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  1. Kato Sai

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Udin-Metheus

    The Nagai was aware that Azaar’s curiosity was not an idle curiosity. He noticed his words had an effect.
    An observation.”
    He continued to walk beneath the canopy of trees.
    Like these titans of limb, leaf, and bark. Outward they appear gentle and stable. Then one crashes to the ground, capable of great harm to any in its path.
    Udin kept walking, The Temple seemed ever closer, and yet they had not arrived.

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  2. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Equatorial Mountain Range

    “Oh, cut me down will you? Come on then, let’s see if you can!!” taunted the masked attacker, who’s momentum seemed to have halted now that Raul had become the aggressor.

    Indeed, Raul’s attacks were both speedy and heavy and quite likely terrifying, as he was in a rage, but the masked stranger had matched him perfectly, strike for strike. It was almost like fighting a mirror image. Raul frowned. He wasn't sure what to expect, but this man was well-versed in his moves. Each and every parry placed perfectly against Raul.

    Sparks burst in showers as their clash continued undiminished.

    “Well, is that all?” The Masked One jibed after catching the much larger Raul in a saber lock. Raul snarled. This comment made him furious, as he continued to swing his lightsaber madly at him.

    His fingers crackled as his rage caused lightning to build around his hands. Sending his left fist forward, Raul attempted to slam his lightning-imbued fist into the masked figure, his snarl making the young man look like a demon.

  3. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Udin & Azaar
    Temple Arrival

    The forest path gave way to a well tended garden, before coming unto the ashwood colored steps of the Bendu Temple. The pair was greeted by Temple guards adorned in their grey vestments, who despite being alert and ready, were also peaceable in their manner, even as they greeted the two with silent nods.

    Several remotes could also be observed, flitting about, going to and from, just the same as those who lived on the grounds and the general forest area. Udin would sense the boon that came from balance and all things being in harmony. It was a distinct feeling that many in the galaxy no longer recognized.

    “We are here!” Azaar announced, speaking simply to make her guest feel welcome. She gestured with her left hand, as if presenting a royal present. The Bendu Temple rose before them, its white-grey walls, vaulting arches, spiraling towers and ubiquitous vines, like emerald filigree, were on display for the newcomer.

    “We should see about getting you settled in a guest room, I suppose.” She said, moving slightly ahead to lead the way through the massive doors.

    “Then afterwards, we could have a meal, before we meet with the Caretaker. What do you say?”

    Azaar smiled, quite likely already imagining things to come.

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    Equatorial Mountain Range

    Behind his mask, the stranger smiled as he could feel Raul’s anger swelling, even as he increased his own strength to match the much larger man's exertions. Unseen by Raul, the stranger’s smile widened as he finally noticed lightning crackling around Raul’s fist.

    “I see…” He managed to whisper before he began to turn, catching part of Raul’s strike on his left shoulder, rather than full on, even as lightning traveled down his arm.

    “Ah!” The Masked Stranger exclaimed, as if stung by a bee, his left arm going limp at his side. Still, he had not recoiled at the electrified strike, but had pivoted quickly on his feet, his lightsaber now swung in a tight arc, aimed at Raul’s neck.

    How odd it seemed.

    It certainly felt as if the Mask Stranger was enjoying himself.

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  4. Taylor Neir

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    May 26, 2022
    IC: Tay Neir

    Tay watched as the grey master stepped in.

    "Enough!!" Master Silverhand bellowed, calling the discarded Beskar Spear to his own hand.

    "I'd rather not make an enemy of your brother by putting you down myself, here and now. Step away from him. Now. I will not repeat myself."

    The tone in the grey jedi master was absolute. Both Neir would know that he was not bluffing.

    "Call off your attack and leave this place. You have lost any foothold you might have had. Part of being a good leader is knowing when to retreat. Giving in to pride now will only lead to your destruction, surely you can see that."

    All around, every huma-droid on the ground had been defeated. Manniwin was on her own. The force roiled fiercely about Master Silverhand, both the Dark and the Light.

    He wielded authority, but was no tyrant. He was suffused with power, but did not abuse it. He would render judgement, but was not without mercy.

    "Flee now and live for another day. Perhaps the two of you will learn to reconcile, or choose to continue with your war, but today, let there be a reprieve."

    Manniwin turned to the grey jedi. She had fought many a jedi. She may be alone but she was not scared of any jedi.

    "Is that a challenge, what do you know of the Neirs, we ruled half the galaxy until civil war broke out between the Neirs, we have been divided since. I am the last of the Neirs that believe in the dark side. You want me to leave?, You'll have to make me, Jedi." She said, grabbing her one of Tay's lightsabers along with her own and igniting it. Yellow and red stood at her side. She then lunged at the grey master in a jar kai stance. Not her strongest form of lightsaber combat but she was still deadly when she wanted to be.

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  5. Kato Sai

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Udin-Metheus

    The Temple rose above, its columns like arms inviting The Nagai in. He wondered if the invite would lead to woe or wisdom. If the embrace would sooth him or suffocate him. Udin noticed the remotes, those orbs like floating eyes, watching everything. Was he going to a cell or freedom from the shell of ignorance? Time would tell.

    He heard Azaar’s voice, her welcome and the suggestion of quarters. He nodded. Perhaps there would be privacy to remove his hood, and clean up; for He had left his Homeworld in haste.

    The prospect of dinner was a interesting one.

    “I would be honored to share a meal.”

    He felt on guard, his mind began to read.. the gift of his people searching for answers. He had honed it, but he had not become a Seer, his training interrupted when he protested the slavery plans for the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. Perhaps this symbiote, this Force could help him hone his telepathic strengths. That is if it did not destroy him for his sins.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Master Silverhand
    Neir and Far

    The line had been drawn. The choices made.

    The Neirs had failed in their duty. The galaxy was divided. Civil War and strife continued to plague known space on ‘their’ watch. A Family Legacy, tarnished. A sibling rivalry that refused to be healed.

    Master Silverhand closed his eyes and adopted a stance:

    ‘Center of Being’

    He’d cast off his own bias and allowed the Force to flow, Power balanced by Wisdom. Might guided by sensitivity. This was a pivotal moment. He payed no heed to any distractions as he fell in-step with that which was unseen.

    Manniwin wielded yellow and red blades, against Silverhand’s singular yellow.

    The female darksider lunged, as she performed a linear attack. Silverhand easily parried as he pivoted, his yellow blade deflecting his opponent’s as he side-stepped. He probed with his senses, allowed himself to ‘feel’. He wished to know what lay beneath the surface, he wished to know Manniwin’s heart.

    What did she fight for? To what end? Words were deceptive, used for trickery. But the heart? It could reveal what lay at the core of one’s being.

    Assuming a being had one.

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    Guest accommodations

    Udin was led to what would be his quarters for the remainder of his stay. The room itself was of decent size, located only one level above the ground floor, which accessible via lift or staircase. He would find the variations of Ash White and Ash Grey colors seen throughout the temple, reflected here as well. For his comfort, Udin would find every amenity he would need therein, including a refresher. A view of the verdant forest could also be appreciated, thanks to an ample window against the far wall.

    The double sized bed would prove adequate, as well as the work desk provided, including the built-in compact datacenter. A guest’s User’s Manual would blink at him from the desk.

    No time frame had been given to him to observe, meaning, he could take as long as he needed to to settle in.

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    Adalia Durron
    A New Arrival

    The return trip from Coruscant was long and boring, Adalia had been sitting in the cockpit of her private yacht, the Crystal Dawn, sideways on the pilots’ seat gazing at the star lines. She’d exhausted all her options to occupy herself, exercise, games, reports even food and now she was going through her wardrobe mentally wondering what to discard.

    That’s when she felt it. Sitting up with a frown, Adalia looked around. It wasn’t here, it was, out there. Looking back out she felt the increasing need to change course, the urgency of it increasing. Why? She did not know. Where was even more obscure, but instincts were pulling her and the call was familiar, she knew it.

    “Ok,….I get it… jump.” She muttered to no one.

    A tinge of humor seemed to fill the tug at her sense, the direction that she seemed to be pulled in. Slowly the image of a world and where it came through the mental call. An almost whispered There are those there who could use your, our, aid.

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  7. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Tracel
    Takodana, Neir and Far

    Tracel watched the female Neir as she lunged toward Silverhand. The coruscating energy he was pouring in and through his old friend slowed her intended attack. He shook his head at the audacity of such an attack now, now that the battle had been all but lost on her part.

    He could feel what Silverhand was doing and suddenly grinned. He was glad that no one had considered asking him to lead the expedition here. They wouldn’t have as he wasn’t a true part of the Order, but was here when he was around and could assist. So it was on the wise Master to deal with the woman.

    Of course…if it had been him…He laughed in enjoyment at the thought, staying close to Silverhand as the man began to deal with the woman’s attack. If it had been him, well the planet would be a lot quieter both in the Force and with a being no longer being present.

    He shrugged, he could still do that, if needed but he would wait to see if the wily grey Master asked or needed such assistance, which he doubted. For now he simply continued what he’d been doing, and let that energy assist Silverhand and be of a detriment to the Sith who had chosen to attack.

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    Jan 8, 2005
    IC: Gildar
    Time to get busy

    He'd been waiting and watching too much at this point. It was time to engage. The Sith were threatening, and the Grey were dwindling with Neir defecting.

    Gildar pushed back from the monitors and got himself comfortable. He needed to meditate to see what he had to work with. He centered himself. This was an unfamiliar area, so he would need to explore a bit first.

    Closest to the shuttle was smaller animals, birds, mammals. Nothing much to work with. Nothing with teeth or talons. He kept going.

    As he moved farther out, he started sensing the Grey members, then the Jedi, on the port side. On starboard, however, he started sensing what he wanted. Bigger animals, this worlds canine, it appeared. Sharp teeth, but not very muscular. Making note he kept going.

    Towards the rear, starboard he found a group of animals he didn't recognize. Perhaps a reptile? He always had trouble with those. Fore, he also found some new animals. These seemed more familiar, more vicious. They were getting close to the apex predator he was seeking.

    He started sensing the Sith. He knew he was in their realm because it felt black. Like thick tar. Malevolent. Nearby them, he sensed a group of animals, but they seemed to be with the Sith. Perhaps hunting animals. Also seemed canine.

    Finally he reached a group of that met his requirements. Strong animals, sharp teeth, malevolent, but maleable. They were on the other side of the Sith, perfect placement. He reached out and stirred their hatred. Made them want to fight. He found their alpha and pointed her toward the Sith. He trusted her to direct them where they needed to go and shifted his consciousness.

    Then, on a hillside, he found another. An aerial apex. A nice wingspan so it could get in and out fairly easily. "Hmmmm... I have a special job for you, sir." This one he directed at Tay Neir's sister, specifically. Gildar felt him take wing and head straight to his job.

    OOC: Imagine the pack as a group of lions or tigers. The bird is a large hawk or other raptor.

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    Jan 8, 2005
    IC: Alejac
    In his quarters

    The doctor had said rest. He was doing that and was bored out of his skull. A broken arm doesn't mean I'm completely useless, he thought. He'd been resting for way too long at this point. He got up, grabbed his padd and his comm device and put them in his pockets. Then he picked up his gun belt and put it on. He was going to find out what was going on out there.

    He exited his quarters, conveniently near Polmath's quarters, and took a right. He walked past more quarters, some he recognized, some he didn't really. He pulled out his padd and found that one of them belonged to that houk he'd battled. He gave the door a wide berth.

    Soon enough he was passing the arboretum where he'd first met the group of Grey. Memories came back to him, as they did often, of his first encounter with them and trying to take Gildar into custody. Sometimes he felt OK with that. This time, he felt a bit embarrassed. He looked away.

    As he passed through a door and headed outside, he looked up and saw a few storm clouds. Considering it may rain soon, he decided to make sure his ship was closed up. He headed toward the landing area.

    He heard some noises in the distance. People training, as he had been a few hours ago. He saw some others on the landing pad, too. One person seemed to be working on his ship. Alejac made a mental note to let him know about the possible weather. Finally reaching his own ship, he found the boarding ramp was, in fact, open. He entered the ship and checked everything. It seemed to be in order, so he sat down for a rest.

    Just that walk out to the landing pad had made him tired. Perhaps it was his body on the mend that caused it? Whatever the cause, he didn't feel like walking at this particular time.

    After a few minutes he was feeling better. He was going to get up, again, when his padd pinged. A new recruit was coming. He considered. Polmath would likely be there, too, but the more the merrier. He got up and exited the ship and closed the ramp. Whatever happened now, the ship would be weather-proof. He turned and walked toward the welcome area.

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  10. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Uzuriel and Polmath, fun combo with @greyjedi125
    Garden of Meditation

    Standing there, a calm expression upon the face he wore, Uzuriel listened as Polmath spoke. He had nodded to his old friend in response to the initial nod, a fractional smile on his face. Nodding again, he thought about what Polmath had mentioned about ‘The Veil’ before his robes swayed as he glided over the ground, following the Caretaker toward a pool.

    Even though the waters of the pool were still he could still sense the power in the pool as Polmath stopped beside it. As they’d moved, he’d thought about what he knew and what it portended for the galaxy. He considered the various assets he knew were at the grey Jedi’s disposal and how they could affect change and return the Light to that area and rebalance it.

    ”The crisis is already upon the galaxy. That Darkness is spreading its tendrils out from that tear, influencing others. Which explains why so many have come to the ‘shores’ of this world in recent times.” he said softly.

    Leaning over, settling down to a crouch, one arm reached out, a long finger emerging from the folds of the robe. The tip pressed against the waters, ripples beginning to waft over the water from the point of his finger. He glanced up at Polmath, the smile on his face broadening slightly, before he turned back to see what the pool had to offer.

    The ripples reached the edge of the pool and an image came into view, or more accurately, was revealed. At first, there was nothing but darkness, nigh impenetrable blackness. But, Lo! ’twas but a shroud, that was soon seen to be one of innumerable black tendrils seeping into the known galaxy, as they bled themselves out of a tear in the veil.

    A tear, in the unknown regions, perhaps as large as a parsec, if not more. It was a massive black starless gash in the middle of nowhere.

    The view moved closer to the tear, then penetrated its blackness, traversing in cold silence for a long time, before finally emerging on the other side.

    There was nothing there.

    Nothing but a starless void….devoid of light.

    There were no stars. No suns. No constellations.

    Just darkness.

    The view roved for a time, continued moving at unguessable speeds, until it finally spied a planet.

    Or what was left of it.

    It was lifeless.

    Covered with the stench of death. Horribly scarred by the passage of a titanic battle. What resembled remnants of sprawling cities lay devastated, in absolute ruins, as if visited by several cataclysms all at once. An orbiting graveyard of a fleet of ships, all broken asunder, ambled hauntingly all about, like some sinister decoration.

    But this wasn’t the only planet.

    There would be many more.

    They would encounter countless more planets, or what remained of them. They would all be thus stricken. They would all be lifeless. Lightless.

    Polmath turned his gaze momentarily, regarding Uzuriel, an eyebrow raised, before returning his gaze to the scrying pool.

    Uzuriel watched placidly as the events unfolded in the pool, taking in all that its depths were willing to show the pair of them. He had felt, did feel, the death, the loss, the pain, the descent into darkness as it occurred.

    Sitting back from the pool as he watched the events continue to unfold, his cloak shifted, revealing a darker stain that hadn’t been noticeable before.

    ”It is spreading, yes. Consuming all, and left unchecked will consume all.” he stated flatly.

    Looking up at Polmath, ”The fissure is the key but we must determine who, what, has created the fissure. Only then can it be closed for good and kept from reopening.” His eyes followed the writhing of the massive tendril of darkness, ”Whoever has has fallen to or is controlled by the First Darkness, I am sure.”

    "The First Darkness...." Polmath whispered, almost if not wishing to be heard. He nodded slowly, sagely. The future. It was, unavoidable, but thankfully, not set in stone.

    The images upon the pool continued, as now what seemed like a derelict Star Destroyer came into view.

    But it wasn't derelict, not abandoned.

    The viewing came closer, enough to reveal the severe damage and scoring on the ship. Several decks had been breached, becoming uninhabitable and in desperate need of repair. Many of the mounted weapons were destroyed or simply missing. The lights seemed to be barely on. This was indeed a wounded vessel of war.

    Moving inside, there seemed to be containment cells everywhere. Most were filled with non-human species, all pouring out their misery, filling the walls with an unending chorus of lamination. Those in charge seemed to be definitely human or near-humans, all wearing dark robes, while others also wore masks of varying designs. The robed ones felt 'sickly', twisted, as if there was a stench, an entropic malady inherent in the fabric of the force. A sense of decay.

    The interior of the ship was scarcely lit. Purposefully so, it would seem.


    The viewing shifted as it moved below deck to strange chambers, that seemed indistinguishable from sacrificial altars, experimental laboratories, or torturous dungeons. Unspeakable sights were many, but one was more frequent than others. That of robed figures 'stealing energy', consuming it, from a living host.

    A metallic cylinder would be hanging from the side of each robed figure, an artifact they would all have in common.

    Polmath would notice this and solicit Uzuriel's opinion, but with a glance.

    The swirling patterns on Uzuriel’s cloak had begun to speed up their movement as the view focused on the SD. Power began to rise around him, although contained. His eyes were swirling just as intensely as his cloak was.

    He sighed as he took in every detail of what the pool was showing him. ”The Sith Eternal…perhaps…” he muttered. ”Following the xenophobia of Palpatine’s reign…”

    Wind began to kick up overhead, clouds seemingly pulled into a swirl centered on the pool. ”They are stealing life from those tied to the First Light and…” he glanced at Polmath, knowing the man knew who he truly was, then nodded.

    ”That ritual is the key holding open the lock of that void, powered by the despair and fear in the energy of those they sacrifice. It Must Stop!”

    He didn’t raise his voice but the energy, the wind, and the swirling clouds sped up at his last words. Lifting his gaze, his eyes, blazing with every shade from black to white, met Polmath’s. ”Someone, one of the grey, or a team, need to get there. If they can get close enough, whether I am there or not, I will arrive. And give the team the strength needed.”

    Polmath nodded somberly, silently agreeing with Uzuriel while his gaze remained fixed upon the Pool's revelation. The Grey would need an Elite Cadre of Force Users just to face this threat. The question was, would it be enough?

    The view changed as it roved through the dark ship, heading for the darkened bridge. More sacrificial sentients were found there, in different stages of preparation. Of the many dark robed figures, only one began to turn, his black helmeted head swiveling slowly, but before more could be revealed, the image faded as did the ripples upon the pool.

    A change in the current had affected a moment of silence and calm.

    In that moment, the feeling of several visitors arriving on planet would wash over both the Caretaker and Uzuriel, for the latter a sense of familiarity would also be present.

    "Let us reconvene our viewing at a later time. For now, we should attend to our present needs...." Polmath intoned in his casual manner, though a hint of concern was still felt.

    "There is much we must both accomplish."

    Polmath’s words had been punctuated by several bolts of lightning touching down around the perimeter of the Temple compound, the crashing sound of thunder underlying his words. As the pool began to calm, Uzuriel rose from his crouch by it’s surface. The swirling weather overhead began to calm as the swirling of his eyes likewise calmed. Now simple, gently swirls the y met Polmath’s eyes again.

    ”There is a challenge ahead, one that will introduce the galaxy to what the grey Jedi can accomplish. The chances of being set upon by both sides of the conflict is, as always, high but I have confidence.”

    His head tilted, scanning the skies, as the sense of others approaching filled the Force. A small smile touched his face as he pulled his power back into himself, returning to appearing as a simple grey Force user. With a chuckle, he glanced at his old friend, ”I have done what I can, perhaps more will heed the call but…”

    His keen hearing could pick out at the edges of hearing, the sound of a familiar craft. ”Oh…she’s flying that violently purple yacht of hers…” he murmured. Grinning slightly now, ”You will, perhaps, enjoy one who I have invited. Strong in the Force but independent and very much of the grey persuasion.”

    Glancing up into the clouds, the smile turning teasing, ”Perhaps I should see if she recognizes me this way.” he muttered.

    Turning back to Polmath, then glancing at the scrying pool, ”We will need to reconvene, I agree, time is short but not so short that we cannot plan appropriately.”

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Durron
    Finding her way.

    This ‘other’ journey was more interesting, well confusing and interesting all in one. Once she’d stopped and held her hand over the navi computer with closed eyes, allowing the Force to guide her to the next coordinates, she put a subspace call to Akrian. Although he was not impressed that she was no longer coming home, he understood she was being called, understood more than most would in reality. Her children could not be with anyone safer than their father and they both knew it. She then trusted her gut, trusted the Force and jumped the Crystal Dawn out.

    Hours later the large purple yacht dropped out of hyperspace reverting to real space. Sitting forward, fully awake and aware, Adalia scanned the viewport, then her screens. One planet, just one, but honestly that was all that was needed, so she set a course, once again following her gut instincts.

    Lowering into the atmosphere, she spied a building, nearby a landing platform. Had to be it, the pull was still there, and a sense of amusement washed through. It was then she knew where the call had come from, or more to the point, who. With a shake of her head, she angled the ship toward the landing pad and lowered it to land gracefully.

    ‘It’ was here, she could feel it, it’d been years, but ‘it’s’ feeling was one she could hardly forget and as the craft touched down the feeling got stronger. What did ‘it’ want? She wondered as she shut the Crystal Dawn down and extended the down ramp.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    The Visitor

    A Sincere Welcome

    Polmath moved in his manner as he departed the Scrying Pool, knowing that his old friend would be along as well. The Caretaker refreshed his mind as he stepped outside the Temple, acknowledging those he came across as he went. The Caretaker allowed his senses to flow before he discerned a familiar presence not too far off. An unexpected and curious thought came to mind, which prompted him to speak into his communicator.

    Chief Alejac. Please meet with me on the South-Eastern Landing Pad, you may home-in on my signal.”

    That accomplished, Polmath smoothly strode past the garden and made it to the tree line, where he seemed to simply meld out of sight.

    When he once again emerged, it would be from a thicket, located near one of the more private landing pads. His grey-green eyes smiled as he beheld the purple colored vessel, for this was pleasing.

    Smoothly, he walked towards it, staff in hand softly tapping the ground. He timed his movements to coincide with the person descending from the extended ramp.

    “Greetings traveler.Peace be with you and welcome to Decameron Alpha.”

    His voice was filled with warmth, his candor apparent.

    “I am Polmath the Caretaker.”

    The bearded man brought his free hand across his waist, then offered a respectful bow.


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    Apr 15, 2019
    Decameron Alpha, Landing pads

    As Polmath departed the Scrying Pool, Uzuriel considered what the arrival of the newest being meant. He floated across the ground, following a similar path to Polmath as he exited where the pool was located. Which was when his path diverged to a degree. He touched his own power, only allowing a hint of it be felt, the remainder drawn down into himself. He hoped to surprise his guest, slightly.

    As he moved through the Temple area his form wavered almost constantly as though he was attempting to find a shape that she would recognise but not be upset by. Which made him pause for a moment, it wasn’t often that he truly considered those feelings of the beings of the galaxy.

    Finally a certain form, a certain being came to mind. This one was one that she’d known, albeit briefly, back in the time she’d first met that being’s Father. As he returned to his movement, his form shifted, slightly shorter, as white hair cascaded out of the hood of his cloak, the grey swirling in almost hypnotic patterns.

    (Romulus the Nagai)

    He exited the building, glancing up with a frown at the still slightly swirling weather. Shaking his head, he concentrated, calming the weather to what it should have been for the day before he looked up, seeing through the woods her ship.

    ”Why does it seem even more purple every time I see it?” he muttered.

    Ahead of him he could see Polmath headed up the path to the landing pad her ship stood upon. Without his feet touching the path, he followed his old friend. The wind died down some as he moved, the weather calming as he’d influenced it. His movement slowed as he heard Polmath speak and he could see that it was not just the Caretaker but Alejac and her.

    The corner of his lips turned up in a slight smile as he approached from behind the Caretaker. Moving to the side his eyes lifted to study her for a second before the smile broadened.

    Crossing his arms, standing straight and tall, his tone carried the hint of amusement that had accompanied the tug at her senses from before, ”What took you so long, Kyp not want you to run off across the galaxy again?”

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Alric Qel Droma

    The fruit of forgotten love ripens in darkness.

    The Krath had hidden the Son of Ulic Qel Droma and Aleema Keto and his descendants from the galaxy. They envisioned that from the bloodline of Qel Droma an Avenger would rise, one who would restore their Cult to prominence. So the Seed of Aleema and Ulic were trained in the Sith Magics, honing their powers as each generation grew. One of these drops from Qel Droma grew in power, as did his curiosity about his ancestor. Thus curiosity developed into a new obsession, a cult of One. His name was Alric, and he gleaned all he could, and learning that Ulic had fled Teta as a Sith Lord, conquering The Republic under his Master Exar-Kun. The Young Alric in his zeal stole a ship and fled his homeworld. His quest to learn more about his ancestor took him to Rhen Var, an arid and frozen planet, where the ice made great precipices and the whole world seemed a tomb of frost.

    Alric climbed the mountainside, dangling, his brown bangles sweeping across his brow and face like rheeds. The cold turning his breaths into mist alin to white clouds of smoke. His heart beat widly and his fingers frost bitten. The skin turned black at the tips. He hoisted himself up on a ledge of rock, there a mouth of a cave, and from it twinkling light. The Krathite walked on, his steps wide as he rubbed his hands and breathed on them. He came to a room hewen of ice, and a great sarcophgas of obsidian metal. Strewn around it was candles, which oddly burned despite the gusts of wind that flowed in. Their wicks crackling as the warm golden orange flames gave light.

    Alric got on his knees before the Tomb, and lowered his head. He felt The Force all around, it swirled like the gist of wind, and seemed to keep the light within. Alric began ro meditate, using the Krath method, he hoped to seek permission to unseal the tomb. The swells of Light danced all about, and a dark cloud filled the cave. The candles went out, their smoke like incense. Alric opened his eyes, which had sparks of fire in his brown pupils.

    He had failed.

    The Krath Disciple rose, and gave a bow. He turned, his heart heavier than the ice around, when a blue beam of light raised from the Coffin, it former into a figure in a hooded robe.


    Alric’s footsteps went still. He pivoted on his heel and turned around to face the figure.

    “You know the Krath Craft..”

    Alric drew closer, his eyes and face bathed in larimar blue light.

    “Ye.. Yes..”

    The Hooded Figure raised his head, his chin, jaw, and nose exposed.,

    “Why has a disciple of the Krath disturbed my rest?”

    Alric dropped to his knees.

    “I.. I am.. your kin.. I am a Qel Droma.”

    The Hooded Figure removed his hood, his face marked with viens of chistled age, and his forehead had peculiar mark that was scratched out.

    “Aleema.. I suspected she was with child. Too blinded by vain glory I was.”

    Alric lowered his head in homage.

    “You know of my exploits as a dark lord?”

    Alric nodded his head.

    “Then you know Noomi Sunrider broke my connection to The Force, and here I remained in exile, repentant of my sins as a Sith Lord .”

    Alric nodded once more.

    “The Force is not kind to our kindred. My brother.. Cay.. he was slain by my hand. And I became a living stone like this tomb, unable to use the powers I took for granted.”

    Ulic sighed.

    “What do you seek?”

    Alric looked up at the aged Legend.

    “To follow in your footsteps! To bring glory to the Qel Droma name! To become a warrior that leaves a mark in this galaxy that will live on long when I am gone!”

    Ulic sighed.

    “What you desire is great pain. To become what you seek will lead to agony.. that is the price of greatness..”

    Alric lowered his head.

    “I will do whatever you ask.”

    Ulic crossed his arms.

    “I will unseal my tomb. Therein belongs to you, including this holocron. But I have one command.”

    Alric rose.

    “Whatever it is, I swear I will heed it!”

    Ulric began to open the sarcophagas. Inside was a red cape, brooch with a chain, and a ligjtsaber hilt.

    “You will go to Decameron Alpha. Seek out one called Polmath. He is powerful and wise. He will show you how to achieve the legacy you seek.”

    Alric nodded.

    “I will.”

    Alric took the great carmine red cape and hood, and toed it around his neck with the holden brooch and chain. He then took up the saber hilt and held it aloft. He ignited the peridot yellow-green blade which lit the cave up in its brilliant color.

    “May The Force Be With You. And heed what The Caretaker tells you.. it may save you.”

    Ulic image faded away, and the blue holocron cube rose out of the coffin. Alric took it and placed it in his pocket.

    The Successor descended the great ice mountain and returned to his ship. Inside he sat in pilot seat, his new lightsaber clipped to his belt and dangling with part of the red cape. He set coordinates for Decameron Alpha.

    The Qel Droma ship came out of hyperspace above the planet. It was a flame. The vessel had not been made for such lomg journeys, and now Alric was in a burning metal coffin descending into the forest of a new world. The ship crashed, making trees topple. The Krathite tried to exit the burning vessel, the ramp was jammed, and smoke began to flood the inside.

    He looker down to keep his eyes from burning, the shining silver and onsidian hilt of Ulic dangling.

    He heard Ulic’s voice

    “Use it.”

    Alric grabbed the saber and ignitee the blade, he stabbed it into the wall, which made a molten orange streak. He kept cutting, the peridot blade crackling as now the only thing visible. The smoke had taken his sight, he coughed and dug in with the blade. A hole former on the outer haul, and smoke came out like a chimney. The work was tedious, but Alric made a hole large enough to stick his head out and breath. He gasped and coughed, black tar purging in mucus from his mouth. He cut some more, until an arm was free, then another, and finally he hoisted himself out and fell unto the soil below. He laid there, his saber deactivted in one hand and his cape like a sheet around his body. Some remotes flew by and seemed to scan the wreckage. Alric just laid there and passed into the shadow of uncoincoiusness.

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  15. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Durron
    Decameron Alpha, Landing pads

    Turning, she faced the newcomers, and 'it' felt so much stronger and she could feel it from the approaching figures. One, a man with a full beard and longer hair felt calm, well, partly. Adalia couldn't put her finger on it, almost Jedi, but not, if that made any sense. Then behind him, her emerald eyes widened slightly.


    It'd been a long time but she knew the face well, but the 'feeling' was completely off. No threat, amusement and very strong but it was not Romulus. Deduction skills kicked in, it was.......'it'. Was it in disguise for a reason? There was no way of knowing but the reason for her being here had become clearer.

    "Romulus..........long time no see...........not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing." She glanced at the first man, "care to introduce me and explain why I am here?"

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Udin-Metheus

    The Nagai stood in the comfortsble lodging assigned to him. He looked outside the window, the great trees swaying in the wind. He removed his hood, his bald head shimmering beneath the lights. He made a sign on his forehead in the shape of a capital T. Something the Telepaths of his world had taught him.

    There was much to be skeptical about. Udin trusted no one. It is how he survived. And yet his guarded nature was a lonely one. He always waiting for betrayal, like the day Tunika drew a blade on him during the Hunt. He could see it clearly, how he had thrown Tunika on his back and placed his albino hands around his neck, squeezing till no pulse could be felt. More than that it felt pleasing, a deep well of feeling stirred by snuffing life out. He had told the Priestess of his sin, and she had pointed him to The Ritual, to shave his locks, and chant the name of the slain in one’s mind. Udin did that, his eyes rolled till they were white and he raised his arms upward as if in prayer.

    IC: Alric Qel Droma
    Night March

    The Krath Disciple awoke to nightfall. The ship still was smoking as he rose and dusted himself off. Lying on the ground was the blue holocron. Alric snatched it up and held it close to his heart. The cube pulsed with each beat of his heart. Pocketing the holocron, he then searched his belt for his ilghtsaber. It was missing, he looked all over the patch he had laid on and fumblrr in tur daro till his fingrr tips touched the cold metal hilt. He took it in hand and and carefully clipper the ring to his belt.

    “Alric, you must be more careful!”

    He often spoke to himself when none were about. Feeling the empty quiet unnerving. He began his march in the woods, looking for any signs of civilization. Above him the stars swirled and danced. He remembered how he had once looked at them from Teta with longing, hoping to follow them to untold adventures. Now he was on one, and he felt his resolve strengthen. He was a Qel Droma, and he’d find this Caretaker and learn everything he needed to become a Jedi like Ulic before him.

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    IC: Alejac Ridicuff (with a cameo by The Caretaker, greyjedi125)
    Landing Pad, Decameron Alpha

    Alejac had, indeed beaten Polmath to the landing pad. Though, when he arrived he had another ping on his padd. There was a crash in the jungle. Likely it was another arrival that had some kind of ship trouble. A million thoughts entered his mind. He looked at the crash report. He looked up at the ship so purple it could be heard from the next quadrant. He looked at the approaching Polmath and... Uzuriel? Finally he walked over to the Caretaker with a question in his mind.

    Polmath turned in time to meet the Chief of Security's gaze. No words needed to be exchanged, a simple nod of approval was all that was necessary. Of course, Polmath refrained from speaking mentally, as he always respected Alejac's wishes for conventional methods. This was the second visitor to crash-land on the planet on this day, but at least this one was far closer to the Temple than the first.

    Alejac had his marching orders. The Caretaker was always a man of few words. This time was no exception. Judging from the report forwarded by the drone, it said the crash was pretty thorough, so there was no time to waste. Adrenaline fueling his actions, he turned and quick-stepped it to the ground vehicles. Not knowing how many beings were in the ship, he chose a four-person vehicle, hopped in and headed off in the indicated direction.

    He put on the autopilot soon after starting. That gave him some time to look closer at the drone footage. He only saw one being so far. Human in appearance. Though from the stills, he did not look too happy. Perhaps a dark-sider? Perhaps missing a companion? Without more information, he couldn't identify the expression. He was definitely searching the wreckage. He pulled his laser-sword from the wreckage. From his reaction, that was what he was looking for, as he stopped searching at that point.

    The being started walking in roughly the right direction. Alejac estimated he would intercept him in about 10 minutes. Shortly, though, his adrenaline pared back, and his arm started to hurt again. Wincing, he pulled out his pack. He knew he'd thrown some analgesic in there. He found it and popped it into his mouth. It was starting to work just as he pulled up to the newcomer trudging through the woods.

    With his good left hand he waved to the man in the friendliest way he could. "Hellooo!" he started. "Can I offer you a ride? There's a few animals in this wood that would love a fresh snack." He stopped the vehicle just shy if the man and gestured to the empty seat. "Join me, sir. I'm Chief of Security, Alejac Ridicuff."

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Alric Qel Droma
    The Ride

    The Krathian kept walking when felt the ground beneath his boots begin to shake. He looked up and someone was waving at him, and offering a hello. The vessel came to a pause before Alric who did not draw his weapon or make any gesture of violence while the individual introduced himself:

    I'm Chief of Security, Alejac Ridicuff."

    The mention of ferocious creatures wanting to feast on him spurred the Young Jedi Hopeful into the craft. He extended his hand in a firm but genial motion.

    “Nice to meet you, I am Alric Qel Droma.”

    He leaned back in the passenger seat as he awaited Alejac to pilot them likely to Security Headquarters or some place safe from the wild life.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Uzuriel
    Decameron Alpha, Landing pads

    "Romulus..........long time no see...........not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Care to introduce me and explain why I am here?"

    Uzuriel snorted at Adalia’s response to his query. He glanced to the side, at Polmath, the greys of his cloak swirling as he did so, with a wry smile. ”I said she could be helpful, not that she’d be happy about it.”

    Turning back to her, he nodded his head, ”First…he has a fairly good grasp on who I am.’ he said with a small wave of his hand at Polmath.

    ”Second, most of the others…” his smile twitched for a moment, ”know, at most, that I am assisting the Order, but not more.” He let his gaze travel over the landscape, noting where Alejac was racing toward the crashed ship.

    Turning back to Adalia, ”The Caretaker has discovered something…disturbing. So I called on you, on someone I believe can assist them as they need.” He shrugged, slightly apologetically, as he spoke, knowing she’d rather be home with Kyp and her children.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Durron
    Decameron Alpha, Landing pads

    A nod to the man that had been indicated as he himself turned to leave, Adalia glanced at the ship going down. "Happy is a perspective thing, and as for who you there a better outer shell? That's" She indicated his entire form, "is confusing. So.........I usually work with....him........I don't feel him." Her face showed her confusion, "how can I assist without....him?" Adalia did work for this being, but it had always been as part of a pair, a partnership.

    Another glance at the ship which was down now, "is that normal around here?"

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Polmath
    A thread of Intrigue

    He did listen to their exchange, the Caretaker did - though brief as it was, it’d peaked his curiosity.

    It became clear that Uzuriel and the newcomer, who’s name he yet had to learn, were somehow familiar with each other; or rather, she was familiar with his Nagai guise. Curious that it seemed to unsettle her? as she had requested a ‘better outer shell’.

    Polmath noticed the woman regard her ship with what he perceived as concern.

    “We could secure the ship with an energy bubble, if you'd like.” He offered, “Just say the word and it shall be done.”

    With his free hand, the Caretaker gestured for the two to walk with him.

    “The Temple is not too far off, just a short walk away. I’ll call ahead to have a room arranged for you, but in the meantime, we can get acquainted, if you don’t mind.”

    A genial smile and a nod does he render, as is his wont. A tap of his staff is heard as he begins the short journey back through the forest path.

    “To answer your question, what passes for 'normal' here can be considered unusual. Given time, you'll get used to this.”

    As if to prove his point, a security remote zipped into the area.

    “It is a harmless security remote. Please allow it to scan you to facilitate your stay here on the planet.” Polmath explained.

    The remote beeped quizzically as it waited for the ‘go-ahead’ to perform its designated task. In the distance, a few spires from the Bendu Temple could be seen through the tress; it was almost as if they were taking a sneak peek at the unfolding events.

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    Alric & Alejac

    [Medical scan in progress] a neutral voice announced, even as a blue beam of light appeared from the dash and scanned Alric’s form. [No major conditions detected. Medical visitation: optional. Treatment recommended: Rest]

    The compact vehicle began the auto-pilot return to the Temple. Alejac however, would receive yet another private and silent reminder on his communicator, to have his arm checked-out by the local nurse.

    As it was, the two men would have a few moments to converse, before rejoining the regular population.

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    A tranquil moment

    Udin would find that here, he would not be disturbed during his time of reflection. Rather, that the Force flowed, like a living and soothing stream. There was peace and harmony all around, yet whatever Udin brought with himself, would also manifest. If he longed for guarded solitude, he would have it - though ‘lessons’ would soon come his way. If he sought an experience beyond what he’d already learned, to challenge himself with something new, that too would come to pass.

    For the moment, the Nagai seemed to need a measure of inner peace, as his thoughts revealed his troubled past. One which he still carried and still influenced his present and his future.

    Here, Udin would find the simple joy in the act of breathing, of feeling, of being. For Balance was the key to a fulfilling existence.

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    Jan 8, 2005
    IC: Alric Qel Droma and Alejac Ridicuf
    En route to the temple

    Alric sat in his seat as thevehicle sped on. He did not feel uneasy, despite not knowing fully where the path he was on would lead. Ulic had told him to seek out Polmath. He said that he could “save you.” What did he mean by that? Did it have something to do with the Krath? The dark side? His ancestor was full of foreboding, not what he expected of the hero he worshippeed in his heart. The Krathian woke himself from this deep thought to pay notice of Alejac.

    “What is he like? TheCaretaker?”

    Alejac sighed. He ensured the auto-pilot was on. About ten minutes to arrival. He sat back in his seat and looked up at the sky. "He's..." He stopped, not sure exactly what to say. "Polmath is a great man, for a Force user." He hoped he hadn't given away too much. It was important for the first impression of the Caretaker be their own experience. He then turned his gaze straight at Alric. "If you allow yourself, you'll learn double what you already know about yourself and about the Force than you do now, on a daily basis."

    Alric admitted in his heart the idea of learning more tempted him. But the warnings of his ancestor beat like a separate heart within him.

    “Do you think.. he.. could help someone not repeat history? To prevent a great fall?”

    The Young Grey Aspirant waited as they flew past trees and facilities that were among the towers of branch and leaf.

    "Look, man. If he, uh... If he can make me tolerate you peop- Force users, he can help you with whatever you're wrestling with." He looked forward and punched some ineffectual buttons on the dash to hide his own discomfort. Another sigh. "When I met him the first time, I was filled with hate. He made me confront that. You'll need to give more than he does, though.

    Alric nodded. He could tell his inquiries were reaching a nerve.

    “Sorry.. my Krath training makes me inquire, and well.. it can be invasive. Hate.. I know it well. I was born in it, expected to spread it to the far corners of the galaxy.”

    Alric laid back in seat, his face painted with a paleness.

    “Hate was to be my entire fate.. and I fear if it is not supressed I will become its slave.. a memorial of a dead cult desperately looking for resurrection.”

    Alejac scoffed when he said it would be his fate. "Kriff, man. You must know you can choose whether to follow your 'fate.'"

    He knew they were coming to a fork in the road. Both led to the temple, but one path was shorter, yet rougher than the other. He stopped the car. "Which way?"

    Alric pointed down the longer path, the less traveled one, which had overgrowth of vines.

    “You believe One can choose their destiny? That they arn’t at the mercy of meddling whither from blood or sorcery?”

    The Grey Aspirant was suprised at how much of his life he was opening to someone he had just met. All he had known was Teta and the Cult, since leaving he had seen strange new worlds and perhaps answers that revealed how small his life had been.

    The car didn't move yet. "I believe you can choose your path to your fate. All our fates are the same. We all die. That's our only 'fate.' Both these paths lead to the temple, eventually. One could take us an hour longer and one might beat the hell out of the car. But they both get there."

    Alejac turned the wheel all the way to the right and took a completely different trail. "And, if you allow it, sometimes your travels will surprise you."

    Alric meditated on the words of Alejac. That like the paths before them, there always was a choice, a course you could set. The Grey Aspirant adjusted his hood at the neckline.

    “You mentioned death, how it cannot be escaped. Those in The Krath attempted to use dark arts to live forever. The result was tragedy..”

    The trail they were on turned toward the temple, landing pad and apartments. They were in sight now. But the car came to a halt. "Death comes for everyone. The important thing is to..." he pointed to the right at the scenic overlook, such a glorious view of the deadly jungle, "take advantage of everything, bad and good in this world."


    He paused for effect, then added, "You want to take this in? Or continue on?"

    Alric took in the scene. It was majestic and yet fraught with peril. Beauty and Pain, often twins that came together.

    “Let’s linger a moment if that is agreeable.”

    The Grey Aspirant took a deep breath. The air filling his lungs. He then felt life fill his body from it and at the same time he sensed something out among the treeline, eyes fixed on them.. death.

    Alejac saw in Alric's expression a relief, as if he was letting go of years of pressure to perform. That's what this place can do, he thought. Then Alric blanched. A quick check of the dashboard screen showed a big heat signature nearby. "Ah. No problem. We've got a deterrent running encouraging them away. Worst that will happen is it can lay down in our path, delaying our arrival. What say we head to the temple anyway?"

    Alric took comfort that whatever peered at them was kept in check. He didn’t feel fear, he had learned to master fear with his Krath training, this was more primal sensation, a tingling, as if the animal had pinged him in The Force for its hunt.

    “Certainly, let’s head to the Temple.”

    Alric took another breath. He felt the wounds of tortures long since passed begin to mend, or at the very least fade.

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    Citation for artwork:
    Church, Frederic. Heart of the Andes. 1859, oil-on-canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
  23. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Arriving, vaguely, eventually; inevitably.

    As perpetual as Twilight itself.

    Neither dusk nor dawn.

    All penumbra.

    An eternal Disciple.

    He would arrive soon enough.
  24. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Uzuriel, Adalia Durron, Polmath

    ’Romulus’ smiled softly at Adalia’s questions. She had often been a valuable ally but she was not wrong, her usual partner was not present. As Polmath answered her other questions, he subtly shifted his form. By the time either of them noticed, he’d grown several inches and now appeared as an older Anzati.

    ”No, he is not here, Adalia, and there are reasons. Perhaps me being in this form would help you adjust. But…” his smile broadened slightly, ”I would not have ‘suggested’ that you come here if I did not believe you fully capable to be able to assist the grey Jedi.” he stated in a low tone.

    "The what?" She asked surprised not only by the title but 'its' new appearance, "and you can give that," she gestured to the entire form, "a rest too. Not what I meant, I've been functioning fine without him for a while now. Just curious is all." Adalia folded her arms, "I'm a busy woman, what'd ya need?"

    "To help us save this galaxy from falling into utter darkness." Polmath interjected, his manner kind as ever, his tone even- but very serious. A small nod is given to acknowledge Uzuriel's new form as he speaks.

    "We have found an extra-galactic breach deeper in the Unknown Regions, one from which an insidious darkness greater than any we've faced before, penetrates into this galaxy. If it's not contained, if we allow it to fester, all light will be driven from this existence and unending suffering will be the reward for our inaction."

    Polmath knew that even that pronouncement could be much to take in, but there was no point in softening the gravity of the situation they were collectively about to face.

    Adalia pursed her lips, "all light huh? I kinda like light.." She sighed dramatically, "so, I ask again, what do you need from me?" She looked to Uzuriel, "he........knows what I can do, and it's nothing compared to him."

    Chuckling to himself slightly at her words but sobering as Polmath spoke, Uzuriel’s robes became a rapid swirl of every shade of grey as he shifted again, this time even taller, his robes taking on two backward points as the form of a Taung settled into place under the hood of the cloak.

    He sighed slightly at her response, shrugging his shoulders. His currently yellow eyes met hers as the corners of his upturned mouth curled into the suggestion of a smile. “You know me, Adalia, and know I don’t, can’t really, directly take action when situations arise. And know why.” Polmath did too so it wasn’t a secret, that information.

    “But I will assist you within the limits I set upon myself.” He said with an almost apologetic nod.

    Polmath’s grey-green eyes watched with interest as Uzuriel shifted once more, this time taking the form of a Taung. Now these were a race of warriors he wouldn’t mind enlisting for the cause, but now was not the time for wishful thinking.

    “I am grateful for any assistance you can provide.” Polmath asserted, acknowledging Uzuriel’s offer, before he turned once again to their recently arrived visitor.

    “I appreciate your directness.” The Caretaker said, quite candidly.

    “If you were to learn of a threat so great that it defied explanation, so immediate that it demanded decisive action: Would you form an elite group to face this threat? Warn other leaders of this unbelievable threat? Amass an army of known allies to charge forth? Maybe formulate a different option?”

    Polmath slowed his pace - almost coming to a full stop, wishing for them all to inhabit the moment and to deepen a greater understanding of what they would all be facing.

    "Of course I would." Adalia's tone was somber, "I have a family and protecting them takes precedence over all, so if stopping this 'whatever it is' is what I have to do, then I will do it. I have no other option."

    She turned to Uzuriel. "So, essentially, you're holding the weapon............and the weapon? And do me a favour, will you find a shape and stick with it?” She rolled her eyes.

    Polmath glanced from the visitor to Uzuriel. He was curious as to the history between their familiar bond, but for now, such curiosities were not to be entertained in the face of their more pressing issue.

    "Holding the weapon?" Polmath mused aloud.

    "Perhaps it would be best to simply show her what we have seen...." The Caretaker suggested to Uzuriel, both soliciting his opinion and intimating that if this should be so, he was likely the best candidate to do so, given their established relationship.

    Uzuriel chuckled, glancing down at his form, as he walked with Adalia and Polmath. ”So many forms available and,” he glanced with a chuckle at Polmath, sensing the man’s tension with the situation so trying to interject some humor, ”Being here with an old friend has allowed an opportunity to indulge. But now things truly have developed, as he said.”

    Turning back to Polmath, ”That is an excellent suggestion, if it would please you I can bring her there and show her what we saw.”

    "The Scrying Pool is available to you my friend. Do as you will."

    Polmath found that he would say more, but he found it more prudent to hold his own counsel until the 'vision' had been shared with Uzuriel's friend. To that end, the Caretaker led the small party back to the Temple of Balance, then made his way straightaway to the Scrying Pool.

    Adalia regarded the man in robes, he wasn't Jedi, she could feel that, but he wasn't Sith either, her interest was peaked. "And you are?" She asked.

    "I am Polmath the Caretaker." The bearded man answered in stride. He had said as much earlier, but Uzuriel's presence had a way of drawing one's undivided attention, so enigmatic was he. "How then should I address you?" He went on to inquire, allowing himself a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures of social interaction. The situation had not grown so dire, that he should bypass such wonders.

    "Adalia Durron.......Addie... both work and I answer to both." A frown, "caretaker? Of what? This place?" She asked.

    Polmath smiled at the woman, as if knowing her name were a refreshment.

    "Adalia. It's a beautiful name." he said, before answering.

    "Indeed, I am the Caretaker and Protector of this entire planet and all that live upon it, as is my duty." Polmath's small smile widened just so, as he added: "Even Living Planets need a gardener to tend them. Decameron Alpha is no exception."

    He offered a curt and friendly nod.

    "Thank you for responding to Uzuriel's invitation. I only regret that it wasn't made under more ideal circumstances."

    Adalia stopped and looked at the ground. "You mean like Zenama Sekot?" She looked back, leveling her gaze with the Caretaker’s, a look of surprise on her features.

    "No two are the same, or share identical origins..." Polmath offered. "But, yes.'Like' Zonama Sekot."

    There was a deeper lore at play, but that would be for a later time, should the opportunity present itself. For now, the Caretaker wished to focus on the issue at hand.

    "After we show you that which we've learned, there will be much to discuss, Adalia."

    Polmath gestured for them all to proceed through the verdant path leading to the Temple, himself taking-in an energizing breath. In that moment, he also became aware that Alejac had achieved success with in his own mission. Still, there was one remaining arrival that needed looking after.

    Uzuriel glanced at Polmath, catching fragments of the man’s thoughts. He turned to the Caretaker, ”Old friend, I know there are many demands on your time. I can bring Adalia to the pool so you may fulfill your other charges.”

    A sudden smile crossed his, currently, Taung face. Turning to Adalia he stepped closer to her. Taking her arm he spoke, in a tone that would be called teasing if it had been another being. ”Hold on.”

    There was a pop of displaced air and suddenly Polmath was standing on his own.

    In the same instant there was a similar pop of air as Adalia would find herself standing in the quiet and still air of the chamber of the Scrying Pool. ”Faster than walking.” Uzuriel said in a quiet tone.

    Releasing her arm, he moved over to the pool, staring down into its mirror-like surface, in contemplation. ”Join me here and you will see what we saw and know to be the threat.”

    She gasped, this was a first. Once there, Adalia began to look around before putting her hand over her mouth. "I think I may puke." She muttered, being the control freak she was, not being in control of her own movements was more than a little disconcerting. The move clearly didn't bother her counterpart as they guided her to a dark pool of, well she didn't know what it was as it didn't look like water. With a deep swallow to push down the feeling of nausea, she moved to stand by Uzuriel and gazed down.

    He noted her discomfort as his knees bent, sure that may cause her a little discomfort as the Taung race’s knees did not bend the same way as most beings, making the back of his swirling robes flare out. He glanced up at her, ”It was fastest to bring you here that way, so that you may see what was shown. But, be warned, it may cause you to feel what you are feeling now but worse.”

    He sighed, looking back into the Pool once more. The vision to come was…similar to many things he’d seen past and future but, as usual it would cause chaos and even more death in the galaxy if not stopped. Looking back up at her again, the greys in his eyes now swirling in a similar pattern to his robes he reached down, one finger touching the surface, ripples spreading out in a ring, rebounding and redirecting across the Pool as the surface shimmered and began to change, to bring up images.

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  25. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Equatorial Mountain Range

    The stranger began to turn, catching part of Raul’s strike on his left shoulder, rather than full on, even as lightning traveled down his arm.

    “Ah!” The Masked Stranger exclaimed, as if stung by a bee, his left arm going limp at his side. Still, he had not recoiled at the electrified strike, but had pivoted quickly on his feet, his lightsaber now swung in a tight arc, aimed at Raul’s neck.

    How odd it seemed.

    It certainly felt as if the Mask Stranger was enjoying himself.

    Raul hissed, twisting his torso to the side and towards to avoid this swing at his neck. He spat, he mouth frothing with spit as his rage grew.

    He stepped backwards, narrowing his eyes at the masked one.

    "You take delight in this, scum. What kind of madman are you?" he growled, before dashing forwards, bringing his blade above his head before swinging it down at his foe.