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Saga - OT [Fic Gift] Tookas in a Box

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Shira A'dola, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Title: Tookas in a Box
    Summary: Firmus and his wife throw a party. Said party is interrupted by their daughter carrying a box filled with cuteness.
    Word Count: 1,888
    Characters: Firmus, Valyn and Keirei Piett, Kára Volshe, Avariella Ismaren
    Disclaimer: Firmus Piett belongs to Disney and Lucasfilm. All the other characters are Volshe's

    This is Admiral Volshe's 2015 Fic Gift. Her specifications are as listed:

    Their request:
    I would like a lighthearted/feel-good story, music, and a box full of tookas.
    I would not like Rebel 'propaganda'.
    Main characters? Any Imperial(s), a Duros, and one of my OCs (any of them! I don't mind!)
    Era: Saga


    “So how is your time off serving you, Firmus?”

    “Quite well, thank you.”

    Firmus didn’t know this couple. The man was another doctor at Valyn’s medical facility and she had asked for them to be invited. The impersonal small talk was making him cringe inside.

    “How is your work going?” he asked in deflection, trying to keep the pained expression from his face. To his relief, the man began speaking in great detail about his days in the medical profession. The woman next to him, presumably his wife, stayed silent and smiled politely.

    Firmus tried to pay attention, but the advanced medical terms flew over his head. He sighed inwardly, eyes darting around the room to find his wife as the man droned on about subjects and situations he couldn’t possibly understand.

    A soft, melodic trill sounded in the air above the idle chatter and gentle music, diverting Firmus’ attention. He had to stifle an audible sound of relief.

    “Excuse me.” He smiled slightly with an apologetic nod. “Someone’s at the door.”

    He walked off towards the front of his house, weaving through beings in fancy dress and trying not to rub his temples. The party had been Valyn’s idea. He had some time off and she thought it would be a good idea to socialize and for their three children to experience a bit of this sort of thing. So he played host, even if he wasn’t very adept at it. The small talk in particular was giving him unseen difficulty.

    Firmus caught sight of Valyn and Callista, his eldest daughter, in one of the corners of the room, chatting with two women and a slightly older Chiss male. They looked lovely, confidence and self-assuredness radiating from the pair of them. He smiled quietly, feeling a deep sense of pride in his family.

    The gentle chiming sounded in the air again and Firmus shook himself, traveling the last few steps to the door. Tapping a key, he opened a screen to check the guests and smiled as he saw the two women standing outside the door.

    “Ah, Admiral Volshe and Captain Ismaren, welcome.”

    Avariella Ismaren and Kára Volshe smiled at him, nodding slightly.

    “Good evening, Admiral.” Avariella said. “Might we come in?”

    “Absolutely, my dear Captain.” Firmus bowed slightly and gestured towards the brightly lit room. “My home is yours. Please, come in and make yourselves welcome. I have a couple seats that may serve you well tonight.”

    The two women smiled gratefully at Firmus as they followed him into the large house. Avariella subtly steadied Kára as she swayed, the unsteady movement imperceptible to all but Avariella and, perhaps, Firmus.

    He led them to a wall with a few chairs seated next to a table filled with various refreshments. The arrangement was strategically placed to allow the two women the ability to rest without isolating them from the social atmosphere of the party. Kára and Avariella sat gracefully, Avariella smoothing down her navy blue dress before accepting a glass of spiced Almakian juice with an appreciative smile.

    “Enjoying your time off, Firmus?” Kára asked, accepting a similar glass of juice.

    “It has its ups and downs,” he replied amiably. “I won’t deny I like the activity and bustle of commanding my ship. It keeps me busy. However, I’m very grateful for the time I spend with my family. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, and I know they worry about me while I’m gone.”

    Kára nodded, taking a sip of her juice. “I have family that worry while I’m away as well. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a husband and children who worry after me as well.”

    Firmus nodded and turned to Avariella. “And you, Captain? Any family planet -side?”

    The young woman shook her head, twisting her glass idly in her fingers as she smiled slightly. “No family. At least that I know of. So no one to worry over me while I’m on duty. The closest thing to family I have is Kára and, since we serve together, we’re always there to keep an eye on each other. But I kind of like it that way, to be honest. There’s a certain amount of unique freedom in that.”

    A nod of understanding before Firmus’ eyes lit up as Valyn and Callista walked over. The Admiral took his wife’s hand and kissed it softly, earning a bright smile from Valyn, and grins from the other three.

    “Kára, Avariella, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you last,” Valyn greeted them warmly. “How has the Empire been treating you?”

    “Very graciously,” Avariella responded with a smile, as Kára nodded in assent. “We’ve been granted a few weeks holiday, as Firmus has, so we’re just enjoying our time off before returning to the The Sovereign.

    “Well I’m very glad you could make it.” Valyn smiled. “I’m surprised at how many have been given a time of leave. Even Maximillian Veers is here.”

    Firmus chuckled softly. “I’m surprised he came, to be frank. Parties aren’t exactly his area of expertise.”

    Valyn frowned suddenly. “Firmus, have you seen Zeven or Keirei? It’s been awhile since they were with me, and I’m not sure where they’ve gone.”

    Firmus thought for a moment. “I believe Zeven was with Veers, the last time I saw him. I’m sure Keirei is around here somewhere. She knows better than to run off.”

    Valyn’s worried expression didn’t disappear, though she nodded in assent. A moment later, worry turned to concern as she noticed Avariella swaying slightly with a hand to her forehead.

    “Avariella, are you all right?”

    The woman took a shaky sip of juice, before smiling reassuringly at Valyn. “I’m all right, thank you. I’m just a bit dizzy. It will pass.”

    The group looked up as gasps and sounds of alarm passed through the party-goers. The gentle background music came to an abrupt halt. From the middle of the gathering, a high voice shouted “Dad, dad!”

    Firmus sighed and shook his head while his wife placed her hand to her forehead. A young girl with bouncing blonde hair and a ravaged purple dress - Keirei Piett - came running up to Firmus, clutching a big, open box to her chest.

    “Keirei, what in the name of - “ Firmus was cut off by his youngest daughter’s frantic explanation.

    “I found them in the side-street, dad! They were all alone in a corner and these boys were poking them with sticks!”

    Her parents peered in and shock crossed their faces. Kára gestured Keirei over to see. She and Avariella quickly placed their free hand over their mouths, trying to stifle giggles. Inside the box was a female tooka with five kits, all looking up them with large, curious eyes.

    Firmus’ mouth opened and closed a few times, trying to find something to say.

    “Keirei, why do you have a box of tookas?”

    “I told you, there were boys poking them with sticks! And it gets so cold at night, I couldn’t just leave them in the street!”

    “I…I see. And may I ask what happened to your dress?”

    “The boys wouldn’t stop when I told them to. So I tackled them and kicked them in the - “

    “Alright, young lady! I think we get the picture.”

    Kára’s and Avariella’s shoulders shook with silent laughter as they took the box off of Keirei’s hands, tickling the heads of the kits gently.

    “Can we keep them, dad? They need a place to stay!”

    The music began playing again, enticing the crowd from the spectacle before them. Firmus walked over by Valyn as the two whispered quietly to each other. Valyn’s composure was betrayed only by the vexation in her eyes as she whispered back to her husband.

    A moment later, Valyn turned towards a side room and said “Come with us, Keirei.”

    Firmus followed his wife, looking to make sure Keirei was coming. The young girl looked back towards Kára and Avariella, the latter of whom set her glass down and took the tooka-filled box.

    “Go on, we’ll follow with the tookas,” the Captain promised.

    Keirei skipped after her parents as the two women stood carefully, letting the room that swam in their vision settle before following the other three, noticing Callista re-integrate into the party’s guests.

    Avariella set the box down on a table as she and Kára sat back down in the room. Firmus closed the door and sent a stern look towards Keirei.

    “What?” she asked meekly.

    “Oh you know what, young lady,” Valyn said in a tone as stern as the look on her husband’s face.

    “But they needed help!” Keirei protested.

    “We’re not necessarily chiding you on saving the tookas, Keirei,” Firmus explained, “But the way you barged in here in such a state.”

    The young girl paused hesitantly. “What do you mean?”

    “Don’t you think it would have been more prudent to leave the box in a room and then come get us quietly?” Valyn asked, voice tinged with exasperation.


    “Not to mention, it would have been gentler on the tookas, considering the trauma they’ve already been through tonight,” Firmus added. “Don’t you think a quiet room would have been better instead of noise and stress?”

    At this, young Keirei’s face fell and she looked at the floor, scuffing a foot in embarrassment and shame.

    “I hadn’t thought of that,” she admitted quietly. “I just wanted to help them.”

    “That’s admirable,” Firmus commended. “However, help should be given the way that those in trouble need it. Not how we think they should get it. Do you understand?”

    Keirei nodded and looked up meekly. “Can we keep them, mum?”

    “Well not all of them, certainly.” Valyn told her daughter. “But you may have one. Zeven and Callista can have one too, if they would like.”

    Keirei squealed in excitement, then paused. “But what about the others?”

    “Well we can keep the mother. They look old enough to be weaned, so it shouldn’t be a problem,” Firmus reasoned. “But we’ll keep her as well, just in case. You’ll have to find homes for the other two kits.”

    Keirei turned to Kára and Avariella. The two women were doing their best not to eavesdrop on the chiding, and were tickling a few of the tooka kits.

    “Would you two like a tooka?” the blonde asked cheerfully.

    Kára and Avariella exchanged grins.

    “We’d be delighted to,” Kára stated. “However, as you are the one who saved them, I think you should choose your kit first.

    Keirei bounced to the table and looked in at the kits, eyes glowing in excitement. She reached in and picked up a brown tooka kit with darker brown and forest green markings and cuddled him close before turning to the other two with an expectant look on her face.

    Kára considered a moment before picking up a lavender coloured kit with darker purple and white markings while Avariella chose a light brown one with chocolate and sky blue patterns.

    Avariella winked at Kára. “The Empire shouldn’t have any issue with us keeping a pet in our quarters, right?”

    Kára straightened her dark red dress before scratching her new tooka kit behind the ear. “I think they’ll be most welcome,” she replied, voice bubbling with silent laughter.
  2. Admiral Volshe

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    Sep 2, 2012

    Words cannot express how much I love this. The gif doesn't really do it justice, either. You have all my characters spot on (are you a mind reader? lol), and Firmus is perfect too! (Valyn and him! Squee!! [face_love] They have the exact dynamic I try for in my fics! The same parenting too!) I wasn't even expecting Avariella and Kára, either, so that was an amazing addition. They're also perfect, the subtle hints at their illness and such...yay!

    Plus, it's just so absolutely adorable. Every time I read this is puts the biggest smile on my face. Little tooka kits and an adorable Keirei!! So much cuteness!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You're amazing and this story is too. This was the best holiday gift I got. [:D] :D [face_love]
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    What a fun fun read! :) First with Firmus being bored stiff with the small talk [face_laugh] then Keirei barging in all disheveled with the cute Tookas. :D That was a fair thingy - the way they were divided out among the Piets and the Captain and Admiral. :)
  4. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    I was so nervous writing this because I'd never used anyone else's characters and I'd never, ever written Firmus. And for someone as big a fan of Piett as Volshe is, it made me extra nervous! But I'm so glad you like it, Volshe!

    I'm glad all of you do! What a confidence booster!
  5. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    This was soooooo cute! I haven't been introduced to Admiral Volshe 's OCs yet (it's on my very long list of things to read) but now I really, really want to know more about them. I loved how you depicted the canon characters -- I can perfectly well imagine Piett not being comfortable with small talk, and being stern but fair with his kids, and I loved the little mention of Veers and how "parties aren't his area of expertise" [face_laugh]

    And now I need to go and have a little chat with my cats, if you'll excuse me :)
  6. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    I enjoyed this very much, Shira A'dola, and I like how you integrated Admiral Volshe 's characters here—the fact that write them just as smoothly and knowledgeably as she does testifies both to your writing abilities and your friendship. :) I love how the Pietts transition from their disapproving parent shtick (and of course it's just a shtick in this case since they're not made of marble :D ) to agreeing to let their kids keep a few of the tookas. And the mood engulfs the whole of this mellow, serious Imperial holiday party as Ismaren and Volshe choose their kits too—but that mood shift of course begins with Keirei's enthusiastic entrance, which I bet bothered exactly none of the other guests. :p

    I'm kind of reminded of the kitten episode of Are You Being Served, in which stern old Capt. Peacock eventually has his own heart melted by baby felines. And when things remind me of BBC comedies of a certain era, you can always take that as a compliment. Very nice work and a very fitting gift for Volshe! =D=
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  7. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    I gave my dog a good cuddle after this too :p I'm really glad you think I did the characters well :) I've mentioned this a thousand times now, but I was really nervous writing this and it makes me so happy to see this story get such positive responses!

    Thank you so much! I've seen a few episodes of Are You Being Served, but not the one you linked me too, so I'll have to see if my wifi will load it for me :p
  8. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    The subtitle of this should be "Firmus Piett has headache, and tooka hair in his drink".

    The beginning was so, so narmy. For some reason, this doctor reminded me of a friend of my father's who could go on and on about heating systems and pipes around pretty much every person he knew, for hours. I was his victim a handful of times and I totally understand why Firmus ended up with a headache - if that's what rubbing his temples was all about.

    The above is not to say that narmy isn't good or anything. :D Here, it was obviously intentional and it served the right purpose! :D

    Avariella subtly steadied Kára as she swayed, the unsteady movement imperceptible to all but Avariella and, perhaps, Firmus.

    Love it how Firmus is considerate enough to notice that Kára is not perfectly healthy. We tend to ignore the conditions of those around us, too much. :(

    “Keirei, why do you have a box of tookas?”

    Keirei crashing the fancy Imperial party with a box of tookas is priceless. And once again, Firmus' seriousness is perfect. He's trying to approach it in an almost analytical way! I can totally see how a rational man like him and a woman like Valyn fit together and how, despite all the love, go crazy with those three rascals' schemes sometimes. :D

    The ending was sort of expected. As far as I'm concerned, those two guests saved the day.

    Now, I want to know what will become of those tookas...don't leave us like this!
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  9. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007

    I think this is so funny! I can see poor Piett being a little overwhelmed by a party with a bunch of people he doesn't really know and making nice.
  10. gaarastar58

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    Dec 19, 2010
    A great wee story and a brilliant insight into Firmus's character. I loved the idea of a fancy dinner party being crashed by the little girl, she was so tough and feisty it would be impossible not to like her and Firmus and Valyn did an excellent job as exasperated parents. I hope Veers enjoyed the party since he made the effort.

    Is it bad that I would like to see a scene of the boring doctor talking to Vader and Vader just standing there with a dry martini in his hand like he's switched himself off?
  11. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    That would perfectly fit into the beginning of the story, because the section with the boring doctor has a narmy vibe to it. :D

    And then they all realise it was a cardboard cutout.

    *throws a crack!fic plot bunny Shira A'dola's way*
  12. Shira A'dola

    Shira A'dola Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 4, 2012

    Thanks! Admiral Volshe has such wonderful characters!

    I know XD He's so polite :p
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  13. Annia Piet

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    Feb 7, 2015
    Very cute! A really adorable family scene :)
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  14. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Nice to see how Piett deals with mingling outside of his usual context, and that he’s actually almost shy when taken out of the Imperial military framework. Which seems plausible to me -- it’s much easier for anyone when there’s a bit more of a script to follow.

    Liked the conversation with Kára and Avariella about family matters as they relate to a military career. The three of them seem to have an interesting friendship. And the hints at Kára having some mysterious illness were a little ominous.

    [face_laugh] Trust a small child to go and find something like that in the three seconds that they slipped under everyone’s radar. The reactions here are great, and Keirei’s story of how she rescued the tookas is the icing on the cake.

    Firmus and Valyn are also really sensible in how they go about dealing out a bit of parental disapproval here -- not cruelly and making sure that Keirei understands which thing it is that was the problem. Makes me curious to know more about their family life and how that mixes with Firmus’s career.

    Baby tookas on an Imperial ship, now that’s going to be fun. [face_thinking] [face_laugh]
  15. Seldes_Katne

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    Mar 18, 2002
    I once read a comment that Captain/Admiral Piett was everyone's favorite Imperial. If this is what he's like off-duty, I can see why.

    This was an interesting peek into a side of the Empire and its officers that was never really explored (or even hinted at) in the movies -- not monsters or fantatics, just people doing their duty. Some of them are actually pretty decent people, too -- they encourage their children to rescue small harmless animals , they care about their families, they make small talk.

    And of course, who can resist a box full of kittens? If there are any left once everyone has picked one out, I'd like one, too. :)
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