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Saga False Dreams (Book One) Updated 3/25

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by KGA91, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. KGA91

    KGA91 Jedi Padawan

    Mar 21, 2014
    Hello all! This story here is more of an Infinities feel to it. It takes place during the Original Trilogy, but is an alternate universe of sorts. I hope you all enjoy!

    Title: Star Wars: False Dreams
    Author: KGA91
    Characters: OC's with some twist on familiar characters.
    Genre: Action-adventure
  2. KGA91

    KGA91 Jedi Padawan

    Mar 21, 2014
    The head of the Rodian rolled across the command deck with an almost comical look. it stopped at the feet of a Lieutenant who looked close to vomiting. The smell itself was enough to cause those at their stations to cough from the smoke, and also the soft laughter of their General who took all this in with a broad smile on his face.

    “Now I will ask again, or would you like to see just how far the next head will roll?” General Eron Tarkin spoke walking back and forth. His uniform as always was in the most pristine of conditions. His bald head reflected light off it, and his hands were clasped tightly behind his back. His eyes danced back and forth from the four figures on their knees in front of him.

    “I must not have heard you?” He asked loudly stopping at a man who had been beaten severely. There were stories told about the brutality of the young Tarkin. How he treated those who were outside of the Empire. Those stories were no lie.

    “I shall ask one more time then I will let my associate here continue with her deadly craft.” He motioned towards Darth Umbra as she stood silently behind the four. Her beauty had been spread across the Galaxy. She was no more than 18, but her beauty hid an utter darkness which she had used to rise so highly in the Empire. Her flowing dark hair was tied back, and her hood showed only her red eyes which pierced all who looked upon her.

    “We had a contract with a mining corporation owned by the Hutts….” The Sullustan had begun as Tarkin struck him harshly across the face. Falling to the floor Tarkin snapped his fingers as two Storm troopers placed the alien back on its knees. A look of disgust fell upon Tarkin as he looked at his hand as if it was infected with a deadly disease.

    “I did not recall asking for filth to speak to me.” A brief nod was all that was needed as the crimson blade of Umbra sent the Sullustan head across the floor. The woman next to the headless body gave a brief cry of fear as again the sinister smile came to Tarkin.

    “Please do tell me why the Hutts would need so much weaponry?” He began this time looking at the beaten man. Throughout their capture he had been the most resilient to the torture, and had given Tarkin a thrill of breaking someone he hadn’t feel in years.

    “Especially with a mining facility so close to Nal Hutta. I would imagine the Hutts would have all the protection needed for it.” He seemed to be more speaking to himself as he began his walk again.
    “There have been Pirate problems all along that sector.” The man spoke for the first time. Tarkin nodded his head at this as he studied the man for a moment.

    “Yes. Pesky little Pirates. Do you take me as some fool?” Tarkin asked voice cold as the steel in which he walked on. Utter silence fell throughout the command deck as all knew where this was leading.
    “You were smuggling weapons to the Rebels.” He said in a dismissive tone.

    “There are no Rebels…” The woman said crying now. A sigh escaped Tarkin as he dropped to a knee. Her eyes were filled with terror as he held her chin in his hands.

    “My dear do you honestly believe the lie you are telling me?” He said nodding once again to Umbra. The head of the Bothan rolled farther than the other eliciting a clap from Tarkin as he watched it with glee.

    “Now I am a merciful man.” He said getting to his feet again. Tears flowed freely from the women as the man looked furious at the General.

    “I have been given this sector to patrol for the sole reason of you Rebels. I know all the tactics in which you use, and I have caught many of you sympathizers. Bringing them weapons, and supplies to continue their pathetic way of life.”

    “Check our manifest we got orders from the Hutts……” The man yelled as Tarkin quickly removed a small hold out blaster. He fired an array of shots into the man as he clumped to the floor. Stepping forward he continued shooting the man until he felt satisfied.

    “I am sorry Darth Umbra I do know how much you enjoy killing. Going from Jedi hunting to this must seem like an insult to you.” He said in a mock apologetic tone. Umbra gave no motion that she had even heard the General. Instead the woman began to bawl as Tarkin rubbed his forehead.

    “Take her to a cell.” He ordered as the Storm Troopers got to woman to her feet. They dragged her away as Tarkin kicked the Rodian head towards some officers who dared not flinch from the games of the General.
    “They are out there.” He said to himself looking out of the viewport. Before him laid the rest of his fleet awaiting his orders, but they were nothing but mere toys to him.

    “Tell Commander Polluck to head towards the mining facility the Rebels spoke of. If anything it will scare any Rebels to flee. Then as usual I will catch and kill them.” He spoke calmly as Umbra still remained the silent sentinel. He could only imagine what it was like to see her in full action. Killing all those who were in defiance of the Emperor.