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Beyond - Legends Fleeting Moments (Skywalkers/Solos) Update 04/31

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by EmeraldJediFire, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Title: Proud Papa

    Characters: Luke, Mara, Ben mostly

    Disclaimer I do not own Star Wars, it is the property of Lucasfilms and now Disney (wow that's so weird saying that)

    Note: This is Luke's earliest moment with his son aboard the Errant Venture.

    Briannakin, Jade_eyes

    Mara Jade Skywalker watched as her husband paced the floor of the Errant Venture, his infant son nestled in his arms. The bright glow of the moon poured down through the viewport illuminating them. Luke held the baby snuggly against his chest, rocking from his heels to the balls of his feet to his toes. He padded against the cold deck platting in his bare feet, dressed in sleeping shirt and pants. She smiled as she listened to Luke make baby talk to Ben.

    It was the most precious sight she had ever seen. He was absolutely smitten with his child.

    She thought about telling him to come to bed and put Ben down for the night, but couldn't find it in her heart to draw him away. Mara burrowed beneath their covers once more and willed herself to sleep.
    Luke gazed upon his sleeping son's face, his heart practically bursting with love. He reached a hand up and gently stroked the baby's cheek with the backs of his fingers. His feelings burned strong for his child, because if he was honest, he'd never experienced this kind of emotion before. When he'd first learned Mara was pregnant he had been ecstatic despite his wife's worries and doubts. His son was indeed a gift. He was a miracle; a light in the darkness of a bitter, brutal, and seemingly hopeless war. He stroked the crown of Ben's small head, and smiling, began to pace the viewport once more.

    His son momentarily stirred in his arms, threatening to wake. He gurgled slightly and made a sound that seemed like he was going to start crying. "Shh, shh, shh," He soothed. "It's all right. Go back to sleep." Ben's eyes cracked open into little slits and he began to flail and let out a quiet, uncertain wail. Luke shifted his son in his arms, starting a rocking motion. He'd discovered early on that the motion calmed his infant son. However, tonight, Ben was having none of that. He wasn't going to be placated so easily.

    His quiet wail soon erupted into a loud fitful one.

    Luke willed himself to be calm. Allowing himself to become frenzied would only escalate the baby's cries, he reasoned.

    "Ben, it's all right…Daddy's here." He switched to a gentle bouncing motion, shifting the weight of his feet from heel to toe. He brushed a hand against the baby's soft reddish-blond hair.

    The Jedi Master crossed over to the glider chair positioned at the end of his and Mara's bed. He sat back in it gently, and began to slowly rock himself, using his feet to propel the chair. Ben fussed in his arms, still apparently unhappy.

    "It's all right, Ben. Daddy's here." He repeated, his hand lovingly cradling the back of the baby's skull. Luke continued to rock the infant back and forth for a good five minutes until his loud cries subsided once more into quiet gurgling.

    With care, Luke eased up out of the glider and got to his feet, stepping up to the bassinet that had been placed at the end of the bed. He laid Ben down with practiced ease, making sure to lower the baby's head tenderly onto his small pillow. He eased his hands from beneath his son's body and drew up the tiny blue blanket up over him. Luke startled briefly as Ben let out a quick cry then walked backward and lowered himself into the glider.

    He listened to the baby's crying and settled a foot upon the bottom of the bassinet. He rocked it back and forth, lightly prodding it with his toes. Luke watched as his infant son stared up through crystal clear, blue eyes. Eyes which were on the verge of closing—all they needed was a little push. Brushing aside what his wife would say about trivial abuse of his power, he stretched out with the Force and let it flow over his child, gently stroking Ben's mind with his Force aura. He sent soothing thoughts of sleep into the baby's mind. Sleep.Off to dream land… "Daddy's quite tired." He muttered quietly to himself.

    Luke left his chin drop to his chest and his eyes close. He continued to rock the baby, all the while beginning to fall asleep himself. His conscious fought against his body's voluntary reaction, but it was a losing battle. He slipped into unconsciousness, his child's sleeping face the last thing he saw.
    "Luke, Luke…" Mara shook her husband's shoulder, trying to rouse him. She frowned when he didn't stir.

    She had found him like this after finding her bed was disturbingly empty. Her eyes had been able to make out a limp form resting itself at the foot of the bed. Luke had been lying in the glider, his chin tucked to his chest and face tilted slightly to the side. His eyes were closed peacefully in sleep. His hands had been draped across his belly.

    Mara smiled at this sight.

    He looked positively adorable when he slept this way. It was at times like this, when he slept, that his farmboy nature came out even more. She raised her hand to cup his left cheek and delicately stroked it. "My sweet farmboy…" Her hand dropped and she turned to look at their child.

    Ben was also soundly asleep, an amusing mirror image of his father-with the exception of his arms position above his head, his little fists balled tightly. He kicked in his sleep, his head tilted to the side and lips moving slightly. Mara chuckled and reached a hand down to stroke his forehead. She turned her attention back to her husband and sighed. She leaned over placing her hand once more on Luke's shoulder and gave it another tentative shake.

    "Skywalker, Skywalker…." She whispered in an attempt to get his attention.

    When he failed to rouse himself, she gave the glider a push with her foot. The chair glided backward, jerking to halt as it reached its limits. Her husband came awake, his eyes looking frantic as he assessed the situation.

    "Wha-what the?" His eyes focused. "Mara?"

    "Yes, Farmboy, its me." She placed her hands upon her hips and sighed.

    Luke raised his hand to rub at his eyes. "What-what's going on?"

    "What's going on, honey, is that you fell asleep in the glider."


    His wife took his hand gently. "Now, I'd much rather prefer you in bed-as I'm sure you would to." She helped him to his feet. Luke stood carefully, making sure not to wake Ben. He looked towards his infant son and then turned his head back to Mara.

    "In bed?" He sounded a bit confused.

    "All I meant was sleep..." She pulled him along. "We might as well get some while we can."

    Luke allowed his wife to guide him back to their bed. She remained behind him, steering her husband by his shoulders. She caught a glimpse of his face, realizing he was half way between sleep and wake. And at this moment, sleep was winning.

    He stumbled haphazardly into their bed, crawling across it till he reached his side. Mara watched him get himself into his sleeping position. He turned his body, flopping onto his belly with arms raised above his head. One was tucked underneath the pillow to support his head, while the other lay on top of the pillow. He turned his face toward her and looked at her through bleary eyes.

    "You coming to bed?" He asked, his voice slightly sleep drugged.

    "Of course." She answered and got into bed.

    She pulled the covers over Luke first before getting herself into position. She lay down on her side, one arm tucked under head while her left hand worked to pull her portion of covers up to her chin. She let her left arm lay limp at her side, draping over her stomach. She stared into her husband's groggy eyes and smile lovingly. "Go to sleep, Honey."

    Luke's eye blinked as if in response. She reached out to stroke his face, watching his eyes slowly droop shut. "Love you..." He murmured before sinking into unconsciousness.

    Mara dropped her hand. "Love you too, Farmboy."

    She retracted her arm back and began to close her eyes when she heard a small sound emanating from the foot of the bed.

    Ben was awake,

    She groaned and lifted herself off the bed. Luke turned in place and began to struggle to get himself into an upright position. Mara placed a hand on his chest, giving him a small shove. "Oh, no you don't. You need sleep. You're about to keel over."

    "But you..."

    "No." She slid out of bed. "I can take it from here, Papa."

    Luke smiled warmly. "All right, Mama." Then his eyes lid shut once more.

    Mara crossed over to the bassinet and stared down at her infant son. She placed her hands on her hips as she'd done before. "Honestly, Son, didn't your daddy just put you to sleep." She bent down to retrieve him, shaking her head as she did.

    She cradled her child softly and eased herself into the glider her husband had previously occupied. "Now, let's try this again….and this time, let's stay asleep shall we. For daddy's sake, hmm?"

    He stared at her through sleepy blue eyes and Mara chuckled. Two peas in a pod, she mused.
    "Oh, Ben, if you could only see yourself now."

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    Oh, melty sweetness. Luke is just edible as a daddy LOL - and Mara thinks so too. ;) Great thread title too =D=
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    Thanks! And yes, he is. Luke is a great dad...I think he was always meant to be.
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    Daaawww! I love seeing baby Ben and his Dadda.
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    I guess Jedi mind tricks don't work on babies. "You are tired, you feel sleeping, sleepy." I wish we saw more scenes like this in the profics.
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    I'd like to say Luke wouldn't do that, but if he was really stressed/pressed he probably would try.
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    Title: Womb Conversations
    Note: Luke is so cute when he's being an expectant daddy. *gushes*
    "Hey, there, little fellah…" Luke crooned, rubbing his wife's swollen belly. "I bet you can't wait to come out. Daddy's very excited to see you."

    Mara rolled her eyes.

    "What are you doing?" She asked, distracted by her husband's child-like disposition.

    "Talking to the baby." He put his cheek this time to her stomach, pressing his ear up against it. "I've re@ad it's good for you to talk to babies while they're in the womb—stimulates them."

    "Oh really?"

    "Yes." He lifted his head, meeting her gaze with his.

    She narrowed her eyes. "Where did you really learn that?"

    He frowned. "You got me. Leia told me."

    "Hah, I knew it!" She crowed triumphantly.

    Luke sat up and folded his arms across his chest. "Are you saying I can't read?"

    She ignored this. "I'm saying the only thing you read is text on Jedi lore."

    "That is not true!"

    "Is to?" She stuck her tongue out.

    "Oh, very mature, Mara."

    "You should talk."

    "You started it."

    "And I'm finishing it, Farmboy." She drawled.

    "I swear..."

    "Oh!" His wife yelped.

    "Oh? Oh what?"

    "The baby…I think he kicked…" Mara grabbed his wrist. "Here, feel." She placed his hand over her large belly.

    She waited a beat.


    Luke shook his head. "Nothing."

    Mara frowned. "Wait, for it. He'll kick again."

    "Nothing, dea-Oh!" Luke exclaimed, shooting a look up at her. "He kicked!" Joy radiated in his voice.

    She smiled at him in return, noting how his excitement at the feel of his son made his blue eyes shine vibrantly. A wide grin spread across his face; much similar to the one he'd worn the first time he'd discovered she was pregnant. She could hear his words as if it was yesterday: "In fact, it could make me very happy." She laughed quietly at this.

    "What?" Her husband took on a confused expression, his brow knitting.


    "Oh, no you don't." He crawled over, hovering above her—careful to avoid putting weight on her stomach. "You're not getting off that easily."


    Luke jerked back. "Did I hurt you, Mara!" He asked alarmed.

    "No…It's just the baby." She murmured, running her hand over her stomach. "He's quite active it seems." Luke looked down at where his son rested within his wife's womb and placed his hand upon her stomach. He glanced back up, his eyes glowing with the love he felt for her—and for their child.

    "Farmboy, if you're getting any ideas you'd better stop right there."

    His eyes widened with mock innocence. "Now, what ideas could I possibly have, Mara?"

    "Those ideas," She growled. "Don't play me with the innocent farmboy routine. It doesn't work!"

    He laid it on thick: "I assure you I only have noble intentions."

    "Noble my foot." She used her foot to shove him away.

    "Now, Sweetheart..."

    "Don't you sweetheart me."

    Luke approached her once more, planting his hands on each side of her, at her shoulders. He frowned as his hand brushed against something and narrowed his eyes. "Hmm...Something…" A merry light entered his eyes. "…appears to be here. Now, what could possibly be under your pillow?" He slowly extracted the object in question and sat back."

    "Oh, no you don't!" Mara lurched forward—or attempted to—but her belly was in the way. "Give me that-oof—back."

    "No, no, no, my love. There shall be no secrets between us." Luke turned the object over in his hands: a datapad.

    "Now, what could you possibly have on this datapad that's so important you would tuck it under your pillow?"

    "Give me that back, it's mine."

    "Ah, but dearest." He grinned, watching as an irritated gleam filled her eyes. "…possession is 9/10ths of the law."

    "What have you been reading?"

    "Nothing...but I'm sure you have something interesting for me to read." He skimmed the datapad. "So you're about to become mother..." He read aloud. "So, I'm not the only one brushing up on baby stuff. I knew-" Further words were muffled as a pillow hit him square in the face.

    Mara grinned proudly; pleased with herself.

    "That'll teach you," She smirked. "I would think after all these years you would learn, Skywalker."

    "I'm a slow learner." He responded dryly.

    "My foot you are!" Mara winced.


    She grunted as discomfort flashed over her face.

    "Mara!"He shouted, jumping closer to her.

    "Blast that kid..." She grumbled. "He's got his foot up under my diaphragm." Mara looked down at her belly, prodding gently at it. "Hey, you, I can't breathe." Her tone was good natured despite her words.

    Luke smiled.

    She caught this and frowned. "I fail to see how this is humorous. Especially when the other half of the time, when I'm not able to breathe, he's got his little feet stomped down on my bladder."

    He placed his hand once more on her stomach, giving her a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry." He paused. "But he's worth it, isn't he?"

    She nodded.

    "Yes, little Skycrawler..." She mumbled, setting her hand over her husband's.

    Another smile quirked at Luke's lips.

    "Skycrawler?"He said, sounding amused.

    "Do you like it? I think it's clever."

    "Yes, Sweetheart it is." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Perfect in fact." He rubbed at her stomach and brought his face down, his lips inches away from hers.

    "Our little Skycrawler…" He whispered before sealing her mouth with a passionate kiss.
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    :D :D I love these! The banter, the tenderness. :)
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    Thank you. I enjoy writing these moments. The next two will probably be Ben and Luke one shots...I'm going to be alternating them.
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    Title:A Long Way to Go
    Little Ben with his Da :D
    Ben was playing in his play area. It seemed unreasonable to put a three year old in a gated area, but the toddler seemed to get into trouble quite easily. This was a fact that distressed his parents to no end—though they were assured by Leia that it was normal.

    "He's just testing his boundaries."

    Luke was busy washing dishes, frequently checking over his shoulder to look at Ben.

    "Daddy…" Ben said and stood up. "I'm bored." It came out sounding like bird.

    "Ben, I'll come play with you when I'm done with these dishes."

    "No." The three-year old insisted. "Play now!" He banged a toy against the plastic-made enclosure.

    "I said, no." He found it hard to be harsh with him, but young Ben had been testing Luke's patience the entire week while Mara had been away.

    Luke had been positive that his wife would not want to stray from her child's side, but she explained she had to meet Karrde for something important. This made him curious since Mara had long ago stopped working for Karrde's organization.

    He looked back once more.

    Ben's lower lip jutted out and he was making an unhappy face, obviously hoping to catch his father's attention. Luke saw this, his heart cracking. He did want to give in; he did. Yet, the word "no" had become the boy's favorite (and irritating) as of late, he learned. Tionne had mentioned it, but Luke had never expected the extent which the boy used it. It was often brought up when Ben didn't get his way like now or he didn't care for something.

    "Da!" He moaned. "Play wit' Ben."

    Luke sighed heavily.

    He could hear sniffling coming from the background.

    Oh, no. He thought. Here it comes.

    Ben's forced waterworks.

    The toddler let out a loud, frustrated scream. He knew what made his father tick. Ben then proceeded to throw himself of the ground.,kicking and thrashing around. His screams escalated.

    Ben wasn't happy he hadn't gotten his way.

    His father who was usually like putty in his small hands was giving him resistance.

    Frustrated himself, Luke tossed the dishrag back into the sick and whirled, stepping into the living area brusquely. He encountered the tumultuous sight with exasperation.

    His boy was now fully red in the face. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. His voice furious with frustration.

    "Ben. Ben, stop." He was starting to get a splitting headache from all the screaming. He would bet he'd get complaints pretty soon.
    "Ben Skywalker, stop." Luke demanded.

    "No!" Ben shouted, he had gotten to his knees to face Luke. "You don't love Ben."

    At this statement, Luke's face dropped.

    "That's not true, Son."


    Luke moved forward and unlatched the gate then bent to pick up his distressed child. Ben continued to kick and throw tiny punches.
    His father took every blow.

    "Ben, that isn't true. Daddy loves you very much." He assured, whispering against the boy's red hair.

    The boy's frustration petered off. His legs stopped moving as he slumped against his father's chest.

    "Now, I know this isn't because I didn't play with you." A thought occurred to Luke. "Do you miss mommy?"

    Ben looked up with his tear-streaked face. "Mommy." He mumbled and buried his face in his father's neck.


    "You want mommy, right?"

    The boy nodded.

    It now became obvious: Ben was frustrated by his mother's absence; and the lack of Luke's attention toward him had sent the boy over the edge. His son was obviously starved for the affection of his only parental unit.

    His heart sagged in his chest and began to ache.

    He should have known. He should have known Mara's absence would cause Ben to act out. The boy had been so cheerful so Luke hadn't expected any problems, but Ben had never behaved so badly before. The reason should have been obvious to a Jedi Master of his skill set.

    He shook his head.

    No, it should have taken his own fatherly instincts.

    However, those were far and few. He had been without his boy for two years and even though they had been together for six months, Luke still had trouble figuring the boy out. It made him feel like a complete and utter failure.

    Luke walked over to a nearby couch and settled down onto it, Ben still wrapped in his arms.

    "Ben, I'm sorry." He reached up to stroke the boy's hair. "But mommy will be home soon."


    "Soon." He managed to extract the boy from him. "And until then, Daddy will play with you, okay?"

    The boy nodded.

    "I'm so sorry, Ben." He hugged the child once more to him. "Daddy's sorry." Luke kissed the top of Ben's head. "I love you so much."
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    Awww. I've had those days. The days when you need to do dishes or else you'll be eating off the table but the little one needs their parent. Love these family tales!
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    I loved the pregnancy mush. But poor Ben, being away from your parents is never easy :(
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    Aww, Emerald -- so real-to-life and heart-tugging. You just know they were having those feelings [face_sigh] :( ... The long separation so early impacted Ben in his not liking Mara being away even more than normally & Luke feeling inept. Very well done!!! =D=
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    Thank you so much, all! Guess I'll upload the next one soon!
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    When I said soon, I meant right now. Most of these are written up they just need transferring and formatting lol :D


    Title: Ben Works

    Note: This a little calmer Ben but he still wants Luke's attention like any child
    Ben sat in his father's lap, yearning to touch the device that was grasped in Luke's hand. He stretched out his small, pudgy hands. "Eh." He grunted.

    Luke lifted the datapad high. "No, Ben. This is for daddy."

    The child frowned, lower lip trembling.

    "Ben…don't cry. I just need to get work done all right." He would have done this without Ben sitting in his lap but the child wouldn't be denied.

    "Wurrk." The boy repeated.

    "That's right, Ben. This is daddy's work."

    The little boy furrowed his brow and pursed his lips in thought. After a moment, he announced, "Help Daddy wurrk."Again he stretched his hands out. "Play!"

    The datapad was similar to a learning toy he'd gotten Ben, much to Mara's protests.

    "No, Ben, this isn't…" A protest died on his lips at the look on his child's face. "All right, you can help, Ben. Okay?"

    Luke pushed away from the desk, carrying his son with one arm and holding the datapad in his opposite hand. Ben's learning pad lay on the caf table. He walked
    over and sat the toddler down. He moved himself into a cross-legged position.

    He placed his datapad side by side with the learning pad.

    "Now, help Daddy, Ben?"

    "Help Daddy!" The toddler squealed.

    Luke brought the boy back into his lap and began to demonstrate what to do with the learning pad. Luke set it on a simple exercise. As he scrolled through his own 'pad, little Ben was hitting random shapes on the screen while Luke observed in between his own task.

    "That's good, Ben." He commended when a thousand balloons burst on the screen. "You did very good work, Son."

    "Ben wurrk?"

    "That's right."

    "Dadd wurrk."


    "Ben wurrk like Daddy."

    Luke leaned over and kissed the top of Ben's head. "That's right."
    I believe this was an awww moment. I loved this one
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    Yeah, I had my grandma when i was a kid because my mom was constantly working, I don't think I noticed too much untill Mom came home and I was hungry (still a baby) lol [face_laugh]
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    Isn't it? Little Ben is so cute with his da da! *squeals* :D
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    More domestic Luke... because I love it... this and the next one will be star more of it. Ben...I think this is when Ben started acting like a brat.
    Title: Laundry Troubles​
    @Jade_eyes, Jedi_Lover, Briannakin, ginchy
    "Ben, could you come here." Luke asked as he folded a pile of laundry.

    "Why?" The pre-teen muttered, nose buried in a datapad.

    "Because this is your laundry." He said exasperated.

    "I'm busy."

    Luke ground his teeth at this answer. Ever since he had hit ten, that boy was trying him. He pushed Luke every step of the way. He had become mouthy and confrontational and downright surly when it came to him.

    Yes, him, and only him.

    Ben's attitude toward his mother was entirely different—though there were times he had seen Mara almost on the verge of blowing up. His attitude toward Luke however….well, he seemed hell bent on battling his father at every turn!

    "Ben. I said, get over here and fold your laundry."

    The thirteen year old lifted his head. "Why?"

    "Why!?" Luke's voice was incredulous.

    "Why do we need to do it at all? Isn't there some service we can use?"

    "One, you have two perfectly good hands, and two, learning how to do your own laundry builds character."

    Ben goggled at this.

    "It builds character?" He made a face. "Are you kidding me?" Ben picked up his 'pad and got up. "Well, that's another pearl of wisdom I'll have to put on your lamest sayings list." Saying this, Ben left the room, disappearing into his own.

    "What on earth is going on here?" Mara exclaimed from the doorway. "What was that!?" She sounded very miffed.

    Luke turned to face her.

    She was carrying two bags of foodstuffs.

    "You son." He responded pointedly.

    "I can see that." She frowned. "What I don't see, is you going in there and giving that boy a good shake." She set the grocery bags down near the bar area where Luke was doing his folding. "I don't like that he's talking back to you like that—and you just let him get away with it."

    "I didn't..."

    She gave him a penetrating stare.

    "Fine. I did. Happy?"

    "No." She looked toward Ben's closed bedroom door. "Now, what is this all about?"

    Luke put down a shirt that was in his hands. "I asked him to come do his laundry and he brushed me off. It was like talking to a two-year old."

    "A five foot two year old."

    Luked scowled.

    "Go ahead."

    "So, I repeated that he had to do it. He asked why. I told him…that it builds character. After which he mouthed off and retreated to that cave of his."

    He flipped a hand in the "caves'" direction.

    "It builds what?" Mara cocked an eyebrow.


    A slight smile tugged at her mouth.

    "Now, don't give me that look, that's the same look your son gave me."

    "I'm sorry…but I've never heard anything quite like that. Tell me, Luke," She folded her arms over her chest and gave him an appraising look. "What do you attribute this knowledge of laundry giving you character?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "Okay, let's try again, Dear. Who did your laundry up to the age of nineteen?"

    "Aunt Beru."

    "And who took care of your laundry after that?"

    "The Alliance." Luke frowned, confused.

    "Then at the Temple."

    "We had laundry staff, you know that." He sighed exasperated. "Mara, is this going somewhere? Cause I'd really like to know."

    She raised a finger. "One more-how did your laundry get done before we married."

    "I used a service."

    "Ah-hah, just as I thought."


    "Skywalker, do you realize you've never had to do your own laundry until we got married."

    "That's not true."

    "You just proved it is. So, I'm wondering, since you have such extensive knowledge of doing laundry where do you draw the concept that it builds

    He could hear the sarcasm in his wife's voice.

    "It was a war, Mara. I didn't have time to."

    "Oh, that's a good one. I've never heard that excuse before." She laughed. "I couldn't do my own laundry 'cause I was off saving the galaxy."
    "It's not funny…"

    "No, it is."

    "I'm so glad you're enjoying this, Mara. I suppose this exonerates Ben?"

    Mara sobered up. "Not by a long shot." She turned to glare at the door. "No, despite your short-comings in some areas, you are still that boy's father and it just steams my craw that he talks back to you that way."

    Luke moved to speak. Mara held up finger in his direction. "Hold that thought." She paused then hollered, "Ben Skywalker, you get your butt back out here and do you own stangin' laundry! Your father is not your slave!"


    "Do not make me come in there! You won't like it."

    The door slid open and Ben sort of hung in the doorway. "What?"

    Mara's eyes narrowed.

    She put her hands on her hips. "I'm sorry; would you like to rephrase that again?"


    "The proper response is, 'yes, mom. I'm going to do my laundry."

    Ben scowled.

    "And wipe that look off your face, or I'll do it for you."

    "Yes, Mom."

    "Now, apologize to your father. And when you've done that, do your laundry—and the dishes for added measure." She retreated to her room.

    Ben gave Luke a cautious look and then said, "I'm sorry, Dad…that I was being a real jerk. Can we just let it drop?"

    Luke frowned. "Oh, I'm afraid it's not that easy. I'm not quite sure what's going on with you these days. You were never liked this before. I'm not quite sure what I've done to deserve this certain hospitality with that disrespectful mouth of yours, but it is not in anyway acceptable. Why must you fight me on everything? You know it won't end well…" When Ben didn't answer, Luke continued, "You make me have to bring out the big guns, Ben, as much as I don't like it. Do you like to have your mother come after you?""


    "Then I'll expect you to behave. Try."

    "I thought..."

    "All I ask is that you try…Asking "do" is a little too much for a teenager—trust me, I know."

    Ben nodded. "Can I go back to what I was doing?"

    "No. But you can do your laundry like I asked you to do the first time."

    "Fair enough." He started toward the laundry.

    "I mean it, Son." Luke put on hand on the boy's shoulder. "Don't make your mother have to get involved—you're not the only one that has to deal with her mood now."

    His father walked to his own bedroom, leaving Ben standing their puzzled. He watched Luke vanish behind the door, shrugged his shoulders, and started to fold the laundry.
  20. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004

    Luke is a smart man. Don't irritate mom.
  21. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Love it =D= And Mara -- :* She has both men wrapped or cowed [face_shhh] ;) [:D]
  22. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Lol. Mara's the parent that wears the pants :p

    And Ben is not a brat. He's not! He's not! He's not!!!! :p
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    Somewhere Uncle Owen is like "You get back what you give, Lukie, my boy." And grinning a poodoo eating grin. [face_rofl] Very cute slice of life moment. Luke and Ben needed Mara to keep them in line!
  24. EmeraldJediFire

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    ginchy, Agreed

    Briannakin, Indeed. okay maybe not a brat but he is mouthy.

    Jedi_Lover, Mom's are of course not![face_nail_biting]

    Jade_eyes, She has too, those two are hopeless without her sometimes. (sighs) So sad...
  25. EmeraldJediFire

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    Title: Under Pressure
    "What is it, Ben?" The 3-year old clung to Luke's leg, thumb in his mouth.
    He made a none too subtle motion, lifting his arms toward his father. "Uppy."
    The Jedi Master chuckled. "Not now, Ben, Daddy has to make you dinner."
    The boy pouted, not satisfied, his lip trembling.
    "Now, Ben. Daddy said he's busy."
    Ben let out little hiccupping sobs.
    Luke folded—he hated seeing the boy's tears.
    "Oh, Ben," He bent down to pick the child up. "Why do you do this?" He walked out of the kitchen and looked around for a toy. When he'd found what he was looking for, he passed the model X-wing to his son then went back inside the kitchen.
    He attempted to juggle his child and stirring the stew all at once, but found he was sorely losing. As Ben slipped slightly off his hip and the stew splashed over onto the cook-top, he heard a tongue-clucking sound behind him. He sighed and turned to stare into the emerald green eyes of his wife.
    "You're enjoying this." He accused.
    "That's what you get trying to juggle two things at once." Mara frowned, sighing herself. "You are hopeless."
    "You don't have to pick him up every single time he cries." She reached out for her son. "You are a sad little man, Skywalker. You fold so easily."
    "I do not."
    She shifted the boy onto her hip. "Then tell me," Ben proceeded to play with his mother's hair. "When he cries…do you NOT immediately pick him?"
    "Is this a trick question?" Luke asked cautiously.
    She sighed once more. "Don't answer a question with a question. I really hate that."
    "Well, your question is a double-edge sword."
    "What do you mean?"
    "I mean, your question is likely to get me fed to a Rancor or something."
    "Let's ask Ben then."
    Luke said in dead-pan voice, "You're going to use a three-year old as a witness."
    "Why not." Mara set her son on top of the kitchen table. "Son, can you tell me what daddy did?" She leaned over, eye level with Ben.
    He set his lips as if he was thinking hard. "Uppy!" He said after a moment.
    She shot her husband a look. "Daddy let you uppy?"
    "Oh, c'mon…" Luke complained. "He doesn't understand that much, Mara." He folded his arms over his chest. "The last one was just a lucky guess."
    His wife smirked. "My son happens to be very intelligent."
    Luke opened his mouth and closed it.
    "Now, Ben…Daddy uppy?"
    The toddler nodded his head.
    "Uppy, Uppy!" He turned to look at his father. "Dadd, uppy!" Ben raised his arms.
    "Ah-hah." She turned on her husband, pinning him with an accusing glare. "Red-handed."
    He sighed.
    "All right, you got me. So I picked him up." The Jedi Master shrugged. "It's not a crime."
    "But it is teaching him bad things."
    "Like what?'
    "That every time he cries you'll pick him up. I thought we got passed this stage when he was a baby."
    Luke looked away, biting his lip. "But he's….he cries." Sigh. "And it pulls at my heart strings—I can't help it, Mara!"
    She glanced at him and then picked up Ben. "You are sad, sad man, Skywalker," saying this Mara left the kitchen.
    A/N: lol Yes, Luke, Ben is your kryptonite lol