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Saga - OT Beyond the Saga GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY...Chapter # 21

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G for everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, original characters
    Summary: Han and Chewbacca have taken on a new 'legal' hauling job...will it be their last?

    GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #10 The Later Adventures of Han Solo 

    Han Solo woke slowly, barely opening his eyes. He shifted position to lie flat on his back, and stared up at the ceiling of his cabin. Running a hand down his face, brushing past the prickly beard stubble that had grown since yesterday, and thought. ‘What am I doing here? I could be home with Leia, seeing her and Ben every day’. Then he remembered…he wanted to go back to hauling to earn enough money so they could have a place of their own….enough so they wouldn’t have to be separated ever again. It was going to take a lot of legal hauling jobs to do that, ‘I made in a day smuggling what the two week hauling job paid. And it was a lot easier too…no restrictions, regulations you just deliver and got paid…and no taxes and no trails.’ But, he couldn’t put Leia and Ben in harm’s way, one botched job, like dumping the spice he had hauled for Jabba and they’d be after his family. Jabba had captured Leia once. Nope…better to do it the hard way….. He sat up on the edge of the bunk, stretching muscles. “Better get going.” He said to himself. “Chewie will be wanting his rest time.”

    He stood and pulled up the bedclothes…smiling…one didn’t forget years of military training….it became second-nature. Slipping out of his unders and throwing them into the cleaner he padded to the shower.

    Humming a bawdy tune he’d learned in one of the cantinas he’d frequented years ago, he shaved
    quickly, then grabbed a clean pair of pants and shirt and after sliding into his black boots and tightening the blaster belt in place around his hips and thigh, he was ready for the day.

    “Hey, Chewie!” He called, rounding the hallway to the cockpit.

    (“About time you got here.”) The Wookiee answered as Han slipped into his pilot’s seat.

    Putting a hand to his chest, Han replied in mock seriousness, “I can’t help it… takes time to look this good.”

    His partner gave a snort. (“There’s kava and protein bread in the galley. Here are the
    readings from ship’s ‘overnight‘. Nothing going on.”)

    “You get some rest. I’ll call about the animal transport job. We’ll make a decision about
    going for it when you get up and I’ve talked to Leia. I still need to give you your part of the credits
    for your work on the hauling job.”

    The Wookiee nodded and left the cockpit. Han checked the nav-computer; satisfied, he
    left to get the kava and bread.

    Taking a last sip from the cup, Han keyed the com-link to the frequency Dom Tolar had given him.
    An alarm sounded drawing his attention and he reached behind himself to the far left and
    flipped a toggle switch, silencing the alarm. He read the console scanner and found a minor miscalculation and adjusted it. The com-link static stopped and a voice came through clearly.

    “Answering a random summons. This is Agra-Base Four, Voth Mugo here. Identify yourself.”

    “Agra-Base, this is the Millennium Falcon’s Captain, Han Solo. I was given some information that
    you are looking for haulers for living stock.”

    “That’s right. You have an Intergalactic Hauling Guild card?”

    “Sure do.”

    “The pick-up is on Merga near the Rim.”

    Han was pulled that up on his navi-screen as the man spoke, and gave a nod. It was reachable
    in a solar-day hyperspace travel. “What‘s the cargo?” Han asked.

    “We need to have a substantial number of txori taken to the farm planet Ziad.” Han zoomed in on the planet and calculated it to be a two solar day trip from Merga.

    Han knit his brow, “What are txori?”

    “Small, avians, just about a half foot in height. They’re feathered but wingless, have two legs and webbed feet. They’re beaked and chirp. They can range in color from pale yellow to dark orange. At maturity they are about a foot and a half in height and lay eggs that are a great source of protein food.”

    “What’s the pay?”

    “One-hundred and fifty thousand credits.”

    Han Whistled under his breath. “Any special care for them?”

    “Just feed and water them. We supply the transport food.”

    “Any fees or other expenses upon pick-up or delivery?” Han didn’t want any surprises on this trip.

    “None. Just take them there and unload.”

    “We’ll take the job. I’ll be heading to Merga as soon as we finish talking.”

    “Tell me your ship’s identification.”

    “A YT1300 Corellian freighter, Millennium Falcon.”

    “Here are the coordinates for landing and pickup.” Han wrote down the navigational coordinates.
    “Come to the large, fenced installation and ask for me, Voth Mugo.”

    “Fine, my partner and I will be there in a few standard hours.” Han said, hoping Chewbacca didn’t mind him taking the job without checking with him and knowing he wouldn’t.


    “Got the job, Leia. Great pay. It’s a just a few days and I’ll be home in about a week. I’ll take Chewie back too.”

    “That will work out fine. There are five planet representatives coming I have to meet with and I should be finished by that time. I will be SO glad to have you home…and so will Ben.”

    “How is he?”

    “He’s been doing great. No problems. Doing his homework. Talking with Luke. Still practicing
    with his glo-rod.”

    “That makes me feel better.” Han told her. “He will be a Jedi in the future…it’s in him and is
    his heritage. Luke will guide him. You clear all your responsibilities because when I get home,
    the next day we are going away for at least three solar days.”

    “That sounds so nice. I’ll do my best.” Leia responded.

    “Ben around?”

    “No, he’s already gone to school. Be sure to have him something when you come home.”

    “I won’t forget.” Han assured her. “I love you.”

    “I love you, too.” Leia whispered back before she keyed off the transmission.

    Han set the coordinates and watched out the cockpit windows…he loved space flight, it was in his
    blood as much as being a Jedi was in Ben’s….


    Plodding footsteps broke into his musing as Chewbacca entered the cockpit and squirmed
    into his co-pilots seat.

    “I went ahead and took the job, Chewie, hauling txori for a hundred and fifty thousand credits.
    A solar week trip.” The Wookiee nodded and growled agreement.

    “How about we go home after this haul and see our sweethearts?”
    Chewbacca nodded enthusiastically.

    Han calculated for hyper-flight to Merga and watched as the stationary light of the stars
    turned to streaks as they shot into hyperspace.















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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Yay that last job was totally non-stressful. No fees, paperwork, :rolleyes: Looking forward to quality couple time. :)
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  3. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi WarmNyota...thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #10.
    The private/quality time for Han and Leia come after this cargo well as a lot of

    Lynda V.
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  4. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    “Ben around?”

    “No, he’s already gone to school. Be sure to have him something when you come home.”

    “I won’t forget.” Han assured her. “I love you.”

    “I love you, too.” Leia whispered back before she keyed off the transmission.

    Han set the coordinates and watched out the cockpit windows…he loved space flight, it was in his
    blood as much as being a Jedi was in Ben’s….

    The sweetness of her conversations holds the heartbreak of a bleak future to come. But it is still great reading about their family life before it broke down completely.
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  5. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #10.
    Appreciate your comments about the family life.

    Tell you a 'secret'. Han and Leia will get to have their private get away
    after the newest job.

    Always wondered about their 'lives' before THE FORCE AWAKENS.
    These stories are just from my 'point of view'. Another writer
    may have a different take.

    Have a good evening. Lynda V.
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  6. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa Solo, Luke Skywalker, Ben Solo, Original characters
    Summary: Han and Chewbacca are on their second 'legal' hauling job...will it be their last?



    “This is it.” Han said to Chewbacca as the location buzzer sang, indicating they were close to Merga. Unfolding his long frame from the game table seat, he headed for the cockpit. Chewbacca followed the echo of his partner’s footsteps across the smuggling compartment grates.

    Adjusting his headset, as Chewbacca settled into his co-pilots’ seat, Han keyed the com-link to make contact. “Captain Han Solo requesting landing coordinates for pick-up.”

    The com-link crackled with a response. “Captain Solo set to 375 latitude, 145 longitude
    for landing. Then come to the processing center for further instructions.”

    “Will do.” He acknowledged snapping off the com-link, and dialed the coordinates
    on the navi-puter as they entered the atmosphere of Merga. “Just think, Chewie,
    this time next week we’ll be with our families. I sure miss Leia and Ben.”

    Chewbacca shook his head (“I miss Malla and the children.”)

    Soaring above sun lit hills and fenced meadows, they saw a variety of animals; woolly sphee, running synops, four legged, grazing alettac and several other species Han couldn’t readily identify.

    Wood frame buildings and fenced in plots dotted the flat-land. Scanning closely, Han located the landing area and guided the FALCON into a tight arc, expertly setting the ship down without so much as a shudder.

    Looking out the cockpit window as he removed the headset and worked to shut down the ship he commented, after a glance at the console, to Chewbacca. “Gravity and oxygen in normal limits for us. That red building over there must be the processing center.”
    “Black blood of Bloza, Chewie. That smell could kill a Bantha.“ Han wrinkled his nose as they left the Falcon. “And I thought tauntauns smelled bad.”

    (“It is a livestock planet.”) The Wookiee commented.

    Sure hope those txori don’t smell that bad. I’ll have to junk the Falcon.”

    They walked a few paces toward the building. “Watch where you step, pal, you
    don’t know what is a dirt clod and what is….”

    “Captain Solo!” Boomed a slightly rotund, sun-darkened skin man walked toward them. “Voth Mugo.” He nodded to the big Wookiee.

    Han stopped and took the offered hand. “Nice to meet you. Is our cargo ready?”

    “Sure is. Just show me your Guild Membership Card for verification and I’ll take you to your shipment. We’ll load you quickly so you can be on your way. The txori need to be
    delivered within forty-eight flight hours. They don’t need to be cooped up from natural
    air and sunlight for long. It will inhibit their laying capabilities.”

    “I understand.” Han nodded as they walked the rest of the way to the building.

    Inside, he filled out a receipt of cargo. “How many of the txori are we loading?”

    “Ten thousand.” Mugo told them. “They’re housed in two hundred crates, fifty to a crate.

    “WHAT?!? I wasn’t expecting near that many.” Han blustered while Chewbacca shook his head….his friend never asked enough questions…

    “Captain, we’re supplying a small planet with these avians. They will be distributed around the whole planet.”

    The Corellian gave a deep sigh and shifted from one foot to another, hands on his hips.

    “All you have to do is give them water and feed twice a day…with it being a two-solar day trip….” Mugo let the sentence fade.<“and there is the matter of a hundred and fifty thousand credits….> Han mused to himself. How hard could it be to take care of those avians for a couple of days……
    Chewie’d help.

    “Here’s your pay.” Mugo held a credit chip toward Han (surely the sight of money would
    soften the pilot’s thoughts).

    Han took the chip and secured it in a jacket pocket. “This way.” Mugo began walking
    toward the huge avian building.
    “We have more than just txori housed here.” The man began to identify the others.
    “There are esgee, krutsyo, sudks, rugose and tansep.” The squalks, peeps, clucks, warbles, screams and yells nearly drowned out the words; feathers and down floated in the air.

    Han swatted a feather from his face and Chewbacca sneezed a couple of times.

    “It takes getting used to.” Mugo laughed as he spoke into his com-link. “Bring around the flat-mover to load the txori. Captain, get your ship’s cargo hold ready. We’ll also be loading a water tank and feed bin.”

    Han nodded as he and Chewbacca headed back to the Falcon.
    Han gazed into the cargo hold. Crates were arranged with walking space between them and the feeding bin and water tank were on either side of the crates. The noise of the txori almost matched what he and Chewbacca’d heard in the building. Han was glad he had soundproofed the area years ago.

    “All set Captain Solo. Here is where you will deliver the avians on Ziad.” Han took the paper and shoved it in a pant’s pocket. “Safe and quick trip.” Mugo called to the as they entered the ship.
    Seated in the cockpit, Han keyed the com-link for a quick call to Leia. Static was all he heard. “Hope nothing’s wrong back home.” He muttered.

    (“She’s a busy lady.”) Chewbacca stated.

    “I’ll try later.” Han snapped off the com-link and started up the ship’s engines. Waiting
    for the navi-puter to register the flight path coordinates he'd been given; then shook his head..

    (“Something bothering you?”) Chewbacca knew his friend's moods well.

    “Just thinking, pal.” Han replied, sinking back into his seat. “Remembering hauls of past years…seems like a lifetime ago. No mess, no bother, just outrun thieves and officials, deliver the cargo….make a quick get away ….then have a drink at a cantina and swap lies and stories with others….spending free, untraceable credits…looking forward to the next haul….there was an excitement to it.”

    (“I remember.”) Chewbacca gave a Wookiee smile. (“Do you miss that?”)

    Han was quiet for a moment then turned to look at his friend… “Yes, sometimes.”
    He answered honestly.

    (“But you wouldn’t have Leia and Ben.”)

    “That’s true….but that’s completely different.” Chewbacca remained silent.

    The navi-puter dinged signifying the path was set. “Let’s go, Chewie, the quicker we get there and unload those squalk-boxes the quicker we can go home.” Han pulled back the throttle and the Falcon rose majestically into the sky……

















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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellently in character -- that Han would miss the excitement, although the nostalgic glow is present somewhat [face_laugh] Having thugs chase you ready to "snuff you out"--that's a bit too exciting. True he was always able to extricate himself. It's the Correllian resourcefulness. [face_love]
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  8. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    WarmNyota...thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #11.
    Appreciate your comments. More excitement and romance to come.

    Lynda V.
  9. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Original Characters
    SUMMARY: Han and Chewbacca deliver their second cargo...will it be their last?
    Trouble brewing back home


    Mayhem aboard the Falcon

    “Leia?” Han clicked the com-link switch a couples of times…. Guess she’s still busy.” He commented setting down the com-link and rising from his pilot’s seat. “You want some kava when I get back from feeding and watering those txori?

    Chewbacca nodded, keeping his eyes on the flight console.

    “It’ll take me a while.” Han called over his shoulder as he walked down the corridor to the cargo hold. He could hear the peeps, squalks and squeals of the avians before he opened the door. “I’m coming…I’m coming.” He muttered. It was almost deafening inside as the critters bunched near the feeding and watering troughs at the edge of the cages.

    He filled the water troughs first then started with the feed…the troughs lifted out of the cages and left quite an opening and a couple of the smaller avians got out and were running around on the floor before he could replace the feed troughs. “Watch out!” He yelled, a booted foot almost stepping on one of them. The small things were fast and he had to hustle to catch them and put them back in the cage, but not without a few pecks on his hands. It was quite a chore to fill all two-hundred cages with feed and water, but when finished, he headed for the galley to make the kava.
    “You’re going to take care of those avians next time.” Han told his partner, handing him a steaming cup before sitting down, his eyes flickering over the console, checking the readings.

    Chewbacca took the cup, glancing up at Han and started shaking with rumbled laughter.

    “Something funny?”

    Chewbacca reached up and plucked a few yellow feathers out of Han’s hair. (“You always said you wanted to fly.”).

    Han brushed a hand over his shaggy locks. “Yeah.” He mumbled back, irritated.

    A siren sounded, startling Han as he sat. “What the hell?” He scanned the console…
    nothing was out of range….then Chewbacca nudged him on the shoulder and pointed
    out the cockpit…both saw the roiling, blue-black cloud coming into their viewing area; streaks of red lightning forking wickedly through it.

    “What IS that?” Han punched buttons for an outside reading. Lights began flickering
    randomly across the console. Chewbacca worked his side of the console. Something caught Han’s eye; he turned and saw the com-link floating beside him. Other small objects in the cockpit began elevating… “Anti-gravity storm!” Han yelled and began increasing the gravity pressure within the ship. “We gotta get away from that.”

    The cup of kava he’d sat down on the console tilted sideways and spilled on the floor.

    “Kith’s fire!” The pilot cursed, but continued to stabilize and move away from the storm.
    “Keep an eye on that outside reading, Chewie, tell me when we are out of it’s reach.”

    The Wookiee mumbled. After a frantic half hour, things began dropping in the cockpit.

    (“We’re clear.”) Chewbacca told him.

    “I better go check on those avians.”
    Inside the cargo hold, the creatures didn’t seem flustered and quite a few were already
    settled down with their beaks nestled in their side feathers.. sleeping.


    “Leia? Can you hear me?” Han tried to contact his wife when back in the cockpit again.

    (“Think there could be a power failure?”). Chewbacca knew his friend was worried.

    Han shook his head, wrinkling his brow….

    “Han….don’t break the connection….I can hear you.”

    Han lifted the keyed com-link back to his mouth….“Leia…anything wrong?”

    After a slight pause, which unnerved him, Leia answered. “Your son hid the com-link. I just found it.”

    “Why did he do that?”

    “I think because he didn’t want me to tell you what he’d done.”

    Han took a deep breath…”And what was that?”

    “He was trying to levitate things, like Uncle Luke, only he was doing it backwards.”


    “When he couldn’t get the things to rise, he threw them up in the air and tried to make them stay there. We had quite a mess here…broken dishes, lamps, pottery…the vase you gave me…things like that…..”

    “Did you discipline him?”

    “I had Luke talk to him.”

    “Luke’s talked to him before, doesn’t seem like that worked. Want me to say something to him now?

    “He’s in bed asleep…it‘s dark-time here. You can have a talk with him when you get home.”

    “We’re half-way to Ziad with the avians. Once we unload them, we’ll come straight

    “I’m glad. We miss you.”

    “I miss you and Ben, too. He’ll be fine, Leia. I’ll take him on a run with me when we get back from our trip.”

    “I’m looking so forward to time alone with you, Han.” Leia whispered sweetly.

    “I’ll make it real special, Leia. You get some rest. Get in touch with you later.
    Comm me if you need me. I love you.”

    “I love you, Han.”


    The light from Ziad’s sun shone through the cockpit window…it would have been a welcome sight if it wasn’t for Chewbacca’s barks and roars coming from the cargo hold. Han smiled to himself… apparently Chewie was receiving a some avian pecks himself as he was watering and feeding the them.

    After a few moments, Han felt a tug on his boot. Looking down, he was greeted with an
    orange avian looking back up at him…suddenly another jumped up on the back of his pilot’s seat…giving a weak crow…”What the…” He punched in the auto-pilot and rose from his seat. “I’d better go help Chewie.” Turning toward the corridor, he saw dozens of avians roaming round…scooting past them he headed for the lounge…it, too, was filled with the things… on the seats, pecking at the game table…pulling at wiring..some sitting on the overhead ducting…”Chewie!” Han rushed toward the hold and saw some of the avians jumping down into the gun port…feathers flying everywhere…

    ”CHEWIE!!!!” He began running to the hold, troding through a squalking, pecking, yellow sea….the Wookiee emerged from the hold, nearly covered with the avians. “What the hell happened?!? You didn’t let them out did you!” Chewbacca shook his head…”(I thought I’d fill the troughs all at once…I guess they got out through the tray slots.”) “Aw, Chewie….” The Wookiee shrugged his shoulders.

    Han gave a deep, exasperated sigh…”Let’s round ‘em up.”

    Taking turns checking the flight console, it took the pair several ship’s hours rounding up the avians…from the gun port, the galley, Han’s cabin…the lounge.. feathers and droppings were everywhere; Han slid and fell once tackling a larger avian….

    “I think that’s the last of them.” Han said breathlessly, spitting out a piece of down, as they checked the locks on the cages and replaced the feeding and watering trays. Chewbacca was covered with so much down and yellow feathers he looked like a giant avian. Han gave a wary smile. “This would be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful. I’ll never order cooked avian again in any eating place! And I’ll NEVER haul animals again!” Chewbacca shook his head in agreement…down flying off his fur.
    “Captain Han Solo, requesting landing coordinates.” Han keyed the com-link to the spaceport frequency.

    “Captain Solo, land berth 27.”

    “Got it.” Han replied. “Let get this done and go home.” Han told Chewbacca, who nodded his head, anxious as Han to get the crates of avians off the Falcon.
    Passing through the doors of the spaceport, Han waited his turn at the counter…apparently a couple of other ships loaded with livestock had landed before him and the pilots and cargo were being processed.

    “What’s your cargo?” The barrel chested humanoid asked Han, who was caught unaware and pointed to himself, mouthing “Me?”

    “Yes…name and identification of your ship and your cargo.”

    “Han Solo, Millennium Falcon arriving with two-hundred crates of txori.” Han drew the cargo manifest from his vest and spread it out on the counter.

    “We’ve been expecting these.”

    “All we need to do is unload and clean out our ship and leave. Some of the avians got out of their cages…feathers and droppings there a ship cleaning service?” Han asked, looking around.

    “There is…all ships carrying livestock are cleaned and decontaminated. You are on the list.”

    “How long til my ship is unloaded.”

    “It will be a while. There is a cantina on the other side of the delivery building. We’ll notify you by intercom when your turn for unloading comes up.”

    “Oh, one thing, Captain Solo. Once your ship is unloaded and cleaned there is a five day quarantine.”

    “I don’t care how long you keep the avians…once unloaded, they’re not my problem.”
    He was just glad the delivery was about over and he’d be free to go.

    “You don’t understand, Captain, not only will the avians be quarantined, but you and your ship will be quarantined as well for those five planet days. Also, you and your….partner…” He looked up at the Wookiee…will have to have a decontamination shower and clothes cleaned.”

    WHAT?!…. I wasn’t told about a quarantine…I can’t stay here for five days!” Chewbacca growled.

    “Authorized procedure, Captain, just in case any bacteria or infection of the avians is present. They can’t be sent to other locations until they are cleared and since your ship carried them, it can’t be allowed to leave.”

    “Well, I’m not staying!” He declared emphatically, hitting the counter with the palm of his hand in frustration.

    “Captain…“ the humanoid began explaining calmly…“you must follow procedure…or your ship will be confiscated and you will be held by our security forces until the five days are completed.”

    Han fumed and cursed under his breath….

    “Those are the rules, Captain, and if you don’t following them your Guild Card will be
    pulled. There are showers and rooms at the cantina. I suggest you go there to……
    cool off?” The humanoid processor raised a purple eyebrow.

    After a pause Han groused to his partner…”Come on, Chewie, I need to find a stiff drink and someone to talk me out of staying in this line of work!”






















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  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh, terrific A 5-day quarantine for Han and the Falcon?!?! That would have been nice to know beforehand! [face_frustrated]

    Worrying stuff with Ben at home. [face_worried]

    For more than one reason, Han can't get home too quickly.
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  11. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota. thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #12.
    Things change after this latest home and with the 'job'.
    Romantic interlude not far in the future...

    Have a nice weekend. Lynda V.
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  12. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    A forest of rules. His smuggler heart must scream: "Nooooo!" all the time. This reminds me vaguely of a certain alien species from Douglas Adam´s who love rules and administration, too.
  13. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure, thank you for taking time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #12.
    Just wanted to write, my viewpoint for a story, how Han tried to go back
    to 'legal' hauling and how it turned out and why it was a catalyst for him
    going back to smuggling. Plus, Ben's early frustration and behavior.

    Han and Leia's 'romantic interlude' comes up soon in the story.
    Have a good weekend. Lynda V.
  14. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Original characters
    SUMMARY: Han and Chewbacca are on their second 'legal' haul and Han gets an intriguing offer
    from another pilot.

    The Later Adventures of Han Solo


    It was the third day of the forced quarantine on Ziad for Han Solo and he wasn’t happy.
    He didn’t like waiting…didn’t like the cantina….didn’t like it because Chewbacca was taking it all in stride…didn’t like being away from Leia and Ben…didn’t like all the regulations he was being forced to follow…didn’t like the drink he was nursing sitting at a side table in the cantina….didn’t like the music….waiting…….thinking about all he’d gone through in the last three planet days…..

    Once he and Chewbacca entered the cantina, a well-armed security guard marched them to the cleaning facilities.. he had to remove all his clothing.. put on a white, zip up one piece jump suit; made him feel like one of those singers in a club… His boots had to be cleaned, his blaster and belt cleaned….He nodded his head remembering the howls and growls Chewbacca roared as he was being scrubbed down…Chewie sure looked fluffier after his bath…. and he was waiting word that the Falcon had been cleaned and decontaminated. He gave a wry smile…he hoped those jokers found and had to pick up every feather and piece of down those txori had shed. They had uncomfortable beds..the food was passable and he’d run out of things to talk about with the other pilots who frequented the cantina. … He gaze over to where Chewbacca and another being were playing a holo game. Wondered if the alien game-partner would let the Wookiee win.

    “Mind if I sit here?” A deep voice asked. Han glanced up and saw a dark haired man, about his age…maybe a little older, he could tell the man was a freighter pilot by his clothes. Han nodded and the man took a seat.

    “You look like someone who’s half way into waiting out a quarantine.”

    The Corellian smiled and raised his glass in a salute before downing the last of the liquor.
    “You’ve got a good eye.”

    “Arc Warner.” The man took a sip from his glass. “I’m only here for a planet day.

    Just brought in some bull-brams…10 of them. They want to keep the species going without having to freight in any more sugans. You?”

    “Brought in ten thousand txori. I’ll never do that again!”

    Arc gazed at Han; sizing up the pilot. “You on the up-and-up?” He asked, looking around the area, shaking the ice shards in his drink.

    Han knit his brow… “How do you mean?”

    “You in freighting to make an honest living…play by the rules?”

    Han took a deep breath….his gaze taking in the face…the posture…the aura of the man..
    his experienced eye could tell he wasn’t a threat.

    “So far. Don’t like it.”

    “You done anything else?” Arc asked, scanning the well worn blaster and holster strapped comfortably to Han’s right thigh.

    Licking his lips, Han replied. “Yeah…..….years ago.”

    Arc leaned forward in his chair…...then, dropping his voice…. “I haul legal as my cover.”

    “Your cover?” Han wanted to make sure.

    “There’s no money in legal hauling. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get fuel money just to go on to the next haul…..a vicious circle….”

    “And you don’t want to stay in that ‘vicious circle’?”

    “Do you?” Arc looked Han straight in the eye. “Look around…bet half of these haulers are covering.”

    “Thought I did…it’s not just me I’m working for. Have a family.”

    “All the more reason to make good….for them.” Arc raised an arm to signal for another
    drink, after catching the server’s eye.. he asked Han… “You want another?”

    The Corellian shook his head negative. The two men sat quietly.. each pondering their own thoughts….until the server brought Arc his fresh drink.

    “You be interested in a side-job?”

    “Might…… depends on what it is.” Han heard himself reply; couldn’t hurt to hear the details.

    “I need to make a diversionary move. I’ve got three tetlars of sagrite gems I need to
    deliver to Plama…the royalty there want them for their crowns. I think I’ve got a tail.”

    “Sagrite huh? Those are rare and right at impossible to get. I’ve never seen one.” Han mused, he knew what was a valuable commodity. “How did you manage that?”

    “The less you know, the better. Where’re you headed?”  

    “Home.” One never gave away their flight plan.

    “You passing by Plama?” Han wasn’t familiar with that planet.

    “Maybe.” He answered. Just then Chewbacca pulled out a chair and sat down, his bulk overshadowing the table. Arc stiffened up in his seat and shot Han a wary look.

    “He’s my partner, Chewbacca.” Han off-handedly introduced. Chewbacca gave a soft growl.
    Arc nodded.

    Han stared into his empty drink glass.. Pondering what Arc was asking him. “Give me the particulars.”

    “As I said, I think I‘m being tailed.. Don’t know if its pirates or officials. If it’s officials, I’m dead sure I’ll get boarded as soon as I leave Ziad’s atmosphere. I can’t have those gems any where on me or my ship. If I get tagged with the gems, I’m out of business and off to prison. But, if I’m clean, they’ll let me go and I can continue on my ‘legal’ hauling runs. Pirates, I can manage.”

    “What would I have to do?” Han asked. (“You want to get mixed up in something like that?”) Chewbacca questioned his partner. “I’m just hearing him out, Chewie.”

    “I leave the gems with you…you secrete them somewhere on your ship…take off for home and make a casual stop on Plama…if you’re questioned you just say it’s a refueling stop or a repair job needing done. Go to the cantina there for a drink and tell the bartender you are delivering a present for one of the females there from an ‘admirer’. After hours, the bartender comes to your ship to take possession of the ‘gift‘. Deal done and you’re back on your way home.” Arc watched as Han mulled over what he’d proposed.

    “What would be in it for me for using my ship and taking the risk?”

    “You can take a third of the gems, and sell them, or I’ll pay you seventy-five thousand credits now…an unmarked credit chip…free and clear…untraceable….”

    “How do I know that credit chip would be any good?”

    Arc smiled, not insulted, and nodded his head, giving a soft chuckle. “The mark of a true smuggler. always suspicious.”

    “When would I get possession of the gems?” Han asked.

    “Right now. I leave after this deal.”

    “How do you know I won’t take off with them and not make the delivery?”

    “You’ve been smuggling long enough to know the code of honor between smugglers.” Arc replied.

    Han stroked his beard-stubbled chin, thinking…<a third of the gems to sell on the black market….I still know all the contacts….could be worth a million or more credits…Leia doesn’t have to know…making quick credits would mean I wouldn’t have to be away from Leia and Ben for so long. >

    Han sat quiet for a while, chewing his bottom lip in thought. Then, “I’ll do it.”

    Chewbacca gave a slight, questioning growl, but Han knew the Wookiee would remain silent.

    Arc looked around the well lit cantina, spotting a security guard making a round through the area. “We can’t make the exchange here. Go to the pilot’s common room. I’ll meet you there in half an hour and give you the items and the coordinates for the town on Plama. You tell me then whether you want the gems or the credit chip.”

    Han nodded silently as Arc rose to leave. He stayed.. Not wanting to catch anyone’s attention by leaving at the same time.

    (“You know if you get caught by the officials, you’re off to prison like Arc said.”) Chewbacca tried to reason with his friend. (“That will be even longer away from your family…..maybe permanently…fighting with the Rebellion didn’t erase all those others you dealt with and still owe. And if it’s pirates, you face death as well as robbery.”)

    Han knew his friend was making sense…and there was also the fact that he was some
    years older…he didn’t steal the gems…he was just making a delivery like he did the building poles and the txori…..

















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  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wow, Arc has sure made an intriguing offer. [face_thinking] Lots to think about and now Han knows that he's not the only one who finds "legal hauling" frustrating because you don't get paid enough and there's too much red tape. :p But Chewie makes a good point also -- getting caught with illegal merchandise and being incarcerated or being on the outs with pirates -- that's certainly no solution. :eek:
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  16. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G for everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Chewbacca, Ben Solo
    SUMMARY: Han and Chewbacca are done with their second hauling job and heading
    for home. Will they make it?


    “Leia to Han….Leia to Han….” The Millennium Falcon’s com-link crackled as the Corellian ran toward the cockpit, his bootfalls echoing through the corridor …he didn’t want to miss a call from his wife.

    Stretching over his pilot‘s seat, in the early morning twilight, he grabbed and keyed the comlink….“Leia..I’m here.” He plopped down into his seat. “Anything wrong?”

    “No, everything is fine here…just wanted to let you know I’m finished with the planetary
    representatives and was wondering how close to home you were.”

    “Chewie and I are just getting ready to leave. Happy as hell that those five quarantine days are over. I don’t ever want to go through that again.” Chewbacca gave an echoing growl from the circular corridor.

    “No more carrying animals for me.” Han vowed. “Cost me twenty-five thousand credits to get the Falcon cleaned and disinfected. How’s Ben?”

    “Ben is doing fine. Looking forward to you getting home…don’t forget to bring him a surprise.”

    “I won’t. Will make a quick stop on the way to pick up something.”

    (“Han, come to the hatchway.”) Chewbacca called.

    “We’ll be home in about twelve standard hours, I’m going to hyper-drive all the way.”

    “See you then.” Leia switched off the connection.
    “What is it.” Han asked; his slow, lanky strides taking him to the Falcon’s hatchway.

    The Wookiee nodded silently to the outside…where, in the planet’s early dawn, four security officers, arms drawn, stood.

    “Captain Solo?” The lead officer spoke. Han, hands on his hips as was his habit, nodded.
    “We need to board your ship. We have an intergalactic warrant.”

    Han, his features drawn in concern, looked at Chewbacca, who shrugged his massive shoulders.

    “We don’t need your permission to board.”

    Han moved aside and the four entered the hatchway area.

    “What’s this all about?” Han asked. He sure didn’t want any more delays.

    “We’re searching your ship.” The leader handed the warrant to him. “If we find what we’re looking for, you’ll be arrested and kept for trial and sentencing on the charges of receiving and smuggling contraband.”


    “You were seen in the cantina talking with Arc Warner. He’s been under surveillance for
    suspicion of smuggling rare gems. He was allowed to leave Ziad, but being followed to see if he makes a delivery. We just want to be sure he didn’t give the contraband to you.”

    “Don’t know what you are talking about. All we did was share a drink and hauling stories in the cantina…..killing time.” Han explained. “I talked to a lot of the pilots during those five days.. so did he. Why don’t you check them out, too?”

    “We are, but only you were seen later in the pilot’s common room with him before he left.”

    Han shifted impatiently from one foot to the other. “He was picking up the rest of his belongings.”

    The second security officer looked at the leader…….

    “Go ahead…search the ship…the whole ship..” Han said, waving a hand to indicate the
    rest of the areas. “I’m anxious to leave and get back home.”

    The leader nodded and the other three scattered throughout the Falcon. The leader remained, holding his weapon steadily on Han and Chewbacca.

    “Just don’t mess up anything.. I just got this bucket cleaned!!!!!” Han yelled behind them.
    After the ‘all clear‘ sign from the others, the leader said. “Alright. Your ship is clean…you can leave.”

    “Thank you.” Han bit out sarcastically.

    The officers left and Han locked the hatchway. “Let’s get out of here, Chewie.. you start her up….”
    Looking intently at the navi-puter, Han searched for Plama…..clicking the screen to another
    section, he found it. “Here it is, Chewie….just on the edge of the Lednas spiral. Should be
    easy to make it there.” After punching in the coordinates Han leaned back and removed his
    headset. “Just hope those in security don’t follow us like they are Arc. We’ll just keep a sharp eye out…keep that back radar engaged all the way. Want some kava and a protein snack?”

    (“Yes…don’t burn mine.”)

    Han punched his friend on the shoulder as he rose to head for the galley. “Gonna make a stop at the lavatory.”
    Back in the galley, Han heated water for kava and put the snacks in the warmer; he was humming to himself…thinking of Leia and Ben….but especially of Leia… and the plans he had for their three days alone together. He smiled.

    “It’s almost ready.” Han yelled to Chewbacca. ”Hold on to your fur.”

    Gingerly holding the two cups of hot kava in one hand and the snacks in the other, Han
    ambled back to the cockpit. After settling down and taking a bite, he asked Chewbacca. “You looking forward to time with Malla?”

    The Wookiee shook his head yes….(since we live longer than you humans, we see these separations as a few hours or days rather than weeks or months. Malla and I will
    go into the forest alone. Lumpy is old enough to care for the little ones.”).

    Han scanned the console readouts…they were in hyper drive to Plama and would be there in a couple of standard ship hours.

    (“You think there will be any problem dropping off the gems??).

    “Nah,” Han answered confidently, “No one knows we have them and since the ship
    has already been searched and ‘officially’ cleared, there won’t be any one else checking us out.”

    The partners flew quietly the rest of the way to Plama, keeping watch on the computer readings, enjoying their freedom.


    They entered the gray-cloud darkened atmosphere of Plama at the set coordinates.

    “We would have to land in the rain.” Han groused scanning the area for the landing station. “Not many other ships in the bay area, Chewie, they didn’t tell us a berth to land in, so set down any place empty.” Han instructed as he began console shut down on his side. Chewbacca deftly maneuvered the Falcon to a smooth set-down and landing.

    Slapping the open switch, Han and Chewbacca exited the ship and headed through the docking bay toward town, nodding to a few pilots on the way.

    “I want to make a stop at a mercantile before we hit the cantina. Don’t want to wait around after we finish the business there.” Chewbacca woofed agreement.

    Stopping at the edge of the bay, watching the rain, Han hunched up the collar of his
    jacket.. “Come on.” They took out, sprinting toward the board-sidewalk.

    Passing several wood-structure buildings as they ambled down the walkway, Han finally stopped and entered a corner shop.
    It didn’t take long; Han made his purchases and was pleased to see Chewbacca choose a few things for his family.

    Leaving the shop, they stopped a passerby to ask directions to the cantina. The older woman, scrunching up her nose in disgust, pointed the way, then hit Han on the arm with the handle of her rain protector before she turned to leave.

    Han gave a sharp laugh. “Guess I’ve just been chastised.”

    The rain started to let up as they walked the couple of town blocks to the cantina. Entering
    the place, Han couldn’t help the feeling that swept over him…a familiar place; dark, hazy, dirty, noisy, denzins at tables and in corners, just like when he made his smuggling deals in the past. He scanned the room and spotted an empty, out of the way table close to the door, nodding to Chewbacca, then approached the bar.

    The bartender gave a cursory look at the pair; a scruffy pilot and a shaggy, wet Wookiee.
    “What’ll you have?” He asked. Han looked the man over… “Two flame rollers.”

    He turned to fill the mugs… Han looked around the area…leaning an arm casually on
    the bar and said quietly…. “I have a delivery…for one of the girls…from an admirer.”

    Not moving a muscle and continuing to fill the mugs the bartender said… “I’ll pick it up
    tonight. Tell me where your ship is.”

    “Want to give the package to you now, don’t want to wait around…something might
    happen.” Han told him.

    The man placed the mugs on the bar…”You being followed?”

    “Don’t know. Just don’t want to take any chances.”

    The man nodded…looking around…no one seemed to be paying attention to anything at the bar.

    “Pay for the drinks is in this pouch.” Han slid the small bag across the bar… The tender nodded in understanding and took the pouch like he would any other transaction.

    Han and Chewbacca walked slowly to the table and sat long enough to enjoy their drinks..
    Then left quietly.
    Back in the Falcon, Han, at the controls, adjusted his headset as Chewbacca punched in the coordinates for Kashyyyk. (“Let me give you these now.”) The Wookiee opened a section of his bandolier and caught a spill of sparkling gems in his big paw.

    Han smiled. “Sure was a good hiding place. You keep ‘em. No one would ever think they’d be on Kashyyyk. We’ll sell them on our next trip out.” Han mused to himself how easily the words came out about selling the gems. The Wookiee nodded and placed the gems back in the bandolier, making sure the lock caught.

    “Lift-off, Chewie, we’re on our way home.”

    MORE TO COME…..Friday 11-17-17






























  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Sweet anticipation for both homecomings looks like. Hmm. That sudden search was worrying but I'm glad the officers didn't find anything. Wow, so they kept some of the gems back to sell later. [face_thinking] Wonder how that will all play out eventually.
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  18. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota,
    Thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #14.
    So, one sees from the story that Han took the gems instead of the questionable credit chip.
    Appreciate your comments.
    Lynda V.
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  19. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Once more we get inside the cockpit with Chewie & Han, following their adventures. Which is always great fun. They are both torn between the boring, but necessary routine of space travelling and exciting actions including meeting folk new and old alike.
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  20. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #14.
    Han and Chewie are on the way home and Han has a wonderful 3 days planned
    for Leia on a place only he knows about.

    Have a good day. Lynda V.
  21. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G for everyone
    Characters, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker, Original characters
    Summary: Han Solo is finally home with his family.

    GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #15 The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    Han Solo walked through the spaceport landing bays with a new spark in his step.
    He was headed home…to the apartments in the Government complex he shared with Leia and Ben, boxes snuggled under his left arm, right hand on the butt of his blaster, he acknowledged the waves, calls and whistles from the pilots, mechanics, soldiers and technicians as he passed. He hailed a personal carrier landspeeder; scanning the buildings and the people on the sidewalks going about their daily business as they passed. Han smiled, he liked the feeling he was experiencing…peace, contentment, of going where he was loved, wanted and waited for.
    Punching number ‘five’ on the lifter panel, he winced at the stale sounding music that played.
    Once there, he stopped at the door, listening to hear any familiar sounds from inside, then turned the
    knob and stepped in.

    He was greeted by a hiss and flash of BLUE LIGHT…automatic reactions kicked in; he dropped the boxes and with one slick motion drew and aimed his blaster.

    “HAN, NO!!!!!!” Leia screamed. He jerked his head toward her voice. “It’s Ben!”

    Lowering the weapon, Han looked around wildly, finally spotting his son. There stood Ben,
    with hands on his hips, looking proud. He’d protected their home from an intruder.
    With his heart nearly beating out of his chest, Han picked up the now spent mini light saber
    at his feet and began scolding his son. “What in hell did you think you were doing?!”

    Leia made her way to her husband’s side. “Don’t be so rough, Han.”

    “I could have killed him.” Han began to shake as he holstered the blaster.

    Ben’s smile faded….. “ I didn’t mean to hurt you dad. I was protecting mom.”

    Han took some deep breaths to steady himself. “Come ‘ere, son.” Ben made his way to
    his dad. Han squatted down, putting an arm around the small shoulders. “I’m proud of
    you for protecting your mom.” He looked up at Leia, “but you have to be careful with that light saber. You see, your dad has had to fight some mean people that had those weapons and my first
    thought was that someone was here to harm you both, so I reacted that way.” Ben shook his head in understanding, small tears welling up in his hazel eyes. “It’s alright.” Han hugged his son and kissed the top of his head. “You have to be careful, don’t just blindly use any weapon.”

    Rising, he looked at Leia… “Now, time for a real ‘welcome home.” He enfolded Leia in his arms
    and their lips met in a sweet, reuniting kiss.

    “Ugh.” Ben commented. Han and Leia broke apart and laughed.

    “Now, who would like some presents?” Han teased.

    “Me! Me!” Ben yelled, laughing.
    “What is this thing?” Ben asked as he turned the colorful twelve-sided orb in his hands.

    “It’s a dodecagon.” Han began to explain. “See, each side has a different color. You mix them up and then work to put them in order again… get points for how fast you can solve the puzzle.

    Ben kept looking and twisting on the squares. “That’ll keep his hands busy for a while.” Han
    whispered to Leia, who was sitting on the armrest of the chair. Han took another drink of the
    kava. They’d enjoyed a quiet evening meal as a family.. catching up on all that had happed and how Chewbacca and family were.

    “There’re two more boxes, Dad.” Ben said. “Who are they for?”

    “Those are for your mother.” Han answered.

    “Did you get her a toy too?”

    Han and Leia laughed. “No. They aren’t toys. Something for ladies.” Han told him with a smile.

    “Just about time for bed.” Leia told Ben. “Go wash your face and brush your teeth. We’ll be there to tuck you in.”

    “Alright.” Ben rose, holding the orb, and headed for the lavatory.

    “So….those presents are for me?” Leia teased.

    “Well, they’re for you…but I’ll enjoy them too.” Han answered with a wicked smile.
    After snuggling their son in his bed, with good-night kisses all around and a drink of water, Leia turned out the light.

    Clasping hands, the couple made their way slowly to their own bedroom. Once inside, Han unbuckled and removed his holster, draping it over a chair then sat down on the bed and removed his boots, wiggling his toes. “We’ll leave after the morning meal tomorrow. You did make arrangements for Luke to keep Ben for a few days didn’t you?”

    “Luke said he be glad to.” Leia said sitting on the bed beside her husband.

    “It’ll be nice to have some time to rest and relax.” Han commented.

    “You had five days of rest during that quarantine.” Leia said in mock seriousness.

    “That wasn’t rest, sweetheart.” Han shot back. “That was awful! I won’t do THAT again!”

    Han stood and took a box from the clothes chest, where he’d placed it earlier. Sitting back down on the bed, he handed it to Leia. “Your first present.”

    Leia took it and slowly began unwrapping, glancing up at Han as she did. She took hold of the supple, shiny silver cloth and lifted it from the box. ‘It’s a nightgown’ she thought. Individual strips of cloth made up the garment, all sewn to the neckline, but swirled open when moved.

    She stood and held it up to herself; it just barely reached her thighs. She glanced at her husband who smiled and wiggled his eyebrows mischievously.

    “I suppose you want me to try this on.” Leia stated.

    “That’s the idea.” Han teased back. “Thought you might like that since you don’t have Jabba’s
    slave-girl outfit any more.”

    Leia slapped playfully at him and took the garment with her to the lavatory.

    Han finished undressing and after lowering the lights, slipped under the bedcovers. Leia emerged from the lavatory dressed in her ‘nightgown’.

    “Now THAT’S a welcome home sight.” Han admired.

    “Too bad you don’t have one.” Leia teased approaching their bed.
    Leia snuggled into her pillow, taking in every line, curve, dimple…even the scar, on her
    husband’s face. Han lay with his eyes closed. Even in rest he was smiling. Leia tousled Han’s
    dark brown hair. “What a wonderful end to the day.” She said.

    The Corellian opened his eyes, turned his head toward his wife and said. “It’s not the end, darling,
    it’s just the beginning…..

    MORE TO COME ON 11-24-17 Han and Leia have three days on a private paradise.

















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  22. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful! :D Initially both Han and Ben reacted reflexively but they recovered the warm mood nicely. The orb was a good idea, great for keeping young hands and minds occupied. ;)

    Beautiful welcome home gift for Leia that they both can enjoy.
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  23. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #15.
    Appreciate your comments. You are an encourager to writers.

    Have a good week. Lynda V.
  24. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopefulwriter
    Rating: G For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker
    Time Frame: Between the RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS
    Summary: Han and Leia are finally on their trip to be will it be?

    GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #16 The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    Sunlight was beaming through the bedroom windows when Leia rose quietly from the bed.
    She wanted to order the morning meal and have it ready when Han woke. She changed from her nightgown into pants and top, and with one last glance at the tousled hair on the pillow, smiled, remembering their time alone. When Han was home, she felt more like a bride than a mother, Princess, Soldier or Senator.

    Making her way to Ben’s room she woke her son. “Time to get up, eat, get dressed and off to
    school“. Young Ben moaned and slid further under the covers… “Alright.” Leia smiled, “You
    can rest until the food gets here.”

    She picked out Ben’s clothes and put his schoolbook on top. He seemed to always need to look for it.

    Walking to the living - dining area of their apartment, Leia slid back the heavy curtains, allowing the bright, mood- lifting sunshine to flood the room.
    After his mother left, Ben scooted out of bed and tiptoed down the hall to his parents room. Peeking in the doorway, seeing his father still asleep, he ran and jumped on the bed. “Hey, wake up sleepyhead!” He yelled and laughed.

    Han woke with a start, and seeing Ben, began tickling the youngster. They wrestled on the bed, laughing, Ben begging his dad to stop. Leia heard their playing from the dining area and
    wondered who was having the most fun.

    The two were walking into the room as Leia was putting the food on the table. “It sure is fun
    having dad home, isn’t it mom?” Ben exclaimed as he sat down and bit off a piece of browned bread he’d grabbed from his plate.

    Han looked up and smiled ‘innocently’ at Leia. “It sure is.” She agreed winking at her husband.
    After their meal, Han stacked the dishes on the service cart as Leia helped dress their son for

    “I’ll walk you to the school room.” Han told his son as he pulled on his jacket.

    “Where’s my light saber?” Ben asked. “ A Jedi never goes anywhere without it.”

    “Uh..I think you better leave that here.” Han told him. “You can play with it when Uncle
    Luke is here.”

    “Uncle Luke will be here this afternoon. Remember I told you dad and I are going on a trip.” Leia handed the schoolbook to her son.

    “Can I go?” Ben pleaded.

    “Not this trip, pal.” Han told him as they started for the door. “Remember, you’re going on a run
    with me sometime .”

    “Oh, yeah.” Ben answered, smiling.
    “Aha, caught you!” Han exclaimed as he came into their bedroom. Leia was shaking the small
    box that was to be her ‘second present’.

    “Just curious.” She told him as he took the box from her fingers and kissed her forehead. She’d made up their bed and after placing a duffle bag on it, began packing for their getaway.

    “Set out what you want to take for yourself. I’ve got everything packed but my toiletries.”

    Han pulled out several pairs of black pants, shirts and underwear. “Did you pack that nightgown?”

    “Sure did.” Leia answered as she placed Han’s clothes in the bag. “Don’t forget your shaving things. I don’t mine a sexy bristle, but I don’t want you to grow a beard.” She teased.

    Just then the com-link rang. “Don’t answer it.” Han said. “It could be important.” Leia
    responded as she keyed in the mic.. “Yes?”

    “You ready for me to come over?” Luke asked. “ I’m free now.”

    “Luke’s ready to come now.” Leia told Han aside. He took the com-link from her.

    “Hey, buddy!” Han greeted. “That’ll be fine, we’ll get an earlier start.”

    “How was the legal hauling?”

    Han shook his head…”Sith’s Breath… have I got some horror stories to tell you…when we get back.”

    Luke laughed.

    “Ah…take it easy with Ben and that light saber.” Han requested.

    “He’s learning…and I know he is eager. He has some anger about wanting to learn so much so quickly. I’ll settle him down.” Luke said. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.” Han keyed off the com-link.

    “We got twenty minutes.” Han told Leia. “You think that’s enough time…..” He glanced at the bed and gave his wife a smile.

    “No.” Leia teased.
    “You know where everything is…the foods Ben likes for each meal, and where the first aid kit is kept, and if he gets sick, take him to the med center, make sure he does his homework, don’t let him stay up past his bedtime, he can have one friend home to play for a while each day, don’t let him run the holograms by himself…he’ll try to talk you out of a bath..

    Tapping one foot in frustration, Han finally said. “Leia, you didn’t issue this many orders when we had to evacuate Hoth.” Leia gave him a ‘look’.

    “We’ll be fine.” Luke assured her. “You and Han enjoy your trip. You deserve some time alone and away from responsibilities.”

    Han grabbed the duffle bag with one hand and Leia’s arm with another and with a nod of ‘thanks’
    to Luke ushered them both out the door.
    Aboard the Falcon, Leia sat in the co-pilot’s seat. “Just where are we going?”

    “That’s a surprise, too.” Han told her, setting the controls and mapping out the route for the trip
    on the navi-puter, setting the pressurization for the cabin, and opening the oxygen flow.

    Leia, absently chewing on a fingernail, was musing to herself as she looked out the cockpit windows.

    The Falcon’s engines roared to nearly full power, slightly shaking the ship. Han glanced over at his wife. “You seem deep in thought.”

    She smiled. “I was just thinking… we’ve been through a lot on this ship. I remember our first kiss
    here. So many years ago…I’m surprised she still runs.”

    Han put a hand to his chest and pulled a hurt face. “Oh, Leia…you don’t insult a man’s ride.
    I’ve kept her up all these years. Remember, Chewie and I just got back from two long hauling jobs. She’ll keep flying as long as I’m able to.”

    “Sorry.” Leia teased back.

    Han pulled the controls and the Falcon eased out of the docking bay, then rose majestically into the atmosphere.
    “What is that?” Leia asked, pointing to a concentration of planets…all different sizes, in no organized rotations; stars blinked in the dark distance.

    “That isn’t a system.” Han told her. “They’re rogue planets…some are just floating rocks.”

    “Is that where we’re going?”

    “Yes.” Han worked the controls.

    “You’re taking me to a rock for our trip? What a surprise.” Leia tossed the comment to him.

    “I said some of them were rocks. We’re not going to a rock.” He assured her.

    Flying past the planets, toward a distant beaming star, Han swerved the ship toward a lone
    orb. “Here’s where we’re going.”

    Han maneuvered the Falcon lower, into the atmosphere. Leia could see little for the overgrowth
    they passed.

    Han flew with confidence…lower and lower…

    “Look out, Han, you’re going to hit that overgrowth!” Leia shouted.

    “Hold on.” He told her, pulling back on the controls and lowering the power. The ship dived
    toward the ground.

    In a natural reflex, Leia brought her arm up to shield her head as they dove into the underbrush,
    the Falcon slowly sliding into a dark tangle of brush and climbing vines, raising dust as it came to a landing.

    “Great!” Leia sputtered. “Now we’re stuck here!”

    “We’re not stuck anywhere, sweetheart.” Han told her, placing a caressing hand on her leg.

    “I put us down exactly where we are going to spend the next three solar days.” He rose to
    to go to the hatchway.

    “Just what kind of place have you brought us to?” Her question hung in the air as she followed him.

    MORE TO COME…Dec. 1, 2017





















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    Love the teasing and sweet warm H/L-ness. And the maternal instructions [face_laugh] The place he took her to sounds exotic and out of the way, perfect. ;)
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