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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    Bonus potential for Bakura this week. Stats and standings updates to follow later due to other plans on my end today. ;)

    Week 5
    Bakura Miners at Mando’ade Mercs (3-21)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Kothlis Spies (1-29)
    Carratos Pirates at Lucicar Neir All Stars (29-13)
    Euceron Officers at Geonosis Gangbusters (18-6)

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aisa Arain
    Mesh’la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore

    The Miner offense wasn’t finding purchase against the Mercs. The fan noise didn’t help. Aisa was sure this was the loudest place she’d ever been. Sometimes she couldn’t hear the players next to her on the bench. It was probably twice as bad on the field, trying to communicate over meters of distance.

    For now, everyone was getting a break. They were in the eye of the storm: halftime. Aisa felt tired and she hadn’t even played. The Mercs were just that good. They were doing what the Miners had wanted to do: bounce back after a bad loss.

    The defense could be better, but wasn’t awful. That was why Coach Cavanaugh was focusing on the forwards and the midfield with her halftime talk. More than anyone else, Kass Kirt was getting torched by the Mercs. Usually Kass played Mando’ade well, but it seemed their coach had made some special adjustments just for her. That was going to make for an awkward Life Day dinner since Kass’s mom was the Mercs’ coach.

    “OK, two minute warning,” Cavanaugh said, announcing the approaching end of halftime, “Buc, you’re out. Aisa, you’re in.”

    The teenager’s eyes bulged at the order. She had to bite her tongue to keep from exclaiming, “WHAT?!”

    Training camp, Hi’lo, Bakura

    “Oh hey, there you are.”

    Aisa looked up to find Bree Veers standing in front of her. Looking at her. Talking to her.

    “Shoot, sorry, are you studying?” Veers said quickly, looking at the textbook open in front of Aisa.

    “What? This? No! I already know this!” Aisa pushed the book to the side. That wasn’t true, but she wasn’t going to let the opportunity to talk to Bree Veers pass by. “What’s up, cap? Wait—do you like being called that? Is that weird?”

    Veers took a seat across from Aisa. “Nah, it’s cool. But you can call me Bree if you want.”

    “OK, sure…Bree.” It felt weird. “What’s up?” A sudden panic took hold of Aisa. “Is everything OK?” Surely someone like Bree Veers wouldn’t be talking to her for no reason. What had Aisa done at practice today? Had she made some kind of mistake? Was this “the talk”? The “it’s been fun, but this just isn’t working for us anymore” talk?

    “Yeah, everything’s cool. I just wanted to introduce myself. I think it helps us on the field if we’ve got a good unit bond already,” Bree said casually. “And I wanted to tell you that you’re doing great.”

    “Am I?” Aisa asked with surprise.

    “Yeah. Everyone sees how hard you work out there. You’re going to do great when the season rolls around,” Bree said.

    “Thanks.” Aisa could feel heat growing in her cheeks. Her favorite player seeing everything she was doing? And believing in her. “I…uh…you’re my favorite player.” Aisa couldn’t believe she’d just said that.

    Bree smiled. “Get out of here,” she kidded. “Me?”

    “Oh my gosh, you’re like the greatest.” The words were falling out of her mouth before she could stop them. “You never panic. You always play it so cool, no matter what. Like last year, in the regular season game against Kothlis. That was pretty bad, but you just kept putting the minutes in. And then during the Final, when you played the Spies again, you looked so confident, even at the start of the game.”

    Veers leaned in. “OK, here’s the biggest thing you’re going to learn here.”

    Aisa mirrored the captain’s pose, ready to receive whatever secret trick play Veers had up her sleeve.

    “In that Spies game, I was furious. Like I wanted to punch anyone in a teal jersey who got within arm’s reach.”

    “You did?”

    “Yeah. There are going to be games that are just plain hard. They’re the worst. And when you’re the captain of a team, you have to stand in there and be tough. Not just to support your team, who are feeling it too, but because you can’t let the other team see that they’ve gotten to you. Everything in you will scream that you should well…scream,” Bree said, failing to find another word. “But those are the times when you’ve got to take the hit. Because when you win—and you will win—you’ll feel like you earned it.”

    Bree stood up. “Keep it up, Aisa.”

    “I will,” Aisa promised. In that moment, she would have promised anything. Not because of what Bree had told her, but because Bree Veers knew her name.

    Aisa had never played such a bad game of limmie in her life. The entire half was either getting hit or failing to hit someone. (Though once it was tackling her own player by mistake.) Her white road uniform was more green than any other color. She could feel bruises forming on her arms and legs. She was going to hurt so much on the shuttle after this one when the adrenaline left her system.

    But Aisa forced herself to get up from the grass, even though she wanted to stay down, to just let the Mercs get their inevitable win. Even though everything she did went wrong. And when she got up, she looked to the other side of the field, where she locked eyes with Bree for a moment. That second was what she needed to keep pushing, running, tackling, trying.

    There was no answer for the Mercs today. They were just too good for that. And Aisa knew they were coming after her. Alana Kirt might be a Bakuran, but she also had a job to do and she wasn’t going to look a gift eopie of a rookie corner back in the mouth.

    When the game was finally, thankfully over, the Merc forward who’d turned her inside out and upside down all game long grasped her forearm in the traditional Mandalorian clasp. She squeezed back and took it for what it was—a show of respect to a vanquished foe.

    Aisa dragged herself back to the visitor’s locker room, ready to put this game behind her. Before she could get to her locker, she heard:


    The teenager stopped and turned. “A moment,” Cavanaugh said from the tiny room that served as an office for the visiting coach.

    With her heart in her throat, Aisa followed her inside. The door remained open, so the locker room noise filtered in. They probably wouldn’t be overheard by anyone as long as no one was shouting. Which Aisa was not sure was a given.

    “Do you know why I put you in?” Leigh asked, looking Aisa straight in the eyes.

    She stopped herself from saying what was on her mind, Because you needed to sacrifice a player to the flame thrower that is the Mercs? “Because you wanted to rest Buc?”

    “No. Because you deserved to play out there today.” Cavanaugh pointed out the door, which Aisa interpreted as the direction of the field.

    “Thanks, coach. I’m giving it everything I have,” Aisa said.

    “That’s not what I mean. I mean you deserved to play out there,” Cavanaugh repeated, pointing again. “No matter what we feel about the stadiums on our homeworlds, this place is one of the great ones. And now you are part of the select few beings who have ever played limmie on it.” She put a hand on Aisa’s shoulder. “Never forget you were good enough to be on the beautiful fields. Never.”

    Aisa blinked back tears. “Thanks.”

    “Go get changed and ice up. Trust me when I say from experience that you’re going to need it,” Leigh dismissed Aisa.

    As she headed to her changing room, Aisa let what she’d just heard sink in.

    She’d played Mesh’la Vhetin. Suddenly, a bunch of bruises and a second half beating on the scoreboard seemed like a worthwhile price to pay.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: Since this game may be wrapping up after this season, I'm accelerating my last planned plot line by one season.

    IC: Tendra Nalo-Linrai

    Tendra jogged down the sidewalk, not yet at full speed as she finished recovery from a sprained ankle but getting some exercise in nonetheless. She was about two kilometers from Mom's house and figured she would stop there to visit and call Gavyn to come pick her up afterward. She thought about the season so far; after a slow 0-2 start, the Officers had ripped off three straight wins, leaving them in second place in the League. The whole league was tight though, with only two games separating first and last places. They would need to bring their A game this week hosting the Smugglers, and then again on the road for the Truce Day game against their old friends, the Miners, to close out the regular season.

    Tendra entered her childhood neighborhood and jogged toward Mom's doorstep. As she turned onto Mom's street, her comlink went off; she looked at it and it was her mom. She decided to decline the call and then 30 seconds later, knocked on Mom's door.

    The door opened to reveal an older male Twi'lek that Tendra did not know, but her mom, Jaria, was seated on the couch and motioned for her to come in. "I didn't realize you were in the neighborhood."

    "Yeah, I was out for a jog, testing my ankle. Who's this?" Tendra asked, motioning to the being who had opened the door.

    "This is Grax, he's been a friend of mine for quite a few years now. Grax, this is my daughter Tendra."

    Grax spoke with a deep voice. "Pleased to meet you. I've heard so much about you but to finally meet you is an honor."

    Tendra shook his hand, then turned back to Jaria. "So what's up? Why did you call me?"

    OOC: CONTENT WARNING: The rest of this post and portions of my next few posts will deal with difficult and sensitive subjects surrounding terminal illness and death.

    "Sit down. This is a tough one."

    Tendra looked at her mom quizzically, but obeyed and sat next to her on the couch, both of them rotated slightly to face each other. Grax sat down on the other side of Jaria.

    "Tendra," Jaria began, "there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to be direct. I have had a few doctor's appointments in the last few weeks. I found a lump under my breast. They examined it and told me yesterday that it is cancer."

    Tendra mentally cursed. "What is the treatment plan?"

    "Honey, that is the bad part. By the time I found it, it had already metastasized and spread. It's in my lungs, stomach, colon, all over the place. They can't do anything about it. It's terminal."

    Tendra wanted to scream. She did put her head in her hands. Thousands of years of advances in medicine across the galaxy, and cancer remained an intractable problem.

    Grudgingly, Tendra accepted her mother's fate. "How long did they give you to live?"

    "They told me it would probably be about six months, but really it's anyone's guess how long it would take for a natural death."


    "Yes. You may recall that Euceron passed a death-with-dignity law a few years back. I intend to use it. I see no point in suffering all the way to the bitter end and burdening you and my friends with the care needed for that. I just need to schedule the time and place and get the prescription. It will be at least another month or two, but I want both you and Jado here for it."

    Tendra considered her mother's choice. She was aware of the law, but the idea of assisted suicide had always been one that Tendra wasn't quite sure about. She was being confronted with it now as her mother's choice... and she found now that it made sense. She could live with that.

    "Do you want me to reach out to Jado or do you want to tell him yourself?" Tendra asked. "I do know he's on a mission right now."

    "Get in touch with him when you can, and fill him in. See when he can come visit. I'd like to see him for a bit for a normal visit before my last day."

    "Alright, I'll do that. Will you need any help or assistance around here?"

    "Not from you. That's why Grax is here," Jaria said, patting the Twi'lek on the shoulder.

    "Well, thank you, Grax. I trust that you'll take good care of Mom."

    "I will," Grax said, "but I'm not alone. There are several of us who will take turns as needed."

    "I suppose I'll need to break the news to Gavyn and Gio as well. I was planning to call Gavyn for a pickup anyway, so I'll have him bring Gio and we can all discuss this as a group."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    Bonus potential for Bakura and Euceron this week.

    Week 6
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Euceron Officers (5-39)
    Bakura Miners at Geonosis Gangbusters (32-30)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Lucicar Neir All Stars (21-13)
    Carratos Pirates at Kothlis Spies (1-2)

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aisa Arain
    The Quake Caf Petranaki Arena, Geonosis

    Despite her Head BANDAID having a cloth component, sweat was pouring down Aisa’s face. It was one part the dry heat of Geonosis, but a larger part the intense game she’d been thrown into.

    Once again, Cavanaugh had moved her in at the half. The Miners defense was not looking great again and the coach opted for a change. Down by a score, the defense needed to hold the line. After last week on Mandalore, Aisa was ready to play in a close game. And that they needed if they were going to have hopes of making the playoffs.

    The Gangbusters hadn’t let up in the second half. They also needed this game to make the playoffs. Aisa had seen a flurry of activity, but the defense had made good halftime adjustments. She felt good. She thought they just might—


    Someone laid a shoulder into Aisa and she went flying. She landed on hard, not on her feet, and skidded across the grass.

    Aisa didn’t know what had happened. She just knew something hurt.

    Training camp, Hi’lo, Bakura

    Aisa gently rotated her shoulder. “Yeah, I don’t know how I did it. It’s just kind of tender,” she told one member of the medical staff who was examining the movement of her arm.

    “Hmmmm…I think it’s not too bad, but I want to have the doc take a look at it, just to make sure I’m not missing anything. Did you land on it?” the staffer said.

    “Not that I remember, but practice is basically just falling a hundred times over and over again. You start to tune it out,” Aisa said.

    “So they say,” a new voice said, taking over by putting her hands gently on Aisa’s upper arm and working it from behind. “Does this hurt?”

    Aisa winced. “Yeah…” She hoped that didn’t mean it was broken. That could mean she’d never get to play in an ELL game. They’d probably cut her.

    “I think you got it jammed a bit. Don’t worry, it’s common. Sonic massager?” she requested from the other medical tech.

    In short order, pulsing waves were rippling through Aisa’s muscles. In under a minute she felt it relax. “Wowwwwwwwwww,” Aisa moaned. “They don’t have these at my high school.” The massager turned off and Aisa moved her arm in a full circle. “I don’t feel a thing now. Thanks!”

    She turned around to look at the doctor for the first time.

    “It’s you!” Aisa exclaimed. “I mean, you were there! At LimmieCon!”

    “I was,” the doctor said with a smile, “but you might need to be a little more specific. It was a busy day.”

    “At the Galactic Cup! I was going to touch it and you stopped me!” Aisa continued.

    “Oh right,” the doctor remembered. “Looks like I was onto something.” She smiled.

    “You’re the team doctor? And you were helping out at LimmieCon like a volunteer?”

    “Guilty on both counts. I just actually wanted to get a free flight to Coruscant,” the doctor admitted. “I guess that means we haven’t met—officially, at least. May Hull.” She extended her hand along with the introduction.

    “Aisa…but you probably know everyone,” Aisa said, taking the hand.

    “I do—and I’m pleasantly surprised this is the first time I’ve seen you in here. Now go out there and be smart so you don’t wind up in here again,” Dr. Hull said, shooing Aisa. “My favorite patients are the ones I never see.”

    “Don’t move.” The voice of Dr. Hull cut through Aisa’s pain. The stadium was quieter as the Geonosan crowd had subsided to more of a background murmur while play was stopped. “Can you tell me what hurts?”

    Aisa grimaced, her teeth clenched as she tried not to stay still. She tried to listen to her body and pinpoint where the pain was. After a few breaths, “It’s my leg,” slipped through her teeth.

    “OK, left or right?” the doctor asked, still not touching Aisa.


    Aisa felt gentle hands, one on her thigh and the other on her shin. “Anything more you can tell?” Aisa shook her head, her eyes shut. “OK, I’m going to do some light exploration. You tell me when it hurts.”

    Aisa waited while the doctor did her examination, feeling nothing out of the ordinary. Then, all of a sudden, “There! Right there!” Aisa said, having to keep from shouting.

    “What about now?” May asked.

    “That’s OK.”

    “And now?”

    Aisa hissed. “Not fun, doc.”

    “Get her up,” Dr. Hull said to the medical staff who’d come out with her, standing. “It’s your hip. It’s not bad, but I’m going to need to work on you on the sidelines for a few minutes. Let your leg hang so you don’t put pressure on it.”

    A couple of medical staffers supported Aisa on either side as she put her arms across their shoulders and tried to put most of her weight there. The crowd applauded as she moved off the field, hopping on one leg back to the sidelines. Aisa gave a little wave with one hand as best she could to show that she wasn’t badly hurt.

    As they crossed the sideline onto the bench, she heard May forestall an inquiry from the coach. “She’ll be back in five. Ten tops.”

    “Make it five,” Leigh ordered before motioning to an already warmed-back-up Buc to get out there.

    They put Aisa down on her back on a trainer’s table inside a pop-up tent. “This won’t hurt. Just stay still,” Dr. Hull instructed as she got to work with a device Aisa had never seen. It was warm against her skin. “The impact flared up your muscles. This loosens them before they tighten up. That happens and you’ll be stiff for days.”

    “So it’s not bad?”

    “We’re going to do some follow-up care after the game, but I’ve seen worse,” May said, not looking away from her work. “Are you old enough to remember Alana’s last game?”

    “Not really,” Aisa admitted. “I’ve watched vids though.”

    “Let’s just say that if you’re not screaming through a towel clenched between your teeth, you’re doing just fine,” May said. Aisa thought she detected a small smirk on the doctor’s face as she concentrated on working the teenager’s hip.

    Seven minutes later, having tested her hip under the doctor’s supervision, Aisa was on her feet and reporting for duty next to Coach Cavanaugh. “OK, there’s ten left.” She put a hand on Aisa’s shoulder and pointed with the other. “See what they’re doing to Buc there? They’re playing you the same way. Just keep them from getting behind you. That’ll keep you in their way, slowing things up.”

    An official sounded a whistle for a stop in play and Leigh signaled to a sideline official for a substitution. She slapped Aisa on the back. “Get back in there.”

    Aisa took off running, thankful that everything felt fine.

    “Welcome back, rookie,” someone shouted at her as she got into her position, high-fiving Buc on his way back to the bench. Aisa didn’t have time to respond or even note who it was. Ten minutes left, a 1 point lead. Aisa had to get back into the flow of the game without delay.

    Her focus was tested early by a Geonosis thrust into the zone. Aisa made it her priority to keep her forward from getting behind her. Even when the boloball came to him, there wasn’t much for him to do. Though he got off a pass, it was one that moved it back to a half forward, a less threatening position. Aisa took that as a win.

    She took it play by play, not thinking about the clock, not thinking about the scoreboard, just doing what she could every moment. That meant that it wasn’t until the clock hit zero that she knew for sure that the Miners had won.

    They’d now won three games and lost three. Their season would hinge on the final week of the season, a game they’d play at home.

    That meant that Aisa Arain wasn’t just going to be a Miner. She was going to be a Miner who was playing on Truce Day in a game that would decide if they went to the playoffs.

    It was going to be the biggest game of her young limmie career.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Tendra Nalo-Linrai
    Early morning, two days after Week 6 games

    "Whatcha thinking?"

    Tendra considered the question from head coach Rockta Sparks as the two jogged around the practice field watching the sunrise, getting their own exercise in before the players showed up.

    "About playoffs or game plan?"

    "Why not both?"

    "Fair." Tendra punched a button on her smart watch, bringing up a note app with teeny-tiny letters. "Ugh, I think I need to see the eye doctor. Let's see here... ah yes. Commissioner's Trophy goes to the Mercs unless they lose and we win, in which case we get it 'cause we beat them."

    "So we do have a chance. I wasn't sure. Are we guaranteed a playoff spot though? There's a bunch of three-and-three teams one game back of us...."

    "I think so... yes. We clinch at least the number two seed with a win over the Miners, which becomes number one if the Mercs also lose. If we lose..." Tendra scrolled her notes for a moment, "it depends on the Kothlis/Lucicar game. If Lucicar wins, the other two games don't matter and the playoff seeds in order are Mercs, Miners, Lucicar, Officers. If Kothlis wins, we have a three-way circular tie between the Miners, Spies, and us that goes to extra games to decide the two, three, and four seeds."

    "I really don't want extra games. The sport beats up my players enough as it is."

    "I fully agree, but the commish wanted it and so we get it."

    "What about the rest of the League?"

    "Let's see... Lucicar locks up the three seed with a win, otherwise they're out unless they get wins from the Mercs, Smugglers, and us and then survive a three-way extra games tie with the Miners and Smugglers for a single playoff spot."

    "That would be crazy. I'd love to contribute to that."

    "Eh, it's extra games, so... you know. But yeah. I covered the two scenarios where Bakura takes the two seed or is in that three-way tie for second, but they have to win for that. If they don't, it can get messy. Wins by Geonosis and Kothlis can lock them in at four, but if, oh boy... wins by Geonosis and Lucicar put them in a three-way tie for fourth with Kothlis and Geonosis. Wins by Nar Shaddaa and Kothlis... they're tied for fourth with Nar Shaddaa either way, and if Mando'ade beats Carratos, then you can add Lucicar to that tie. I mentioned that scenario earlier."

    "Wow. Keep going." Rockta's comment had a double meaning as the two left the practice field behind and headed uphill toward the front offices. Tendra slowed a bit to be able to continue chatting even as her legs worked harder, and Rockta matched her.

    "Alright, uh, Kothlis. They can... well, I talked earlier about their potential for a three-way tie for second with us and Bakura. They can lock in at three with a win and us winning. If they lose and we and Nar Shaddaa win, they lock at four. Flip Nar Shaddaa to Geonosis, and they're in that three-way fourth-place tie I talked about with Bakura. But if Kothlis and we both lose, they're out."

    "So they need us. I don't have a beef with them, so I wouldn't mind helping them. And what are the odds for the two-and-four teams?"

    "Slim to none. Geonosis needs a win comboed with a Lucicar win and a Euceron win just to make a three-way tie with Bakura and Kothlis for fourth place. Anything else and they're out. Smugglers are in a very similar place; the win combo they need is themselves, us and Kothlis for a fourth-place tie with Bakura, and also with Lucicar if the Mercs win too."

    "And Carratos?"

    "The only team eliminated. A tie for fifth is the best they can do."

    Rockta turned and stared at Tendra. "Seriously? I thought nobody was out. Can't they make chaos at three and four?"

    Tendra kept her head forward and dodged a light pole. "They can go three and four and tie for fourth on win-loss record, but they lose head-to-head in every such scenario. It doesn't help that two of the three-threes are playing each other, making a guaranteed four-three out of the bunch."

    "Wow. And the offense?"


    "The game plan for the offense."

    "...oh," Tendra said as she finally registered the abrupt change of subject. Rockta had a penchant for that. "Yeah, I think we need to take advantage of that rookie corner back they keep throwing in there. She has flashes of brilliance, but she's really too young for this league. Even I recognized that in myself when I finished high school."

    "The Consortium Juniors," Rockta recalled. "Ever regret taking that step?"

    "As a stepping stone to the pro game, never. I needed it and developed so many skills there. But being in the Consortium itself? Absolutely. Had I known then how that would end, I would have probably invaded the Carratos Juniors instead."

    Rockta chuckled. "Tendra Nalo, Carratos Pirate. I can't even imagine that. But back to this rookie... Aisa, right?"

    "Yes, Aisa Arain. She has potential, but she's not ready yet. We have the league's best offense, and I think she's a bit of the reason the Miner's have the league's worst defense."

    "And we have the league's best defense too. Why are we not in first place again?"

    "Oh-and-two start."


    "Anyway, I watched the game holos and I've see how Leigh sometimes shows Aisa how the opposing team is attacking the starter, Buc, and helping her understand how to defend against that attack. So we should have two offensive schemes: one more typical of us that we utilize when Buc is in the game, and then switch to a more unconventional one when Aisa subs in."

    "Make the rookie fly blind. I like it. And I assume if they switch her back out, we switch back too?"

    "Indeed. And the second offensive scheme should be designed to attack her corner. Overwhelm her. Welcome to the Elite League, girl."

    "What are the odds they don't play her? As you said earlier, the Miners need a win desperately to lock up a playoff spot. We're clinched, though. They have more to play for."

    "Exactly, which is why I'm not overly concerned if we lose. Worst case scenario we go on the road for the playoffs. I'd like to win to get a home game, but it's not the end of the world if we don't. I do think them playing Aisa is a mistake, and taking advantage of that mistake is the best chance for us to win."

    "Sounds good. Two schemes means we need to install today rather than tomorrow, though, so we can get both of them down pat. Can you do that?"

    "Yep, I already have ideas."

    "And Tendra..." Rockta slowed to a walk as Tendra did likewise, "I know you said you didn't want to travel and your mom is terminally ill, but I think it would be a shame if you missed Truce Day. Want to make it a family trip? We have a few extra seats on the shuttle."

    "You know, that's a fair point. Gavyn and Gio should experience it, and come to think of it, Mom never has seen it despite all of Dad's time in the sport. Definitely put me down for three seats, and I'll ask Mom if she wants to go too. It's not like she can't travel; we have a few bucket list destinations planned after the season is over before she schedules her death. Jado can't come home for a bit anyway."

    "Sounds good. If we get a team suite or box, I'll make sure four seats there are set aside for you and your family."

    The two approached the front gate of the stadium and the mostly deserted plaza surrounding it. Later today there would be fans milling about the plaza visiting the pro shop and lining up at the ticket windows for playoff tickets that would go on sale today (full refund guaranteed if the Officers don't have a home game), but it was super early and Tendra only saw about a dozen diehard fans who had camped out overnight to be the first in line. Many were still asleep, but one spotted the duo, and Tendra waved as she ducked inside. She'd love to chat and pose for holos (really, she would), but practice was in four hours and she needed two offensive schemes before then.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    For this last game of the regular season, bonus potential for Bakura and Euceron (who, conveniently, are playing each other).

    Week 7 results
    Carratos Pirates at Mando’ade Mercs (26-23)
    Geonosis Gangbusters at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (12-25)
    Euceron Officers at Bakura Miners (35-3)
    Kothlis Spies at Lucicar Neir All Stars (8-18)

    Final standings
    1. Euceron Officers [@jcgoble3, Tendra Nalo-Linrai (former player)] (5-2)
    2. Mando'ade Mercs [@Bardan_Jusik, Randy "the rancor"/Justin Pitt (sportscasters)] (5-2)
    3. Lucicar Neir All Stars [@Tay Neir, Tay Neir (fan)] (4-3)
    4. Kothlis Spies (3-4)
    5. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [@Vehn, Cam Mosk (sportscaster)] (3-4)
    6. Bakura Miners [@Trieste, Aisa Arain (player)] (3-4)
    7. Carratos Pirates [@galactic-vagabond422, Jay Chu-ni (player)] (3-4)
    8. Geonosis Gangbusters (2-5)

    Standings explanation: Kothlis's 3 wins came against Bakura (Week 4), Carratos (Week 6), and Nar Shaddaa (Week 5). They win the head-to-head-to-head-to-head tie outright without the need for an extra game. (See Standings and playoffs in the library thread.) The remaining 3-4 teams were ranked based on their wins inside the tiebreak as well (Nar Shaddaa 2-1, Bakura 1-2, Carratos 0-3).

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (4) Kothlis Spies at (1) Euceron Officers
    (3) Lucicar Neir All Stars at (2) Mando’ade Mercs)

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aisa Arain
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Aisa couldn’t decide which emotion was stronger: excitement or anxiety. Both were competing inside her chest for dominance as she stood in line and waited to leave the locker room. If it had just been playoffs, one of them might have won out (probably anxiety). But today was also Truce Day. That made this game all the bigger.

    Euceron was a good team. They could win the Commissioner’s Trophy today if Mando’ade lost. That meant they were going to come at the Miners hard.

    And if it was down to the wire, Aisa might be the only thing that stood between winning and losing.

    With her mind spiraling, she was surprised to feel someone pushing her from behind. As she involuntarily stepped forward, she suddenly heard someone calling, “Arain to the front!” Her teammates gently moved her forward. This was new. She’d never been anything but last to enter the field.

    When she finally reached the head of the line, Bree stood there with a Bakuran flag on a pole. “Take us out, kid,” she instructed.

    Before Aisa could object, the locker room doors slid open, revealing the concourse with its span of carpet for the players and their cleats. With one final, gentle push, Aisa was walking towards the field entrance, clutching the flagpole. She could hear the audio of the speech given three centuries ago by Gaerial Captison echoing inside the stadium. She’d only ever seen it on the HoloNet. It sounded different now as it filled the Gardens, which suddenly seemed vaster than usual.

    “…that moment, Bakura stood together and we fought for everything we held dear. And, with the galaxy watching, we proved our mettle.”

    A gameday staffer positioned the flagpole in Aisa’s hands. “Hold it high and run fast,” they reminded Aisa. Then, a second later, they gave a signal that she interpreted to mean get going.

    So Aisa did, running as fast as her legs would go. She ran for her homeworld. She ran for her teammates. She ran for her family. She ran for every Bakuran kid who had ever dreamed of playing this game.

    Training camp, Hi’lo, Bakura

    Aisa wondered what was up when she got word of a players-only, closed door meeting. She’d heard about them in the media, but no one ever said what happened in them. They’d always had this air of mystery. The speculations on the HoloNet ran wild: come to Yoda moments, thrown chairs, shouting matches, even fistfights. Aisa hoped it was all exaggeration.

    Even though she was sure the rumors were wrong, Aisa worried that the meeting was about her. She knew she wasn’t up to the level of the rest of the team. She couldn’t get rid of the pit in her stomach.

    When she got into the video review room with its tiered seating, Aisa slipped into the back row. Nobody stopped her, which was a good first sign. When the last player was in the room, Bast closed the door and pressed a keypad to lock it. Aisa gulped.

    “So, there’s something some of us have to say,” Bree said from the front of the room. “We didn’t want to distract everyone from camp, but this is one of the last times we’ll be together before the start of the season.

    “At the end of the season I’m going to retire.”

    Aisa had to stifle a protest. Bree couldn’t retire! She was one of the greatest Miners of all time! She had years to go before her career was over.

    “And I’m hangin’ up the cleats too,” Harle Quinn said as she stood up. “I got my job in the Senate now and I wanna focus on that now.”

    But she had just had an amazing season! And Harle had done so much to highlight the disparities in how different species were treated on Bakura. Aisa almost blurted all of that out.

    “Me too,” Bast said, stepping to the center of the room.

    Not Bast, not after they’d just connected during camp.

    “And I don’t think my bones have got much more in me,” Angel Sorano said, pushing herself onto her feet.

    OK, that one made sense. She’d been drafted by the Miners in 290. While Sorano had always been a solid player, Aisa had a feeling that there weren’t going to be any offers for her to keep playing at this point, not when younger, cheaper talent was out there.

    “I know that we probably should have just retired last year, after the championship, gone out on top,” Bree said, “but—”

    “We’re too dumb to do something so smart,” Harle said.

    “I was going to say I would spend the rest of my life wondering if I had one more Cup in me, but that too,” Bree said, pivoting to include Harle’s comment in her remarks.

    “None of us have told management about this and we’re not going to until after the end of the season,” Bast said, “but we wanted all of you to know that this is for us. We thought you deserved to know.”

    “No matter what happens, it’ll be an honor to play one more season with all of you,” Bree said.

    “So everybody bring it in!” Harle said, waving the team to the front of the room. “We gotta have a big hug ‘cause I’m feelin’ all the feelins’ right now.”

    Aisa wasn’t sure if she deserved to be part of this, so she gingerly attached herself to the outside of the knot of Miners. It was Bast who reached over a couple Miners to pull Aisa’s shoulder into the tangle, to make sure she was included. It was the veteran’s way of telling the rookie that she was just as much a Miner as anyone else here.

    It was then that Aisa vowed she was going to do everything she could to give these players, these legends, one more championship.

    Aisa sat on the field with a towel over her head. She’d done everything she could when she came in after halftime, but the game was already out of hand. Even if the Officers hadn’t completely changed their offensive attack in the second half it wouldn’t have mattered. Whenever the Miner forwards had the boloball, they were completely locked out of the net. A total power failure. Aisa knew she could have played like an all-star, like Bree, and it wouldn’t have mattered. She couldn’t put points on the board and that’s what the Miners needed today.

    Still, it hurt, losing on Truce Day. It wasn’t the fairytale she’d been hoping for. She tried to remember that it was huge that she was here in the first place. How big that was.

    But she’d lost.

    “Aisa! There you are! You looked great out there!”

    Aisa looked up to see her parents standing above her. They had field passes for the Truce Day fireworks and must have just arrived from their seats in the stands.

    “You must have been watching some other game, Papi,” Aisa said.

    “Nonsense! The way you tackled that Officer on the run! It was a thing of beauty! I’d like to see a lightball player do that!” her father continued.

    “That was one play. I got twisted up like a pepper pretzel on the other two dozen,” Aisa pointed out.

    “I’m sorry, but could someone point me to my daughter who’s telling me she can do anything she sets her mind to?” her mom asked, looking around.

    “Next time I say that, feel free to remind me how badly I failed at this. I probably cost us the playoffs.” She hadn’t heard the off-world scores. There was still a chance they might get to play a sudden death game for a playoff spot, but Aisa wasn’t optimistic. After today they didn’t deserve it.

    “I didn’t see a failure. I saw someone who chased a dream, who was brave and strong.” Her mom extended a hand to Aisa on the turf. “I saw my daughter.”

    Aisa took the hand and allowed herself to be helped to her feet. “Thanks, Mami.” She meant it and to prove it she hugged both her parents.

    “We’re so proud of you, Aisa,” Mr. Arain said as he hugged his daughter. “You were marvelous.”

    Even if her stats said otherwise, Aisa decided she would take the compliment without objection. She hugged her dad back as the fireworks began above them.

    “Everyone at work was so jealous when I told them we would have field passes for the fireworks,” Mr. Arain said as he tilted his neck skyward. “Best seats in the city.”

    “They should have been jealous that your daughter is an ELL player,” Mrs. Arain bristled.

    “They’ve gotten used to being jealous about that. They were ready to find another way to envy us.”

    Aisa smiled at her parents’ banter. Even being at the center of Bakura on Truce Day, they were still the same beings who had raised her. It was nice to know that some things didn’t change.

    She couldn’t say why–maybe it was lingering limmie sense from the game–but Aisa looked over her shoulder. Bree, Harle, Angel, and Bast were standing together, some of them with significant others, watching the fireworks. Soon–maybe tomorrow depending on how the other games went–they’d announce their retirement from limmie. They’d never have this again, the thrill of Truce Day, the beauty of the fireworks.

    Maybe this would be the last time Aisa would ever have this too. She was pretty sure Canto Bight was laying odds against her making the roster again. Seeing them was a good reminder to enjoy the time you had, however short it may be.

    Something caught Aisa’s eye to the left of the veteran Miners. It was a group of Humans, an older female, a couple of younger ones, and–Aisa blinked. It was Tendra Nalo-Linrai. The holo she’d taken with her and Jay at LimmieCon was on her dresser at home. She knew that Tendra was working with the Officers, but somehow she hadn’t thought that she’d be here with her family too, enjoying the fireworks just like anyone else.

    Aisa smiled in Tendra’s direction. No matter what world you were from, some things were always the same. Aisa squeezed her arms around her parents at the thought.

    “Happy Truce Day,” she said to no one in particular as everything was bathed in bright light.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: Game action approved by @Trieste.

    IC: Tendra Nalo-Linrai

    With the score at 18-1 going into halftime, Tendra had debated whether to cancel the change of offensive scheme for the rookie back, but decided to stick with the game plan. It didn't matter since the Miners were equally confused by both schemes.

    As the second half progressed, Tendra observed as Aisa Arain chased down Jerrin Davies and tackled him from behind, popping the ball out in the process. A Miners back recovered it and sent it upfield, where the blue and gold forwards managed a long punt through the uprights to make it 24-2. The ensuing Officers possession came right back down and matched the point for 25-2. As the ball came back, Raphaeli Leonard intercepted a pass. He pumped it toward Aisa's corner, but Jerrin was not open, so he fed it in front of the goal and Myrea Feenix deposited it in the back of the net. The next Miners possession came back downfield and resulted in Trax Yar deflecting their best shot of the night barely over the crossbar.

    Even though the Officers had a substantial lead, Tendra did not consider 28-3 a safe lead. She had seen crazier comebacks than that, and in bigger games too.

    The ball came back into the Officers' offensive zone and into the hands of Jerrin Davies in the corner. He tried to charge toward the goal but Aisa lunged for him and forced him to dodge her. To the untrained eye it looked like Jerrin had beat her, and Aisa herself had a frustrated look on her face for a moment, but Tendra recognized that the half second that Aisa's lunge cost Jerrin was what allowed the Miners keeper to make the save. Sometimes you didn't even need to touch your mark to win the fight, just slow them down a bit.

    Soon the clock wound down to the point that Tendra was satisfied that the 35-3 lead was safe. Rockta agreed and started pulling starters with about four minutes to go, giving the backups some playing time and tilting the formation toward defense, with now eight players behind the midfielders. As the final minutes ticked off, Tendra understood finally what the Miners had seen in Aisa Arain: raw, unrefined talent. Aisa had a lot to learn and had whiffed on a number of plays, but she had done better today than she would probably give herself credit for. More than once, she looked like she was beat, but had slowed the Officer just enough to reduce the points scored on the play.

    With about fifteen seconds to go, a staffer informed Tendra that the Mercs had lost, meaning that the Officers had won the Commissioner's Trophy. The Trophy was on Mandalore as it was the Mercs' to lose, so the Officers would get it at the semifinal.

    Later, as the fireworks started, Tendra stood on the field next to her mother, who was sitting on the seat of her walker, and her husband who held their son on top of his shoulders. She glanced to her right to see who else had brought their family and noticed Aisa standing there with who Tendra assumed was her parents. Aisa was smiling, and Tendra looked at her and smiled back before turning around to watch the show.

    When the show was over, Tendra tapped Aisa on the shoulder as she walked past toward the tunnel. "Good game today. I mean it. You did better than you think. Playing against the League's best offense is tough for anyone. Even when you got beat you were slowing my guys down and giving your teammates that extra split second to get in position to save points. You've got a bright future in this League. Keep working on it and never give up."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aisa Arain
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    One benefit of watching the fireworks from the field was that there wasn't the same crush of beings leaving like in the stands. Of course, none of them needed to take a shower before they went home. Aisa's night wouldn't be over for a while.

    That made it all the more surprising when someone got Aisa's attention--especially when she saw it was the all-star. As Tendra delivered her praise, Aisa's cheeks warmed. She smiled despite herself. "That's really nice of you to say," Aisa replied. She didn't know if she had a future or not. That was something to be decided another day, when she wasn't beat from getting run up and down the defensive zone for an entire half. Still, something in her believed that Tendra wasn't just saying it to be nice. Sure, she had been nice at LimmieCon, but the way that the Officers had played today, no doubt thanks to Tendra, showed that the former player didn't pull her punches just to be nice.

    "I did what I could today. Glad to know I at least annoyed you." Aisa smiled. She looked over at her parents. "If I've learned one thing from my family, it's not to give up. Not when it really matters.

    "And best of luck in the playoffs. Really. I only want to be beaten by the best."

    As Aisa headed back to the Miners locker room with her parents, Mrs. Araian asked, "Aisa, who was that?"

    "She said something about 'slowing her guys'? What guys were those?" Mr. Arain asked. "She wasn't wearing a uniform."

    "Not these days," Aisa said.

    "She used to be a player? Was she a good one?" Mr. Arain asked, looking over his shoulder to try to find Tendra.

    "Yeah, she was a good one," Aisa said with a chuckle.

    "It sounds like she thinks you could be just as good as her one day," Mrs. Arain mused.

    "If I'm lucky," Aisa said. "Very, very lucky."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    Apologies for another unscheduled Monday night Mesh'geroya! I thought I'd be able to slip in scores yesterday. ;) Bonus potential to Euceron today.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (4) Kothlis Spies at (1) Euceron Officers (7-36)
    (3) Lucicar Neir All Stars at (2) Mando’ade Mercs (24-28)

    150th Galactic Cup Final
    Marte Nalo Field at Storm Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron

    (2) Mando’ade Mercs at (1) Euceron Officers

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aisa Arain
    Miners offices, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Aisa wore her one and only pantsuit to her appointment with Shay Dionne. Before the season started, Mrs. Arain had insisted her daughter needed at least one professional outfit if she was going to be an ELL player. “I’ve seen them when they’re walking to the locker room before games. They’re always dressed so smartly. We can’t have you standing next to them in sweats,” her mom said.

    And as Aisa took her seat in Ms. Dione’s office, she realized that she’d worn this suit across the galaxy: Nar Shaddaa. Carratos. Mandalore. Geonosis. Not a bad way to break in her first suit.

    “Aisa,” Shay greeted her. Compared to their first meeting, this one felt like what Aisa had imagined a meeting with an ELL GM would be like. A desk between them, holos on the walls of championships from seasons past. It was a far cry from a folding table in a convention center and a plate of nachos. “Thanks for coming.”

    Aisa decided to just get it over with. “So, this is the ‘thanks for everything, but we’re not going to resign you’ meeting, right?”

    The GM smiled, though there was something sad in her eyes. “That’s certainly ripping the bandage off.”

    “We were the worst defense in the League. I know you have to make changes and keeping me would be a PR disaster,” Aisa continued. “I just want you to know that I understand. I’m grateful to have been here. Everyone was amazing. Please tell Coach Cavanaugh that I appreciate all the playing time she gave me. It was more than I deserved.”

    “Well, you’re not wrong. It’s going to be a tough offseason,” Shay said, sitting back in her seat, the glittering skyline of Salis D’aar behind her. “Not only are we losing Bree, Bast, Harle, and Angel, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to sign Danys. Can’t see eye-to-eye on salary. And close isn’t good enough when it comes to making the playoffs for Miner fans, but I probably don’t need to tell you that. The truth is that we’re probably looking at a rebuild. Not a full one–we’ve got some good cornerstones on the roster–but it’s not going to be pretty. And while I disagree with your comment about how much playing time you deserved, you’re right, you won’t be part of that.

    “So let’s talk trade,” Dionne said, spreading her hands.

    “Trade?” Aisa repeated. “I…I don’t…what?” Her contract was expiring. She’d heard of teams trading rights to players before free agency opened when they could have the exclusive right to negotiate with them. But after the way she’d been shown as the high school player she was, who would even want her on their roster?

    “I have a number of teams who want to talk to you,” Shay informed her. “Ten of them, in fact.”

    “Ten!” Aisa exclaimed.

    Shay nodded. “Yeah, they’ve been watching your season very closely. They’ve had scouts at every game.”

    Understanding dawned on Aisa. “Do you mean the Bak10 schools have been watching me play?”

    “They are rather territorial about the Bakuran recruiting market. I had some angry calls from athletic directors after we signed you, wanting to know why I was poaching a high school student.

    “Aisa, you’re not ready for the ELL. I think you showed why teenagers don’t play at this level. But you also showed that you have a future in this sport. You held your own out there plenty. You’ve got talent. Potential. You never gave up even when you were overmatched. And after four years in college…well, I hope you remember who gave you your start and give me a call.” This time Shay’s smile was genuine. “You are in a position few kids get to be at your age. You can write your own ticket.

    “You want to go play with Bakura Fleet Academy after their championship season? You’re probably going to start, though if you’re not up for military service after graduation maybe go with second place UBGC. They won in 305 so they’ve clearly got a great program going. You want to rebuild a program? UB Cape Suzette would love to talk to you. They’ve been missing that special something since Alana left. The Bak10 schools are there for you to choose from.

    “So, what do you want, Aisa Arain?”

    She should have thought about this answer more. It might decide the course of her entire life. But Aisa barely hesitated. She took a deep breath.

    “I want…”

    The end…of this season, at least. ;)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    No bonus potential for the Galactic Cup Final.

    150th Galactic Cup Final
    Marte Nalo Field at Storm Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron

    (2) Mando’ade Mercs at (1) Euceron Officers (17-13)

    Congratulations to the Mando'ade Mercs, the 306 Galactic Cup of Limmie champions!
    Reminder: this thread will be locked in one week. Get any final posts in before then. (And look for the opening of the new thread soon!)

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    Locked at request of GM. New thread coming soon!
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