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    Apr 29, 2002
    A fun and quick combo with @Tay Neir

    Neir & Silver

    Master Silverhand parried and deflected with masterful efficiency as he faced Manniwin- all the while attempting to glean the state of her mind. His yellow lightsaber continued to clash against her red blade.

    In the distance, a commotion was heard among the Sith as they were attacked by fanged animals. Above Manniwin, an avian predator began to dive down at her. Should she split her focus now, Manniwin would certainly leave herself vulnerable to the grey jedi master.

    Manniwin ignored the animals around here and kept her focus on the jedi master. Tay lay near by, unable to do anything. Manniwin launched Tay's yellow saber at the Master while launching at him with her own crimson bladed Lightsaber in hand. She would not allow the master to beat her easily. She also used the force to bat away the bird. But kept her focus on the master.

    Master Silverhand timed his action with precision; he would use the Force to deflect Tay's launched yellow saber, just as Manniwin, 'batted-away' the bird, who fell to the ground dazed. Tay's lightsaber would skid on the floor and sputter-out from the damage it sustained, no longer functional- but still repairable.

    As for the Sith Lady herself, Silverhand launched himself, meeting her in mid-air, robbing her of positional advantage and clashing sabers with her once again. Yellow against Red - a subtle reminder of a much deeper conflict. In this moment, she was the aggressor, he was the defender. She was outnumbered. He was surrounded by allies.

    "Do the math." He intoned with clarity.

    It was a soft warning: A chance for her to see that hers was now a lost cause.

    Tay watched on and did not take the way Sliverhand had blocked the oncoming attack from his sister.

    "Really, you could not have just dodged it and caught the saber." Tay said from the ground. Manniwin's saber clashed with Sliverhand's.

    "Do the math" Manniwin heard the grey master say. This enraged her even more and she pushed back against the jedi with all of her hatered. She then grabbed Tay's second saber or tried. When she turned her head Tay was also pulling back on his saber with the force, it seemed Tay knew her well. Too well. Manniwin broke off her attack and went for her brother instead she had let go of the saber and it flew into Tay's hand. Tay ignited the yellow blade and blocked his sister's own red bladed lightsaber. Tay could hold off the attack but not for long. Tay reached out to the grey master with the force.

    "A little help please" he said.

    The Grey Jedi Master could only conclude that ‘Pride’ had blinded Manniwin. To ignore Silverhand just to launch an attack upon her own brother was reckless and desperate - a move that left her completely vulnerable.

    Master Silverhand leveled his free hand at Manniwin, who was now saber-locked with Tay, and splayed his fingers, releasing a barrage of yellow lightning at her. This Master level of Electric Judgement was certain to end her rampage.

    “I’m not of Neir blood, young Tay.” Silverhand said as he discharged the veritable shower of lightning. His words would be enough to explain why it would have been tactically unwise to have caught Tay’s weapon. Even so, Master Silverhand had no intention of slaying Manniwin. Ideally, he fully intended to stop her dead in her tracks, but at the very least, draw her focus back unto himself and away from her brother- that is, if she wished to remain conscious.

    Manniwin broke off the attack from her brother but was too late to block the attack from the jedi master. She was hit full force by the attack and her Lightsaber fell out of her hand and landed on the grass below. She then fell to the ground unconscious.

    "Thanks" Tay said to the grey master from the ground below as he deactivated his Lightsaber.

    A pause in combat may have been achieved, but the Force still warned of danger.

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    IC: Anakin Starwalker

    Anakin watched as the two fought, it was an impressive battle, light v dark, grey jedi v sith lord. Why even Tay Neir got involved at one point ven if he was injured. After a while Anakin then watched as the sith lord fell to the ground. He then unclipped and ignited his green lightsaber. He then cut off his connection with the remaining Huma-droid. He then launched at the grey master.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: The action taken by Tracel is with GM approval.

    IC: Tracel

    The fight between Silverhand and Manniwin, including her brother Tay, went as Tracel expected. His grey eyes watched as the Grey master and the Sith danced and spun, blades clashing, Force energy writhing. When the battle came to the conclusion he expected, a soft smile was upon his face. He nodded at Tay, expecting the young Force user to assist his sister, no matter her fall to the Dark Side or not.

    Manniwin’s saber had fallen to the ground, Tay had deactivated his but Tracel stayed close to Silverhand. So when the sight of the last to have joined the field igniting their saber caught his eyes, his head turned. A snort escaped him as that young Force user leapt into the air, heading from Silverhand.

    Shaking his head as his eyes narrowed, the energy he’d been providing the grey master suddenly hardened into a quarter dome shield, between the leaping one and Silverhand. His eyes began to swirl with grey colors, letting his presence be felt more in the Force as his eyes blazed more with the swirls. ”No.”

    Those eyes met the eyes of the leaping man, no emotion in Tracel’s gaze. He didn’t even move but there was a sudden pressure in the air, the man seemingly pinned in the air, unmoving. Without turning his head, he spoke to Silverhand, ”I dislike betrayers…but…I have an idea for this one.” His voice was calm but the power in it carried across the battlefield.

    Master Silverhand sighed heavily, allowing his deep disappointment to flow out of him. In a show of 'faith', he also deactivated his lightsaber before reaching a hand out, to help Tay back up to his feet.

    Manniwin lay unconscious, yet her influence still affected events.

    The Grey jedi Master spoke, keeping his eyes on the Neir siblings as he waited for Tay, but his words were for the leaping one now being held in stasis in mid-air.

    "Why, Anakin?" Silverhand asked.

    The Grey Jedi Master trusted Tracel, Gildar and the Temple Guards. He need not look over his shoulder in worry. Theirs was a true bond that united a people truly committed to a cause. The unifying bond born in the Force.

    "Why?" He asked once again.

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    IC: Tay Neir

    Tay was also syrpised by 5th e sudden attacker. It was Anakin. He lept into the air, heading for Sliverhand. Tay took the hand offered to him and he got up really unbalanced from the cut at the back of his leg. Tay also used the force to grab his saber and clipped them both to his belt, as he stood alongside the grey party.

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    IC: Anakin Starwalker.

    "Why, Anakin?" Silverhand asked. Anakin then replied.

    "Let me just say that the dark is far more powerful and I like it, you don't what you are missing out on as grey Jedi or in Neir's case just requler Jedi.

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    IC: Udin-Metheus
    Self Care

    The Nagai finished his chant and his eyes returned to normalcy. He then felt a pang in his chest and went over to a medium sized pouch of onyx colored leather. He took out a a white metal tin and opened it. Inside was strange syringe with cords. He took it and filled it with a black liquid from a vial and then took the mini tubes and placed them down his throat, he did not gag, but push them down like tentacles, with a press of the button they travelled down his oesophagus. The tubes stopped midway, and with a press of another button, the ends latched on his oesophagal wall with tripod like clamps, and needles bore holes through to an artery that linked to his heart. He was use to pain, he then released the black liquid, and his eyes clouded, as he sat down on the end of the bed.

    He then after a moment of euphoria, released the clamp of the tubes and drew them out of his mouth like squid tentacles. He coughed some black mucus up, and then promptly cleaned the tubes and device, placing it back in white tin and then back in onyx pouch that he put away in his robes.

    He then rose and opened the door by pressing a white console and went into main hall. There he admired the pillars and artwork of gray marble that depicted truths of the Bendu. He looked at one sculpture that seemed to be a bald being with a face that was half white and half back, its eyes hollow and its hands in a gesture of adoration.

    “Most curious..”

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Tracel and Anakin's 'trip' approved by GM.

    IC: Tracel

    The grey of Tracel’s eyes began to swirl more fiercely, at the response before they stilled to pools of grey. A sigh escaped his lips and he shook his head. Keeping Anakin frozen where he was he turned his head, glancing at Silverhand before nodding, sensing the grey master’s acceptance of whatever he decided was appropriate.

    Turning back to the man, the saber still over his head in the unfinished strike. ”You are…mistaken. Both Light and Dark have their times of ascendancy or decline but neither is truly stronger than the other.” He snorted, ”But those who fall often see it another way, so your…enthusiasm may be forgiven.”

    He walked closer to the frozen man, studying him for a moment, ”I am far more intimately aware of what the Force is. But…one must go where one believes is their destination. And yours…” he smiled, a thin lipped expression, ”I know where you belong.”

    Glancing back at Silverhand, ”Minni ghgsi rabreki…*” he said, falling back into proto-Basic as his eyes began to swirl even more.

    Lifting his hand, he touched Anakin’s leg before there was the snap of air imploding, both himself and Anakin vanishing from sight.

    He did not know what Anakin would see in the trip that seemed to take even moments, to him he was where he had been and then he was where he chose to go. Worlds, parsecs, away from where they had been on Takodana there was another soft sound of air being displaced, as he and Anakin appeared.

    Red dust swirled around them as they appeared, the world’s sun glaring down on the two beings that appeared among the ruins of ancient temples and tombs. Travel turned to Anakin, ”You wish for the Sith, I have brought you to their ancestral home. It’s up to you to find your way the rest of the way. Welcome to Korriban, once known as Pesegam, and most recently Moraband.”

    Without another word, he vanished from Anakin’s sight. The burst of displaced air announced his return to Takodana. Sighing, ”He is set upon his path, old friend.” he told Silverhand before turning to face Tay and his sister, the wisps of his power still fading from the trip he’d just taken.

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    *I shall return
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    IC: Gildar
    Leaving the ship... finally

    Having directed the animals he'd asked to help out, he wanted to see his handiwork. He opened the hatch and walked out to the action.

    Gildar was just in time to see the raptor attack Mannewin. The bird provided just enough of a distraction that Silverhand and others were able to disarm and subdue her.

    The bird, thankfully was able to escape serious injury. The same could not be said for the group of cats. Many were cut down. There would be a few cubs without their parents tonight. They were able to give as well as they got, though. Many Sith lay dead or bleeding on the ground.

    That gave Gildar a thought. He'd never had his own lightsaber. Never taken the time to go to the caves. He used the Force to pull two to him. One of which was being grappled for by an injured Sith - obviously his that he'd dropped in the attack. "Spoils of war, sir." He flicked both of them on. Of course they both were red-bladed. One had a gold body, the other a matte-black.

    He pulled the gold one up and back, about to put the moaning darksider out of his misery. He decided against it. He'd have to talk with Polmath about the ethics of that move. Instead, he turned them off. He walked up to join Silverhand and the rest of the Grey as they wrapped up their visit.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    The Way

    The moment she’d resolved to be anywhere but ‘here’, was precisely the moment her mind was open to what came next. Seated inside her X-Wing, Cort would have a strong sense that something was drawing her, calling her. It was the Force beckoning to her.

    Trusting her feelings, Cort would enter coordinates into the starfighter’s Navi-computer. Unfamiliar coordinates that indicated the Unknown Regions. There was no hesitation, as the stars suddenly elongated as she made the jump to hyperspace .

    Cort’s journey would take as long as necessary. Her resolve and curiosity never wavering, until finally, her X-Wing made to the mysterious location. A verdant planet would loom outside her viewport, but she would feel it immediately. The Force. Powerful and alive as she’d never felt it before.

    It might have come as a surprise that she was welcomed, almost as if expected. A guidance system smoothly commented with her Starfighter to assist with her surface landing. It was communicated that she was authorized to land in the vicinity of the Temple of Balance, even as he landing cycle began.


    Down on the planet surface, Alric and Alejac would find themselves making their way back to the Temple, after their ‘natural’ encounter. It would be then, that the Chief of Security would get a message; one requesting that he receive another prospect - one arriving aboard an X-Wing.

    It would be a curious thing, as he would hear the indicated vessel pass right over him as it circled around to come-in to a landing on a small platform, not far from his position. No doubt Alric would be able to sense the pilot.

    Alejac was no stranger to the daily routines and demands needed to run things efficiently on Temple grounds. All in all, it was ‘business as usual’.

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    IC: Cort Dreit

    Cort had touched down on a landing pad and she powered down her X-wing, she then jumped out and her droid followed. Well it wasn't exactly her droid, she didn't know who's it was, but she was looking after it.
    Cort then turned to the droid.

    "T5, are you alright?" Cort asked as they had a run in with a hooded figure who was trained in the jedi arts. T5 had been caught in the middle of it and the strangers weapon has caught his dome. He was lucky to still be functioning as the weapon had missed his vital circuits. She then looked around the area to see if there was anything laying around but she couldn't find anything. She did however sense a presence in the force. Who they were she could not put her finger on it. She unclipped and ignited her green lightsaber as she didn't want anything else happening to the droid.
    "T5, stay behind me" She said and the droid did just that

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    Apr 27, 2014
    Partial Combo with @DarthIshyZ

    IC: Aleric Qel Droma

    They'd pulled into the parking area of the Temple. As they arrived, Alejac's pad gave him a notification. He pulled it out and indicated he needed to leave. "Please head in there..." he indicated the atrium part of the temple. "Caretaker Polmath or another leader should be there. I've got another assignment.Good to meet you." With that,he gave a small salute and headed off to another platform.

    The Young Krath Disciple stepped out of the vehicle. And gave a farewell, “It was pleasure to meet you too.” With that Aleric began to make his way towards The Temple that rose above him like colossus. He could sense a hostility in the air coming from landing area not far away, he began walking towards it and there among the plethora of peaceful vessels was a Green Skinned Lady with burning green blade. The Gray Aspirant made his way towards her position, she seemed to be protecting a droid. Security began to stir, as probs flew about with eyes on the situation and some guards with Ion rifles drew near.

    Aleric felt compelled to observe. He was curious why a Force Sensitive had drawn a lightsaber and was protecting a droid.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    A simple Welcome

    Aleric would continue to observe the developing situation as the security remotes continued to float by, and the patrollers responded in kind to the potential threat.

    The four patrollers had weapons set on stun, but did not advance, as they held their position; all the while Cort remained standing defensively, her green lightsaber lit, while T5 hid behind her back.

    “At ease…” A female voice was heard saying, her tone calm and confident.

    From among the patrollers a female grey jedi strode into view. She was a Twi’lek, dressed in a form fitting outfit with loose sleeves, which created an athletic silhouette. The silver cylinder of her lightsaber hung gingerly from her hip holster. For the moment, it remained there. Unlit.


    “I’ll take it from here.”

    She signaled with a hand motion, which the patrollers obeyed. They nodded, spoke their acknowledgement and departed. Only a single remote remained. It was after the patrollers had gone that she spoke again, but not before her green colored eyes appraised Alric for a moment.

    “Violence begets Violence. Peace begets Peace.” She said now, turning to address Cort.

    “I’m Gida.” she said, as she presented her empty hands for Cort’s inspection.

    “I come in peace and wish to welcome you to Decameron Alpha. I also know someone who could assist you with your droid.”

    Gida waved at T5, offering the droid a slight smile as she waited for Cort to make a choice.

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    May 26, 2022
    IC: Cort Driet

    Cort deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt when she was assured the being where not hostile. She then turned to Gida.

    "Greetings Gida, I'm Cort Driet, I am sorry for my not so welcome manner. I would very like to meet the person who can help my droid, thank you." Said Cort.

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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Aleric Qel Drima

    The Krath Disciple watched Gida quiet hostilities. It was a change from his experience on Teta, where Witches encouraged violence in their magicks. Peace was something Aleric sought, and something his Ancestor had warned could not be found in Darkness. On all of this The Gray Aspirant ruminated as he watched a new way, one of Peace.

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    Apr 29, 2002
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    Yes, sir! :D
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    Apr 29, 2002
    A fun combo with @Tay Neir, @DarthIshyZ & @Kato Sai :)

    IC: Alejac, Cort, Alric, Gida & T5
    Landing Platform, Temple of Bendu

    It'd been a fortuitous drive back to the temple. Alejac was confident the new arrival would feel comfortable here. He'd been open to the new experiences they'd had. They'd pulled into the parking area of the Temple. As they arrived, Alejac's pad gave him a notification. He pulled it out and indicated he needed to leave to go greet a newcomer. He indicated to Alric "Please head in there. Caretaker Polmath or another leader should be there. I've got another assignment. Good to meet you." A brief salute and he was off. I guess the visit to the nurse is delayed. He resolved to deal with a soldiers determination. Rub some dirt on it, Alejac.

    The platform he saw the X-Wing land on was raised, so he'd take the back stairs rather than the ramp to get there. As he got to the top of the stairs, he heard a female voice say "T5, stay behind me" He was a bit amused to find the stairway was to the side of where she was.

    "Lesson one to landing on a new planet, know the territory," he said loudly as he walked up the last few stairs. "Actually, that's lesson two. Lesson one is know the planet, itself, and the people. We're friendly. Greetings. I'm Alejac, Chief of Security on Decameron Alpha." He held out his hand by way of greeting. "I take it you felt a pull to come here like everyone else?" This Force stuff still was a bit confusing to the old chief.

    "Indeed I did" Replied Cort as she shook the newcomer's hand.

    "It's nice to meet you, name's Cort Driet" She said as she deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt. You call this place Decameron Alpha, but I still don't understand why I'm here, sure I followed the force but, that does not explain much " She said as T5 rolled from behind her.

    Alejac nodded along. Her nervousness was evident, and understandable. "Good to meet you, Cort Driet. It'll all become clear soon enough. There's some deep wisdom here. Not just Caretaker Polmath, but others that can help."

    He looked down at the droid as it peeked out from behind her. "Your droid is looking a bit beat up. Should I ask what happened?"

    "Let me just say, let's not run into any more hooded strangers with a crimson Lightsaber he should be fine" Said Cort as she regarded him.

    A snort of laughter escaped him. Crimson lightsaber could only mean one thing. "Yeah, the Sith... injure all." A thoughtful pause. "Even themselves. So, yeah, we have dark siders come here periodically. I've sometimes called them 'dark siders in recovery.' But you can rest assured you and your droid are safe here. We've got a workshop where you can fix him."

    He turned an appraising gaze at the newcomer. "You... are... an amphibious species, correct?" He took out his padd. If we need to create a tank for your quarters, I'll need to know your weight."

    "Excuse me, but Nutolan can survive above water forever if they needed to but my weight is 170.6 and that's pounds, and thank you. So can you or anyone show to the workshop so that I can get my droid fixed up asap please." Replied Cort. T5 beeped at the last part of Cort's sentence. Cort allowed a smile to show on her face.

    Alejac didn't know this person, but she sounded a bit terse. Maybe he hit a nerve or something? He made note of the data and put the padd away. "Good enough. There'll be time to work on... T5, was it? For now, we need to get you to meet Polmath. If you'll follow me."

    He started off down the ramp, then realized the droid had said something. Stopping, he said to Cort, "I don't speak droid. What'd he say?"

    "He said that he's starting to like you and I have to agree with him. He also said that he would much like to get himself fixed" Explained Cort.

    The newcomer had indeed made a choice. She'd chosen to interact with the Chief of Security, Alejac first, which was good. In the end, the 'how' was more important than the 'who'. Gida was glad the nautolan had chosen 'peace'. The darkly clad Twi'lek offered a soft smile once the nautolan female had deactivated her weapon.

    "A pleasure to meet you Cort." Gida intoned amiably. "Chief, you can take Cort to one of Galvan's workshops." Gida then suggested to Alejac. "Not only will they have the right equipment there, his people will restore the droid, as good as new, if not better."

    Her head then turned to Alric.

    "And you should really go see the nurse." She declared. "Just to be sure you're Ok." She added.

    The last remote bleeped at T5, making introductions and communicating an electronic welcome, before departing. Gida watched it go as she spoke.

    "I know you're a busy man Chief. If you wish, I can assist and take this on for you. Your call."

    Gida turned back to regard the newcomers, then Alejac last. She noticed his arm was still bandaged, but decided not to play 'captain obvious' and tease him about it, at least not in front of the new arrivals. Gida found the security chief's manner sobering for some reason, but that's a story for another time.

    Alejac smiled at the new visitors. "Seems we have a full house here, today. Well, we all have our marching orders. Cort, you and T5 are with me." A smile and a nod at Gida. "Thank you, madam. If you don't mind, after I do that, I'm going to go to the nurse, as well."

    Cort followed Alejac and T5 rolled on behind. They had been walking for ages. Cort then turned to Alejac

    "So how long have you been here then?" she asked curiously.

    "Been about three years, now, I believe." The thought of how he got here amused him. "Everyone seems to have come here in some strange, back-ended way. Everyone has their own 'story,' I guess."

    "I guess so, can you tell me who this Galvan is?" Asked Cort as she was curious. Hopefully she would also meet the one that they call Polmath soon as well.

    Gida addressed Aleric, suggesting he go to the nurse. He coughed a little from the fumes of the crash and noticed that his side was wet, he touched it, and his glove stained with blood.

    The Krath Disciple bowed his head slightly to the Twi’lek and prepared to hitch a ride to Medical.

    Gida acknowledged Alejac with a smile and nod of her own, then waved at both Cort and T5. Inside herself, she was confident their paths would cross once again at some point or another. In the meantime...

    Gida took the necessary strides to catch up with the red headed man and fell in step with him.

    "I see you're headed to the Temple." She observed amiably. "I'll be your guide since, as I understand it, you've just arrived." Gida said, smiling softly as they began to walk. It was indeed a fine day after all.

    "Sorry, I don't think I got your name."

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    OOC: Thank you gents! That was a fun three part combo! [face_peace]
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    Apr 27, 2014
    IC: Alric “Aleric” Qel Droma

    The Krath Disciple’s gate was heavy, he walked with purpose when Gida came to match his stride and ask his name.

    “I am Alric.. Aleric Qel Droma.”

    He extended his gloved hand to the Twi’lek.

    “I am glad to have a guide. This world is a stranger to me.”

    The Gray Aspirant kept his stride towards The Temple. He had been told by his Ancestor to seek out The Caretaker, who could help him prevent his fear of a great fall.

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    Combo with @DarthIshyZ

    Alejac guided the newcomer away from the other two. "I'll take you a long way so we can see some areas of interest. Your droid can handle a bit of travel?"
    "Indeed he can" Cort said to Alejac. T5 rolled on behind them
    "Those droids are pretty tough. Some day I may have to acquire one." The entered the complex. "Each place I'm going to show you you'll need from time to time. The atrium here is where we meet periodically to discuss things in groups." He indicated a glassed-in area on the left. "Down this hallway is one of the entrances to the gym where we can work out. That's where I got this..." indicating his healing arm.
    "OK, that's not an injury that I want." Said Cort. T5 beeped and whistled at Alejac. Cort's eyes widened in horror.

    "T5, You are so lucky that he can not speak droid, cause God help me" Said Cort as she smacked her forehead with her palm. Her head tails swung as she turned to face the droid, hopefully Alejac would notice the missing head tail to destract her from what the droid had just said.
    "Heh. Well, appears you got worse. A broken arm will heal. A missing head tail won't. Doesn't that leave you off-balance?" A brief pause. "I won't ask what your droid said. My blaster can take droids apart pretty well at point-blank range," he said with a smirk.
    "Yeah part of the reason I left the jedi order, you can ask about it if you want and yes I does leave me off balance from time to time but I've learnt to deal with it." Explained Cort
    "Hmmm..." the old military man said as he appraised her. "Well, nothing so permanent happens here. But, the med center is at the middle of the complex, over there." He pointed toward the right. "It's, conveniently, not far from the gym." They passed by a stairway. "There's storage down there. Clothing is available in case your X-Wing doesn't have much space. There's food down there, too. It's passable. We try to match what our various species eat. That can get.... uncomfortable... at times, too."
    "I see, can the medical bay do anything about my head tail so you reckon, and I tend to wear these Robes but when these aren't an option then I wear a black jacket and everything else is like a dark green. My Lightsaber tends to be on me at all times, that is if it's Alright here on Decameron Alpha, I don't mind the food, I take what I can get. I have been hunting it for many years now" Cort explained to Alejac.

    "Your name is Alejac, yes?" Asked Cort. She was still furious at T5 but she did not let it show.
    Alejac stopped briefly and looked closely. "Yes, Alejac. I'm not a doctor by any stretch, but I'm sure if they can't do a prosthetic, they can, at least give you some counter-balance so it's not such a strain on your neck." Many of his compadres in the military and even in private security had had prosthetics, so he knew there was some tech available. Though, it wasn't like a head tail was a limb that needed a full replacement. "Well, you can certainly check in with them, anyway. Whatever you choose to wear is up to you."

    He started them off again down the hallway and took a left. "Galvan's shop is down here. He's got an amazing team working with him. C'mon chrome-dome." He winced a bit at that last comment. Habit, certainly, but with the scorch marks, the droid wasn't chrome much any more. He hoped the mass of wires wasn't sensitive about it.
    Cort and T5 followed on behind Alejac. Cort let out a little snigger when Alejac had called T5 chrome dome.

    "I see, I will certainly check in with them at some point, but let's get T5 fixed first. What do you say T5?" Replied Cort.

    T5 let out a series of beeps and whistles.

    "I thought you might want to, come on" Said Cort

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    Greetings Noble Sentients,

    We'd like to announce a temporary pause to activities within our halls for the holidays. Once the busy season is fulfilled, we shall resume our stories. As always, thank you for both your patience and participation.

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    A fun and interesting combo with @greyjedi125

    IC: Polmath & Cort
    The Meeting

    Many visitors had arrived upon the verdant planet on this day, some which would find their stay extended by circumstance, while others would find that time shortened. As ever, only few to none, would remain.

    Were the clear blue skies indifferent to such matters then, or the clouds? Who could know?

    On this day, in this moment, Polmath found himself in the East garden, meditating on heavy matters, when he’d received the message. The Caretaker thought it prudent, to take time to meet with the young visitor, as there was a feeling in the air, one he could almost identify. Word was sent back, to allow the young Nautolan to proceed into the garden, undisturbed. The nutolan entered into the garden to see the one she only assumed to be the caretaker. She walked towards the man, whilst her cloak billowed out behind her. She had waiting for the moment of which she would meet this being, after all she always liked to know the beings that were in control in different places. He seemed to be meditating. On what Cort did not know or want to know as it was the being's own business. As she walked both of her sabers swung neatly on her belt and her astromech followed behind her as she did not go far without him. Slowly, Polmath rose, then turned to meet the approaching figure. Upon his brown bearded face, he wore a pleasant expression, his green eyes shone with a glint of accumulated wisdom. With gentle strokes, he would smoothen the wrinkles off his grey robes, before calling his staff to his hand, which lay against a nearby tree.

    Only then would he take a step forward and greet his guest.

    "Salutations! Welcome to our Temple. I am Polmath the Caretaker, it is a pleasure to meet you."

    The Caretaker offered a gracious nod to the nautolan and a soft smile to her faithful astromech droid. Whatever thoughts came to him, those he kept to himself for now, as he awaited a response from his latest visitor. Cort returned Polmath's pleasantness.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Caretaker. A pleasure I have been waiting for, I am Cort Driet, and this is my droid R6." Cort replied. She gave a little nod of her head after she replied. R6 then gave a welcoming series of beeps and whistles. Cort than gave R6 a little pat on his dome. Polmath smiled at the interaction between Cort and the astromech, he could see there was a bond there. Such bonds could yield different results, depending on circumstances.

    "Tell me Cort, what has brought you to Decameron Alpha? Finding this planet is no mere coincidence." The Caretaker intoned in a pleasant manner, as he was curious as to what Cort might say. "I may need some help understanding that, caretaker, afterall I'm stilling trying to figure that out myslef" Said Cort with a smile and a little laugh with R6 "all i do know, is i felt a pull in the force and it brought me here." Cort added on "Yes, you did." Polmath answered, an amused chuckle escaping him as he spoke.

    "This place is where growth happens, for anyone who is gifted with the Force and seeks knowledge beyond established boundaries."

    Polmath knew that he would have to choose his words carefully at first. Understanding would come with time and experience.

    "Are you such a person, Cort? Do you seek understanding beyond your jedi teachings?"

    Languidly, Polmath raised his free hand, then began to lightly stroke his beard.
    "I do indeed, i don't know who i am anymore, one minute i'm a lone wolf hunting to survive, next minute i'm here on Decameron Alpha." explained Cort. This was the first time someone had actually mentioned anything like this before
    "Hmm, an identity crisis. That's a far more common condition than we think, I'm afraid." Polmath nodded in understanding.

    "Before you can move forward, you must know where you stand, there must be a solid foundation from which we can build, of course."

    A few small birds flew close by, causing the Caretaker to open his free hand, which now held some grain inside his palm. The small birds fluttered and gently descended on his hand to feed.

    "What can you tell me about yourself, on how you came to learn of the Force?" he asked quite casually, his voce carrying a calming tone as he spoke.
    "I used to be a member of the jedi order a few years ago but I left it because their views did not match my own, me and R6 had been on our own ever since, until the day we arrived here" Replied Cort as she racked her memory Polmath did not immediately respond, but paused to reflect on what was being shared, though he did make a 'thinking sound'.


    "Would you mind sharing on what your views might be, at least currently?" He asked respectfully, despite his growing curiosity.
    "I fell that all beings in the galaxy should be treated equally no matter what or who they may be. If they are a light side. Who cares. If they are a dark side. Who cares. If they are a smuggler, diner owner, bounty hunter. Who cares. As long as they aren't hurting others, I don't care what they are." Explained Cort and with every thing she said she started to get angry as she remembered her former master's words"
    "The jedi order will see you arrested just for being a member of the dark side, they don't care if you have done nothing wrong they only care about securing their place in the galaxy" Said Cort. As she placed one hand on her hip and rubbed her forehead with the other.
    Polmath nodded as Cort explained things. He could well sympathize with the former Jedi and her disillusionment, for it was warranted.
    Unchanging for countless millennia, the Jedi Order as a whole had become stagnant and rigid like a decaying hand; they had lost touch with what mattered most: The living beings of the galaxy.

    "Indeed, Cort. Everyone has a part to play in the greater scheme of things. The Jedi do themselves a disservice when choosing the narrow view of things, instead of considering the full spectrum of the living experience. They lean on their own limited understanding alone. Thankfully, there are those, like yourself, who seek greater knowledge outside of their confines."

    The Caretaker paused for a moment, allowing for a breath in their exchange.

    "Here, we teach and encourage 'growth' and embrace a greater philosophy."

    Polmath nodded before he gestured towards the garden they were in.

    "This place is in balance, because it is kept in balance, by necessity. Otherwise, it would be overrun. Yet, all elements are necessary to make things grow. The same principle applies in all things, great and small."

    His green eyes then searched Cort's expression, looking to see if she understood.
    As Polmath spoke, Cort allowed herself the opportunity to calm herself. Just thinking what she used to be and her former master made her angry. Cort then spoke once Polmath had finished, her face blank as she stared into the nearby trees.

    "I understand Caretaker, the grey were always seen upon as some lesser force by my master." Cort's large black eyes then looked Polmath's own green ones.

    "I realize now that if one is to truly have peace one must take a larger view of the galaxy and not just the weak, narrow view of the jedi." She finished she sat down on the grass. This man sure knew his stuff. As was his custom, Polmath both engaged and observed those he interacted with. He listened without bias and allowed those around him to reveal themselves by their words and their actions.

    Cort state that she understood his words, and the Caretaker could feel that she did. For Cort had experienced a surge of inner anger, probably brought on by the memory of a past experience, but she took action and calmed herself, not allowing that anger to control her, but rather kept herself in balance.

    This was a good start and a good sign. The Caretaker simply smiled appreciatively as he too sat upon the grass, as she did. His staff however, remained upright.

    “You have good intuition Cort, never lose that.” Polmath stated as he crossed his legs under his robes.
    “Peace is the key, the foundation to real growth. Too few beings realize this.”

    Polmath gestured to Cort’s astromech droid, signalizing it was welcomed to come closer.

    “From a position of peace and balance we can view all things more objectively, without personal bias, and should we lose our way, we can seek it out to guide us back to safe harbor.”

    For a moment, there seemed to be something else the Caretaker wished to share, a greater mystery perhaps, but he relented on that particular train of thought.

    “I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but in this moment in time, what would you say is your strongest attribute and which is the one where you feel most challenged?” Cort watched as R6 rolled over and stood next to the caretaker.

    "It's alright. My strongest attribute would be my lightsaber combat skills, my weakest is putting my past behind me. It now haunts me. Never a peacefull moment when I sleep. Every night the same dream. I can't my former master out of hand." Said Cort balling of her fists into balls that hung at her side.
    "That's quite a nice paint job you have..." Polmath commented to R6 as the droid settled next to him, then focused his attention back on Cort. He could sense passion, frustration, yearning. It is said that force sensitives could often experience things with a greater depth than most sentients. That's why they required training. Discipline. It was very crucial to become aware of such depth of feeling- learn to control them, for one's own sake- and that of others.

    "You have unresolved anger." Polmath observed calmly and gently. "To move forward, you would need to find the root cause and face it in order to heal from it. The longer you tarry, the more it will consume you- not only in your dreams, but also your waking moments."

    Polmath took a long breath, then slowly released it. He could well appreciate Cort's dilemma. He had seem it time and time again.

    "You have to let go of it. Your 'Master' and everything else that troubles your heart. These things will hold you prisoner otherwise."

    The fact that Cort was being candid with him was a sign of trust. Polmath would honor that trust for as long as the Force lent him breath to do so. "I understand what you're saying Polmath. I just don't know if I have the strength to do it anymore. It was also my former master that did this." Replied Cort swing her head tails around so Polmath could see the one that was missing was definitely cut off with a lightsaber. Polmath took a long good look at what had been done to Cort, his green eyes narrowing for the moment. He understood. The would suffered was not only physical.

    "You would be surprised what we can do once me make the choice to achieve a goal." He said carefully, having a deeper understanding on the dynamics that may have played out in Cort's experience.

    "Often times, healing is not easy, but is not impossible either."

    A brief thought crossed his mind, that of Lady Xaan.

    "Here, we have the means to heal the body, to restore nearly any physical wound. Even the one you bare."

    Polmath's eyes traced what should be, could be, a complete Lekku once again.

    "Restoring what's inside..." He said, pointing towards his own chest. "We can certainly help you with that, if you wish it.""At this point i'll take all the help I can get. You say you have the technology to heal my lekku? That's possible?" Replied Cort brushing her hand over her missing headtail hopefully. Polmath nodded, certainty poring from his gaze.

    "Indeed we can." He asserted.

    "If you remain on Decameron Alpha long enough, you'll likely ask a different question?"

    The Caretaker's expression softened after a beat, before he began to rise.

    "At the risk of embarrassing myself, I'll assume you'll be staying for sometime." His smile broadened. "Would you like to join me for a meal then?"

    The man stretched forth a hand, to help Cort to her feet. Not because it was needed. The gesture was a genuine expression of his wish to assist. Cort took the offer as she grabbed Polmath's arm getting to her feet.

    "I will Polmath, but it's your risk not mine" she said tapping her leg getting R6's attention

    "lead the way. Afterall you know this place better than I do" Cort offered Polmoth a grin. Cort had not smiled in the past 2 years and so it came uneasy to her.
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    A brief establishing combo with @Darth Starwalker

    Anakin & Master Silverhand

    All was quiet aboard the ’Twin Moons’ as the sleek ship began its return voyage to Decameron Alpha. New coordinates had been entered into the navi-computer and they were on their way, having departed Takodana. The events that transpired on the planet likely still weighed on many minds.

    For his part, Master Silverhand took a moment to regard their most recent acquisition: A young force user named Anakin - one who had initially trained as a Jedi.

    Motivated by his inner musings, Master Silverhand changed his seating and moved, placing himself across from the young man.

    "How are you feeling?” He asked casually in an attempt at conversation.

    "nervous, afterall a new planet that does not appear on any starch art I've ever seen, I will be sorrounded by force-sensitives I have not met." Said Anakin testing his head in his hands. His green lightsaber was clipped to his belt. He was being truthful.

    "Well, I think they're more or less friendly folk, most of them." Master Silverhand ventured with a small chuckle. He could understand Anakin's apprehension. Relocation wasn't always an easy thing.

    "You've been a jedi most of your life, I take it?" He said, though it was more a statement than a question.

    "What changed?"

    "I have indeed, Master Sliverhand was it? My views just changed to what the jedi had and I also felt my call of the force change." Said Anakin turning to face the grey master.

    "I see...." He answered, then added. "Indeed, it's Master Silverhand to those unfamiliar with our order, but you can just call me Silverhand, as we are all students of the Force."

    There was a brief pause, followed by an inquiry.

    "Though I do agree, that change is good for growth and improvement, do you think you can commit to a course you have chosen for yourself?" He asked.

    The grey master's curiosity was quite apparent in his expression and tone.

    "As you wish Sliverhand. I do belive I can hold up a course chosen for myself" Said Anakin as he gave Sliverhand a little smile.

    "If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been a Grey Jedi?" Asked Anakin.

    Silverhand regarded the green eyed, ginger haired former jedi for a moment, as he seemed to be either thinking of something or remembering, which of the two was not completely apparent - though he did manage to answer before his silence became too long.

    "Let's see, technically I would say for most of my adult life now, but I often wish that I had the courage to do so when I was as young as you are now. For too long I remained complacent, even when I yearned for truth. Fear will keep you rooted in place, preventing much needed growth."

    Master Silverhand smiled a slightly rueful smile, before continuing.

    "I must commend you for your courage to leave all that you know behind, in search for something you value."

    "So, tell me, what things are you looking forward to, what things would you like to learn, see or experience?"

    "Thank you and I don't like to plan too far ahead Silverhand, but I would like to know how to control the dark side without falling onto it at some point, I know master Windu did it." Replied Anakin as he fell into deep thought.

    "Then you have come to the right place my young friend, you've come to the right place."

    As the two sat, falling into thought about what was the next step for the young force user, the 'Twin Moons' alerted it's passengers that it would jump, by way of a soft chime. Outside the ship, stars seemed to suddenly elongate into beautiful long linear streaks, right before the ship made the jump into hyperspace.


    To be continued...
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    IC: Gildar and Tracel (With a cameo of Silverhand)
    Onboard the shuttle

    It was, to a degree, fascinating, the need of these beings to use equipment such as the vessel Tracel found himself in to get around. He was used to other methods but, he glanced around the small space, these were, some of them, old friends so he was willing to take the long path with them, back to their world. The recent battle was on his mind, how beings could, even among familial units, could have strife and battle.

    He found a seat, slumping back into it with a sigh, as fascinating as this was it was still…slow. But he’d said he’d stay with them on the trip back so he would keep his word. Even though it would make him chuckle to have them search the vessel for him only to find him asking what took them so long, when they reached their home.

    Settling slightly more as he heard the call out that they were about to jump to hyper, he closed his eyes, riding the rhythms of the eddies and flows that existed, even out in the cold of space. Or, at least, his mind did while the physical shell of him seemed to be relaxed and just resting his eyes.

    On the way back to the shuttle, Gildar had examined his prizes, the two lightsabers. He had questions about them. These were his first two sabers, so that was natural. He'd also taken the clips off a couple of the dead Sith, so he could hang them from his belt.

    Now, he was sitting along with everyone else. He'd intended to consult with Silverhand or Polmath on them. Then he thought again. Tracel is obviously experienced. Let's see if he can offer some thoughts.

    He got up and walked forward, holding the chairs to steady himself. "Excuse me, mister Tracel. Would you mind if I sit and ask you about these?" He held out the sabers, purposely keeping the emitters pointing upward.

    Tracel heard the footsteps approaching, eyes still shut. When they stopped by him his eyes slitted open and then the question came. Which made him look up and over. The man, no wait, it was Gildar, who wasn’t one of those he knew well, was holding a pair of sabers near him.

    Rotating his neck he chuckled as it popped, ”Never had lightsabers before?” he asked with a yawn.

    Lifting his hand, he waved, ”Have a seat, I’ll help all I can.” he went on, ”I’ll spare you the history lesson of sabers but answer what questions you have.” he said with another chuckle, knowing he could probably bore the man to death with an exact history of lightsabers from their inception if he really wanted to do so.

    "Thank you, sir." Gildar said as he sat in a nearby chair. "Yeah, never had my own before. I held one briefly. Seems like years ago. But, these have a different... energy. This one," he indicated the gold-hue hilt, "actually feels like it's resisting me. Don't know if that makes sense."

    ”First, it’s Tracel, not sir. I’m not so arrogant as to believe that what I am makes me better than any other, no matter the disparity in ability.” he said with a grin. ”That and…dad…would be annoyed if I acted that way and he’s not one to annoy.”

    He looked at the sabers, letting his senses reach out to them. Nodding, ”Not surprised it’s resisting. With light side Force users they usually bond with their kyber crystals, the power of a saber, basically. With dark siders they use their own will to overcome the ‘soul’ as it were of the kyber to force it to do what they want, which is why they’re often red, called bled crystals. The first may resist because you’re not who they’re bonded to, the second because well they’re ornery like their former owner.”

    Gildars face screwed up. "To be honest, the idea of a rock or some inanimate object expressing emotions seems strange. I know I said it, but I don't know if I actually believed it as I said it." He turned the sabers over in his hand, looking at the various designs and controls. "Bleeding crystals sounds so violent. Can the crystal be, uhh, would the word be healed?"

    Grinning at the question, Tracel nodded, ”It’s happened before. Easier when it’s a naturally occurring kyber rather than the synthetic most dark siders use. But still takes some time.”

    A thought occurred and then he chuckled, ”Of course…” his grin broadened, ”Depending on who you got it from it could just be testing you itself to find if you’re worthy of bonding itself too. Could be an ornery crystal.”

    Gildar laughed at that. The thought of an emotional kyber crystal had just struck him as really funny. He actually got a couple strange glances from some other passengers. Possibly they were trying to nap or something. Gildar covered his mouth and tried to compose himself. "I know you're serious. I think I just imagined a kyber crystal sending back his dinner at a restaurant or something. If it's not possible to heal it, I may just need to deal with it until I can get to Ilum or buy some others. If I can get to communicate with my crystals, will that help with my forms?"

    Tracel chuckled at the mental image that Gildar had just conjured. ”If it’s Silverhand’s cooking maybe…” he said with a grin as he looked toward the front of the shuttle. ”But yes, if you and your kyber crystals can be in harmony then your forms will improve. Which is why you can find some who are not the strongest in the Force yet are fierce duelists, simply by the factor of them in better harmony with their kybers.”

    Glancing again toward the front of the shuttle to be sure the newest to the ranks of the grey didn’t see, he lifted his hand, a saber seeming to form in his grasp. Looking over to meet Gildar’s eyes, ”Of course some have other means, but you’re on the right track.”

    There had been a long reflective pause in his conversation with Anakin, and Master Silverhand had been half listening to Gildar's and Tracel's conversation, that is, until he was mentioned by name.

    "I'm a fine enough cook, thank you kindly." Turning slightly to look over his shoulder, the grey jedi retorted from his seat in a playful manner. "I've even had some compliments....even." At that, he chuckled in mild amusement.

    To himself, he mused how good it was to see Gildar asking question and seeking further knowledge, he too was a 'grey jedi', after all. As Polmath would say, 'The search for answers is every bit as important as the questions themselves.'

    A few in the shuttle chuckled. Gildar, himself, smiled. Yet the talk of food was reminding him just how long it'd been since he had eaten. He had one or two more questions, though.

    "Back to the thought at hand," he started, "I hear people talk about 'forms,' yet, what does it matter in battle? I mean, can I say to someone about to slice me in two, 'you can't do that! It's not the right form!'?"

    Tracel laughed at Silverhand’s reply, lifting a finger to his brow in a form of salute. Turning back to Gildar, he considered the pair of questions, chuckling. ”Now that would be a sight to see, as would the confusion on your foe’s face when you did so.” he stated, with another chuckle.

    Lifting a hand, rubbing his chin, ”Forms are more different styles that are used to train oneself, usually modes one falls into in battle because of that training. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which is why there are seven recognised as the true form as well as at least a few other secondary ones. Some favor attack, some defense, some are for those very strong or very fast or both, some are for weaker practitioners, or slower ones. But you practice enough with one or the others and it becomes muscle memory, you find yourself flowing in battle in ways you trained while learning and using that form.”

    Close by, Silverhand continued to listen and resisted the urge to interject when lightsaber forms were mentioned. Certainly Gildar had seen some of the guards training and sparring before, had he not? There were more than enough lightsaber training droids to go around. Still, the grey jedi master was comforted by Tracel's sage answer. It seemed, Silverhand was also learning a thing or two as he listened along.

    Gildar considered. Then shrugged. "Well, then there's the question of one saber versus two, saberstaff, reverse... holding? All that stuff. I guess I'll also figure out these buttons and dials at some point. Hopefully without decapitating too many people." He chuckled a bit at that. "Well, thank you for the insight. I suppose I'll just have to work with them a bit to get it down."

    Tracel chuckled, ”Those differences, with one vs two vs staff, that’s all in what feels best for the user, but can also influence the forms they use. For example, I have an old friend who carries two but can and will fight with one or two or latch the two together into a staff, depending on the circumstances.” Shrugging and nodding to Gildar, ”And you’re welcome, I’m sure you’ll figure it out, you are well on the way.”

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    IC: Sephinoth

    Location: Decameron Alpha
    The Arrival

    Cathedral Spire and Haul

    [​IMG] Cathedral Tail

    The Cathedral came into orbit over the planet, it floated as great fortress in space. Aboard in what would be bridge was a massive organ, and sitting in a ebony and steel chair was a figurr with long silvert gray hair in a cloak of dark grey putting his fingers to the keys that lit up enerald and ruby. With each stroke of his fingers the organ hummed a tune and the craft shifted its course. Playing another tune, on a higher set of keys set out a signal to the surface that could be understood as a friendly greeting.

    Sephinoth played the keys as if possessed, his eye lids closed as he touched each key and the craft made a peaceful descent to the atmosphere. There it in the sky appeared a ruby tower that connected to elongated haul with thrusters of garnet and lights of cyan. The Cathedral began to slow its pace to a great open plain near a woodland. The craft came down on the open earth gently, slowly, no creature crushed, no twig crunched, it rested peacefully. At the slight thud of landing Sephinoth opened his eyes. A smile roe across his jawline like a crescent, and he rose from his chair, turning as rays of sunlight poured in from gothic portals, windows, openings and stain-glass. Sephinoth went to the adoration chamber where candles burned on tabled, one oblong with three hilts held up on metal hinges, one was a very long lightsaber hilt. Sephinoth dipped his hands in a basin of rosewater, and then wiped them with white cloth. He then bowed his head thrice, with each bow taking one of the hilts and placing them in his cloak.

    From The Hall of Adoration he made his way on to outside deck, where now he felt tendrr breeze that made his long locks sway like grains of grass. He took a breath, and headed to rampart, where he disabled auto turbo cannons remotely. He then raised his hand and great banner of Echani rose with a white flag, and another general hail on the comms that divulged his peaceful intent. He was a warrior, but a noble one, and he had not come to invade, but to learn the ways of the Force.

    Sephinoth dropped a ladder which he descended from and set foot on the earth. He turned in his cloak to the dark wood before him. The forest called to him and so he began his soft stride inside, the trees gnarled like his robes with great branches that creaked as he passed. Leaves swayed and some fell as if to make laurels of welcome.

    The Echani went deeper in, the sunlight becoming dim, and his oath closed in. What waited there, he knew would serve a purpose in his growth. For The Force was everywhere, and he had felt its power kill and save, bring life and unleash destruction. It was not to be trifled with, but respected and even venerated. Sephinoth held some beads of fine carnelian, as he thumbed them he felt the path unveil before him. He came to stone monolith with markings of runic shape. Sephinoth approached and felt the pulsing presence of The Living Force. The planet was teeming with it, and the shrine had a special concentration of it. The Echani drew his hand to touch the obelisk of obsidian, and it rang inside him and the ground shook with vibrations. Between this and his comms, he was certain that whoever and whatever was on the planet knew he was here.

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