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Saga Empire vs. Earth: A Battle of Earth sequel (AU)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Venator77, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Venator77

    Venator77 Jedi Master star 2

    May 2, 2013
    October 4th, 2032,
    Jacksonville, Florida, Unnamed World Country,
    Serius Residence (Leo's family home),

    "I'm off to school, Dad!" Ryan, Leo's 14 year old son, said. He waved goodbye and started out the door until Leo stopped him and started to lecture him.

    "Remember Ryan, do not use your lightsabers in school unless your life is threatened. Keep it by your side. And use-"

    "-the Force only when needed. Yeah, yeah, you told me this a million times. Don't worry Dad, I'll be fine." Ryan said, rolling his eyes. Then he went out of the house.

    "He grown up so fast. Soon, he'll be a great Jedi and a great leader. Just a few more years and he'll do whatever he wants." Reagan says, stepping into the lobby. Leo nodded in agreement.

    "Anything on the scopes yet?" Leo asked. Ever since the Republic was replaced by the Empire, Earth has been on high alert for the past 15 years. So far, the Empire isn't making any moves on them, but one can't be sure.

    "No Imperial presence near the Solar System as of now." Reagan answered. "As planned, every sector is increasing the number of ships assigned. So far, 13 ships make up all 10 sectors of Solar System space."

    "Good. We must continue increasing the defense in case Darth Vader pays a visit. By the way, has life been found on any other planets in this galaxy?" Leo said. So far, Earth has only explored a fraction of the Milky Way Galaxy, so new reports come in regularly.

    "We have found life on a medium-sized planet near the star NK98, but the life was only simple bacteria." Reagan continued.

    "All right, my love. I guess that's all to today's report. Now how about we duel for a little bit?" Leo said.

    "Why not?" His wife replied. The two activated their lightsabers and stepped outside. Reagan's emerald-green lightsaber and Leo's blue lightsaber shined in the morning light as both bowed in respect. Then, they swung at each other, the Force guiding their actions in a way so they don't hurt each other. Leo swung for the legs, Reagan blocking it. Then she uppercutted through the middle. Leo parried it and spotted a puddle of water nearby. Calling on the Force, Leo splashed the water on Reagan's face, laughing like crazy.

    "Hey!" She exclaimed. Then she took water from the lake and splashed it on Leo. In no time, the lightsaber duel turned into a water fight, the Jedi couple using the Force to splash water on each other. Both were laughing heartily, having the time of their life...

    Coruscant, Capital of Galactic Empire,
    Emperor's chambers,

    Palpatine sat in his chair, looking as evil and disgusting as possible. So far, every single Jedi in the galaxy except for Yoda and Obi-wan Kenobi were dead. Suddenly, the Sith Lord felt a disturbance in the Force. Palpatine felt a faraway presence of the light side of the Force. Jedi. The only known Jedi not from the galaxy were Leo and Reagan. They fled before the Republic fell, saving their lives. Palpatine goes wide-eyed, realizing that the movie the couple watched had contained the Emperor's new super weapon, the Death Star. The Death Star was supposed to be secret, but the movie has spoiled it. Palpatine contacted Darth Vader. He appeared as a hologram.

    "What is your bidding, my master." Vader droned.

    "Lord Vader, you must go to Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. Two Jedi live there. You must find them and kill them. If there is more than those two, kill them too." Palpatine cackled.

    "Yes, my master." Darth Vader said. Then the hologram disappeared. The fight for Earth was about to begin...

    To be continued...
  2. Venator77

    Venator77 Jedi Master star 2

    May 2, 2013
    October 10th, 2032,

    Leo was looking through his file cabinet, looking for a blueprint. He believed to have put it in the cabinet and now he still is searching for it. Reagan appeared, looking extremely distressed.

    "Leo! Leo! I have just received a report that an Imperial fleet in hyperspace is heading towards us. They entered hyperspace 6 days ago and are expected to arrive next week." She said.

    "Blast! I'm trying to find the blueprints for an old Separatist warship that got destroyed on Antar. I got the blueprints, but can't find it." Leo said.

    "Was it the 'Malevolence' blueprints?" Reagan asked.

    "Yes! How did you know?" Leo said, surprised.

    "I took it out 6 months ago and sent it to the Karbats Spaceworks to build another ship. They are finishing up the cruiser, which they predict should be ready in 5 days." Reagan explained.

    "Oh thank God! I was worried that I had lost it. That's some smart thinking, honey." Leo sighed in relief. Suddenly, the lock at the front door unlocked. It opened and Ryan stepped in.

    "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" He called out.

    "Hey there sport. How's your day?" Leo said, faking a smile.

    "Ugh. Boring as usual. Almost fell asleep in Math class because we had a boring sub. And, on my way home, I caught another burglar. It was the 4th time this week. Some people will never learn." Ryan grumbled, taking out his virtual reality glasses and started to play his favorite video game.

    "Ryan, put that up for now. We need to talk. Now." Reagan ordered. Reluctantly, Ryan took off the glasses.

    "Did I get a bad grade again?" He asked tentatively.

    "No, your grades are fine. But, there is something more important than school we need to worry about." Leo said. "Earth is threatened by the Empire." Ryan widened his eyes.

    "A war!?! Awesome! I can't wait to kick some stormtrooper butt!" Ryan shouted, excited by the thought of war.

    "You must prepare yourself for the attack. The Empire will be arriving next week, so we must not waste time." Reagan said.

    "Alright! I'm going to prepare." Ryan said, then rushed to his bedroom. Leo then went to his private study and picked up his phone. Then he speed-dialed for the President. After two rings, the President picked up.

    "Mr. President. We have a Code Red. I repeat, Code Red. Get all forces ready for battle." Leo said briefly. The President acknowledged, then hung up. Across the Solar System, Earth's military is getting ready for the worst...

    6 days before,
    Over Saleucami,

    A fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers waited to jump into hyperspace. On board, the Inquisitor (a Jedi-like being that serves the Empire) Drek Nomun stood on the bridge of the lead Star Destroyer, dubbed the "Drastic." In front of him, stood a holo of Vader.

    "Destroy both Jedi on the planet and their ground forces. Do not fail me again." Vader growled.

    "Don't worry. I got this." Drek said, patting his lightsabers on his belt. Then he chuckled to himself, ships finally jumping into hyperspace...

    To be continued...
  3. Venator77

    Venator77 Jedi Master star 2

    May 2, 2013
    October 15th, 2032,
    In Mars orbit,
    Aboard the now-completed ESN "Trager",

    Admiral Breckenridge stood on the bridge of his new ship. After his success during the Clone Wars (he went with Reagan and Leo to the Star Wars Galaxy), the President promised him a new ship. The new ship, now built from the "Mavolence" blueprints, was the most powerful ship in the Solar System. His old ship, the USS Washington, sat near the battlecruiser, awaiting decommissioning.

    "Good-bye, old friend. Your services have been fulfilled." He said, shedding a tear. "Fire the ion cannon!" He commanded.

    Dack, the famed weapons officer, primed the ion cannon, and fired it off the side of the ship. The ion pulse shot hit the old frigate, causing all lights to shut off. Then, the "Trager" fired the turbolaser cannons. The salvo hit the disabled warship, causing to explode into space debris. Admiral Breckenridge shed one more tear before retiring to his quarters.

    Losco Park,
    Jacksonville, Florida,

    Ryan had arrived to the soccer field. As much as he loves being a Jedi, soccer was his true love, like his father. He put his sports bag down and took out his soccer ball. Just before booting it, a bright flash of light filled the sky. Ryan looked up and saw what he thought was a meteor hurtling towards Earth. The object slammed into the parking lot, bouncing up in the process, and landed in the grass nearby. Ryan went closer to take a look. There, laid an escape pod, smoking from it's entry into Earth. Suddenly, the hatch on top of the pod opened, and out staggered a Togruta female.

    'Togruta? They came from the Star Wars Galaxy. Who is she?' Ryan thought. The Togruta was young, maybe equivalent to a woman in her late 20s or early 30s and was of medium height, or about 1.75 meters tall. Ryan noticed a couple of lightsabers hung from her belt.

    "Ahsoka? What are you doing here?" Ryan asked. His parents met Ahsoka Tano during the Clone Wars.

    "Ugh... Ship destroyed by Air Force. I barely escaped. And who are you?" She groaned. She rubbed her temple a little.

    "Ryan. Ryan Serius. I'll take you home if you like." Ryan said.

    "That would be great." Tano said quietly. Then she passed out. Ryan picked up his stuff then Tano ('Huh. She's light. I expected her to be heavier.') and Force-dashed back home...

    October 18th, 2032,
    Jacksonville, Florida,

    Ahsoka woke up, feeling dizzy. She was lying on a soft bed, the bright morning sun shining through the window. Leo stepped in.

    "Glad you are awake, Ahsoka. The Empire might be arriving here at any minute, so eat your breakfast quickly. All of Earth is prepared for war and we need your help to stop them from taking the planet. Understand?" Leo said softly. His comlick was strapped to his arm, awaiting reports of attack.

    "The Empire is coming? I came here for exile, but I must help my fellow Jedi-in-exile. I will help defend your world." Ahsoka said, fully alert.

    "Ahsoka, do you know what happened to Anakin Skywalker?" Leo asked, testing her knowledge.

    "I've been told Anakin died defending the Jedi Temple from attack when clone troops attacked it." Ahsoka said.

    "Ahsoka, that's not what happened. Here's what really took place..." Leo told the story of how Palpatine issued Order 66 and Anakin turned to the dark side and massacred all Jedi in the Temple and how he turned into Darth Vader. In the end, Ahsoka was shocked, stunned on how and why her former master turned evil. Just then, Leo's com started beeping. He turned it on.

    "Help! 14 Star Destroyers have just jumped out of hyperspace and are attacking Sector A! We already lost 3 ships and we need support now!" An admiral cried.

    Leo turned to Ahsoka. "Let's go! They have arrived!" Leo said. He and Ahsoka ran downstairs, where Reagan and Ryan were eating breakfast.

    "Reagan, Ryan, finish up quickly! The Imperial fleet has arrived and they are starting to break through Sector A. There's not a moment to loose!" Leo commanded. Reagan and Ryan quickly finished their breakfast and were out the door in minutes. Leo and Ahsoka followed them. Leo took out a remote and pressed a small button. The driveway of the house lowered into a gigantic starfighter hangar. There, a group of G-77 Dagger starfighters sat on the floor. They were the same fighters as the prototype fighters during the Clone Wars. Everyone took a fighter and blasted off into space.

    5 minutes later...

    The four starfighters approached the "Trager."

    "What is the 'Malovence' doing here!?! I helped destroy it during the Clone Wars." Ahsoka exclaimed.

    "Ahsoka, this is our new flagship 'Trager.' We acquired the blueprints for the 'Malevolence' after we captured the ship yard that built it. We rebuilt it and now it serves under our flag." Reagan explained. Ahsoka went red(der) in embarrassment.

    "Blue Squadron, you are cleared for landing. Watch for any space debris." The space controller said. The starfighters landed in the hangar and the Jedi got out.

    Leo activated his com for Breckenridge and commanded, "Admiral, turn the ship to the Kuiper Belt and head to Sector A. We need to keep them from compromising the perimeter."

    "Yes sir." Breckenridge replied. The warship shifted to the right and then shot off to Sector A, intent on saving the ships there...

    Aboard the "Drastic,"
    Kuiper Belt near Pluto,

    Drek watched his ships hammer the Earth ships. He had destroyed 7 so far, the remaining firing in desperation. Another ship soon exploded as well.

    "Keep firing. Send out the invasion force while the other ships are still distracted." Drek ordered to a stormtrooper caaptain.

    "Yes sir." He said, and strode off.

    To be continued...
  4. Venator77

    Venator77 Jedi Master star 2

    May 2, 2013
    Kuiper Belt,
    The Battle of the Kuiper Belt,

    The "Trager" arrived just in time. 4 remaining ESN cruisers were left, still fighting the 14 Star Destroyers. The "Trager" pointed its ion pulse cannon at the Imperial fleet. A swarm of TIE Fighters emerged from the bellies of the Star Destroyers.

    "Admiral, send out all fighters into space and prepare to fire the ion cannon. We'll give them bastards a taste of old." Leo commanded. Breckenridge pressed a button on the control panel. A squadron of G-77s raced out of the "Trager's" hangar, and Breckenridge then fired the ion cannon. The circular shot raced to the Imperials, and hit 2 of the Star Destroyers, as well as several TIEs. The ESN cruisers fired on the crippled Star Destroyers. Without their shields, the Star Destroyers exploded into two large fireballs. Cheers rang throughout the radio. Ryan was in awe of the beauty of the explosions, but suddenly, the Dark side of the Force struck through him like a knife. He fell to the floor, cringing and squirming on the floor.

    "Ow! Ow! Ow! Dark Force hurts!" Ryan moaned. Leo and Reagan felt the disturbance too.

    "There's an Inquisitor among them. I know how Vader feels like and how others do. This one's different." Reagan said.

    "We're going to have to get rid of him." Ryan said, recovering from his pain.

    "One of these Star Destroyers has him. I'm sure of it..." Ahsoka said, meditating on the floor, trying to see where the Inquisitor is...

    Aboard the "Drastic,"

    Drek looked in disbelief. The old Separatist warship, now under Earth's control, had destroyed two of his Star Destroyers. That thing was dangerous! If it ever attacked the Death Star like that, the Empire might as well surrender to Earth.

    "All ships, scatter! I repeat! Scatter! We can't afford to lose more!" Drek shouted. He was sweating profusely, nervous about the enemy's superweapon. As long as the Sentenial landing ships pass through the sector without getting blasted by the "Tragar", they were fine. And they were.

    "General, we landed on the planet. We are suffering heavy fire from Earth antiair weapons. Most of us are getting through." Drek's comlink said.

    "Very good. Keep 'em occupied." Drek said. Then he pointed to the "Tragar."

    "Destroy that ship! It must not interfere with the invasion!" He ordered. His Star Destroyers concentrated their fire on the "Tragar", explosions lighting up the space...

    Aboard the "Tragar",

    Breckenridge and the Seriuses stumbled as the warship jolted from a hit. Suddenly, an alarm blared out.

    "Sir, we've lost the ion cannon!" Dack cried. The ships main weapon had been disabled.

    "Pilot! We have no more chance of fighting longer without getting destroyed. We need to retreat! Set full power to rear deflectors and take us home!" Breckenridge ordered.

    "Yes sir." The pilot replied. The "Tragar" shifted to the left and blasted off to Earth. The ESN ships followed suit.

    "Admiral, send a message that all ships are to return to Earth immediately. The defensive line has been compromised." Leo said.

    "All right." Breckenridge replied. Then turning to his radio he continued, "All ships, return to Earth immediately! The Empire has compromised the defensive line. Return to Earth now!"

    15 minutes later,

    A damaged "Tragar" returned to Earth. The damage to the ship was extensive; the technician had reported that repairs would take 4 weeks. Drek had called for reinforcements, seeing that 12 ships can't defeat over 100. So they retreated, hiding near one of Jupiter's many moons. Another 100 Star Destroyers came to help, led by the Head Inquisitor, Rock Dungan.

    Meanwhile, the imperial stormtroopers had landed on Earth. They chose what used to be the US. So far, they slowly gained ground, but not much.

    Somewhere near Tennessee-Alabama state border,

    Leo, Reagan, and Ryan trekked through the dense forest, looking for the front lines. Suddenly, a shot rang out, whizzing towards Ryan. Ryan ducked, then saw a stormtrooper who was taking aim. Ryan ignited his two lightsabers, one blue and one red, and slashed the trooper. The trooper yelled as he fell to the ground. Several speeder bikes came from behind and opened fire. Ryan deflected one of the shots back at a speeder, causing the rider to fall off and the speeder crashed into a tree. Then, in a wide sideways slash, Ryan hacked off the other speeders' noses off, resulting in their crashes and their riders' deaths. Ryan deactivated his lightsabers and put them back on his belt. The fight lasted less than 30 seconds, impressing all of the other Jedi.

    Ahsoka asked, "Ryan, that was amazing! Where did you learn such arts?"

    "My parents' unorthodox training had paid off well." Ryan said coolly. "Now let's get out of here before more come."

    The four Jedi continued through the forest, nearing the front with each passing step...

    To be continued...
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