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Beyond - Legends Saga "From Such Infinite Space" | UDC X; Multi-era, Ensemble Cast

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Mira_Jade , Aug 14, 2022.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love them all. Ahsoka and the Kaminoan healers perfect. Rex isn't a specimen
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    Aug 31, 2004
    A marvelous, lovely use of all the prompts as they weave together the feelings and relationships amongst the characters. All tied together by your unfailingly lovely writing! @};-
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    Aug 9, 2002
    Okay, it's probably going to take me forever to get back around to replying to everything I still need to reply to, but I noticed this immediately and have to ask... is this from "Make This Go On Forever"? [face_batting] Because I love it. (And lol, I just pulled up my list of potential song lyric fic names and found this on there. Great minds again! :p [face_love])
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    Bwaha!! IT IS!! [face_rofl] [face_batting] I'm scatterbrained and didn't credit my title again this week, but yeah. That is a major Anakin Skywalker song for me, and I can see how it's on your playlist/potential song lyric fic names list too for all of the obvious reasons and then some. [face_mischief] Great minds, indeed! [face_love] [:D]
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    Nov 7, 2022
    What a lovely set! You capture the characters beautifully. I especially love Ahsoka's intuition that Anakin is going to self-destruct.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Indeed, he's not! Thank you for reading. [face_love]

    Thank you so much! As always, your kind words and support means so much to me! [face_love] [:D]

    Thank you! It's an interesting thing to consider, just what Ahsoka was able to pick up through their training bond. Even so, no matter those momentary flickers of concern, she still believes in him so utterly and completely that it just adds another layer to the tragedy that is Anakin Skywalker's fall from grace. =((
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Author's Note: After a bit of an unintentional hiatus, I had a burst of inspiration and decided to write Weeks 9 and 10 together! (I am determined to finish this challenge . . . eventually. :p) Towards that end, I returned to Darth Maul/Zaed in my Song!verse, along with Mara Jade and a few special guests. [face_mischief] [face_love] My title was inspired by a line from Pablo Neruda's "Past", which is easily one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite authors of all time. Seriously, if you don't know it already, check out the full poem under the spoiler tag, and enjoy! [:D]

    We have to discard the past
    and, as one builds
    floor by floor, window by window,
    and the building rises,
    so do we go on throwing down
    first, broken tiles,
    then pompous doors,
    until out of the past
    dust rises
    as if to crash
    against the floor,
    smoke rises
    as if to catch fire,
    and each new day
    it gleams
    like an empty
    There is nothing, there is always nothing.
    It has to be filled
    with a new, fruitful
    then downward
    tumbles yesterday
    as in a well
    falls yesterday's water,
    into the cistern
    of all still without voice or fire.
    It is difficult to teach bones
    to disappear,
    to teach eyes
    to close
    we do it
    It was all alive,
    alive, alive, alive
    like a scarlet fish
    but time
    passed over its dark cloth
    and the flash of the fish
    drowned and disappeared.
    Water water water
    the past goes on falling
    still a tangle
    of bones
    and of roots;
    it has been, it has been, and now
    memories mean nothing.
    Now the heavy eyelid
    covers the light of the eye
    and what was once living
    now no longer lives;
    what we were, we are not.
    And with words, although the letters
    still have transparency and sound,
    they change, and the mouth changes;
    the same mouth is now another mouth;
    they change, lips, skin, circulation;
    another being has occupied our skeleton;
    what once was in us now is not.
    It has gone, but if the call, we reply;
    "I am here," knowing we are not,
    that what once was, was and is lost,
    is lost in the past, and now will not return.

    Week IX & X: “How Do We Teach Eyes to Close, Bones to Disappear?”

    XLI. Mercurial

    For so long, his rage was as instinctual as breathing. It still returned at odd moments, whenever some scentsightsound resurrected the Dark and he felt all the cold fury of a carbon star – a dense, leaden core left behind of some former giant who failed to turn supernova, instead collapsing on itself with only the memory of fusion to sustain its light, radiating in defiance of its imminent death, all before -


    His aubrett’s voice was soft (oh, but what a star she was – luminous and life-giving to all who orbited her), and, slowly, he relaxed his hands from fists.

    XLII. Saturnine

    Lately, he won as many duels with Kenobi as he lost.

    Of course, he would never tell his old foe (friend, Mara’s voice was pointed in his ear) that he'd come to anticipate their bouts. After years of imprisonment, he took not a single sojourn from his cell (home?) for granted, especially when he could at last -

    - perhaps I will kill him today, whispered his heavy star’s heart as he tapped the mat in defeat. That impulse, however, was distant and dim as Kenobi offered him a hand up.

    Maul may have wanted to reignite his blade in Kenobi’s foolishly exposed ribs in repayment for his kindness, but Zaed accepted his hand, and stood.

    XLIII. Martial

    Unlike Kenobi, Lady Tano held nothing back in her blows. Maul wouldn't say that he enjoyed sparring with her, but Zaed . . .

    Zaed bared his teeth when a deadlock of their sabers ended the duel by mutual agreement. The Togruta woman flashed him an equally sharp grin, and then turned to invite: “Mara, would you like to try next?”

    Mara looked apprehensive, but determined and eager (and so, so different from how Maul had once looked to gain his approval) as she entered the ring.

    Deeply, Zaed bowed to start the match. “Come now, aubrett; show me what you have learned.”

    XLIV. Luminary

    The Umbaran selenica only grew in darkness. Night by night, Zaed patiently pruned and nurtured the tree, coaxing it to bloom and bear fruit. (“It hasn’t flowered since Master Qui-Gon's death,” Kenobi had first admitted. “I’ve never been able to care for it as he did.” Zaed wanted to refuse the gift then and there, except . . . well, he hardly knew why he accepted the plant, only that he had.)

    Now, underneath the glow of Ossus' full moons, he waited. At long last, his patience was rewarded when a single, silvery bud opened and then another and another. Alone with his thoughts, Zaed watched the delicate play of light and life long into the night.

    XLV. Empyrean

    “I don’t understand how you can forgive him.”

    Anakin’s words disturbed the tranquility of their shared meditation session (with what was once such a chore to his apprentice – and he as the Master – now a ritual they both anticipated and enjoyed) the same as a stone falling in still waters. For the echoing ripple he felt across their bond, Obi-Wan frowned.

    “Do you not?” he returned, prompting Anakin to reconsider his words. “I like to think that the light is not so far from any as to be unreachable – wouldn't you agree?”

    XLVI. Helix

    Even knowing what he knew – after sharing his dreams with that black shrouded monster he was and could have been in both body and soul – Anakin hesitated.

    Had he really been so very different from Maul, in that other time?

    Yes, something inside him whispered, you chose and embraced the Dark, you fell willingly, while he . . .

    “But,” Anakin whispered, his voice choked, “Master Qui-Gon . . .”

    “Once, I thought as you do,” Obi-Wan admitted softly. “However, believe me when I say there is nothing Qui-Gon would have approved of more than the path Zaed now walks.”

    XLVII. Tentative

    Anakin exhaled, knowing that Obi-Wan had no need to merely speculate as to his former Master's opinion. Instead . . .

    “I know you’ve been able to reach his spirit. Could I,” yet Anakin hesitated to think of every black seed with deep roots he bore both here and now and then and there with shameguiltanger. “Could I join you,” even so, he summoned his courage, “one of these times you commune with him?”

    Gently, Obi-Wan smiled. “He’s only been waiting for you to ask.”

    XLVIII. Symmetry

    It took the Council days of deliberation to decide whether or not Zaed should accompany the Jedi’s delegation (and secondary mission, searching for Darth Sidious' whereabouts) to Abeexis. There were many variables to weigh between pragmatism and justice and absolution and light and dark and right and wrong. Mara understood the intricacies of their decision, even as she well knew the choice she'd make in their stead.

    After all, it was impossible for her not to feel a kinship with Zaed when she considered the myriad little seeds that had been planted in her own mind. She'd so narrowly escaped a similar fate, while he . . .

    XLVIX. Carceral

    “It could have been me, you know,” Mara shared her doubts and fears with Luke. “I was taken, too. I could have been honored to serve him without question, certain all the while that I was doing the right thing.”

    She was grateful that Luke didn’t immediately say that she wouldn’t and she hadn’t. (After all, she dreamed as he dreamed when the nights were long and dark.)

    “At the core, you’re one of the best people I know,” Luke still disagreed. “Ultimately, you never would have stayed on the path Sidious set for you.”

    L. Inevitable

    “That's easy for you to say – you see the best in everyone.”

    “Only those it’s easy to see the good in," Luke protested with a grin.

    “Don’t worry, farmboy,” Mara teased. “It’s part of your charm.”

    And yet . . .

    “If I hadn’t escaped him, do you think . . . would you have still been my friend, somehow?”

    For that, Luke reached over and took her hand. “We would always find each other, in any lifetime,” he firmly stated. “There’s not a universe out there where I am not your friend.”

    Mara closed her fingers over his, and felt her heart warm.

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Nov 7, 2022
    Lovely sets! Also, Neruda really is the best, isn't he?

    I love how you've depicted everyone here. Zaed fighting back his dark past to stay on his new path, Obi-Wan's insight that Qui-Gon would forgive him, Anakin's complicated feelings about accepting Zaed while also sensing that he came very close to the darkness himself. And of course, Luke and Mara.

    Looking forward to reading more! :)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Very nice sets with Obi-Wan, Anakin, Luke and Mara and Zaed about the dark
  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    These drabbles! That poem! Like water for chocolate are your words flowing through me. =D= Factual statement this: in all universes, Luke and Mara are friends, and so much more. [face_love]
  11. Gabri_Jade

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    Nov 9, 2002
    Finally here :p

    With all these NJO ones, I want nothing more than to shake my fist at the profic :p It's interesting to look back on the NJO now, both remembering what it was to read it at the time and seeing it from a distance, and after reading the books that followed it, that were so much darker, yet also so much more poorly executed. In retrospect, I think that the NJO set for itself an astonishingly ambitious goal and, overall, achieved it surprisingly well. That said, it still had plenty of flaws, and it was darker than I would have preferred in profic (which is tricky to explain since I'm perfectly fine with darkness in the pro stories, and since I'm well aware that the NJO's basic premise and length really did require more darkness than the usual story; I think it may boil down to the length aspect, that the darkness had to last for so many books at a time that it just began to feel so hopeless even when the narrative still offered hope), and in these drabbles you touch on some of the parts that bothered me most, which triggers the fist-shaking reflex :p

    Such as this: even though I had never read Tenel Ka in anything before the NJO, it was easy to see how much weight was on her shoulders, and what an impossible burden it truly was, and this poor girl really needed a moment like this now and then to alleviate all that.

    And then there's Chewie *sigh* I understand what they were trying to accomplish with Chewie's death. I maintain that it was the wrong decision. Yeah, sure, in a real war no one is safe. This was a fictional one, with a relatively small core cast even at this point in the EU (at least in the context of a galaxy-wide war that would span nineteen books), and every author could and did come up with new minor characters to die in each book, and the core cast still suffered serious losses and mental and emotional and physical injuries. It wasn't necessary to kill any of them, and I don't think it served the narrative to do so (Zahn's said that each character killed means so many potential stories cut off at the root; sure, sometimes a character has to die, but never take that decision lightly), and I think it made a number of readers wary and unhappy right off the bat, and also I notice y'all killed off a character who was more of a challenge to figure out what to do with than a lot of others, ya bunch of cowards; y'all literally do this for a living, so you could have figured out things for the Wookiee to do :rolleyes:

    Watch me just rant about the NJO through this whole set; you have brought this upon yourself, Mira :p

    This, of course, is what upset me most about the NJO: how the Skywalker/Solo family became so divided, in so many ways. And again, yes, sure, that's realistic. In times of such immense stress as this, even close bonds can be tested. But I guess it's related to the length of the series again, that so much of it was drawn out for so long. And I didn't agree with the way a lot of it was handled. And the tension between Han and Anakin was one of my least favorite parts of the NJO.

    Don't even get me started about no Skydaughters and then being separated from Ben almost immediately, and for so long

    Feedback for the actual story, right :oops: One of the things that the NJO did more right than otherwise was Luke and Mara's relationships with their nephews and niece, and I love Mara's reflections here [face_love]

    We should have had more moments like this, though *shakes fist*

    This is so completely in character for Jaina :p

    ANAKIN *shakes fist* But so beautifully written *chef kiss*

    I'll give the NJO this: it did show more of the realistic impacts that being soldiers in a war would have on teenagers than the OT did. More than TCW, too.


    I mean, how else would a child that age react? Poor Ben

    Ben is such a smol sweetheart [face_love]

    I love Ben having Mara's expressions and body langauge [face_love]


    I love it [face_love]

    Good call, Ben :p


    Yeah, that would be daunting :clone:

    The Jedi Order clearly didn't take into account the level of trauma this boy was dealing with. Everyone in this galaxy needs therapy.

    Get her, Rex :p

    I love Obi-Wan :p

    You know, we often see Padmé's achievements framed as a laudable thing - after all, look how smart and talented and capable and dedicated to serving others she is. And she is all of those things. But. Wasn't she in the junior legislature something or other at 8yo? And mayor of Theed at 11yo, iirc? And elected queen of an entire planet at 14? And then went straight to being a galactic senator when she was done being queen? She barely had more of a childhood than Mara had. That's not actually healthy. So, yeah, little too much pressure here on one too young to really bear it, who's already been bearing it since she was a literal child.

    Basically everything about the clone army was deeply immoral, and I don't know whether Lucas specifically meant it to be interpreted like this, but I see it as a sign of just how badly the Jedi have lost their way, that they ever thought that it was an acceptable thing to lead - and therefore grant their stamp of approval to - an army that is literally created for that purpose, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of sentient individuals who never had any choice at all, or were ever even meant to have any other life but this, until it killed them. Sure, more of the Jedi than not treated their troops with respect and concern and even affection, but that doesn't change the fact that this whole thing was inexcusable from the very beginning.

    And yet, those emotional bonds that we know existed really made Order 66 all the more painful and tragic, so good job constructing that narrative arc, Lucas

    This feels like an excellent summary of their dynamic in TCW

    Yeah, child soldiers are bad, guys

    He's not wrong

    I can definitely see that memory being especially painful for Anakin through all of this

    Well, that's not good

    Even stars die out

    Gosh, I love all this science-art writing [face_love]

    That's my girl [face_love]


    I will never not be amused that whatever slanderous things Maul might think about Obi-Wan, Ahsoka is always "Lady Tano" :p

    You go, smol!Mara

    I really like this plant, Mira

    I feel like this, specifically, has been one of the primary messages of SW all the way back since RotJ. The culmination of the OT is one of the most memorable villains ever choosing to turn away from the dark. If someone is genuinely willing to make that choice and do the work necessary to support and maintain it, then yes, the light is reachable.

    Ouch, but also, yeah.

    Now that has the ring of perfect truth.

    Perhaps a bit impatiently? :p

    Excellent Mara characterization :cool:

    This boy, always seeing the best in everyone [face_love]

    That's right [face_love]