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Arena [Happy Birthday, The Arena!] The Arenies - Best of the Past 5 Years Edition

Discussion in 'Archive: The Arena' started by Darth McClain, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Darth McClain

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    Feb 5, 2000
    Happy Fifth Birthday, the Arena!

    In order to celebrate, we?re having a Special Edition of the Arenie Awards - the Best of the Past Five Years. Rules are basically the same as usual. Nominations are open for two weeks, and will close on November 30. You can only post your nominations once, but you can nominate up to three (instead of the usual two) options for each award.

    If possible, please try to include links to videos, news reports, or threads that demonstrate why you nominated what you did.

    We won?t have individual awards for this Special Edition of the Arenies. However, you are still not allowed to nominate or vote with socks. If that happens, your vote will be disqualified.

    After the nominations are closed, the top three, four, or five nominated options will be posted and voted on via PM to me over a week. The results will be announced on December 7.

    Here are your categories...

    [Of the Past Five Years]
    - Overall Best Athlete
    - Overall Best Team
    - Overall Best Coach
    - Overall Best Game
    - Overall Best Moment
    - Overall Best Rant
    - Overall Biggest Issue
    - Overall Biggest Fall from Grace
    - Overall Most Improved
    - Overall Best Rookie
    - Best MLB Team
    - Best NBA Team
    - Best NFL Team
    - Best NHL Team
    - Best Club Soccer/Football Team
    - Best National Soccer/Football Team
    - Best NCAA Basketball Team
    - Best NCAA Football Team
    - Best Olympic Athlete