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Beyond - Legends Forged in Shadow (Updated 12/16)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NightWatcher91, Dec 3, 2014.

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    Title: Forged in Shadow
    Author: NightWatcher91
    Characters: Ben Skywalker, OCs, EU, Classic Trilogy
    Timeframe: Many years after ROTJ
    Rating: PG/PG-13 - there will be mild violence, dark side, light side all of that fun stuff
    Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst
    Story: An Alternate Universe tale. Ben Skywalker is a Jedi Knight still living under the shadow of his Father. Looking for a chance to forge his own path Ben finds a mission which at first seems more like a punishment, but shortly turns into a tale of deception and discovery.
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    Fascinating I will be watching this thread. =D=
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    Prelude: “Ain’t no sunshine”

    Perhaps time had come to a stop? Perhaps Ben Skywalker had fallen into some sort of unknown reality which boredom was the central focus? There had to be a probable answer to this unnecessary torture to which had been his life for the past week now. At first when he had received the mission he had been thrilled at the aspect of it. A chance to get off Coruscant and to get some sort of action, and maybe he had hoped he could get into a fight. Master Katarn had first reported to the Council of a Black Sun splinter group which had begun to sell illegal high powered blasters to pirate groups to harass the local systems to which the Black Sun group had tried to establish themselves.

    The New Republic had looked into the matter a few times, but had so far been unable to pin down those responsible for the weapon manufacturing and distribution. Mostly that meant a random run down New Republic ship had shown up and then left. Uncle Han had said it was probably some low life trying to make a name with bad weapons. There was also the matter of preparing the celebration of the anniversary of the ceasefire with the Imperial Remnant which had taken much focus off smaller matters. All the important figures had been pulled back to Coruscant leaving the low levels to handle the mundane work. Rain lightly fell across the dark landing pad as he remained crouched for the fifth hour.

    He was already soaked from the previous storm which had passed by in the second hour of his watch. It seemed even the weather took no pity on his situation. He pushed back the hair which tried to cover his eyes. It fell almost past his neck something in which his mother had approved of while his father had tried to persuade him to clean it up. Of course in the end Ben sided with his mother on the matter. Then again he got some slight joy from being able to disagree with his father. Taking a moment to focus himself again he looked back across the landing pad to the loan building which stood at the end of it. When he had arrived that night Ben had sensed a rather nervous presence that so far had remained inside. He could easily burst into the building, and take the figure but he knew that would result in a lecture of the importance of patience. He saw the look his father would have as he spoke down at Ben for being too rash and not fully trusting the force. It seemed even now as a Jedi Knight he would never be free of the unending lectures. He once had voiced to his mother that some seemed to enjoy being able to talk down to a Skywalker.

    “That’s because your dad carries the big lightsaber.” She said with just enough tone that made Ben shake his head. She had messed with his hair as she always had since he could remember. Mara Jade Skywalker had been all for Ben taking this mission. If anyone understood how cooped up he felt it was her. Ben had overheard the argument between his parents one night as he returned from a training session. His father’s voice had been adamant about keeping Ben around for the anniversary of the Cease Fire. Mara had laughed at him saying that if she had to suffer through it then Ben should be able to enjoy his life. They must have sensed his presence as they both went silent. His father had come out of the room as usual looking exhausted. His beard had begun to spot some grey which had been an easy joke for Uncle Han to continually bring up. His father hadn’t said anything to Ben when he saw him. Instead it was almost as if Luke was looking through his son, and merely dropped his head leaving the house.

    “Why the kriff is this place so far out?” A voice shouted shaking Ben from his memories. A slight cramp came upon his leg as he moved into a new position. Keeping to the shadows as if they were him he spotted two speeders which came to a halt near the building. Four figures exited them as they hurried through the rain. Two were Rodians while one was a Duros. At the head was female that easily came across as the head of the group. She walked with an edge, and didn’t seem to mind the pouring rain. Instead her hands were clasped around a heavy blaster rifle, and her light blue long hair fell well past her shoulders.

    “Do I pay you for questions?” The woman said making it clear that she was telling the Duros to shut up. The point got across clear enough as they got to the door of the building. Taking his chance Ben moved across the landing pad using the force to speed him up. Skidding for a brief moment he found a spot behind a rundown speeder. “Alright knock nicely so our friend knows we’re here. I’m nice enough to know my manners.” The two Rodians began to bang on the door with a ferocity which rang out into the night air. Ben froze for a moment when he thought the woman saw him. She seemed to raise her blaster, but instead leveled it at the door. Bolt after bolt destroyed the door as it fell down.

    “My manners have a limit. Go in there and get him. I want the merchandise.” She ordered as the three ran in. Blaster shots soon followed as she moved towards Ben. Cursing himself for possibly being spotted he gripped his lightsaber. Slowing his breath he tried to focus himself on the situation at hand. This incident would be over in seconds once he got moving. His mother had drilled him with numerous situations he might come across during his time in the Galaxy. A blaster bolt inched past Ben as he realized that she knew exactly where he was hiding.

    “You know I’m not the type of person who likes uninvited guests.” She said sounding almost sad. Ben did not wait for her to say anything else. Leaping into the air he flipped over her landing just a few feet away. His blue lightsaber came to life as he dropped into a defensive position. A sly grin came across her face as she dropped the blaster rifle to the ground. Shots sounded off from inside which neither one paid attention to.

    “Nice form. I think mine is better though.” Charging him she pulled out two lightsabers of her own. Both were a dark yellow which she swung in diagonals at Ben. The shock almost caught him as he rolled away and took a swing at her as she passed. It missed by inches as their blades met.

    “I heard you were good Skywalker.” Her smile was almost irritating him as he shoved her back. The three who had arrived with her came back into the rain as they dragged a lone Sullustan with them. It looked terrified as the three looked on at the scene taking place.

    “Should we leave you two alone Captain?” The Duros asked. Ben took a few steps back unsure of what exactly was going on. The woman turned away from him as she shut off her lightsabers. “He had four droids armed once we found him. Tried to take a shot at Olon, but we got him down. Isn’t much for talking though.” The woman dropped to a knee as she patted the Sullustan on the head.

    “You should be happy we got you before Skywalker did buddy.” Turning to the young Jedi she held a hand out to him. Sensing no threat from them Ben shut off his blade and hesitantly shook her hand. “Sorry for that. Haven’t had any training for a few months now. Names Captain Ashton Renley. Guess you can say I’m sort of a Jedi and member of New Republic Undercover Ops.”

    “Who told you I was here?” Ben asked realizing it was no coincidence this group had shown up. He almost wondered if the Sullustan was a fake also, but the terror he was giving off proved otherwise. A list came across his mind of just who had decided to make sure Ben had a baby sitter.

    “We got reassigned from a mission near Corellia. Command said that Grand Master Skywalker had asked for us to look into a situation here.” That was all Ben needed to hear as he turned around walking back to where his ship was hiding.
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    Ashton sounds interesting. I like the dynamic you have of Ben with his mom versus dad, i.e., who he gets along better with. :p
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    Thank you! I should also add that some ages of characters and histories have been changed for this tale!
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    There is no Dark Side, nor a Light Side
    There is Only the Force
    I will do what I must to keep the balance
    The balance is what keeps me together
    There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish
    There is passion, Yet peace
    Serenity, Yet emotion
    Chaos, Yet order
    I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance
    I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way
    I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance
    I am a guardian of balance
    I am a Gray Jedi
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    “Never question only trust”

    If there was ever a moment when Han Solo slightly missed the time in Jaba’s Palace this would rank up there. He had wondered just how many years of his life this Twi’lek designer had walked around him in a circle. Her fingers tapped away at a pace in which seemed almost frantic. At times she would stop and stare at Han, and then give a shake of her head and begin mumbling to herself. He almost was sure that Leia was playing some cruel joke on him. She had promised him that this would only take a few moments at best. That this designer was the highest sought after in the Core Worlds. Han had argued with her for hours that he didn’t need some fancy outfit for the Cease Fire Anniversary that Leia was going to drag him off to in a few days. The entire New Republic it seemed was in some disarray to prepare for the event.

    The traffic lanes of ships seemed almost frantic as everyone who thought highly of themselves worked to get themselves on planet. He had heard reports of some transports being bribed almost in the millions to just have a chance to be on planet. News programs had pestered just about everyone on the planet about what they knew of the event, and just who had made the exclusive list of guests. Even if it wasn’t anywhere near the Grand Hall where the celebration would be taking place they just wanted to say that they had been there for the festivities. He could only imagine the profit that one could make if they played their cards right with it all. Lando had apparently opened a whole new division of Mid-Rim transport companies. The man just had a nose when it came to a chance to get some new credits. Not that he would publically say he was involved. The good Admiral had made quite the reputation for himself since boasting of his work at Endor.

    “General Solo would you say you have gained weight recently?” The Twi’lek asked in the slightest of tones of disappointment. Han gritted his teeth as he wished he had been able to sneak his blaster in. When he gave no response she just sighed, and went back to circling him. Leia had apparently been with this designer for only a mere ten minutes before her outfit had been decided on. How did that work? As Chief of the New Republic Han could have sworn she would need months to decide on an outfit for the Imperial Delegation. The door to the room slid open as the evil one herself walked in followed by 3P0.

    “Ah President Organa-Solo.” The Twi’lek looked up almost dropping her datapad. She seemed almost close to passing out as she fiddled with her outfit to look presentable. Taking a few deep breaths she bowed her head as Leia merely returned it with a smile. “I did not expect you to return so soon. I’ve only just begun to formulate an outfit for the General….” A roar from outside made her jump as that allowed Han to step down from the prison he had been forced into. Chewie stuck his head in the door apparently also fed up with the time spent here.

    “Hey I thought if I needed to suffer you could go through it also.” Han shrugged turning to his wife.

    “Oh I am sure Han would be happy to return tomorrow for more sessions.” Leia said making the Twi’lek grin from ear to ear. That forced Han to glare down Leia who merely returned it with a wink. Removing some credits Leia placed them in the girls hands as she looked at the many outfits placed around the room. “I know how busy you have been helping out the other representatives for the event.”

    “It is an honor to be able to create outfits.” Han thought for a moment she was going to pass out from the way her voice was shaking. Maybe she could take his place having to act nice to the Imperials? Most likely she would force the meal to go quickly, and he could enjoy a night away from politics. In some cases most in the New Republic brass didn’t actually view him as a General.

    He hadn’t done much in terms of leading anyone since the Battle of Averaam before the Cease Fire had been put into law. Most just viewed it as an honorary title for the work he had done during the Rebellion. Not that it bothered him. “I assure you the outfit for General Solo will be the talk of the event.”

    “Oh I’m sure it will be.” Han muttered as he promptly walked out of the room. Chewie gave a slight chuckly making Han turn sharply on him. “Watch it. You’re just lucky your smell would ruin the event.” Leia took his arm as the two headed towards their transport. 3P0 had begun a discussion about how Han needed a more appropriate wardrobe for the importance of the event.

    “I’m sure Luke will love to hear about how good you will look.” Leia patted him on the head as they sat down. Once Chewie took the pilots seat the transport rose into the traffic of the Coruscant night sky.

    “The kid has it easy. He gets to wear those robes of his. Even the blasted kids don’t need to be as dressed up as me.” He had already argued that point with her one night when she told him of his meeting with the designer. As usual he had been on the losing end of it.

    “Don’t be a whiner it doesn’t go well with your wrinkles.” The devilish smile she had always took most of the fight out of him. Not that he was able to see it a lot these days. She had been so busy with New Republic work, and preparing for the Imperials. It had left the house mostly empty besides Chewie.

    “Don’t go blaming the kids for doing what they were told. Jaina has her Jedi Robes to wear. I’m sure she will love the way you look. Mara said she doesn’t get back on planet until tomorrow from her recent mission.”

    “Maybe I could ask Mara to send me off planet….”

    “Master Anakin will be dressed in his flight uniform due to his place on the escort squadron for the Imperial Delegation. The Lieutenant has worked incredibly hard with Rogue Squadron. I do hope that R2 will arrive safely back with Master Ben on time.” 3P0 pointed out as Leia nodded her head. His mouth almost spoke the word of his other son which he quickly closed. The wound of Jacen was still too fresh. He had left them nearly three years ago.

    Wanting to discover his own way in the Galaxy. Luke had trained the boy, and had done all he could to talk him out of it. How did his kids get all the luck? Rubbing his forehead he tried to find some sort of excuse to be able to get out of this. Before an idea got to him the Chewie set down the transport. Looking out he saw Mara waiting for them as she usually did. The two couples had agreed to always have a meal together at least once a week. No matter how crazy their lives went.

    “I should give you both fair warning Luke is making the food tonight.” Mara said giving Leia a hug.

    “Well then I should go help him out.” Leia volunteered.

    She motioned for them to go inside as she paused to catch a moment with Han. Her face said all he needed to know.

    “What did the farm boy do now?” He asked as they entered the Skywalker home. It was close enough to the Jedi Temple so Luke could react to any event, but far enough for Mara. Luke and Leia were already locked in a debate on the meal Luke was working on.

    “I know how to make it well enough Leia.” Luke argued as he was pushed out of the way. His eyes caught Han as he almost looked disappointed. Quickly he returned to arguing with Leia as Mara motioned for Han to sit down.

    “It’s about Ben….” She said in a tone making Han slightly worried. She must have sensed that as she shook her head.

    “He’s not in trouble. It’s just the Grand Master there over stepped his bounds.” She seemed almost weary as she shook her head.

    “You want me to talk to Luke?”

    “Oh trust me he has had all the talking he could handle. That seat has been a nice bed for him.” Han laughed at that as Luke clearly knew he was the topic of the conversation.

    “Ben was sent on a mission to look into some illegal weapon sales. He was supposed to be back today. Luke broke off an Undercover Ops team to intervene and keep an eye on Ben during the mission.” It was no secret that the Skywalker father and son were not the best of friends. Most of the time they hardly seemed to speak these days, and others it would be them arguing.

    “R2 contacted us saying that Ben had left Krakoa and gone off somewhere to most likely blow off steam.” Mara said letting the sentence trail off. All Han could do at the moment was grin realizing the door Mara was opening for him.

    “Han I don’t care if he misses the Imperial Delegation. I don’t even want to be there. Most of them remember the times when I threatened their lives for the Emperor.”

    “Hey I can handle this. I like the kid. I’ll take the Falcon and go cheer him up. Where did he set down on?”

    “Tatooine.” Han raised an eyebrow at that wondering what could compel the kid to go there of all places. Still it gave him a chance to get out doing something for once.
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    Loved the "family dinner" - yes, I do. :D Love the snark also. The father/son dynamic being so tangled and :eek: between Luke and Ben seems to have gone back quite a ways :( And poor Mara is left taking sides. :p :rolleyes:

    Amusing scene with the designer. Han is very much in character not wanting to go through the rigmarole. :p

    Happy Anakin is around, but Jacen ... sounds like he's going off the deep end. [face_worried]

    [face_laugh] Just like in legends EU, Jaina is probably the sanest one of the three. ;)
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    Nyota's Heart

    Thanks for the read! Yes indeed I wanted Anakin to be in this story. Also the father/son dynamic is a big focus in this tale. Also Uncle Han will always be up for a chance to no dress formal. Haha true Jaina is usually the one with her head on straight.
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    “Only Sand and Memories”

    Ben had only been told of this place once by his father. Way back during a time when the two could actually hold a conversation. Now a days it mostly would turn into some argument ,and end with his father telling him that he was too eager to look for some sort of mission. Luke had never seemed to trust in the skills that Ben had. It was as if Luke was afraid that Ben would somehow fail, and spoil the family name. Something in which his mother had told him was not the case at all.

    “He’s an overprotective Wampa.” Mara had told him during one of their training sessions. Where his father seemed hands off Mara had been almost brutal in training Ben. Hours upon hours had been spent between mother and son in terms of all she could pass onto him. In fact he had acquired most of his bruises from the lightsaber duels he would try to win against her. There were things that she had said Luke was worried she would teach him.

    “Like how to be a better pilot than him.” It went beyond just the force though from her training. She taught Ben how to blend into the Galaxy around him. How to seem unimportant, and how to get where you need to go. Most of that came from her time as Emperor’s Hand. That part of her life in which most on the Jedi Council held against her. Not that it ever bothered her.

    “I don’t want to be locked in that room debating all day. Your father would need to make a new council after every session.” It had been his hope that his mother would be able to take him on as his padawan, or even his father. Yet it was clear his father would never go near a padawan after Jacen left the Order. Ben and Jacen had been somewhat close during their time training.

    “He blames himself for Jacen leaving the Order. That he didn’t do enough as a Jedi to keep him from searching for more.” Jaina had told him once. She had seemed at peace with her twin making his choice. Yet it was clear how it had impacted his father. Instead Jaina had been chosen to work with Mara. She was only two years older than Ben at the time which only served to make him angry at his father. Though being told no did not stop Mara from taking the time to train Ben. Instead Ben had been taken as a Padawan by Kyle Katarn. After a furious debate between Mara and Luke which resulted in Mara winning out.

    The heat had already made him drenched with sweat as he walked across the endless sand. R2 rolled alongside of him making comments every few moments about the decision he had made to not return back home. Not that even the droid was in a rush for the Cease Fire anniversary.

    “I don’t know why I picked here R2.” Ben admitted as he wiped sweat from his brow. The twin suns glared above him as he spotted the small abandoned building which was his destination. “That’s the place right? This is the Judland Wastes.” R2 confirmed all of that as Ben continued on his way. Back on the mission world he had left before he could ask just who Ashton Renly was. While in space he had asked R2 to look into her name, but it merely said she was a former Padawan. Everything else would most likely be classified due to her work in the Undercover Ops.

    “You’ve been here a few times haven’t you?” Ben asked as he stopped just outside of the building. It looked almost ancient as if it had been around for thousands of years. Sand had stained whatever color it had, and it almost looked ready to fall over. Yet as he stood there he almost felt at peace which was rare for him. Master Katarn had told him once that Ben almost wanted to feel conflicted. That he strived when he felt unaccepted or looked down upon. Things Master Katarn had warned him fueled ones ego.

    “Well my namesake sure knew how to pick a place to call home.” Stepping forward he entered the home of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He had nearly a million questions to his father about the man to learn more about him. When Luke had stopped then he went over to Uncle Han and Aunt Leia. Though in the end it had been R2 who held the most information which was why he had brought the droid with him. The X-wing would be fine where it was at.

    “Place looks like it hasn’t been touched.” Though there was next to nothing in the place. It was almost bare empty save for a few odd things spread out. Clearly Kenobi was not a man who kept much. Dust and sand covered most everything as Ben walked through the few rooms that there were. He paused in the main room as he almost felt that someone was watching him. Placing his hand on his lightsaber he looked down at R2. The droid did not seem to be picking anyone up on its sensors. Still the hair on the back of his neck stood up as he sat down on a chair that was close to falling apart.

    “Was he always like this R2?” He asked as the droid rolled next to him. The astromech had been given to him as a birthday present from his father. In some ways the droid was his closest friend next to Jaina and Anakin. For a moment the droid almost seemed to be thinking of an answer. It gave a reply speaking of some old adventures the two used to get into. That only made Ben laugh imagining his father being anything like the stories of him were told.

    “You sure it’s the same Luke Skywalker? Maybe you’re thinking of his dad.” From what he had learned Anakin Skywalker had himself been a daring person before he fell to the dark side. Somehow that aspect had passed Luke, and left merely an uptight boring Grand Master. Instead Ben had been told the stories from Uncle Han and Lando.

    “He just never gives me a chance. I’m always going to be chained to him for the rest of my life.” He groaned as he looked up at the ceiling. R2 had no answer for him on that as the droid decided to go inspect a place across from him.

    “He only is looking out for you.” A voice spoke making Ben jump to his feet. His lightsaber came to life as he nearly dropped it. Across from him a figure stood. Yet it was not a real person, and Ben couldn’t sense anything from it. In fact it seemed to be glowing almost. A hood covered its face as the figure removed it.

    “He fears he will fail you as I failed him.” The man seemed only a few years older than Ben. Lowering his lightsaber Ben studied the man’s face as he noticed some similarities between the man and his father.

    “You’re…..” Ben began as the man nodded his head. He hadn’t ever seen a true image of his Grandfather. Only the images held of Darth Vader. It had seemed after he fell that Anakin Skywalker was wiped away from the Galaxy.

    “Yes. I’m the Anakin that your cousin is named after. You’re Grandfather.” He smiled at Ben.

    “If you can believe it I once felt as you did.” Anakin began as R2 remained silent at what was taking place.

    “When I was being trained by Obi-Wan I felt that he was holding me back. That he would never treat me like I had wanted to.”

    “Instead I allowed my anger and pride to cloud my vision of the truth.” He sounded sad as he recalled the past. Ben could hardly believe this was happening. His father had talked about how he had been able to talk to Master Yoda and Kenobi, but that it had stopped many years ago.

    “What I did not see was that Obi-Wan cared for him. That he only wanted me to be protected, and to learn all that I could. Instead I allowed for one to deceive me, and to fill my head with thoughts of power. That resulted in me becoming a pawn of the Dark Side.”

    “There is much your father is facing Ben. There are things in which he is not prepared for. Shadows are converging and soon many things will change.”

    “Why not tell my father all this?” Ben asked confused. His head hurt from it all as he tried to put it all together.

    “Luke must face his own path. He is burdened with much that has caused him to close in on himself.”

    “You though must begin your path Ben. Already you have taken the steps in which you will not be able to turn back now. Soon you will come across one that holds the key, and you must decide who it is you will become. You must find the one whom holds the balance. For much rests on the events unfolding…..” Slowly Anakin faded away before his eyes.

    “May the force be with you my Grandson….”

    “Who will I come across? What events are going to unfold?” Ben shouted as Anakin was gone in a blink. Silence only answered him as Ben felt almost sick. Taking a deep breath he tried to put together what had just occurred. This was not what he thought would happen when he chose to visit this place. R2 blared at him as Ben looked at the droid.

    “What is it R2?” He asked as the figure stood in the door.

    “I heard you yelling from outside.” Ashton Renly said as she walked in. She wore a dark cloak with a pair of goggles covering her eyes. Her blue hair was tied back, and a blaster was strapped to her hip alongside of her two lightsabers. “Thought this place was haunted, but I guess it’s just you.”

    “Did my dad send you?” He asked frustrated. Her laugh only made him madder as she leaned against the wall.

    “I’m not here to talk about your Daddy issues Skywalker. She removed her goggles wiping off some dirt from them. “I need your help.”
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    Oh, =D= =D= =D= This is exactly the chapter I was eagerly awaiting... thanks. I was pondering over what exactly could make Luke closed off [face_thinking] and so aloof from Ben and what precisely Ben and Luke's issues revolved around. Seems clearer that it's fear of failure, repeating past mistakes, and making new ones. :oops: Ben got a very fortuitous visitor and well-timed advice and warnings. [face_relieved] I look forward to Ashton's details on the help she needs.
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    “Lies we sleep with”

    Imperial Flagship, Awakening, In Orbit over Bastion –

    Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon once recalled a time when an array of Star Destroyers was a force no one wanted to cross. He looked out at the four other destroyers which had been placed in the fleet to escort him to Coruscant. All of the ships needed a vast amount of repairs. They had all taken wounds from the fight with the Rebels before the war had come to an end. Times when those foolish enough to attack them would become mere memories as the Star Destroyer went through their prey in a matter of mere moments.

    A flight of Tie Fighters went by as he recalled how the ships had once been strong enough to handle an array of missions. Back in the time when the presence of a single Star Destroyer was enough to destroy all thought of Rebellion in a system. That was the time when he had been most proud to be serving amongst the Imperial Navy. Serving to keep the Galaxy from toppling over into disarray as it was always prone to do. He had witnessed it as the small band of Rebels had seemed to ignite a flame in which the Empire had no true thought of how big it would get. Conversations crossed his mind of his superiors laughing at the reports of Rebels making strikes against the invincible Empire. How could a band of fools do any true harm to the Empire?

    They had merely classified the Rebels as a run down band of pirates who would soon be forgotten of. Some of them had not even been phased them from their daily routines. How all that had changed over the years. What once was the mighty Empire that had controlled the Galaxy had been broken down to a mere whisper of the former glory it held. The Rebels had proven to be vastly more military minded than many in the Empire had expected.

    That was mostly due to the work of the Smuggler Han Solo, and others of his breed who fought the war differently than the military trained Imperials had. That and the revelation that had forced Pelleaon to make the decision in which many still held against him to this day. It was an attack on the Imperial Intelligence Station which had remained hidden near Coruscant when the planet fell.

    For a time it had given the Empire valuable information. The former Grand Admirals had kept it heavily guarded. Then they had appeared as if from nowhere. Pelleaon had heard of the Jedi before. They all knew about Luke Skywalker, but they had thought he was alone. Clearly they had been wrong. Skywalker with the help of Mara Jade no doubt had snuck in a small transport claiming to hold supplies for the station. Once it had landed the ramp descended revealing Skywalker along with six other Jedi Knights. Quickly they fought through the station before much alarms had gone off. From there the Rebellion had struck, and the Jedi had struck fear into the Empire. A dark ghost from the past which was the turning point that ignited the Rebellion into their relentless attacks.

    He heard the door behind him open as his aide walked in silent as always. At times he wondered if the young lady was hoping to scare him. Yet he got some small pride from not giving her that benefit. She had learned quickly how to act around him. Not that he had expected anything less from his granddaughter.

    “Grand Admiral the council is ready to convene.” Laina Pelleaon spoke as he slowly turned around. She had grown up so quickly in front of him. Her uniform was in pristine condition, and her dark hair was tied back in proper style. At 20 she had already climbed past many of the low lives and power hungry people in which he had to work with. Especially those on the council he mistrusted.

    “Let’s get this over with quickly then.” Sitting down at his desk he tapped a button as two other figures appeared in front of him. Laina quickly moved to the side of the room as he cleared his throat. He quickly studied over Admiral Quinton and Admiral Martell. Martell had been one of the Admirals who had wanted to remove Pelleaon from his position when he made the decision to meet with the Rebels. The man had viewed this as his chance to become the next Thrawn or worse Emperor. Pelleaon had known well enough the vast support the man had behind him. Also the power his wife held as a Princess of some ancient kingdom that he always brought up. However once most had sided with the Grand Admiral Martell had acted the loyal part, and had put his support behind him. Laina had reported however that lately Martell had been keeping most of his forces in his territory, and that he had held a rather private meeting with some officers that didn’t involve the Grand Admiral.

    “I hope all is set aboard the Awakening sir. My ship reports ready when you give the signal.” Admiral Quinton spoke first. He was a mere 35 years old yet he acted as if he had served his entire life twice over. Martell and Quinton were vastly different from each other. Martell let his hair grow long while Quinton kept his shaved. The man also cared little for social events and focused more on keeping the Empire running. He was the man in which Pelleaon had the most trust in. If all could be played right then Quinton would assume his position when the time came. Soon enough he would petition the Grand Admiral to add his own supporters to the two vacant seats on the Council.

    “Still rather sad that the Rebels could not meet you halfway,” Martell began his usual argument. He sipped something from his cup as he leaned back casually. Pelleaon had not wanted to leave the man behind on Bastion to continue to poison people to his cause, but the man had sworn he would be present for his wife to deliver his fifth child. “Clearly they show the Empire no respect.”

    “I wonder if you should get your hearing checked out Zan.” Pelleaon said treading on the same topic ever since the Cease Fire had been signed. The vanity of Martell was easy enough for Pelleaon to take his shots at. In fact the Admiral had gone through a number of surgeries to make himself appear younger. “It was I who made the decision to go to Coruscant. The New Republic is making sure as always that we are well taken care of. I will be sure to give Mara Jade your best when I see her.” That drew a vile look from Martell at the mention of Jade. The woman had been responsible for taking out much of the spice trade Martell had run.

    “Please be sure to say I hope to see her soon.” Martell said spitting. Pelleaon had no doubt that the Admiral had his own people looking into settling the matter.

    “Is the gift prepared for the ceremony.” He asked turning his attention back to Quinton. The man nodded his head as he seemed to tell something to his own aide out of view.

    “It took some time for us to secure it, but we have it sir.” That was a relief that he needed to hear at the moment. Most of his time had been taken up getting a enough Imperial Delegates to be present for the ceremony. That had required many nights of diplomacy something in which he had always despised. Thankfully Laina had been most helpful in getting other matters handled. She was his diplomat in the own Empire that had elected him as the Grand Admiral. Always a dangerous game being played these days even he had noticed. So few to trust, and so many to keep his eyes on.

    “I do wonder if so many resources were needed for it.” Martell commented showing his displeasure. It was not as if he had offered much help in that regard. In fact he had sworn he was too busy with a Pirate issue in his territory. “Grand Admiral I do hope when you return we can get to more important matters. You have still not answered my request to place Admiral Verner on the Council…..”

    “I do not just pick anyone for this council Martell. Especially one whose only accomplishment is being your cousin.” Deciding he had done enough for today he shut off the channel for Martell. For a moment all was silent until Quinton let out a bit of laughter.

    “You don’t know how much I enjoy seeing you two go at it.” The Grand Admiral got to his feet ready to be on his way.

    “I can only imagine the trouble the man will get into while you are gone.” Laina handed him a datapad as Quinton’s image shut down. Following her to the bridge he went over the details of events that would take place. He had one important topic on his mind as he stopped making sure only she could hear him.

    “I take it our guest will behave herself when she presents the proposal to Grand Master Skywalker?” His voice was as serious as he could make it so she clearly understood his position on the matter.

    “She has promised to merely present her hopes to him. Other than that she will be a mere shadow until the event is over.”

    “Our honor escort will be waiting for us when we arrive. Admiral Antilles would like you to know he is looking forward to seeing you.”

    “The man won one lonely battle, and he will hold it over me until I am gone to the next Galaxy.” The stars around them elongated as the fleet went to hyperspace. Yet for some reason the Grand Admiral felt as if he had seen Bastion for the last time.
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    Enjoyed seeing the Imperials' readiness for the celebration. [face_thinking] Pellaeon is always a treat. :cool:
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    Two updates in one day!!!!

    “Never can go back”

    Jaina Solo had wondered if perhaps she was still being tested on her patience. There had to be some reason that customs had still not cleared her for landing at the Jedi Temple. For the past half hour she had been merely stuck in the line of other ships that were requesting clearance to land on the planet. So far she had only had to give her clearance code twice to some frantic worker who probably hadn’t heard a word she had said. It was almost impossible for her to imagine that the Capital could be busier than normal.

    She didn’t think that many cared for the Cease Fire Anniversary these days. There was only so few memories she could recall from the time of the war against the Empire. Though she had been present for whenever Uncle Lando and her father would go over the tales. Most of them ended with one saying how they saved the other, and was responsible for the saving of the Galaxy.

    Then afterwards her mother would usually set her straight on the actual events that had taken place. Most being that her father and Uncle Lando had landed in some sort of trouble, and had managed to find their way out. That usually involved Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara doing some sort of Jedi work. To be honest she enjoyed the tales her Father told more than the actual truth. She caught the smell which came off her as she made a note to plead with Aunt Mara to not send her to a world where the locals only honored you for the foul smells.

    R5 gave a series of annoyed beeps as the waiting reached an hour. She had already tried to contact the Temple multiple times now, but had only gotten silence in return. Most likely the Council was in session which made contact almost impossible.

    “Trust me R5 I’m not enjoying this anymore than you.” She looked out as a flight of X-Wings shot by followed by a mix of other fighters. Most likely those were the fighters designated to work the honor guard for the Imperials. Most of the fleets had been diverted from their missions to be present for this event. Anakin at first had been happy to be given a spot with Rogue Squadron, but had told her of the utter boredom that had been his life so far.That was the feeling for most of the pilots in becoming mere traffic control.

    “X-Wing 4478.” A familiar voice spoke as if reading her mind. On her right side a lone X-Wing moved alongside of her. Looking at the cockpit there was no mistaking the grin of Anakin as he motioned for her to follow. “It looks like you’ve been cleared for escort to your destination. Please follow in an orderly manner.” Giving a mock salute she happily left the throngs of thronged traffic behind her.

    “Look at you sounding all official there Lieutenant Solo.” She mocked as they swept over the Galactic City. Even here it was jammed with traffic in every direction. Thankfully for the Solo kids they had been well trained in getting where you wanted to go. Dropping lower than most ships Jaina spotted the Jedi Temple off in the distance.

    “Only had to practice it a hundred times so far…” She held back her laughter feeling only slightly bad for her little brother. He had inherited most of his attitude and thoughts from their father. In fact their dad had laughed when Anakin told him of the job he had been given for the Cease Fire Anniversary. Something in which their mother had praised Anakin on while also giving Han the look which meant trouble.

    “You ever try to win an argument against a Rodian Prince and his escort?” He asked as they began their landing sequence at the Temple. Jaina tapped a button allowing for R5 to send the proper pass sequence. The landing pad to the temple appeared from the side of the wall high up as Anakin followed her. “Pretty sure I was able to say three whole words before I just passed the message onto Darklighter.” The fresh air that greeted her was a gift beyond all else as Jaina removed her helmet. Anakin fiddled with the controls in his X-Wing before he took got out. His flight uniform looked as if he had slept in it these days. As he moved across to hug her he stopped as he coughed for a moment.

    “You smell worse than normal sis,” Taking a deep breath in jest he hugged her as she pushed him back. He was already taller than her which didn’t help matters much. “And for you that is saying something.” He was almost an exact copy of their father. Down to the mannerisms that made their mom say she was being punished with two Han’s in her life.

    “One of us actually has to do real work.” He only shrugged at that response as she looked at the other ships in the Hangar. Most of the Jedi Knights and Masters had their own small fighters which they used for missions. Aunt Mara had drilled her in learning as much as she could about ships, and who flew what. Learning the characteristics of one during flight she had said was a key in battle.

    “Ben isn’t back yet?” His X-Wing was normally placed next to hers. She had joked with him often that his was bound to fall apart at any moment with his flying skill. Turning to Anakin he ran a hand through his hair.

    “Had another argument with Uncle Luke from what Mom told me.” It was just customary now for the two Skywalker men to be arguing these days. In fact it was almost a miracle for them to hold a conversation for a few moments. “Something about Uncle Luke having someone watch Ben on his mission. Guess he went off somewhere to vent. I guess Dad went out to get him with Chewie.” Jaina sighed at that a little disappointed. Usually Ben would go to her whenever something went on. The two of them were closer than the others in the family at times. In fact Ben had been the one she had told about when she had broken something in the Falcon. Yet even she had noticed that Ben had been more closed off these days. It had started when Jacen had went off....she stopped herself from going down that trail. Jacen had made his choice, and was responsible for himself. She had wasted too much time wondering if she had played a part in his self exile.

    “Dad was probably looking for a way to get off planet.” She said shaking her head. He had most likely jumped at the chance to get away from the Anniversary. A protocol droid entered the hangar followed by the Eros Lo the Mon Cal Master of Security of the Temple.

    “Knight Solo, Lieutenant Solo.” Lo said giving a bow. The Mon Cal had been one of the first trained by Luke when he had begun to rebuild the order. Lo had been one of the Alliances best strike team members during the war. Jaina had only been able to glimpse briefly into the record of Lo before Luke had recruited her into the Jedi. Yet she knew just how dangerous the Mon Cal was when a battle would occur.

    “I ask for forgiveness for you waiting for so long Knight Solo.” Lo began stoic as always. Ben had once joked that the Mon Cal’s for all their lack of showing emotion probably had the best dirty jokes in the Galaxy. Something neither had dared to try out. “The Council is in session as you most likely have assumed.” For a brief moment Jaina thought that Lo was glad to not be in the session.

    “It is no problem at all Master Lo. I’m ready to give them my report if they will have me.” Jaina replied as Lo nodded again, and turned back for her to follow. Anakin just shook his head as he placed his helmet back on.

    “This is one of the reasons I am glad the force skipped me.” For many years it had been clear that Anakin was jealous of his older siblings. That he had been unworthy to follow in the steps of the Jedi. It had been thanks to their Father that he had been directed to piloting. Anakin and their Father had spent days together training, and working on formations. Yet Jaina still did wonder if perhaps he would trade all that to be able to be a Jedi Knight. Grinning he gave another mock salute to Jaina as he climbed back into his ship. “Try to get that smell off before you head home. Actually maybe not Mom said she was making her Core Stew she is so proud of…..” The cockpit closed as he flew his way back into the endless traffic.

    “Is there anything important the Council is discussing today?” She asked Lo as the two made their way up the stairs which would take them to the Council Chambers. There was a sense of peace that Jaina always got when she was at the Temple, but she knew it was almost a deception with the endless debates the Council would get them into.

    “Mostly who doesn’t wish to sit near Imperials, and who will be present to greet the Delegation with the Grand Master…." Lo began as Jaina spotted her Aunt Mara leaning against the wall outside the Council Chambers. She was levitating her lightsaber over her hand clearly having been there for a while.

    “Thankfully I didn’t make either lists. Apparently some feel that I am not the best for social occasions. Not that I could disagree with them.” Mara smiled as she went over to hug Jaina. She stopped short once the smell had hit her. “Well at least you’ll be a breath of fresh air for them in there.” She opened the doors of the Council Chamber clearly catching them in the middle of some heated conversation.

    “I understand the concerns you hold.” Luke said rubbing his forehead. He seemed to age more everyday with the burdens he was carrying. All of the Council members were there save for two who were holograms. “The matter is being handled without causing a greater concern outside of these walls.”

    “I’m just saying what most have worried about Grand Master. We’ve all felt something amiss these last few months.” Master Sora Nash said clearly having treaded on this topic numerous times now. The woman was older than Luke and worked as the Historian for the Order. At times Mara had said Nash was never alright having a younger person give her orders. “The Force is clearly speaking to us on this. Should we not consider the possibility that he has fallen? Jacen always had the desire…..” Nash stopped abruptly as she looked over at Jaina and Mara.

    “Jedi Solo is ready to give her report….” Mara said in a dry tone.
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    “Force of Change”
    Tatooine –

    “I sent my team back to report to Command about those weapons. Then I just tailed you to this wonderful pocket of sunshine.” Ashton began as she sat down on the furniture in Kenobi’s old home. Ben remained where he was still trying to piece together what he had witnessed. From all he had been told Anakin Skywalker had only been seen once by his father on Endor. Why then did he choose Ben? What was it that was so important for Ben to do? Ashton removed some sort of food from her pack as she offered some to Ben. He shook his head as she shrugged and took a bite of it.

    “To be honest I thought it was just some poor scum looking to make some easy credits.That’s about the type of missions Command gives me.” The suns had begun to set outside as it did little to stop the heat which had continued. Ben had removed his cloak as sweat slowly dripped down his forehead.

    “I was told it was a branch of Black Sun.” Ben admitted not caring much to hide the information away. There were some who had felt it best to keep information quiet from the New Republic. That the Jedi could handle matters without wasting New Republic sources. Then there were those who spoke that some did not trust the Jedi with their powers.

    “Well those weapons were well above the average tech. That was easy enough to see.” She held her hand out as she tried to move the food over to Ben in the force. It was clear enough how unpracticed she was with it. For a moment the food almost fell to the dirty floor as she barely got it into his hand. “Eat it up Skywalker. I call it a Wampas’ Punch. Came up with the idea myself when my team was stuck on a intelligence gathering mission for a few weeks. Has all those good things your mother always wants you to eat.” Hesitant at first Ben slowly took a bite of it. To be far his mother did not cook much at all. She had tried once to the result of burning whatever she had planned. From then on his father had done most of the cooking. Not that it was much better. The taste alone almost made him spit it out, but he chewed for a few moments fighting it.

    “I never said it was good.” Her laugh was a pleasant sound for Ben to hear as he tossed the bar back to her. She wrapped the food back up as she placed it within her pack. “The thing is the guy said he wasn’t contracted by anyone within Black Sun. Said he thought they had been wiped out years ago.”

    “I thought Black Sun was selling to Pirate groups in the area. They were trying to get the Pirates to harass the local systems enough so Black Sun could move in?”

    “Well our friend must be a poor fool to believe in that.” Ashton looked around the room for a moment. At first Ben thought she was going to insult the place, but instead she almost seemed to like it. “In fact he never even sold to any Pirate Groups. Our guy swore his only buyer was this wealthy banker from the Mid-Rim.”

    “Let me guess he never saw this banker face to face?”

    “Never got a name or any sort of business information. All he did was pack the merchandise, and place it at the locations the banker sent. Mostly he inspected to be sure all of it was there and intact.” She removed a datapad as she tossed it over to him. On it was a list of random locations across the Galaxy. Some were well known worlds such as Coruscant while others were of non importance. Others had already been marked as places where the deals had gone down already.

    “Where do the weapons come from? I highly doubt that he just stumbled across these himself one day.”

    “That’s where I’m struggling myself.” She let out a sigh fiddling with her lightsaber for a moment. It was poorly made now that Ben could see it clearly. A miracle it had not fallen apart when they had fought previously. “He swears all he does is go to the locations, and make sure the weapons are good to go. Then he sends a signal from the spot and he leaves. Apparently he once prepared 500 high powered blaster rifles for this banker. One day he was just sitting alone in a cantina no doubt drunk. Someone came up to him, and told him about this group that was looking to hire for a lot of pay.”

    “Who wants that much fire power? It’s almost as if you want the attention of the Galaxy to fall upon you. You would think they would know they would get caught sooner or later.” Ben searched his head for some sort of answer. The obvious would be the Imperial Remnant, but even with that much they were too few to use it properly. They could have just stumbled into a new black market which sold to Pirates or the occasional slave traders.

    “From what we made out of the list the next deal is meant to happen in five days. There are only two places left before the deals are all done. Then the trail most likely will go cold.” Searching down the list Ben noted it was to be held on Casino Station out near Corellia. It was called “Gambler’s Loss” and had apparently only been open for a few months now. Seemed to be a popular spot from all the business it had been doing.

    “A good enough spot to deal without anyone getting suspicious. It seems like you and your team could handle this easily enough. Why ask for my help?” For a moment she remained silent as she seemed to struggle with what she was about to say. Ben almost thought she wouldn’t say anything as she looked back at him.

    “Thought you might be good company.” Her grin almost made him feel uneasy as he tried to read her. The emotions coming off her shockingly enough were that of calm determination. “Look Skywalker for all I know this is some lame story the guy sold to me. Yet for the life of me I keep getting this odd feeling. I didn’t tell my guys to report all of this to Command. Just that we stopped the trade from taking place. That this is something that needs to be looked into, and I don’t know if my guys can handle it.”

    “Your team is Undercover Ops this sounds like what they are trained for. Why are you hiding it from your Command?”

    “She has a bad feeling that’s why. Plus she doesn’t trust the New Republic.” Both turned quickly as Han Solo stood in the doorway of the house. His arms were crossed as he walked in followed closely by Chewie. R2 beeped a happy tune as Han nodded at his old friend. “She thinks something else is going on, but she doesn’t want to come off as a shadow chaser.” Ben turned back to Ashton as she seemed almost stunned how much Han had gotten correct. He almost seemed smug waiting for the girl to continue.

    “There’s been talk lately….rumors to be honest. Someone or some organization is grabbing a lot of stuff, and even has hold of some New Republic power. That they have the ear of some Politicians and some Military officials. That some big play is going to happen with all the weapons that have been moving. I’ve been trying to look into it ever since I got placed in Undercover Ops. My father…..” She stopped quickly as both men looked at each other. From there she remained silent not seeming to want to share anymore.

    “He’s the one who trained you isn’t he?” Ben asked breaking the silence. She almost seemed to cover up her lightsabers at that point. Almost as if she was now ashamed of them. “You aren’t on any Jedi Temple Archives as having been a student there. New Republic records only show when you joined Undercover Ops.”

    “Look Skywalker this isn’t about my past alright….” She got to her feet as she was clearly upset at the question Ben had poised. He was about to ask something else as Han placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “Give us a moment would you? Chewie help her get her stuff onto the Falcon.” Chewie moved to follow Ashton as she looked utterly confused at Han. He just nodded his head as he motioned for her to go. “Hey some big conspiracy, and a chance to possibly ruin some stuff is what I’ve been looking to get into for years now. Also wouldn’t mind busting some corrupt people if I get the chance. Your Aunt has been trying to find them for a while now. Besides the Falcon will get us there quicker, and can open some more doors.” Ashton didn’t say anything else as she turned and walked back into the Tatooine night air.

    “You believe her?” Ben asked when he felt that she was far enough away.

    “Girl could probably beat a lot in Pazaak. She is worried about something.” Han sat down across from Ben as he almost seemed excited by the turn of events. Lately his Uncle had seemed more bored and depressed by his life as a War Hero. “Yet Lando has had the same rumors about someone making moves. Besides he just opened some new cantina on that Station that was on the list. They’re being sly about it for sure, but things have been changing. Not enough to get looked into by the New Republic. Which makes sense if some in the Senate and Military are involved.”

    “You must find the one whom holds the balance…” Ben quoted as Han raised an eyebrow at him.

    “Mom sent you didn’t she?” Han’s smile as all the confirmation Ben needed from that. If his father wanted him back it would have been a long message about the duties of a Jedi. How Ben was acting like a child, and would need to be trained more.

    “Think she knew I needed to get out also. So what do you say? One little adventure with your Uncle and this gal you like?”

    “I don’t like her….she attacked me with lightsabers.” He tried to defend, but Han merely grinned as he got to his feet. The two men left the house as the Falcon was only a short distance away.

    “Can I pilot it?”

    “Kid I barely let Leia touch the controls….don’t get your hopes up.”
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    Intriguing mystery Ashton describes. And I love the idea of Han and Ben on an adventure :cool:
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    Thanks for the read Nyota's Heart! I think you might enjoy the adventure Uncle and nephew get into.
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    “Deception over Dinner”
    Coruscant –

    Luke watched silently from the far side of the room. The combat droids began their sequence of attack in perfect unison. They had been programmed to act as two highly trained force users. Luke wanted all to be trained for any chance in which a Sith would appear in the Galaxy. Though the last one whom Luke had encountered was the Emperor himself. Though there had been the occasional person who swore that they had seen Sith out and about in the Galaxy these days.

    At times he still felt the pain from the attacks the Emperor had unleashed upon him all those years ago. He had crossed paths with those who deemed themselves Sith Lords, but had mostly been seeking delusions of grandeur. Since then most had considered the Sith to finally be wiped out from the Galaxy for good. For Luke that was something he would like to believe in, but still he wanted all the Jedi to have some sort of readiness. The target of the droids dropped into a defensive stance having a big grin upon his face. Leaping into the air he swung down at the head of one droid. It was easily blocked as the young Jedi landed a few feet away from his attackers. They both attacked as one forcing the Jedi into a series of movements to avoid being struck.

    “Feel don’t think Jacen.” Luke called out as his nephew gave a brief nod. Taking a deep breath Jacen rolled away from a blow which would have taken the head off of a person. The other droid went for his back as he barely deflected it. Jacen had come incredibly far since Luke had begun to train him. Even Han had told him that the Solo’s were no slouches when it came to a task. He recalled just how excited the boy had been to have a chance to work under his Uncle. Leia had informed him that often the boy would tell his sister and younger brother all about it. “Use your instincts. Trust the force to guide your movements.” He was soon drowned out as a fury of lightsaber blows were exchanged between the three opponents. The speed in which it all moved impressed Luke even more with is Padawan. He hoped that Ben would be able to also match that when his time came. Mara had bragged to him one night she would bet their fortune on Ben against Jacen. Even Luke had to smile at that as he knew well enough Mara had been secretly training Ben as well.

    “Don’t underestimate your opponents will.” Luke called out as Jacen began to become overconfident in himself. That was a problem that had seemed to be growing in Jacen lately. No matter how much Luke told the boy he seemed to think he was above others around him. Luke had to come between an argument between Jacen and another Padawan one day out in the courtyard. Jacen had mostly ignored him then as he was doing now. The lightsabers were merely training tools, and would only send a little shock if they made contact. Luke wanted Jacen to be aware of the true dangers of what an actual lightsaber could do to one if they weren’t prepared.

    “They’re just droids….” Jacen replied as he took a blow on the back. He cringed for a second as the other droid pressed the attack then. It hit Jacen’s left leg as Luke felt the fringes of anger grab onto him. He stood where he was seeing how Jacen would handle it. He backed away from his attackers as Luke almost felt a disconnect coming from him. It had been something Luke had been picking up lately from him. Jacen had a habit of shutting himself out from everything when he wanted to. The droids seemed to take this for a weakness as both charged him furiously now.

    The speeds in which they attacked would baffle the normal person, but Luke could see them as if they were slower than possible. Jacen shut his eyes as he charged forward. His first strike met one droid at the head sending it across the room, but that did not stop Jacen. In fact he picked up the onslaught of the first droid as he turned his hand to the other one. It was then in which Luke almost felt his jaw drop. The lightning which emitted from Jacen’s hand was such a ferocity it tore the droid to pieces in a mere blink of an eye. The parts shot across the room as the young Jedi stood alone.

    “Jacen!” Luke shouted as he looked across at him. For a moment Luke feared his vision was playing a cruel joke on him. Where Jacen had once stood now was only Darth Vader. The mechanical breathing filled the room as Luke did not move. Vader looked to his son as he shook his head.

    “I did what I needed to do.” Vader said as Jacen returned to his place. Luke merely looked across at his nephew almost fearful of him. Mara had warned him about what she had recently sensed in Jacen. The boy shut down the lightsaber as he studied the work he had done. He seemed almost pleased with it as he turned back to Luke.

    “You struck out with anger. A Jedi does not allow for those emotions to cloud their judgment.” Luke began trying to piece together how he would go about this.

    “Anger can be a tool to help one survive.” Jacen replied as Luke felt an almost emptiness coming from the young man. It was such an odd feeling that Luke almost stepped back from it. An odd peace flowed from Jacen as the young man didn’t seem phased by what he had done to the droids.

    A sinister laugh which came from Jacen sent fear racing through Luke as he turned now to gaze upon the Emperor.

    “Foolish Skywalker….” The laugh seemed to be never ending as the Emperor grew larger in front of him.

    Luke shot up in a cold sweat from his bed. Sunlight had slowly begun to creep into the room as he took a few deep breaths. He called upon the force to ease his mind as he tried to focus himself. The nightmare had almost become a daily ritual for him. All of it had occurred save for Vader and the Emperor. How could he have been so blind to Jacen?

    All of the signs had been right in front of him in terms of the boy not truly following the right path. Yet Luke had blinded himself to that. Pride had taken hold of him, and he had seen Jacen as one of the greatest that could ever be in the Order. He had gone over all his time with Jacen far too much. The fear had still been in him whenever he saw Ben now. Luke had failed, and he knew he would fail Ben as well. That was why he had been so harsh upon his own son. He didn’t want to train the boy at all. Ben needed better than Luke.

    Mara’s spot on the bed was empty which was no surprise. With Jaina back the two would be doing their daily training exercises together. Getting out of bed Luke felt the aches of age race through him. So many scars had been given to him since he had decided to leave Tatooine. His robes had already been laid out for him. The Imperial Delegation would be arriving today, which meant Luke would have to play his part as Grand Master. For a moment he almost grabbed is communicator to see how Ben was, but he stopped himself. If he were Ben he wouldn’t want to hear from him either. Besides Mara had scolded him to let the boy be for a while. Some time with Han would be good for him.

    “Force protect him.” Luke daily said when he thought of Ben. He almost wished he could be out there with him. To show him that his Dad was not this truly uptight non caring individual. Yet Luke Skywalker had accepted the path that the force had placed him upon. The Jedi Order had been his fate to rebuild, and it needed all the effort he had. So many years of his life had already been spent working to try to rebuild the Order. Still it seemed that the work would never be over with all the new challenges that seemed to arise each day. Yet the ache still gnawed at him as he left his room wearing his robes. A chime went off alerting him that the Imperials had just arrived for the Anniversary.

    In Orbit Over Coruscant –

    Admiral Wedge Antilles saw the first Star Destroyer drop out of hyperspace followed by the rest of the Imperial Fleet. Old instinct almost made the Corellian raise the battle alert. It was still an odd sight to see Star Destroyer, and yet not go into a combat state of mind. Instead he relaxed himself in his chair as he began the formal contact process.

    “This is Yavin’s Pride contacting Imperial Flagship Awakening.” He began as everyone sat silently around him. They had all practiced this numerous times already now. He had wanted to get through it as quickly as possible without any sort of trouble. Not that he wouldn’t have minded the chance for some trouble. “It is an honor to have you here for this celebration. Our honor guard will escort the Grand Admiral down to the surface.”

    “Yavin’s Pride this is Awakening. Thank you for the warm reception. The Grand Admiral’s shuttle is prepped and ready to go.” The voice on the other end replied. It sounded about as dry as Wedge did as he switched channels over to Gavin Darlighter along with the Rogue Squadron pilots.

    “Alright let’s put on a good show here.” Darklighter spoke over the comm to the pilots around him. Wedge knew all too well how bored they had become with the countless practices of this routine. They had been forced to go over it nearly every day leading up to this, and that had to be sheer torture for the best pilots in the fleet.

    “May the force keep us all on our best behavior.” Wedge muttered nodding to his second in command. He knew well enough for himself that he would have to endure a dull dinner with Imperials.
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    “Dinner with enemies”

    Leia had spent countless hours preparing for this meal. It had taken her entire focus to be able to set up just how the room would be laid out for all the guests. 3P0 had told her that he could easily handle the affair, but the droid did not see the countless politics in which Leia had to navigate through. Being Chief of State had allowed her access to a number of resources in which would even surprise Han if he saw the depth of it all. Massive tables were placed in the Grand Hall as she briskly made her way through the building. The Grand Admiral and his people had arrived precisely on time as he always had. Leia had a hunch that he was one who did not like the idea of being late to anything. Even if that was a celebration of him signing what many Imperials saw as an admittance of defeat. Those were the people Leia had been most focused on when it came to her work for this event.

    “Tell them to move that table farther to the east side.” Leia ordered to her countless aides. One of them quickly ran off to yell at the workers as she studied her datapad once again. A layout of the room presented itself to her as she read off just who would be sitting where. Han’s name had been erased due to his decision to run off to get Ben which she herself had wanted to do when he broke the news to her. Yet she knew where her place was in the course of the Galaxy.

    Han had checked in with her when he had found her nephew, and said that the two would be back in a few days. Lately her time had been spent looking into the countless rumors and reports of corruption sweeping across the New Republic. Not that it was something new to her by any means. All Governments no matter how good they tried to make themselves had those who dreamed of a chance to grasp more power. The old Imperial members had been spread out across the room.

    Separated from those closest to them ,and placed next to those whom Leia knew would not be a problem. Most of them had been young Senators who she had approved of herself. Others were species in which some Imperials had once looked down upon. She also had to take into account who the Grand Admiral would have changed from his list upon arrival. Though no war was being waged a different sort of battle was being played these days. Those whom she had kept her eyes on from the New Republic had been penned in by former Alliance leaders from the old days. Thankfully Luke had also allowed for her to place some of the Jedi around to also make conversations less interesting. Lando stood waiting for her as she stepped outside.

    “You look as good as when you arrived at Cloud City.” He grinned as she noticed the man was actually allowing for some gray hair to show. Lately he had been doing everything in his power to hide the age he actually was. A great number of representatives were present waiting as the Grand Admiral’s shuttle was setting down on the landing pad. Leia could sense Anakin in the X-Wing as she knew how happy he was to not be present for the evening. Her eyes scanned the crowd as she noted who was where, and whom had begun talking to who. A sense of peace came to her when she locked eyes briefly with Luke. He was only a few feet away from her, but he was garbed in his Jedi robes. Alongside of him Jaina stood clearly working to hide her boredom the best she could. Other members of the Jedi Council stood stoic alongside of Luke as they studied those around them. He gave a slight nod of his head towards the other side of the crowd where Leia saw just for a mere second Mara blending into her environment.

    “You’re just glad you get a better seat with Han gone.” Leia corrected him as the Admiral still smiled at that.She could only imagine just what Han was going to do to help cheer Ben up.

    “Figure I can finally make some deals with the mining operations the Imperials let fall apart.” Lando admitted as the first few Imperial Storm troopers began to form up. There had been reports which Leia had received that the Empire barely had troops anymore. Most of them had left, or decided to work for hire these days. Yet Leia could tell these were well trained troops who did their job above and beyond the call. Dignitaries of the Empire began to walk through the troops as Leia stepped forward. Grand Admiral Pelleaon looked the same as when Leia had first encountered the man when he contacted her in terms of the first talks between the Alliance and the Empire. His uniform was pristine, as were those who walked alongside of him. For a moment a silent fell amongst the crowd as he stopped in front of Leia.

    “Chief of State Organa-Solo.” He said briskly as he nodded his head and stuck his hand out. She took it with a smile upon her face as people began to clap.

    "It is good to see you Grand Admiral." She used the tone in which her father had taught her when a dignitary would visit them. He seemed almost frail when she studied him closer. Other Imperials introduced themselves to those around them as Leia went through all the proper introductions and greetings.

    "Seems to be going well." Jaina said to Luke as remained silent. He seemed almost uncomfortable as he turned quickly to his right. A lone woman stood wearing a dark robe. It matched her skin as she removed her hood revealing her bald head. The other Masters also turned to this newcomer as Kyle quickly had his lightsaber in hand for whatever may play out.

    "It has been a long time Master Skywalker." The woman said softly as Jaina realized who she was. Some had called her a traitor to the order. Others had dismissed her from ever being a member of the Council. Evra Lo had been one of the first Jedi Luke had trained. She had been a daughter of a high ranking Imperial who had defected to the Alliance after Endor. As years went by she felt called to return to the Empire to help them rebuild into something better.

    Imperial Remnant Palace –

    “Clearly our dear Grand Admiral has no sense of style…” Admiral Zan Martell clicked his tongue as he walked the halls. He shook his head sadly at the utter lack of sophistication the Palace held. The Imperial seat of power needed to be something that others were in awe of. Not something that looked like a poor man’s hideout. Then again the Empire was much that ways under the old Grand Admiral. Elegance had been replaced by the Military mind that the Grand Admiral believed he held. He had brought up that matter numerous times when the topic would be presented. Thus far he had come across the arrogant fools such as Quinton who praised the work of the Grand Admiral. Yet thankfully he had been able to find those who felt the same about the suffering the Empire had been forced to endure. He had brought them into his circle, and luxurious life in which many had envied. Offers had been made, and much had been cultivated as the plan had been presented. He could hardly believe that soon enough the time would come for change to once again raise the Empire back into the position of power.

    “Do you remember how beautiful this Palace had once been?” His young wife spoke up clearly having no idea. Bastion had once been just run down planet held only by a small garrison. He had been there once during his time as a Lieutenant to a fool who had no idea how Martell was controlling him. That was how he had obtained his position. He could easily enough show the groveling and respect so many fools had wanted. Once he had blinded them then he moved to remove them from his path. That was what had caught the attention of the Emperor. Oh how glorious that day had been for Martell. He had been stuck as a General hunting for Rebel ghosts in the Outer Rim. The Emperor had told Martell he sensed the man was one who held the Empire above all else.

    “I am sure you will make it worthy of the Empire my dear. Now why don’t you get the children prepared for the feast tonight. I need them looking their best for our victory.” Smiling at her he kissed her, and made his way into the Command Room. As he passed some troops her nodded to them as they returned the gestures. Others paid no attention as everything was falling into place perfectly. Officers moved about it going over reports and keeping eyes on the Grand Admiral’s fleet. He had been glad the old fool had allowed for him to stay at Bastion. A wise man would keep one like Martell close at all times, but the Grand Admiral needed to play the diplomat with the dislike Martell had shown for Mara Jade. He would be able to repay her betrayal to the Empire soon enough. His personal body guards caught the attention of those in the room as they looked almost afraid.

    “Admiral.” One of the Grand Admiral’s lackeys said daring to approach him. Most likely left behind to keep eyes on Martell, and report every action immediately. “I beg your pardon sir, but I was unaware you had access here. Also I have not seen these soldiers before. What unit do they belong to?” He studied the black storm troopers in which stood by Martell. None of them spoke as Martell let out a hearty laugh which silenced the room.

    “I have all the clearance you fool….” He walked around the man as if studying him. As he looked back at his troops one of them gave a nod. Signaling that the others were in place. The attack would be over in mere seconds once it began. Those on Bastion would have no chance to get word out to the rest of the Empire. By that time all would be done to begin the transformation. “Sadly I don’t think you have the proper authorization…” Snapping his fingers the troopers began to fire their weapons. It ended in mere blinks of the eye as Martell looked around satisfied. The loyal men he had inside the room had caught the others by surprise as they saluted Martell.

    “Communications across the board had been jammed sir. The defense system is targeting those not loyal to you.” One officer spoke moving the body of a traitor. The others began their work as Martell grinned at the ease of how it had all gone.

    “Our other forces report success in the battle fields sir.” His Captain reported as Martell walked to a lone wall in the room. Above them his fleets would have commenced their slaughter of the Grand Admiral’s pathetic ships. His men aboard them would have the weapons disabled, and shields knocked out making it a rather fun practice for his men. “As you have ordered no prisoners are being taken. General Arnoff reports that his men have taken full control of the barracks.” With that taken care of his dear cousin Verner would send out a message inviting his inner circle to quickly arrive. That message would allow for the others to handle the holdings that the Grand Admiral would have support on.

    “Excellent work.” Placing his hand on the wall it slid open revealing a dark hallway. Blasterfire filled the hall behind him for only a brief moment before he saw his troops marching forward. He motioned for the lone figure behind his troops to move aside. A cloaked figure appeared and the two walked forward. The wall slid back into place as the figure clapped for a moment.

    “Well done Martell.” Her voice was a velvet which Martell had become drunk off of. Ever since she had appeared to him years ago he had only wanted to hear her speak as much as he could. She had been the one who had put the idea in his head to take what was properly his. That she had someone who had the resources and power he needed to change things. That was how he had been able to build up such forces. They had merely appeared once he agreed to her plans. Removing her hood he took in her beauty. He had never been a fan of the filthy aliens but for a Twi’lek she was simply a work of art. Her blood red skin seemed to shine along with the black marks across her body.

    “I almost wished there had been more of a fight my dear Lady Razak.” The hall went on for a little longer as it came to an end in a circular room. Chairs were placed around it as the center was a platform that rose above it all. He doubted anyone even knew this room was around. Lady Razak had told him of its existence and the importance it held to their goals. She moved to a console as he dropped to one knee. Slowly an image appeared on the platform. It was cloaked which he had become accustomed to.

    “Is it done?” The voice asked still evoking terror in Martell. He kept his gaze locked down as Razak had taught him. She placed a hand on his shoulder offering some comfort.

    “A beautiful slaughter my Lord. One in which you would have enjoyed to witness. The planet has fallen, and the traitors have no idea what has occurred.”

    “Good you have done well Lady Razak. Your time of aide to Martell is at an end now.” Martell wanted to plead with the figure not to take her, but he knew better. Razak had told him only a fool would ever speak against whom she served.

    “You have felt the Grey one?” She asked in anticipation. Her hand on his shoulder shook almost violently upon Martell.

    “He has found another. I will not allow him to strike at us. Go to your ship, and you will be sent your next location.” Razak released her death hold on Martell as she bowed, and almost ran from the room. Silence followed for a moment as Martell wondered what would now occur.

    “Rise Grand Admiral Martell.” The voice ordered. It was distorted enough so that Martell had never been able to tell if it belonged to a man or woman. “You have done well returning glory to the Empire, but you still have much to do. Are your forces prepared for the next step?” Martell bowed his head.

    “Good then go and celebrate Grand Admiral.”
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    Enjoyed the scene with Leia and wow!!!!!!! What happened on Bastion. Terrific plot turn there. [face_thinking]
    The Empire has fractured into factions! It turns out the NR has allied itself with the one that's just been ousted. [face_worried]
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    Gambler’s Loss –

    “What do you mean I have a limit of what I can wager?” Han barked at the dealer droid in frustration. The others who had joined him at the pazaak table laughed, or were still in awe about the man who had sat down amongst them. Chewie grunted at some who had gotten a tad to close for the liking of the Wookie. For a moment the dealer droid a D7 model which were the highest model in the sector. Lando had wasted no expenses to make this casino a place of the high class. Though the guests were more the common sort one would find in a back water world. Not that it mattered to Ben at the moment.
    “I’m sorry sir, but Master Lando has us all programmed to keep you under one million credits per visit.” That caused Han to scoff as he ran a hand through his hair. He patted the Rodian next to him as he pointed a thumb back at the droid.
    “The guy still owes me for a few occasions.” Han kept most of the attention on himself as he had planned. Arriving on the station had brought enough attention down upon them so far. Word spread quickly of the legendary Falcon setting down in the hangar bay. Yet with the fan club following Han it allowed for Ben and Ashton to search out the contact Han had told them about.
    “Trust me if there is something odd going on he’ll have the scent.” He had said before marching off to spend all of Lando’s money he could. Apparently there was a never ending tab in which Lando owed him that allowed for Han to do what he pleased on the station so far. Including buying everyone in the cantina a few rounds, and even saving some at the table from going broke. Ben sat silently at his table as he fiddled with the odd drink in which Han had ordered to be sent to him. Mostly no one paid much attention to him which he did not mind at all. Too often he had been the subject of attention from merely being a Skywalker. Something he was not keen on sharing at the present. That was why he kept his hood over his face, and gave off the aura of someone not looking for a pleasant conversation. The band which was a mix of species and a droid who apparently was a top performer from the core worlds that Ben had never heard of broke into a song about a Twi’lek lover from sector 12.
    “How long is this guy going to keep us waiting?” Ashton spoke settling down across from Ben. Han had advised her to ditch the armor to not attract unwanted eyes on the station. Her new garb was actually close to what his mother wore when she went out for a mission. A lot of black mixed with a yellow jacket. Two men well older than Han walked by studying her intently as she paid no attention. She merely placed her blaster on the table pleasantly pointing it in their direction.
    “You seem to be popular around here.” Ben mocked as she finished his drink for him. Clearly waiting was not something she had a strong knack for.
    “Had a Bith propose I be the prime vessel for his perfect children.” Nodding to the bar keep she raised her glass for another drink.
    “Heard that can be a nice paying job.” That caused her to turn the blaster at him. He didn’t doubt she would take a shot at him just for the mere thrill of seeing him react. His lightsaber was hidden up his sleeve almost itching for some sort of action himself.
    “Tell me again why this guy couldn’t just meet us at the ship?” For that Ben had no answer himself. Han had sent a message, and told them that the contact would approach them when it seemed the best time. Applause broke out from the Pazaak table as it seemed that Han had won another miraculous round. Some cried foul play as Han grinned from ear to ear.
    “Hey I warned you not to take it easy on me.” The massive credit pile in front of him even made Ben look twice. How easily had he fooled the other patrons into thinking him an easy target?
    “He hacked the droid.” Both turned to the massive man who had almost appeared from out of nowhere. Ben had not even sensed him approaching which made him rather uneasy. He was covered in tattoos of various symbols which seemed to make his dark skin glow. The lights reflected off his shaved head, and his muscles were larger than Ben had even imagined were possible.
    “He’s going to sink Lando around four million credits on this one.” He acted as if he had known the two of them his whole life. Slowly sitting down he tapped the table which the bar keep seemed to be trained to listen to. A server rushed over to them holding a tray of drinks delicately placing it down not daring to look at the man.
    “I thought the D7 model was impossible to hack into?” Ben asked trying to get a read on the man. He couldn’t even sense any emotions in the force from the man as Ashton kept a hand on her blaster. Draining one large cup of whatever he had ordered the man moved onto another cup as he chuckled at them.
    “They are. Thing is Solo over there was able to get that one sent over to a friend of his to fix its central programming core.”
    “Seem to know Solo and Lando rather well.” Ashton spoke flatly uninterested in the small talk so far. If the man caught wind of it he didn’t seem to care nodding towards the entrance of the cantina. Four men spoke at the entrance seeming to glance over towards Han every so often.
    “Cause I used to try to kill them. Those four over there want to take him to their dear Admiral.” The brutal honesty of his statement almost took Ben back, but he remained calm. Chewie seemed to be the main worry the four had as they didn’t move closer to Han for the time being.
    “Admiral? What Admiral wants the General?” Ashton seemed ready to go into attack mode as the man motioned for another tray of drinks.
    “Undercover ops are always wanting to get to the point.” He grinned to them as the next tray was placed down. The symbol which was on his right hand caught Ben’s attention as he drained another two glasses.
    “You’re a Mandalorian.” Ashton tensed up at the word as the man gave a mock salute back to Ben. The Mandalorians and New Republic had gone into a brief wars when Ben was only two years old. Apparently it had begun over some territory the clans had wanted which the Empire had taken from them decades ago. It had been a brutal short campaign which the Jedi had to lead for weeks. In the end the surprise alley had come from Boba Fett who had built up his own clan ending the war with a treaty. Since then only rumors of Fett had been heard. Han had said the man was building up a whole new Mandalorian order out in the corners of the Galaxy.
    “One of the best.” The four men now had begun to sit down at a table not too far off from the three of them. Ben could sense their apprehension building in them as the man grinned once again. “Also was an Imperial Storm Unit. You might be familiar with some of my work. I did the job at Yaga Minor.” That made Ashton raise an eyebrow at that. During the war Yaga Minor had gone through a plague of attacks, and destruction. No one could find the source, but word went out that it was the Imperial Storm Unit. A group of soldiers who were meant to do the most damage possible before vanishing. None had ever been found from Yaga Minor only adding to their infamy.
    “Explains why you tried to kill Solo.” Ashton kept her tone neutral understanding just who they were dealing with. Han and Leia had been large targets for the Empire in a move to try to get Luke to become its new Vader. That plan had failed miserable when Leia had cut down multiple troops. A lot of prisoners had been taken, and the Alliance had been able to claim new territory from the information gained.
    “You work for the President?” Now Ashton smiled almost laughing as the man crossed his arms.
    “It’s more a life debt I owe her. Tried to snag her one night when she was on Averaam. Had two of my bests with me. She and Solo had us dead to rights in seconds….” He seemed almost pained by the memory as he shook his head.
    “Fett tossed me out of the clan when he found out I was working with the Empire on the side. Decided to throw a death penalty on my head. The royal lady granted me protection for information and forever having to deal with him.” Han had just finished his final round it seemed as he got to his feet. Shaking a few hands he made his way through the crowds over to their table.
    “Dixon old buddy how are you?” Han smacked him on the back as it seemed to hurt Han as he sat down. The four men seemed solely to be looking at them now as none of them paid them any attention.
    “Fett still wants me dead. The Empire branded me a traitor and the hangar you want to get in to is the same as those four Imperials.” Han didn’t look over apparently already knowing who was watching him. Chewie moved to block off the line of sight as Han got a serious look.
    “They aren’t alone either. Got themselves a cruiser ready to come in if things go south on them. One of my new buddies picked it up when they arrived.”
    “Got a lot of crazy things going on in the Galaxy right now Solo. Your girl here is onto something bigger than you can think…..” Before he could go on shouts filled the cantina as people began moving to some view screens which showed an array of images. A holo reporter showed up on the screen.
    “This is breaking news from the Cease Fire Anniversary. We are getting reports that the Grand Admiral has been killed. I repeat the Grand Admiral has been killed by the New Republic….”