."

    Prennie kept her lips tight. Maybe there was the slimmest of possibilities that they could escape, but she couldn't do it - not with Ed, especially. They had already proved what happened when they were arguing while they tried to work together.

    Her heart wanted to forgive him. He loved her, she knew that much. He loved her more than anyone else in the galaxy, and cared for her life. But. . .not even love could overcome what she had done. The sins she had slowly committed were bad, but forgivable. Murder. . .not so much.

    As if on cue, the Inquistitor returned. He turned out the doors, expecting them to follow. And they did, mainly because their cuffs pulled them towards him. The escapee inside of her examined all the walls of each room they passed through, looking for some form of escape. And yet. . .there were none. She blinked her eyes once, a tear trailing down the curvature of her cheek. It was real. All of it. She was a prisoner, and would work her sentence off for sixty years. Damn everything.

    She stepped into a final room, where two cylinder chambers lay waiting for them. Her heart began to beat rapidly. Almost too fast to control. Where did this sudden claustrophobia come from? She had to take her clothes and put on some different garments. Prennie did so quickly, not even glancing in Ed's direction. She wouldn't give him a show, and while she was finishing up, she watched him take his ring off. He glanced in her direction, and met her eyes. Then he let it fall to the ground. She ripped her locket off and laid it in her box. One of the rings on it was one Ed had given her.

    "Might be worth a few dollars wherever we're going." She mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear. After making sure she was finished, Prennie turned back to the others.

    A new chapter in her life.

    A chapter of imprisonment.

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Galvin Shade
    Outside Stasis Pod

    Galvin couldn’t say he was pleased with the mannerisms of the nurse, but it could not be said he was not patient and professional. After all if he were to offend her any number of unpleasentries might befall him in his stasis, so it was best to let the woman get her visual fill and move on, after all she wasn’t going to be around in most likelihood when he awoke. He could take a bit of solace in that. Galvin had to admit though he was not all too comfortable with the idea of such time passing with him essentially sleeping. One is most vulnerable while they’re asleep.

    He could not dally now however, there was no time for regrets, and certainly not a time for second thoughts. He cast aside such wayward thinking with his clothes, and donned the silk garments he’d been assigned. Then like his thoughts now stored in the back of his mind he folded up his normal clothes and placed them inside the storage box under his stasis chamber along with his other ‘belongings’. “I am done,” it wasn’t necessary for him to say so, she’d kept a close eye on him the whole time, but she didn’t need to know he knew. Either way, it was time to get this over with.

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    OOC: Alastor
    A miraculously intact location on the eastern US coast.

    He yawned, as he always seemed to be doing this past month. Having completely halted his entire intake of caffeine under doctor’s orders had seem him rediscover what it meant to be sleepy. All the time. Regardless. It had played hell with his writing schedule not to mention his constant need to focus on school or Holosuite every time he sat down to write a post for Sinre or Draco’s game he found himself distracted.

    That said Sinre’s little message had un-distracted him right away. There were a number of reasons, one,money. Money was good. Especially when you didn’t have any. A third, well he was unemployed so Sinre probably wouldn’t need to donate any sum of money to anybody, though he doubted that his College would say no. Second he’d always wanted to visit England, and there were a number of people in the country he’d like to meet, Sinre included. He’d have to be sure to let Blue know when things got closer to happening. If they happened.

    It didn’t pass him by that this could be some ruse or something. Sinre was known to do it in games, and well this was a tad unbelievable. “Well if he’s lying he’s lying, if he’s not, I’m going to find myself in the land of ‘tea time’ and unable to drink a damn drop.” He sighed and shook his head, “Well, nothing really to lose.”
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    True OOC: Excuses in the OOC are valid… I’ve been hella distracted. Sorry.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Orison
    Nonhuman Loading Area, Spaceport

    Orison listened to the words of her guide for this stage of the journey. He had not answered her question as to whether or not she could keep the amulet on her person during the stasis. He had commented on how rare and valuable it was...but that was all. For the moment she would leave it on. It seemed that all the beings were quite competent and trained at what they did. They would tell her to remove it if need be.

    The Diathim reviewed the code once, twice, three times, before handing the flimsi back. "Thank you. The number has been committed to memory." To prove it, Orison knelt and opened the locker. She put her bound copy of Song of Stars inside first. She wondered what the tome would say to her when she would next open its cover, how different the same words would be in light of how far they had come. Perhaps they would be full of new meaning, perhaps they would be worthless and irrelevant. Or perhaps they would reflect the order of the heavens, and order that would become clearer where Orison would awake.

    As she disrobed, storing each garment with care in her locker, Orison felt nothing unusual. There was only the odd novelty of the whole proceedings. Everything was new and strange and the feelings were mixed into mush together. The truth was that Orison despite her outward calmness experienced an impatience to be on with things. This was the start of an adventure and there was nothing so terrible as to still be at the starting line and not yet onto exciting things and places undreamed. With her silken garments in place, Orison looked to Xanten.

    "Do I just step inside?" she asked.

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    To say life had been crazy recently had been an understatement. There was good news and bad. Good news: things had been whittled down to one of the aforementioned two women. Bad news: the one was moving an hour away. Other things had happened to, like the long-awaited visit of a friend from Britain. Good news, surely. Bad news: after four days Trieste had realized that he had overcommitted on the subject of allowing said friend to stay with him. Having not even had a roommate for some time, sharing the apartment with another human being (who didn't have a car) was a bit of a shock. In fact, things had been so bad that he'd barely been able to keep things running in Elite League Limmie (thank God the Draft had been completed before his friend's arrival or God knows what would have happened) and was only now getting around to overdue responding to games.

    The truth was that he'd seen this message from Sinrebirth some time ago. The initial reaction had been disbelief, but he'd let it roll around in his head. How do you respond to something like that? It was rather curious that it should come shortly before he hosted a friend from Britain--and now he was being asked to go to Britain. That was a very curious coincidence. And what did it say that his current experience wasn't going well about this future one? Obviously the circumstances were quite different.

    But the truth was that he only knew Sinre tangentially. It was a curious thing--he hadn't even started as one of the original players of Knights of the Last Republic and probably only had three or four updates in that game. And yet here he was being invited to the UK. Admittedly, an awesome place. And free money.

    Why was it that Trieste couldn't get a saying out of his head? Oddly enough it came from Once Upon A Time, which he'd been watching with Doctor Who girl yesterday (in case you were wondering who won out in the end--and by the way David Tennant does make a pretty entertaining Doctor, but Trieste had already known that from a couple episodes friends had shown him at university), "Magic always comes with a price." Thus spoke Rumpelstiltskin, impeccably acted by Robert Carlyle who had once played a Bond villain (well, henchman actually if you asked Trieste, but that was kind of splitting hairs). And somehow this felt too close to magic. It felt like there was a price here, one that he didn't know about yet.

    So Trieste sat there and took action through inaction. He didn't respond one way or another to the message. He just waited. Maybe things would become clearer soon. Maybe.
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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Claire generally liked invitations, yet she remembered some which she would have turned down probably. Oh man, she needed to think about the whole thing and the lottery and she needed . . . coffee.

    Coffee and her had a special relationship. Coffee had always been there for her. She had once almost moved in with a guy just because he such an awesome coffee. Yet, the secret of coffee was, that it had many, many secrets and what one culture considered supreme coffee really was nothing but snobish rabbish. Really good coffee was and is hard to come by and it´s like smoke. Once you get closer to it, it slowly begins to vanish. The same was true for the state of perfection in coffee. Freshly roasted, not older than a month since it got reaped.

    And there were only two good sources of such coffee as far as she knew and none of the two was available in the UK. None actually was in the British Empire of the Victorian age. One was available in the twon she was living though, the other one in the twon she was born in. Funny. Coffee had basically followed her wherever she went.

    Anyway, secrets depended on secrecy and there was no way of telling without loosing certain privileges. So she kept the coffee to herself and thought about Ryans offer once more.

    Then she decided it was not a matter of going, but probably more of hiring LordT to join the game, so she could make sure she had proper protection. Hhaha. Real life badasses, they were harder to come by than good coffee.

    "Sure." She typed into her computer and imagined a moe cuatious version of herself, which suddenly seemed so very much more realistic to her than she herself was.

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  8. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004

    OBLIQUE, if it could, would have nodded to itself as matters proceeded in Pod 1138, which it had been instructed to pay special attention to. A full percentile of its processes were being taken up with surveillance and analysis of the members of this pod, while the other ninety-nine percentiles were occupied running the ship and the other thousands of Pods.

    For it's own purposes, it called up the schematics of the individual cylinders, as provided to each of the occupants had they cared to read their individual info packs. OBLIQUE doubted they all would have done, but it was possible.

    'Each pod is an exercise in utility and comfort. You will be able to step into the cylinder, and then it will tilt, as if you are lying down. The contours of your body will fit into the mould that has been provided, and three straps - one around your waist, one loop for each shoulder - will keep you in place. Everything is covered in the self-same silk material to avoid issues, and the straps themselves will draw closer to keep you in place when the cylinder is sealed - there are no metal clasps that are pulled tight, as those interfere with the stasis process.'

    Apparently, OBLIQUE had been told by its creators, the moulds gave the impression of a warm and soft bed, which fit perfectly to you and then lulled you into sleep. That was not key to the stasis procedures, but it helped calm down the occupants, which also reduced the chances of phobic responses. 'Snug' was the adjective often used.

    So, each of them would now enter those self-same cylinders, and the Adventure would finally begin.

    The Embarkment Point of Vila and Tara/Tazara

    The war droids kept an eye on Tara while the attendant smiled politely at Vila. She didn't have much else to add, as it was self-explanatory from that point onwards, though she was certainly touched when she overheard her talk to herself, portraying her as a stray nerf that was simply doing what was asked of her. With a soft hand, the attendant helped Vila into the pod, strapping her in. The attendant caught the young girls eye, and smiled. "Not to worry, dear, all will be fine. These stasis tubes are 100% reliable when it comes to humans. And then, you'll have a new future to look forward to!" Making sure Vila's feet were snugly in place in the relevant slots on the body shaped-seat - she gave her a heartfelt smile, and sealed her in.

    With that little bit of unpleasantness done, the attendant turned to Vila, who responded with mocking, and, with no ceremony or modesty, stripped, shoved her clothes into the safe, and dressed. The nurse resisted the urge to scowl, and looked to the droids, who looked at her. Had they been humanoid, they would have raised an eyebrow, or shared an expression at that point, but instead the droids simply, in unison, looked back to the black-haired woman, not understanding the exchange. They had not lowered their arms, but one dutifully shot Tara from all but point blank range.

    A stun bolt, of course.

    Watching the woman collapse, the nurse pointed. "In."

    The droids put her in, and the nurse simply tapped a button, and watched as the cylinder started to close, slowly. Turning away, the nurse walked to the doors, and waved her hand over an apparently blank space of wall. A display came into focus, and she tapped a code. With the sound of air being drew out, the vacuum formed, and then they were put to sleep.

    The Embarkment Point of Kad'taab, Itolis. Kallabecca and Orison

    The Felucians hissed among themselves as the tall Stenax, Itolis, spoke to them. Their responses were negative, as they accepted the question. They had not been chosen by the Arithmetic to come, and so all they could contribute was to assist the Chosen Ones in their departure. They did not seem unhappy, and as simple creatures seemed to be pleased that they were involved. In short order they assisted in strapping down Itolis' wings, and in putting him in.

    Xanten, for his part, nodded to Orison. "In you go, yes. I shall fasten the cables, and then you shall go to sleep." The Quermian spied the amulet, and unfastened it. He turned it over in his hands. "I was not clear, I apologise. You cannot take this into stasis." Xanten opened the safe below, and quickly placed it within. "Come, let me help you." He lightly strapped her in, careful not to bump his head on the cylinder's inner roof, and pasted a smile to his lips.

    The end of the sound of shaving heralded Kallabecca being ready for stasis, and he was ushered in by the second Quermian. His cylinder was no taller than the others, but the innards had been shaped better to serve him, ditto the bulk of Itolis. Everything, atypically, had been thought of.

    The war droid, for its part, was content to have the Taung, Kad'taab, be silent, even if its sensors picked up pheromones associated with a show of force, as if the silence was a challenge. Such silence would not be aimed at the war droid, though it did try to deactivate the safeties on its weapons - no good, they were permanently set on stun. The droid ran a diagnostic to solve the issue, but could not override its programming, seemingly modified without its recollection. By that point, Kad'taab had been ushered into the cylinder, and the droid looked up from its musings to the Taung, who was already being sealed in.

    The droid canted its head as the Taung's eyes closed, a visible expression of confusion.

    Four more souls went into dreams.

    The Embarkment Point of Galvin Shade

    The nurse had certainly noticed that Galvin Shade was done. But, he hadn't taken the bait, and seemingly had politely rebuffed her. She was tempted to mess with him while in stasis, but that was inappropriate and the consequences would be quite severe if she was found out. For shame, really, as she found him quite attractive, and that quiet approach was very likeable.

    Smiling, she joined him at the stasis cylinder and pressed a button to open it. "In you get, sir." A thought niggled at her, and she sighed slightly. "And I apologise for any unprofessionalism on my part. You may not remember me, but I do you, though from afar." She smiled, as she strapped him in, careful to avoid any further inappropriateness. "I had pulled some strings to be the one to send you off."

    Done, she stepped back, and pressed the button for the cylinder to close. She abruptly held up a hand, "You don't need to say anything, because it could go nowhere, with you leaving, but I wanted to say it." She was determined to exonerate herself, and for him not to interrupt that... which showed just how small and irrelevant she was, perhaps, but people were people. "My name is Runi Fucan, though you are unlikely to remember me."

    The cylinder sealed, and Galvin was sent to sleep.

    The Embarkment Point of Prennie and Ed

    The Inquisitor curled his lips at Ed, and then at Prennie with what approximated to sympathy in the cruel man's features, as the two of them exchanged jibes in their last moments. Producing and using a remote, the two cylinder's popped open and he bid the two of them in. There really was little more to be said, and little more to be achieved. Xim had bid that he give the two of them an opportunity to discuss say goodbye to each other, in that, apparently, they were more important than they seemed.

    They were sealed within, and put to sleep, without further comment, or opportunity for havoc.

    As they drifted off to sleep, the Inquisitor picked up the ring that had once symbolised the love that these two convicts had held for each other. Xim had some very explicit instructions about these two, and the Inquisitor found himself, for the hundredth time, wondering what in the Arithmetic he had in mind for the denizens of Pod 1138. Having done what was instructed, he then placed the ring within the safe of Ed. It would be noticed, but the Despot was not to be brooked with. They had to make their decisions based on the archetypes of a story, and Love had to have a card in the deck, the Inquisitor had been told.

    What that meant was beyond even he.


    For each of them, the arrival would be different. For some, the sensation of stasis would be akin to falling, and for others, it would be like a sweet sleep. Others would feel prickling, and others still would feel pain. There was no actual reason or rhyme for it, but OBLIQUE understood that it related to their frame of mind as they arrived. The Makers had separated it into three Character Sheets:

    Those labelled as Spiritualists would feel as if they were sleeping - the thinkers, the pacifist ones, the innocent ones. The more they fit into the label, the more that the sensation filled them. From a blissful easing, to a sudden drop deep into all but a coma.

    Those labelled the Victims were those would feel as if they were falling - the timid ones, the fearful ones, the honest ones. The more of any one of these factors, the more the sensation would seize upon them. A slight wobble, to complete free-falling into the abyss.

    Those labelled the Carnivores were those who would feel pain - the aggressive ones, the militant ones, the paranoid ones. The more of any one of these factors, the more pain, on a scale from the aforementioned prickling or nettling of the skin, to a feeling not akin, it was said, to death itself.

    They came to in a glade surrounded by trees. But not just any glade. The shadows did not fall like shadows should, and that was very apparent from the three suns above them; one centred above, and two others in the distance, one sun with a moon blotting one most of its surface and thus glow, to their collective left. On that left, the forest was wilting, and dying, full of the most terrible desolation. On their collective right, ferns were apparent that bristled in a pleasant breeze, and the light was all but immense in the way it bathed the glistening plant and animal-life.

    The glade itself was a descent sized field, with no features, and was even trimmed back and down - a clearly man-made phenomena. And in the centre of that field, before them, stood a single bespectacled man. He was present in a neatly cut suit that nonetheless was too broad on the shoulders, and he had a curt goatee that was a shade lighter than the dark brown of his hair. Present in one arm was a black binder, and his hands were covered with fabric clothes that were pure white.

    He gave them a moment to assess their arrival in the glade, and to acknowledge their Character Sheets - classifications that were not just words floating in cyberspace, but in point of fact known to each of them. They would know what they were, a Spiritualist, a Victim, or a Carnivore. They would, for the most part, decide what they were, but a lie of a label would undoubtedly be noticed... though they were, fundamentally, only lying to themselves.

    "I am, as you may have guessed, Oblique, the Artificial Intelligence that governs your journey. You may have also guessed that this realm is one that you inhabit while you are Dreaming. Here, the lines between reality and falsehood will blur, but unfortunately it is necessary to keep the mind active while you are in stasis. Tests showed that synapses that are not used will fall into dementia, and there is very little that can be done to stop that."

    Oblique shrugged. "Your appearance here will match that which you were placed into stasis in, in-fact I understand they may be more true than your outward appearance." Itolis and Tara would both feel as if Oblique was speaking directly to them, at this point, but the AI gave no indication of slowing down. "You may also raise that you would have expected this to be mentioned prior to the stasis, but initial feedback with test groups suggest that the setting of the Dreams may offend some."

    He shrugged again. "This is a recreation of the mythical realm of Mortis, from whereupon we all come. It has other names, as you well know, from other ancient religions from the Core, which many species claim geographical roots with. Valhalla. Avalon. Kurnugia. Duat. Elysium. Goreh. And so forth. I couldn't comment on this world, all I know is that you will be able to explore it, in either direction you choose." Oblique lifted a free hand and pushed his spectacles back up his nose.

    "You are each entitled to one question during your time here. This may be asked of anyone you wish, and the system will acquire a response. If you do not ask it, then you will lose access to your safe. If you ask it of one of your colleagues, they will be required to answer." Oblique shook his head. "But if you should lie, Xim has decreed that you will be punished. Only the Truth can be spoken in Mortis... and woe betide those who lie within it." His voice changed for the latter sentence, and they would all recognise the words of the Despot. "Here," he continued to intone, "your Sins will be judged." And, just then, it seemed like he was speaking to just Prennie, and her alone.

    The sharper among them would realise that this simulation was part occupation for the mind, part a test of each other... with a psychological aspect thrown in as well. Oblique opened his file, and produced a stylus from within it. Looking at them, the sun caught his spectacles in such a way that it completely obscured his eyes for a moment.

    A smile tugged at his features, one which was not droid-like at all.


    United Kingdom, England

    What a week. It had been almost a whole one since the last update from his intrepid team of players. And while not all had responded to his email invitation, all but one had made a response in the thread. Of course, he had been in a partial state of shock about Episode VII, but there was a schedule to be kept to, and so he could hardly dally.

    He promptly copied and pasted the next set of instructions from the file, and gave it a quick skim through for spelling or punctuation errors; something he wasn't strictly speaking required to do, but he was doing this in his name, and a name was all he would have left.

    So, many of you have responded, and I hope that the rest of you. Unless I hear otherwise, I shall be assuming that you will all be coming, and will meet me at the attached location, in London, on the 1st December 2012. Attached to this email are a series of plane times for the 28th November 2012 at airports local to you, including the details of a taxi firm that I have paid, in each of your countries, counties and states, as relevant. The airport of choice, and airline of choice, will be yours, as everyone has preferences, and I do not know your local airports well enough to distinguish between good or bad airports (there is always one airport which sucks and we all know it).

    All planes must head to Gatwick airport, which has easy access to the trains into London itself, and also the Underground tube system. I have given you a day or two to rest, get ready, and to explore if it tickles your fancy. We are staying at the Holiday Inn (link below), which I have booked out for three weeks - one week before, if you arrive early, one week for the event, and one week later, if you want to hang about. It's ten minutes from the airport itself! The entire hotel is ours, as I can never have too much privacy (as you would expect for a multi-millionaire!)

    Families will be catered for, so you can bring whoever you wish, but when the games commence, they will be expected to excuse themselves for the week, and separate accommodation will be provided. The game is everything!

    So, I shall see you there! I cannot wait!
    Sinre sat back, pursing his lips.
    Yes, he supposed, he would see them all there. Hopefully.

    With a smile, he thought just how much he was looking forward to meeting them all.

    TAG: Kahn_Iceay, Bardan_Jusik, Mitth-Fisto, s65horsey, Trieste, HanSolo29, splinterinthemindseye_, spycoder9, SirakRomar
  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Dreams . . .

    "So we ask the uestion or the question is asked to us and if we have to ask the question, where do we get the question from? Or in other words, is it a question? As the response and the question seem to be given by you I am not sure if it . . . " She shook her head and felt Tazara inside of herself, laughing. The pain was still there, also she was sure she was not someone who deserved it. Not her, but a part of her probably.

    "Oh frek it, could you explain the qhole thing again, point by point, please?" Tara asked. "Because right now there seems to be a question and a lot of unclearity who is asking who and what purpose it serves. And just to add a little insight to your programming, I don´t think we all considered it a lot different to dying to get frozen here, so if you wanna scare us you probably need to do your worst. I would make an educated guess that we all deserve to be here in one form or the other." She put her hands behind her back and laughed. "Or are you a torture machine? If so you need to return. The empire seems to have a serious cost/use problem that might actually make it collapse, if we don´t intervene." She laughed. "So do we get answers or shall we explore this elaborate fantasy first? Because I actually think I might have spotted a few inaccuaricies in it´s display."

    She gave the AI a cold smile. They had killed her in a way, no matter what different shade of death this was and after all she had done she had always expected hell was the only ticket she was handed. So here she was. And she was meant to play games. Well, like all players she would try to make the referee´s job not too easy while looking for a smart way to cheat. After all, this felt as if she had time. All the time in the world.

    The thing with the appearance made her shiver, though. She looked pretty much as she used to, but she wondered if she would actually change? Physically? A thought frightening her.

    Yet, she did not show fear. Instead she looked around to have a good look at the rest of the people who had the bad luck to end up here.

    Tag: Sinrebirth, others


    It has been a few weeks since I sat in this particular flat and wrote a post. It still feels like RPing home, if only for the presence of several other people who share my secret second life inside the net. Yet, the invitation and the game seem to become more . . . complicated and I wonder if I should aks if anybody reads it?

    Well, little time left. Too much to do. Leaving tonight. Carribean here I come!

    I hit the post button and decide to ask Chris for another cup of coffee . . .he is wearing a suit on Sunday, some conference call he took over Skype. Looks sharp, yet totally unfamiliar.

    He says "Klar." As he always say things are clear. Clearity. Such a precious good.

    Reservations. Sinre send them and she needs to check them first. Yet, some time to go, before this becomes serious.

    Tag: Sinre
  10. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Kad'taab
    The Dreaming

    Kad'taab allowed himself to be led into the stasis chamber, but the closer his proximity became the more it reviled him. To be put under for so long was repulsive. He could only hope the end result was worth it. The silk garments he had been forced to wear were of little comfort to him. He would rather have gone in naked. The silk was too soft and flimsy, it offered no protection against any sort of weaponry. yet another reason to feel uncomfortable with all of this. there was no opponent, no one to test him. It was simply sleep. Arasuum must be smiling. That thought only sickened Kad'tabb further.

    Finally they were all stowed away and the taung could feel his yellow eyes begin to close. He actually felt a moment of panic, would this be the last time before sloth and laziness overtook him forever? No it must not be! He began to fight against the sleep and was rewarded with a stinging sensation through his body. The more he fought, the worse it became until he was nearly screaming in agony.

    Screaming, but he heard no words. Screaming but he knew his jaws had not moved. It was screaming, but only in his mind and only the gods could hear him now. The screaming turned from one of pain to one of anger. he would not allow the Sloth god to determine his fate. He would fight, even if only in his mind for the glory of Kad Ha'rangir and for the glory of his clan.

    And suddenly the pain was gone. Kad'taab slowly opened his eyes and was surprised to find that he could do so. Was the trip over already? Had they arrived at their destination? He looked around, expecting to see the interior of the ship but instead found himself in a field. He sniffed at the air, trying to pick up the scent of any prey about but could smell nothing. An after effect of the sleep, or something else?

    It was then that he noticed the small human that called himself OBLIQUE. Kad'taab listened to the "man's" explanations and understood what was going on here, at least partially. He looked down at
    himself and noticed that he was once again wearing his leather armor, instead of the flimsy silk underthings. It seemed that what this "man" said was true then. It also explained why the shadows and scent of this place

    One of the small humans, a female, began speaking. She wasted no time in asking her question...and many more.

    "Oh frek it, could you explain the qhole thing again, point by point, please? Because right now there seems to be a question and a lot of unclearity who is asking who and what purpose it serves. And just to add a little insight to your programming, I don´t think we all considered it a lot different to dying to get frozen here, so if you wanna scare us you probably need to do your worst. I would make an educated guess that we all deserve to be here in one form or the other." She put her hands behind her back and laughed. "Or are you a torture machine? If so you need to return. The empire seems to have a serious cost/use problem that might actually make it collapse, if we don´t intervene. So do we get answers or shall we explore this elaborate fantasy first? Because I actually think I might have spotted a few inaccuaricies in it´s display."

    Though her laughter during her speech had grated at Kad'taab, her smile caused him to reconsider her. It was the same sort of smile a hunter would give its prey animal before devouring it. Still he snorted in derision at her, none of this mattered to him. If he was to stay "active" in his sleep only one thing mattered. He stepped forward towards OBLIQUE and growled. "Tell me false man. Can we kill here in this false place? Can we be killed?"

    OOC: Wow, a whole hotel just for ourselves? The fun that could be had with an entire hotel and an arsenal of paintball guns dawned on Bardan. Probably not what Sinre has in mind though. He found it odd that his family would have to be sent to different acomedations for the duration of "the games". Games? what games? I thought this was supposed to be a fun meet and greet where we could discuss our characters going forward and what not. What did Sinre have up his sleeve for all this here? whatever it was it should be interesting. Bardan knew he was looking forward to meeting everyone. Well it wouldn't be long now. Time to start getting travel plans finalized and then to start packing.

    TAG: ALL

  11. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Vila
    Embarkment Point

    The petite woman walked into the pod. There was some hesitation in her step but she held her head high like she had been taught. Vila put on a good show in front of everyone earlier but there was no one here. No one to see her hesitate. She let out a sigh and took the final steps into the pod that would house her for awhile.

    "Not to worry, dear, all will be fine. These stasis tubes are 100% reliable when it comes to humans. And then, you'll have a new future to look forward to!"

    A new future, right. An unknown future in who knows where for who knows what real purpose. At least with her sacrifice she could go on with the knowledge that her family would be taken care of. Vila put on her brave smile from earlier in the evening and nodded at the attendant. She felt the pod move on its own as it laid her body flat, but she was snug and secure in there so she didn't move at all.

    I hope this....her thoughts died out at she was put into stasis.

    Sey had several good weeks. She'd gone on an adventure to visit an old friend and have a horse weekend watching her friend ride in a horse trial. Her Vitamin D levels seemed to be evening out a bit with the massive dosage she was taking weekly and her attitude was changing for the better. She still had a rough time getting going on mornings where the sun didn't come out, but ovrerall things were getting better. She was starting to get excited about the holidays and had found some new horses to ride. She'd noticed the e-mail from Sinre a few days ago and realized that in her excitement to make sure everything worked out that she may not have sent an e-mail to Sinre telling him she was coming. Surely he knew she was coming, right? He had to know her well enough to know that she would never pass up a chance like this.

    Just in case she quickly typed up a message to him.

    Dear Sinre,

    Dude! I can't believe this is actually happening! It is, right? You're not pulling my chain? I'll come over there and hurt you if you are! You can't get my hopes up like this and then take it away. So its getting closer right, and this is really happening? I CAN'T WAIT! For years I've wanted one of the hugs you virtually give me to be real and now this amazing thing has happened. At a fairly decent time too. So my brother found out that he has to go to a conference during the week I'm gone, but I think we can still change my mom's flight to get her here a little earlier so she can cover. My sister is law is going a little nuts because she has finals the week following that one, but we can make it work. Dude. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this is. Any hints you can give me about what we're in for? What clothes do I need to pack? I know I usually act a bit more tomboyish but I'm a girl when I travel and terribly concerned with staying under the weight limit for luggage. Though I guess with a bunch of money it doesn't truly matter...ok now I'm babbling. Erm. Did I mention how excited I was? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


    I wonder if there are any good places to go Christmas shopping in London. Hopefully someone who is there will know.

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  12. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Orison

    What a gentle sleep. It was warm and cozy. Snuggly even. It was that bliss of knowing you were asleep, that you were safe and relaxed. It was wonderful.

    And then it was such a shame that she was awake again. Orison didn't realize it, but she didn't know how she'd gotten to this glad. Then again, this was just part of dreaming. You suddenly were some place without explanation and it made perfect sense. The Diathim in the way of dreams accepted everything around her as a fait accompli. However, she was stirred by the recognition of those around her. Some of these beings were familiar. The non-Humans had been with her. There you go. Once again, Orison didn't think about the fact that one often dreamt about those who were recently on your mind. Instead, she just noted that she was with them, as well as a number of other Humans.

    She listened to this Oblique, who told her that she was dreaming. That's odd. I'm dreaming? As she listened, things became a bit clearer. She was only kind of dreaming. This was all a simulation. It wasn't real, but it wasn't sleep either. The things that one found in the galaxy. So interesting.

    And now she had to ask a question. Otherwise she would never get her Song of Stars back. Or the amulet. The thought worried Orison immensely. She didn't know where they were going, but she was going to need those things. She didn't know why or for what, but she knew she'd need them. Why would they have been given unto her? But only one question? How could she only ask one question? To ask none was easier than one. What if just thinking this thought was asking her question? She would have now asked several and this Oblique did not seem forgiving of errors. After all, if it had placed her mind into this world, didn't it have access to her mind? That didn't seem very fair though. Orison just hoped that the limitation applied to questions asked in person. She wondered if this computer was very technical. Perhaps carefully worded statements that sounded like questions weren't questions. Then again, maybe that was lying to Oblique. The Oblique? That seemed to fit it better.

    "Only one question," Orison murmured to herself, her thoughts spilling a little out into words.

    One of the humans asked her question snarkily. And asked three. The Oblique might not like that. Maybe it would only answer one. Maybe it wouldn't even say which one it was going to answer. And then the large non-Human asked his question. And asked two. Well, she was definitely going to find out what happened for exceeding a question allotment.

    Orison burst with questions, but she needed to be careful and wait. She didn't know what would be important to ask, not yet. When she knew, she would know to ask. So instead the Diathim looked around. "You know, I've never thought about heaven." Perhaps a surprising thought. After all, she was an angel, wasn't she?


    Last time he forget to add a song. Apparently Trieste sucked at making his life into a musical. Did this one actually apply? No, but he was listening to it right now thanks to Skyfall so it'd have to do.

    Why was it every time that he tried to write this story it seemed like he was just absurdly busy? He had to literally force himself to sit down and write. Perhaps it was because this game involved so much thought. He'd known that going in, but you had to really think about things with this. Was it fun? Yes, but it challenged Trieste.

    And now it seemed he had his answer to his gambit of silence. Nonreply would be construed as acceptance. All right then. It seemed that a decision had been made. And there were worse things in the world than going to Britain. So, out of courtesy, a reply was in order.

    I'm in.

    Tag: Sinrebirth
  13. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Itolis
    Becoming a Dream

    Saying nothing more Itolis let the task be done with, he could not release them here then and have allies for later. Instead he would have to sleep alone, and see what would come of waking later. Although, as he settled into the machine with its cramped space suited to just barely fit his hulking form, he had to wonder what smooth Rakatan technology they had stolen and improperly adapted for this task. The fact that they claimed cryo-storage, yet had not administered shots to any of the varied species held in his mind that this had to be more advanced Rakatan design that was being mislabled and altered for these struggling ex-slaves that even in this emulated their old captors.

    To be fair though, the Rakata had never used such things upon themselves except in emergencies, and more often used it on slaves and prisoners. Perhaps a small longing for the old ways persisted in these that were left? It was hard to say, especially as he had missed how these became free, and only had heard their own legends of how they managed to become free. Most likely rubish of a history of a broken race left alone that had fashioned something to stand upon when they had nothing left without their masters. Or perhaps there was some truth, but that left a grim fate for his kind to have decayed to the point that such a thing could even happen.

    So without word, and no more a thought he felt as the machine, these ex-slaves greatest contraption, sealed him in and began to do it's great working. As it hummed and hissed he let it pass without worry. Dead or alive, this trip might show him something new, and perhaps something yet alive that was shown worthy. As easily as slipping down an oil slicked pyramids slope, he found himself drifting, then falling, and ever faster sliding into an abscess of thought. An abyss of being, where all there was, was all that was not.

    It ended. It was over. There was. He Was. And so he found himself with others, three he recognized, and enough that he did not to fill a full pod, specifically pod 1138. Plus one more. There it was, more then the three suns, one being eclipsed, more then the three terrains of existance. He looked upon the man and listened, then in turn he listened to those that where here with him. He already had one of his answers to a question he did not have to ask, this was altered prison pods that they were being stored in. This was a greater Mind Prison, a way to allow the prisoners to remain aware and alert. Obviously altered, limited, and possibly reduced greatly from the original stature of the original device, but still he found himself in a new Mind Prison, with new prisoners to keep him company. Only this one had a potential release date upon their arrival at a mythical land that simpletons could not figure out had already been visited by the Rakata. How else were there ancestors brought someplace else?

    Perhaps they would find a mirror of what they just left, and perhaps an advancing program of experimentation would yet see them to a better one, or even to a better race that had caused his own to fade. Whatever it was they would travel while in here, and each with a single boon. For now he would keep his, and use it when he better would be able to do so. The others had voiced questions, of death and of change, whatever the answers, he might not need to use his. All he needed was time alone to try what he had learned in prison to see if it would work here, or the tricks mentioned in the theoretical programers journals he used to read for fun. A few hundred years ago now. Still, the smile on the program at that certain moment made him wonder if it was not a soul that had been trapped forever in the workings of this machine and served the slaves, in the hope of replacing one of them. Time would tell, as would the answers.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Other Dreamers


    Finally it was finished! Yippee! Sitting back he sipped his lemon tea as he smiled at the finished product and pumped a solitary fist once into the air. It was done.

    It had taken a while, longer then most to write such simple prose that now had come so easily, but with his mother having emergency surgery for a complication this seemed to be less important. Though now back, it had not lost it's luster nor its joy that reading his companion RPers posts or adding his own gave him. Loosening his neck he looked at the airport terminal that he was writing from.

    Ok, so he hadn't taken Sinre's suggestion and booked for the 28th, his Mom had needed him and frankly he hadn't been paying attention to the time. So, he had payed extra for being so late, as a friend would say he used to be a virgin before the TSA, and was now in a midway airport point before a long flight above the fruited plane and beyond the pond. Soon he would be in London, and soon he would get to meet this benefactor and feel not too unlike Pip. Dickens, the man knew how to coin a passage and so in this he found him encased in an entire novel instead a usual quote.

    Although he had to hope that Alexander Pope did not speak deeply upon his soon to be circumstance, that :But just disease to luxury succeeds, and every death its own avenger breeds. Hopefully disease would find no house within from such a lavish trip. Nodding he ignored the strange looks from others in the terminal, and hearing the boarding call signed off in all the ways that mattered now before powering down to catch his flight.

    TAG: Sinre
  14. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2008
    Sinre Approved!

    Name: Jax Pohar

    Age when placed in Stasis: 40(?)

    Species: Human

    Description (physical):

    Persona: Jax is best described as otherworldly and flighty. He is constantly occupied with something that isn't even there to begin with, and his speech is more like a language game than an actual attempt at conversation. He seems to be exhausted with the concept of life itself.

    Personal effects: An earthen cloak, a "nice" hat, and a tabacc pipe (Jax doesn't smoke. He just likes the way it looks.)

    Bio: In his own words: "Well, I was a young swoghopper with nary a care in the Xim when my parents kerfluffled off with a lickspit and plunk! Right to the ground with 'em. So I bopped the bopped-da-bop-da-bop round a ways with a string of unusual employs before grokking that I like a play a lute-pipe a round o' tae yekin?

    I sits myself in Ntio and rows a galowogg. I get aged like, real toothlong, head's a swim and feet's a corn. Un'l ey grows me a card and says 'In a Past Glow wit ye' and who's a Jax to make? So I bopped the ramalama inta ship an what. Tedious. Tedious."

    Five minutes of indecipherable gibbering nonsense followed this screed. As we do not know the precise manner in which this… apparent drifter… came to acquire a lottery ticket, as he appears to be of the correct age, and as he has been deemed harmless despite his various eccentricities, we have decided to honor his placement on the vessel.

    Brief Introduction of Yourself: "Ramza," a nom de guerre blatantly stolen from a popular video game, is approaching his mid-20s, feels decades older than that, and has a caffeine addiction that will almost certainly be the death of him. He currently aspires to become a mathematical logician, which is a fancy way of saying a math nerd who won't stop dabbling in philosophy even though they're not wanted there. He assumes he will perish in obscurity and, with any luck, he expects to go stark raving mad before that day comes, as it would be fitting. His long, nonsensical ravings disguised as in-character posts have made him thoroughly unpleasant to play with, which is appropriate as his equally nonsensical personal views have made him unpleasant to talk to.

    … Oh, and he moderates on something called a "Jedi Council Boards Roleplaying Forum," whatever that is.
  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Edylc "Ed" Worrab

    The pod door was sealed without any further delay from either himself or Prennie and their journey began. And what a journey it was, even from the very beginning. Ed had expected a blissful transition to hypersleep, but what he got in reality was a waking nightmare. It felt as if the walls that were confining him within the pod itself had given away and he was left to float helplessly in the vacuum. He tried to flail his arms about in an attempt to grasp anything to halt his weightless tumble, but he found that his muscles would not respond...just like in a dream. To make matters worse, it felt as if someone was hovering over him the entire time, constantly poking and jabbing him with needles to induce some sort of reaction. A form of torture to pay for his crimes? Perhaps. Only the gods knew all the horrible things he had pulled over his relatively short life. Maybe he deserved it.

    And then, just as quickly as this whole nightmare began, it ceased. Were they there already? The ground was back under his feet and the dark abyss that had surrounded him on all sides slowly faded away to reveal an open field. Ed gasped at the sight before him and blinked up into the glaring sun with confusion. Were there three suns? A dumb grin spread over his features at the realization, but it quickly faded as he returned his gaze to his immediate surroundings and noticed the others standing nearby.

    All of them were perfect strangers...all except one. Prennie was there as well, but was that really surprising considering they had been traveling together? He just never intended the journey to be so quick. He had hoped there would be more time to be alone before having to face her again. This was truly a cruel galaxy.

    And then one of the strangers, a man with dark hair and glasses, spoke and put everything in perspective. He identified himself as the AI that was in charge of their journey, a revelation that caused Ed to snicker. It was ridiculous to think that this artificial being could control their dreams or that this place was part of the spiritual realm. The feds were sure running out of ideas to throw something like this on them. Then again, maybe it was all part of the plan. Mind games proved to work on even the hardest criminals. Well, they sure weren't going to crack Edylc Worrab. He would see to that personally.

    It was at this point that Ed stopped listening, only catching small snippets here and there about the purpose of the questions (Why the hell should he care about that? He had nothing important in his lock box! The damned feds had stripped everything from him!) and what they could expect beyond that.

    The others standing about burst into a flurry of activity following the AI's speech, but Ed did not include himself in the discussion. He had only one thing on his mind at the moment...

    Well, maybe two things:

    Escape and Prennie.

    TAG:Sinrebirth, others


    OOC: The post was complete and so were all of those horrendous deadlines. Things were finally looking up and maybe Solo could finally enjoy herself for a change instead of scrambling night after night to meet a quota. Juggling two jobs was not an easy thing, but thankfully there was a much needed vacation on the horizon.

    Her trip to the UK to meet Sinre and her fellow JCer's was coming up fast and she wasn't even packed yet. Well, nothing like waiting to the last minute. Some things never change.

    TAG: Sinre
  16. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Orison

    Despite the fact that she had noted the presence of other beings before when they asked questions, for the first time Orison truly took in the presence of others here with her in the dream. It was as if a veil had parted from her eyes and suddenly they stood out in bright colors. As if she had just opened a door and the world had gone from grayscale to bright colors after a cyclone. It suddenly hit her that she was not on Iego anymore.

    Her other companions were mainly, but not exclusively humans. But these, though she now saw them and took them in, did not call to her. The Stenax…that one did for reasons for that she could not explain. There was much that she could not explain but that seemed to be happening around her. And so she trusted this current of events that led her on.

    She walked to the Stenax. She thought she remembered him from before, but in this state of dreams some things were hazy. She couldn’t be sure.

    “Hello. I am Orison,” she said, “I would like to know who you are.” She carefully phrased this as a request, not as a question. She didn’t want to use her question. Not yet. Not until the Oblique told her more.

    Tag: Mitth_Fisto


    For some reason Trieste had lain awake last night in an attempt to go to sleep and had thought about this game. He had suddenly felt an urge to post here, again, before the next update. Now, all of a sudden, he needed to interact with someone. And so, oddly enough, he was following his gut as Orison was following her gut.

    What this would bring, he didn’t know. But for some reason things had just gotten more interesting…
  17. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Itolis
    Within the Dream

    Waiting for the others to talk he shifted his weight slightly as he waited for some answers to be shared among their small group. This in turn only garnered the attention of the other alien that now stepped closer to him to introduce itself. The fact that the semi-luminous being was doing so was a clue to himself that he needed to be more still, slaves were panicky creatures, his experiments had borne that much out, as likely to harm each other as well as the threat. But this one was not a slave race, at least not one that had been during his time prior to a mind prison. Still, such a simple request a name, but if he was not careful a nuance of the answers that intrigued him might be missed.

    Raising a single clawed finger he shook it slightly, side to side, to encourage her to wait a moment. "Itolis." he hissed out as a means of passification and to get such things out of way without brushing off a potential future ally. Although the way she had asked left some hope to him that she was an intelligent sort, as for whether a suitible vessel for the two left, well that was for now neither here nor there as it were. Still, that intellegence is what let him leave her as a potential viable ally if things within this mind prison did not proceed cordially.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Trieste

    It was rather a shock when another post came to tag him, to say the least it was like the cold blast of a harsh nor-easterner. Still such a thing was quickly gotten over as he thought and pondered a respectible response. Not much came, for the moment his system was on rails, a waiting, a needing a knowing. Now if only he knew he faired well on those last minute pre-trip and during trip finals, or that something of value for progress in the summer news came would be splendid. As for now though, it seemed like as good as anytime to search out where in relation that SW shop that UK had in London as any. Hopefully it would still be open.
  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: Despite a promising start, I have had some rather severe DRL which will likely end in 2014 (seriously).

    As such it is only responsible for me to end the game here. It was a nice twist, and I hope it surprised you more than once in its short (post) life.

    Thank you to everyone who participated, as it was. :)
  19. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Former Manager star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: Well shab, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for letting me be a part of this experiance, never thought I would be playing as myself in an RP. ;)

  20. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
  21. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    OOC: Shab indeed. Shab. :(

    Best wishes Sinre.
  22. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid


    Weeks had passed.

    Time had slowed.

    It certainly went out of sync.

    With a little technical wizardy (such that he had not sought permission for), he undid an event, and kept the true game going.

    A brief moment had been required to finish off a loose end.

    Loose ends are not to be liked.

    It had been such a loose end, that he had aborted the game, though of course, the true game had continued.

    And now, nearly a month after his fateful words, he strode forward, into the room, releasing the cartridge from the magazine of the gun, and passed through the doorway. He'd used a whole magazine tracing shots around the rooms, until he'd caught splinterinthemindseye_ in the leg. And so, as splinter dragged himself across the floor, he could take his sweet time reloading.

    Click, clack.

    The magazine slid in, was snapped into place.


    The sound of leather around the holster of the gun.


    Loose end done.


    The email went around.

    Splinter, for his part, had vanished from these boards anyway, so nobody would noticed his absence as Sinrebirth typed up the solitary email. Khan had politely requested he leave, so that was that, for now.

    Sorry about what happened, all. I had a wee bit too much on. Still do, but reckon the meet would be fun. My treat, as an I.O.U. to those of you I caused issue for. Same terms as before, but setting the date for the 16th February 2013. Please reply within a week!

    Sinrebirth tabbed 'send', and wondered what would happen.

    He would hate for someone to not respond.

    It would cause him no end of pain.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, Mitth-Fisto, s65horsey, Trieste, HanSolo29, spycoder9, SirakRomar; Ramza[/B]
  23. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    An Office in a Math Department

    So Sinre had actually decided to bring his game back, even though it had been previously written off as dead. Ramza was accustomed to the whims of DRL making it possible for that kind of thing to happen - indeed, it had happened to him - so he took it in stride, and, as there was no one coming to his office hours, he sat down to write an in-character reply.

    An Office in a Math Department

    Ramza was taking a look at his PMs while listening to Manfred Mann's Earth Band's cover of a certain Springsteen song, dangerously low on coffee. Apparently Sinrebirth's offer was still on the table, despite some initial confusion about it being cancelled.

    The mod gave his schedule a once over - fortunately, February 16th was free, as he did not intend to hold the west coast for ransom until the 18th. So he quickly pounded out a reply:

    Sure, that works, see you then.

    Overly verbose PMs were not his shtick, y'see. Making a note of the event on his calendar, he went back to work.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth

    Ramza gave the reply a once over, furrowed his brow, and turned to his officemate. "So I'm writing a post about myself writing a post as myself. Too meta?"

    "Not meta enough," his officemate replied.

    Ramza contemplated this, furrowed his brow some more, and hit post reply.

    Except he hadn't actually hit post reply because he was still typing this reply which contained his in-character reply as himself.

    It occurred to him that a certain amount of paradox would occur if he actually did hit post reply because he would have ceased to be describing his actual actions, thereby consigning this version of himself to a sort of fiction on top of another sort of fiction, to say nothing of the fact that he actually was listening to Manfred Mann at the moment because of linking it earlier in the reply within a reply.

    Then he realized he had model theory that wasn't going to read itself, and consigned himself to overly complicating the matter.
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  24. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sinrebirth

    Sure, that works, see you then.

    The first response to the group-PM coming from what he knew was a mathematically-overextended Ramza pleased him, so much, in-fact, that he grinned from ear to ear. As late as it was, he could not resist commenting, even if his reply would not be overly astonishing; it was hardly as if Ramza could be lured into a conversation via PM.

    Good to have you aboard!

    Considering Ramza hadn't even had the opportunity to post in-game, it had pleased him. If it went well enough, and people even discussed potential ideas with him, perhaps they could jointly nudge the overall game back into resuscitation. He rubbed his hands with glee, and, in theory, signed off for the night, leaving five pages open attached to the various TAGs for Shadow War he had to deal with too.

    Nodding to himself, Sinre smiled once more, softly; slowly, and sent the message, and once again tried to summon the willpower to log-off and drag himself to bed.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, Mitth-Fisto, s65horsey, Trieste, HanSolo29, spycoder9, SirakRomar; Ramza
  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Mitth_Fisto

    Stumbling upon a happening and noticing that not one but two tag attempts somehow were never noticed brought the poster up short. Surely one of two should of gottent through. Still the lure of wealth and the possibilities of a character dashed upon the rocks of DRL of another brings the thought of turning away up short. Not to mention that he still is curious where the story was heading in VR of his character.

    Pulling up a reply he simply sat there for a moment and then closed it not to return for a week. Though now that time has passed he feels guilty but still, the lure had not been retracted, and so he tentavily dipped his hands into the mental well that would drip his words through tapping fingers of a possibility that may or may not be. Although the previous trip still weighed on him, as did the words oft quoted laboriously 'fool once. . .' yet he would not strike such words so thoughtlessly across this email. No instead a simple statement of hope.

    I hear and am willing, although you should know my time is limited and responses delayed.

    Tapping send he sat in repose, until once more the ticking clock imposed upon his repose the need to set once more to other things.

    TAG: Sinrebirth Bardan_Jusik s65horsey Trieste HanSolo29 spycoder9 SirakRomar