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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    “Welcome back to HoloNet Sports Network. I’m Yan Xajarable and my guest today is Commissioner of Elite League Limmie, Fenrir Lokensgaard. Commissioner, welcome.”

    Fenrir reclined with the casual ease of a being who knew he was on top of the galaxy. He oversaw the pinnacle of the most popular field sport in the galaxy.

    It was called boloball, meshgeroya, the beautiful game. It was played in sand lots on Tatooine, blocks cleared of junk on Nar Shaddaa, green fields of Chandrila, and the largest stadiums in the galaxy.

    “Yan, pleasure to be here,” Lokensgaard said with an easy smile.

    “I understand you’ve brought someone with you today?”

    “You could say that.” The Commissioner made a motion with his hand over his shoulder. On cue, a repulsorsled bearing the greatest trophy in the galaxy came on the set.


    “The Galactic Cup of Limmie,” Commissioner Lokensgaard said. “It is athletic immortality. Decades of champions have had their names inscribed on it.” He brushed his fingers over the polished silver, tracing the names of some of the greatest players the galaxy had ever seen.

    “The Galactic Cup has seen the fall of the Republic, the destruction of the Death Star, the triumph of the New Republic, and the fall of the First Order,” Lokensgaard continued. “But do you know what the greatest thing about it, Yan?”

    “The way it changes everything for anyone who even comes close to it,” the Commissioner said. “Until it happens to can’t even imagine it.”

    Elite League Limmie is not an RPG about sports...unless you want it to be.

    It is the story of the beings whose lives touch the greatest sports teams in the galaxy. It takes place centuries after the events of the film, giving you a blank canvas to develop a character and tell stories. Sports are merely the backdrop for your imagination.

    You can be anyone:
    • Player
    • Coach
    • Team staff
    • One of the trillions of fans of the sport
    • Being who puts the cheese on the nachos
    Your creativity is the only boundary on your character.

    You can supplement your character’s actions with those of the NPCs connected to your limmie team. This gives you the freedom to tell a story as epic or intimate as you want.
    Game scores are released weekly. These inform your character’s journey and determine the contours of your story. GM prompts will also guide what happens to your characters.

    When you post, you give your team an edge for the next game through the possibility of a higher maximum score.

    There are rules of the sport, but they’re not super important. You can draw inspiration from almost any team sport. There’s no one right way to play limmie.

    How to join

    PM @Trieste with a completed character sheet:

    Birth year:
    Physical appearance: (You can use an image or a description)
    Relation to team:
    Brief biography: (All you need are a few paragraphs)

    You’ll select a team with Trieste’s help and then you’ll be ready to go. Once you’ve got your team, you can customize the players and staff if desired.

    Advanced option: You can create a team from scratch, including picking a home planet and constructing a team roster. Mention this when you send @Trieste your character if you’re interested in learning more.

    Win or lose, one thing’s for sure: it’s anyone’s game.
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  2. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Teams in the League
    --Bakura Miners [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]

    [b]GM Approved[/b]

    Team: [color=blue]Bakura[/color] [color=yellow]Miners[/color]
    Name: Kerry Trieste
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 219
    Physical appearance: 5?9?, fair skinned with some freckles, green eyes, red hair, and slender build
    Homeworld: Bakura
    Relation to Team: Owner
    Brief Biography: Kerry Trieste was born into the powerful and influential Noble House of Trieste, one of Bakura?s leading families. Consequently, Kerry has been surrounded by Limmie for her entire life. Her father, Fionn Dunross Trieste, was a two term Prime Minister of Bakura from 220-228 after a distinguished career in the intelligence agencies of the GFFA and its successor the Republic. Fionn bought the nearly defunct Miners in 216 with his cousin. Kerry grew up going to Miner games in the owner?s box. She later attended the University of Bakura at Salis D?aar where she played on the Golden Bears Limmie team, becoming captain and winning the Bakura 10 Conference, going to the prestigious Carnation Bowl.

    Though she was scouted for a career as a professional Limmie player, Kerry instead followed in her father?s footsteps and embarked on a political career. She was elected Prime Minister of Bakura in 252. It was at that time that Kerry beat out her six siblings to become Taoiseach (pronounced Tee-shock, an ancient Bakuran word meaning chieftan but is now used to refer to the formal head of a House of Bakura) of the Noble House and consequently became the owner of the Bakura Miners, which is an asset of the Noble House. The Miners won the Galactic Cup of Limmie in 252, an event that propelled Kerry to a landslide electoral victory.

    Kerry has not been ashamed to tie her political fortunes to the Miners, who are wildly popular on Bakura and in surrounding sectors. For example, a second Galactic Cup under Kerry?s watch in 259 proved to be an enormous morale boost for Kerry?s Federal Union during the Bakuran Civil War (which she would go on to win in 262). In her third term as PM and with a consolidated base of power in the Bakuran Senate, Kerry seeks to heal the wounds of the Civil War, continue implementing her vision for the federal government of Bakura, extend Bakura?s already considerable influence within the Republic, and strengthen Bakura?s role as a leader in the Outer Rim. With the Miners as the most prominent interstellar symbol of Bakuran renaissance, Kerry rarely misses an opportunity to hitch her wagon to their star.
  3. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    GM Approved

    Team: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Name: Rhia Grames
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 202 ABY
    Physical appearance: 5?7??, blue eyes, black hair, athletic build.
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: It is said in the sports bars and nightclubs of the Smuggler?s Moon that an era was born when Rhia Grames first stepped onto the pitch, wearing the dark red and black jerseys of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, in 222 ABY at Six Boroughs Stadium.

    Everyone can remember the success to come in the prime of Rhia Grames? career and her intense rivalry with the Chandrila Patriots led by Tan Strensky. But few fans except for the diehards, can remember the struggles of Rhia Grames in the final year of her contract surrounded by a less than stellar supporting cast and plagued by an unforgiving streak of perfectionism. Realizing that her situation was desperate Rhia personally took her head coach aside and pleaded to be allowed one more chance to prove her worth.

    From that point forward, Rhia never looked back, making team captain in 228 ABY within the first three games and eventually leading the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers of that year to their first of four Galactic Cup victories, the rest following in 230, 233, and 239 ABY respectively.

    Retiring in 239 ABY, Rhia Grames took several years off to raise a family. She returned to the spotlight in 244, to the delight of fans, when offered the head coaching position of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Though not as successful as her contemporaries, with regards to regular season records, Grames? persistence and fiery personality helped catalyze the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers to a Galactic Cup victory in 249.

    Following the 249 ABY season, Rhia stepped down as head coach and was named general manager and minority owner of the franchise by the Vehn family. She is responsible for the youth movement in the Smuggler organization known as ?going-local? a phrase coined for the 255 ABY season when the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers decided to only recruit talent from the Vertical City.

    Rhia Grames was inducted into the Limmie Hall of Fame in 255 ABY.

  4. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: Updated information on teams in the League for everybody. For all approved players, preseason posting may begin now. These posts will be taken into consideration for the Week 1 bonus. For our general managers, I would imagine that right now is one of the busiest times of year. ;) I am currently planning on releasing the schedule on June 6, so it would be highly convenient to have all who want to be in at the very least talking to me by then. I'm shooting for the first game to take place on June 9.

    Current League
    --Bakura Miners [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    --Naboo Ducks [spycoder9, Reilly Prgeom (general manager)]
    --Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]
  5. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008

    Character Sheet
    Team: Naboo Ducks
    Name: Reilly Prgeom
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 221
    Physical appearance: She has long blond hair and has bright, ice blue eyes. She prefers to wear short black prefessional dresses, but when she attends games she always has a shirt to show it.
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: Born on Naboo, Reilly became a mature girl at a young age, and started Naboo Limmie Playing early. As she got older and more mature, playing came at an easier and faster pace than her normal life. It eventually became her career, her family, and her hobby, as her parents had died years ago and she never got married. At 261, she took control of the wheel of the Naboo Ducks. She enjoyed it and became famous on Naboo. That was where she met her husband to be. They wed a week after they met, and she was pregnant a week later. She had her baby, but that took away from her playing. In between the playing and fighting, her husband decided to leave her with their baby right before the games begin.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field:
    General Manager: Reilly Prgeom (Human, Female)
    Head Coach: Jasen Krueg (Human, Male)
    Goalkeeper: Marbatt Berlo (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Back: Jocen Tunsyn (Human, Male)
    Full Back: Jarek Tryria (Human, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Trlena Terrles (Human
    Right Half Back: Hadge Ardkin (Human, Male)
    Center Half Back: Alia Elrak (Human, Female)
    Left Half Back: Analla Oin (Human, Female)
    Midfielder: Mon Lightel (Human, Male)
    Midfielder: Savsati Lohrn (Human, Female)
    Right Half Forward: Dakric Tavia (Human, Male)
    Center Half Forward: Laneema Farus (Human, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Zan Heldres (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Forward: Minia Krarak (Human, Male)
    Full Forward: Karlena Gunel (Human, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Aereen Drytrin* (Human, Female)
    (* designates team captain)
  6. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D?aar, Bakura

    The motorcade of sleek, black hovercars came to a halt in the sheltered tunnel that represented the most secure entrance to Bakura Gardens. On a game day a more public entrance would be used for the benefit of the fans, but today the Marshals saw no reason to take any more chances than had needed. After all, they had failed a year ago. They wouldn?t again.

    Simultaneously seven professionally, yet discreetly, clad Federal Marshals got out of various hovercars and were immediately scanning the area, which had already been secured. Still, they took their jobs seriously. One of the Marshals opened the door of the second hovercar. Immediately out came a pair of legs wearing gray slacks and black flat shoes. They were obviously classy and expensive, but not ostentatious. The torso that followed was covered by a tasteful black blouse. Topping it off was a neat bob of orange-red hair, a gift of genetics, not a well-trained stylist.

    The slightly freckled woman, who now stood to her full height of 5 feet and 9 inches, was Kerry Trieste, three-term Prime Minister of Bakura, the woman who had ?saved the Federal Union? of the 32 counties of Bakura in the Civil War that had ended one year ago, the Taoiseach of the Noble House of Trieste. She was many more things, but these were arguably the most important of them. At the present moment in time, it was the last duty that she was functioning in at the present. The Noble House, which she oversaw, owned the Bakura Miners Limmie franchise in its entirety and it was a duty that Kerry Trieste reveled in.

    Kerry had grown up with Limmie. Her father, Fionn Dunross Trieste who had served as Prime Minister from 220 through 228, had bought the nearly-defunct Miners with his cousin in 216, three years before Kerry was born. Kerry and her six brothers and sisters had nearly made up half a Limmie team?when they all cared to be on the same side. At the University of Bakura at Salis D?aar, Kerry had played intercollegiate Limmie in the Bakura 10 Conference, going to the Carnation Bowl in her Senior year.

    Then politics, not professional athletics, called. Kerry eventually took her seat in the Bakuran Senate before ascending to Prime Minister. It was in the course of this latter event that Fionn decided it was time someone else lead the Noble House and in 252 Kerry became Taoiseach of the Noble House, the controller of a vast family fortune of property and assets, not the least of which was at that time a minority share of the Miners?a share that had since grown in total and complete control.

    The hoverlift doors opened and Kerry stepped out onto the empty concourse of Bakura Gardens, three Marshals with her. The 100,000+ seat stadium would be filled with fans in three weeks when the 262 season began. For the moment it was nearly empty and almost silent. The only noise came from the scattering of players on the pitch, punctuated periodically by a whistle. Today was the first practice for the 262 Miners in Bakura Gardens, an event that Kerry decided she should attend.

    Trieste was well aware that there would be one other person present in the stadium that day as well. Leaning against the field-level railing was Dana Roslyn, general manager of the Miners. Whether by fate or simple chance, Roslyn was synonymous with Trieste control of the Miners. Signed as rookie in 217 a year after the team was bought, Roslyn matured into the captain of the Miners who took them to three straight Galactic Cups from 225 to 227, eventually ending a 41 year drought in 226. In 243 after paying her dues as an assistant coach, Roslyn became head coach and general manager of the Miners, culminating in the 252 Galactic Cup championship. She developed cancer in 253, which was her last year as head coach. However, Roslyn stayed on as general manager, a role she was exceptionally good at as attested to by the fact that no one had won as many Ingbrand Awards for rookie of the year in the last 16 years as the Miners. It came as little surprise that R
  7. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    Even at sixty, she still cut a good figure.

    Dressed in a dark red blouse and a stylish black skirt, the dark haired woman with blue eyes turned the heads of numerous beings as she briskly walked into the largest studio of the Vertical City Network for an interview with veteran anchor Omar Mosk, arguably one of the biggest fans of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers organization.

    ?Good evening, galaxy, I?m Omar Mosk, news anchor for the sports division of Vertical City Network. Tonight, I?d like to interview a living legend. A woman who has won six Galactic Cup championships in her lifetime, numerous awards, and has been the General Manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers for the past several years. Ladies and gentlebeings, it brings me great pleasure to introduce Rhia Grames.?

    ?Thank you for having me, Omar,? Rhia responded, blushing a bit.

    ?You look amazing,? Omar said, smiling as his eyes wandered over his guest. ?I?m so nervous I?m not sure I know where to begin!?

    ?How about we start at the beginning,? Rhia suggested gently, crossing her legs together.

    ?Alright, so, tell us, how?d you first get to be involved in Limmie??

    ?Well, I grew up watching the sport on the Holonet with my family, like any kid I guess. I remember begging my parents for a Limmie ball, course, every time, they said no, and credits were hard to come by back then. I had nearly given up when my father surprised me on my birthday when I was five with a replica Limmie ball and I suppose my passion took off from there,? Rhia finished with a smile.

    ?You played a bit for Vertical City University, right?? Omar asked.

    ?Yeah, I did. College was rough for me, lots of conflicting interests. My parents had dreams of me seeking a stable profession, doctor, lawyer, you know, that sort of thing. I just couldn?t deny my passion for the field, however, and I tried out for varsity my sophomore year and made it. I wanted to play professionally so bad at that point I hit the books and graduated early.?

    ?Graduated early in the hopes of get drafted by the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, right?? Omar inquired.

    ?Yeah, that was my intention, and I was drafted in 222. But those first four years were hard, real hard,? Rhia mentioned.

    ?It says in my notes that you barely made the team in the final year of your contract. Mentions something about you persuading your coach that you could play this game, that you could be great. In your own words, what did you say??

    Rhia laughed, looked off camera for a moment, and finally returned her eyes to Omar?s. ?I told the coach to give me one more year and if I didn?t prove that I belonged, he could cut me and I?d go on my way. But I said if he did keep me around for the 228 season, I?m making team captain, I can guarantee that.?

    ?And you did. You did more than just make team captain, you took the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers to their first of four Galactic Cup championships and started a bruising rivalry with the Chandrila Patriots under Tan Strensky. Of those four championships you won as a player, what was the most significant??

    ?My last, definitely my last in 239. Sure I had a great rivalry with Strensky, but nothing compares to my final victory as a player. It was such a sad moment for me, made all the more difficult knowing I would never set foot on the pitch again wearing a Nar Shaddaa Smugglers uniform. Physically, I was beat. My knees couldn?t take the kind of punishment I was receiving week in and week out and besides I?d been playing for seventeen years at that point, that?s a long time. I wanted out, I wanted a family,? Rhia explained.

    ?And you went ahead and did that. Ten years later, as head coach of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, you took the team to your fifth championship in 249. Now, as general manager, you guided the Smugglers to your sixth, and the team?s seventh, Galactic Cup victory just last season in 261. How has your view of the sport changed since stepping off the pitch and making crucial decisions that keep the franchise competitive?? Omar asked.

    ?It?s a totally different game now. You look back to wh
  8. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Reilly Prgeom
    Theed Central

    The tranquil fountain bubbled with a small stream of water. The marble concrete stone that made the fountain was comfortable, which was mostly the reason the interview was taking place here, beside it. The blond haired woman, wearing a tight black suit, smiled at the person who would be interviewing her. She sat down beside the fountain, legs crossed so that the camera could neglect seeing up her skirt. The handsome young man beside her with a fake smile plastered on his face held a microphone to his pink lips.

    ?Action!? the burly camera man called out from behind the camera. Reilly Prgeom, the general manager of the Naboo Ducks and the interviewee, withheld a girlish giggle as she noticed the camera man?s big stomach, covered with a gray shirt supporting the team. The guy was sweating, and Reilly almost hurled all over herself at the dark spots of his clothing. The handsome young man turned to her with his smile, and she felt like the whole interview was fake.

    ?I am Chad Krueg, Reporter of the Theed News and Cousin to the Naboo Ducks Head Coach Jasen Krueg. I am here with the young and stunning Reilly Prgeom, the General Manager of the Naboo Ducks, our own planet wide Limmie team. Mrs. Prgeom, I will start with an easy question,? the man talked with such a loud, booming voice that Reilly knew her voice would sound miniscule compared to his. But she didn?t care. ?How did you become the newest General Manager??

    ?Well, Chad,? Reilly flashed him a pearly white smile, her lipstick beautifying her face to the reporter, ?I came into the business last year. I?ve been interested in the sport Limmie mostly all my life. We won a couple of games back then. But when I landed the job as General Manager, I was fully into this job. Last season wasn?t the best we could be. We could possibly turn out perfect this season. We have some new members, as everyone knows.?

    ?Speaking of new players,? Reilly felt her stomach twist and turn at the sound in his voice, ?Have you watched the local holonet news? Minia Krarak was found out in the fields with a wrecked, stolen speeder. The local police recovered him, but the Head Coach fished him from the station. Many of us want to know if Mr. Krarak will be staying this season??

    ?Why of course he will. He has actually not be proven on those trumped up charges. He still will play this season, and from his practices, I can tell this man will be a good player. Unlike some people. If I remember, you wanted to join the team at one time, Mr. Krueg,? she stared into his eyes with her false smile, and the camera man could feel the sparks flying in between the two. After a couple of moments, the man looked away and back at the camera.

    ?You came here to discuss the game and your players, not me. Now, could you answer my next question? It?s a tough one. Why did you pick, Mr. Krarak? He actually has no experience, no practice, and as far as I have seen, no talent. So answer this question, Reilly.?

    ?I can consider this interview ended, Mr. Krueg. No more questions.?


    Reilly stood and walked away, hips swiveling and a frown blossoming on her face. She would really see Minia now, and his butt would be fried. But first, she had to go home and see her child. And sign some papers. The finalizing papers. She wiped a tear from her cheek, but never swayed from her walk.
  9. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Update

    First off, glad to see that posting is off and running. It's great that we're underway!

    Current League
    --Bakura Miners [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    --Naboo Ducks [spycoder9, Reilly Prgeom (general manager)]
    --Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]

    Though the League itself has not officially changed, a couple updates for everybody.

    First, I'm talking with a couple folks right now to get their teams ironed out so we should have some more folks in the League shortly. Please feel free to post once you are officially accepted.

    Second, Coruscant is no longer available. I have had two inquiries as to having a team on Coruscant and the first one is currently receiving priority. If that falls through, the second inquiry will get the team on Coruscant. I am currently not going to allow more than one team on a planet just so everybody's got some room to operate with their storylines. If this changes later, it will be publicly announced.

    Third, for new players who are looking for a team, here is a list of the franchises that have already won a Galactic Cup in the Modern Era. This list has been taken from the second post in the library thread. Information on when they won a Galactic Cup, when they lost in the Final, and their totals in both categories can be found in the library thread. It's my preference that these planets keep these team names, but if you don't like the Commenor Gundarks and would really like to have the Commenor Barons as your team, let's talk. Things are negotiable. ;) I've also sorted this list by teams that have a lot of history, some history, or no history at all in the event you'd like a blank slate or you'd like some background to work with.

    Teams with Lots of History
    Chandrila Patriots
    Mon Calamari Mariners
    Sabilon Skookumchucks (of Glee Anselm)

    Teams with Some History
    Adumar Aces
    Corellia Rebels
    Denon Demons
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Kashyyyk Rangers

    Teams with No History
    Commenor Gundarks
    Corulag Swoops
    Druckenwell Marksmen
    Empress Teta Pikemen
    Fondor Freedom
    Iego Angels
    Ithor Herders
    Kamino Waves
    Kessel Runners
    Kothlis Spies
    Kuat Triforce
    Ord Mantell Scrappers
    Ralltiir Starkillers
    Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Tynna Navigators
  10. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Update

    Two more teams have joined the fray...

    Current League
    --Alsakan Flyers [NickLitYouAFlame, Corso Wey (owner and player)]
    --Bakura Miners [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    --Coruscant Senators [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)]
    --Naboo Ducks [spycoder9, Reilly Prgeom (general manager)]
    --Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]
  11. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007

    Team: Alsakan Flyers
    Name: Corso Wey
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 231
    Age: 31
    Physical appearance: Tall, dark and brooding. Corso nearly defines a defensive Limmie player. He is 1.9 meters tall and weighs 96 kilograms.
    Homeworld: Serroco
    Relation to Team: Owner and player
    Brief Biography: Corso is the first-born son of Lorda Wey, a prolific and famous senator from Serroco. Despite having the option to follow in is father?s footsteps, Corso, having an advantage in size, decided to pursue a career in Elite League Limmie. After years of playing the sport, Corso used a small portion of his substantial inheritance to purchase a largely unknown Alsakan team. Corso went to great lengths to shepherd his team from a variety of locations and origins. While a good majority of his time is spent training, practicing and playing Limmie, Corso also enjoys boxing and drinking. Corso formerly played for Chandrila, Coruscant and Kuat, but has never played on a championship team. He has been in the league since he was 21, or 252 ABY.
  12. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Chosen One star 9

    May 20, 2008
    GM Approved:

    Character Sheet:

    Team: Coruscant Senators
    Name: Gark S'rily
    Species: Bothan
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 223
    Physical appearance:
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: Gark was born in 223 to parents who usually were out working in the factories in the Industrial sector of the planet. Being brought up in a house where hard work and patience was the mantra, Gark started to live his life as a diligent student, gaining high marks in school. Graduating from the Coruscant Trade University, he went on to work in the business office for a large transparisteel corporation, Andromeda Steel and Droid Corp. For several years, he served as a simple clerk, keeping track of business records and other important company information. However, his hard work was noticed by his superiors, and thus he began a series of promotions that eventually landed him in an Executive position in the company.

    His interest in Limmie was not around at the time of his childhood, but he became aware of the sport while on vacation on a distant planet. He liked what he saw, and brought back stories of great players and their skills playing with the bolo-ball. In an executive staff meeting, Gark brought up an idea he had; the company could get its name out to new markets on the planet if it could lure a Limmie team to the planet. Other executives liked the idea, and the owner, a human male named "Bill" Sazarecki, decided that it was a good idea, as business was hurting a little at the time due to a economic recession. Although not placed on the committee to plan out the logistics for gaining control over such a team, Gark was named General Manager after the purchase of the old Coruscant Senators franchise, which had fallen into hard times. "Bill" became the owner; Gark, having put his hard-work ethics into practice at a young age, realized that his team should have rugged players who don't stand out too much. Thus, he worked to get a new face for the franchise. Too bad for him the team is on Coruscant, former capital of Galactic Empires and Republics.

    Team Sheet

    Home Field: Andromeda Steel Corp. Field, It's located a distance away from the main city, in a sparsly-populated sector.
    General Manager: Gark S'rily (Bothan, Male)
    Head Coach: Alasea "Allie" Orchetrada (Human, Female)
    Goalkeeper: Tavis Corizyl (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Back: Shayt Contar (Feeorin, Female)
    Full Back: Shev Fil'yer (Noghri, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Dilfy Pogrid (Duros, Female)
    *Right Half Back: Dirxx Horstse (Besalisk, Male)
    Center Half Back: Girgedi (Rodian, Male)
    Left Half Back: Velay Corvis (Duros, Male)
    Midfielder: Brosh We'kyr (Bothan, Male)
    Midfielder: Grogedi (Rodian, Male)
    Right Half Forward: "Cam" Veryist (Human, Male)
    Center Half Forward: Lokesh Fi'lish (Bothan, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Corshisha (Dug, Female)
    Right Corner Forward: Polis Vayne (Human, Male)
    Full Forward: Syprul Raches (Shistavanen, Male)
    Left Corner Forward: Syldisa (Dug, Female)
    (* designates team captain)
  13. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Corso Wey
    Alsakan, Fighting Dojo

    The boxing ring, much like the Limmie pitch, is a locale that is unforgiving and most certainly dangerous. Unless treated with respect, there is a chance of major injury and even death. This tension: the struggle between two men, whether they face each other with gloves or with a ball, made Corso feel alive. That is why all the urging from Trist Lorn and Diox would not convince him to step down from the team. Corso?s logic was that if the owner of a company could not work with his employees, he was useless as an employer.

    The issue, of Corso?s joint owner-player status had been cropping up in team meetings, at home and in press conferences. For Corso, however, this own lent fuel to the fire. He was determined to prove his doubters wrong. With his mind on work, Corso couldn?t stop the right hook coming from his center half forward, Asgard Lon. Corso was unbalanced enough to allow a second punch through his guard, sending him onto his back.

    Groaning, Corso pushed himself to a sitting position, before being pulled to his feet by the former soldier. One of the perks of picking such an unorthodox Limmie squad was the different style that each player brought to the pitch and the ring. By far, Tryo Sarin, the full forward, and Ailus, the left half forward, were the most devastating, in both regards.

    ?Is your mind on something, Wey? I normally don?t take you down so quickly.?

    Asgard was smiling as he teased Corso, but he was correct in his assumption. Corso had a meeting with Trist, his GM, to discuss the upcoming opener, and he wanted to get a drink first.

    ?We?re going to have cut this session short, As. Duty calls, after all.?

    Corso gripped the man?s hand for a moment, then turned and left the ring. He walked to the lockers in the corner of the gym, retrieved his bag and began jogging the three miles to the stadium.
  14. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Marian Square, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    15 Marian Square was the official address of the Executive Mansion, home and office of the Prime Minister of Bakura. It faced on one of Salis D'aar's public parks, hence its address on Marian Square. The Prime Minister's residence was often simply called Marian Square, even though doing so could confuse it with the park. Even so, in the context of a conversation it was unmistakable to know that "word from Marian Square" on a given issue was coming from the Prime Minister's Press Secretary, not picnickers in the green.

    Prime Minister Trieste was currently doing work in the West Office, which had been the office of the Prime Minister for nearly 200 years. The architect of the building had heard a story about how Mon Mothma after her retirement had an apartment on Coruscant that faced west, which caused her to see the sunset every day, reminding her that her time was over. That architect purposefully put the Prime Minister's office on the west side of the building so that every Prime Minister would be reminded of the fact that their time in office would one day end.

    That was the last thing on Kerry Trieste's mind right now. She had already defied convention and won a third term. Granted, being in the middle of a civil war with a reduced and largely sympathetic electorate had helped propel Kerry to her historic reelection. That, however, did not change the fact that she was still Prime Minister with another two years left in her term. Kerry intended to use that time to address the most pressing issue facing Bakura: the reconstruction of the thirteen counties that had combined in insurrection into the Maple Flag Republic. The nine northern counties had been a hotbed of the rebellion against the federal government based in Salis D'aar and the hardest to subdue. In the end, Kerry had authorized a scorched earth policy in several counties to cripple the might of the Maple Flag Republic and bring the war to a close.

    With the rebellion over, Kerry had fought the Bakuran Senate, still dominated by a commanding margin by her own party, Fianna Fail, for the passage of a Reconstruction Bill to rebuild the former Maple Flag Republic. Needless to say, the victors of the Bakuran Civil War had little interest in helping out the people who had balked at their authority, requiring a five year war to bring them back into line. Kerry, however, knew that if the federal government did not step in to rebuild what they themselves had destroyed it would be at least a decade before the Maple counties' economies could stand on their own. Not only would restoring their economies bring in tax revenue sooner rather than later, but it would also help to repair the deep divisions between the former enemies and unite them as a planet once again.

    And so Kerry had instructed her closest ally, Deputy Prime Minister Sabé Dormingale, the presiding officer of the Bakuran Senate who represented Cape Suzette, to bully their party into supporting the Reconstruction Bill. It had taken a threat to bring their party into line--but it was a threat that all the Fianna Fail Senators knew was not idle. The Reconstruction Bill passed and the rebuilding began. Kerry had put her Attorney General, Kirk Equus, her former rival in the 252 election, in charge of the effort, though she still took a very active role in overseeing Reconstruction. It was her project and she would see it through to make sure it was done right.

    At the moment the county of Telaan Valley was coming up for readmission and that event would be a major one. Kerry was reviewing the information on the readmission proposal to come before the Senate when a gentle ping went off in her office, signaling a message from her secretary.

    Kerry pressed a button on a console on her desk. "Yes?" she asked casually.

    "I have a message from Dana Roslyn for you."

    "Send it through," Kerry said, putting aside her work and looking at the screen on her desk. The message was a welcome break from her work.

    Madam Prime Minister,

    As yo
  15. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: As promised, here is the schedule for the regular season. Tuesday will be the cutoff for people to join for 262. I have filled in with three NPC teams to round things out which can be replaced if there are other people looking to join. So, without further ado...

    262 Elite League Limmie: Are You Ready For Some Limmie?

    GM Post

    CORUSCANT--Newly installed Elite League Commissioner Niakra Kayl'hen, the Bothan who formerly headed the collegiate Super Sixteen Conference, held her first press conference today as she unveiled the schedule for the 262 season.

    "We are very excited to have an excellent group of teams forming up for this season," Kayl'hen said, "We're returning a lot of last year's teams but we've seen a lot of changes in the offseason. New management on Coruscant and Naboo will undoubtedly be spurring these teams to a high level of performance. Furthermore, I'm personally very excited about Alkasan joining the League this year. They have steadily climbed the ranks in the Premier League and I am confident that they will be an excellent addition to the League."

    As expected, Nar Shaddaa will return to defend its Galactic Cup championship, a feat that has only been accomplished once in the Modern Era when the Ithor Herders had back-to-back victories over the Bakura Miners in 204 and 205. Bakura too will return to the Elite League, as will Kashyyyk, Mon Calamari, and Chandrila.

    Though the Patriots have yet to miss a season of Elite League play, their dismal 1-6 performance last year left major questions about whether they would be accepted this year. However, it seems that the Patriot Nation, which spans the galaxy and shows up to every game Chandrila plays, and their credits speak loudly even with a new Commissioner.

    Week 1
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Naboo Ducks
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Chandrila Patriots
    Alkasan Flyers at Coruscant Senators

    Week 2
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Bakura Miners at Alkasan Flyers
    Chandrila Patriots at Naboo Ducks
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Mon Calamari Mariners

    Week 3
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Alkasan Flyers
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Naboo Ducks at Bakura Miners

    Week 4
    Naboo Ducks at Coruscant Senators
    Chandrila Patriots at Bakura Miners
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Kashyyyk Rangers
    Alkasan Flyers at Mon Calamari Mariners

    Week 5
    Chandrila Patriots at Alkasan Flyers
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Coruscant Senators
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Naboo Ducks
    Bakura Miners at Mon Calamari Mariners

    Week 6
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Naboo Ducks
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Chandrila Patriots
    Alkasan Flyers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners

    Week 7
    Chandrila Patriots at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Bakura Miners at Kashyyyk Rangers
    Naboo Ducks at Alkasan Flyers
    Coruscant Senators at Mon Calamari Mariners
  16. Vehn

    Vehn Force Ghost star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Rhia Grames

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Training Facility, New Vertica, Smuggler?s Moon

    ?Good, Cally, that?s the way to strike it home!? Cheered a man with dark hair as he prowled up and down the indoor training facility of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    Cally Thrace, team captain for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, gave a curt nod to her head coach, Tover Micjaa, before resuming the drill. It was five on five, and currently, the offense was teaching the defense a lesson. That could all change in a matter of seconds, especially if Viera Ravine, the defensive anchor of the backfield had anything to say about it.

    Making his way over to the sideline for a drink, Micjaa nearly dropped it when a voice next to him asked, ?How?s the team coming along??

    Glancing up to view the source of the voice, the head coach of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, coming off a thrilling Galactic Cup victory in the 261 ABY season against the Mon Calamari Mariners, smiled and asked, ?Wondered when you?d show up, coach.?

    ?I haven?t been your coach in years, Tover,? Rhia Grames replied with a wry smile. Fond memories of that 249 championship creeping back into her mind, Tover strutting around the field to the chants of the Smuggler faithful. He had been a player then, young and full of potential.

    ?Sorry, Rhia, habit. I?d say the team is progressing well, but I think we partied a bit too hard after our cup victory. Things are sluggish, we?ve really got to tighten up in a few spots, but we?ll get there, I?m sure of it,? Micjaa said surveying the practice field, a worried look crept into his eyes.

    ?Something?s wrong, isn?t it??

    ?Yeah, unfortunately. Mark Allemann, the full forward, he?s blown his right knee out. Looks pretty damn serious. Doctors say he could be out of the game permanently. Personally, I think he hasn?t been conditioning himself properly in the off-season. And his lack of cooperation with the offensive unit hasn?t been very inspiring to the younger members we routinely bring in to get a feel for the game,? Micjaa admitted, referring to the Valor Foundation, a program designed to introduce under privileged kids to the world of sports, in particular, Limmie. It was held in conjunction with former super stars of the Bakura Miners.

    ?Fortunately for us, his contract is up this year. Marko was a place holder until I could find someone better,? Rhia admitted, grabbing a drink herself. ?I?ll see to it that he?s paid the rest of what he?s due, and then he?s out of here, starting today.?

    ?Have a replacement in mind?? Tover inquired.

    ?You know me too well. Her name is Helena Forsythe, second year pro and a free agent. She?s willing to make the switch to Full Forward, a position she?s not fully familiar with, for a bit of extra money. Frankly, I can take one look at that free agency and realize if I pass up on Forsythe, some other team is going to snatch her up and make us pay for it. She?s worth the extra incentive in pay. Her play is solid, from what I can tell from the film. But, hey, I?ll let you be the judge of that. She?ll be here tomorrow, work her hard, Tover.?

    ?I always do,? Coach Micjaa replied.

    ?Speaking of hard work, you take a look at the schedule this year?? Rhia asked.

    ?Bakura the first week, Chandrila the last, and a two week road stretch in the middle, and a new team from Alsaken. Sounds like we have our work cut out for us,? Micjaa admitted.

    ?We?ve got the targets on our back this time,? Rhia replied.

    ?I know.?

    ?The team going to be ready??

    ?We?ll be ready,? Micjaa responded, folding his arms across his chest. ?We have to be.?

  17. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Marko Allemann placed on waivers
    Signed free agent Helena Forsythe
  18. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    Received Askah Kol from the Adumar Aces in exchange for Niklas Franzen

    [color=green][b]Kerry Trieste[/b][/color]
    [i]Salis D'aar, Bakura[/i]

    "...proud to introduce the new starting Center Half Back for the Miners, Askah Kol," Dana Roslyn said.

    She proceeded to shake hands with the young man in question for the holocameras before he posed with Kerry receiving his blue and gold Miners jersey with Kol 85 on the back. Askah Kol looked much different from the ordinary Limmie player for instead of wearing casual dress attire, he was outfitted in traditional [i]beskar'gam[/i], commonly known as Mandalorian armor.

    "Askah, Askah!" one reporter clammored, "How does it feel to be the first Mandalorian to be named a starter for the Miners?"

    "I assume that it's supposed to be good, but I'm just looking forward to playing," Kol said.

    "How do you feel about the fact your first game in the Elite League is going to be against the defending Galactic Cup champions?"

    "Eh, might as well get them out of the way now," Kol said nonchalantly.

    "Askah, when you were first recruited by the Aces, there was speculation that there was resentment against you for not staying on Mandalore and trying to jumpstart a Limmie franchise there. Do you think that people on Mandalore will resent you playing for the Miners?"

    "I'm all for supporting and improving Mandalore, but let's face it. As a people we've always been mercenaries in one form or another, even when we tend our own garden. Anyone who wants to take issue with what I'm doing here better remember that I'm shipping these credits back home. I'll play here on Bakura, but I live on Mandalore."

    "And that's all the time we have for questions today. Like was mentinoed earlier, we've got the Smugglers coming to town for our first game and we have every intention of being ready for it," Roslyn said, ending the press conference, "We'll see you all then."

    Once they had all retreated out of the press room at the Miner's office and Kerry found herself alone with Roslyn, the Prime Minister said, "Don't you have scouts who are supposed to go look at talent for you so you don't have to go clear across the galaxy to watch some kid play Limmie?"

    "I do, but when one's trading a premier defenseman for a kid, I think it's prudent to go look for yourself," Roslyn replied.

    "Well he better be worth it," Kerry said, "Gavin Holstedder out of Atalanta University is reportedly going to sign with Commenor. He's looking like he'll develop into a very good back."

    "Trust me, Kol is what this team needs right now," Roslyn reassured Kerry.

    "I'm going to hold you to that."

    "I expect you will," the general manager replied with a smile.
  19. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Corso Wey
    Alsakan, Stadium Offices

    Corso jogged into the main building, covered in sweat from the warm Alsakan air, to several friendly greetings. Corso absentmindedly waved as he entered the lift up to the observatory and conference room.
    The lift opened to a grand finished wroshyr table, which sat eight. Behind the table were a sitting area and a floor to ceiling class window that overlooked the pitch. On either side of the window, were two large holoprojectors.

    The attention today, however, was directed not on the screen, but on Corso. He was late, apparently. Sitting at the head of the table, in Corso?s seat no less, was Trist Lorn, on her right was Diox, the aged Feeorin coach, and on her left was her personal assistant. Corso noted that he was new. Finishing up the lineup, were Corso?s captains, Yus-tarr Sei, the keeper, and Tyro Sarin.

    Corso sat his bag down next to a seat opposite everyone, pulled it back and sank onto the cushion. Immediately Trist assaulted him.

    ?Do you realize that you are thirty-five minutes late??

    Corso winced. He had understood that the meeting was at 08:30, not 08:00. He raised his hands in peace.

    ?I was unaware, Trist. Your season scheduling is different than it was during the offseason.?

    Trist shook her head at Corso, but began, regardless.

    ?Now, we?re here to discuss this season?s schedule. It was released at the end of last week to the teams. As I have already discussed with those who were punctual, we open on Coruscant. The Senator organization has recently gone through the same kind of reconstruction as our own team. From what we can tell, they have focused their sights more on raw power, than on finesse. Their back line looks really solid and the team?s captain, a Besalisk, rounds out the Defensive 6.?

    At this point, Tyro piped up.

    ?The biggest weakness that I can see, just at first glance, is their left side. Unlike the rest of the backs, their left side is made up of two Duros. Moon?s size should be enough to overpower them and create an opening, to unbalanced the defense.?

    Corso looked around at everyone; Diox was nodding his head in confirmation. He inclined his head towards Yus-tarr.

    ?The Senator?s Offensive 6 is a little less? showy. There are a lot of question marks, in that we just haven?t seen these players enough to make any kind of serious judgment calls.?

    Yus-tarr jumped in next. While he was listening, Corso was flipping through his datapad, looking at the News headlines.

    ?Our defense is really our strength in this match. We?ve got good chemistry between Niabacca and Dyissk, which will help with the right side. Illit is our main concern. So, Corso-?

    Corso looked up. Yus-tarr, and everyone, had their eyes on him. He nodded.

    ?- I?m going to need you to watch her. Illit. She?s never faced Dugs, so two may be too much. You need to watch your position and hers. Rael can shift to cover you, if you have to provide assistance.?

    Corso nodded again. He looked back down at his datapad, to read an incoming news bulletin.

    ?Nar Shaddaa picked up Helena Forsythe and dropped Allemann. Ooh, and the Miners traded Niklas Franzen for that Mandalorian whiz kid, we were looking at.?

    Trist sighed and brushed hair out of her face. She tapped the table.

    ?Please, can we get back on topic, we should talk about Diox?s new training methods-?

    Tag: No one
  20. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Reilly Prgeom
    Naboo Home

    The home lay on a hill that was covered by a forest green grass, and flowers and bushes surrounded it. Outside the home, and in Reilly Prgeom?s arms was a beautiful blonde haired son, his golden mane of hair running down his neck. Twists and curls flung themselves around in his messy hair, which lay under a corduroy hat. She kissed him on the pale white cheeks repeatedly, her red lipstick leaving red stains. Reed Prgeom, as his shirt labeled him, giggled at his mother tugging on her long blonde hair. The red door, which hung ajar after her son had toddled out and into her arms, closed behind a handsome brown headed man with chestnut colored eyes.

    ?So you actually have decided to show up,? the man, Kane Prgeom, told his soon to be ex-wife. She turned her son from her face so she could shoot his father a dirty, angry, look of fury. Sitting the son down, he toddled sown the hill, playing in his sand box at the bottom. ?I think we both are shocked.?

    ?Kane, lets not make this as bad as it already is,? Reilly told her husband in a civil manner, her voice quivering ever so slightly. He nodded, picked his son up, and went inside. She chocked down a sob, one stray tear developing in the corner of her eye. She wiped it away, making sure not to mess up her makeup. Following them inside, she noticed the lawyer sitting at the dining room table, papers on the top. Her face covered her fear, pain, and anger.

    ?If both of you are ready?? the lawyer asked, scratching his furry beard. Reilly glanced at him out of pure shock and terror, and he saw this look. He looked down at the papers, then stood. ?Maybe we should do this another time-? his glasses fell from his jittery face, and he bent down to get them. Kane glanced at his wife, who acted as if she didn?t notice.

    ?No, no, we can continue,? Reilly answered.
  21. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Alsakan Flyers [NickLitYouAFlame, Corso Wey (owner and player)]
    --Bakura Miners [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    --Chandrila Patriots
    --Coruscant Senators [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)]
    --Kashyyyk Rangers
    --Mon Calamari Mariners [OssusSage, Rothondo Snilj (general manager)]
    --Naboo Ducks [spycoder9, Reilly Prgeom (general manager)]
    --Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]

    The teams are now set for the season. If there are people who would like to get on board late in the season by taking over either the Patriots or the Rangers, I'll allow that. First game results will be coming in about 12 hours and all posts until that time will be considered for the roleplaying bonus.
  22. OssusSage

    OssusSage Jedi Youngling

    Jun 8, 2010
    GM Approved

    Team:Mon Calamari Mariners
    Name: Rothondo Snilj
    Species: Bith
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 229 ABY
    Physical Appearance: Pale, large black eyes
    Homeworld: Clak'dor VII
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: Rothondo Snilj is a former player for the Mon Calamari Mariners. Huge controversies were made over the introduction of the first non-native team member into the Mariners in the team's history. Rothondo played full back for the Mariners for many years, and he began to earn the respect and praises of the fans. Rothondo recieved numerous nominations and awards for his excellent sportsmanship and raw talent as a player.

    Rothondo ended his career in 260 as a Mariner's player due to health concerns. Rothondo was quickly offered the position of General Manager for the Mariner's team.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field: "The Tank"
    General Manager: Rothondo Snilj
    Head Coach: Vyrra Zuereshi (Female Mon Calamari)
    Goalkeeper: Lokha Reralli (Female Lorrdian)
    Right Corner Back Libsth Torreb (Male Quarren)
    Full Back * Dekar Hethwy (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Corner Back Mralmin Dre (Male Mon Calamari)
    Right Half Back Uplre Nimtono(Male Mon Calamari)
    Center Half Back Maanro Tralpq (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Half Back Kahppek Limlar (Male Zabrak)
    Midfield Onorab Qupp Kylt (Male Mon Calamari)
    Midfield Nalro Nena (Female Human)
    Right Half Forward Aara Mralol (Female Mon Calamari)
    Center Half Forward Trea Korreshi(Female Mon Calamari)
    Left Half Forward Klyypyr Sonjrenp (Male Quarren)
    Right Corner Forward Retmai Quresh (Female Mon Calamari)
    Full Forward Refan Brytiq* (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Corner Forward Tuarg Nyt (Male Quarren)
    (* designates team captain)
  23. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Chosen One star 9

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S'rily
    Andromeda Stadium

    Gark entered the stadium and frowned. The newly-acquired stadium, just re-christened after his employers' company after the purchase of the club, was looking rather dumpy. Although it was convenient to have a stadium already built, the place was in need of major rennovations. Gark made his way down the stairs towards the field; he was not in his business suit, so this was easier. He didn't like the confines of the business wear; he always preferred sweatpants and a light t-shirt. They allowed him to go on long walks without being looked at with suspicious and contempt eyes of the general, and rather dangerous at points, populace for being an executive. As he made his way down, he imagined what a stadium like this could look like with a winning team; badly-needed upgrades and a packed house. However, the reason that they had been easily able to acquire the team and stadium also worked against them; the poor performance of the squad could come back to haunt them. As he continued on his way down, Gark noticed a janitor cleaning up a small patch of gunk near the visiting bench area. Deciding that he might as well be known by the staff, he changed course and got to the bottom of the seating area rather quickly. Opening the gate that led to the field, he walked over to the man, who turned and stared at him before he could get there.

    "Mr. S'rily, I presume? he said.

    "Yeah, that's me, Gark responded.

    Why aren't you in your business duds?" the man asked. I would think that all of you executives and office staff would never be seen anywhere without a suit and tie."

    "Eh, those get way too uncomfortable, especially on my frame. I prefer this outfit; it allows me to get my exercise in with ease."

    "I've got some advice for ya," the man said, pushing his broom to the side and leaning on it slightly. "You're aware of this franchise's recent history, right?" Gark nodded; he was well-aware. "Coruscant was once a capital planet; with that comes great expectations. The old owners couldn't get bolo-ball or Limmie, whatever they call it these days, to be very popular on the planet; the university programs and League never reached the expected popularity goals that were set, and that lack of interest has hurt this organization. Losing seasons never helped either, and there weren't many winning years. I have a tip for ya; if you don't do well your first season, expect more fans to jump off the bandwagon, and there aren't many that are on right now. You're probably imagining this stadium full of eager people ready to watch your team. I wouldn't get too excited yet. The stands are probably going to be more than half-empty at all home dates this season. Low attendance comes with a perennial team. So here's my advice to you; win, and people will come back. Lose, and the fanbase will jump ship, if they haven't already. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to clean up this spot before it gets too bad." With that, he continued to clean with his broom. Gark stared at him in silence; the man had seemed very serious. It looked as if poor performance would be destructive to the already-low fanbase. Things were not looking good, even on the eve of the Home and Season openers.

  24. OssusSage

    OssusSage Jedi Youngling

    Jun 8, 2010
    Location: Mon Calamari
    Mariner Home Field ?The Tank?

    Rothondo breathed in the crisp morning ventilated air. The coolness filled his lungs, cooling him down as he continued to run laps around the field. It was his morning routine ever since he became part of the Mariner's team. It helped him to collect his thoughts and get ready for the day.


    Rothondo sighed as his comm unit vibrated, tucked in to his jacket's front pocket. Why would anyone else be up this early? Then again, it was the day before the Mariner's first game at Naboo. With the first major change in several seasons in the Mariner's roster and coaching staff, the fans would look at this first game as an important indicator to his judgment.

    ?Rothondo here.?

    ?Rothondo! This is Vyrra. The team is waiting for you in the clubhouse. You're supposed to meet them before their first game, remember? We're scheduled to leave in a couple hours.?

    Team first, personal routines second. Rothondo knew what it was like. Just a few years before, he was one of them. Always as nervous as a nerf in a field of sleeping gundarks before the first game ? it was the same for everyone. But now it was different. He felt like a man on the outside trying to get back in. He wasn't sure if he was cut out for this.

    Quickly he made his way to the clubhouse, where the team of ready-to-go players were chatting. When he entered, the team burst into applause.

    ?The suit suits you, Roth!?
    ?Just couldn't get away from us, could you??

    The cheers quickly subdued. It was the first time the team had seen him privately since the end of his last playing season. He looked out of place in his business attire. He felt out of place.

    ?I know your coach has given you your rousing speech of the day already, but let me add something. I've played with you for years, and I still see that same raw talent that would year after year give every team you challenged a run for their money. This team has shown consistent skill and talent, and no matter what I do, that will never go away. I'm proud of this team, and I have the highest expectations of you. I know you'll deliver. Now let's go roast some Ducks!?

    The cheers came, and the laughter continued until the shuttles arrived to take them to Naboo for the first game of the season.

    Here goes nothing, Rothondo thought.
  25. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    OOC: Just so you guys can get a feel for the schedule, this will probably be the absolute latest on a Wednesday evening I'll be posting scores. It could be up to five hours earlier. Just an FYI so you know when posts should be in to qualify for the bonus. Also, Sunday scores will usually be up in the late morning, Pacific time. You'll see an example in a few days.

    Teams qualifying for the bonus this week were Alkasan, Bakura, Coruscant, Mon Calamari, Naboo, Nar Shaddaa.

    Week 1 Results
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners (28-5)
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Naboo Ducks (40-21)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Chandrila Patriots (23-0)
    Alkasan Flyers at Coruscant Senators (37-20)

    [b]TAG:[/b] Everyone
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