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Beyond - Legends Falling So Hard - K/J, secrecy, comedy, mush?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. mayo_durron_666

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Title: Falling So Hard
    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 (aka SITH_MAYO)
    Timeframe: 35ABY
    Characters: Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron
    Genre: AU, one-shot, romance..
    Keywords: Passion, Secrecy ..
    Summary: Kyp & Jaina have been seeing one another and are trying to keep it low key… (Linked to one-shots: This Perfect Moment / Sunrise & Sunset)
    Notes: Missed some K/J.. Comments welcome.
    Disclaimer: Just playing with some SW toys!


    Falling So Hard

    She found him. Alone in a small hangar bay. Fighters old and new were stationed here. And he was tinkering.

    From a distance, she watched.

    Unawares, Kyp listened to a Coruscant radio station, humming along to the latest tune.

    His casual jeans were dirty with engine grease. And his fitted t-shirt covered in oily smudges. To match, his black hair stuck up at odd angles around the goggles that he’d pushed up on his forehead.

    He was totally absorbed in an old A-wing engine. Happily fiddling and adjusting parts in the hopes of giving the ship new life.

    Masking her presence, Jaina approached quietly.

    From behind she spoke wryly,
    “I don’t see a beach anywhere. Thought you were meant to be on holiday, flyboy.”

    Barely hiding his surprise, Kyp whirled around with hydro-spanner high in hand and breathe short. He paused just in time. So close to hitting her. She didn’t even flinch. Instead she smiled.

    “Sweet Force, you scared me half to death.”

    Dropping her travel bag to the floor, Jaina grinned,
    “I’m getting good at that.”

    Waggling the spanner up and down, he answered,
    “Yeah right, sweetheart. Don’t forget two can play at this game.”

    “Oh really?” She walked closer, “Do tell, Master.”

    “You’re not the only one who can dampen their presence. I’d watch your back, Jay. You never know who is watching.” He winked cheekily, “Especially in the refresher shower.”

    Barely an inch apart from the gorgeous scruffy man, Jaina sighed contently, remembering their last encounter. Yes, she’d been startled. But shock had quickly turned into incredible pleasure.

    Now every time she entered her refresher she wanted him in there too, with his rippling muscles, talented hands and scorching kisses.

    “I think I’ll be okay.” Jaina tucked a stray curl behind her ear, “I might even let you win the next round …”

    She wasn’t just talking about their game. And he knew it.

    Stepping closer, he uttered in a deep voice,
    “I think I’m winning you over completely.”

    A wave of need washed over her body. It was true. He was winning her, heart and soul, with his fierce loyalty, constant support and pro-active attitude to life.

    Gods he was a handsome man. Devilishly attractive, with his toned physique and an appealing face, he towered over her. The longer she stared up at him the more she fell under his spell.

    Toe to toe, Jaina leaned in to whisper softly,
    “You may be right there.”

    Teasingly her sweet breath traced across his skin. Then her fingertips trailed over his stomach, the touch barely noticeable, yet it made his muscles clench and his breathing hitch in anticipation.

    He wanted her. Desperately.

    Unable control himself anymore, he yanked her flushed against him and stolen her gasp with a demanding kiss. Lips slanted over hers, he devoured her sweetness, drawing it in with a groan of male satisfaction. She tasted like an exquisite wine, one he could drink forever and still want more.

    Lost in the wicked kiss, Jaina’s arms circled his neck as she moved against him in abandon.

    He was the perfect combination of passion and tenderness. Expertly he drove away all good intentions and sane thoughts. When his tongue swirled with hers Jaina forgot everything and met his lusty ministrations with her own.

    One after another the kisses deepened. His strong arms gripped tighter, yet his clever hands couldn’t help travelling up and down her back slightly, the need to caress overwhelming. Against his hot mouth Jaina smiled. Arms wrapped firmly around his neck her hands toyed with his unruly curls. She loved his messy mane of hair.

    His mouth grew hungrier, hotter and silkier. Each drugging kiss turned into another, making them burn and itch for much more.

    With a hoarse growl, Kyp whipped around and lifted her to sit on top of the engine he was supposed to be working on. Between kisses, Jaina chuckled under her breath, amused by his dominance and enjoying it way too much.

    Hands on her hips, he leaned over, his mouth fused on hers, caressing hotly, with tongues dancing and teeth nipping. Excited, just as enthralled, Jaina sighed into his kiss and sank onto the large machinery, falling till her back hit the metal, all the while clutching him near.

    Heat radiated from them, scorching, raging out of hand.

    Needing to stroke and massage, Jaina quickly stripped Kyp of his shirt. When her hands touched his taunt torso, briefly scraping crisp dark hairs and tense lean muscles, she moaned in appreciation. She wanted to explore him over and over. To push him into a frenzy of desire.

    With his commanding lips claiming hers continuously, Kyp dragged off her jacket, throwing it aside blindly. He was so absorbed in her, their kiss and this passion. It grew wilder with impatience and the ever-building urge to please each other. He never wanted it to end.

    Slyly slipping up her sides, under her vest, his hands caressed mercilessly. Under him she trembled, gripping him harder, eager for more.

    “Gods,” Kyp rasped, “I’ve missed you.”

    Swallowing back a throaty moan, Jaina whispered heatedly,
    “I believe you. Though I can’t deny I love it when you show me.”

    He pulled back just enough to admire her beautiful flushed face. Nose to nose, he grinned down, the widest and brightest smile. So content, Jaina half-smirked half-laughed.

    Lightly raking her nails down his exposed back, making him shiver, Jaina giggled,
    “We really must find ourselves a bed. A lovely, warm, soft bed.”

    “What’s wrong with this?” He tilted his head as he added in a low voice, full of seduction, “I can’t help wanting you all the time. Bed or not, I want to make you mine.”

    Lifting a leg to hook around Kyp’s lean waist, she yanked him back, holding him closer as she responded breathlessly,
    “The feeling is more than mutual.”

    As he leaned down for another kiss, a loud collection of electronic beeps echoed throughout the hangar. Mouths barely touching, eyes wide, Kyp and Jaina stilled instantly.

    Simultaneously they uttered in realisation,

    And wherever that little droid was someone from the Skywalker/Solo family usually followed.

    Jerking upright, the pair dusted themselves off, to no avail. Engine grease covered them both. To make it even more obvious, Jaina had Kyp’s oily handprints all over. She gave him a ‘now you’ve done it’ look. In that moment, about to be discovered, he grinned proudly, earning him a slap to his abdomen.

    Footsteps now accompanied the beeps.

    Panicking, Jaina picked up and threw Durron his shirt. He tugged it on fast, lifting his muscular arms, flexing and showing off his perfect six-pack as he did so. Biting her lip, momentarily distracted at the sight, Jaina silently sighed at the movements of him dressing.

    The clunking of boots on the metal floor grew louder.

    Glimpsing Jaina nibbling her bottom lip, Kyp groaned inwardly and for a moment forgot the entire situation. Suddenly he hauled her against his chest and slanted his hot mouth over hers again, urgently.

    For one heavenly second, Jaina relished him, kissing back hard.

    “Later,” He promised roughly, “you’re mine.”

    Between fierce kisses, she breathed back,
    “I think … I’m yours already, all the time.”

    Just as Luke Skywalker rounded the nearest ship, they parted for air. The dreamy moment vanished. And when her uncle’s eyes finally settled on them they'd separated. Just.

    Abruptly, Jaina kicked Kyp solidly in the shin and berated him,
    “Don’t call him that!”

    Playing along, but rubbing away real pain from his leg, Kyp snapped,
    “Oww! What? I just said you’d find more interesting pieces of men in a trash compactor.”

    “You’re incorrigible!”

    Indignantly, she grabbed her bag and strode straight past her confused uncle, giving him an acknowledging nod.

    “Just ‘cause you know I’m right!” Kyp shouted with amusement.

    He didn’t like to see her walk away but he couldn’t help but grin as he noticed the greasy handprints he’d left on her trousers, over her perfect bum cheeks. He’d yelled that last comment so Skywalker would look back at him and not her.

    Shrugging, he said to Luke flippantly,
    “She loves me really.”

    With R2D2 at his side, Luke shook his head slightly and replied,
    “For your own safety, I wouldn’t read it that way.” He gestured to his dishevelled appearance, “You been in a fight with that engine?”

    Casually ruffling his tousled hair, Kyp laughed softly,
    “Something like that. You know I like to get physical.”

    “Ah,” Luke smiled, “that’s your way of saying the machine isn’t playing ball. Let’s hope your luck changes.” Glancing over his shoulder, in the direction of his niece, he added coolly, “And not just with machinery.”

    Kyp rubbed his jaw to hide his smug smile.

    The Grand Master had little faith. Durron, however, had it in spades.


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  2. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Well written. I am still an unrepentant J/J 'shipper, but I have to admit that was some steamy writing. So Kyp is going to let Jaina walk down the hallways with his handprints on her butt? She is not going to be amused when she gets to her quarters. :p
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh, Mayo_Durron, that was righteously hot. =D= =D= You could weld together the inner workings of a rocket with that kinda heat. [:D] [:D] [face_mischief] Even though I love J/J, I think overall for general hotness and edibleness, Kyp is the MVP [face_laugh] Ceillean has pretty much seen to that. ^:)^
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    Sep 20, 2009
    I thought that was well written and true to the characters.

    I do have to say it always pulls me out of the Star Wars fantasy when I read a character in fanfiction saying "God(s)" though, I don't think I have ever seen that in the pro fic have you? I would expect swears to be "Force!" or something Force related. Is there a popular God based religion in Star Wars? I know some groups do believe in gods but I didn't think it was common enough for it to be a routine swear.

    Just a thought. :)
  5. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    If you go to Wookieepedia and search "God" you will find pages and pages of deities in the Star Wars Universe. But I think using "Gods" as an exclamation is pretty much fanfiction. There was one phrase I found that had God in it and it was "By the immortal Gods of the Sith!" There are other swear words or exclamations that refer to Gods by name. I think "Gods" is not used in profics so not to offend readers since using the Lord's name in vain is a sin in many religions.
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  6. Gemma

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    Dec 25, 2013
    Oh I just love this. Steamy and very yummy. I so much - very enjoy Kyp/Jaina.
  7. Mando-Man

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    Dec 1, 2008
    I've always liked K/J fics and this was one of the better ones I've read so far. I agree about the "Gods" thing though.
  8. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    Loved the scene between Kyp and Jaina, even more on how they tried to cover up. It appears Luke put the whole picture together with the two pretending to fight. That was awesome :D