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Beyond - Legends Forsaken Promises

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NightWatcher91, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Title: Forsaken Promises
    Author: NightWatcher91
    Timeframe: Many years after Return of the Jedi
    Character: All OC's
    Summary: A Family finds itself caught in a conspiracy which will threaten to tear them apart.


    Catelyn Renly fought back the yawn which matched the current situation she found herself in. She had had a much different version of how her first solo deal would go. Something with a hint of adventure, and the additional mix of some espionage. She had wanted to live the stories her mother would share about her Grandfather. The notoriously famous Smuggler Leon Pride. A man so well known that they had even started a Holo Drama about him a few years back. That was what Catelyn had wanted as she sat back in her chair looking out at the dull Mining Station around Orvos Seven. She fiddled with her blaster as if the chance would pop up in any moment. Brushing back a long strand of her blond hair which she had received courtesy of her mother.

    “That’s the blessing you get from the Pride side of the family,” Her mother Saria had boasted proudly when she was a little girl. Her father the head of the Renly Trade Union had passed on his dark blue, and brown hair onto her older brother Cort. It was the eldest daughter of the Renly’s, Emma who had been given the best from both parents. “Your brother will get attention for his looks I am sure, but you honey. I can just see all the extra credits you’ll be able to pull out of deals when men see you. Not many will be able to see your sister in that X-Wing she flies around in.”

    That was not something Catelyn was looking forward to. Hence her appearance that she hadn’t cleaned up for a few days, and the face she wore of someone not looking for any small talk. She had spent countless hours looking for a deal which would allow her to leave the Core, and head out. It had taken a while to convince her father to allow her to take Renly’s Folly out to this deal. It was not a high priority on the Union charts when it had popped up. A core of miners on Orvos had been trying to find a way to get some low grade lighting sent their way. Apparently as the Rodian had pleaded negotiations between their employers had fallen apart, and they were willing to pay rather well for the supplies.

    “They’ll try to swindle you down to a lower price when you show up,” Her father the proud Ebon Renly had pronounced when he walked her to the ship. His broad shoulders, and height always brought attention onto him which helped him manage deals in his own way. He constantly bragged it was his looks which brought her mom over from the Smuggler life, “Just hold to what was agreed upon. If it looks like they are going to withdraw just get a call out to the Galactic Alliance Liaison in the area.” Catelyn’s eyes saw the Alliance Frigate Providence off in the distance. It was a small crewed ship, and mostly there as a threat to any pirates that got an idea to take a hit on the mining station. If her instincts were correct her father had paid them to keep they eyes tight on her. He had only checked in on her eight times since she had arrived.

    “They had a leak occur in one of their main tunnels,” She had tried to end this recent call impatiently tapping her fingers on the console. Her father crossed his arms , and yelled something at some poor worker she couldn’t see, “Look Dad I can handle this. I’ve been making runs with you and Mom for years now. Remember you were the one that let me go to Nal Hutta with Uncle Anders.” She smiled at the mention of her Uncle who lived his life as if he was the second coming of the famous Han Solo. The scowl that came upon her father forced her to fight back the laughter.

    “Your Uncle is lucky to even have his job,” Ebon rumbled once again shouting at someone to move those crates to their destination. To be fair Anders Pride was merely an associate who handled matters on the shadier side of the Trading Business, “I should have asked your brother to go along with you, or at least have your sister.” Being the youngest of the family had been a blessing and a curse for her. At 18 she was a mere year younger than Cort, and three of Lieutenant Emma Renly as her father always boasted. Cort had taken the life of a Jedi. Their mother had almost broken down in tears the day he had gone to the Academy.

    “Cort could never get Master Stone Face to let him have this much fun,” She mocked just imaging her brother constantly dealing with his Mon Cal Jedi Master. They had met Master Zeras on a few occasions, and never once could Catelyn read what the Master thought of their family, “As for Emma I wouldn’t be allowed to do a single thing with her around. Just let me handle this ok Dad?” Pleading she saw her father unfold his massive arms, and run his forehead. She could imagine the gray hairs which had begun to spread throughout his hair and beard which had brought upon the never ending jokes from her mother.

    “Ok at least EZO is with you,” As if on queue the protocol droid walked into the cockpit. EZO had been a part of the family before she had been born. Apparently a gift from Uncle Anders who had won the droid in a swoop race that he always told stories about. “Just make sure you get that transfer in once the deal is done…..” He continued as Catelyn noticed the comm button flashing.

    “Sounds good Dad I'll talk to you later….” She flicked the button as an image of a Bothan appeared in front of her. He gave a light bow as he coughed for a moment.

    “Our apologies Renly’s Folly,” The Bothan began taking a sip of something. He brushed something off his outfit as he seemed on the stage of exhaustion, “We’ve been dealing with several setbacks getting this station up and running. Our Employers had thought things would pick up once the Providence had arrived. Seems like however it has only gotten worse.”

    “Mistress Catelyn I am picking something up on the scanners….”EZO commented as Catelyn waved the droid off.

    “No need for apologies,” She began going over all the words she had learned on business meetings. It was her mother that told her to always have a sweet tone when starting matters. Yet she kept the steel in her tone as her father always had especially when he had been made to wait, “If things are cleared up I can begin docking, and unload the supplies you ordered.”

    “Yes that would be greatly appreciated,” The Bothan seemed on the verge of passing out as he forced a smile on his face. “We have Docking Bay Three open for you to begin. I will have my assistant meet you……” The hologram fizzled out as for a moment Catelyn mere sat there staring at where the Bothan had once been. Cursing she tapped at the comm. Button, but only received static in return.

    “It seems our communications have been jammed.” EZO informed her as she sat back in her chair, and kicked at the console. Oh all the bad luck she already had on this trip now this had to happen. She could already hear her father go on about how she wouldn’t have another solo run for a long time.

    “Can we contact the Providence?” She asked almost knowing the answer.

    “Negative. Also I am reading a huge power surge coming from the Mining Station.” EZO pointed out as the droid pointed to the scanner. Catelyn’s eyes went wide as she noticed the station seemed to have a source of power well beyond that of a normal Outer Rim operation. She looked back at the station as she noticed an odd object off near one of the moons.

    “EZO how many ships are you reading in the system?” She asked wondering if it was perhaps just some debris from the Mining Operation. Some of the moons had gotten debris in their orbit from the demolitions.

    “Only us and the Providence which is at the edge of our scanners.”

    “Is that a ship out near the second moon?” Not asking the droid to look at the scanner, but instead she pointed it out. Her gut was telling her something as she would have sworn it had begun to move away from it.

    “It does appear to be a ship of some kind. Yet it does not show up on any of the scanners.” EZO chimed as the Renly’s Folly had been equipped with the best equipment possible in the Galaxy. So much so that Emma had once told her parents they needed to allow for the Alliance to use the ship on missions.

    “Why is it just hiding out……” Before she could say another word the Mining Facility erupted in a series of explosions. Each one was bigger than the last wiping away the Facility in a mere matter of seconds. Catelyn maneuvered the Folly away as a chunk of the facility came towards them. She looked back to the second moon as the unknown ship had vanished. Letting out a deep breath she didn’t even know how to handle what she had just seen.

    “Renly’s Folly,” The cold voice spoke through the comm. She didn’t need to ask who was speaking. The Providence had closed in on them in a mere matter of moments since the explosion had taken place, “You will power down your vessel, and be brought into our hanger bay. By order of the Galactic Alliance you are under arrest for the destruction of the Orvos Seven Facility.”

    “Ezo… Dad…..” Catelyn moaned putting her head down on the console
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    Great beginning of your story
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    Thank you Earlybird!